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lO) W7 fC fCN
On the Normal grounds at 3 o'clock. A good game is
promised. Go .see the fun.
Complete change of program.
You are sure to be pleased.
Admission 25 & 35 cents.
On Tuesday Mrs. I lift had the pleas
ure of a visit from Mr. Burbank of
Barnett, Vermont, who was an old
acquaintance when she lived there many
years ago. He was on his wav home
from a visit to the Pacific coast and
Btopped cfT here and at Ellis to visit
old time acquaintances.
Normal Versus Plainville.
Normal athletics for 1908 and 1909
received its initiation last Saturdav
at Plainville.. The football and girls
basketball teams drove over and back
in the same day. The Plainville High
School boys held the football boys to a
0 to 0 game fifty minutes ?ong. Punt
ing was resorted to frequently but the
wind made it difficult to gain. The
Normal interference was" loose and the
line needed bolstering up. This first
game served to show the weak places
and this week every effort is 'being
made to strengthen the team for Sat
urday's game with Colby. Colby has a
strong team and the Normal will en
deavor to give them their best.
The basketball game was a different
story. The Normal girls won 17tt10
and almost in a walkai that,' Gertie
Bice materially strengthened.' :J?Uin.
ville's team. There were noindijldual
stars on either of the Normal teams.
However the basketball team showed
much the better team work. Cont.
Xm Thomas Road.
The court having decided that the
opening of the South Chestnut street,
through the Thomas farm, was illegal
last Sunday it was closed and the joke
was on Commissioner Brull. He and
a party of friends had been out on a
political trip, which was very improper
on Sunday, and coming from the south
found the road closed. They left the
auto there in the road, walked up to
the hotel for dinner and then went
back for another trip. But Mr. Thom
as claims Mr. Brull has no right to
complain as the county years ago leased
a strip 150 feet wide along the north
side of the railroad track from Hays to
Ellis and the people are now demand
ing that the .road be opened so the
Yocemento people can easily come to
Hays to live and trade but Mr. Brull
has that road fenced up and closed and
people have to cross the railroad track
four times and travel on the south side
with its dangers to get to Yocemento
and the west side of the county. There
is a good road along the north side of
the track and Isaac Zeigler is ready to
open it along his land before coming to
Brail's farm. And Mr. Palmer is ready
to open the road along his farm if all
the others do so. Will Commissioner
Brull do this to oblige the traveling
public and business men of Hays?
77 m-
from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m,
during which time our expert salesman," Mr- Bannerman, . will
b e present with five hundred elegant garments direct from the
factory. His line will, consist of Cloaks, Coats. Jackets, Suits
and Gowns in new and distinctive models; also a full line of
furs in exclusive styles. Come and see this ne line. Prices
ri-ht. A!! cir -cct!3 zt f-cM h::r cc:i clc t?v
? Colby,
UUT. 28, AT 8:30
Everything guaranteed good.
Come and try it one evening.
Reserved at King's drug-store
Men's up-to-date suits at Zeigler's
Clothing Store.
If you don't want to make a mistake
when taking out accident insurance,
nee Fred Miller. No trouble in getting
your money from the company he rep
resents. 47-tf
The candidacy '"of Isaac Zeigler for
County Commissioner takes splendidly
The outside townships concede he and
the town the place, as he is a man that
can de depended on in that important
office. His business ability well fits
him for itj his success in his own -business
assures them he will do as well in
that office. All know that he will rep
resent ALL the people regardless of
party,' for what he thinks is best for
the taxpayers. v ,
TS, New Mill.
Work on the new mill progresses
splendidly, the machinery is all in and
is being put in place by about forty
men. A walk through there this week
shows everything of the finest and very
latest and best patents. The wheels,
spouting and everything that is being
put in is the best money will procure
and whdn the mill is thrown open for
public inspection ouritizens" will "be
surprised and gratified and will concede
that we have one of the finest mills
With so many men at work it .be
came necessary to put up signs forbid
mg entrance, but in time all will be
given a chance to see what the com
pany have given our-county.
Water Works Extension. .
On Monday the representative of the
Orr Engineering Co. of Kansas City
came here with the plans and specifi
cations of the water works extension
and met the Council who adopted them
with slight alternations and soon bids
will be asked for. They require a pit
twenty-six feet deep by thirty-five feet
across and bids for a seventy horse
power engine or a fifty and a twenty
five instead, also a 60,000 gallon an
hour double acting triple pump or a
S5,000 and a 25,000 instead. Also a
four inch pipe instead of the present
two inch one on Normal avenue from
Chestnut to Fort streets, in Fairview
addition from Ed Rea's to Ward' and
the balance in the northwest part of
town. In fact there don't seem to be
much new pipe line to be. put in but it
is mostly increased power in, engine
and pump, to be located near the pres
ent pumping station and to burn oil.
It is expected that work will com
mence within thirty days from award
ing of contract, about Dec. 1 and will
be completed within three months for
early spring' use.
1 1 ans.r
I wr
"Dolly Varden" Chocolates at Haxk
ness' 22-tf
Johny Maberly is now the janitor of
the Lutheran church.
Mrs. Frank Stout of Salina was here
this week on a visit, to relatives.
Mrs. A. H. Norris of Kansas City is
here on a visit to Mrs. Cowan.
Dolly Varden Chocolates at Hark
ness'. . .10. .35 and .65. 28-tf
Mrs Grace Goodall Hubbard is now
enjoying a visit in Ontario, Canada.
Abig crowd of men are now working
hard getting the machinery in the new
A splendid rain viited all over this
countv during Monday helping the
wheat fields.
The frame of Cox's new storehouse
on Jnniuta street is up and will be a
good building.
Walter Stedman is here from Wilson
and is busy helping instal the machin
ery in the new mill.
Nick Loreditsch is having another
room added to his cottage on west
Crawford avenue.
The heavy winds thw week shook
most of the leaves off the trees and
fall is surely here.
The cold spell this week made fires
feel comfortable. Ice formed Thurs
day night.
" Chrisanthemums out of doors are
now nicely in bloom, while many have
pretty beds of. Cosmos in blossom.
Examine the bargains in pictures and
frames! at Spratt's Book Store they
have a' large line to select from. 47-tf
Several hundred head of cattle were
shipped, from here Saturdav and Sun
day to eastern Kansas for winter feed
ing.. - ; ' V
John O'Laughlin . has had his resi
dence raised . and a new foundation
placed under it, much improving his
Now is the time to set out tulips and
hyacynths in the open ground for early
spring bloom, and many are planting
beds of them.
During Thursday night the soul of
Harry Cole, son of E. R. Cole, passed
to the happy land, after he had been a
sufferer for-so-roany years-" - - "
. The James Behan new cottage near
the school house progresses and they
hope to occupy it within a month and
enjoy Thanksgiving dinner there.
Prepare to buy a coat or jacket
at the Zeigler sale. It saves a trip
to Kansas City when you ean get the
very latest styles and cloths here.
Not only has Dave Nickles raised the
foundation of his house but has also
put an addition of two stories to the
west side, giving them much more
The Runyon Leiker deal has finally
been closed and Mr. Leiker has bought
of Mr. Runyon the implement business
on south Main street and is now in po
se ssion.
Our citizens were gratified to hear
this week that Otto Schwaller and
family are going to move back to Hays,
he having secured a position in the of
fice of the new mill.
If you want to sell something if you
want to buy something, chip in a quart
er and try this paper and you will find
the notice will bring results. Try it
Others have and have succeeded.
Old school district No. 9. near the
Turkville P. O., keeps up its own as it
did thirty years ago. It now has over
thirty scholars in attendance.. Mis?
Maud Hobbs of the State Normal here
is the teacher.
We regret to hear that Pete Ras
mussen has traded his Saline river
farm for land in Hodgeman county.
Pete has been one of our most success
ful farmers and very popular with his
neighbors, who regret to Bee him
The fixing of the bridge on the west
side of town is requiring all travel from
the west to be made around the south
side of the creek and up Chestnut
street. It will be nice when completed
but is very inconvenient now.
The Normal Senior girls gave a fudge
feast in compliment to the senior foot
ball boys Thursday evening at the home
of H. H. Pierce on east Normal ave
nue. The hours were passed away
pleasantly with music and literary
Hajs B. White of Jewell county
spoke in the Court House Wednesday
evening on Republican issues. He was
a prominent Congressional candidate
and is a fine speaker, but so small was
the attendance that he spoke but a fen
minutes and then he and his friends
went to the show.
JilvsJc Lessons.
Miss Nellie Isaacson, Teacher of Pia
no, Lescbetizky Method, Hotel Bruns
wick. Phone 225. 45-4t
' JPor"S
chcics mi
I Lsve
Drink Hires Root Beer out of the
keg at Harkness' " 23-tf.
Mat C. Heyl of Walker has indulged
in a big auto to help enjoy life.
Paul Ruder, Jr. Ms proving up on his
homestead in the Smokey Hill valley.
Two cars of apples and o-ne car of
cabbage, for sale, stood on our track
this week.
"If it isn't an Eastman, it isn't a
kodak." Harkness has kodaks and
supplies. 21 -tf
Josh Wheatcroft of Lane county was
here the first of the week visiting his
family and friends. ;
Mrs. H. L. Kent left last Friday
mominp- for a viei: to Mr. Kent's moth
er at Belleville, Kan as.
Dr Snyder reports the arrival of a
fine baby girl at the home of Joseph
Zimmerman Tuesday evening.
Go to Spratt's Book Store fox High
Grade Candies. They keep the best at
reasonable prices. 48-tf
The many friends of S. M. Strailey,
our former west side farmer, were
glad to see him here again this week
looking so well.
Earleys will move the house they
bought of Henry Schlyer to their lot in
the northwest part of town next week
and fix it up for rent.
Democratic candidate for Congrress
Connely and for State Senator, Robert
son,' will spend Sunday seeing the vot
ers in the east part of the county.
Mrs. Frank Monroe and daughter
left for their home in LincolnviHe,
Kansas, Wednesday morning after a
three week's visit with Mrs. Monroe's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Westbrook.
To-day. Saturday, the Colby football
club come here on .the morning train
and will play with the Normal School
club. A return game will be played at
Oakley Nov 27th and 28th during the
meeting of the Golden Belt Teachers'
Association there.
Ellis was full of excitement this week.
A lady died and the time of the funeral
was set when it was found that the
body still had life in it. While an
automobile scared a team which a lady
named Sauer was driving, throwing
her out of the buggy and killing her
The Sheriff, Coroner and Co. Attorney
went up Wednesday to investigate and
see if there was any carelessness.
For County Commissioner.
Mr. M. E. Dixon, the nominee for County Commis
sioner of this district having decided to move to Kan
sas City, at the earnest solictation. of many friends,
the business men of Hays and the farmers, I have
accepted the nomination, and if elected will look af
ter the county's business for the whole people, just
as I attend to my own business, in a business man
ner. And with that understanding I solicit your
vote Election Day. ISAAC ZEIGLER.
Road Closed Again. .
Fccr months ago the court decided
that tli 31ns mdrfiil (1fi
nut street was not an open road. No
appeal was made and the matter was
dropped. Suggestion was publicly
made that a Road Petition 6houM be
circulated for a public road and ready
for the October meeting of the com
missioners, but still it lay quiet and
nothing was done. So this week Thom
as again closed the road and the town
again became excited, but at reqiest
of frinds it was reopened to give inter
esting parties a chance to act. The
county can do nothing, so the city auth
orities are figuring on hiring a lawyer
and entering a eostly and long drawn
law suit. In the meantime Thomas can
close the road through their private
property with no road open into town.
A compromise would be far better
and cheaper, or if no terms can be
made, then have a road laid out from
South Ash street along the section line
to the bridge, which can be more quick
ly done as the commissioners have not
yet adjourned their regular October
In this eorntetion it is said that Mrs.
Thomas asked one of our business men
some questions which are hard to ans
wer: "Why the peeple ard the mayor
should be so anxious to open South
Chestnut street as a direct road, when
North Chestnut street just - north of
Mayor Schwaller's residence is allowed
to be closed, when it was laid cut an
open street? Now people goto Sch
wallers, then go east a block, then up
North Oak street and there is another
closed road so you must go east another
block before you get out of town, w hen
down there all people have to do is to
go one block west to the section line
and a county bridge." Also, '"Why, if
the Experiment Station folks were bo
anxious for South Chestnut steet to be
opened, they had gone four years with
out building a bridge across Big Creek
on their land connecting Iheir south
side road with Chestest street?"
Let ear pec-pis ttcp ictherir with.
t:3 -rc&d r.j tr:--r.Jl."T t.r?y l-zi lay I
Miss Jessie Taylor of Topeka, for
merly of our city, will visit friends
here next week.
Soda Water of Quality at Hark
ness'. . 28-tf
C. W. Miller has taken an excellent
picture of R. B. Thomas, his ice wag
on and faithful dog.
Dr. Freeland drove down to the John
Gatewood farm near the Smokey Tues
day on professional business.
Desk for Sae.
We offer for sale, for a subcriher, a
handsome oflk secretary ard desk, a
pretty piece of furniture. Alfo a good
base-burner, at a sacrifice. See
. This Office
Election comes on Tuesday, Nov. 3,
only a little over a week more of agony
before the remit will be known, and
then fome will be happv, pome disss p
pointed. It has been a quiet campaign
and there has been lots of quiet work
done. We find that quite a number of
our subscribers never heard of several
who are running and seamed surprised
when told, .while many had promised
"the other fellow" his vote.
The Majestic Theater,
The play of the Majestic Wednesday
evening in our. G. A. R. Hall was the
best of the series and was witnessed by
a large audience who showed their ap
preciation by continuous applause. The
sketches by Goldie and Emerson Hol
land were so good they were re-called
several times. Her violin and saxi
phone playing were fine. They wij be
here next Wednesday evening again
The Spanish dance was grand but she
would not respond to the encore. The
larriat throwing of brother and sister
was the best ever seen in the west
The moving pictures were attractive
and interesting, the Paris Fire Bri
gade being instructive while the begin
ning of Diabolo, the new popular game
in colored scenes was the finest ever
seen on our stage ard many rt-quested
that it be repeated next time.
They will show every Wednesday
evening through the winter with an en
tire change of program. Try it next
Wednesday. The manager gave plain
notice that all might expect the best
of order maintained so it will be a
pleasant way to spend an evening.'
Mrs. Huttie and baby have gone east
on a visit to Mr. Huttie's mother.
The two new pi?nos for the Society
rooms at the State Normal arrived this
wepk, 'Harring-ton's of. New York
Tbry can be played by hand or with
rolls fo anybody can pay them.
Have your house, barn or stable in
sured aeainst fire, evclone or tornado
to-day by Fred Mil?er who will put you
in a company that never quibbles over
loses. 47-tf
Have You a farm
for sale? We hsve customers for Ellis
county land. Send us a discription of
vour farm and lowest price and we be
lieve we can find you a customer. Our
charges are reasonable. Address
Cipra & Stratmann.
Jan. 1. Holyrood, Kansas.
What, Ard Your Boys and Girls
They re bound to re1 something.
They wCl read trash unless you give
ihem something better that is equally
interesting. Try the Youth's Com
panion. There is plenty adventure in
the stories, and the heroes and heroines
are of the real kind, finding in the line
of duty opportunity for courage and
unselfishness. More than ' 250 such
stories will he published in the fifty
two issues of the new volume for 1909.
There will be fully as many articles,
sketches and. reminiscences to impart
useful information in the most agree
able way, familiarizing the Companion'f
readers with the best that is known
and thought in the world.
Full illustrated Announcement of the
Companion for 1909 will be sent to any
address free with sample copies of the
paper. .
The new subscriber who at once
sends $1. 75 for 1909 (adding .50 .cents
extra postage if. he lives in Canada)
will receive free all the remaining is
sues of 1SC8, besides the gift of the
Companion's Calendar f or 1SC3, enti-!
tied "In Grandmothers' Garden," l;th-j
c-rrst-J-ed in M.lztsn c-e'rra.. . 1
and Even Holiness, too sometimes
are more Questions of COAT and WAISTCOAT
than some people imagine. "Dickens."
ffl If you would have that
Call on the HAYS TAILOR-
A. M. MciilE
$ phone: no. 90
Colorado Potatoes
Lindsborg F lour
FUFE AFFIE CIDER, 4Cc per Gallon.
COX & SON, Hays, Kansas.
The Russell Record says; Mra. Anna
Gay was' a Hays visitor last Saturday
Miss Virmord, ass?t. principal of the
High School was called to Havs by tele
gram Tuesday evening on account of
the death of her grandmother. The
heartfelt sympathy of the school goes
with her. Gove City Gazette.
Having had limited experience we
often wonder why the evangelists do
not hand the hammock, the parlor sofa
and the buggy ride a few jolts along
with the darco. The hug-ring at a
dance is at. least open and above board.
Sedgwick Fantagraph.
I. E. Winchell reeitrned the position
of Superintendent of Lucas pchools last
Saturday. Mr. Clifford H. Bennett of
Hays has been engaged and has taken
charge as his successor. Air. Bennett
comes highly reccommended and we
wish him success. Lucas Sentinel.
The Wheatland Elevator Company
this week bernn breaking ground for a
new 50,000 bushel elevator at this point.
The elevMtor will Le built just west of
the old Yost elevator and will be mod
ern in every respect. This is a branch
of the company which is bui'ding the
large flour mill at Hays. Ellis Review.
The Gove County Teachers' Associa
tion meets at Gra infield to-day (Satur
day) with Miss Maoiie Helm, a former
Normal student on the program on
systematic Methodology, chapters 1
and 2. AIpo D,fficulties of the Country
School teacher and How to Meet Them
by Miss Stone of the State Normal.
The Gove County Gazette says of
Miss Stone:
"Miss Julia Stone is the teacher of
the only model country school in the
state. She will have a message which
every teacher in the county should
hear and will bring samples of busy
work ar:d possibly one of her little peo
ple to illustrate primary methods."
Borrow money from Fred Miller.
Best terms to be found anywhere.' 47-tf
Dealer in x
Books, Stationery, School supplies, ' r
Sporring goods, "Cigarsl Tobacco, etc. f
W'a.tcli tills space f
"' 3. H. S P R A TT -
per bushel
per peck
per pound
1 I-2c I
For Health insurance go to Fred Mil
ler. He has just what you want. 4?-tf
Isaac Zeigler & Son have received
some fine show cases to be placed in
their dry goods store.
Miss Nettie Orndoff of Lindsborg,
Kansas has arrived to spend the winter
with her sister Mrs. A. N. Smith.
- Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hall are expected
home the last of the week from their
trip to Excelsior Springs and Kansas
The revivals being over, the organ,
piano, chairs, etc. were hauled back to
their owners and now all our cnurcnes
will have services as usual at the usual
Property for Sate.
A house, eight lots, trees, windmill,
on east side of town will be sold cheap.
See or address Jack Wolf, 44-tf
Hays, Kansas.
Mrs. Gotlieb Reidel will move next
week to Bison, Rush county and spend
the winter with her daughter, Mrs. G.
W.- Meier. Tony Gross has rented her
cottage here.
We are now to have special services
in the Methodist church. Mrs Weibe,
a deaconess of the church, has arrived
to assist Rev. Smith in his church work
in our midst. -
Another land deal to record is that
B. C. Arnold has bought the stone
house, his former residence, adjoining
Sehlyer's Implement building, and will
move back there soon.
Fred Miller is the get-up-and-get-there
real estate agent. Buy or sell
through him and have your deal satis
factorily closed without delay. 47-tf
The Western State Normal School at
Hays City has advertised David Bisp
ham, the world's greatest baritone, as
an attraction at the auditorium there.
This attraction is a big card for Hays
City and its Normal schooLMc Crack
en Enterprise.
The great Rosebud, Dakota, land
drawing for homesteads is over. Over
150,0O filed for 6,000 claims. Many
Kansans drew a chance, but none from
around this neighbor hoed got a show.
It cost these would-be claimants over
two million dollars .to gamble for a good

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