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church in all the fighting nations has J I
totally failed and shown itself tooj f
53 J 5
if it
Jilt's dull and stupid 'round the house,
4. the kittens fast asleep ;
Royal Prizes
The premium list of the American a.nd especial features by organiza- District
Royal Live Stock Show to be held
October 1, to 6, at Electric Park,
Kansas City, has been issued. It
shows classification for Hereford,
Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus cat
tle, in breeding and fat stock- classes.
A notable fact about the prizes this
year, is that the Hereford division
will have $1500 more in cash prizes
than last year the money being dis-
Exceed horse show will have a varied pro- Rural Schools in Ellis County that not be planted in the fall. In regions
gram of riding and driving events, Started this Week. - where dry winters are the rule, trees
Teacher are safest planted in the bpnng. ,
Pearl Shutts The Station Forest Nursery of the
Joseph J. Sraemel Fort Hays Experiment Station recom-
AnnaB. Stone mends spring planting for Western
Freda Knoche Kansas, becaus-the chances are ten
Ethel Sites to one that there will not be enough
Fred J. Leiker moisture 10 carry tne iau planted
tions such as have added much to the
enjoyment of previous Royal horse
The Khaki League Pays High Wages
to Domion' Disabled Men.
tributed right down the line through .,!', rotnmoH o;0t ;a tha lotoct
the various awards in each class. The departure on the pari of the Khaki 24
Shorthorn division has for two years LeagtIe. the organization which is de- 24
been offering large awards, the f utur- voting itself to the welfare of the re- 24
lty with its $2o00.in prizes having turned men 26
been a substantial stimulant to At Christmas time, the superfluity 28
breeders. The Hereford cash prizes shop vill overflow with toys, mSde by 31
total $5000; the Shorthorn $5500 ti,,,,, ,j m,nT-,-nw,i
nnn AUCIueeu AI1sua will be made happy by the clever
00, work of soldiers.
. ' "On the fourth floor of the league
Hereford Sales building is the big airy shop where
The Hereford sale of purebred the potential Santa Clauses ply their
breeding cattle will be held Friday, trade. They are all "men who have
Octobr 5th, at the pavillion at Elec- vn tooKi ; j,ohiq mn ,o
trie Park. Only prize-winning animals lost a hand men witn one of their 55
will be offered m this sale. or-mc nolw &n tv,01v rohim 56
American Royal Poultry Depart- ey ve ha hard luck at factory 8
ment work, because their diablment has Union 111
The poultry department, which will raaiu..v" are wu- ,
have a choice location in one of the pay. tuem uiiiy auuut uixox
nmofa hiiilTKrc nf Flno PorV nr. ineoianary mecnanics wages
evidence their patriotism by earnest
ly pursuing their college courses un
til thy are called for direct national
"Go right ahead along the lines
they had planned," is the suggestion
of John Wanamaker, nationally
known retail merchant. He adds that
William Johnson, Jr. tree through the winter. Chances are j college men should take any military
training proviaea at inexr scnoois
and pursue "their studies in
the usual way that they may
be prepared" for any call their
country may make upon them,
be solved in the future, and they can tion of every element of her citizen
T-otih TVmrrmQrvri also ten to one that the average plant
Mildred Stein er nt take the added pains neces
Dora Meistrall with fall planted trees.
Mary Hedges : yu eel Yotl must plant in the
Elsie Grass e s're the trees are thoroughly
Lawrence Gross matured or ripened to give them the
Nettie Groff exra care they will need. Evergreens
Minnie Kutina may De transplanted from the Last of
Nellie E. West ' August on. Eroadleaved trees should
Esther Goetchius nt e moved before the leaves fall.
Cecile Mitchell - . T!12 'most favorable conditions ex
Julia Mullen n the spring. Better plant your
Ethel Durham trees and shrubs then.
Antoinette Wieland
(Jladys Dillingham What Should a Young Man Do?
-Jennie Shaw
ship. Of business, she has it- Let any
man or organizations of men who
may not be doing their utmost for the
nation now take warning. Public opin
ion rules a democracy. Public opin
ion is going to be more potent after
this war than it ever has been. Let
men beware of its wrath, its fury. It
may not see as clearly through all
the veils of sophistry and demogogy
today as it will sie afterwards, when
time tears away the veil3 and expos
es the skeleton of truth. Forces that
today may be "strong in politics,"
and at the same time any foundation may have a brow-beating influence
a i - i " l , i -i rr- i 1 1 1 j - .
for their life work when the war is
Howard E. Coffin, chairman cf the
government's aircraft production
board said
"My personal feeling is that it is
a mistake to permit the war to inter
rupt the educaion of our young men
more than is absolutely necessarv.
Lawrence, September 10th In ;.lT,TfV Tt-ll
iara vyieiana nn effort to ascertain the best course .'1 V" " y, ,V T'Ti"L a
Lvda Sammuelson fn-r Ampnn t, ; o, . aole to do.s? should go to college and
Mary Bissing in r,,,, ir, V;0 nf 5! .P nis eaucation as lar as pos-
ATottVio-or Tlrplier : i - t- rt nr i - SI 01 3.
r i -l j i V - tionai crisis, tean vim xempim, 01 ,
Mathilda Meier -t-t tt: tr i JUlIl
Katie Sargent leaders in American affairs and I ";t 4"lCt t
: thoy-ht fnr vi.o for th x-th nf government s various committees on
r.fimS.t of Man. A T 1 : ; 1 Supplies Said:
j ii.iucin.a- u x uuv wxauiiiir uuic uv - 4t i i - t
The ; According to a writer in Monad, a continuing or beginning a college nfi.t ;rvT Vli
: a t Ji t i r i . j Khaki Leatrae hns come to their help . man weighing 150 pound approxi- education? Is he neglecting his best r: . it. Ac. '
iug vmci itau xvuvai ce&, iuieauji ... , , . , - i . . oenn u: t - t- . nuu ui uuiceis lur iue uniieu omic!
has sufficient entries to filLlhe capac- W1"l ine yp8"P- i ,n e?. vf" vf.1 "1;"" V "-viV1"" rf,y Army and for every braach of mili
11 - y ' " "t-1"1' v- 6"' .""Jb-"; " " J e""fe "J"-""'"'- "-'-"w tfirv nnd naval crm Thnrnnffh
I-.-. J 1 1.1.. ii V,
tries for many more exhibitors will be en while learning, and men who are m his constitution which at 80 wnts son General Wood,, John Wanamak- trained minds are necessary in exicu- United States in this period of her
over craven office-holders, had better
beware. What only partially-organiz
ed public sentiment now condones,
winks at or justifies, will become an
object of its bitterest contempt in
that day of definite understanding,
after war has spent its fury upon us,
takes its toll of our young manhood
It will be too late than merely to
hope, memory will exact her retribu
tion. As Lincoln said:
"You may fool some of the people
all of the time, you may fool all of the
people some of the time, but you
can't fool ALL of the people ALL of
the time."'
Sulkers, slackers, apologists for the
enemy, in whatever relation or capac
ity they may be, anybody and every
body who positively or negatively
withholds free-handed and full-heart
ed support and co-operation from the
limited. Uniform coops are provided. n"V iru"e enougu . s,Penu ine
There will be no carlot show -at the -
Royal this year. The Royal will be !end C3 maI?y r a few ,Jours as
held at Electric Park in the south they care to in the shop. From the
part of Kansas City, at some dis- aiontreai
tance from the stock yards. The ac
commodations are ideal for the
per thousands cubic feet would be er, and leading business and profes-
worth 2.80 for illuminating purposes, sional men of America have replied
He also contains all the necessary fats and each has urged emphatically that
to make a 15 pound candle and thus, the youth of .American continue in
with the 3500 cubic feet of gases, he the colleges and universites that
possesses great illumninating possi- the country may not suffer and fall
bilities. His system contains 22 back for lack of trained men and
tive positions in war and peace. For I crucial trial, will, we are certain have
the AJnited States to maintain its ! occasion to regret it when war makes
a carlot display, which even in years
that saw the Royal at Convention
Hall, was held at the yards.
The Kansas City Stock Yards Com-
pl2ce among the nations, thorough
training of its men and women is es
sential. A college provides maximum
training of intellect and body in min
imum time."
"Until young men are required by
the government for military purposes
under the system of selective cons
cription which has been adopted, I
think they should take advantage of
the intervening time to acquire all
It is interesting to contrast the re
u" "",Z -i " v.:. ,v1i ; ."L JZ sconse made over the country to the pounds and 10 ounces of carbon or . women.
r rrr," :r' "rZ?;rZZ: fi, tw nf enough to make 780 dozen or 9,360 Dean Templin's inquiries were ad-
Ky., where Abraham Lincoln was;lead pencils. There are about 50 .dressed almost entirely to business
born. It should be taken into account : gTains of iron in his blood and the ana professional men and net to edu-
., . a i t ' rest of the body would supply enough cators. Educators naturally would
that pure American stock is the pre- toraake0ne spike large enough to hold advise a college education that's
vailfncr firna rvf manrinnd Hnwn fnPTV "l- : 1 nu.. K. 4 nvt- I, T T7 n -
pany is offering handsome trophies the kind from which our martyred ounces ol phosphorus, mis aeaaiy the advise cl the lesident and other selves for life's battles. Of bourse
this year in each of the breed divi- president sprung. In most counties of i Polson v. oum maw ow.yuu pui wiwlum era i American tU ine hil TjUrsuine. their studies thev
sions of the Amercan -Roval Live Iv tt -4. a oo en or enough poison to kill 500 persons, boys of America: - i S -u -f- - - y
sions oi tne Amercan xtoyai ive tje Tjnited States from 30 to 50 per -JL , j r ul i -- . should take such military training as
Stock Show, the prize to go to the . , . , This with 2 pounds of lime makes the it would seriously impair Amer- . availabie m b
owner of the best ten head exhibit- ent of the yunS men were disquali- stiff bones and brains No difference . ica's prospects of success in this war provost rarhal general E
ed. A feature of the Hereford division fied physically and more than 75 per j how sour a man looks he contains ; if the supply of highly trained men H Croilder "0fflCe heads' the
will be $500 trophy offered first last cent., claim exemption because of , about 60 lumps of sugar or the ordi- were unnecessarily diminished." d' ft .-' r
year by Celedoina Pereda, Buenos, decendants. The reason is given just ; nary cubical dimensions, and to make President Wilson writes. "There will j . , acknowledge
Aires, Argentine, or for the best three as often by the rich as poor. The fam- ; the seasoning complete must be added be need for a larger number of per- l-tter askino- for the oninioiU
bulls bred and owned by exhibitor, ily that had the disposition to get . 20 spoonsful of salt. If a man were . sons cxpertm various fields of applied ?0 ieJ mS. r "g-JSL "
Last year the trophy waswon by R. along somehow while the bread-win- distilled into water he would make science than ever before. I there- actual tudents of militaiV a hut
. r ii -r 1 1 - ;c .ontn1lV v-n-; 1,-t,o V.;o .-rHm mir,, Via Slc .Tlf dine o nl O.TOC on4 taPTtcl exhnnli- t ti C'lUeU Ull UaaieUK
to De compeiea ior annuaiiy.
Shorthorn division, the
staKes are eacn year a ieature oi xne ucj.i wai j. -n.net, ou , asu, nuguMmm, auium uuw- f"1 uoua. uuxo. x coee to take such
deepest interest. The W. R. Nesontro-. or brother was the main and sole sup-: chloride acid in his system. would particularly urge upon the trainintr"as can be nrovided and cur.
i -ii i z xi l z , TrtT-r rx oil t n o rocr rT rno Tflminr i no i I . t- .t - ir mfi cnpi it; ri i i i 1111 pp-it i i i i f i : voiitiw r.pnnip wnn nrp pavinir nnr .
i ii V win ue Kiveii lur uie ciwmuiuu f- " --" - - - - - oe . z'7.t ' J .
calf shown m the f uturitv stakes. I greater pore
en tnat means
nails' to the most delicate tissues of
I his brain. And this is the scientific
answer to the question, "What is
pi? in all things to all men.
Our friendly suggestion is, beware.
Civilization is at the forks of the
road nothing but its utmost will do.
mnarooHovorltnlmrotal-. ' fi Vmo-o rin nr- riaci'Ti r.nr T7nn riavP thp : rlio-rj ccrinn1 triaf ni mintr nf thorn B.al- Sstuue aa may uesfc prepare
ns to attemnt to evade the I contents to make a man from his toe- ' as can avail themselves this year of J$e I x - i.06?' S
ncSor to rv. TioJU f r1,o tv,t oliVoto Hccnsc nf trio -)TrvrrnnJtioc rtfToT-o K-r fha ? lna 1 COnCUr Wltn tUlS View,
leges and technical schools, to the but I would suggest that they would
end that the country may not e engagements or undertake
lack an adequate supply of trained Vtn Ln hlAh
men and women." " - !lwlth lieJnl d f enej;?u,s Per"
n,T,iol wniai-rl nrp.int nf fh formance of the duties to which they
Baltriiore & Ohio Railroad and chair-
American Royal Night - Horse Show. ! draft. Now let us consieder the com
A "Miss Loula Long Night" has J munitywhere -Lincoln was born :Larue
been arranged for the American county's quota for the national army
Royal Horse Show when the former j was 132 men. Exactly,132 men were
Miss Loula Long, now Mrs. Combs,
will put on a horse show with her own
stable. This will be Wednesday even
ing, Uctber drd; and there will be i lank, lean and lively, just like Lin
riding and driving classes, with prac- ! coin, and all willing ' to fight that
tically aiJ the hitches that go to make . "government of the people by the
a complete program. On Tuesday, ; people shall not perish
Thursday and Friday evenings, the '; earth." Ex.
examined and everyone proved satis
factory from both physical and pa
triotic standpoint. They, were all,
manT" Public Service.
Fall or Spring Tree Planting?
Shall I plant my trees in the Sprim
or in the fall? " j man of the advisory commission of
Half of the nurserymen say spring, the Council of National Defense,
a quarter say fall, the rest say either, j joins with Hollis Godfrey, chairman
may be called during this crisis
through which the country is passing
When the Flag's a Fly in.
When I see the Flag a flyin'.
Gee, it makes me feel so fine
That it sends a lot of joy thrills
Chasm up and down my spine;
Makes me proud that I am livin.
Underneath its starry fold,
In this blessed land of Freedom,
And forget that I am old.
When I see the Flag a flyin.
Proudly I throw out my chest.
While my heart it starts a beatin.
Quicker strokes beneath my vest;
Makes my old eyes start to flashin .
As they did in youthful year,
And I feel rr:y lungs a fillin.
With a lot of lusty cheers.
When I see the. Flag a flyin,
Proudest one on land or sea
Irive thanks -unto my Maker
For all it has done for me.
With Protection, I have prospered.
Safe from aliens afar;
Mav the vile schemes of Free-Traders
Never dim a single star.
America's Cause for War.
The military masters of Germany
denied us the right to be neutral.
They filled our communities with vic-
from the It depends on conditions. Tender var- i of the government's commission on An '
. ;-x:- :x i.:n :i i i j ' J 4-," J ,- - .- j Children
1 ieties which winter kill easily, should : education and engineering, in de-
' claring that "The United States will
; j suffer incalculably if there is a gen
eral falling off in the attendance at
higher institutions. Should opera
tions of the higrher institutions be ser-
to maintain the liberty secured by the ; lous spies and conspirators, lhey
father and which must not be dimin- .sought to corrupt our citizens. They
ished or suffer in the hands of the 1 sought by violence to aestroy our m
auscnes ana arrest, our commerce.
as JOAN of ARC
in -
I 1 .
for the benefit of
at the
Among other well known men whoj Aney triea incn .Mexico to taKe
strongly urged the young men not UP arms against us and to draw Jap
to neglect his education at this time ' ?-n in hostile alliance with her. They
are the Secretary of the War, the impudently denied us the use of high
Secretary of the Navy; E. P. Riplev, : seas and repeatedly executed their
r. . "r"lv i j!, 15. . J cresident of the Santa Fe Railroad r threat that they wouia sena to their
lousiy reaucea tne inaustnai me oi - G Henrv T llen Rear Ad death any of our people who ventured
- the country must inevitably be handi- j "j, g. Admiral W S to approach the coast of Europe.
: capped afterhe close of the war, Sson chief ' of " ikv operations' ; "Tis fla Qnder hich e serve
.The South suffered such a shortage Gen Thomas H Butv and oald have been dishonored had we
of trained leaders after the Cm War others. letters? beta- withheld our hand." Woodrow Wil-
!5.y?tffi! Coggees o?S!2 ?ftMt Pre.idenofjhejnited States.
: eral arts have proved to be the best EStnLoi JF? 8P" ' N.v Recruitinz Station,
.producers of materials out of which if:t0nT k dePa!jraent of Jour-pZTwt.
j to fashion ofBcers. This is the unani- nahsin at the University To the Public :
mous testimony of Great Britain and , Business in War Time I , Tf Navy needs more men both for
Canada. American colleges may be . It will be to the everlasting credit t?e T? anVT or the regular ser
; PTTiPPt tn make some contribution. nnH hnnnr nf husinpsa tViat it me). vice. The Navy Department has issu-
Indeed, they are already making it. to the support and co-operation of the ed a bu""ed $al1 for men skllled a
It is essential for the country's wel- nation the minute it entered the Eu- certain I;nes of worlc.
fare that a constant supply of intelli- ropean war and that business threw i Cooks, bakers and radio or tele
eer.t and adaptable young men j itself, unreservedly, its whole man ' gPh operators aje especially need
should be turned out of these institu- ' power "and material power,, into the ed a. e Present time. These men can
tions." I breech of national need. inroUJfor the period of the war only.
"I believe young men in college i Regardless of present petty and Friendly aliens, if well qualified can
-and those contemplating entering, 1 pernicious efforts to discredit busi e enrolled in the reserve m these
but who are below the draft age or , ness, to foment class feeling, or keep : crancnes on nrsx citizensmp papers,
who have not been drafted, should down the surging tide of patriotic j E?en enrolled in these branches
go on with their college work, at least ! passion a process still going on in are almost certain of active sea duty
for the present." That is the opinion I certain quarters the part that busi- immediately.
of Maj.. Gen. Leonard Wood, com- ness is playing will not escape the The pay of these men is as follows:
mandant of the National Army Camp people. Time will serve only to make Cooks, 1st class, receive $66.o0 per
at Fort Riley, Kansas. clearer the perspective. Time alwajrs ! month. Cooks, 2nd class, receive o2.
"We have drafted more men than j does that. Those who imagine that ) P?r month. Cooks 3rd, class, receive
we shall be able to equip for a long t they can dim or deny in the future' 44", per mont:n- .
time and there are more men includ- the fact of the present are dead to Bakers, 1st class receive $od per
ed in the draft age than we shall want ' the force of human experience. j m.th- Bakers .2nd, class, receive
for a considerable period," General! We would suggest a warning to any j. per month. j
Wood adds. "On the other hand, we ! who may be conjuring the idea in I Radl operators, 1st, class receive
must every year have a steady output ' their minds that they can keep the i $61.00 per month- Radio operators,
of technically trained men in order j masses from understanding the wis-1 2nd, class, receive $52 per month,
to meet the demands of the war. dom. the rie-hteousness and the natri- Radio operators 3rd .class receive $41
Younz men can prepare themselves I otic value of what business, as a per month.
to serve better later on .if they are j whole, is doing for the nation in this,
well educated and well trainedto take the nations hour of supreme need,
up the different lines of technical and . Let such beware, for just so surely
professional work in the army. I '. as the future bestows its benediction
have discouraged young boys, who upon business, just as surely will it
are nan eaucatea irom giving up ; pour out its malediction upon aissen-
ters, detractors, the defamers.
America will never need to excuse
or apologize for her entrance into
this war. For more than two years and
"Joanthe Woman" is the highest achievement of
the motion picture. The story of the immortal Maid of
Orleans as related by Geraldine Farrar is a gripping
episode of history more wondrous than any other story
in history.
their studies thi3 for the simple rea
son that we cannot use them to ad
vantage. Of course, should a situa
tion arise in which every available
man .is needed, then everything
shouLLbe "dropped and every man
who is physically fit should go, but
such a situation has not yet arisen."
Samuel Gampers, president of the
American Federation of Labor, has
this to say about the young man, his
national duty and his education:
"It is my opinion wherever it is
possi be that institutions and the
training necessary for the highest de
velopment in times of peace and for
the betterment of all citizens ought
to be maintained in times of war with
Firemen, machinists arid water
tenders are needed for station duty.
As these men are to be used in con
nection with local heating plants, it
will not be necessary for them to be
stand the same rigid examinations as
they would for sea duty.
The pay of these men is as follows:
Firemen, 1st class, receive $46.50
per month. Firemen hnd clas receive
a half she did all that self-respect and M.1 Per month. Firemen, 3rd, class re
honor could do to avoid the war. She j ceive $36.20 per month,
endured the most wanton, willful and i Machinists Mate 2nd, class receive
intolerable outrages from the most , $52.00.
ruthless despot of all history. She ex-j vVater Tenders receive $52 per
hausted the powers of diplomacy, of llnoJ1t1-" . - ....
international comity, cf reasonable J All of the above men enrolling m
appeal, of every recourse to the abit-' the reserve must lie between the ages
rament of rveare m n vain and fnti If i OI .1. ana Oo.
effort to keep out of the war. She saw
her citizens, helpless women and
children, murdered in cold - blood,
without provocation, on the high seas,
her ships denied the right of passage.
the least possible interference with j She saw her peaceful industries fo
their activities. Young men who are j tories and mills dynamited at fear
not in immediate military service owe ; f ul monetary and some mortal cost.
it to themselves and their future use- j all as a part of that diabolical plot '.
fulness to the world to take advantage for world denomination by this ruth-
of ever available educational oppor-; less despotism. Then she caught red-j
A - J II 1 J J Xl I -A I 1
tunny. i lianucu uiiu acuve, vae Bccreaxiea rep- i
In the regular service there are still
openings for Apprentice Seamen and
Firemen 3rd class.. These men are not
required to be skilled in any trade
though it is desirable for men enlist
ing as Firemen 3rd class,' to have
some previous experience.
The "pay of these men is as fol
lows: - - -
Apprentice Seamen., receive $32.
60 per month.
Firmen-3rd, ' class receive $36.20
"1 will 1 1 ttl cYi nr nf n national . r con t a tivnp nf tVi? nrenn vio-n q V.1 o I per month.
calamity should great numbers of ; autocracy at the capital engaged in I Apprentice Seamen must be be-
young American boys under military ;the devilish business of trying to arr i tweenthe ages cf 18 and 25. -
age leave college or fail to enter be- ; ray two friendly powers against this ; " Firemen 3rd class rrrcst be between
cause of their desire to help in more nation,, and finally all possibility of the ages of 21 and 35.
direct fields of fcervice," says F. A- . maintaining further - peace srone, 1 With the large increase of person-
Vanderlip, president of National City -America entered the war, as Presi-'nel of the Navy a good man 13 sure
Bank of New York. "I believe our dent Wilson said, "God helping her, of rapid advancement, ia all branches,
young boys who will continue their she could do no other." both in the reserve and regular ser-
coilege work will render their conn- That is the record, that will be his- vice.
try the highest possible service by fit- torys record. Now, at war America t Navy Recruiting Station,
ting themselves for the problems to needs, must have, the full co-opera- Kansas City, Ho.
) . V

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