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, Kansas City, Kans. "I have
taken Doctor Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription many times with very good
results. I have taken it for woman's
weakness when I was all nan-down,
weak and nervous and it soon had
me built up in health and strength.
I have taken it at different times as
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Gehriger, 1402 Wood Avenue.
All druggists. No alcohol.
Possibly the 'Woman in the Sky"
Didn't Use a Really Good
Kind of Feather.
Two little tots were still trying out
Christmas sleds although it was a
week or more after the holiday and
the short hill down which they were
coasting was entirely devoid of snow
in spots. They would slide along for
a few- feet until they came to -a bare
spot, drag their sleds over the barren
place to the next patch of snow and
"Where does the snow come from?"
the smaller of the two children, a boy
of about four, suddenly asked.
"My mother says it is some woman
way up in the sky shaking her pillows
until the feathers fall out," was' the
naive reply of his companion.
"Well," exclaimed -the boy, after a
thoughtful pause, "I wish her feathers
wouldn't melt."
We do not choose our duties. We do
or shirk them.
Any brand of hops may be used for
brewing trouble.
Rf US.Pat Off.
For sores, broken
blisters, bums, cuts
and all jskin irri
tationgr j
Also innumerable
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C&ate Sir lirw York
rirst Step in Treatment Is & Brisk
Purgative With Calotabs, the
Purified and Befined Calomel
IT ablets that are Nausea
les3, Safe and Sure.
Doctors lave found by experieHt
that zio medicine for colds and influ
enza can be depended upon for full ef
fectiveness until the liver is made thor
oughly active. That is why the first
etep in the treatment is the new, nausea
less colomel tablets called Calotahs,
which, are free from the sickening and
weakening effects of the old style calo
mel. Doctors also point out the fact
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towards preventing influenza and is one
abling the patient to successfully with
stand .an attack and ward off pneu
monia. One Calotab on the tongue at ' bed
time with a swallow of water that's
all. No salts, no nausea nor the slight
est interference with your eating, pleas
tire or work. Next morning your cold
has. vanished, your liver is active, your
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ne, with a hearty appetite for break
fast. Druggists sell Calotabs only in
original sealed packages, price thirty
five cents. Your money will be cheer
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If you' are troubled with pains or
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sage of urine, you will find relief in
The world's standard remedy for kidney,
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National Remedy of Holland since 1696.
Three sizes, all druggists. -
Look for tli name Gold Medal am every fees
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TTeiuuti Pm nil i'ii IT -StopeBrnfa-Paainq
Kr leprae tour ami
W-ri Cbe;. Wlrg. rmtchogq?,y.T
t j U Wty to mTad rtded BH
i - i cue. ana yi.ee at urm-umu.
losses, t& atopa all paia. enaoree confer to th
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Write far price liet. . : -
- Central Ave, und Kaw JUyey,
.Ksntriy City. K snout.
ssr O JERUSALEM lead all roads at L'0 "-"IJ-"' : i - yYYT
pT Eastertide. Thousands of pilgrims f - " . ' -
are there from all parts of the ' , K
, . world; millions are there in spirit. $ J Vtf . ,
' And this year the interest is f J I Nv yy .. 3 4
pfir intensified. When General Al- - ' Vl """'r"'
lenby made his triumphant en- 1 3,tS ' ! Fa ' z&feru&lesrz
k. vS- trv throuch the Jaffa eate De- a rr.".:rf: riv. " ! S-li-:r l
Pcember 11, 1917, a new era was t ;"' li I J I I Vi
ushered in for Jerusalem and -. XWMmMp (4 jRj
Palestine. His army brought K I LT' ' f - J ' WH"M
Christendom the gift of the sf fr i 1
long lost Holy City. After JtH ) " M ' " '-fX ' MvJ
thirteen centuries of Turkish ?U'f i- Hf i -H x - IJ
misrule, with two short inter- 7 H 1 r it
vals of Christian rule at the- m;$S&Ws3 Ath 1? Itr.-I
time of the Crusades, .Jerusalem 13 now forever
delivered from Moslem domination.
In a sense Jerusalem is the religious capital of
the world. It is a h,oly city for Jew, Christian and
Moslem. 'All three there observe the spring festi
val in different ways with different ritual, but all
with elaborate religious ceremonial. No other
place is so equally holy to so many classes of re
ligious belief.
To .the Jews the celebration of the Passover this
year will be of significance as profound as the ob
servance of Easter to the Christians. With the
restoration of Zion in sight a new meaning will be
?iven to the closing benediction of the ceremony
which prays for the rebuilding of the Holy Templer
and the restoration of the ancient rites and sacri
The great powers of the world may differ widely
on many questions that arise In the reshaping of
the world after the World war, but on one sub
ject they seem practically agreed. They are
apparently committed to the transformation of
Palestine from an Ottoman province to an autono
mous Jewish, state under allied protection. Just
what form that state shall take appears to be still
a question more or less open.
Even the Jews themselves are ribt at all of one
mind on this question. The political views and
denominational prejudices of various factions of
the Hebrew race are so widely at variance, in fact,
that It has even been suggested that it might be
well to establish a monarchial form of government
at Jerusalem under the scepter of some European
This proposition appears to be entirely Imprac
ticable and for many reasons. Jews have -been
necessarily Influenced by that particular Gentile
nation which has sheltered them. For example,
the Jews of America would have no patience with
a king, even with a King of Jerusalem. Again, a
King of Jerusalem, in order to be In complete sym
pathy with his people, would have to be of the
Olood and religion. And there is no such prince in
Europe; every one is a Christian or a Moslem. .
All of which brings us to the strange and inter
esting fact that there is already a King of Jerusa
lem several of them, in fact. This is to say that
at least one reigning sovereign of Europe," Alfonzo
Xni of Spain, claims the title of King of Jerusa
lem, through inheritance from remote ages. Two
other reigning monarchs, George V of Great Brit
ain and Victor Emmanuel IH of Italy, no longer
Include it in the official list of their titles. The
dethroned emperor, Charles of Austria-Hungary,
still prides himself upon its possession. Nobody
seems to know whether the former Kaiser of Ger
many still clings to this title, which he boldly as
sumed at the time of his theatrical entry into
Jerusalem in 1S98.
In the case of Alfonzo and Charles the claim to
the title of King of Jerusalem dates from the
Crusades, writes Frederick Cunliffe-Owen In.Mtm
sey's Magazine. Godfrey de Bouillon, Duke of
Lorraine, leader of the first of those wonderful
military pilgrimages to the Holy Land, was pro
claimed King of Jerusalem by his victorious army
after the capture of the ancient Hebrew capital.
It will be recalled that he refused to be crowned
with a diadem of gold, declaring that where the
Founder of Christianity had worn a crown of
thorns it was. not meet that one'of His followers
should don a circlet of precious metals and jewels,
or even wear the laurels of a victor. Consequently
-rif the medieval tradition is correct he was sol
emnly crowned King of Jerusalem with a crown of
On Godfrey's death, In 1100, he was succeeded
on the throne by his brother Baldwin; and from
that time forth all the Dukes of Lorraine were
also titular Kings of Jerusalem, until their dynasty
became merged in the house of Hapsburg, through
the marriage of Francis of Lorraine to the Em-
nil 'MyrfNi I
Wx, n.r-i VfwSE"
press Maria Theresa, daughter of Charles VL last
of the German emperors of the direct mare , line
of Hapsburg. This gave the Austrian rulers a
right to style themselves with the high-sounding
but empty title.
They also had another claim to it. Indeed, they
had used it for centuries before Maria Theresa's
marriage to Francis of Lorraine. Away back In
1229, Frederick II of the house of Hohenstaufen,
King of Sicily and Holy Roman Emperor, caused
himself to be crowned at Jerusalem as king of the "
Holy City. He claimed this dignity, not only be
cause he had reconquered the city from the Sara
cens, who had held it since 1187, but also a the
husband of John of Brienne's daughter and heir
ess Yolande. - John of Brienne, who was one of
the Latin Emperors of Constantinople, had as
sumed the title of King of Jerusalem as a heri
' tage of his consort, a princess of Navarre and a
descendant of Godfrey de Bouillon.
No less than four other princes besides the Ger
man Emperor Frederick II were indebted for their
title of King of Jerusalem to their marriages with
heiresses of the first Crusader sovereign. One of
these four John of Brienne has already been
mentioned ; the other three were Henry n of
Navarre, Foulques, Duke of Anjou, and Guy de
Luslgnan. Each of the four transmitted the titu-,
lar sovereignty of Jerusalem to his descendants.
Guy de Luslgnan even went further, for he ac
tually ceded It in due form to the English Cru
sader monarch, Richard Coeur de Lion, in 1192,
- In exchange for the throne of the island of Cy
prus. Later, with utter disregard for his plighted
word, he took advantage of Richard's captivity in
Austria to resume" the title of. King of Jerusalem,
which was used by all his successors on the throne
"of Cyprus. .
The Lusignan princes reigned prosperously in
Cyprus for nearly three hundred years, and in the
fourteenth century their house also furnished five
kings to the throne of Armenia. Their rule ended
in ,14S9, when Caterina Cornaro,' widow of James
II of Cyprusr ceded her kingdom to the republic
of Venice. The remainder of her life was spent
in retirement at Asolo, in-Venetia, and with her
. death the royal line of Lusignan became extinct.
James II of Cyprus was also Duke of Savoy,
and it is through him that the house of Savoy,
which now holds the throne of Italy, inherited
its claim to the title of King of Jerusalem.
The family of Lusignan has had a long and
checkered history. It took its name from the town
and castle of Luslgnan, in the French department
of Vienne, about a dozen miles to the southeast
of Poitiers. Both the castle and the family were
founded, according to tradition, by the fairy Mel
usine, of the Forest of Broceliande, who with
the magician Merlin figures so largely in medieval
romance and in the traditions of French chivalry.
Descended from the ancient Kings of Brittany,
Melusine married Raymond, sovereign Count of
Poitou, and the children born of this union be
s came known as the' Sieurs de Lusignan.
A later Sieur de Lusignan, Guy by name, mar
ried Sybil, only daughter and heiress of Amaury,
one of the crusader Kings of Jerusalem, and on
the occasion of his wedding he was created Count
of Jaffa and of Ascalon. On the death of his
father-in-law, this Guy de Luslgnan was pro
claimed and crowned King of Jerusalem ; but in
1187 he was defeated by the Sultan Saladin in the
battle of Tiberias, was taken prisoner, and was
" obliged to -surrender Jerusalem to the Saracens.
A few years later, as has already been related,
' he became King of, Cyprus.
While his descendants ruled in Cyprus, the
Lusignans who had remained in France lost both
power and prestige, and were deprived of their
petty dominions. Finally the family became ex
tinct, at any rate, in the male line.
During the reign of Nicholas I of Russia, some
Armenian agitators, on the lookout for a man
who could serve as a pretender, to form the nu
cleus of a nationalist movement, found an ad
venturer named Klenko, who was wont to boast
that he had in his veins- the blood of the former
Lusignan rulers of Cyprus, of -Jerusalem, and of
Armenia. They dubbed him Louis de Lusignan,
Prince" of Armenia, Cyprus, and Jerusalem. They
concocted parchments endowing him with a pedi
gree that traced his descent to Guy de Lusignan,
the crusader sovereign.
It suited Russia's policy, at the time, to coun
tenance his pretensions. Klenko, alias Louis de
, Lusignan, was invested by the Czar with the
rank of colonel in the Russian army, and hailed
as Prince not King of Armenia, Cyprus, and
Jerusalem. But later the. Czar declined to have
anything further to do with him. This Loals ce
Lusignan died in poverty at Milan, leaving an only
son named Michael. Michael earned a precarious
living as a waiter at Milan and at Florence, and
repeatedly endeavored to ameliorate his lot by
marrying some rich woman. About ten years ago
he addressed to the head of the marriage-license
bureau at the New York city hall, a remarkable
letter inviting the assistance of that official in
securing a rich American wife for "a prince of
royal blood, Prince Michael de Lusignan, Prince
of Armenia, Cyprus, and Jerusalem ; Comte de la
Marche, fifty-seven years of age, and without a
fortune." His matrimonial designs were as fruit
less in America as they were abroad, however,
and. he died in October, 1912, at Petrograd. in the
Oboukofsky hospital, in the utmost poverty and
obscurity, and without ' leaving any heir.
With him there disappeared the sole and only per
son Yvho in modern times has ever been officially,
If erroneously, recognized by any foreign govern
ment as entitled to bear the name of Lusignan.
More than questionable 'as was his own status, he
was never tired of denouncing the soi-disant
Prince Guy de Lusignan of Paris, and the latter's
son Leon, as utter frauds.
With regard to this Prince Guy de Luslgnan,
who persuaded a number of credulous English
and Americans into a belief 4n the authenticity
of his claims, and Induced them to accept the
bogus orders of knighthood which he conferred
upon them, his real name was Kalfajan. He was
the son of an Armenian stone mason, and was ed
ucated by public "Charity at the Armenian tnon
astery of San Lazzaro, at Venice.
In Paris he first gave out that he was a grandson
of the great Napoleon's famous Mameluke,
Roustan, and subsequently blossomed forth as Guy
de Lusignan, King of Jerusalem, Cyprus and Ar
menia. It was previous to this that he had suc
ceeded In winning the hand and fortune of the
wealthy widow of one of the- great French art
dealers. After her death, he married a rich Eng
lishwoman named Broadley; and it was pn the
strength of the money thus acquired that he
adopted his royal titles and founded his ridicu
lous orders of knighthood. These last were the
Order of Melusine, named after the legendary
ancestress of the real .Lusignan family, and the
Order of St. Catherine of Mount Sinai, which was
restricted to women, and which this self-styled
King of Jerusalem had the impudence to confer
upon Miss Clara Barton, then head of the Ameri
can Red Cross.
No sketch of the Kings of Jerusalem, past and
present, bogus and authentic, would be complete
without a mention of the dethroned Kaiser's extra
"ordinary pretensions to the title. He boldly as
sumed it on the occasion of his theatrical entry
into Jerusalem in 1898, when he rode Into the Holy
City arrayed in the white mantle of the crusader
sovereigns, and carrying their emblem, a cross.
In the almost blasphemous sermons that he
preached on the Mount of Olives and in the
Lutheran church at Jerusalem, he emphasized his
claim to the kingly title once held by Frederick
II of ' the old German empire. At home, how
' ever, he never included it in the official list of
his multifarious honors as German Kaiser and
autocrat of Prussia.
The former Kaiser was not content to ascribe
his rights In the matter to descent from one ol
- the medieval rulers of Jerusalem. He goes back
' to an epoch much more remote to King David
of the Old Testament, whom he claims as an an
cestor. Hanging in a conspicuous position in hi?
workroom in the Neues Palais at Potsdam is, or
was, a huge and beautifully framed genealogical
tree, showing the name of King David at the root
and that of the Emperor William at the top. Ac
cording to this tree, the dethroned Kaiser Is de
scended from King David through the eldest
daughter of Zedekiah, who, with her sister, fled
to Ireland In charge of the Prophet Jeremiah, tc
be married to Heremon, King of Ulster.
This genealogical tree Is the work" of a .clergy
man of the Church of England, named Glover,
who devoted most of his life to the study of gene
alogy. In 18C9 he wrote to Queen Victoria, inform
ing her that he had discovered her to be descended
in an nnbroken line from King David. The queen
sent for im to come to Windsor, and to hi
amazemeuiT informed him that what he thought
he had been the first to discover had been known
to herself and to her late husband, the Prince
Consort, for many years.
It is quite, natural that Victoria's grandson, the
former Kaiser, with his intense, if somewhat curT
ous, religious ideas should T'ave been deeply In
terested n this family tree. Soon after his ac
cession to the throne of Germany he requested
his grandmother to, let him have" a copy, whica
was sent to him handsomely engrossed and gorge
ously framed. Its contemplation naturally tended
to increase his belief In the divin orijin of hi
Most Joyous of Ail Days
Easter the Basis of Christian Optim
ism, Which Is th Foundation
of Mortal Hope. v
Easter 13 the most joyous day In the
calendar of the Christian. If there Is
one day above another when long-
faced religion should be banished. It
Is upon Easter clay. It is essentially
the day of the ctlsJst, esd e belief
in the events that transpired upon the
first Easter day 2,000 years ago Is the
basis of all Christian optimism. It Is
the anniversary of the winning of the
mightiest victory of. life over death -and
every true believer In "Him who
was dead but is alive - f crevempre
will join in the song cf victory.
The church seeks to express the jcy
of the occasion In the most Impressive
way," and everywhere, even in those
churches which are prone to hold
aloof from observing one day more
than another, praise and worship to
day will be emphasized la song. - Mu
sic, flowers and eloquence mingle In
the church to symbolize the joy of the
occasion. And millions, wherever
they may be, who can participate In
these exercises, lift their hearts
in praise and thaatsfiving for the
eternal hope th.2 dsy Inrp'fss. By XL
Lee Hills. - :
Search for Eggs of
White Easter Hare
In Germany the children are tauglr
If they are good and mind their par
ents and are truthful and kind to on
another, a white hare will steal Int
the house on Easter eve, when er
erybody ' Is asleep and secrete any
number of gayly-colored egjrs In ttt
comers of the room. A search la thi
caeraLns soon reveal? a nest filled tritl
Easier ejs.
Pfeasss T
y 5
It appeals to everybody
because cf the Pleasure
and benefit it affords.
The longesMastlns refresh"
bient possible to obtain.
Sealed tight kept
right in its wax-wrapped
impurity-proof package.
The Flavor Lasts
Spanish Lead as Wine Drinkers.
As a wine drinker the Spaniard
sets the pace, with an average of 35
gallons a year, leading the Frenchman
by four gallons and the Italian by
eleven gallons.
Frequent Anger.
"Weren't you angry with htm when
khe kissed you?"
Oh, yes every time."
Goodyear Mfg. Co., 2253-It Goodyear
Bldg Kansas City, Mo., is offering to
send a Goodyear Combination Top and
Raincoat to one person in each com
munity who will wear and recommend
It to friends. Write for one today. Adv.
Troubles of the Rich.
Dives told his troubles. "Lazarus
wants the crumbs and the neighbors
want the cook." he complained.
There. Is nothing more satisfactory
after a day of hard work than a line
full of snowy white clothes. For such
results nse Eed Cross Ball Blue.
The female who is fat. . fair and
forty may be attractive but so Is slen
der, saucy sixteen.
Garfield Tea stimulates the liver, eor-
rystem and
All drug-
recta constipation, cleanses the system and
nds the blood ci impurities.
gists. Adv.
If a woman's vocabulary is limited,
she works It overtime.
should be made'
artistic, sanitary
and livable.
These walls should be Alabastined in the latest,
up-to-the-minute nature color tints. Each room should
reflect your own individuality and the treatment
throughout be a complete perfect harmony in colors.
The walls of the old home, whether mansion or cottage, cn be
made just as attractive, just as sanitary, through the intelligent use of
': .-t . .U U 1 1. L 5
Instead of kalsomine or wallpaper
How much better, when you hare a new home, to start right than to have
to correct errors afterward from former treatment with other materials, when
you come to the ue of Alabastine, as does nearly every one sooner or later.
Once your walls are Alabastined you can use any material over it should yoo
desire, but having used Alabastine you will have no desire for any other treatment.
Alabastine is so easy to mix and apply so Luting- in its results so abso
lutely sanitary and so generally recospized as the proper decorative material in
a class by itself that it is becoming difucult to manufacture fast enough to supply
the demand.
Alabastine is a dry powder, put up in five-pound packages, white and beau
tiful tints, ready to mix and use by the addition of cold water, and with full direc-
tions on each package. Every package of genuix
Alabastine nas cross and circle printed in red.
Better write us for hand-made color de
signs and special suggestions Give usyour decor
ative problems and let us help you work, them out.
Xlabastine Company
16i9 GrandviUe Ave. Grand Rapids. Mich.
OiP -wT?
Kill That Cold With
ThezfKnh V) its iiMiiMF?
Lft Grippe
Neglected Colds ere Dangerous
Ta ce Cn?m Kp thia ctan4&rd ressody handy for the first snarm.
Breaks up a cod in 24 hoars Relieves
- Cripp In 3 days Sxc5eat fox K rfatrhs
"Qn?.a la tlia fsna dews set ct th Lui Cascara ia kst Terns
-ITo C?rli: la lZs. .

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