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June 6, 1891
Bishop E. S. Thomas of Kansas,
will be here and preach in Masonic
Hall on Sunday morning', June 14th,
at 11 o'clock.
Now that it seems assured that we
are to have an immense wheat crop,
our machinery men are kept busy
selling headers. Every two farmers
Lave out enough wheat to keep a
header busy and hands are very
scarce to help gather the crop that i3
An open air service will be held to
morrow (Sunday) at 7:15 p. m. near
the Post Office. Rev. T. B. Hughes
will preach. This service will be fol
lowed by a Special Gospel service at
the Baptist church. Mrs. Hughes will
sing two solos. All are kindly invited.
June 13, 1891 '
Hugh Irwin had his pension in:
creased to $17 per month.
Mr. and Mrs. Averill left for home
this week. Birdie McLain accomp
anied them for a visit.
The ladies of the Presbyterian Aid
Society will meet next Thursday at 7
p. m. with Mrs. Geo. Philip.
Mrs. G. M Eastmen returned home
on Thursday, from her eastern trip.
She is pleased to be back again to
.Hays City.
Tomorrow morning is Children's
Day in the Presbyterian church, and
the morning services will be devoted
to their exercises. All citizens are
invited to attend.
Notice is hereby given that the
) second half of the taxes are due and
must be paid by June 20th, after
which date the penalty is added.
John Adkins,
County Treasurer.
"We regret to announce that Prof.
Reed is to leave us, having secured
the principalship of one of the Salina
Among those from the west end of
the county attending the picnic we
found the only man talked of as the
name they would present as a
candidate was John Gerkin for Sheriff
He is a farmer north of Ellis and is
now running the Ellis Creamery. He
is of German descent and has lived
here many years.
Talking about a candidate for
sheriff, a man with marriageable
daughters says that his house is a reg
ular court house every Saturday
night and oftener.
Dr. Righter reports a bouncing big
new boy at Henry Meyers', this week.
This is the last month of extreme
"hard times" for our farmers. Next
month they will be hauling the golden
grain to market and jingling gold coin
in their pockets. The crop of small
grain thi3 year promises to be the
largest ever raised in this state, and
it will doubtless command good
June 20, 1891
Harvest hands will command good
wages and plenty of work in this sec
tion this year.
John Adkins, county treasurer, has
arranged to be in Ellis with his books
Monday, June 22.
Men who want to be candidates
should be sure that some friend pre
sents their name in time.
Jim Robinson has moved back to
his red barn in the.west end of town,
added some new stylish turnouts to
his livery and can now give you the"
best in the city.
One of the curious signs of the
times is that every politician who hap
pens to own an acre of ground has
suddenly developed an intense long
ing to be known as a farmer, and it
is said that some of these individuals
are actually spending much time
standing barheaded in the sunshine in
order to tan their complexions into
keeping with their possessions; all of
which is a flattering acknowledegment
of the rapidly increasing power of the
farmers' organizations in this coun
try. Rev. Hughes again held his outdoor
services last Sunday evening near the
post office, which was very largely
attended. Remember and go tomor
row evening at 7:30 sharp, as all are
Dr. Snyder is playing havoc with
the cats in his neighborhood. He
raises nice chickens and very proper
ly doesn't intend to have them eaten
by prowling cats.
Both mills were running again
Monday a pleasing sight. Both have
made needed repairs, and are ready to
handle the immense crop. "What has
become of the new mill project? Did
the old mill men succeed in bucking it
off? ; ' I
Mrs. Hyer and son have returned
from their trip east.
June 27, 1891
McDonald "of Lookout, is again un
fortunate, having had his horse killed
by lightning.
Frank Zeigler has moved to one of
the Leahy properties.
As announced some time ago, the
G. A. R. men have moved to the north
store room of the Brunswick block,
and will hold their meetings there.
On July 4th, in the afternoon and
evening, the ladies of the Relief Corps
wi?l serve ice cream, cake and lemon
ade, to which all are cordially invited.
Out on the Saline the cattle men
are quarrelling and some one had Will
Bemis arrested for running his wire
fence across a piece of government
land. At the trial it was shown to
Prosecutor Ady that it was an unused,
rough canyon, done to get around
some rough draws, not to injure or
discommode anyone, and the case will
be dismissed.
From the Saline Valley
All quiet on the Saline.
Vegetation is booming.
Good gardens this year.
Wheat never looked better.
The farmers are all ready to har
vest their grain.
King's apple orchard is a sight
worth seeing.
More rain, more rest, but oh! the
weeds, how they grow.
The plum crop is doing nicely.
Peaches have nearly doubled in
size the past week.
Our alliances are prosperous and
members enthusiastic for'the People's
party and the fall fight.
The mosquitos are presenting their
bills now. Suppose the printer will
present his next, and maybe we can
pay with taters.
The man with 500 or more bushels
of 75 cent wheat to sell this fall will
experience no difficulty from a scarc
ity of money.
Art Department
The Art Department has its usual
summer overflow. Almost everv stu
dent is carrying a box of materials.
The work is being made very pract
ical. Art projects are given that may
be used in the school room rural or
The decided interest shown in Art
is very encouraging. The work is far
The rural or city teacher who
brings art work into the school room
has a far reaching influence. This
study creates an interest that usually
results in departmental work being
done in this subject.
Very few subjects are not in
fluenced by visualization, and art
teaches the students to see things.
No doubt the two hundred twenty
art students will find beauties in
nature, never realized before. Leader.
County Attorney, Jacob M. Wiesner.
Co. Superintendent. Louis Christiansen.
Clerk Dist. Court. IJ A. Leiker.
Probate Judge. John B. Gross.
Commissioner 1st Dist, Frank Atwood.
" 2nd Dist., John Jeaobs.
rd Dist.. Christ Von LinteL
First Called "Vertical Railway."
It was not until the early '70s that
the "vertical railway" was introduced
in England,' the first "lift" bein in
stalled in Albert bull and to ride in
this the passengers were required to
pay a fee of 1 penny. Today, the "lift"
is nothing like so common in Europe
as the "elevator," which is our- name
for the thing, is in the United States.
One reason for this is that the. United
-States is the birthplace of the sky
scraper, and high buildings, as build--iiig
heights are measured In America,
are infrequent in Europ,
Girls' Bungalow
The little brown bungalow on Jun
iata Street has been opened again as
a dormatory to accommodate girls
who have come in for summer school.
' Mr. and Mrs. Bruner of Lakin, are
in charge of the building. The Nor
mal made the repairs necessary and
fitted up the place so that thrity or
thirty-five girls can live there com
fortably. A telephone is to be in
stalled soon. Some of the rooms are
arranged for light housekeeping, and
the large enclosed porch makes a cool
and comfortable study place.
National, State and County
President. Warren G. Harding.
Vice President. Calvin Coolidge.
Secretary of State, Charles E. Hughes.
Secretary of Treasury. Andrew W. Mellon.
Secretary, of War. John W. Weeks.
Secretary of the Navy. Edwin Denby.
Secretary of Interior, Albert B. FalL
Attorney General. Harry M. Daugherty.
Postmaster General, Will H. Hays.
Secretary of Agriculture, Henry C. Wallace.
Secretary of Labor. James J. Davis.
Secretary of Commerce. Herbert C. Hoover.
Chief Justice. Edward D. White.
Associate Justice, Joseph McKenna.
Oliver W. Holmes.
" " William R. Day.
" " Willis Van Devanter.
Mahlon Pitney.
" James C. McReynolds.
" " Louis D. Brandeis.
John H. Clark.
Governor, Henry J. Allen.
Lieut. Governor. Chas. S. Huffman.
Secretary of State. L. J. Pettiiohn.
State Treasurer. E. T. Thompson.
State Auditor. Norton A. Turner.
Supt. Public Inst-, L. E. Wooster.
Attorney General. K. J. Hopkins. .
State Printer, Imri Zumwalt. .
Chief Justice. W. A. Johnson.
Justice, R. A. Burch.
Henry F. Mason.
Silas W. Porter.
Judson S .West.
" John Marshall.
" John S. Dawson. r
Delegates in Congress
Arthur Capper.
Charie3 Curtis.
1st Dist., D. R. Anthony, Jr.
2nd DisU Edward C. Little.
3rd Dist.. Philip P, Campbell.
4 th Dist., Homer 'Hoch.
5th Dist, J- G. Strone.
6th Dist.. Hays B. "White.
7th Dist.. J. N. Tincher.
Sth Dist., R. E. Bird.' -Judge
23rd District. I T. PurcelL
State Senator. 3Sth Dist.. Frank Mclvor.
Representative lOSth Dist-, John O'Loughlin
County Clerk, Martin A. Basgall.
2'reasurer, G. J. Klug.
SheritT, Frank Loreditsch.
Register of Deeds, Peter J. Romme.
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The Impossible.
A Kansas judge says a minimum
length of courtship should be fixed by
law to prevent hasty marriages. The
judge may know a lot about law and
the power of the courts and what
ought to be done to regulate' society,
but it's a cinch he doesn't know
much about the impossibility of pre
venting from getting married two
people who have made up their minds
to marry.
Whole Truth About Genius.
A great idea grows like a flower. It
changes. In its evolution it leaves
crudity and imperfection behind. It
assumes a new form, more pleasing in
its outline and more striking in its
beauty, as it is molded into a thing
of deathless energy. An idea which
is different to all else is a thing of
wonder if It is true. It is original
thought, and this is all that genius is.
"As Short as It Is Violent."
"Woman's grief is like a summer
storm, short as it Is violent." The
foregoing quotation is credited to
Joanna Baillie. a Scotch dramatist and
poet. She wrote "Plays on the Pas
siens," in which she delineates the
principal passions of the mind, each
passion being made the subject of a
trmredy and a comedy. She died in
Drilling Glass.
Make a solution of one ounce of cam
phor, one and 'one-half ounces spirits
of turpentine and three drams of
ether.. Keep the end of the drilling
tool wet with this solution. After the
point comes through to the other side,
put the glass in water and then pro
ceed more slowly or drill from other
Dog Lover Never All. Bad.
He who loves a dog may not be all
he should be In the qualities of man
hood, but you may safely bet money
on it that there is, nevertheless, some
thing In him that merits respect, albeit
sometimes to be searched 'for. The
dog gets nearer to the human heart
than any other of earth's unhuman
Peculiar Racial Resemblance. -
There are a great many points of re
semblance between the Mongolian and
the, American Indian. They extend to
personal and even religious observ
ances, notwithstanding the fact that
the Mongols have long been converted
to Lamaism; one of the most exacting
and intolerant of religions.
"Nuff Sed"
We lave time For M
The man who is willirig to give you his
time is the one who invariably gets your busi
ness. The officers and employees of this bank
are ready and willing to give you their time
and advice on all financial matters it is your
business to take advantage of the service we
offer. Come and see us.
. Capital and Surplus $60,000.00
I New and Second Hand Furniture J
j Located in the Zeigler Building on East South Main Street. ij
Will buy, sell or trade any ki nd of Furniture. i
g A large stock on hand.
C. Schwaller's Sons
Lumber, Shingles, Lime,
Cement, Coal, Etc., Etc.
HAYS, - - - - KANSAS
' I l l i r 1 1 r ' -'- - j j'-8'ff'?"l I1 H II I H I I I I II HHIl4t
The' LigMmimg
Means Accuracy, Rapidity, Mental Ease.
Absolute Efficiency in Accounting.
Adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides automatically
without the slightest mental effort, and shows the re
sults instantly. Positively equal in its work to the
most expensive machines, and possessing many fea
tures not offered y these costly and complicated de
vices the perfect result of fifteen years study and
experience in calculator construction.
Guaranteed in Writing for Five Years
Complete with Hardwood Desk Stand
C. A. CLARK, Distributor
ft j j It ! 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 Mill i m 1 1 iin 1 mi 1 1 1
Golden Belt Creamery
and Ice Company
Pasteurized Whipping Cream,
Whole Milk Cottage Cheese
Pasteurized Whole Milk
60c qt.
40c qt.
25c pt.
10c qt.
1 5 c gal.
Market Price
Pasteurized milk and cream will keep
sweet for two to three days under ordinary
Opposite Farmers State Bank
$8 J Phone 484
For Country Roads, City Streets and
Road Patrol Work
The Avery One-Man Road Maintainer or "Road-Ra-zer"
as it is now called, is undoubtedly the best, most eco
nomical motor road maintaining machine that has as yet
been made. It operates more easily and quickly, cuts
more smoothly and does better work than any machine
on the market built for this purpose.
It is easily handled It backs up and turns around
instantly in its own tracks, which is of unusual advantage
I in this class of work.
a '
By its use country roads and city streets can' be kept
smooth and in the best possible condition at all times. It
is also an especially ideal machine where the road patrol
system of continuous maintenance is in operation a sys-
h t tern which because of its merit is rapidly coming into use.
1 -Schlyer -Sc Arnhoid -
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