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Roman Emperor, Trajan, Spread th
Boundaries of the Empire and
Governed Justly at Home.
The llomau' emperor, .Trajan, whose
full name was Marcus Ulpius Tra
jaaus, was born about the year 56
at rtalica hi Spain, which was then a
Human province. lie was trained for
a military career and trained distinc
tion in the l'urthian and German cam
paigns, and after holding two civil
oflices was adopted by the Emperor
Nerva, whom he succeeded on the
imperial throne in the year 98. The
greater part of Ids time as emperor
was spent In the field commanding
his troops. His first- campaign was
carried on beyond the Danube against
the Daeians, whom lie conquered after
a long struggle. In the conquered
country he planted a Itoman colony,
and the descendants of those colonists
are the Roumanians of today. Trajan's
next war was carried on In the East.
He made Armenia and Mesopotamia
into Roman provinces, but suffered
defeat at Cteslphon,. not far from
Kut-el-Amara, where a Iiritish force
was cut off and compelled to sur
render during the World war. In his
rear the Jews of Cyrus and t'yrene
rose in revolt and made fearful mas
sacres, and disorders als arose in
the West. Trajan returned to the
coast and took ship for Italy. His
health was broken and while on the
journey be died at Selinus in Cilicia,
Asia Minor, in August, 117. Traj;m
found time to accomplish much in the
internal improvement of the empire.
He beautified Rome; he constructed
canals, great military roads, and har
bors, and built up towns. Law was
enforced and justice fairly administered.
The Key.
Hie key to every man Is his thought.
Two Toos.
The trouble with most of us. is that
our past is too near and our future
too far. away.
Circular Slide Rule.
A circular slide rule that can be
carpied in a coat pocket is the inven
tion of a San Francisco man, a mag
nlfving glass aiding in reading it.
Tell-Tale Traits.
You cannot rightly judge people b.
what others say about tlrem, hut you
can by what they say about others.
Bostou Transctipt.
The Real Minimum.
After close observation we conclude
that the minimum on which a family
of five can live is "the sum the pro
vider happens to earn. Mansfield
Peculiar Appearance of Swoxdfish
Gave Rise to Many Strange
Stories Concerning It.
In. the warm waters of the Indian
ocean there lives a srrange mariner,
who is the -cause of many tales among
the natives of the near-by coasts. They
tell of a wonderful sail often seen in
the calm seasons, when not a breath
disturbs the water, and the sea rises
and falls like an immense sheet of
glass. Suddenly a sail appears, ap
parently driven along by a mighty
wind. This sail glistens with rich
purple and golden hues. On it comes,
quivering and sparkling as if covered
with gems; then, suddenly, it dis
;ipj ears as quiclily as it came!
Many travelers have listened with
unbelief to this strange tale, until,
one day, this beautiful craft passed
directly under the stern of a passing
vessel, and it was seen to be a gigan
tic swordnsh which is now known as
the "sallor-nsh." The sail was really
an enormously developed dorsal fin,
over 10 feet high, and richly colored
with blue and iridescent tints. As
the fish swam along near the surface
of the water this great fin waved to
and fro, so that from a distance it
was easily mistaken for a sail.
Weeping for a Vear.
Widows and widowers who weep
twice a- day for a year, and who are
allowed to eat only on each second
day for a month, figure In the funeral
ceremonies of the head-hunting na
tives of P.ornen.
: 0
Frets Because She Fumes. .
Some one ir. the "Periscope," gaz
ing out over the" sea of contempo
raneous life as it were, observes that
"There is nothing more pathetic than
he spectacle of a sturdy boy scout
begging his mother not to smoke."
lioston Transcript.
The Weakest FinrjeK
The third finger on the left hand,
on which the engagement and wedd-ng
rings are worn, is anatomically the
weakest of the finders. Pianists have
to give the third linger twice as much
drill as the thers.
Plenty of
Hays Readers '
the kidneys-
Have This
i f
Saves-Little Girls Life
! A chorus of protesting hee-haws
overwork , f rom a herd of baffled A- M A med.
! of Wo Ti! , : , i
They cant keep up the continual sweetest music to drugless healers.
.... i Here are the (acts. Little Miriam
may give out it may pm -o .-.
acne ana pain; . : I opposite of sleeping- sickness. ShS had
Htm uiea ma Sc talked incessantly foe over two hun
Kidney Pills
Hays people tell you how they act.
Mrs. J. P. Jones, Hays, says: "I
have had attacks of backache and
other symptoms, of kidney trouble.
At times when I stooped my back
ached awfully and twinges would
shoot through the small of my back
and shoulders. I would feel lizzy
hours and iy reason of general
nervous excitation and restlessness
was rapidly approaching death's
portals. Allopathic wizardry was
stumped. Poison pumpers and serum
squirters "consulted" and doped in
vain! x
Dr. Paul Berger, a Chiropractor,
was summoned, ; performed some
spinal adjustments to the young girl's
spinal malalignment and relief re-
when I stooped and the irregular ac
tion of my kidneys annoyed me. 1 1 s? maiaugnmen
always used Doan's Kidney Pills for jilted. The talkin
such atacks and
.k-oo -r decreased, sleep came
g girl" ceased her
the trouble would incessant now oi woras, restlessness
necreasea, sleep came, temperature
fifiv at all dealers. Foster-Mllburn re" an" neaitn s restoration began.
Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y. ' News dispatches mentioned it, edi-
torialists wrote of it, publicity's flood
Jarrah Wood Defies Decay.
" The jarru of, western Australia
produces the most .indestructible wood
grown. It is impervious alike to in
sect attacks and to decay, and boats
built of It do not need to be copper-sheathed.
.Care of Machine.
Keep a small stiff brush on hand for
cleaning the under work of the sewing
machine. It is important that this
part of the machine be clean if it is
to run well, and going over it "with a
brush will not injure any of the
Seven Wonders of New World.
The Seven Wonders of the New
World is an appellation sometimes
conferred upon the following group
of natural objects in the United
States: (1) Niagara Falls. (2) Yel
lowstone pf-.rk. (M) Carden of the
Go Is, (4) Mammoth Cave, (o) Yosem
ite Valley. ('.) (Haitt Trees of Cali
fornia. (7) Natural Uridge.
Father of Three Kings.
Charles Bonaparte, father of the
great Emperor Napoleon, was a hum
ble lawyer, with no very extensive
practice, in the sleepy littles town of
Ajaccio, in the Isle of Corsica. He
seems to have been a most affection
ate and exemplary parent, and as the
father of three sons who became kings
(Joseph, king of Naples and Spain;
Louis, King of Holland, and Jerome,
king of Westphalia), and a fourth who
became the greatest military com
mander, monarch and king-maker of
modern times, he holds an unique
place In history.
There were thirteen children In the
family. Napoleon being the second.
Charles Bonaparte, although hardly
well-to-do, strove to give his sons the
best possible" education, . and had he
not decided to send Napoleon (then
aged ten) to the military school at
Brlenne, the whole course of the
'world's history might have been
Elephants Rip Up Pipes.
" Wild elephants have caused consid
erable dilliculty on the Island of Suma
tra during oil development work, as
these animals seem to have taken a
special dislike to the pipe lius laid
above ground through the jungles, and
have repeatedly torn them up, so that
gangs of men are kept busy repairing
the damage.
poured upon it and Allopathy now!
begins to froth at the mouth o'er the
cure it couldn't make! For once the
daily press ceased its pander to the
serum squirters and pus punchers and
told the truth about their helpless
bafflement and it certainly did hurt!
Baffled Allopathic wizard Nesbitt
whose little patient's life was doubt
less saved iby Chiropracticskill
rushes into print to tell you that "no
medical man, surgeon, physiologist,
neurologist, psychologist, or psychia
trist of any analytical mind would for
a moment think that any excited state
of the speech center buried deep in a
lobe of the brain could be quieted by
any snap of the neck or thumbing of
the spine." What difference does it
make .what all these nincompoops
think or think they think? Whatever
they thought or think they thought
about little Miriam Rubin they
thought wrong!
Baffled, stumped and helpless, with
its patient almost at death's gates,
Allopathic wizardry fails to ""wiz" and
Chiropractic steps in and perforr
what seems almost miraculou
Whereupon poison pumpery .sir.
serum sqairtery has a fit, falL? in:
it, rends its vestments, froths at tl:
mourn ana tens you what di-d happe
couldn't happen!
If some vandyked vivisectional pc
son pumper and serum squirter
torturer of helpless animals and po
soner of human beings. had 'dl
covered" some new "serum," whk
except distension of the bank ro.
publicity would have been perfect:
all right -wouldn't it? You know i
But when a Chiropractor step3 i
and saves a patient for baffled. All
pathy and the feat is hej-aldd -fir at
viue wny its e-quany ail wrong isn;
it? You know that too. '
r . '.. n .
"ji.vi ifo.ii!e -oj. iiiese money noun-c
of p6isondom -would rather look ar,"
day at a little mound in a cemeter
than at a little child restored i
nealth by -drugless healing. i
Irrivwr f-Vvn T ! -i Tom T-i -
They'll -Hold' Him!
Dress your boy in Key
Overalls save his Sunday-
Clothes. Buy Key Over
alls for real satisfaction.
Boy-proof! We guarantee
satisfaction or your money
liack without argument.
- The McEey Mftf.Co.,Mukera, Kansas City, Mo.
It is a scientific hand adjustment
applied to any of the. movable seg
ments of the spine or to any other
movable bone or tissue where nerves
can be impinged.
Is Chiropractic only for chronic
Xo indeed, it is equally as effective
and more so in acute fevers, etc. Al
most any trouble can be adjusted
with great benefit. There is as much
j difference in the old way of Doctor
ing and CHIROPRACTIC as there is
in oil lamps and Electric lights. An
electrician is a man who understands
the creation, transmission and ex-
A CHIROPRACTOR is a man who
T i understands the creation, transmis-
son and expression of mental currents
and nerve impulses over the nerves.
When you tell a Chiropractor your
stomach room is dark, he knows just
what button in the line shaft is wrong
re knows how to turn on that
butt on. Wrhen the button is in posi
tion the window is open, the current
flows forward to the organ connected
at the other end and the stomach
lights up (function is restored) and
you are well. -All this takes time be
cause those vertebra become distort
ed and misshapen and it takes time to
rebuild them to normal, this ought to
make it clear to you why some get
immediate results and others have to
Can't you now see the effectiveness
of the CHIROPRACTOR. He knows
every room' in your body, and he
knows where, each button is that
turns on the current even though it
'be at some distance. God made these
buttons for the electrical mechan
ician (the CHIROPRACTOR).
To Whom It May Concern:
I -wish to say that our little girl was
so bad with rheumatism that she did
not walk for live weeks; continual I had. Chiropractic get at th
medical aid seemed to have no effect j of Disease.
at all. I then decided to try CHIRC
i KACTIC adjustments and took hi
to Dr. Stuckey and am so glad to s.
that in only two weeks she beg:
walking and now walks, runs ar
plays with the other children. II-:
left limb was so badly drawn up th.
I feared it would always be so: bi
maiiKs 10 niropractic; ana also
Mrs. G. A. Basgall, Hays, Kan
I have taken the treatments f:
nervousness and know of nothu
1, U-1 i. j: J 1 v J -r
cise tirai, u:ti me to mucn goou. 1 a..
entirely well, and must say they ar
certainly all Tight.
Cornelia White. ;
As I am entirely well of Pnev
have more faith in Dr. Stuckey ar
also in Chiropractic. My eyes we:
Lydia Stebbins. I
-Many more Similar Letters can 1
He faces posterity as a great figure
of rich genius and honest purpose, a
purpose occasionally obscured by the
force of imagination and the irresist
ible promptings of humor ; weighing
mankind In a gloomy balance, but not
without hope; and bequeathing to us
rich and various treasures of. litera
ture, which may well, survive, If any
thing survives. Lord Hosebery.
That Please
' 1 Prices that
- Attract
No Annoying
Delays, Either
$ I
:.. and r
w ! '.
T m mn.
Word "Lot" of Puritan Origin.
The use of the word "lot" to des
ignate a lield or plot of land, Is uni
versal in the United Statesf It had
Its origin among the Puritans, and
was the product of-their strict adher
ence to Biblical customs.
Anions the early settlers of New
England the extensive salt-marshes
from which the salt-hay was cut, were
owned In common, every man helping
himself to as much hay as he wished.
As the population increased this con
dition could not prevail with general
harmony, and It was agreed to divide
the marshes equally among all the
families. This was done by the Bib
lical fashion of. lot and the portion
which fell to each man was knowri as
"his lot." In a short time the word
came to apply to any piece of land,
and finally reached the meaning of
any great quantity.
Survival of Old Roman Custom.
The custom of appointing promi
nent citizens to act as a guard of
honor at a great man's funeral Is the
survival of an ancient Roman custom.
The name "pallbearers" also descends
from the old days In the "City of
the Seven Hills.-
"Pall" conies from the Latin word
"palla," the long sweeping robes worn
only bj priests and men and women
of the i!gnest standing. When a great
personage died his "palla" was thrown
over hi coffin and a -number of his
distinguished friends; were, permitted
to "bear the palla" to the grave and
to act as guard of honor to the dead.
r.r. " ...
Marks the beginning of the operation of our store on a
Strictly Cash Basis
as announced by quarter page advertisements in the last
two issues of this paper.
Wholehearted approval of our announcement has greeted
us from scores of our friends and customers, who, in com
mon with us, acknowledge the benefits of doing business
on a cash basis.
Substantial reduction of overhead expense will enable us
from now on to sell the same quality goods at
Lower Prices to You
We want to explain our policy to you, for we feel con
fident that you will readily recognize its real advantages.
Yours for better business methods,
0 i Lti yf
7 8 J
At Ellis Monday Wednesday "and Friday Afternoons
Hays, Kansas, June 1st, 1922.
Dear Alice: I'm all tired out from
Alice, but just as happy as I can be for we are actually
in our home now and everything is straightened out so
we can settle down and enjoy things. The Pershing
Heights neighbors are so friendly and interested in each
new family that joins them I feel already as though I
had lived here always.
One thing is such a relief,
The Bird Investment Company's head builder keeps com
ing around to see that everything is absolutely all. right
you know they guarantee everything about these houses.
Most real estate companies lose all interest in you just as
soon as the sale is made but they feel a real pride in their
houses and are determined to catch anyslight imperfec
tion that may show up and remedy it at once. We feel so
"Looked after." Til send you a picture soon showing just
how it looks. ;
, , Affectionately,

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