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(By Ruth Costner.)
Chapter VII. Jane has a Scare
- The weeks and months flew by and
at last came the week in which the
school was to have the final examina
tions given to them. Jane was four
teen years old now. At the first of
the week when the first examination
was to be given to Jane and her
chums, they were all afraid they
would not pass. All the examinations
proved easy for Jane and when she
received her report card at the end of
many nice presents, among which was
a ring for Jane and a locket for
Marie, both from their parents. Their
birthdays were on Friday, so Marie
spent Saturday and Sunday with
Jane. Jane asked Betty how old she
was and found out that she was older
than Betty, she being fourteen and
Jane fifteen.
One Sunday afternoon Jane had
her chums come out to her home near
the mountains. The girls could not
think of anything to do, then finally
decided to go out to the mountains.
London Feasts on Herring.
One hundred tons of herring comj
to the London market every day.
Spring Wooing Brings Joy.
Students of psychology of sex say
that the really happy marriages, in
which love Is a lasting factor, are
those which have followed a spring
time love-making.
Historic Knife.
The Camavulet museum recently re
ceived what Is said to be the knife
of the guillotine used in Paris during
Instead of taking the car, the girls ! the French Revolution and the subse-
the year, she saw that she had passed) went on foot. It was a two-mile walk !t:ent Reign of Terror, and which
and would be a Sophomore the next and by walking fast the girls reached! served to decaiVtate Louis XVI, Marie
year she went home very happy.
there in half an hour. When they
Antoinette, Robespierre, and thousands
Before Jane realized the fact, one were onefourth of a mile away Jane ' JlTl. " r,r.s t,uJnn Th.
month of vacation had passed. The spied a bright colored cloth away up relic l3 sald to been the pos-
on the mountain side. The girls at session of the family of Samson, the
once decided to explore. When they ! famous executioner of the French Rev-
next day she got a letter from her
cousin Marie saying she was coming
to stay a few weeks or maybe a
month with Jane. Marie was the
same age of Jane, their birthdays be
ing on March 20. Marie stayed with
Jane three weeks, then Jane went
home with her and stayed a month
with her so she could get back a week
before school started. While Jane
was visiting her cousin she heard
from Betty every two or three aays
reached the base of the mountain
they started climbing toward the
cloth. Jane was the first to reach the
goal and upon reaching there she saw
an opening. Jane went in and dis-
olution. for several generations.
They say money is the root of all
j tt. i ...t.:.v i
cuvtricu ik was a luuiici which was itj. . j:
j-o: n i ii Lots of guys Set hump-backed dig
very difficult to follow. I . . .f ,
V v j i.- . , i i ging for the root.
jane icaiu a uuise wmcn sounaeu
like a man walking along the tunnel.
very swiftly and it seemed to Jane as
though it had not been a day since
she had -come home from Marie's
side the opening she saw a large The town clock just struck six;
Too Bad
SVia liAffm friorVi pnod and n unrl I 01 , ,1 i j
- - , , - e - one swam unaer me Driage at even-
vjii me uay tiiat jane arnveu nume; at last came to another opening. Be
Betty had a surprise party for Tier.
xnc cca ucwic uiui t"iMCU cracK and there was a thick board in' c ua i iv, ua
it which thumped on the ground when j stole,
the wind was blowing. Jane turned- a rwi if ;n or, a,f,ii fW
j ad saw the girls about twenty-five feet nnnnn
This year Jane was to stay with Bet-; from her at the first opening. Jane! If wienie wurst and liver wurst are
ty again and she and her chums had ran towards them and when she reach- sisters,
planned to have a little party among j ed them she told her story. It was , What relation is soda to fire crackers?
themselves the next i nday night. fnnr ;raA ff;ri ti,,r WQu-o,i kl- n
Philippine Lace Making.
Some of the finest lace In the world
Is made by the women of the Philip
pine Islands from strong, silky fibre
-obtained from pineapple leaves, add
ing to the commercial value of this
plant, recently used In the manu
facture of paper.
..TiBJins apguj eq; panuD
sum. j paonpojjuj oijav 'n pnmutfK B
-ins am pae uKqjm oqj jo aoBid aifl
3001 jj -ssaappueq qsijnx onspaB
-juqj aqj uaaq sq 'osn jo jno 2ujo3
aou 'zaj aqj sJca.v pojpunq u joj
Xsjjnj. ui zaj aqj.
No. 102
No. 104
No. 170
No. ' 152
Effective May 28th, 1922. Trains
depart from Hays, Kansas, as follows:
Departs 12:06 A. M.
8:07 A. M.
11:25 A. M.
8:07 A. M.
(local Freight)
Departs 2:49 A. M.
" 11:59 A. M.
8:58 P. M.
1:10 P. M.
(local Freight)
A. W. Noble, Agt.
Evidently a Strenuous Preacher.
An announcement in the following
terms was posted outside an English
church: "Next Sunday the Rev.
will preach here, morning and
evening; after which the church will
be closed for six weeks for necessary
Famous Health Resort.
Carlsbad, the famous health resort,
is buf!t on a crust underneath which
is a subterranean lake of boiling
water, and all the hot sulphur springs
have to be ceaselessly watched lest
the town be destroyed.
Suniiyht Treatment of Disease.
The treatment of disease by sun
light was systematically practiced by
Hippocrates, the father of medicine,
but It was not until 1903 that the first
clinic of heliotherapy of surgical tu
berculosis was opened by A. Rollier.
It All Depends.
A kiss a day keeps divorce away,"
says Adam Breede. It will, Adam, if
It is his own wife the man kisses, but
a-good many of the present divorces
are caused by a kiss a day being given
the wrong girl. Brooklyn Eagle.
lays City Meat Diarket
We sell Fresh and Cured Meats at a Reasonable
Price. Call and see us before buying
Burn ham, Mgr.
Opposite R. R. Water Tank on No. Main Street
Jane's home that evening.
(To be continued.)
The days that lapsed between Mon
day were dry for Jane and her chums.
Friday night when they had their
party, Jane told the girls she liked ;
school very well and thought she
would pass in all her subjects. Jane
went home Saturday morning to stay
till Monday and while there she help
ed her mother clean house. Sunday ln the Washroom at the CapiWl the
aneraoon sne went DacK to Betty s , other day when he unintentionally
and the girls asked her to go out and ; introduced a new style of face wash-
take pictures with them. She went
out with them and after supper she
studied her lessons for the next day.
One month of school had passed
and Jane had not had any adventure.
One day Betty said, "Jane, it is sure
It Served Him Right
Santa Anna was a villainous scamp,
I He surely sore did vex us,
A New Style of Facial Abolution ! The rangers gay got mad one day,
Congressman Samuel E. Winslow, And ran him out of Texas,
of Massachusetts, chairman of the ooooo
committee on Interstate and Foreign The chaise is an English invention,
Commerce, created much merriment cna5e yurseu IS a
His Pipe Went Out
Dick Brown was having the time of
his life,
He had married a monied queen;
But he lit on his head when he fell
out of bed,
He was having a fancy dream,
If she canteloupe, give her a water
He had sudded and scrubbed his
hands until they were as clean and
shiney as a nurse's collar. Then
scooping up a double handful of
water he pushed it against his ample
a wonder that nothing has happened j features with the idea of making that '
to you since school started." "Yes. v,;c notrt,,r immnio
it doesseem queer, answered Jane. his hands. ! Pretty -irl, short skirts, windy day
Janes birthday came again and j There was a sudden hissing and ! Fluffffy ruffles. Result Stiff neck
Mane came to visit her so they could j sputtering and words of surprise. i ooooo
celebrate their birthdays together. naif a dozen other members who j No Tire Trouble
They had a party and Jane invited happened to be present shrieked with Solomon was the wisest man,
her friends, and of course Marie knew laughter. ' The wisest man by far;
Jane's three chums so she did not feel j Winslow forgot to remove his cigar He had a thousand wives or more,
out oi piace. ino two girls received fr0!n his mouth. i But he never owned a car
Id u
Our stock of Old Semolino is rapidly
diminishing. Present supply will be
closed out this week.
The lays City Flour 11
Jrj? ffj - Where you see what p
LJ U you buy. ft
Our Motto:
Buy and Sell for
Cash and save each
customer money
Announce the Opening of their 40 th Store
Where you see what
you buy.
We do not ask you to
buy from a picture
aturday, September
2 3rd
This is a personal invitation to you to visit our store. Price and inspect our
merchandise, and we will feel complimented. Following are a few of the many
Real Values we have to offer.
Almond and Cocoa Oil Toilet Soap, bar 08
Palm Olive Toilet Soap 08
Talcum Powder, 13-oz. can 23
X.ov' me Face Powder 89
Hinds' Honey & Almond Cream 49
Circle Combs 19 and .23
Bone Hair Pins, 10 for 23
Kid Curlers, bunch rr. 05
Shinola, Brown and Black 09
Curling Irons - 10
Leather Shoe Soles, per pr 23
Lead Pencils, 2 for Q5
School Tablets 05
jShoe Laces, per pr 05
Clothes Brushes 39
Darning Cotton, per ball 04
O. N. T. CrochetCotton, per ball .10
Bonnie B Single Mesh Hair Nets .10
Bonnie B Double Mesh Hair Nets, 2 for 25
Alarm Clocks, each - 98
3G-in. Outing Flannel, yd. 23
27-in. " " " 17
27-in. " " " 1
L L Unbleached Muslin - 10
Introducer Bleached Muslin .16
9-4 Pepperell Bleached Sheeting 55
9- 4 Unbleached " 52
10- 4 " " " .57
10-4 " Bleached " : 65
27-in. Red Seal Dress Gingham 23
27-in. Quality Dress Gingham 19
27-in. Apron Check Gingham 15
36-in. Merit Percale 17
36-in. Belfast Cambric .23
36-in. Comfort Challies 17
32-in. Romper Cloth j. 25
,32-in. Printed Madras 25
36-in. Wool Serge 89
. a
Men's Chocolate Bal. Work Shoes $2.75
Men's Chocolate Cap Blucher Heavy Work
Shoe $3.35
Men's Snappy Dress Shoe 5.75
220 weight Bib Overalls, high back,
sizes 32 to 42 $1.19
Men's Heavy Blue Work Shirt, sizes 14 to 17 .... .69
Men's Heavy Grey Union Suits 1.00
Cotton Gloves, 2 pr .....25
Men's Fall Caps 98c, 1.25, 1.49, 1.69
Boys' " " 69c, 89c, 1.29
Store Opens Saturday Horning, Sept. 23, one-half block east of First national Bank on Second Street.
1 1
- .
M: .

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