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Dodge City times. (Dodge City, Kan.) 1876-1892, October 14, 1876, Image 2

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W. C. 8HISH, Pnbliihcr.
Ptrsoual and X.ltrary.
Mrs. Abby Sage Richardson is to
give a series of lectures on EnglUh lit
erature at Wcslcyan Hall, in Boston.
The Comto tie Paris lias written to
the Southern Historical Society at Rich
mond, desiring to become a member,
in order to examine its documents re
lating to the civil war.
1'rcsident Grant has expressed, his
lntcntim ol niaKtng waslnngton bis
future residence. Ho says he feel's
more at home and more identified with
it than wilh any other city.
r J-Mr. Ilokcr, the United States Min
ister to Russia, will resign at the end of
the year in consequence of ill health.
The climate of the country does not
agree with him nor with his wife, who
is now at a German watering-place by
the advice of her physicians.
The famous Southern editor, Col.
John Forsyth, of the Mobile Rtgislcr,'3
ill in that fashion which touches to sym
pathy the most indifferent. His mind.
once so clear and efficient, shows fatal
Biima nf ipnol'nnta imf of tiniaa Vin fnila
to recognize his oldest and best friends,
Ho has entirely given up editorial work.
This is the obituary of the late Jeff
lnompsoa in tbe Tsew Urlcans Jimcs.
"General Jeff Thompson is dead. At
St. Joseph, Missouri, at 5 o'clock last
evening, that genial, whole-souled, devil-may-care,
personification of eccen
tricity, climbed the golden stair.
Known and very generally liked the
length and breadth of tho land, scarce
ly an actof his life challenged criticism,
and certainly none was provocative of
lasting enmity."
Prof. Huxley is of medium size and
height. His form is somewhat bent
His face is thin and chiseled with deep
lines. He looks like a studious, dys
peptic clergyman, who has tried to hvo
on half a salary and failed in the at
tempt. Tho vigor, and subtlety, and
"force of his published lectures and es
says, which abound in trenched criti
cisms and defiant challenges to popular
beliefs, give the impression ot an ath
letic and powerful personality, and
mako the appearance of the rather
slight, pale-faced student-prrofessor
somewhat disappointing.
whither we are now sending even fresh
beef is slate, a cargo W which has just
arrived oat. The slate is better and
much cheaper than that found in the
Welsh quarries. The time may como
many of its staple articles of fool and
industry from our own vast natural
A hydrometer for testing the pro
portion of water in cider has come into
use in rew fcnsland. the test, how
ever, does not indicate which has the
most pleasant flavor, but simply de
termines tue amount ot water in tne
cider, whether it came from the apples.
or was poured in to reduce the strength.
Cider made from grafted fruit contains
the moit water. A miserable knurly
apple will produce the highest grade of
cider, according to this standard.
A German named Dr. John Mullcr,
of Keokuk, Iowa, loccntly attempted to
commit suicide in a mostshocking man
ner. He first drew a razor across his
throat from ear to ear, inflicting an usly
when wo shall supply Kurope with Igaslvarni partially severing the wind-
pijw. nu uiuu piungeu a uissecung
knife into his breast, but this struck a
rib and caused no svrious injury. When
found he was lying on the bed, stark
naked and welterinjr in his own sore.
The razor and dissecting-kuife were ly
ing uesmu mm, anu on me noor near
the bed a hatchet, which ho had also
made use of. He left a letter, assign
ing renione of conscience and disap
pointed ambition as the motives for the
act. Strange to say, it was thought he
might survive his injuries.
School and Chnrrh.
It is proposed to establish a Lay
College at Auburn, X. Y., for the proper
training ol Uhnstian men and women
for church work.
The Central Ohio Methodist Con
ference has, by a vote of 74 to 23, re
fused to concur in the proposed chance
of the bases of representation in the Gen
eral Conference.
Tho"Madison Square rresbvtcrian
Church in tbe city of New York con
tains tho lamest membership of that
signs of weakness, and at times he fails denomination in the United States. It
dently brought np under a good grand
mother, with daily .-usociations with
uumpkin-pies, exclaims: 'Theputnp-kin-pie
season is igain breaking upon
the nation in full-orbed and transcendent
Who shtands der streets an gorcers round,
Mit sefrel a?ies to lie ground,
Und shnulcd fcnd towed and ncferxrownei?
ler candidate.
ivho hold your hand when you wonld start.
Und told you you Mas mighty shmarl.
; now ne loreu you mil ms nan
Science and Industry.
The bridsc across White Kiver. on
tho Wisconsin Central Railroad, is the
largest wrought iron one in tho world
It is 1,525 feet long, 107 feet high, and
cost $200,000.
In the Chinese Department of the
Centennial there is a bedstead whose
beautiful carving required tho work of
twenty Celestials for five years. It is
valued at 4,000.
Daring the past year, ending Sept.
1, 3G0 miles of ncv railroad have lcen
built in Texas. The Stato has now
within 185 miles of as much road as
Georgia, tho latter State having the
greatest mileago in the South 2,26-1
Col. J. W. Finney, of the U.S.
Engineers, has Lecn detailed to survey
the Union and Central Pacific Railway
between Omaha and Sacramento, it be
ing alleged that the measurement of
distances on which the U. S. bonds
were issued to the companies was inac
curate. Tho Boston and Albanv Railroad
recently took off a set of "steel car-
wnecls that had run 523,000 miles, a
greater distance than was ever run by
any car-wheels before in this or any
other country. The average running
distance of a common chilled iron car
wheel is only 00,200 miles.
A patent has been taken out in
England for brown paper blankets as
bed coverings. They compensate for
their lightness by their density, and
add materially to warmth. They are
perforated at distances of about four
inches, in order to promote ventilation,
and tho small sizes, -IS by 31 inches, sell
at about nine cento each! Several con
tracts have been made for hospitals and
Among the new articles of export
numbers 1,591 communicants.
The Trustees of a Congregational
Church in Michigan have closed a con
tract with a young minister, who is to
run their church for a year for the mu
nificent remuneration of $200! Too
cheap to be good.
Ilishcp Gilbert Haven has not yet
sailed for Africa, bat has just visited
about a dozen camp-meetings, and
preached with his customary fervent
fluency. He will go to Liberia during
the present month.
At tho Sunday-school Assembly
which was lately held at Chautauqua
Lake, N. Y., -10 lecturers were employed,
and, among other illustrations of object
teaching, there was a model of Pales
tine 200 feet by 100 feet in area. The
attendance was great.
Tho Faculty of Cornell University
has organized a course of sermons, in
which prominent Baptist, Congrcga
tionalist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Epis
copalian ana unitarian divines win par
ticipate. An invitation extended to tho
Ivoman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese
to nominate two prcachersof his Church
was declined.
ino uongregationalist says that a
great many Sew England ministers
have felt the shrinkage of the hard
times by the reduction of their salaries.
As the New England churches, except
in a few of the larger cities, were never
celebrated for paying large salaries,
any reduction will be a hardship to
these overworked and underpaid men.
Itapa and Mishaps.
A Mr. l'ritchard of Lxonia. Wis..
was recently gored to death by a mad
ouii. :
A 5-ycar-old son of Louis Liestman,
who lives near Mansfield. Piatt County.
111., a few days since fell head foremost
into a well near the house, and when
discovered he was dead.
Incited thereto by the excitement
caused by tbe Northfield raid, two ur
chins of East Henderson, Minn., ono
oemg armed with a pitcfork and the
other with a shot-gun, instituted a
game of " robbers," during which the
gun was discharged, its contents lodg-
what is believsd to be a fatal wound.
Edward Ward, a young man cm
pioyea on a inrcsning-macbine near
Janesvillc, is., jn-'-Uecjuting to step
over tho tumbling-ro3, got hi; pants on
his left leg caught, and before he isld
get clear his right feot was carried into
the knuckle and terribly mangled. The
entire tlesh and small bones from the
ankle to the knee were stripped off and
wound aronnd the rod, rendering am
putation necessary.
Miss Rhoda Switzer, aged 18, of
Greenville, Mich., attempted suicide by
shooting herself in the head. The cause
was a slight difficulty which, arose be
tween the lady for whom she was work-
ins and herself. The ball entered her
left ear. Her recovery is considered
doubtful. When discovered she at once
Foreign Xotes.
The Russian army can now be
brought up to 2,500,000 men, without
counting the national militia.
Prince Charles of Monaco has been
deposed, and his son. Prince Albert,
has been instructed with the Regency.
The incapacity of Prince Charles arises
from a nervous complaint, the nature
of which is not stated. Tho Prince is
28 years of age, and has served in the
Spanish and French navies. Since the
close of the war ho has lived almost
entirely on his own yacht.
On the 3d ult., there died at Milan.
Antonia Luzzi, widow of the unfortu
nate Leon, Prince of Lusigman and
King of Armenia, who died last Feb
ruary. Sho left six young children
wholly without means of support.
j-nrce nave oeen tascn to public chari
table institutions, and the others tem
porarily adopted by a workman, Jacques
Merlini. They are the last of a line
which reckoned 12 Emperors and 30
Not long ago Madamo Ribard was
examined at the School of Medicine in
Paris before a largo and curious audi
ance. The lady is about 27 years old,
and the mother of two children. At
lirst she seemed a little disturbed, but
soon recovered herself, and her replies
were marked with much perspicacity.
The jury decided that Madam Ribard
dented tue diploma of doctor, and the
President complimented her on the ex
tent ot ner Knowledge.
On a recently published list of
English landed gentry appears the name
lo o,43i acres, worm i.t,-'io a year.
Her candidate.
Mrs. Oliphant says : "The honey
moon n not always a delightful mo
ment." Correct. And when the groom.
while on his wedding tour, is presented
with a hotel bill amounting to 50, and
finds only 18.50 in his pocket-bosk, he
experiences one of the moments when it
is not delightful.
Intelligent farmers and scientists
arc now discussing the question, " Do
bees hear?" We believe they do, and
it can be easily proved. You take a bee
by the tail, holding him between your
thumb and forefinger, and say, " List,
list, oh list," and you will feel listing
on the end of your thumb before you
are through speaking. Burlington
A laborcrof Hibernian extraction was
not longsincelamentin"thehard times.
and said finally, "Ay I wa3 only back
again in me father's pallis." A jolly
fellow-workman squinted his eye and
replied: "Sure, an' ay ye wore there.
ye moight sthan' an the groun' an'
reach yer han' down the chimbley an'
open the door ay it."
.lames Gordon Bennett is working
up a new plan of reporting. He is go
ing to engage all the first-class poets
and have his paper worked into verse,
when it will read somcthihg after this
fashion :
rBiGirrFri. accipest.
Mr. Smith, a young man of Brooklyn,
Sat down yesterday on a pin.
Hut it cauted him much pain,
So he rose np asain ;
How wite are the youths ot Brooklyn.
Or this:
TFJtiunc mishap.
Mr. Brown, ol Fourteenth Street, Xenr York,
Essayed to eat soup with a fork,
Ternflc mishap, it fell through on his lap.
And scalded John Brown, ol New York.
Cotton GloW.
A House: Torn Down Over a .Murderer
who Refuses to Surrender.
Bob Glaseott, of the Denver and Rio
SS?sSi iSBgSfs:&
front the United States to England asked some one to shoot her again
Wyndham Honywoodis a vouwrer son.
younger by a quarter of an hour than
his twin brother, who will inherit what
ever remains for him of the family es
tate. A kind uncle left all he had to
the younger twin, because he was the
younger, and that he too might not be
without his due share of the good things
of the earth. As the Fates nave in this
instance willed it, that quarter of an
hour's space which divided the brothers
at birth, and which was regarded by
fond relatives as most disastrous to the
prospects of the younger twin, will be
the cause of his becoming a far wealth
ier man than his elder brother.
For some time there has been much
talk about the conduct of the Crown
Prince of Holland. Ho lives in Paris,
his palace in the Hague is closed, and all
endeavors to induce him to return to
the Hague have failed. The Prince pre
fers to amuse himself in Paris, instead
of performing his duties as the first sub
ject of his royal father. This behavior
has created much discontent, but till
now silence has been preserved on the
subject. To the great surprise of every
one, nowever, air. .mock, a well known
Conservative politician of Amsterdam.
the other day, in proposing a toast at a
dinner, openly reproached the Prince
for going into voluntary exile, and for
spending on the Boulevards the time
which ought to be given to his country,
over which he will perhaps reign as
William IV. Mr. Mock further ex
pressed his regret that the Crown Prince
had not yet given the nation the oppor
tunity to welcome a Crown Princess.
Odds assd Ends.
In the fait tbe joung man's ulster turns to
thoughts ot winter woes ;
In the tall the blithe mosquito dips Ms siphon in
your nose.
A correspondent asks us what por
tion of the ear is called the "lobe." It
is the portion which your parent used
to grab when he led you cently ont to
gaze upon the handsome proportions of
uc negieciea wooapiie.
ing affair at Trinidad than has yet been
made known. It appears that Ilrigado
Cordova, the man who was killed, is
the Sheriff, and also is proprietor of a
dance-house. An old Mexican, fam
iliarly known by the patronymic of
"Uncle Joe," has two daughters be
tween sixteen and twenty years of age,
who have long been the objects of Cor
dova's admiration. Ho wanted to get
them to dance in bis cutablishnicnt.and
made repeated attempts to inilucnce
them to add their presenco to his list of
attractions. The girls were willing to
do as he wished them to, but their ob
durate paternal progenitor was inclined
to resent the proposal. Yesterday Cor
dova went over to "Joe's" house to tali
the matter over, when tho old man or
dered him to leave. This the quondam
Sheriff and dance-house keener declin
ed lo do, in terms perhaps smacxing
more of force than of elegance. Joe
repeated his order, and Cordova reiter
ated some choice expressions which he'
had used, and tried to enter the house,
whereupon the old man shot him. The
ball was a large one, and entered the
oreasioi tee victim, passing through
his body. When the affair became
noised abroad, the authorities went af
ter the irate parent, but he refused to
be taken. Bravery is above par in
Trinidad, if any one may form such a
conclusion from the fact that nobody
dared go in and get tho prisoner after
he had declined to surrender. lie was
not taken until after the house had been
about half torn down.
There is great excitement over the
event, although public sympathy is
mainly with the man who did the kill
ing. Denver Xeics.
Tue Erie Railway furnishes section
masters with blanks to fill out in case
of accident, so that the utmost accuracy
may be had in following up the case. A
cow was recently killed and the section
master in nuing up the blank came to
the words. "What disposition?" After
I chewincr fcia TOnil a wtiilo hn wmI.
An exchange editor wholwas evi-1 "Mild and gentle." New TorkHtrali.

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