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Ml' LOSS. climb and scramble splendidly, much to rival at our hotel of a most charming evening. What did I care about fasdn-
the annoyance of Gcraldine, who dc- family. Colonel and Mrs. Pallisser and ating men, w hen a certain pair of brown
Iuyfitril liUetinr wimloir fitting, clares that I get as brown as a berry, theirtwo daughters. The latter were eyes vv ere forever haunting me.
lAuttlrtiraiun 'and my hands arc not tit to be seen, most accomplished girls, and exceed- "Ah, me!" thought ; "how I have
Hie) hntrrrftandlicnntbDiywiiciifDleVe. Hoivevcr that mav be true, scramble I iugly graceful and pretty; and before changed. A few short months ago and
The little (rirt t'h flushed ami mem- faces do, and one auspicious day (never to be many daj s Kathleen, the eldest.and mj - the idea of flirtation would have made
i;iuiiratinei'ii ror iiiyatiKverineMniiv! forgotten) I got a good way out among self formed an attachment which, con- me perk up and jump for "joy, and 'I
AiidiriniitmeiilitlitiriiiostuiiurinKBnici some dear old craggy bits of rock, and, sidering how opposite wen ere in tern-I would have done all in my power to
aiic? ,""''!",'' """J'1"": tnej-iie- finding a snug little corner in which I pcrament and disposition, was the more , make the country girls green with jcal-
just fitted, I settled myself down easily surprising. ou-y; but now l don t seem to care one
and began to read. The book I had I wish I could giveyou an impression little bit to lccome acquainted with this
chosen was a real sensation novel, and of her beautiful face ; she had that pvcu- magnificent Squire."
I read on engrossed, utterly regardless liar tint of auburn hair which, combined I At first I thought I would make some
of time and tide. Suddenly, however, with soft brown eves and a peach-like, excuse and not appear at dinner: but
To wld ue hearty to tho 'nUdcring maze, i the pangs of hunger seized me (I may delicate skin, gives that Madonna-like , then Gcraldine would think it unkind.
Hut when tly one by one tired out with ' J appeiuu iiu.cr laiis inci, aim, appcurauLU wmun one so rureiy sees in periiaps; anu, alter uu, nuai uiu u juai-
piayinc. ' I glancing at my miniature watch, I dis- real life. ter?
fetejKfor homeward through the sunset covered it was long past luncheon time. Some people, many I know, would Six o'clock strnck, and I went to dress
Memory's baik le0na the dark earn, ' Alas, Miss Broughtoii! what have jou have stigmatized her as " that girl w ith for dinner. I hesitated a little as to
.traiim: ' to answer for? the carrot- hair," and said no more; t what garment 1 should wear, and finally
AniomcUiedaufurcthatseeinobrfht.l I seized my shawl and proceeded to but I admired her as I loved her, and I , selected a pale-blue gauze trimmed with
I tnrn my head, radiant, RoMen splendor .make my way back with expedition, trust our friendihip will bo a lifelong i blush-roses. Yes, that would dp any
Milne from the wct acroMthe pictured , when lo! to my intense dismay I per- one. ' tiling wouhl do. I did care, though, a
Ami einriiin a face ithfiirly tender. j ccived that the tide had risen and en- She painted in oils, and I always ac-' wee Trit as to how I looked. I hadbcen
twin nrnnzt urotra jiairwateunninuu,iuii ' urciy uiviucu uie rocs upon wuicu i companion ner on ncr sKeicning expe-' mniking aooui iiarmz nguin, ami my
was standing trom Uie snore, olill tlitions, 1 sitting beside ner witn mv i eyes were very bright when 1 looked in
lltoiido hair and bnmn in soft confusion
Itla(kiea and blue upturned to meet my
cuze '
IIo" both w hile and pink their contrast lend
With violet ejesso wluwiue in thelrswcct- w orse, the noma waves' were creeping
nearer anu nearer, anu not a soui cotiui
lUnniunsKrowruaiinBin.piuiotKnoiHna , c . . . . .,,;,,,. It..
pain. '- .-.., j - . -.
With cuned lips, the xeal othnr'a complete-1 me my feelings me, poor little miscra-
. . ll n " Hot " :ilonn in the iniilil e nf tlift
I ocean.
Ah, hetten could t hut press them once
on fan:
liook. while she produced on her can- the class.
vas sweet effects of color, combined " Shall 1 ever sec him again?" I said
with a truthfulness of outline remarka- to myself; and as I said it something
ble in a girl who had studied so little as seemed to whimper " Yes,"'and I felt t lie
Kathleen. blood nish quickly to my cheeks.
Eventuallv.as our friendship increased I T was dressed before Geraldine. and
, ,,. . isnouieu, uuiinc noise oi xne waves and npeneil, I poured into her svmpa- deniurclv took my work down to the
wilen iiteilf I'ltai-aTt ? siii ' ,.ni0a"i5 i urownel mS fccWe crici. like thei' must thetic ear the small romance of my life, drawing-room and seated my little self
bore. soon drown me. O, w ould any one be and, as I found she did not laugh at me on the amber damask sofa. As I did
T1,t'"lonJTy ' '1H'P "Ul1 d"'"w, no loasTr tvTTS? . why ha'1 1 evcr come to tlus or think me ridiculous, I frequently re- j o, I glanced at my reflection in the op
sin, come to feed my hungry heart onco i hateful Biarritz, to be drowned all curred to thesubject, and uuconsciouslv ' posito mirror, ami I flattered .myself
more. alone like this? I wonder would they it became the center of my thoughts by I looked rather well in mv blue cloudy-
put it in the papers? dny and my dreams by night. looking dress against the soft amber.
AH these thoughts crowded upon mo . ,,, n(1Tt ,i,,, mnn,iw i:,i,i My eves were certainly unusually bril-
. ...W U .. ......w .. . .. .... "
Tin then and only then that 1 behold her;
Her dear voice Moats uround muftoft and
Itm ,
TIs then, and onlv tin n. my arms enfold her,
1 lie little sir! ot M loutf ao. ,
lloston Transcript.
as the waves approached, and I had be-
sun to loo all hope, when, oh toy! I i
I saw a figure in the distance. Once
i again I shouted and wa ed my shawl
vehemently. The figure stopped, waiu
peacefully away, and the time came liant. As I stitched away at myuiu
that we should return home to Kngland, broidery, my thoughts once more re
the 1'allissers being our traveling com-' verted to the timcl had spent at liiar
panions. ri'z, and more especially to a certain
I....1' 1. ..1 nA.l o cn.i lltflA ..1 mn In i npi or-tn.lin-f(,rfrot t n iW- nml to n per.
. ed one instant, and then I could see it TrnrnfonM.;,.,, called "''i'he Rranre." tain tall fimire with broad shoulders
They call me "Dot," My real name ,PlunSc into "j0 'at.cr a nd approac h me an,l there 1 was to stay with them for, and kind eyes. I was just recalling
is Dorothea, but thai btingsuch a mouth- gradm"' U, the intense relief ol that I a C0Uj,ie of wecks before returning to every incident of my adventure, w hen
ful, I am generally known as "Dot." I m?,mc.n . ., , , , . I tho parenud ro-if. It was such a pretty the door was suddenly thrown open
amthovoungc-t of three, and having ..V"8 tlD tue1fiK"re (wmch vaslVlace,a rather old-fashioned red brick and the servant announced Mr. Wig
had my'ownw av from mv cradle, it was tliat of a man) reached mo I was near- ,10USCt Ulckeil in amonK the most lux- ram."
not relused me last November when my V surrounded by water, and nve nun- urioug foIiag0 yo cau imagine. The I rose to meet our guest. I glanced
sister and her husband offered to take "tes more would have decided my fate, ganlcn was simply delicious, redolent for one instant at his face, and my heart
me abroad with them for the whiter . "Uat "". minutes passed I was with the perfume of ro-es and carna- stood still. I moved forward in a sort of
months. caught by a pair of strong arms, and u md injCe,, flowers of every dc- mist, and dreamily extended ray hand.
They had not Ion" come from India, ws bein- supported through the water ri.,,;,,,,. Jt was gcparate.1 only" by a ' Was it indeed he, my hero? Were these
and, being sensible people, and detest- Nl""i a"u u'i l l"v ""-" "i": .low railing from the grounds of our, or, I the eyes I remembered so well this the
:, M.,e I ii.n anS-;"'- ' .1 s.oui.i say, rati.er.
: ..- ..!.. ,1,1.. T:.n.4A -,i l.i . I SOOll
...r.. ,...: ;.. .?....i ....'.i...:i:. . PinfT, blue littlo "Dot,
i,.,.t .t-wifin-i .. i.;.i.i;n ...i;., i, much smaller than usual,
English cotst until smh time as the sun
should condescend to shine there once
As far as I am concerned I am always
feeling very
.. 1 fn n iil,.iniTii l.iil uvni(onian( rw I
I ITilll 1U1 .k l.llltUU (Ultt t.tLltl.lU.UI i . .
' ., :.,.:... n -l .1.... ..,., I lie persisted m carrying me on
'.. 1 1. ..... i.J",.i.: 1,... " r..:.i hotel, at the entrance to which
t.ii I t..." ....,1- .... ...i tly put m down. I turned
My deliverer I had. scarcely looked
at; I only felt that he was big and
strong, and that I w as like a doll in his
Notwithstanding my remonstrances,
10 me
he cent-
and gave
landlord, tho 'Squire of the place.
.lack's young same deep, sweet voice? He looked at
t me steadily for a moment, and then a
We arrived tired, dusty, and rather I trotiweu expression, nan ot surprise
out of sorts, having had to wait two ?ni n OI disappointment, came over
hours at a junction where there was , nH Vil-'e
nothing to do but to read the adver- "Mrs. Tempcrly, I presume?" were
tiementson the walls of the station, the formal ords which rose to his lips,
and I think I could imitate exactly tho , anJ he took mS offered hand,
expression on tho face of the lion caught I murmured something incoherently
in the net, and the old nabob swallow- , to set him right. Happdy he caught
m, iiaviv ,iifuui uan imu ,-. - ,..., i ,. , , V ., I lnfr OlPKieS liavmir SlUUlCtl mem DOin l" Ilicuiiill u in, IMU3. ills wre
Iwasnothingloth.andtbelast """. i"y " ". "J"? ,.'.,, i foF an lone Jack, according to his i suddenly lighted up, and coming nearer
.'...-. !,.... i .. ,.,f.lr, wimv lew expressions 01 uiiuiKs i uuumi , ..." , ?,. .. iT ,l-. i..l V. .l
usual lasiuuu, suiukuu away iiko leu ""i-, . " j i...n ... w,w unu
mm us.
Mv iusulled in the Hotel AnsrleUrre. I nuster. He took them (the hands,
7. .," r.i. .1... --,.! " ''
ai iiiarniz, wiui iuu
Lllorious sun pour-
in;; in at our window", and the bluest
of blue seas dashing about on the rocks
lhaehe.ini ome people say there
is nothing to see at lliarritz. Ah, blind
and ini-erable creatures! Where are
your hensc, where jour eyes? Did
y"oucerlook elsewhere upon such a
sea such rocks? Haie jou stood by
tho Itiieher de la Vierge anil heard the
magnificent boom of the waves as they
camo plunging into that cavern near,
and, being repulsed, dash indignantly
hit v feet abo e it.
Ho took th
mean) in his warm
and said in a deep, sweet voice:
Kim fthn iiimls I . usual iasiuon, snioKeu away use ten "" '"" "j "" '" 'i
biJ i?irn 2, chimneys; and Geraldine w ell, she, I . raised it to his lips,
vect voice: think, only grumbled; and w hen we did i "I am so very glad we have
get nome at last, tne country looted so i aram,
"How thankful I am that I was in ( j ,; j,,,,.,, and f rejh; and every nate.
Tin! A few mlnntis inter, nnii ... jo j i .
I never thought to be so fortu-
A few minutes later, anJ ( thing was so pretty at the Grange that And then Geraldine entered, with
I we soon recovered, ourselves, and tne manyapoiogiesior ueing iaie, anu omer
I shuddered ; he left the sentence un-
.shuddered; he left the sentence un- foU ing. j t m exploring i guests were announce.1.
finished, and was taking his leave, thc new territory and givi ng our several Later on in the evenir,
when Lmurmurcdsomethinjr about mv
sister and brother, and how pleased
they would be if he, would call, but he
interrupted me with:
" I should have been delighted, but
unfortunately I leave ltiarritz early tomorrow."
And so he left me left me with a lit-
l)ut I am getting romantic, and that ' tie pang at my heart, such as I hadnev-
is not my snle not mine, certainly
little "Dot's." Xo, indeed, the idea
makes me die with laughing.
My sister Geraldine (or "Jerry," as
er felt before.
Was he handsome? Tknow not: I
only know that a pair of dark brown
eyes had penetrated into my soul yes,
territory and giving our several i Later on m the evening l confided in
opinions about every thing. J Jack, who only remarked laconically :
At I o'clock in the afternoon Jack I men wny meueuce .nun i mo ieuow
came in, brimful of news. First item,
there was splendid shooting to bo had
in the neighborhood, and fishing, too,
was good; then, he had visited the
young 'Squire, who was a " thundering
good fellow," as Jack expressed it, and
'game for any thing." He had only
come to see ns at Biarritz?"
" Xever mind. Jack," said I ; "he is
here now. And please, dear, -don't
chaff any more about him."
"All right!" said Jack. "But I
thought you hated rich young men."
This was Jack's List bit of sarcasm ;
f ....:. In ii.llini Inn- i.liinli n.nl.u n,n Ctlnlit ltftll, TVn,-1t Tlni,nfnn nf.
I ItUftS tit .Itttll 111.1, llt.tt 1.AI-S i ., ..uf.i ti,. ui. ...; tsail.ll .,-
her very mad) goes in for being delicate. ' ter that morning did I feel those strong
o .lack and I iwtl to take lung walks i arms about me, thoje kind eyes looking I
anu riie$iogcincr; nc is a uear, gooo. i inui mine t iiowiouusn i ami ioo
old fellow, and we are tremendous ably the man's married has half a
friends; but, somehow, notwitlistand- dozen children ! One thing is pretty
ing, after 1 had been a couple of weeks certain j and that is, I shall never see
or so at Hiarntz I began to feci the time 1 him again,
nunff 4 littltt llMVlH fltl (111 tlfimte
"'"r. ....... ..... .... ...j ........
The fact was (l acknowledge my
I gave my sister and brother a slight
ssetcn ot tne wnoie anair, and JacK,
just returned from a tour on the Conti- and when, day after day, the 'Squire
nent, and had not lung come into his
"Ah, Miss Dot," said Jack, with a
very knowing look, which he always put
on wnen ne means cnan, "now, there s
a chance for ypti fifteen thousand a
joined us in our rides and drives, and
spent evening after evening at7the
Grange, no one seemed astonished;
but when he actually proposed to me,
the one who sympathized most warmly
witn me in my nappiness was my ucar-
jear and a title.! You would make a est friend, Kathleen l'allisser, to whom
.. ; f.ial.l.I - t I T 1. .1 ..,. 4.1 n J II . nnall 1.! nf Mn
cliunuing little lady of the manor, and
we would tow-tow to you most delight
" Don't be sillyj Jack," I said, in a
huffy tone, trying to look serious. " I
jieier.mean to marry" .(this vehement-
I had confided all my small bit of ro
mance. Yes, our remembrance and
love for each other was mutual.
He had endeavored to find me outaf
tcr leaving Biarritz, and 'all his efforts
' had been fruitless. To make n long
story short, we were married very soon,
andthe Pallisscr's girls were my bride
maids. English Paper.
m m
British imnort tables tell the storv
i fv ir-.wi.fl .4iif nli. vifMiic iltinnni nAmwl ,.
Preserve me from them all! longer the same " Dot " of yore, but " ell, my dear child," said he pa-. Tclrs They show forcTnreceints
Well, as I said before, it was getting ' wandered about like the heroine of a rentauy, "an iiisii. of you is to be cml ' of fpn,,, anj salted meat II times as
n 1ittJ. slow for noor me. and I was be- three-volume novel, with the memorv to him to night-w hen he conies to din-'in-n : io-.o v,'- ,:.., ...
ginning to wish I had not left dear old j of two brown eyes burned deep into her " nd put on your smartest gown." I liVe cattle, four times as many sheep,
i.!.n-.i1iit..ni1 Vnirllnit when I ltflif nn ! snill I T cVttll ilr, notlttnnr nf tl.n ,nn ,1 n l c. .: 1 ; .!
adventure. Being hard put to it for . . . . r. . . I plied I. Smartcste
amusement,, 1 wouUl someumus take a j January and iebrtiary were very, do I .care aliout
book and saunter dow n upon the rocks, agreeable months at Biarritz, ami I be- I largo rent-rolls?"
there remaining for hours at a time. 'came more reconciled to the lack of. And I left the room with a'strong de-j A wife's pies are never a3 good'as
I am a de-perate tom-boy, and can I amusements in consequence of the ar-1 termination not to look my best that I mother's.
. ; .. v 7 :77 77f ,.. , ,7:7. ... .; : :c 777;;
weakness;, mere were no men worm uear, goou-neancu jacK, uies aoour. an r , . . , . , . vrnir Adonises with
stMiiking to now, but a collection of tho , over the town to discover and thank.my r ? ".i wt.,1 Aaoluses llh
lame, halt and blind, whom I believe I deliverer, but all to no purpose. Jot4 t-w .-,S .'. t.:. o.nu . .
,1K. frennent these nlaee.s. .nnd nmkr, even did h P-et a clew to his name. s,. . Ja( fh.?" V h shoulders rather
life a Lurden to one by penettial!y re- , they gradually forgot all about the af- 'My. T.?,? T u
counting their sev eral'iU s, ailmenU, etc. fair; but so did not I. "Dot" was no Aow, I hate that laugh of Jack s.
" ... v. irmei rant luaiiv swine, six nine as
wn.indeed Whatj much poultry and game, and eight
young 'bquirc with times the v alue of poultry.
m 1

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