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SlBsCttlPTinV: MOOpfrTMr, U Urutt.
analysis. So fine, so subtle, so im
ponderablc. it has eluded our most deli
cate measures and our strongest lenses. I;
The -TaMr.
or clothing preparatory to sweepin"
day, then let this be the lirsfcto be swcpT.
Cover' the lied with soiled sheets, as also
If ve could come tothe cssenecfof each Molasses Cookies! One cup ol mo- all heavy articles that can not be re
odor we would make an enormous stride lasses, one-half cup of sugar, one-half moved, lirst, however, having carefully
in hygiene and in chemistry, ami no cup of butter,, one tcasjoonful each of dusted and brushed them. Jlcmove all
profession would profit so much by it as salt, soda, and ginger, lltx hard. furniture that can lie easily set in ball or
the medical profession if it could be con- Sugar Cookies : Two eggs, two cups adjoining room, having lirst dusted it ;
clusively demonstrated that Mich an nf sugar, one-half cup of milk, one cup then, taking a step-ladder, begin to
odor proceeded from such and such a iltpr. nnn tMsnoonfulnf nnwr.nnil sweep or brush.'or wipe, the cornice and
Most of the flowers sleep during the cause, as we already know of sulphur, one-half teaspoonful of soda. Mix hard picture cords and 'pictures. Draw tKo
ight. I lie marigold goes to bed Willi suipliurate-hyurogen, ammonia, and tne and roll thin. shades to the top of the w
Wonders- of Plant and Flowers.
the Mm. Many plants are so scnsitii e i like. Ituluinaixilis Journal.
mat their leaves close ilunng tne passage
of a cloud. Tin- dandi lion opens at live , High-sounding Word
or six in me morning, uuu sinus ju
nine in the evening; the daisy opens its
day's eye to meet the early beams of
the morning sun. I lie ivy-ieaveu lev
window, or if
Corn Bread: Heat two eggs light, re arc insiue minus, oust them care
mix with one pint of sour milk, add a aK- Open the windows. All the dust
teapoonful of soda, one pint of corn- lc.ft m t.he, room no a in the rarPct r
meal, and one' tablespoonful of melted air, and the current of the windows will
butter, soon settle it. Now begin to sweep,
Coffee Cakes : One heaping cup of ""' lowalu a uoo.r ,or corner, but trom
sugar, two-thirds cup of thick lne outer etiges pi the room towards the
5? '. -i.i . .. penfpr. whonp fill llliat u-lll In tal-.n m
., . ;.. . "i',"v V. """ "c., o. " "" sour cream, two-minis cup 01 ouuer- ..v ,, , ". .. u
' civilized peoples. Savages, like ignorant m;ik, one teapoonfnl of soda, gin"er, Wlth a fma11 brush aml dust-pan. Go
"l persons in civilized lands, are fond of ,nii - i:tti -i, ji:, -,, n.i nji over the room once more this time
In Dr. Farrar's interesting work on
"Families of Speech," he illustrates by
xniiiilia Ihostrn.no'pfrp.'iks which words i
. . ... ..:..!.. : .i. .: : l ' ' . : . . . . ,
... wr..w . -tv- ."" r- ale uiauu lu l,iaJ "l iuuiLicuaiui un- soup QTC;
t-iuMa lurut lt i ioui ill uiu uiicun'im
The night flowering cereus turns nigl
into day. It begins to expand its mag- high-sounding words, of which the fol- ,'.... , " with a dampened broomT that removes
mliecnt sweet-scented blossoms in tlie ' iwis specimens are given: nn"""" "4 ""; ";u ' 1 ,? "V,,.,H the last bit of dust and gives the carpet
twilight, it is in full bloom at midnight, .. & in ,,lwntc .. shakoorooees- f'T?P ?J3$. f V, V?tlTlll,ki a ncw' bright appearance, KeMace he
and closes former at the dawn of day ; hairt.t. In Katskanai. .1 language of " H "u 1 '? 1 "V,- "? articles of furniture as soon as he air is
In a clover field not a leaf is open until ,Athabasca, in the north of this conti- "'"Jfc," 1 Ut 'V entire! v free from dust, unco er the rest
after Minnso. There are some plants ncnti tlm worj for " tooth " is " khotsi- ?" ,;,i "wi 12 .1 ' iSr"" . and the room is new and clean. Allthis
that may be ued as weather prophets. akatatkhaia, and that for' ''tongue" is fore'nixlnS "i"1 the other ingredients, seems an easy thing to do, but there is
Hie pimpernel spreads its leases at the suci, tuat e silolild think no one would 1 Steamed Urown Hread: One cup not one in a hundred UiatwiU follow out
end of wet wcithcr, while the different , w;s, to utter more than once or twice in ' OI swccJm,IK' two C"P9 ol buttermilk, the details. Some will sweep the dust
species ol elm er contract theirs, it the llis lie. u is t,is : "Khotzotkhltzitzk
cnicKwceii aroops anil .its Hower. are hlikaha." "Star" m Chenook is
not fen, mure is rain in oivsjn.i:t. jne lfchllchcklianama."
crowfiKit anemone foretells the coming
of rain 1)3" closing its blossoms; the
anemone mentaisa carries iU flowers
erect when the w eathcr is fine, and
drooping when overcast. It will rain :
if the whitlow grass lets its leaves hang
drooping, if the gallium veruni swells
fin0fillf fitilk t mnlna.oa nna mi, nf . .1 1 it . '
, . ,', . """-'i ""- -"!'. inio me nan or irom one room to aa-
flour, camelle is preferred, two heaping other, and then wonder why their house
cups of meal, and one heaping teaspoon- is so dusty again. Others forget cornice
Jul of soda. Steam three and bake two anii pictures, and thus leave a seed of
"oar?- , . . , , future annoyance, while a third class
Pumpkin Fie: The less water you will do all but using the damp'broom,
use to bod your pumpkin in the better. ui,;,h :.. .., finUM t.,,,,.1,.. i
long words. In Mexican the common 1 &llce lbc, pumpkin, and don 't scrape it icture.
adifress to a priest is the one word, 1 10 muc. inside the inside is the best ; - ...
Kntfoznmaliiiizt.M.niTr.-.win." n-l,ih I slw witn waicr, m wiucn you put a imin norm 01 All.
"These are oc.bles," asl)e Quinccy
says, "enough to split the teeth of a
The Mexicans are notorious for their
and exhales stron;lv. also if tho birch ! ,. ..v.,r,n-.i,!n ....d .knn,ri...l. pinch of salt, until the meat is tender:
scents the air. as :l father." It sounds like a do" and ' mas" 'l an,l pass it through a fine sieve A man who said he was trying to get
The sensitiveness of plants to light, preparing to fi"ht. A fa"ut u ' while it is hot ; after straining, add an enough money together to reach Toledo,
heat and moi-ture was made by l.in- .. tlatlotla'lpisfiteutli,'"and, if thefa"ot c' nm oi a Pund of butter, if you have j cstcrday entered anofiice on Griswold
lia-iis, tho great botanist, the basis of t wcre f ireen wod, it could harSly ' about two quarts of stewed pumpkin; Street and told his story, and added
many experiments and observations. mnlnni,.r.,,l,,it,!r;n)!.iir i now, to every quart of milk add throe that his name was Gear.
resulting In the arrangement called his i n. Snnin lin"iiiw " -ivs I)r F-irr-ir eggs, beating up your whites and yelks "AnyrelationtoJiilinsor Augustus?"
" floral
there are
clock." It is a curious factth.it , . n im-pr wniifd lirifn"tv 'I lorn von ' separately; use ivhite sumir, and sweeten queried the citicn
re 21 varieties of plants whose , :n the form of 'mi-mits-tsikawakatlsil- i to taste, cinnamon and nutmeg; I don't "Well, no. I want to be honest
blossoms open successively at the differ- , ta ., j instead of a kiss, he would u?c any gnSer;
cm hours ot the lay aim night. the havn tn ask for "tpiennaiiiimiilityli." pies you want a hot oven;
flowers of the water lily close and Milk s a French writer says "15y the I thick; a thin pumpkin pic
into the water precisely at sunset, rise , .:. l,n In. nmnnnni-nl tl,, -r,l I,.. I Itakeil Dried Peas;
when you bake your and square about this thing, and I tell
pour it on you honestly that I am not related to
is not right, cither."
Three pints of " men 1 can t help you any. ou
again to the surface and expand with tas certainly earned the thin"." i dried peas, seven quarts of cold water, aie nothing but a common sort o' plug,
sunrise. Pliny described the lotus of , Youlh'i Comixim 'on. three pounds of bacon or salt pork; aml !t won't make any difference
the Euphrates, which followed the same ,. nick over thn upas, wash am! sn:ik- tlmm whether you ever ret to Cleveland or
.. i...- i .i... ..i-,. ...:..' : . . ... i ",.., . ..
over nisnt in com water, ilrain and pour '""; il J" "ere reiaicu io me great
them into a pot with the bacon or pork, Julius I should feel in duty bound to
ti the latter previously cleansed; cover help you."
order; and the reference which was
paid to the lotus by the E"vptians is
Mippojcd by some to bo from this asso
ciation with the sacred sun. Flowers
A Distressing 3IistaLc.
A iltjt,f.CEi,iT (h:ii li'ia rtnoiiTTfi.t ttt
i. . . z i P . . ..i.... :... ' and lioil "enllv: rtmovn the senm :is if.
and fruits of the lotus are engraved on i u ,l;,g .. (mt that a"ccrta!n laiIf rises ; when the peas become soft drain word, and entering the ofliee next door
''' iimius uuii luuuiiiiivuus, uii jj , called on Mrs II one day last I anu "'asn them, put them into a baking "iii me occupant wun ine
adorn the heads of their sculptured dei- -j 'TJ , ,. " , J . dkh, smooth the top, place the bacon or remark : " My name is Cisar, and I am
ties. IScsidps the "floral clock," there , fel locia lv the father" of one h ivin" i Pork on t0I. Pl the into the oven, clo-ely related to Julius and Augustus,
is a floral calendar, in which each month isf d wa-on-make "am ItiS: anJ bake Tho liquor from the Can jou spare me ten cents to help me
is iiiarkcl by iu own loyal flower , Xr a thrilfcac rT , , - ,.,
It is well known that plants sleep at comfortable rcumstances now, and are ' thickened over the fire with Indian meal f ' jou are a. base deceiver! rc-
mght; but their houi-s of sleeping are a nice sort of people. There was nothing i (abut fo,u,r ,r f,ve tablcspoonfuls to a V,n,i .? n .?" V0 ", m?r?
matter of habit, and may be disturbed wrong in one of these l.ulies caUingoS i P'n0 anJ boiled gently alxiutonehour. related to.the Ca-sars than I am! Had
artificially, lust as a cock mavlm imknl .1 fl. i. ..r-- -.. i ..J? hpn m1i! it m.ivhn sliml nml friml. Jou come in here and told me a straight.
up to crow at an untimely hour by the thing to jo. Itut the wretehed part of i
light of a L-iiitern. A rrench chemist , the Gusincss does not lie there. Doth '
proper i
Tnnipnfinn vil! mninrn tnl- fmm
..icvirarl:i.s.u.1!i.iJuiiuiiOT:ii- ladies have been residents of Saratoga I white wood work.
ingly trying course of discipline, by less ,Uan a year. Neither had called on -Cockroaches may be driven away
T1? S'lTJ.? i;"Tr " M V""-, . Iu ."JgW- a".a , by putting. Scotch ootlier highnlrieu
.." .- - "a 1r.;" " unguanieii hour .Mrs. a. saw to nerscil snuff round their hauiits.
', '.. . ' ' ' '." """"K ' that she would call on Mrs. H forjret-
truthful story-1 should have given you a
quarter: l on can go, sir:"
The man went out, and now he de
termined to tell the truth and nothing
but the truth. Halting the lirst man
who camo along, he sid :
" l have been telling folks that my
vtmwwtf Wl.;,.......!. . ctAt.A 1...1
oay. l lie pianinppcareuio ue much ':,, t,it Mrs 1! hid rpsidml in town ' i ii V .",, rr"- " - "" iuiuc nas wraar, aiiu uu i ms imnj
puzzled at first. I, opened and closed u" t a wLk Lger thaelt a to eolect money enough to take nfe tS
its leaves irregularly, foinetimes nod- therefore a call was due lirst from Airs Tr Ke-P ln the steam, htratn and Toleilo. Now, the real truth of the
ding in spite of the" artificial sun that Srt rh?iiteMei b dLa 1 ?ve,?lllons, .f hot .,water' thrcc matter is that I am named Clark,, and I
shed its teams at midnight, and some- &o ,hln- is a over town Vo one re- PTl$ J ?" nCC bo,lled,to Pa.s,,u wa"--l the money to buy whisky. That's
times waking up, from force of habit, to, iJft" - pradlv thVn w do ' !,v.,IOt, i a Pound,of, sI"n,teh t!' truth, and can you help
find the ch-mil'cr dark in snito of the r .i l,r0I0"nul-v man weuo. . whiting, and one pound of clean glue me with ten cents'"
iiuu uiu LiuuuiLr iurK in spuo oi me I-orif there is one thingmorethan an-l1ii5niriritnti,in,.i.t. f,r tl. riio :....",., , ,. ,
tune of day. Such are the trammels ot.er that we pride ourselves on here in """"toa thin paste, btir the whole, " Jen cents! W hy, you base liar and
of use and wont lint after an c . i ' ?i ou.re,lves on uerc ia and keep it covered for a few days, deceiver, I'll hand over to the police'"
h u l .uiu niinu inn, aiur an Saratoga, when the nuxed summer mill-) Tht w)ntin-isl, must i,n ,. .l i.T.t i .( .V '
obvious tni""!e. the plant submit i E ,.i ,i. .: .lnu nitenasn must be used hot, exclaimed the other.
ti UIU BUllllilCl Ullilll- I Itttf f.nA ttlrt ..r !f ..11 An- .... . ,t
summer dining-1 but one pint of it will cover a square
I the extra ocd-1 yard.
toil til tl.A i.li.ttirp.1 .itt.l .in.u...fn.l 1.A . . . .
: r . -"?"': ;"" ---i"- "" room is lioarded up am
ii gut ior me uaywmioui any apparent ding and dishes are put away snu" for , A , ., , , . , '."-'"' enoiigu 10 sCn , ,
tho winter, it is our social etiquette.- ' 1! TT .l"? '""Vli'51 "' ?
Miiburv.ii tiit uii.ntti U3lJi" itJl ICUi 'fij; .
ana iron surfaces that arc to be kept 1 he tramp sat down' on a cold "Stone
ill effects,
We notice that an Italian chemist has
recently made some experiments which
have resulted in the discovery that veg
etable perfumes exercise a positively
' I've told von the truth."
" And it's enough to send you up for
ass me ior
Ants are in .re domestic than man. Tom rusting over winter, such as ploivs, block, took his last chewof tobaeco,.anil
These wonderfully intelligent six-footed . cultivators, scrapers, etc. 1 don't see nniscil:
heallhhll inllillni-e nnnn thfntniiwnlinm niinmnnhti livikn fnmvs in flnnV Why it WOUld Hot liaC been UlSttlie " lv e lied Slid I've told thetnith.
by converting its owgen into ozone, and marches by columns or "by solid pha-, ,ninS l. havo wiped our laid away I've told the truth and I've lied. I made
thus increasing its oxidizing influences lanx. ThcT believe fully in the "survi- stove-pipes with, last spring, if we had ' as much duo way as tho other, and
The essences found to devi-hm ih.. ' val of tlin fittest." for thev rxtrnnintn thought of it in time. Unused sheet nothing out of either. I.ooks now as if
Unrest nuantltr of ozone are those of the lazy bv bitin" them in two. Com-' lron """sk in summer more than it wears 1 'd got to play deaf and dumb or go to
the cherry, laurel, clover, lavender ' municatio'ns are conveyed to one another " winter, and the civilized nostril is work!" Detroit FnePress.
mint, juniper.
fenccs found to develop the val of the fittest," for they exterminate ""S" oi . u in iimc. unusea sheet nouuiig out oi either,
inantltv of ozone are those of the lazy bv biting them in two. Com-' jron rusts in summer more than it wears I'd got to play deaf and
rr-, laurel, clover, lavender, municatio'ns are conveyed to one another ;n winter, and the civilized nostril is work!" Detroit Free P
niper, lemon, fennel and bcrga- by their antenna.-, "and their chief . "ecome so accustomed to coal oil smoke . . s s '"
. w-pii icnowm in
mot; those that give smaller quantities , sense is that of smell. They raid the , ",aJ w.c" '"""" "in, more or less, .- -- "" -":', ;," ,","
areanlso. nutmeg and thyme. Flowers haunts of other species, carry away the attho time of rousting out winter stoves h,V,
destitute of perfume do not develop pupa, and keep the captured product in M "1 tat Inlle to tlicusual fame X?, ,1? "1 "
ozone, and tho-c w hid, ha e but slight a life of slavery. -Veeties are their hens, ot that chaotic period. fn "land n "lav km emrated
perfume develop it only in small quanti- and lay eggs for them. A black ant To sweep and dust a room proncrly l,r mutual consent I "ivin" him a vilu-
ti.-s. Keasoning from these fscts. the I furnishes a secretion answering to the i is an art. and like all fine aris h ., if ," "V" l5i'"si?"n ,ln' a,:V '
Professor recommends the cultivation of dominant race for milk, and this milk i right method
flower in marshy districts mid in all they actually squeeze from their cows
places lme.steu with animal emanations,
niiipii nt n-iin(irf' s urtlt timit
W ell done, it renovates ' iSO.OW) located at Jfew cakind, which
, the entire room, and the occupant takes u-as the net profits of mv 'three jears"
, possesMon fee in" that " all things have engagement in Australia.'"
become new." It is not merely a per-' , , ,
Maiiame Sik-Fu-Oesj, the wife of the
on account of the powerful oxidiziii" in- ' The rich Dublin brewer. Sir Arthur
fluences of ozone. The inhabitants of Guinness, has sold his business interest formance of the hands, but a work into
such regions should, he says, snrronnd for $.".,000,000. ' which taste and judgment, in other Chinese Minister at licrlin, is the object
their house with beds of the most odor- j - ( words, brains must enter. Are these of great 'wonderment She is'thc'lirst
ous flowers. There is a mystery aliout i Working between meals is what j closets opening into the room to be j Chinese lady who has set -foot and a
perfume. It eludes the most subtle I wears out the tramp. i swept? Arrange the shelves, drawers very small foot, too in Germany.

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