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hlllC!lIPTIOf! ti 00 Pr Tfir, In Htsaec.
Living After the Gallons.
The tiroes have been, observes tho
usurping Kinjr of Scotland, that when
the brains were oat the man would die,
andtberuan end; and a like termina
tion is commonly supposed to attend the
operation of hanging. But, if the
strange story sent jesterday from Pesth
records the establishment of a prece
dent, wo may be on the eve of a gre.it
change, and persons who hae Toen
hanged will bo seen vvalkinjabouta day
or two afterward as if nothing had hap
pened. We do not mean walking about as
Danouo did ; for it wilL be remembered
that when the shade of that ill-treated
Thane appears to Macbeth it is no more
seen by the Queen and courtiers than
the Ghost in "Hamlet" is seen by Ger
trude. It is in the material, not the
spiritual sense, that the resuscitation is
to be brought about; in the flesh, and,
not in the air-drawn picture traced by
agonized remorse, that the phenomenon
is to be made risible. Thus in time
people may even get to hanging them
selves as an amusing experiment, and
either be revived next day or, like the
Swedish philosopher who pickled him
self somo j ears ago and is to come to
life again, wo believe, in the year 2500,
resume existence at pleasure at some
future period.
The case reported by cable from
Testa is this: A convict named Takacs,
who had murdered two women, was
hanged. After the usual time he was
examined by the physicians and found
dead. The body was cut down, and by
way of scientific investigation was sub
jected to an electro-galvanic current for
several hours. The supposed corpse
then roso and assaulted the persons who
had restored it to life with great energy.
In the sequel congestion of the brain
and delirium set in, but the man lived
for some time and died yesterday morn
ing after living, a-, we gather from the
account, about fortv-efcrtit hours. It is
f urther announced that the "entire mtdi
cal faculty " of IV'th are "considerably
ecrcii " over the case, which is ap
parently regarded as without parallel;
and will probably move the friends of
executed felons for some time to make
similar essays w ith the hope of ev en bet
ter results.
We believe, hon ever, that instances
of surviving the g.iUows have occurred
before, and such is certainly the opinion
current among the humbler classes in
Great Britain and Ireland and probably
elsewhere. There were two or three
persons liv ing in Australia tw enty years
ago who ero rcnortcd to ha c been
brought to life again after being hanged,
and, if wo mi-take not, there was an au
thenticated example of suelr a thing
somewhat earlier in Scotland. If the
neck is not broken, as the phrase is, and
the subject swoons, as often happens,
before the drop, resuscitation is not im
possible, and w hat happens in one case
may happen in another. Blueskin tried
to ut down Jack Skt ppard before he
choked, but if the redoubtable and do
voted housebreaker had lived in our
timu he would probably have waited and
tried the effect of va galvanic battery.
Tiie interesting question is suggested
"by this grim event as to whether in case
of a Survival of thi- nature, the life of
the patient beltings t(. himself or to the
law. Can ho in such u case be legally
executed over again? And if he recov
ers from a second execution might he
properly be subjected to a third? The
point is rather awkward, since, by fol
lowing out its possibilities', the remark
able spectacle might bo presented of a
man being continually executed and
coming to life ngiin for all the rest of
his life, an experience that, Iiowever
valuable to science, w ould scarcely be
eouduci e to justice.
It is obwous thai the garrote, by
wliich, Otero, the assailant of King
Alfonso, has just suffered, and the guil
lotine are not open to this any more
than to other objections that apply to
the gallows, and whatever bearing the
frightful incident we record may have
upon the general subject of capital pun
ishment, it vviU manifestly be used as a
fresh argument against tlie infliction of
that penalty by the clumsy and uncer
tain expedient of hanging. N. Y. Even
ing Tost.
Hhr hlic Knew. 'charge. She says that she enlisted in
' 1... Mh ilnrrlnml. and was nasscd bv
I)rs. Creek and Terry, of Baltimore.
1 lie reason sue wnuiwi . ipvu .
nt into " a little diffieultv." She paid
one of the doctors 8150 for passing her.
She was asked. " Were vou wounded
at any time?"
"Yes, sir," she replied; "I was
ctmnl- rirrht hero " fnointiiif? to the
scar on her right cheek) , " w ith a bul
let, that KnocKCU two oi my lucm uv
(and then snowed me course oi mu oui
iat a t T wis ln shot hern " fin the
thigh), "at Xewbcrn, X. C, and was
wounded in the smc."
"How lonr did you serve in the
" I was seven months in the hospital
on.l thrna rofira in ibft fiplll. WllCn I
was wounded in the side I went to Xcw-
bern, but I was not so baa tnat l eomu
The other day there was a suit in
Justice Allcv between two Wayne Coun
ty farmers regarding the ownership of
louncen unmarHcu gram nags. wt
side was prepared to stoutly swear that
the bags w ere his, anil each had wit
nesses to back his testimony. The com
plainant swore to bujing the bags at p.
certain store on a certain time, and his
hired man sw ore to handling them as
they wcro taken from the wagon. The
defendant swore that he purchased them
at a certain place at a certain time, and
his wife was called to the stand to tell
what she knew about it. She was a
large, fleshy woman, and very much
" Land save mo! but I was never in
such a crowd before, and I feel as if I
should faint!" she gasped, as she took
the witness stand.
" Never mind fainting, Mrs. X," said
the lawyer. " Tell the jury what you
know about those bags."
" Oh I land! but I know all about
'em! We bought 'cm on the 10th of
" How are you sure it was the 10th?"
"Sakes alive! but I know it was, for
I boxed Melissa's cars that morning for
leaving a spoon in the dish-water, and
she was married on the 15th."
"Who asked for the bags at the
" Oh! stars and garters! but I did! I
remember it as plain as day."
" What did the clerk say?"
"Oh! stars! but he said, 'certainly.'
and he went and got 'cm."
" What else do you remember?"
"Oh, lands! but I wanted a calico
"And you didn't get it?"
"Bless granny! I didn't, and we
jawed all tho way home."
" And now why are you positive that
these are the bags?"
"Oh! dear, oh! but while we were
jawing I threw 'cm out into tho road.
Some one lend me a fan, for I'm most
"Xever mind being most dead, Mrs.
X. What else about the bags." (
"JIv husband boxed my ears for
throwing 'em out. h! stars"! I didn't
mean to tell that!"
" He did, eh? Well, what clso?"
" Oh ! dear! but when wo got home I
kicked the hired man? "
"Kicked the hired man, eh? Well,
how can you be positive that these are
"Great snakes! aren't you done yet!
I Yes, I am positive."
" How can you oei"
" I don't want to tell."
" But you must."
"Well, if I must, Lmust, though I'm
sure I shall faint away. That night I
boxed Melissa again."
"And husband bond me."
" And we both boxed the hired man,
and we were all so mad we sot up all
night in our cheers and have had chili
biains and catarrh ever since! Do j ou
suppose we'd have rulo fools of our
selves over fourteen grain-bags belong
ing to a man lit ing three miles away!"
That settled the case with tho jury,
and the verdict was in favor of the de
fendant. Ddroit Free Press.
A Female 1'olor.ed Soldier.
A veuv curious case has been devel
oped before Prothonotary Mann, in Phil
adelphia. Ayoungcolored woman who
served in theranksduringthe war made
application for n pension, stating that
sho believed she was entitled, because
of her long service duringthe rebellion,
and having received three or four
wounds, one of which kept her in the
hospital for a number of months. She
is rather a neat-looking colored woman,
giving her name as Catharine Hill and
her age, as near as she can tell, about
thirty-two. Sho told such, a straight
forward story, entering into all the de
tails of her service in the army, that it
seemed impossible to doubt her, espe
cially as she is able to produce wit
nesses to substantiate her story. The
Trothonotary questioned her closely,
and her aussyers were always ready.
Tho case wa3 such an interesting one
that it exctied more than ordinary at
tention. Cathirino was in tho service
between three and four years, and, al
though her sex was known after sho was
in tho hospital, she was permitted to
continue in the sen ice, and at the close
of the war received an honorable dis-
not go around."
jt go around."
tEh nimn bn pnlistpd under was
TTonOT- XVtlllnma Shp RAld shn W&S
handy with a gun, and rose to be a ser
geant, ane niarcneu wim iue rei usvu
a regular musket and bit the cartridges,
"although it was pretty hard on the
teeth." She kept her hair cut short.
When she got into the hospital it was
discovered that she was a woman, but
ntlinn aha ffnt Wpll hlV dill llOt dis-
charee her." There were six men in her
.. . t i . i--i: 1...
mess, lier story is nam 10 Btucre, uui
it is undoubtedly true, and Mr. Mann
thinks a pension should be aw arded her.
Garden Culture of Strawberries.
Eakly spring is the timo to set
plants to insure a good and strong
growth of plants. Every family having
a garden should have a few rows, or a
bed large enough to give a good family
supply. Select a rich piece of croimd
free from baking and the standing of
surface water; plow the ground and
pulverize finely; then make the rows
five feet apart'and set tho plants twelve
or fourteen inches apart in the row.
Early vegetables may be planted be
tween the rows tho first year. A little
guano in the bottom of the row is hat
I use instead of manure, as it has a
tendency to start the plants during the
wet part of tho season. I pick off all
the blossoms. I keep them free from
weeds by constant hoeing, taking care
not to touch the roots or destroy the
runners, which I allow to run all they
will until the middle of August, but not
to take roo.. About that time I pul
verize the ground and set the runners
about three or four inches apart,
uniform with each other, coinmcneing
next the parent plant, taking care not
to break tho runners loo-o from the
parent plants. I set the plant jut deep
enough to makeit firm, and it will soon
take root. The rnnners of most kinds
will be plenty to make the beds full
I cover tho beds at tho approach of
winter with a heavy coat of fine light
stable manure; the finer the better.
In the spring I loosen it up with a rake,
after the vints liav e grown a few inches
high. I take up tho young plants that
have rooted in the alleys, to make new
beds. I then put straw or chaff in the
alleys, as this keeps the soil from
getting on the berries during wet
weather. The manure put on in the
winter keeps the soil from the berries in
the center of the bed, and tho chaff or
cut straw holds the moisture and is very
beneficial to tho crop during a dry
season. I jiavo grown from tf.000 to
10,000 quarts per acre, of some good
varieties, in this way.
There are a great many good kinds,
such as the Sharpless, Cumberland
Triumph, ilincr's Prolific, and Down
ing's, and of these I prefer the Sharp
less. 0. ir. C, in Countn Gentleman.
William T. Gillespie was on hi-death-bed
at Columbus, Ind. The
physician told him that lie could not
live many hours. "Are you sure I
can't get well?" tho patient asked; "1
don't w ant you to make a mistake aliotit
it. Is there a possibility of recovery?"
He was assured that his speedy demi-e
was absolutely certain. Then ho ex
plained why he was so anxious to get
exact information. He had murdered a
man twcve years before, and had never
been suspected of the crime. He desired
to confess and be forgiven if lie really
was going to die, but not otherwise. He
died, and tho truth of his statement has
been amply sustained.
Limes who would be artistic and
stylish must have a finely painted fan
l and parasol.
Artinil the World.
A riME that U world-wl de and acquired la
the short space of a fe vcars. mnt have
true merit for its support. I)r Pierce's Fam
ily Medicines have gained such fame anil the
fore jrn orders for his (Jolden Medical Discov
er the LTcatest blixJ-purltier of the ace,
for his I"Icaant Purgative Pellets (little
.tif"ir.-n.it-.l rlllsl. his Fnorite Prescription
I u Oman's best friend and other remedies.
T I....M..... ci. (-P& it flllt . limTlfll (if Ihfl UVlH t'
Dispensary has been established in London,
England, for their manufacture. From till
depot they are shipped to every part of Eu
rope, anil to the F.ast Indies, China, Japan
nd other countries. Their sale In both
North and South America is perfeitly enor
mous and increases vearir. World's Dis
pensary Medica: Association, Proprietors,
liuffalo, X. Y., and (ireat llussell Street
ttuildm!!, lmdon. En.
Hoi mi. Cetiie, Cas3 Co . Infl, )
Feb.2, 1-?J. I
Tin. Tl. V. Vir.nrr.:
I ieirAir I lake pleasure in writing my
tes imonv with others in rcsjnl to your valu
able medklnc. For a long time I have suf
fered from disease of the luns. and until I
Used your Discovery found nothing that did
me any coin!. Thanks to It I am relieved and
recommend it to all. Yours tnili,
M.iltv Kevneu
A Square Mrnl.
We are sure our readers will thank us for
calling their attention to theverv handsome
advertisement of the Ecebior Manufactur
ing Co. of St. Louis, Jlo.,as it would bcu'e-le-s
for us to ssv anv thlnir in favor of their
CltvNIl ClItltTIK Ovh C'OllkIM! STOVF.
The v ery name sucsesfs the thought of a well
cooked meal, followed by easy digestion,
v igorous health and a desire to have, and to
do, plenty of keal w okk, to say nothing of
aliappyand contented household. Askjour
Stov e Dealer to show J ou the latest patterns.
Gratltud X.aTlshe4.
Is Curr-ED from the columns of the Jottrnnl
Courier, Sew Haven, Conn., the following
ndorsement: "Gratitude of a character
strong, earnest and impetuous. Is daily, la
person and by letter, being lavished upon II.
II. yarnert Co, for the introduction of, and
the making so extensively known, their won
derful cures, named as V. arner's Safe Reme
dies." Fivri-ES and Humous ov tug Face. la
this condition of the skin, the Vegetine Is
the great rcrady, as it acts directly upon tho
cause It cleanses and purities the blood,
thereby causing humors of all kinds to dis
appear. The Elkhart Buggy and Harness .Manufac
turing Company, Elkhart, Ind., ship buggies
and harness anywhere with privilege of exam
ining before pajing for, ana pay all charges if
not satisfactory, best hand-made buggy har
ness, oak stock, $9 to $ti; best team harness,
1 2&1 platform spring two-seated wagons, ?so;
three-spring wagons, t.a. Catalogue with
prices sent free. Address W. B. 1'bjltt, Sec'j.
s-ovrrnl Good Things.
If vou want good digestion.
If ou want good health.
If ou want good baking,
If vou want the best stove,
1 sou want tlu clieapet stove,
If vou want a good square meal,
Ituya Cu vr.i'iT. OvK-Stov i.
Osf. of the Xow York dry goods
firms has recently displayed a gown em
broidered withmoss rose-buds, in vvhiclf
real moss was used to make the calyx
of each ilowcr.
lntlrely Sntlsf.utuiy.
The Charter Oak is as neir perfection as
vve ever evjiect to find a t-tovc. Entirely
Mtl-factorv ; in short, a perfect success as u
lirst-class rooking -tove.
It is said that four million packages of Fra
zer's Axle Grease were sold in ls?J; aud wa
bel.cvo it.
Ask your druggist for Bedding's Russia
Salve. Keep it in house In case of accidents.
altar. Ilon-Tu Make It. Smvraina SEW
firigfU COf. 1 0 Vggrf CO. St. Limit Ma.
ARCMTC Toa cn colT nwrfr with Fir. ITm.
MllCniO NrwUrrrliilUmk. Ouri l tie onlr
oaeguiuuie. AdJrcs.CLt:l'ublUfalDjCo . Toledo, o.
nv iiMlVKi on TV
cttrlofpriia-. a.SOfurXo 4-Corr. l!fx,,P L.
jSo L. sTANAUE. in slilh St., su Louis, Mo.
! s Lom
AilEiillQin PAH!!?. SOU...,
By maklngstrlctly puroandflrst
class goods for tho last eight years,
in New York, we find our rapidly
increasing trade demands our
opening an office and factory In
Chicago, to supply the western
trade, and wo would advise all
parties wishing to paint, (o try
ours, which Is the very best and
cheapest In tho market. Send for
sample card and prices.

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