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Sonic Vrrj Usrful Advice to a Young
J.ntlj- Just Kiiasei.
She Is one of tli; sweetest little bodies
in all the world, is K. 1). lt and it is
no wonder that she lias ;ono and got
ciigajetl; and wc dcire to pause liero,
for a inonio.-.t, before entenn upon K.
D. l!.'s puqilcxity for Alio lias a pcr-
Idexity, poor dear while no cou;ratu
atc licr with all our heart. Heaven
bless j ou. IC I). IS., we do hope that
everything will go alon nicely and that
your inarriao will bo as pleasant as pos
sible. And now for the perplexity.
When a young lady becomes en
gaged," writes K. 1). !!. and wo can
see the pretty thing bludiing like a ga
zelle, mi she makes this timid, indirect
confession that the is engaged "when
a young lady becomes engaged and re
ceives letters of congratulation from his
relatives (ah! whit a world of nahe
tendcmes there is in this simple tiso of
the pronoun!) is she bound according
to etiijucttc to reply? And if she is
bound, in what form "ought she to re
ply?" And then she winds up by tell
ing us that "by answering" wo will
'confer a favor on 'K. 1). 1!.'" It is
Iiroud and happy that we are, " K. 1).
.," to bo in a position to confer a
favor upon joti; and we fully appreci
ate tlio honor that j on are doing us in
asking our advice instead of "his."
Hut an ansn er. dear child, nm-t depend
just a little on somo of the circum-tances
w Iiicli in your pretty, careless way
jou havo neglected to mention. The
rencral rule may bo easily enough laid
down that letters of this nature do not
demand answers; but the very minute
that the rule is stated the necessity for
making exception-, to it is evident. A
congratulatory letter from, for instance, I
the foreman of the fire company with
which "he" ha been connected in,
'hi" wayward youth certainly does
not require ananswor; whileon thecon
trary a congratulatory letter from "his"
maiden aunt, from whom "he" has ex
pectations, ilcminds an answer of the
most instantaneous and effusive sort
that can bo known or mentioned. To
ignore the kind utterances of "his"
rich bachelor uncle would be a sinful
rudeness of w hich no right-minded K.
I). It. should even dream of beingguilty;
but to answer the letter of tho other
uncle the clerical uncle up the coun
try who has a doubtful salary of S50O a
year and eleven children would bo a
M!rioii indiscretion. As to the peppery
letter from tho young woman towliom
"ho" was previously engaged, it is
probable that j our own line natural in
btincta willadvioou, and so render ad
' co from us unnecessary. But j on see,
dear K. 1). 11., that our advice upon any
part of the perplexity is not of mncli
value because you havo only partially
taken us into j our confidence. After
all, little one, perhaps tho best thing
that you can do is to consult "him."
llnUvJc'phla limes.
The Care of Young Children.
Vaiiiov. that stern task-mistress,
that Moloch to whom so many children
hate been sacrificed in bygonu days, for
once asserted her influence on the side
of common senso when sho decreed
that their necks, arms and legs should
bo protected by proper clothing. A
few years ago it w as not an uncommon
sight to too a mother warmly dressed,
:u thick w oolcn, fur-trimmed garment,
leading by tho hand a child daintily ar
rayed in a short frock with a least two
inches of its poor httlo legs uncovered
between the clge of its drawers and
tho top of its tiny white socks; or in
doors to ec plump necks and rounded
arms exposed to an atmosphere which
adults could meet only when sw athed
to neck and w rists. Happily this ab
surd cii'tom is a thing of tho past, and
one can only trust it never may bo re
vived. Tho error now is rather in tho
other extreme. While children should
bo warmly dressed, particularly when
going into the open air. care should bo
taken not to overload them with cloth
ing. Tho sweat glands are very active
in jouth. and if over-stimulated by
heat, become inflamed, producing heat
Light woolen materials should be
Used in w inter and colors selected that
will wash when necessary. Tho gar
ments should bo so made as not to im
1edo tho freest use of the limbs,
lealthy children require a great deal of
exercise, and should bo encouraged to
play xigurously and shout lustily for
soniu time every morning in the open
air. The- willbo much more ready to
play quietly in tho nursery during the
remainder of the day than if they had
been taken for a decorous walk, which
is simply useless as exercise for the
joung muscles that need strengthening
and uci eloping. If perfectly w ell they
should be sent out in all weather, ex
cept when it is absolutely raining. Then
they should have on part of their out
door clothing, be sent into a room
whero the windows are open, and made
to play tag, puss-in-the comer, or any
activeindoor game, for half an hour or
.more. Xothing is so fatal to children
as bad ventilation. Their bed-room
windows should invariably be open at
nfeht; if thero is any fear of a draught
a light frame made to fit the window
with flannel tacked on each sido of it
will admit fresh air and obviate tho
No garment that has been worn dur
ing the day should bo suffered to re
main on during tho night. A cotton
night-dress is all that is necessary in
summer. In w inter, orlf the child has
a delicate chest, or is subject to croup,
a scarlet flannel jacket may be added.
Children should be thoroughly bathed
from head to foot every morning in
colli or tepid water. Xothing does
more to promote a healthy action of tho
skin and make tho complexion clear and
fresh than thorough daily ablutions.
The greatest attention should be paid
to the care of the teeth. Until a child
is old enough to Use a brush they should
lie washed with a soft rag dipped in cool
water at least twice a day.
Tho hair should be well brushed with
a soft brush and never touched with a
lino comb, which, aswcllasastiffbrush,
causes disease of the scalp. It should
bo cleansed by washing in warm water
to which a little borax has been added.
with plenty of white soap, and thor
oughly rinsing with clear water. The
hair grows from tho head, so cutting the
ends can do no possible good. If it
splits at the ends it is owing to a de
ficiency of natural oil, and may bo rem
edied by using a little sweet oil. It is
a popular fallacy that tho extreme
growth of hair tends to weaken tho
sv stem. If it is cut nature vv ill produce
fresh hair more quickly, thus mcrc-is-ing
instead of lessening thestrainontho
productivo powers.
Children require plenty of healthful,
substantial, nourishing food; they not
only have to rcpiir the daily waste of
tho system but also to ereato new bone
and niu-clo every day. An infant
should have food at first once in two
hours during the day and four at night.
When older, once in four hours will be
sufficient. Young children should have
a bow 1 of bread and milk, or at least a
cup of milk, on first waking in the
morning, if an' length of time elapses
bctw een their rising and tho regular
breakfast. They can be taught to like
almost an thing if its use is begun suffi
ciently early. Oatmeal porridge is an
excellent article of diet; it may bo
varied by hominy, boiled rice, porridge
of white or yellow Indian meal, etc.
Soft-boiled eggs are aNo good. Tender,
juicy, broiled beefsteak and roast beef
or roast mutton aro better than lamb or
veal, as they contain more nutriment.
Well-made soups and broths and fresh
vegetables are never out of place. Sim
ple puddings should be substituted for
pastry, which children nev er should be
tllowed to touch. The supper should
consist of bread and milk, or bread and
butter, vv ith a slice of plain cake. Tea
and coffee had better be dispensed with
until eighteen or twenty. Tho good
effect of going without them will be
seen in a healthy nervous system. Kipo
fruit may always bo eaten vv ith impuni
ty by a child who is perfectly well. Tho
earlier in the day it is taken tho better.
As littlo sugar and cream as possible
should be Used vv ith it. It is needless
to say that tho consumption of candy is
more honored in the breach than in tho
This may seem diet of more than
Spartan simplicity to many an indulgent
mother: but if she will b-inish hot
bread, fried meat, tea. coffee and pastry
from her children's bill of fare their
rosy cheeks, firm limbs and perfect
digestions will giv o her no cause to re
grot her decision. Miis '. It. kevvil, in
Christian Union.
I Admitting that ono has a good
, time, that the enjoyment is something a
I little better than is experienced on al- CCO A tt'ELK. f 12 a da? at home easily made,
most any day during the whole xear . ' J"'1"'" t" A,id,1.Tn..4.oo.Aiua.s.
is it not a question whcthcrThanksgiy
, ing stuffing of not only poultry in tho
kitchen, but of fctormchs nt hrinntrnii
boards, pays after all? Before the day f?PlfiY t
is concluded nearly all are made drowsy Ul Itli.J i
and hcavj, not a few complain of head
aches; still others will confess that their
dinner has given them a tat of indiges
tion, while nearly all, tho next morn
ing, if they describe their true feel
ings, will say that ths mouth is not
tasting quite so well as usual, anil, on
tho whole, they are not feeling as well.
Dr. I'ootc'a Health Monthly jor Xoievu
XX. tOn prdiTithonie. Sahi pics worth (IS
J IB ilUirraaddjtsismiox&Cu.I'onind.u
Iteeclnt 1I.oIl. IIEnlh.iii,nn,mi.
UrniaU.si. AtldreMLUiuel'ubQjiCo .toledo.0.
Yf orptiln Habit CnrrllnlV
i. sixr-HlM. lbSJioa, O&la.
AOtVrs VVAYTED fur thHrtt MilFMtfit
vjlrif I' ctorlal I..miIcb ami Hlhle. lTlcrs rnt iced
Mptrccat. aUuaall'utlltuaCo . St. LoaU, Mo,
A month; ir.FvrsiriXTEm
7S Hmlsl mz AnleMlntlMwoiid turn.
Il9lrm MT BHOVVOV. iMHt, llct.
Ttrllcred end cnrrA hr Ds. J. A.
fciiFRMiVsnie Itoil. without tbe la
Innr tniwri lmtU-t send 10i fop
book IKartrntla;; had vs. lufon pnd firroire T1
llniadwar, Xrw- York, llraach OQce. St. Lcuia. K4.
A stranger in fialvcston asked an
old resident now malarial fever could be
distinguished f rom v ello w fever. "As a
general thing," was the reply, "you
can't tell until you have tried it. If you
ain't alive, then it is mot likely yellow
EItgtit id Art::!:: Ctr:no En:..j Ciris
In r it of one dozen irtPd vjlfa. Price S i enti per
wr ntr"t frre Vd.m. W. jMGSlcxuEKr.
17 Larnj hSl , Npw York.
TC A Cl-Cliolerst In thp world Import W prices
I CMlJtJirErU Company lo Amrlca .'apl
an Icl'.-r'leaw-a hit) body -Trade con
llnnsUr increase Azrot. wautrd ettrywhrrr tuat
taducuncnu -dn't w.e tlmp iwnd for Circular
IMIITC VVLLLs, a Veatj St-.N.V. f.O Uoi rat
Ciiaui.es XII. was but seventeen
years of age when he made his nrst
campaign against the Bussians.
In digging a well at Plankinton,
Dakota, the w orkmen found a beautiful
sea shell at the depth of eighty-six feet,
and several well pre-erved pieces of
timber at one hundred feet below the
St. Lou U Times.
Mnnri In II.
The bt lnresiment Is in that which will
maintain health. From a letter of Mr. C W.
Eck, No. 12 & 5th St., St. Louis, Ma, It Is
learned that the clerk of the Money-Order
Uept. at the post ufllce in Alton, Ills., Mr. J.
B. Kuhn, suffered for tome time with indi
rection &nd all its accompanvinp; evils a
headache, losj of appetite and despondency,
and was surely becoming a hypochondriac.
He commenced the ue of Hamburg Drops
and is now well and strong again.
Fires in the mountains near Uklah, Cak,
drove the snakes from their retreat, and
many rattlesnakes were killed In the streets
cf the city.
Valparaiso (Ind.) Mcssenjror.l
An Icdlunu hjortainan xurlrnr.
One of the finest kennels in thi rnunfrr.
and the purest in the West, is owned by Mr. '
W. II. Ilolabird, the Sportsman's Clothier, of
Valparaiso, Indiana. He says: "V.'eueSt.,
lacoos uu in our lamliy In preference to all
other liniments; I have also tried it In my
kennel with wonderful results."
Anotheu of the popu'ar errors to be cor
rected is that the African Sahara is a (Treat
desert. On the contrary, it is now trj
counced a cultivated country, fruitful as the
jrarden of Eden. All that Is no wanted is
proof that Iceland is a tropic country, and
that the Kocky Mountains are below the
scalcveL in order tc convince the average
citizen that the lime L: spent In studying
geoirarhyin his youth wus fooled away.
Motion J'vL
XlTO Orviina.
Regulate first the stomach, second theliver;
especially tfce first, so as to perform their
functions perfectly, and jou will remove at
least nineteen-twentieths of all the ills that
mankind Is heir to, in this or anv other cli
mate. Hop Hitters is the only tb hg that will
frive perfectly healthr uatural action to these
two organs. Jicune J-'armer.
" How to Tay Church Debts" Is the title
of a new book. If the same methods can be
made to successfully aprdr to other deb's it
will have a large sale. I'uIa k'j.hia .Von.
Is llie uiot is-aat! food In t!t world. It product
bum-, muscle, brain, te -tu. e.c, and In every war pre
serf ra aud deTCioa the crowta cbllX
- sai I puun.4niVUV 14
irnr i"tt Tnwn mil 1 II-
T VIAU izr.
vmrss. i.r particulars,
WAI.DF.N J WlEs. station I. Sew Tort
Vb First-Class,
I EtoT-D
isnn, KNOttM nr.K rr t. KAKMl-U.
Jurth. Mechanic. U U I.tiiiiC 3Inu, kiwi for
Uiellnitt.rhn.il. frny rant tnnt knotcn. A niln
c f v&.uaMe InfonnMln. Fastest m line "o tt pulV
llshMl. J or clrcnUn and eitr trr" r,i.re
ilOl-i AT I'CUVi OJ,IU llLeaL. :. Lmli. Mo.
91 V-,
hrnt rnitTllTi4 lrturnrd aioar
pii If not rrprrwnii
Trie mirnfJ Iw -
er tlui r iwlvn Kn
nttDurm or xw tory
1 ainn FUaoi ami Or
rana. kni Urn snl
f r Ieckfr Mntth-r,
JU'ne anl Mhtni-fc
1Minri u r limn.
fTOttV 4t CiUl. 91J&
Qllfe btrvrt. M. XtuU ilj.
It has been JeciJcd in EnplanJ to
thrash j oting culprits instead of send
ins them to work houses.
Advantage) r lleaiy l'lates.
The wft bituminous coal u-eI in the Wct
Is so destructive on all ca-t-iron that the
)ieay plates In the Ciii:tli: Ovk Cook .
i-ToVi: will be appreciated by liou-ekeepers I
as ell a- dealers. This ad antasc, w it h ex- i
ccllent draft. m'.icV and uniform baUnir.
make the C'MAitTi i: Oak the most desirable
Hoe in the market.
Mr. Oenernl Shcrmmtt
fays: "I havp frequently purchased Dn
rang'a Rheumatic Kemedy lor fr.ends euflcr
Ing with rheumatism and In everj Instance it
worked like maRic" It will cure when erery
tlilns else fails. Sold by all drutrslsts. Write
for -JJ t ase pamphlet to K- K. Hclphenstlne,
Uruglst, Vasbln 'ton, D. C
Rest Sle We ller Uil.
After many years trial, vrc are satisfied
that the ClI m:tkie O tK Ih the Iiet Sto e n e
tier ued, and cheerfully tetlfy that it U
the bct adapted to the wants of the general
public of any stot e in the market.
F.vkrt Farmer and Teamster should know
that Frazer Axle (Jreae cures sore necks and
scratcLes on horse, lluj it anywhere.
Rediiino's Itcssi v Salve, the most wonder
ful healing medium in the world. Price 'Jjc.
W$3 & S&V
. &- jmrMrjL
Sr4ra5K0 lts
..ii.i CJJ' !&J.V:Z u..$r
iA ra.nrvsi-.. . i .v
X)1?C0TCB 01
CfZVTN rarr aHfOur Com anj Ilnilrai
AlllUT ULIIIK iLI4, .i )1 AiUAiULUU. lrU
AIY. Jlotctomakeit. SABftalacKfbr
H.tMS. CtE,luMEACo.ti?t.Loui$tMo.
A WEEK inronroTrntown. Terms and
ICtolcrM. IIlus. Catalogue free.
(jirat Wtcrn Gun Wurk. lltubarsh. I,
IWralt tMPa)arl Cafnalalatt ad Wn.ki(MN
f wurbotrtu(I palatiaa.
It win cm entlrcjj' tlt wo-rt forrnorr(inaloConv
Hon, FaHlas' Jd Pis7lawniots,aiidtbs rcurqvrol
Spinal 'WriJnissa. aoJ is jaiticuUiir adaptod to th
CluuteT of UTe.
It win !3o1t nJ tvl temon front th etrnu la
a earlj eUe of d?clj jmsnt. Tba fafioncy to can
ci-oqi hamon tit U checked rrry wflllj tj f U nse.
21 rcmoTM falntncs flatulency, ditroji all erarlnc
f or Aini3lanta and rtUcTcs weatncsi cfttrto-iach.
It etirM Hoatlr- Headache, erroa lToft-at:on
GcoeTal ZXttUHj, SWlcssecu, IteprcMioa and liuii
fftioa. TLat ftxlins; of brarlaff down, candnff pain, wzljclit
aidbaclrjcbjliajwijpcrfraap'.Ujciirfd byltsusa.
It wiUat&alLjKiad un&rallcircczHtanctt&ctla
lianaos j with tao lawf that poro-i. the fcnald gyvtcm.
For tb enroot KWatj Complaint of either aex this
Com pound 1 unsurpassed.
FOUAUtoprrpared as S3 and 233 Western ATeane,
Lrnn,ilsj. lTlco(l. SlxbotUe4for$ Sent by mall
In the tann of pJ'j, also la th form of lozenzes, oa
receipt of price. t per box forelthr ara.flnihaia
freely answer al letters of Inquiry. Send for pampfa
let. Addreai ar abora. Merit to thim liper.
KofamUT itwnjM Lo without LYDIA . nXKBAJTS
LITCK FILLS. Ihey cur conitlpation. THIrnin.
aad torpidity of taolirer. cants par box.
BICHABDSON 4 CO., St. Louit, Xo.

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