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' After Sunday, January 23.th, 1883, the Dodge
City Postoffiue will observe the iollowing'hours:
Weekdays 7:30 a.m. 8:00 p.m.
Sundays 8:30 a.m. Pa. m.
Sundas G:00 p. m. ?:00p. m.
M. O. and liegistry.9:0O a. ra. 6 00 p. m.
Mail close at 12 in. and 8:33 p. m.
N. B. KLAINE, Postmaster.
Caicp siovtH at Holder & Shields.'
K. M. Wright was down the road on busi
ness thij week.
The weiher has been pleasant 'since the
severe Culd spf-U.
All kinds of tic ware made at Horder A
Shields' new tin shop.
Oil, which will not freeze, 175 teat, guar
anteed not to fretz, for eale, continually, by
M. Collar.
Wm. Gyles, brother of H. J. Gyle, ar
rived Monday, from England, and will re
main a short time visiting his brother.
Call on Hurder & Shields north of post
office when anything in the line of tin, sheet
iron, copper or zinc work you want done.
Lavin Letnmerr, late postmaster at Odee,
Kansap, was in the city . yesterday, and car
ried the mail pouch with mail for that office.
N. B.KIaine, lately appointed Postmaster
at Dode City, took possession of the office
Tuesday morning. A. Bennett is the assist
ant Postmaster.
E. E. Shuman, of Speareville, has pur
chased a lot in Shinn's Addition, north of
John Muller's residence, and will soon
build a fine residence. Town lots are in de
mand and are bringing good prices.
G. Longenriyfee, of Pawnee Valley,
Hodgeman county was in town yesterday.
He says there was five inches of snow in
Hodgeman county. He reports no loss of
cattle, but a few head ot sheep by the late
Fjred. Singer, Fred. Wenie, and Henry
Adams, are recovering from severe spells of
sickness, and are able to be out of their
homes. Judge Burns is recovering from a
severe abscess on the eye. The cold spell
made but little sickness.
R. W. Evans, county treasurer, is in To
peka tbis week, making settlement with the
State Treasurer; The sum paid into the
State treasury this rear is considerably
larger than any of the preceediog years.
The amount. of assessable property is in
creasing every year and of course a larger
revenue is paid into the county treasury.
We notice that N. B. Elaine, of the
Dodge City Times, has beenappointed Post
Master of Dodge City. This is an amiable
position and we think that Mr. Elaine
worthy and will fill the position with much
credit to himself and satisfaction to the peo
ple. Jetmore Reveille.
The above ii one of many complimentary
notices of our appointment. The Reveille
is informed that we shall try to fill the "ami
able position" true to our nature.
The contractor of the mail route from
Dodge City to Zulu, Texas, has failed to com
ply with his contract. The mail this week
for that route being uncalled for at the
Dodge City postoffice. The importance of
mail delivery ia manifest, and a failure of
the carrier ia a great inconvenience and det
riment to the stockmen along the line of the
route. The interests ol the country demand
that the mail contract be given at a price
that will insure the prompt delivery of
The Water Power company ia in earnest
about its rait against the irrigation people
up west and is preparing to enjoin them
eon. Meters Whiteside and West have
just returned from a trip up the road and
they find by investigation that they have a
good case and also that the people are wak
ing up all along the line on this question.
Hutchison News.
This move will not stop the progress of
the irrigation schemes. Some lawyers will
reap a harvest out of these suits. Litigation
Is slow just sow.
A severe torm occurred here, commenc
ing on Thursday lat, and the severe cold
continuing until Saturday afternoon. The
wind at two p. m., Thursday reached a
velocity of forty-six miles per hour. The
temperature Friday morning marked 21
below zero. Saturday morning the mercury
indicated 17 below zero. Very li.tle snow
fell. This is the coldest weather experienced
in this region for a number of year?. In
January, 187r, we are informed, the mer
cury indicitcd 19 below zero. In the
winter of 1880-1, the temperature was 14
below zero, during the coldest period of that
se ere winter. Old settlers inform us that
the temperature indicated 31 below z?ro, at
Aubrey station, west of this point, some
years ago.
A number of persons had feet and hands
badly frozen, but we hear of no deaths.
Stock suffered severely, but there were few
losses, as stock is generally in good condi
tion. The cold snap subsided on Sunday,
the temperature falling to 13 below zero, as
recorded at the Signal office, on Sunday
Thestorm was general throughout the
west and north. We hear of some losses of
stock. Cattle havedrilted some. There was
little snow on the ground and stock could
graze as usual.
With the thermometer striking the points
below zero, there is no contemplation of
spting openings. Barring the little jog of
weather last week a cold blast from the re
motest part of the north pole the weather
around and about Dodge has resumed its
normal condition. The weuther for s few
days has been decidedly pleasant and being
thawed out, so to speak, we have given some
thought to the spring boom. There will be
considerable building going on the coming
season. Town lota are advancing in value,
and we hear of some contracts for business
lota at fabulous prices. The prices however
are in perfect keeping with the prospects be
fore us and these wholsome figures will be
The railroad company will give the im
petus to the progressive boom in building.
About March 1st the company will com
mence building in earnest. There are two
round houses to be built of eighteen stalls
eacb, and a number of other machine build
ings, heretofore, mentioned in this paper.
Workmen are engaged now in putting down
i idetracka to the coal chutes,and other prep
arations for tracklaying are being made.
Material for the new buildings ia coming
every day, and during the balmy days we
can contemplate the approach of spring and
the activity spring will bring us. Dodge h
going to make a big stride the present year.
A young man under 21 years of age, and
son of Alexander New by, of Hodgman
couny, was found frozen to death on the
Hackbury.on Friday last. The young man
had been catting holes in the ice in the
creek for tbe purpose of allowing the cattle
to drink, and on his return to hia house
when he fell dead. He evidently made a
mittake of the way to his house, his body
having been found in the "draw" leading
in another direction.
Oar informant states that a number of
people in Hodgeman county euffered with
frozen hands, feet and ears.
Henry Sturm, wholesale liquor dealer, has
completed arrangements for the establish
ment of a soda water manufactory, which
will be in operation on the first' of March.
Mr. Sturm will manufacture all kinds of
soda water, including champagne cider. Mr.
Metcalf, who wss connected with the soda
water manufactory at Hutchison is associat
ed with Mr. Sturm in the manufacture of
soda water. The quality of soda water fur
nished Mr. Sturm's customers last year is a
guarantee of Mr Metcalfe's ability as a soda
water manufacturer. The factory will be
lecated on tbe south ride of the railroad.
I have a large quantity ot eorgum millet,
shock corn and some straw to sell also cor
ral la and sheds with plenty of water and
troughs with good range odjoining, sufficient
for 1,000 head of sheep. Rather have eheep
than cattle. W. J. Colvin, Lamed, Eana.
Go to Horder & Shields for to have your
tinware repaired, four doors north of the
post office.
By the load, barrel or bushel. Fine quality,
and very cheap.
Wbioht, Beverley & Co.
Proceedings are to be commenced in a few
days, under the charge of the Temperance
Union executive committee, against liquor
sellers throughout the State, and an active
war pursued. They have determined to
commence the battle in North Topeka and
follow it up throughout the entire common
wealth until a greater stir is made than ever
A correspondent writing from Eingston,
N. M., lays: "Here, also, lives a woman
of some thirty-five summers, who is a won
der. She has just completed a log cabin,
and did all the work herself except putting
up the logs. She cut the logs, hauled them,
and made the shingles to cover it. I saw
htr ride in town yesterday, Sunday, on a
horse. In front of her was a deer she had
just killed. You will probably think she is
a lovely widow. Such is not the case. She
has a husband and he takes care of the children.
D. M. Frost went to Topeka Monday, for
tbe purpose of being present at the election
of U. S. Senator. Mr. Frost.haa deep inter
est in these elections he may be a candidate
for United States Senator himself some of
these days, and he is pavipg the way. He
will have our unqualified support either for
Congress or the Senate. By the way, the
Legislature is about to fix up the apportion
ment bill, dividing the State into seven con
gressional districts; and it is also for gerry
mandering a district that has called Mr. Frost
to Topeka. Dodge City is fortunate in
haying a lobbyist of Mr. Frost's transcend
ent and well-known ability.
Dont forget that Horder & Shields repair
11 kinds of stoves.
The demand for tillable land for small
farms is breaking up eome of the large
ranches in California, containing from 30,000
to 40,000 acres each. Colonies of small
proprietors are beginning to settle .upon
them, the ownera of the great tract?, it is
said, showing a disposition to meet the de
mand by subdividing their property. The
American idea is 160 acres to each farmer,
and so far the attempts of indi riduais to own,
control and cultivate enormous bodies of
land have proved failures.
All over'the North and West the arctic
weather has delayed or stopped railroad
trains. In many instances cattle and hoga
in transit have been frozen to death.
The weather is moderating and reports
from Kansas indicate that the damage to
stock is not very great.' Fruit suffered some,
but the enow which immediately preceeded
the cold wave had the effect of benefiting
The citizens of Dodge township are re
quested to meet in the court bouse, at 3 p.
m., on Saturday, January 27th for the
purpose of nominating candidates for town
ship officers. A number of citizens have
agreed to this call. Many Citizens.
The candidates for township offices are
on the alert.
Judge Burnes is a candidate for justice of
the peace. Judge Borton is also mentioned.
A meeting to endorse Mr. Hoover's action
in the Legislature voting for the Republi
can speaker wonld be the proper thing.
George B. Cox is prominently mentioned
as a candidate for Township Trustee. Mr
Cox ia well quali6ed for tbe office, and would
make an excellent officer. He is generally
liked by the people. He will no doubt ac
cept the office if elected to the position.
Rev. l'ooker pieacheJ a Tery able ser
mon at tbe prtsby terian church last Sabbath,
reading 3rd chapter of 2nd Kings, selecting
16, 17 and 20th verses of said chapter for
nis text. After referring to the great ad
vantages to be rteiived by irrigating tbe
land, he called the attention of his hearers to
the far greater advantages to be derived by
tbe spiritual irrigation of the soul.
Last Thursday afternoon at the time
the cold wave swept down upon us with
such terrible seyeriiy, H. L. Peck, a promi
nent sheep man of Hodgeman county, (now
stopping here) frcae his hands severely, de
priving him of tbe u?e of those useful mem
bsr of the human body. At first it was
thought the amputation ot a thumb and one
or two fingers would be necessary, but he is
improving so rapidly under the skillful
treatment of Dr. Choteau, that it ia now
thought amputation will not be necessary.
The loss ot stock in this vicinity by the
late storm was not so great as was anticipat
ed. Hon. M. W. Sutton was in town on
The following reports are received in re
sponse .to inquiries regarding, the effect of
the recent severe weather. The blizzard
which passed over Kansas on the- 19th and
20th has entirely subsided, the weather hav
ing greatly moderated throughout the entise
Btate. The news from the stock district, re
port but little injury to the cattle, or sheep.
The freezing of numerous small streams
threatened a water famine, but the melting
snow is preventing it. Trains were not
Beriously delayed byythe storm, or stock im
pared by transit. It wss one of the worst
storms we have had in the State in years,
being particularly severe in the western part
of the stated Wheat went into winter
quarters in very fair shape and it will be
impossible to form an opinion of its condi
tion until the spring thaw. The snow com
pletely corers 'the wround which is bene
ficial to the plant.
Fiaal JPre.
W. F. Petition, district clerk of Ford
county, is prepared to make out applications
for final proof on homestead and pre-emption
lands. The testimony of witnesses and
applicants can also be taken before Mr.
Petillon. He will attend to all kinds of
business with the United States Land
Office atLarned. aug31-tf
The board of Indian commisionera which
was organized to supervise government con
tracts for supplying such food, clothes and
utensils as the nation bestows upon the noble
aborigines, might well be dispensed with
When the members came together in Wash
ington the other day they were promptly
told by the Secretary of the Interior of a
case in which they had permitted the gov
ernment to be swindled in the purchase of
12,000 bead of cattle, to the extent of $5
per head, or the neat sum of $60,000. The
president ot the board admitted the fact, bat
pleaded in mitigation that no member off the
board was present when the contract wss let
m ilDIAIsksrwrwB
IS I trade
Wa Rnnthme to
natenta. caveats.
marks, copyrights, etc.,for
the United States, and to obfaunpat-
ents in Canada, Engiana, jrrance,
Germany, and all other countries.
charge for examination of models or draw-
fiaire noticed in
CAN. which has
the largest circulation, and is the most .influ
ential newspaper or wsama puuuuuouu
world. The advantages of such a notice every
patentee understands. . M . A ,
This largo and splendidly illustrated newm
paperispubKshed iVRRBXY at$&20ayear.
and ia admitted to be the best paper devoted
to Bcience,mechanics,inventions, enjgmeenn
works, and other departments ofindnstnsl
TirncrrAM. nnMiahed m SU Country. .OUglS
copies by mail, 10 cents. Sold by all
dealers. .... a
Address. Man Co.. PWWr oj .8
titoTsjneriesn. Ml Broadway, Ny.J
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