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Business in Dodge is greatly on the in
The March winds
month of April.
have lapped
John Rapp and A. C. Frick of the east
end, were in the city this week.
The public Bchool opened Monday morn
ing with an attendance of 170 pupils.
Thos. C. Owen has returned from several
montha absence in the east. He intends to
remain permanently.
The weather is alternating between cool
and warm the genial rays of the sun are
manifestly favorable.
Mrs. Lieut. Sharp, of Supply, daughter
of Judge Beverley, is visiting htr parents
and friends in the city.
The Tesies office has new presses and new
type, and is prepared to do job printing
neatly, cheaply and quickly.
The grass is growing finely. The prairie
is now covered with the verdure of spring.
All kinds of stock will prosper with the
spring grass. ,
H. Sturm has re-opened the stable in the
rear of his place of business. The stable
will be in charge of a eon of Mr. A. C.
Frick, of Offerle.
The ladies of the M. E. Church are re
quested to meet at the residence of H. Drake
Friday afternoon at three o'clock sharp for
election of officers.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Dornboeffer on the 11th inBt. Mother and
child are doing well. Thus the population
- of Dodge increases.
Perry Welden, of Topeka, has removed
his family to this place. Mr. Welden is
employed as book-keeper in the house of
Wright, Beverley & Co.
C. L. Reed and wife are visiting friends
in Ford and Rush counties. Mr. Reed re
sides in Iowa and has a stock ranch in Rush
county. Charley is a genial fellow. '
Judge Fringer iB putting up a dwelling on
Bridge street. The contract was limited or
fixed so that the builder was obliged to do
the work on the cannon ball plan.
Messrs. M. W. Sutton, R. M. Wright and
G. M. Hoover went to Topeka this week, on
business at the Attorney General's office, re
garding the indemnity to Ford county.
Hon. Henry Booth, Receiver of the Lam
ed Land Office, was in, the city last week, at
tending the convention of cattlemen. He was
accompanied by his brother, a stranger in
these parts.
Mr. Covert, who is now engaged as book
keeper for Wright, Beverley & Co., on the
first of May will take charge of the Wright
House. Mr. Wright and family will take
up their residence at. Fort Dodge, Mr.
Wright having charge of the government
property there.
N, M. Holloway has returned from Mis
souri, where he purchased 500 graded she
cattle and 25 bulls, all fine stock, which he
will put on his ranch near Bluff Creek. He
brought a lot of fine horses, all shipped in
by railroad. Mr. Holloway's brand is the
egg $ diamond.
The Third Bieaniel Report of the State
Board of Agriculture lias been received.
The report is extensive, embracing a general
summary of the stock, industrial and agri
- cultural interests of. the State. The geology
and th school system of Kansas are distinc
tive features of the report.
"The truthfulness of the Bible and of the
Christian religion," was the title of the ser
mon discoursed byHder Collins on Suiday
evening. The same subject will becootiau-
ed next Sunday evening, the magnitude of
the question requiring
more elaboration
than can be given in a short sermonT '
Mt St rl''.W!i-.iW,... .' . -n. '
Judge kPetera, Congressman from this dis
trict, informs us 'that the new land office
will ba established and in operation about
the 15th of June. The appointments of Re
ceiver and Register will probably be made
about May 1st. H. P. Myton of this city
will receive the appointment of Register;
and who will receive the appointment of
Receiver we are not advised. The office
will be located at Garden City. The boun
dary lines of the district will be established
by an order from the President, and will in
clude the area of Ford, Finney, Hamilton
and Seward counties, and some of the unor
ganized counties north of these. The busi
ness of the office will be limited for a time,
at least-; the salary of either office being fix
ed at the minimum rate of $500 per year;
and some perquisites will increase this sum.
Garden City the seat of the new land office
already begins to smile like the radiant
spring, and with the onion crop and the land
office pickings will blossom like a rose in
the June time.
We have made arrangements to enlarge
the Times to a 7-column folio, and will issue
the first number of the enlarged sheet on the
17th of May, the beginning of the eighth
year of the publication of the Dodge City
Times. As we haYe been at considerable ex
pense in the purchase of two new presses
and type, it will be- quite acceptable to re
ceive the small sums owing us on subscrip
tion or account. We shall require money
to meet our obligations, and we know our
friends and patrons will make prompt pay
ments. The increased business and popular
favor accorded the Times has induced us to
make an outlay for new material. We shall
endeavor to continue to merit the confidence
and best wishes of the public; and shall is
sue the enlarged paper to meet the demands
of our business, and to gratify the pride and
desire of ourselves and of our friends.
The dispatches indicated that the stock
meeting at Dodge City this week would be
Veil attended, and we suppose it was, and in
due time the Index will give its readers the
most important proceedings. For some un
accountable reason the Dodge City papers
nearly ignored the Medicine Lodge meeting.
It did not matter much, howerer. This
town will yet make the way station on the
Santa Fe wish it were dead. Medicine
Lodge Index.
The degree of selfishness is exceedingly
exemplified this season, throughout. Is the
example of the towns only a slight indiffer
ence caused by a want of interest? We are
sorry that the Index hasn't been provided
with the reports.
The following is the programme for the
next meeting of the Dodge City Literary
Music Capt. Welch.
Reading Mrs. M. Collar.
EssayMrs. Enderley."
Declamation Miss Steinman.
Address Col. Straughn.
Reading C. A. Conklin,
Music. The following named will take
part in the exercises: N. B. Klaine, Miss
Culver, Miss Carnahan, Miss Mullendore,
Miss Chipman, Miss Everman, Geo. Conrad.
The just now popular word dude, mean-
an empty-headed, languid-mannered
young swell who bangs his hair, proves to
be no foreign importation, but, like many
another expressive term, to be of good New
England parentage. The word (pronounced
in two syllables) has been used in the little
town of Salem, N. H., for twenty years past
and it is claimed was coined there. It is
common there to speak of a dapper young
man aa a "dude fellow," of a small animal
as "a little dude," of a sweetheart as "my
dude" and of an aerthetic youth of the
Wilde type as a dude. But how the word
attained so sudden and widespread a noto
riety puzzels Salem. Its rival at New York
is credited to a disgusted Englishman, who
remarked, after visiting arich club, that
the young raen were all "dudes."
.- i ' r-
1 tiamxjuu. ,wv large Bizea ceaar posts.
uqm orKiM. WngfetWedge City, Kas.
L. K. Mclntyre has returned from thef
east, where he purchased a large and well
eelected stock of goods for the house of Geo.
S.Emerson. The goods are of the best and
finest quality.
At the Great Western Hotel April 17, '83
by the Rev. Collins, Elmer E. Stapleton
and Eleanor Deitz, both of this city. The
best wishes of their friends are extended to
the newly married couple.
Call on Chas. Shields for a good No. 8
Copper Bottom Wash Boiler for
$2 25
A Broom-making machine is offered for
sale cheap. Inquire at the tin shop of
Charles Shields.
Tbe stockmen of Kansas are tired of the
cowboy's little pop, and have resolved to
allow them to carry no other weapon than
a good stout shillaly.
The best manufacture, will last longer
than two wagons of any other make. A few
of these wagons for sale by
The State now pays 100 cents on the
lar for school bonds.
Go to Charles Shields for to have your
tinware repaired, four doors north of the
post office.
L. K. Mclntyre, of the house of Geo. S.
Emerson, has gone to the eastern cities to
purchase goods. He will return in two
All kinds of tinware
Shields' new tin shop.
made at ChBSiel
Chicago Inter-Ocean Florida Letter,
On two occasions I have witnersed brakes
whistled down and a train-load of passengers
stopped in the pine woods while the conduc
tor slowly ambled off to a neat 'cottage in a
little orange grove and kissed his wife and a
large family of children ranged along on top
of the fence. I think it was his wife, but
there was some speculation in regard to it.
Animate and inanimate nature are alike ef
fected. The leaves on the trees are too lazy
to fall.
Gentlemen's clothing cleaned and re
Coats, vests and pants made to look
like new. Mrs. M. Barclay,
Rear of Military Avenue, opposite round
Report of the Dodge City school for the
month ending April 6, 1883,
Jehu Groendyke, Teacher.
Male. Female Ttl.
Pupils enrolled 20 15
Average daily attendance 17. 75 12. 25
Per cent of " 90
Cases of tardidess 23
Minutes lost by tardiness 866
Mrs. J. A. Whitelaw, Teacher.
Male. Female. Ttl.
Pupils enrolled 18 15 83
Average daily attendance 18. 84 11. 21 25. 05
Per cent of 96 99
Cases of tardiness 7 2
Minutes lost by tardiness 25 25
Miss Aegusta Waite, Teacher .
Male. Female
Pupils enrolled 13 28
Average daily attendance 11. 11 15
Per cent of 92 81
Cases of tardiness 8 5
Minutes lost by tardiness 45 36
Miss Grace Mullendore, Teacher.
Male. Female
Pupils enrolled 40 35
Average daily attendence 19. 5 18. 7
Per cent of " 93 87
Cases of tardiness 23 8
Minutes lost by tardiness 108 58
Majie. Female. Ttl.
Number enrolled 91 88 279
Av'ge daily attendance 62. 20 57.16 119.86
Per cent of 93 87
Cases of tardiness.'. 53 21
Minutes lost bv tardiness 544 164 708
John Grokndyks, Principal
The officers of the Stockmen't! Association
consist of A. H. McCoy, President; Arthur
Gorham, Vice President; C. W. WUlett,
secretary, jp. jo. lorn, xreasurer. xt. J.
Hardesty, E. W. Spencer and J. M. Coburn
and the above named officers form the exe
cutive committee.
The Chairman appointed the following
persons on the round-up committee: John
Edgar, A. Young, Geo. Anderson, D. W.
Barton, Hugh O'Neil, T. S. Bugbee, Hi.
Kollar, Wash. Mussett, Sim. Holstein.
Frank Spencer and A. H. McCoy.
The following resolution was adopted:
Resolved, That the custom ef carrying
fire-arms should be discountenanced, and it
is hereby made the duty of the members of
the Association, foremen of round-ups, and
foremen of ranges, to use every effort possi
ble to prevent the carrying of fire-arms by
cattle men at all times and places except
when absolutely necessary.
A constitution was reported and adopted,
the second section of which is as follower
Sec. 2. We, the unersigned cattle growers
of Southwest Kansas, Indian Territory and
Pan-Handle of Texas, do hereby associate
ourselves to advance the interest of stock
growers in this section of the country, and
for mutual protection and benefit.
The admission fee is $15 and assessments
are to be made in proportion to the number
of cattle owned by the members.
Section nineteen requires every member
to give notice to the executive committee of
all cases of cattle stealing cominp within
their knowledge.
My old customers and the public general
ly are respectfully invited to call around at
my stable on the first street back of my
place of business, where they will be accom
modated with livery outfits and hay and
grain for stock, Henry Sturm,
An exchange says a boy will tramp 247
miles in one day on a rabbit hunt and be
limber in the evening, when, if you ask him
to go across the street and borrow Jones1
two-inch auger he will be as stiff as a meat-
block. Of course he will. And he will go
swimming all day, and stay in the water
three hours at a time, and splash and dive
and paddle and puff, and next morning
he will feel that an unmeasured insult has
been offered him when he is told by his
mother to wash his face carefully, Jso as not
to leave the score of the ebb and flow so
plain as to be seen under the gills. And
he'll wander around a dry creek bed all the
afternoon piling up a pebble fort, and nearly
die off when his big sister wants him to
please pick up a basket of chips for the
parlor stove, and he'll spend the biggest
part of the day trying' to corner a stray
mule or a bald-back horse for a ride, and '
feel that all life's charms have fled when it
comes time to drive the cows home; and
he'll turn a ten-acre lot upside-down for ten
inches of angle-worms, and wish for the
voiceless tomb when the garden demands his
attention. But all the same when you want
a friend that will stand by you and sympa
thize with you, and be true to you in all
kinds of weather, enlist one of the small
Lisa Mollaly,
In the District Court of Ford county. Kansas
The said defendant will take notice that he has
been sned in the above named court by the
above named plaintiff, and that he most answer
the petition of the laid plaintiff filed herein on
or belbrethe 30th day of May, 1883. or the said
petition will be taken as true, and judgement
rendered decreeing divorce to the plaintiff.
W,P -JM0 By J. T- Whitelaw, At'ty .
Clerk of District Court of Ford Co., Kas.
County of Ford.
In the 16th Judicial District in and for Ford
county, nansas.
Notice is hereby given Cera Gotthelf that she
f?8? Bncd Jhe above court by William
Gotthelf wherein he has proved that a dirorce
may be granted him from tbe said Cora Gotthelf.
and that sheold ahe fail or neglect to answer to
n 2JffnlSr,nJiS?!J?8S'IMlid erments therein
2 325"5 Sprayer
Attorneys for Plaintiff.

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