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Attend the festival tomorrow night.
The Arkansas river is on a raging high.
She's full.
What shall the harvest be?
for "western Kansas.
A big one
Spencer Logan of the Cimarron New
West was in town Sunday.
The rains are making the granger and
everybody else happy.
Mr. Owens has opened a new barber
shop on Front Street.
The .masonry around the court house
yard is a very substantial improvement.
H. L. Sitlcr has sodded and terraced
his yard, which gives it a very striking
Uncle Jimmy 3Iartin lias added several
pictures to the decorations of Grand
Army Hall.
The business men and clerks appeared
to thorougly enjoy their respite on Dec
oration Day.
A man passed through here last week
having in his possession two genuine
buffalo calves.
The A. T. & S. F. R. R. Co. is laying
pipes to connect the waterworks to the
tank at the depot.
Several new street fountains have
lately been placed on the streets for the
benefit of the public.
The vacant room under Kelly's opera
house has been rented by some parties,
and will be used as a billiard room.
The new fire alarm bell has been placed
in position at the top of the new tower
that has been lately built for the purpose.
There are 517 conductors on the Santa
Fe road, and each one carries a punch
that makes a different hole than any of
the others.
Henry Sturm has removed the raised
platform in front of his store and will
build a sidewalk even with the grade of
the street.
Ed M. Moore, of the Hutchinson Daily
News, gave us a call Friday. The News
is one of the newsiest and most valued of
our exchanges.
Dr. Galland saj'S his property is not on
the maikct for sale. The doctor can sec
the impending boom, and he wants the
advantage of it.
Rev. Gi Lowther's sermon before the G.
A. R., in McCarty's opera house Sunday
afternoon, was listened to b' a large at
tentive audience.
Will A. Palmer, of Ford, Miss Emma
Ford, of Chicago, Frank Prouty, and
Miss Maggie Herbert, of Ford, were in
the city Tuesday.
The social of the Presbyterian church
will be held at the residence of M. V.
Markley, Fridajr evening, June 3d. All
are invited to attend.
Work will begin immediately on the
new round house, as soon as the force
can complete their work on the round
house at Strong City.
A great many wagons drawn by teams
of from to 12 14 mules have left this place
during the past week heavily loaded with
farming implements and goods.
The ladies of the Methodist church will
give a strawberry and ice cream festival
at the Central House, Friday evening,
June 8d. Everybody is invited to attend.
The public schools will close the pres
ent session on the loth. The closing
will be attended by many interesting ex
ercises for the enjoyment of the little
J. D. Rapp has returned from Garden
City and will make Dodge City his home.
His health has been very poor for some
time, and he believes that the change will
do him good.
The Dodge City base ball club is out
with a sweeping challenge. W. F.
Pctillon has offered to donate to the boys
a case of balls and bats, Who's the next
citizen to hear from?
The Arkansas river was higher on Sun
day night than it has been at any time
this season. It suddenly began rising
at noon, and continued until it reached a
height of four feet, when it abated.
A large herd numbering 430 Texas
horses, owned by Mr. McCamel, is being
pastured about a mile southeast of this
city. The herd will be placed on the
market in this and and adjacent cities.
-The hack line from Ravanna to Dodge
City has been purchased by H. B. Wood,
of Kalvesta. Mr. Wood has put on a new
hack and intends making it one of the
best lines in this part of the country.
Ravana Chief.
Wm. S. Tetter gave us a call and con
tracted for the Times. He will return
to his former home at Miami, Missouri,
when he will arrange for his removal to
Kaneas, which he expects to make his
permanent home.
A Cimarron girl has discovered that
the writing of the name of her best ad
mirer on the margin of her new music
prevents her lady friends from borrowing
it. They fear their own young men
might not be favorably affected by seeing
the name.
Colonel Prouty, the census taker of
Kearney county, has written to Attorney
General Bradford that everything is pas
sing off quietly in that county since his
return, and that he anticipates no fur
ther trouble. It was feared another
county seat war was imminent in Kear
ney, and Colonel Prouty's report, there
fore, will be very acceptable information.
The river is still on the rampage. The
sudden rise is not the annual summer rise
from melted snow as many seem to think,
but is solely caused by the recent rains
along its course. The water is over the
banks on the south side and the bottoms
are partly covered with water. The
breakwater has been partly washed away,
and portions of the wreck were carried
with such force by the current as to do
Berious damage to the south end of the
In accordance with the general custom
throughout the country Dodge City laid
everything aside, and made her obeisance
to the most cherished custom of the Amer
ican people. In no other country on
earth, can be found the same generous
feeling between parties separated by
their fealty to antagonistic principles,
such tendency to overlook and forget
wrongs, ana sucn natural ana unconven
al expressions of feelings of this character
that is to be so generally found in all sec
tions of ours. It is on an occasion of
this kind that we have an adequate re
alization of the greatness of this country.
This union in the spirit of the people in a
country of such extent has no precedent
in history. On an occasion of a similar
characterin Ireland or Scotland, the En
glishman, who is related by the same re
ligion and the same language, remains in
his factory; the Swiss go on making
clocks; the Dutch go on making cheese,
where else can be found a continent whose
people are linked together in their hopes
and their sympathies, and whose hearts
unite in the observance of a national cere
mony, "With common grief if it be sad,
and common joy if it be glad."
On Sunday afternoon, May 29th, the
Lewis Post of the G. A. R., atteded by a
large concourse of citizens, assembled at
McCarty's Opera House, where Rev. G.
Lowther, assisted by the other ministers
of the city, preached the memorial ser
mon. It is not thought necessary to com
ment on remarks of a speaker so well
known in this community as Mr. Low
ther. The sermon could not be other
than satisfactory to all present.
The posjoffice and business houses
closed Monday forenoon and remained
closed until the conclusion of the cere
monies. Early in the day people came in
from the country adjacent, and the streets
had a very animated appearance. At
three o'clock the Post of the G. A. R.,
marched to the cemetery, followed by
the Sons of Veterans and a large number
of citizens in carriages and
on foot. On arrival at the
cemetery a circle was formed, consisting
of twenty little flower girls tastefully
dressed in white. Ranged in a circle
about them was the Lewis Post of the G.
A. It. with the Sons of Veterans, while the
spectators formed a still larger ring on
the outside. A prayer was offered by
the Chaplain, Rev. N. G. Collins which
was followed by a short address from H.
Juneau, the Post Commander. After the
reading of the proclamation by Adjutant
N. P. Laughton, Professor Aikcns read,
in a very impressive manner, a beautiful
poem composed in 1884 by Lou Hoding,
which is given below.
Down the peaceful northern volley
Swept the sound of war's alarms.
Bidding citizens to rally
Calling quiet men to arms
And the spirit of the battle,
Of the battle soon to come,
Was awakened by the rattle
Of the cymbal and the drum.
Farmers, from their their toil at tillage,
Hearing what the Nation crated,
With the workmen from the village,
Rallied where the banner waved
Rallied with n true dcotion,
Mingling voices till the hum
Of an annimatcd ocean
Rose around the rolling drum.
'Neath the banner waging proudly
Did the young musicians play,
And the music echoed loudly
As the soldiers march away ;
For the County, as commander,
Bade the friends of Freedom come.
And the step of each defender
Timed the tapping of the drum.
Then the years of horror followed
Face to face the armies stood
Rifles rang and cannons bellowed
Earth was moist with human blood !
Then the sweet word Peace was spoken,
(Ah, it was not heard by some!)
And the columns, seared and broken.
Homeward marched the flag and drum.
Time has flown since those days stormy
Twenty years hove passed away --
And the ranks of that Grand Army
Thinner grew day after day !
Soon the comrads who arc sleeping
Will outnumber those that come
With the floral tributes, keeping
Step nnto the muffled drum.
Later still, in all the Nation
There will be a feeble few
At each annual decoration
Few who wore the Union blue
And when the last old vct'ran slumbers,
When mortality is dumb,
May they wake to sweeter numbers
Than the rolling of the drum !
At the conclusion of the poem a
guard was formed around the flower girls
who then proceeded to sprinkle boquets
of flowers, those emblems of love, over
the graves of the dead. The graves of
the soldiers were marked with flags, and
no grave was deemed too humble to mer
it these loving attentions. One of the
most touching incidents of the day was
the visit of these little emmissaries of
love and peace to the potter's field, where
there were several graves of unknown
soldiers. You know not what a tender
service you may have performed by this
act. It may be that you have unknow
ingly performed an act that others have
longed for years to do. It may be that if
the whereabouts of the unknown sol
dier's grave were known, "he would
sleep to-night amid a wilderness of flow
ers." or yet it may be that you have per
formed the first and last christian service
over the abandoned body of his soul.
The firing of salutes closed the solemn
exercises of the daj
While riding across the country one
day this week, we were very agreeably
surprised at the forward condition of the
crops. Corn, potatoes and all kinds of
gardens truck were looking well. The
best crop we saw was a patch of potatoes
that had been mulched. These were in
fine condition, showing a strong and rap
id growth. Bucklin Standard.
Wc are making farm loans at very low
rates, and there is no delay in negotiating
the same. The money is always ready,
and paid over as soon as papers are
signed. Sherwood & Dickinson.
Beeson Block, Front Street
Last week we stated that Dodge City
was in the incipient stages of a real estate
boom. We repeat the statement this
week, and we are willing to rise or fall
on the result Of eur prediction. This real
estate cyclone will strike within the next
two month's time.
These rising inflections are seen in the
embryo enterprises under progress.
The location of the Presbyterian col
lege. The building of the A. T. & S. F. R.
R. round house and machine shops.
The establishment of the Forestry Sta
tion. The building of the Denver, Memphis
& Atlantic R. R.
The building of the Wichita & Western
R. R.
These and other enterprises are stimu
lating the real estate pulse, and the won
derful activity is nigh at hand. We ad
vise our real estate dealers and holders to
remain firm. The boom is coming.
The Presbvterian collesre is named
Soule, after its principal benefactor, Mr.
Soule contributing $50,000 towards the
erection of the building and the endow
ment fund. The committee on location
were in Dodge Citv last week, and chang
ed the college site from the east half to
the west half of the southeast quarter of
section 14, townhsip 26, range 25. The
charter has been procured, and the direc
tors for the first year are named as fol
lows: M. W. Sutton, J. W. Gilbert,
R. M. Wright, S. Mullendore and W. C.
The Iowa State Agricultural College
raised fifty bushels of corn per acre last
year on the College farm, though it had
no rain on the crop for ninety days. They
simply kept the ground stirred so that
the fine loose dirt served as a mulch and
kept the moisture below from evaporat
ing. That is our theory exactly. We
hope all our farmers hereabouts will try
the same plan this year if it should turn
dry. Garden City Sentinel.
The editor of the Sentinel doesn't know
a grubbing hoe from a pitch fork, nor a
threshing machine from a smut mill, and
yet he pretends to know something about
"dry farming." Wc guess the farming
he knows about is dry, sure enough.
The millionaire, Soule, of Hop bitters
fame, has recently invested in Dodge
City to the amount of over a hundred
thousand dollars. Mr. Soule is the long
headed gentleman who put his fist into
his jeans and built the great irrigating
ditch. There's a man who has faith in
southwestern Kansas, and who also, sees
a bright future for the reformed "wicked
city of the plains." Dodge may congrat
ulate herself, because the presence of
such great financiers with their money
and enterprise will do a great deal to
ward establishing her upon the high road
towards a great city. Then if she suc
ceeds in getting the land office, won't we
wish we'd secured a corner lot before the
advance? Fowler Graphic.
The Garden City Sentinel speaks of the
"hard cider" in that city, as follows:
Rumor says an article called hard cider
is being dispensed in this city, which an
swers the purpose just as well as mhisky.
Of course the drug stores are blamed for
any little irregularities resulting in a
drunk, but if they are not guilty the
blame should be placed where it properly
Larncd Chronoscope, 27th.
The effect of the storm Tuesday night
seems to be wide-reaching. It was more
severe west of here, and particularly so
on the old Paul Curlett farm, eight miles
west of Lamed, now owned by Perry Ro
ger. The storm came tip from the north
west, and it hailed ten minntcs before it
rained a drop. The hailstones were from
the size of a walnut to as large as the fist.
The swath cut by the hail was about 600
yards wide, and Mr. Reger could not say
how long before reaching him, but its vi
olence was spent about 600 rods south
east of his house. He had in the ground
200 acres of grain, consisting of corn, wheat
oats, potatoes, flax and castor beans, all
but the wheat being in excellent condition,
and when the hail ceased every vestage of
vegetation had disappeared. His house
was almost split to pieees by the hail.
Five window shutters were split into
tooth-picks and every pane of glass knock
ed from the windows. The shingles on the
north side of the house were split into
kindling wood. The fine large trees on his
timber claim were stripped of their leaves,
branches broken off, and the bark chip
ped from the trunks, so that they will
hardly live. His cattle broke from the
corral, and drifted before the storm. At
four o'clock on Wednesdajr atternoon,
hailstones as big as walnuts were picked
up from sheltered places, and when he
attempted to cross a draw full of water,
at ten o'clock in the morning, the hail
stones were floating like slush ice on the
surface so thick that his horse didn't like
to cross. Jack rabbits, birds and frogs
lie thick over the ground, where they
were killed by the hail. After the storm
was over the hail lay ten inches deep all
over the ground. His land was cultivat
ed to a high degree and as smooth as a
floor before the storm, and now it is full
of holes, just as though thousands of cat
tle had been driven over the soft ground
and left hoof dents. Mr. Reger says he
has seen many severe storms in his life,
but never anything to compare with this.
There was but little wind and scarcely
any lightning or thunder till after the
storm had passed over and come back,
then there was considerable electrical dis
turbance. If there were others injured by the
storm we would like to hear from them.
Loans on city houses and lots at most
reasonable rates are made by Sherwood
& Dickinson, at their new office in-Beeson
block, on Front Street I
The following is a complete list of all real estate
transfers in Ford county, for the week ending
Saturday, May 28th, 1867, as compiled by Jerm
gan & Lee, abstractors and conveyancers :
C W Siies to W A Black lot 8 blk CO Cim-5
arron 4 400 00
W L McCollough to Cfeo G Phillips sw qt
3329 24 n 800 00
Mary C Cherington to L K Mclntyre ne qr
1826 25 1000 00
T J Vanderslice U South Ark V T Co s hf
ofseqr252924 600 00
G F McKinney & Co to Robt Gibson pt of
lot 3 blk 3 Crawford's add Dodge City.. 1400 00
G F McKinney & Co to H Duncan pt of lot
3 blk 3 Crawford's add Dodge City. ... 600 00
G F McKinney & Co to H Duncan pt of lot
3 blk 3 Crawford's add Dodge City 400 00
W D Ayers to G F McKinney & Co lot 3
blk 3 Crawford's add Dodge City 1200 00
J H Crawford to W D Ayers lot 3 blk 3
Crawfords add Dodge City 200 00
Finch Lord & Nelson to E B Kellog s hf of
ecc 2 all sec 11 14 and lots 1 2 3 4 and n hf
of n hi 23 27 23 32,33400
G H Ervin to Wm L VanVoorhis lots 2 3 &
swqrofneqr&scqrof nwqr 227 22.. 1200 00
M Collar to Frank Akins lot 1 and n hf lot
2 blk 28 Enterprise add Dodge City 300 00
John H Finlay to S Gallagher Jr lot 18 blk
2Fonda 100
R M Wright to J A Arment lot 7 block 64
Dodge City 50 00
JSMcLintoRWHessneqr202824 850 00
D B Whiteside to M R Prather e hf blk 53
DodgeCity. 825 00
G L Painter to Mary C Rapp ne qr 20 27 21 650 00
A U Hard to O F Hard pt blk 56 Dodge
City .- 3000 00
R Small to W A Campbell lot 2 blk 31 Ford 75 00
W T Tabb to J P Powell se qr 1828 23 ... 950 00
A Lyons to C A Richardson sw qr 22 29 22. 900 00
Cimarron Land Co to F M Sanderson lots 1
23 456 blk 10 Cimarron Land Co's add
to Cimarron 475 00
J A Luther to C J Addy lot 18 blk 26 Cimar
ron 150 00
Saml Stubbs to P.R Hobble sw qr 25 26 24 1000 00
W B Nell to J Reitten lot 7 blk 40 Ford .... 200 00
AT&SFRRCotoA Savage all of sects
19 21 23 s hf 25 all sects 27 29 31 33 t 24 r
29 13,99615
A H Boyd to W Overton lots 5 6 block 10
Boyd's add Dodge City 250 00
AH Boyd to EC Remme lots 1 2 blk 10
Boyd's add DodgeCity 250 00
A H Boyd to E II Overton lots 3 4 blk 10
Boyd's add Dodge City 200 00
Ellen Skaggs to J R Coleman n hf of se qr
andshf of swqr2527 24 1800 00
G W Smith to R C Lanig lots 4 5 block 2
Speareville 200 00
S HConaway to O P Sanscth lot 10 blk 8
Cimarron 75 00
n W Bishop to J F Hotham sw qr 33 28 24 1000 00
E M Ratcliff to "Wing Lee" pt blk 42
Cimarron 150 00
Wilburn Town Co to Minnie Miles lot 0
blklWilburn 30 00
J P Powell to S J Stricklin se qr 18 28 23. . 909 00
A A Miller to Rushville T & L Co e hf lot 1
secl2722 100
M Wagner to Rushville T & L Co 20x40 r
in sec C 27 21 75 00
Fred Hansen to Rushville T & L Co 20x40
rods in sec 31 26 21 '... . 1 00
H Dragen to A A Miller lots 1 2 & s hf of
neqrl27 22 3200 00
H M Benson S W Rnthcford ne qr 12 28 25. 850 00
M Keller to R P Trasurc lots 3 4 & a hf of
nwqu528 23 1000 00
M V Keller to R P Trasure lots 1 2 & s hf
ofneqr528 23 1500 00
I W Moore to David Pitman nw qr 14 29 25 740 00
David Pitman to T P Hill nw qi 14 29 25. . 740 00
Lonisa Furnas to to L D Tupper sw qr 35
38 25 120000
Jno Riney to R M Wright s hf nw qr 27 26
25 1700 00
WWHousertoEvalMoffettnw qr21 28
25 80000
M A Lillard to M McClernand lot 11 blk 5 &
lots 12 blk 72 Ford 300 00
Mathew McClernand to J Counolly lot 11
blk 25 Ford 150 00
W C Shinn et all to A T Soule e hf of sw qr
1426 25 1 00
W Tarbox et al to A T Soule e hf sw qr 14
2625 100
F Martin to A T Soule 20x160 rods in so qr
142622 100
C II Anderson to Bruc Carr lots 1 2 & s hf
ofneqr228 24 1000 00
H B Small to J W Howe lot 18 blk 32 and
lotsl23blk59 Ford 375 00
J W Howe to Lizzie Uibbard lot 1 blk 59
Ford 100 00
J II Crawford toTC Owens lot 9 block 1
Crawford's add Dodge City 103 00
THReevetoJE Dunn lots 1 2 block 2
Reeve's add Cimairon 125 00
A Debord to A A Debord se qr 242728.... 800 00
A Debord to A A Debord lots 9 10 blk 25
Cimarron 110 00
J P Ramseycr to J E Kccney lots 3 4 5 and
se.qrof nwqr 6 28 24 1600 00
JP Ramseycr .to J E Kecney se qr 11 2325 1500 00
E M Prichard to Nancy A Coons hf of se
qr 1529 21 500 00
E M Prichard to J C Coons hf of se qr 15 29
H W Bishop to W C McKinney se qr 7 29 24 1000 00
TWMitchclltoWCMcKinneyscqr 172924 1000 00
Ryan Town Co to J TMch in lot 2 blk 75
Ford l 00
nTMcXeal to WB Dickie lots 1 2 Wk 22
Boyd's add Dodge City 500 00
Virgie Skinner to II Skinner sw qr 14 28 25 1000 00
C M Edwards to G M Hoover nw qr 15 29 25 800 00
H Hawkins to G M Hoover lots 12 & s hf
ofneqr629 24 500 00
J Harnahan to 1st National Bank w 2 ft of
lot 18 Front st Dodge City 100
A terrible hail storm 2 miles in width
passed Lone Lake the 24th inst., from the
northwest to the southeast, destrowing
gardens, also mowing C. Callahan's, 3Ir.
Tripp's andH. Borin's wheat, which was
nicely headed out.
Christopher Muskrove reports hail
stones mashing through inch roofing.
James Reyner has had a tubular pump
put in, also E. E. Jones is having a tu
bular well put down. L. L.
The frame buildings on the TnrES block
will probably be removed and substantial
bricks plaeed in their places before fall.
Messrs. Vancil & McDonald have already
commenced work on their new two story
brick for their photograph galery.
L. C. Gallagher & Co. is furnishing the
galvanized iron cornices for the new elec
tric light building. At the face of the
bnilding will appear a large sign of the
same material, bearing the inscription,
Dodge City Electric Light & Steam Heat
ing Co. Mr. Gallagher is also under con
tract to furnish the cornices for the new
court house at Los Angeles, Colorado.
Thus it is to be seen that Dodge is the
central furnishing point for all kinds of
merchandise at all points west of Kansas
The crop prospects of Clark county are
the most flattering that could be desired.
All the fepring the farmers have shown
their unshaken faith in the country by
putting into crops every acre of ground
that could be prepared. A very large
acreage has been seeded to corn, oats,
millet and other crops, and encouraged
by the many rains, the planting ,is still
'going on. Fverything js most promising
for A bMBtifal harvest aad a year of uni
versal proaperoy. Asmaaa ueraia.
Washington, D. C, Slay 29. The
following is the weather crop bulletin is?
sued by the ;Ugnal office for the week
ending May 2S;
"Rainfall. During the eek the rain
fall has been slightly in e3CeS3 of tnc
average in the cotton regions fro Texas
eastward to Georgia and generally n
New England, New York, Pennsylvania
and Virginia. Frequent showers occur
red in the corn and wheat regions, where
the total rainfall for the week, although
well distributed was sb'ghtly below the
normal. Kansas has been favoured by
rainfall in excess of the normal, especial
ly in the western portions. Owing to the
favorable distribution of the rainfall the
seasonal deficiency of from ten to fifteen
inches appears as yet uninjurious in the
cotton region.
"General remarks. Throughout the
entire agricultural districts the weather
has proved especially favorable for grow
ing crops, and reports Surldav morning.
May 29th, show that favorable conditions
of rainfall and temperature yet contiuue,
except in Michigan. Illinois and southern
Minnesota, where needed showers are to
day predicted."
Matched At the residence of C. Ro
mero, June 1st, Pieda. daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. C. Romero, to W. L. Thompson,
all of Dodge City. The Times extends
See L. E. McGany & Co. for lots in
new cemetery. Old cemetery is ahan-
may 26 tf
nance No. 131, for Dodge City, Kansas, pub
lished in the official organ of the citj, the Dodge
City Times, May 20th, 1887, is now due. Please
call at my oftice in First National Bank bnilding
and make payment. Office hours from 9 to 12 a.
m., and 2 to 5 o'clock p. m.
City Treasurer.
Dodge City, Kansas. June 1st, 1687. m2-lt
Editor Dooge City Times,.
By your last issue I see that the ed
itor of the Garden City Herald wants the
word "hoom" changed to "inunda," for
the reason that the word "hoom" origi
nated in the lumber regions of the north
wests. The Herald man is mistaken.
The word "boom" was is use before lum
ber was cut in the northwest, and means
a floating obstruction put across a river
to catch all logs drifting down from the
creeks and streams into which the logs
are rolled, near the loging camps, and is
constructed of a series of logs held to
gether by heavy chains, and fasteded to
piers built across the river for said purpo
ses. Now I think that "boom" is the
proper word for Dodge City, as it is
catching the greater part of the capital
ists drifting westward, and building up a
business center like the boom held to
gether by large business interests, an chor
ed to large three and four story brick
business blocks, catching the wholesale
and retail trade for miles and miles around
now drifting to other places. "Inunda,"
snowed under or under the tide, may be
the proper words for Garden City, but
let us have Boosr. J. E. Z.
Miss Alice Phillips has removed her
stock of millinery goods from Heinz's
block on First Avenue to the "Bee Hive,"
where she will be prepared to furnish the
latest styles in the millinery line. Fash
ionable dressmaking in connection.
George H. Bcthard, U. S. claim agent
has permanently located in Dodge City,
and can be found by the old soldiers
desiring pensions, or increase of pension,
at the office of Jones & Dysert. He has
had fifteen years experience in Washing
ton, D. C, and other points. He never
fails and charges nothing unless success
ful. Wanted. Carpets, to weac. Call on M. C.
Djis, north 4th avenue, first house north of Chas.
Van Tramp. feb 17.
Oil paintings from $1 up to $3.30 at the
queensware store of W. B". Hess.
Loans on city houses and lots at most
reasonable rates are made by Sherwood
& Dickinson, at their new office in Beeson
block, on Front Street.
Call at City Drug Store, Front street, largest
stock, lowest price. mar 3
W. E. "Weber the popular boot and
shoe manufacturer, southwest corner of
"Wright's building, makes the best and
finest custom work in the city. His work
all first-class.
For Rent The "O. K." House,
information, call at this office.
A. F. Hallett, at the 10 cent store is
furnishing a good quality of ice cream to
his customers. Go and test the excellent
cream. m 19-tf
Dishes cheap at the queensware "Store
of W. B. Hess'.
"Wasted. To trade stock of drugs
for a good Kansas farm- Enquire at this
Loans on city houses and lots at most
reasonable rates are made by Sherwood
& Dickinson, at their new office in Beeson
block, on Front Street.
For Glassware of all kinds go to "W. B.
Call at the queensware store of W. B.
Hess, and he will show you bargains. ,
Vfe give crpecial attention to the Sale of City Property, and have on our books a full
list ot all the moat desirable business and residence lots ia the city at LOW
PriCAS and on Liberal Terms- Any parties wishing to invest
either large or small amounts la Real Estate will surely Ind
It to their advantage to call at our ofllec before buying.
Correspondence Solicited. Business for' Non-fiesidents Promptly Attended ho.
Office : Ground floor in Beeson Block.
I -
Dealer in
Class, Paints and Oils.
Loan, Real Estate, Collection and
Houses to rent and Farm Property for rale. Business for non-reldenti promptly attended to.
Any parties wishing to invest in Fnrms or City Property will find it to their advantage
to call and see ns before purchasing. Correspondence solicited.
Dodge City,
D-O-D-G-E C-I-T-Y,
SP.CDLATOH d W&W& than any city west of TEA! !
Now is the VERY TIME to invest in City Property.
We have a large list of business and resident Prop
erty, and they are all Genuine Bargains.
of improved and unimproved lands, located in Ford and Hodgeman
Counties at surprisingly low figures.
All Kinds of Eastern PROPERTY to Exchange for
E C DEVORE, Attorney at Law. J II HARMONY, Secretary. II II LASLEY, Notary Pnbllc
Office in basement nnder
Sherwood & Dickinson are making
farm loans at most reasonable rates. They
always have the cash on hand and it is
paid over the moment papers are signed.
In getting a loan from them the whole
busines can be done and money paid over
in two hour's time. Their new office is
on the first floor of the Beeson block,
Front stoeet. Give them a calL
EVXRSTT MARKS are prepired to do koase
Vrig tod raising fa a iatirfactonr mj
tt low Bdeel Orders say be left at Ue oAceof
Csoley.BaiKBt Co., Tioatat, Dodge City,
- , It" f
j t-
-i nts
railroad track, DODGE CITY, KANSAS.
Glnck Jewelry store
Land Ofllec at Garden City, Kaneas, May
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make final .
proof in support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before I'nibate .lodge of Ford Co.,
Kans., at Dodge City, Ks., on July 19th, 1HH7, ix:
JohnW. Hooper for the ne4 sec 27, township
as sowth of range !S west.
lie names tne following witnesses 10 prove nis
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of, said
land, viz:
James M. Ellis, I. X. Hicks, W. S. GrierandO.
M. Hogset, all of Dodge City Kansas.
Special notice to John J. McGeary.
m lMt C. F. M. MLES, Register.
Opera House Restaurant,
MARTIN DANKER, Proprietors. '
Served at all Hoan.
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: r it .
BLrf . -f :-.'
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knfaH!? iV&

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