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The Globe-Republican,
Published every Wednesday
IIV lllC Glfik-Reilllklieill PllllHsllini? HSI.
-IVM. FIIOT, Manatier.
Entered :it ti:e j'obtojiit-.' at doiIk- City.
KnuaJir, for triiiiBial-sion tlinmsh tl.e mail:-
:w -eeoiul-ela-s mutter.
(In Advance.)
One year ?2.00 Three month
Six months 1.00 Onemonth
i.irtif. uimilml mi X after their name on
the margin of the n.sper or wrapper, in.iy
kimw that tSieir-ab-cnptiOT has expired and
l-,dne. -MIuchaie kindly solicited to ic-
iu:t to iij- the amount of the same.
:pkbmAX ticks:'!.
Sheriff Sweeney after November d.
Pawnee comity claims 40,000 acre
seeded to wheat. Good for old Paw nee.
A VOTE for D. L. Sweeney, candidate
for sheriff, is in the interest of the tax
payers of the county.
John W. Sallow, our next county clerk
N winning lauiel wherewr he goes,
lie takes well and i a lace winuer.
Iv every republican in the count- vote '
and works for the straight republican
ticket on election dav the victorv is ouis.
D::. D. D. Rose for coroner; w ho j
doubts that he will make an efficient of-j
-'-'-" 5f lei-tcil. and we believe he will be? ,
Ouu people are clamoring for a good !
county surveyor and want J. W. Howe I
elected. He will be the light man in the I
nght place. '
If we aie allowed to make a prediction ,
on the outcome of the contest for tieas- .
urer we would wager our old paste pot
that Lafayette Sims would preside over
the couutv cash box one vear from now.
We 111:13' be a little persistent in our
work for republican success iu Novem
ber, but lemember we aie speaking for
the success of each individual republican
iu the count', who ought to be as deeply
iuteiested as we aie.
Ex-Governor John. T. llartranft died
at his home in Morristowu, Pennsylva
nia, on the 17th instant. The govern
or's name has been prominently before
the people as the next commissioner of
pensions, vice Tanner resigned.
John W. Goodwine, our present ef
ficient register of deeds aud nominee for
relectiou to said office, is making but lit
tle noise with his canvass, but his influ
ence is made manifest wherever he goes.
Goodwine catches the crowd every time.
Our word for it that in the event a
democrat is elected to office oer a re
publican in the county contest, the verv
meu who are responsible for the demo
ciat's election will iu two years time ask
assistance from republicans for his re
moval or re-election.
Hon. Lafayette Sims, caudidate for
treasurer, is an old time campaigner and
au be truly counted as being "one of
:tho boys." lie is up aud doing and will
-show up one of the prettiest urns on the
home stietch ever seenii the political
-race course. He will win by a good
. length.
- ( pleted. Enthusiasm for party is to be
What next! Hon. S. N. Wood :id 'admiied, but wheu it is of a spasmodic
the mortgage companies are having a kin(1 ad only llse(1 iu a convention aud
legal tussel in Stevens and Mirrouuding :lt no otber thne we are incHned to the
.counties, with Col. Wood accorded the ' beHef th:lt it amounts to but little unless
first knock-out. The final lesult isit oan be applied in a more temperate
awaited with much ititerest to the home- ' aml emalizea manner. A little cnthusi
steader of Westeru Kansas as well as by a51 should be reserved for the nominees
the loan companies. ' 0f a party, which ought to follow thent
i through the entire campaign up to and
The Garden City Sentinel is becoming j incudiug the day of election. Let the
quite a sugar plum. WTe always knew j ,10H)jees be assured that you not only
that Editor Gregory had a sweet tooth heipe(i to nominate them, but that yon
and was very iond of sweet meats. His also jav ciaim to having helped to elect
work iu the interest of sorghum cane aud tueIIK uct acijon makes the work light
the sugar industry of the state is bound J aud harmonious, besides more certain of
to make itself felt. Just now he is put
"ling in some telliug blows favorable to
this growing enterprise.
We are in receipt of the initial uuui
Tjer of the Jetmore Republican, publish
ed by ITou. "W. D. Pratt, which paper
without doubt fills a long felt want in
that county since the democrats have ab
sorbed all the republican papers for judic
ial purposes. Mr. Pratt is a little late in
the field with his Republican, but be will
stir up the animals before he is taken in
or we miss our'guess. Success to the Re
publican and the interest he may represent.
Ix the consolidation of the Ford
Corx-rr Repcbmcax and the Globe
T-ive Stock Joins at.. bth of uhicu
have been no small factors in the county.
jt j5 to c hoped that such a step may be
rommnO co be in the interest of the Kepub-
licau paity more tuau it is in the interest
of the individuals who may have a per-
sonal or pecumaiy interest in the new
" .
enterprise. 1 o the patty it means much
tliut is of interest to the people of Ford
county. To bein with, the county is
repulilicau by a jjood majority, which
position 'it ought to inaintaiu as long as
- iepublicaus aie in the ascendancy in the
ooutitv. To hold this position theie must
he unity of action in the paity, which
cannot be accomplished so long as some
i of its recognized leaders are found pitted
against each other on personal as well as
political giound. So with news jour
nals professing to represent the interests
of a people who claim the same political
' faith, yet work for individual Mipicmacy
and frequently detrimental to the party
they profess to represent. If perchance
I the should be published in the same
city, as the Republican aud Globe
were, then we may ay we have a case
in point, and one that needs the serious
attention and consideration of every true
republican in the county. One good
paper is worth a dozen poor ones, and
when the limited patronage is considered
that i usually bestowed upon newspa
pers, ollicial or otherwise, it makes a vast
difference to the publishers whether it is
given to one good journal, or whether it
is divided among two or more papers
drawing patronage from the same source
or locality. The journals referred to
were running at a loss, aud why continue
the work when the people were not in
the least benefitted thereby, but on the
other hand were asked to sustain two
party oigans when one was all they could
consistently maintain. The fact cannot
l be gainsaid that two party organs pnb-
lished iu the same city or town, in nine
Wlgus olIt of evt.rv tlM1 CJIllse f:letjona
, iuteie&ts to :iiims in the paity, which
generally lesults in the defeat of some
one or moie of its candidate, aud the
n.glIt denier.its piofltby the mistakes
xlm? miule- We livforc call a halt and
a-k our lepuhlican fiiends to staud bjT
their party nominees and by their paity
0gJlI :IS ue whJcll is t0 do battlc fol.
them. If j-ou do this the victory is
vom :is vou havo :l llgllt lo cl.lilu it iu
. . . , .. . ..
majority is with the republicans in the
county to begiu with. Will you allow it
to change? By your suffrage, lepubli
cans, you can say most emphatically,
"No! Never!"
The Ford County Republican has
ceased to exist, and in its stead springs
up the Globe-Republican, which sig
uities a consolidation of the Globe Live
Stock Journal and the Foiu County
Republican. Duriug the past two and
one-half years we have exerted every
power within our limited means to give
to the public a newspaper worthy of their
patronage, aud feel that they have ap
preciated our feeble efforts, and hope
they will in the future favor the Globe
Republican with whatever patronage
they may have. With these few brief
remarks, aud thanking the people of
Dodge City and Ford county for the in
terests they have taken in our behalf, we
make our bow, aud retire from the jour
nalistic field.
M. W. Sutton,
R. E. Deardoff.
Too many republicans are inclined to
lose all their enthusiasm while in the
county convention, or as soon as the work
for which they were assembled is com-
The time may come as it usually
does when some of our would-be prom
inent republicans who are putting in their
time on the quiet soliciting votes for
democratic nominees, when they will re
gret their action in the direction above
indicated. These fellows, when they
show up for official positions a year or
two hence, may find out that the success
of the republican parry in the county can
not be attributed to the work they have
done for it. The record is sure to be
raade, and the soldier element of the
party will do it, if nobody else.
The Globe-Republican is support-
I ing the republican nominees, because it
is our duty as ar advocate of republican ing article on 'Pearls" is beautifully il
principles to do so. lustrated by J. Carter Beard; and there
" are, besides, numerous other excellent
Let eveiy -true blue" republican in articles and stories. Fine illustrations
the county stand by and vote for the re-1 constitute a feature of this 3Iagaziue:
publican nominees, if this is done there ! an(j in the Xovember number there aie
can be no doubt a to the result.
Senator Plumb and Congressman Pe
ters made the rounds of our state sugar
mills last week, posting themselves as to
the elliciencv of the plauts and the pro
ducts realized so they may inform coti
gress that sugar can be made in Kansas,
aud that. too. at a profit to our people.
Messrs. Plumb and Peters take a very
great interest iu this matter.
G. C. Pratt is the candidate for com-
missioner. a gentleman well qualified for
the impoitaut position-to which he is as-
pii ing. 3Ir. Pratt represents a large bus
iutss interest in this city and county
which he has successfully managed for
the past two years, and if elected com
missioner he will see to it that the coun
ty's affaiis are managed on systematic
business piiuciples.
Mr. D. L. Sweeney, the republican
candidate for sheriff, receives the fol
lowing handsome compliments from two
f Pennsylvania's most honored citizens.
Compliments thus paid without solici
tation, speak volumes for the uprightness
and integrity of Mr. Sweeney, and will
be received in the same true spirit which
prompted the writers to forward them to
the chairman of the republican commit
tee. We gladly reproduce the letters:
Office of Lieut. Gov.
TOWANDA, Pa. Oct. 8, 1889.
To Mr. Andrew Russel, chairman re
publican county committee.
I am pleased to learn that D. L. Swee
ney, now of Ford county, Kansas, was
nominated for sheriff. I resided for
many years in the same town with him.
I was for many years chairman of our
republican county committee while he
was here. I knew Mr. Sweeney as an
active, energetic aud always reliable le
publican, so fiom principle; while be
was always modest and kind to political
opponents yet no man was more firm
than he in his political faith. He was
always of assistance to us. It gives his
old friends great gratification on the
honor conferred upon him by his adopted
grate and can assure all that the confi
dence reposed in him will be well be
stowed. Hoping that he may be suc
cessful. I am vouis tiulv,
W. T. Davis.
Lieut. Gov. of Penn'a.
Towanda. Pa., Oct. 0, 18Sf.
To A. Itiissel. chairman of the lepub
licau county committee. Foul county,
1 am much pleaded to learn that my
old townsman and neighbor. Captain D.
L. Sweeney has been nominated as the
candidate of the lepublieau paity for the
ollicf of sheriff of Ford county, Kansas.
I have known Captain Sweeney for
many ais intimately aud know that he
is a iried and true republican, a worthy
vetei-.in of the late war. competent and
well (nullified for the place and if elect
ed hei iff of your county will make an
intelligent, competent and honest offi
cial. 1 am very truly
J. Andrew Wilt.
District Attorney, Bradford Co.. Pa.
The long looked for and the much
talked of consolidation of the Ford
County Republican aud the Globe Live
Stock Journal was finally accomplished,
and the two offices are now merged iuto
one. with headquarters in the Globe
building. The friends of the two papers
so consolidated will want no better rea
son for this action, we imagine, than to
be assured that it is in the interest of the
people; that it means the upbuilding of
a better newspaper for our city, county
and state; better by way of compari
son than either of the former journals
ever could claim to have been. It will
endeavor to keep apace with the spirit
and progress of our people as we may
be enabled to understand them; battling
for right and justice; defending the
honor and integrity of our people when
unjustly assailed, as well as cautioning
them against wrong-doing, thus assum
ing to aid them in their daily walks of
life. Politically it will be uncompro
misingly republican, stronger, if possible,
than either of the former papers were,
or the strength of both combined. The
friends and patrons of the former, we
hope may become the friends and pat
rons of the new paper. The manage
ment of the Globe-Republican will be
iu competent hands. An experienced
journalist will be at the wheel to guide
and direct the new craft through the
tossing billows of the journalistic sea
with safety, aud land hei iu a safe aud
secuie harbor.
Great forsight was shown by Dcinor
est's Family Magazine in publishing, ten
years ago. when an International Exhi
bition was then talked of, a map of the
identical site that has now been chosen
by the New York Committee for the
World's Fair of 1892. In the November
number of this famous Magazine (just
issued) this plan is reproduced, hand
somely executed, and on extra fine pa
per. It includes all the buildings'and the
laying-out of the grounds, and, to make
it more comprehensive, a map of Xew
York City is also given. The descrip
tion that accompanies these designs
gives a better idea of the site than any
thing that has yet been published. Ev
erybody should possess this number, if
only for this feature. The same enter
prise is shown through the entire Maga
zine. uWoman-Xovelties of America
contains some fine portraits of those with
whose names and books we are so
familiar. The opening chapters of a
serial ("Fiend or Fool?"), by J. H. Con
nelly, are given, promising to develop
into one of the best of that well-known
, author's wonderful stories. An interest-
over one hundred of them. It is certain
ly the cheapest 2.00 Magazine iu the
market. Published by W. Jennings
Demoiest. 1,"S East 14th Street. New
A Brier Record of The Republican
Nominee for Sheriff.
It gies us gieat pleasure to pieseut
to our readers the following brief sketch
and letters which have been hauded to
i n for publication in refeience to Cap- i
tain D. L. Sweeney, our candidate for j
Captaiu Sweeney was boin and raised
in the city of Towanda. Bradford county,
Pennsylvania, and was left an oiphan
before lie was one year old. He enteied
the Union army at seventeen and served
iu company "II" 14th New York Artil
lery and was discharged as Sergeaut. He
was afterward 1st Lieutenant aud Cap
tain in Co. "K" 12th Pennsylvania Infan
try. He was wninded three times. Lost
the sight of his light eye at Fort Stead
man, Virginia, taken prisoner aud con
fined in Libby prison in Richmond. Vir
ginia. He took part iu the battle of the
Wilderness, Spotsylvania. Cold Harbor,
Petersburg aud several other engage
ments. He has been a member of the
G. A. R. for 19 years and is at present
commander of the Lewis Post (Dodge
City,) was sent to Fort Hays and twice
to Topeka, Kansas, in the interests of the
Soldiers Home recently located at old
Fort Dodge, this county. He arrived in
this county about four years ago. Bought
the relinquishment of a claim for $150,
seven miles west of Dodge City, and
lived on it two years. He has since been
engaged as a builder in Dodge City,
working as a carpenter for day wages
first, and afterward as contractor; built
the city hall and is at present snperiu
teuding the erectiou of the Presbyterian
Captaiu Swecuey's war lecord is such
that at the mention, brings with it a
common feeling of sympathetic interest
to every old soldier, son of a soldier or
citizens who prizes our glorious govern
ment aud union of States as they now
are cemented by ine blood of tens of
thousands of the best aud truest patriots
that ever lived. His lecord as a citizen
laboring among laborers, earning a liv
ing for himself by the sweat of his
brow, and contributing to the general
good of all iu bis intercourse among
men.be is just uch a citizen whom we
ought to prize and encourage in our
midst aud confidently tiust to place in a
position of responsibility. Belfont En-
Republican Convention Resolutions.
The lepublieau party of Ford county,
in delegate convention assembled, con
gratulate the people on the success of
American principles, and the campaign
of 1SSS which culminated iu the election
of Benjamin Ilanisou and Levi P. Mor
ton as Piesident and Vice President of
the United States, and the reclaiming of
the lower house of congress fiom the
control of free trade, democracy, and
heuce from foreign iutlucuce.
2. We endorse the administiation of
President Hairison. and on behalf of
the pensioners of the county, thank Com
missioner lanner for bis liberal policy
iu their behalf, and believing the time
has arrived, we advocate the passage of
congress, and the approval thereof by
the president of service pension law for
all honorably discharged union soldiers
or sailors.
;'. We endorse the administration of
Governor Humphrey, and congratulate
him upon his management of state
4. We are earnestly oppo-ed to trusts,
combinations, pools aud all arrange
ments that have tendencies to increase
the price of any aiticle to the consumer,
and demand the enforcement of the anti
trust law passed by the last session of
the legislature.
.". We believe that all meu are free
and equal, that all are entitled to the
benefits of the free institution of this
country without any distinction to race
or color.
C. We pledge to the ticket this day to
be nominated the earnest, energetic and
undivided support of the republican
party of Ford county.
7. Whereas, the government of the
United States has donated to the State of
Kansas the buildings at old Foit Dodge
together with about 125 acres of land,
upon condition that the state inaintaiu
thereon a state soldiers home, and
whereas the State of Kansas has estab
lished a state soldiers home at said place
iu accordance with the terms of the do
nation from the United States govern
ment, and
Whereas, the amount of laud now
owned by the state is sufficient upon
which to eiect a state soldiers home, on
the plan provided for in the laws of the
State of Kansas to wit: the cottage sys
tem. Xow. therefore to secure the perpetu
ity of the aid home at said Fort Dodge,
be it
Resolyei, By the delegates assem
bled in this the republican county con
vention of Ford county. That it is the
sense of this convention that the county
commissioners of Ford county be
asked to appropriate the sum of five thou
sand dollars, or so much thereof as may
be necessary, to said home, to be used in
the purchase of land, the buildiug of a
lateral irrigation ditch to said soldiers
home, to be expended for said purposes,
in such mauner as said board of .county
commissioners may direct.
S. That we heartily endorse the course
of the Hou. S. R. Peters, our member of
congress as such representation and ex
tend to him the hearty thanks of the re
publicans of Ford county for his success
ful efforts in securing the appropriation
of the lands at Forf Dodge to be used as
a state soldiers home.
9. That we, the republicans of Ford
county do hereby most earnestly endorse
our esteemed friend, the Honorable D.
M. Frost of this city and county for the
appointment to the positiou of register
to the United States land'office at Garden
Citv, Kansas.
J. A. Arhent,
x, I
v, J
H. L. Harvey
Everything New
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Watch- -A And
maker &p
49-ltepairing of Watches, Clocks and Jewelry done iu a workmanlike manner. ANo a
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R. EL McEIiWAIH, Proprietor.
College of Western Kansas.
1. -At .prJk&AnaUlli.teJF
Coubse of Stgdy: Classical, Scientific, English, Normal, Business,
School Term: Fall Term begins Sept. 10, 1889. Winter Term begins
January 7, 1890. Spring Term April 1, 1890.
Expenses: Fall term, 15 weeks, $13. WTinterTerm, 12 weeks, $10.
Spring term, 10 weeks, $8.50. No incidentals. Board, 6.o0 to 4 per
week in private families. Day board,
.board in College Dormitory $1.50 to
The School is Thorough, Progressive, Practical, Economical.
Send for circulars to
Rev. J. 31. Wright, President,
Lock Box 51.
and First-Class.
Olietrles Heinz,
OFFlGE.-Clie-.timt St., bet. 2d & 3nl Aves.
$1 to $2 per week. Rooms and
Dodge Uity, Kansas.
N&. 0s2i&&i&mfo
V -if-rT MfcMrfYft-frW--'
aataiteaifa ft 4& - JLM

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