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The Globe-Republican,
Published every Wednesday
By tk GloMepoklicao Publishing Co.
D. 51. FROST, Manager.
Entered at the Postoffice at J)odge City,
"Kansas, for transmission through the mails
as second-class matter.
Scutes cf S-i cscrirticr.:
(In Advance.)
One year ?2.00 Three months 75
-Six months 1.00 One month 25
Parties ho And an X after their name on
the margin of the paper or -wrapper, may
know that their subscription has expired and
Is due. All such are kindly solicited to re
mit to us the amount of the same.
G. C. Pratt for Commissioner.
-John Sidlow forJounty Clerk.
Vote for D. L. Sweeney for sheriff.
John Goodwine for Register of
Vote for J. W. Howe for surveyor.
He is the man for the office.
Dr. D. D. Rose, for coroner, is the
gentleman you want to vote for.
Vote for Hon. Lafayette Sims and say
you voted for the next couuty treasurer.
Howe Goodwine Rose when Pratt,
Sims, Sidlow aud Sweeney formed a
Vote for farmers Sidlow, Goodwine
and Sims, aud Mr. Granger's interests
will have to be recognized.
Republicans, lay all personal griev
ances aside, if ydu have any, and vote
the straight republican ticket.
In the language of Dana, "let us all
get together,'" and do our duty on elec
tion day for the republican ticket.
Chairman Russell, of the county
republican central committee, is making
a. gallant fight for the whole ticket.
It is now conceded by politicians that
the senatorial contest in Montana will re
sult in one tepublican and one democrat.
The big surprise in store for the dem
ocratic nominees will be the big vote that
will be counted out for the republican
In casting your ballot for register of
deeds, remember that we have never had
a better register than John Goodwine
has proved to be.
Ik you desire your vote to count for the
candidate that will be elected vote the
straight republican ticket and you will
make no mistake.
G. C. Pratt, candidate for county
commissioner, is a wise choice. If
elected he will prove himself a compe
tent county official.
Vote for D. L. Sweeney, the laboring
man's candidate. He is an honest, hard
working mechanic, and if elected sheriff
he will be their representative.
Let the democrats do the scratching
if they will, and fiud any amusement in
doing so, while the republicans Cast a
straight vote for the whole ticket.
Don't draw your scalping knife from
its sheath for the purpose of knifing a
brother republican, but have it ready for
the democrats should they manifest a
warlike spirit.
The farmers of the county have an in
terest in the republican ticket because
they have representatives there whom
they must elect and then have a voice in
the county government.
The contest is a straight party fight
with the republicans in the majority in
the county, and they need make no com
promises to democrats since they can win
the battle without doing so.
Congress at its next session will be
asked to aid the west in a few political
measures that will add millions to this
much neglected region. Irrigation, first
in importance, will come up for its share
of attention before that body. The sugar
industry will claim a portion of its time,
and a substantial portion of the money
appropriated. While the deep water
harbor on the gulf will also come in for
ts share.
TnE people of the county want a
change in the office of county treasurer
and it looks as though they would get it.
When the people speak then it is time
to pay some little attention to what is be
ing said.
The country republicans are looking
for help from the city republicans to
eleet their representatives and they have
a right to expect it. If they do not get
it there will be trouble in the future.
We want to warn our city friends to
stand bythem.
The Globe-Repdblican is no "smut
machine" or !dung hill organ' but a
square-toed, simon-pure exponent of
republican principles and measures and
will not permit itself to be drawn down
into the mire by every little feist that
may be yelping at the moon.
The farmers propose a change in our
county government and from the pres
ent indications we think they will have
it, too. It is right and they ought to
prevail. The city chaps who have fed
at the public crib so long ought to recog
nize this fact. If they do not, in the fu
ture they will be numbered with the
Dennis family.
The democratic ticket was all made
up in Dodge City. Dodge City is repre
sented and Dodge City alone. The
country people are only consulted now,
as the election is close at hand and they
want outside help to pull their ticket
through; so far the democrats of the
county are recognized. For voting pur
poses they are all right, but for office
the city democrats think they are all
.J. W. Ady, of Newton, was on the 24th
inst. named United States District At
torney for the district of Kansas, which
is one of the best and most acceptable
appointments made by the president
among all the Federal offices given to
this state. Mr. Ady is rated "way up"
in his profession, an enthusiastic worker
in the party, and one of the most
agreeable gentlemen a person could wish
to meet.
D. L. Sweeney, the republican candi
date for sheriff, is making a splendid
canvass and is drawing to his support a
host of hardy supporters who are cham
pioning his race, recognizing in him the
true mettle of which good sheriffs are
made. Dennis is a winner if the boys
stand by him. He will not betray their
trust. He will make an efficient officer
aud will redeem the pledge he made the
people, that he would not take from the
county treasury any more money than
the law allows for his services.
Postmaster General Wanamaker
has awarded the contract for furnishing
the government with postage stamps for
four years to come, to the American
Rank Note Company, of New lork.
The new stamps will be about one-eighth
smaller than those in present use. There
will also be some changes in colors. The
one cent stamps will coutinue to be
printed in blue; the two-cent stamps,
now printed in green, will be a bright
carmine, and changes will be made In
some of the other denominations. The
new stamps will go into use January 1st.
We learn that some of the democrats
in the country are now charging D. L.
Sweeney, the republican candidate for
sheriff, with some soit of crookedness in
the erection of the city hall building.
Just what the charge is we are unable to
learn, but to us it matters little what they
may say. If they are honest they must
acknowledge that Sweeney & Foley, the
contractors on the city building, did the
best job of work ever performed on a
public building in the county. It is a
veritable monument to mechanical skill.
If ever a good, honest job of work was
done in the city, that is one of them.
This fact can be verified by everybody in
the city that knows anything at all about
the construction of that model building.
The old gentleman is after them ; he
has run them into the brush already.
We mean Hon. Lafayette Sims, our can
didate for treasurer, who is out early and
late among his fanner friends. They
give him a cordial greeting and say "go
in old man, we are with you; while you
are not the first treasurer that has ever
been nominated from the country as a
representative farmer, we want to have
it said that you are the first to be elected,
so we are with you and will stand by
you." This is the kind of talk ourfarm
ers are making, and why shouldn't they?
They desire to be recognized and why
not now while they have the power to do
it. If you do not recognize them now
the time may come when you may wish
that you had done so.
The republican candidate for register
of deeds is one of the most efficient of
ficers the county has ever had to fill that
important position. He is a genial, ac
commodating, pains-taking official with
whom it is a pleasure to do business. A
farmer by occupation, he is a true repre
sentative of the agriculturalists, and a
man that takes a great interest in the de
velopment of our county. He is one of
the foremost in fair association meetings
and agricultural assemblies where he
ably discusses their interests to their
profit and advancement. A good man
for any community to possess is Mr.
Goodwine, and as register of deeds our
farmers will find a true friend and coun
selor when they come to his office either
on business or for friendly advice.
The laboring man's ticket is composed
of farmers Sims, for treasurer,' J W".
Sidlow for county clerk, John Goodwine
for register of deeds, mechanic D. L.
Sweeney for sheriff, J. W. Howe for sur
veyor, and G. C. Pratt for county com
missioner; no bankers and speculators
on the republican ticket. So it is in the
interest of the laboring man.
The meeting of county attorneys and
commissioners held in Topeka last week,
resolved to fight the Metropolitan Trust
Company, which; holds a mortgage on
the C. K. & X. and A. K. & C roads,
who wishes to freeze out the interests
several counties and townships have in
the above roads. The meeting resolved
to assess the various counties interested
825,000 with which, to make the fight.
Twentv-seven counties in all have de
cided they will not be froze out. For
Ford county will surely protect its in
terests in this matter, even if she has to
make the fight alone and single handed.
The Globe-Republican proposes in
the near future to lay all the facts in this
ease before its readers, and urges action
on the part of our county board.
Our old friend and former citizen,
Lafe Sims, has been nominated for treas
urer of Ford county, Kansas, by the re
publicans, and his many friends and old
acquaintances in this city and county
will rejoice at his election. Lafe is a
good citizen and a thorough going busi
ness man, and will faithfully collect and
guard the peoples' money. Martinsville
(Ind.) Republican.
Such are the endorsements that our
candidate for treasurer is receiving from
his Indiana home where he had resided
for fifty-seven years, which shows that
he not only had been a good citizen, but
a thorough going business man; with
such an endorsement from his old home
as this, our people have sufficient proof
that our party has made no mistake in
selecting him as our candidate for county
The Republican candidates for sheriff,
county clerk, treasurer and register of
deeds, were in the city Monday. Mr.
Sweeney, the candidate for sheriff, was
but very little acquainted here before the
campaign, but being a genial, first-class
gentleman, has in the past few weeks
made hosts of strong friends, who rec
ognize in him a man especially fitted for
the position he is seeking. He made no
canvass for the nomination, but since the
republican party placed him in nomina
tion, is doing his best for success. Mr.
Sweeney is making a splendid race and
the people will make no mistake should
they elect him the next sheriff of Ford
county. J. W. Sidlow is well enough
known to need auy introduction from us;
however to make a few facts known to
the public may uot be out of place:
While Mr. Sidlow has been a practical
farmer, thoroughly identified with the
interests of that class, he has done
everything possible aud fair to keep
down the expenses of the county, as
commissioner, and has succeeded, with
the help and work of the rest of the
county board, in lessening the expenses
of Ford county to the extent of over 9,
000 each year less than what was form
erly spent by preceding boards. Under
the efficient management of the present
board, count' scrip has been nearing
par and it seems to us that it would be
ungrateful not to still further honor so
capable an official as Mr. Sidlow has
made. Mr. Sims, the candidate for
treasurer, while somewhat unacquainted
here is reasonably well known over the
county and will poll a,tremendous vote,
as he has no interest in any bank or
clique, and no one will have cause
to think they do not get enough for
county scrip under his administration.
Mr. Sims is thoroughly capable of filling
the position and will to the satisfaction
of all. Mr. Goodwine has made an
enviable record as register of deeds and
is too well aud favorably known to stand
any chance of defeat. Never in the his
tory of the county has there been a more
capable set of men nominated for office
than was nominated by the republican
convention, and the only question to be
decided is the majorities they will re
ceive. Ford Gazette.
Grandview Twp. Ticket.
The citizens of Grandview township
met in mass convention at Mt. Pleasant
school house, October 2Gth. 1889, and
were called to order by Mr. Mullendore.
W. F. Petillon was chosen president,
and C. Stanley secretary, when they
proceeded to nominate the following
named persous, for a people's ticket, for
township officers: Trustee. Joseph
Bratley: treasurer, J. G. Breakey; clerk,
H. L. Harvey ; justice of the peace, Abra
ham Bondurant; constables. Joseph
Bigger and Alva Devoe ; road overseers,
1st district, Henry Wood, 2nd district E.
On motion the following resolution
was adopted: "Itis the sense of this
meeting that the chairman and secretary
notify the chairman of the republican
and democratic central committees, to
appoint their committees to investigate
the matter of reduction of taxation of
Ford county.'"
Short address by J. M. Lloyd, after
which the meeting adjourned.
W. F. Petillon, C. Stanley,
President. Secretary.
Richfield Republican: Daniel M.
Frost was appointed register of the land
omce at Garden City, Oct. 14, by Presi
dent Harrison. Mr. Frost is well known
by the people of this district as a good
republican and well qualified to fill the
office. With Jesse Taylor, as receiver,
and Mr. Frost, as register, we are con
fident that the land office work will be
done in first class order.
Republican Convention Keselntions.
The republican party of Ford county,
in delegate convention assembled, con
gratulate the people on the success of
American principles, and the camp lign
of 1888 which culminated in the election
of Benjamin Harrison and Levi P. Mor
ton as President and Vice President of
the United States, and the reclaiming of
the lower house of congress from the
control of free trade, democracy, and
hence from foreign influence.
2. We endorse the administration of
President Harrison, and on behalf of
the pensioners of the county, thank Com
missioner Tanner for his liberal policy
in their behalf, and believing the time
has arrived, we advocate the passage of
congress, and the approval thereof by
the president of service pension law for
all honorably discharged union soldiers
or sailors.
3. We endorse the administration of
Governor Humphrev. aud congratulate
him upon his management of state
4. We are earnestly opposed to trusts,
combinations, pools and all arrange
ments that have tendeucies to iucrease
the price of any aiticle to the consumer,
and demand the enforcement of the anti
trust law passed by the last session of
the legislature.
5. We believe that all men are free
and equal, that all are entitled to the
benefits of the free institution of this
country without any distinction to race
or color.
C. We pledge to the ticket this day to
be nominated the earnest, energetic and
undivided support of the republican
party of Ford county.
7. Whereas, the government of the
United States has donated to the Suite of
Kansas the buildings at old Fort Dodge
together with about 12o acres of laud.
upon condition that the state maintaiu
thereon a state soldiers home, and
whereas the State of Kansas has estab
lished a state soldiers home at said place
in accordance with the terms of the do
nation from the United States govern
ment, and
Whereas, the amount of laud now
owned by the state is sufficient upon
which to erect a state soldiers home, on
the plan provided for in the laws of the
State of Kansas to wit: tne cottage sys
Now, therefore to secure the perpetu
ity of the said home at said Fort Dodge,
be it
Resolved, Bjr the delegates assem
bled in this the republican county con
vention of Ford county. That it is the
sense of this convention that the county
commissioners of Ford county be
asked to appropriate the sum of five thou
sand dollars, or so much thereof as may
be necessar3r, to said borne, to be used in
the purchase of land, the maiding ot a
lateral irrigation ditch to said soldiers
home, to be expended for said purposes,
in such manner as said board of county
commissioners mav direct.
S. That we heartily endorse the course
of the Hon. S. R. Peters, our member of
congress as such representation aud ex
tend to him the hearty thanks of the re
publicans of Ford county for his success
ful efforts iu securing the appropriation
of the lands at Fort Dodge to be used as
a state soldiers home.
9. That we, the republicans of Ford
county do hereby most earnestly endorse
our esteemed friend, the Houorable D
M. Frost of this city and county for the
appointment to the position of register
to the United States land office at Garden
City, Kansas.
J. A. Arment,
II. L. Harvey
Y, J
Personal Paragraphs.
Meade Republican : There has proba
bly no appointment been made in Kan
sas that will give moie general satisfac
tion than that of D. M. Frost, of Dodge
City, to be register of the land office at
Garden City. As a journalist few have
done as much for western Kansas, aud
none could bring to the office a knowl
edge that would better fit them for the
duties devolving upon him. His years
of experience and large acquaintance
makes him conversant with the entire
district he is called to serve. He is no
more to be congratulated than are the
people whom he is appointed to serve.
It is also a proper recognition of one who
as a journalist has done much for tb
New West Echo : Tuesday morning
of this week, Hon. D. M. Frost, of Dodge
City, received a telegram announcing
the fact that he had been appointed
register of the Garden City land
office. The appointment is one which
meets with the hearty approval of the
people of southern Kansas, and espec
ially those of Ford couuty, as they knew
Mr. Frost to be a true republican in ev
ery sense of the word, and a man who
has woiked hard for the success of the,
republican party, aud is now only receiv
ing the recognition to which he is so
justly entitled. Republican.
We unite with our neighbor in con
gratulating Frost upon his well deserved
success. Our old friend will make a
good officer, and we are heartily pleased
to record the faet.
Coolidge Citizen : Hon. D. M. Frost,
of Dodge City, has been appointed reg
ister of the U. S. land office at Garden
City, to succeed Hon. C. F. M. Niles, the
present incumbent. Mr. Frost is an old
Kansan, having located in this county in
the early part of the seventies. He was
postmaster at this place, then called
Sargent, in 1872-3, which at that time
was the end of the Santa Fe railway.
From this point he went to Dodge City,
where he has been in the newspaper
business ever since. He is well qualified
for the position and his appointment will
be satisfactory to the patrons of his dis
trict. Optic, Las Vegas, X. M.: Another
editor has received the recognition of
the party in Kansas. Judge D. M.
Frost, of the Dodge City Globe, has
been appointed to be register of the land
office at Garden City.
' Branch Office of the
McKinley Mortgage & Debenture
Farm Loans Made Promptly. Money
Loans. Jloney Paid
First National Bank Buildinsr,
JJODUE U1T1, h.V5.
Everything New
For Bargains in New and Second-hand goods. Persons desiring goods sold at Private sale
or Auction, will be chaiged a reasonable commission. Auction Sale Wednesday and Satur
days, beginning alp in. Also House Moving done on short notice. Office at Store.
maker g&
4S"Repainng of Watches, Clocks HiulJewelry done in a workmanlike manner. Also a
large stock of Watches, Clocks and Jew eh y on hand at
Successor to CEO. S. EMERSON.
Carry a full line of
Staple k Fancy Groceries.
Chicago Bargain Store
Our late invoices from Chicago and New York, show a reduction of from 5
to 15 per cent and we propose to let the the people have that benefit. Bead
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Well come and poke the counters over and see for yourself, it does not
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B. S. McELWAIXT, Proprietor.
College of Western Kansas.
Coukse of Study: Classical, Scientific, English, Normal, Business,
School Term: Fall Term begins Sept. 10, 1889. Winter Term begins
January 7, 1890. Spring Term April 1, 1890.
Expenses: Fall term, 15 weeks, $13. Winter Term, 12 weeks, $10.
Spring term, 10 weeks, $8.50. No incidentals. Board, $3.50 to $4 per
week in private families. Day board, $1 to $2 per week. Booms ad
board in College Dormitory $1.50 to $2.25. '
The School is Thorough, Progressive, Practical, Economical.
Send for circulars to
Bev. J. M. Weight, President,
Lock Box 51.
Constantly on Hand. No Delay in Cloring
when Papers are Signed.
and First-Class.
Olistrles Heinz,
Second - Hand Store !
WEST OF POST OFFICE.-ChestnutSt..bet.2d3rdAvcs.
tea kettle 1.25. Fine toilet soaps 8 to
Dodge City, Kansas.

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