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The Globe-Republican,
Published every "Wednesday
By the GioMepiicao Publishing Co.
Entered at the Postofflce at Dodge City.
Kansas, for transmission through the mails
as second-class matter.
2a.e cf S"u.Tsscripts.cit
(In Advance.)
One year $1J50 Three months 50
Six months 75 Single copies .5
Parties who find an X after their name on
the margin of the paper or wrapper, may
Know tnat tncir suoscnpuon uas expireu uu
is due. All such are kindly solicited to re
mitHo us the amount of the same.
Editor and Manager.
Asst. Editor and Man.
Pay up your election bets and dont
Our rooster is not sick, but fce got
away from us just as we got reaajco use
Democratic gains arejreported pret
ty generally all over the western part of
the state. '
Some of the boys are wearing new
hats at the ezpease of the fellows
that got left. '
The very latest news on the county
election, makes it possible that about
three republicans will be elected.
"They are all honorable men," now
since the election is over, not nearly so
bad as they were represented to be a day
or two before the election.
Now the knowing ones will come up
and grasp the winning candidate by the
hands and say "didn't I tell you you
would win?" Of course he did, and
in nine cases out of every ten he voted
against the candidate he is congratulating.
INGTON. The Kansas republicans in Washing
ton, D. C, got together and organized
the Kansas republican association, by the
election of the Hon. George Chandler,
first assistant secretary of the interior,
as president; Deputy Second Auditor J.
H. Franklin, as first vice president; G.
W. Carr as second vice president; A.
McLauchlin as secretary; W. B. Dunn
as corresponding secretary; Capt. A. A.
Thomas as treasurer. Ex-State Auditor
E. P. McCabe, of Topeka, was the pro
moter of the organization. This means
that Kansas men and Kansas measures
shall be accorded a fare and square deal
at the national capital. A good scheme.
It now transpires that it was Mrs.
Monroe who "worked" Mr. McCann.
She invented the Bender story just to
get a free ride to Kansas. O, Kansas is
a great state, and people will do almost
auything to get here! Hutchinson
The notorious Bender family has been
heard from at last, way up in Michigan
and returned to Kansas where they will
have to answer for their atrocious
crimes committed in this state some
eighteen years ago. "We only hope the
officers may have the original Benders
of Cherryvale notoriety.
The price of the Globe-Republican
has been reduced to 1.50 per year in or
der to place it within the reach of every
citizen in the county, whom we should
be pleased to have on our subscription
list. Remember if you subscribe now
and pay the cash you will get the paper
freefrom now to January 1st, 1890.
Another bloody chapter was added to
the Hatfield-McCoy vendetta, last Friday
night, in which one of the Hatfield gang
James Blumfield, was killed, and Mrs.
James Brown was mortally wounded,
while asleep in camp, by a detatchment
of the McCoy party in ambush. Now
the Hatfields and their relations num
bering not less than two hundred and
fifty are up, in arms, and nothing short
of complete extermination of the McCoy
party will ever cool their boiling blood.
In point of crimes committed there is no
choice between the two gangs, and al
though the last onslaught was a most
cowardly proceeding on the part of the
McCoys, it is not saying the other side
would not do the same if they had the
opportunity. This wholesale killing has
been carried on long enough, and to our
mind there is but one way of putting an
end to it, and that is the extermination
of the very last man on both sides. Is
the law in West Virginia so powerless
that these blood-thirsty villains roam at
will, without even an attempt on the
part of the authorities to check them?
If so, is it not time that an higher power
asserted itself? When the state will not
or cannot provide measures for the sup
pression of lawlessness, then the govern
ment should take the matter in hand.
Neighborhood Comment.
The Ford County Republican, Dodge
City Globe and Live Stock Journal have
consolidated with D. M. Frost as manag
er. Mr. Frost has had large newspaper
experience, and in the past he published
the best newspaper in Ford county.
Garden City Herald.
m m
The Ford County Republican and
Globe, of Dodge City, have been consol
idated, with Hon. D. M. Frost as man
ager. The Globe-Republican is now
one of the neatest and most newsy pa
pers that reaches our exchange table.
Ingalls Union.
m m
The consolidated Globe-Republican,
at Dodge City, has the right ring to
it, clean and newsy. For some time
Dodge City has been without a first-class
Republican paper, but the above sup
plies the deficiency exactly. Ford
Just now the daily papers are full of
sensational matter relating to th'e capture
of the notorious Bender family. On
Thursday of last week the governor of
Michigan granted the request of Govern
or Humphrey of Kansas for the extradi
tion of the two suspected women, Mrs.
Monroe and Mrs. Sarah Davis, and Fri
day they were brought to Labette county
this state by Deputy Sheriff L. F. Dick.
The following history of their crimes,
and an interview with a Kansas City
official, is taken from the Evening News
of that city:
the interview.
"Identify the Benders!" exclaimed a
city officer, who was one of the pioneers
of southern Kansas during the Bender
excitement. "If charred bits of bones
and white ashes which have long since
been tossed to the winds can be
gathered together and be identified, then
the Benders can be found. There were
wild times in the southeastern part of
Kansas during the early part of the 70's,
and the vigilants ruled society with laws
of iron. The Benders did not escape
them. They were taken from their
wagon, which was subsequently found
and bound to trees around which a
mammoth brush pile was built and then
Ignited. I have seen the Benders sev
eral times, and Kate Bender, the girl,
was one of the handsomest women in
that part of Kansas. The brother of Dr.
York now lives in Topeka. He knows
of the Benders1 death and that is why
he has never taken steps to investigate
the supposed arrests of those criminals."
"How do you know the Benders were
"I do know it, but I will not say how.
I know of two who were there and saw
it. At first the band was sworn to keep
the matter of the retribution a secret, but
it has come to light from time to time
and it is useless to keep the secret longer.
Too many innocent persons have suf
fered by it. You can set it down that
the people arrested in Michigan will
never be proven to be the Benders of
Cherryvale, and Labette county will be
short the expenses of transportation."
Valentine Love was running the Wal
nut street theater about eight years ago
when the police, who were just as shrewd
and far seeing at that date as they are at
present, rushed an old dilapidated
couple off the stage and charged them
with being the Benders.
For a while Love had advertised the
couple as the Benders. One of the show
bills had in-big letters "The Benders are
at the Walnut street." A wide awake
detective of that date rubbed his eyes
when he saw it, had the words spelled
out to him and deemed it a valuable
clue. Detectives Con O'Hare and H.-j and cannons, and he'll fire them off, too
The election is over, and the officers
who are to serve yon for the next two
years have been chosen. The persons
named may not have been your choice
nor named by your vote, but they are
your omcers just tue same as your
own candidates would have been had
they been elected, and you owe them the
same duty as any and all officers who are
called upon by the people to serve them
in an official capacity to give them your
support while in the discharge of their
official duty, so long as they honestly
and conscientiously perform that duty.
Support them in every measure that is
right, just and proper for them to per
form under the laws of the state. This
much, as a good, honest, law-abiding
citizen you owe to them. Your demand
of them will be a strict compliance with
the law and an honest and efficient dis
charge of their official duties.
We have received the initial number
of the Globe-Republican, published
at Dodge City, by the Globe Publishing
Co., of which Hon. D. M. Frost Is the
moving spirit. The Ford County Re
publican has been merged into the Globe
which has been resurrected after a sleep
of about a year. The new paper is ably
edited, is bright and newsy and is sound
ly Republican in politics. Bucklin
The result of yesterdays election in
this county from returns made up to time
of going to press indicates that the en
tire democratic county ticket is elected,
with a possible exception of one officer,
the register of deeds, who may overcome
the slight majority his democratic op
ponent has, as soon as some of the re
maining outside precincts are heard from,
where the republicans are hopeful of se
curing votes enough to overcome the
majority against that officer, which is
only twenty votes. It is hardly possible
that any of the other officers will gain
enough to overcome the majorities al
ready reported against them, which
ranges all the way from fifty to one hun
dred and fifty votes. This, of course,
may be reduced some, but in the main it
will be found very nearly correct. The
returns from eighteen of the twenty
eight precincts in the county, including
the city, so far returned a vote of 944,
which shows a falling off from the vote
of 18SS, of nearly 230 votes as far as
heard from. The total vote that will be
polled iu the county will be lour or five
hundred less than last year, when 1,513
votes were polled for presidential elect
ors, the republicans receiving a majority
of 252. It is useless to moralize on the
result. The democrats are in, and that
too, by republican suffrages. There is
deep significance in this election and
particularly so to the republican party
in this county, which if closely studied
may help them out in the future and
show them the errors they have made
from the nominating of their candidates.
to the close of the campaign.
We are in receipt of the Globe-Republican
of October 23rd, which is
the result of a consolidation of the Globe
Live Stock Journal which has been ly
ing upon the shelf the last year and the
Ford County Republican, which latter
ceases to exist under the new arrange
ment. The issue before us presents
uuu ypograpmcai arrangement ana
with Hon. D. M. Frost as manager will
holdup Republican principles with, a
strong arm. We wish it success. Bell-
font Ensign.
Judge D. M. Frost who has recently
been appointed register of the Garden
City, Kansas, land office will take charge
of the office in a few days, and from that
time what is right to a hair-line, noth
ing more or nothing less may be depen
ded on in the management of the office.
We know whereof w;e speak, for we had
the pleasure of working for Judge Frost
two years, and know him to be fair,
honest, capable and fearless in whatever
he undertakes. Register, Lamar, Col.
The Ford County Republican reaches
us this week with hyphonated name,
having been consolidated with the Globe
Live Stock Journal. The combination
will hereafter be known as the Globe -
Republican, and issued as a six col
umn quarto under the business manage
ment of Hon. D. M. Frost. Politically it
will be strictly republican. The num
ber before us presents an excellent ap
pearance; is well filled with local and
political matter, but has not the amount
of local advertising patronage that a live
paper, such as the Globe-Republican
is, deserves. Politically it is a success,
and we hope it will be made so finan
cially. Garden City Imprint
Hon. D.M. Frost, who has been ap
pointed register of the U. S. land office
at Garden City, has been one of the most
faithful workers in the republican party
that there is in the state. We are glad
that he has received this recognition. He
will make an able pains-taking and effi
cient officer. Jetmore Republican.
Greeley made the arrest and for two
hours enjoyed much fame. But the
couple were released, being just as much
the Benders as Desney was the Altman
diamond robber.
There are but few who are unacquain
ted with the leading features of the
crimes of the Bender family. Murder
was the delight and pastime of the mem
bers of the outfit, and robbery their busi
ness in life. The active ones of the
family were the old man, his wife, Kate
Bender and John Bender, the daughter
and son of the well matched pair. There
was another son, a small boy, who seems
to have vanished from the face of the
earth, although he was not killed at the
time his relatives are said to have met
their sudden and merited punishment.
Old man Bender kept a sort of a way
side inn for travelers, some distance out
of Cherryvale. Stockmen going out to
buy cattle and strangers whose business
took them down toward the line of the
Nation were the guests. ; Men well
equipped with money left Parsons, Cher
ryvale and other towns, their road lead
ing in the direction of Bender's and were
never seen again. Little remark was
caused as the missing ones were from
distant points and had no friends in the
neighborhood to inquire into their fate.
One afternoon Dr. York, a well known
physician of Kansas, accompanied by his
son, a little boy about five years old, left
Parsons and were never seen again alive.
Failing to hear from him his friends in
stituted a dilligent search. The brother
of the missing man, an attorney now
living in or near Topeka, headed the
party. Dr. York and bis boy were traced
to the Bender ranch and there the trail
ceased. The family had grown into dis
repute and a careful examination of the
premises was made.' Pending the search
the Benders fled, and suspicion became
certainty. Renewed efforts to find the
bodies were made, for all hope of dis
covering the unfortunate doctor had
been abandoned. At last the father and
son were found in one shallow grave
near the house. A posse was organized
which took the trail of the- fugitives.
Upon their return the vigilance commit
tee gave it out that the Benders had es
caped their vengance. Other reports of
a directly opposite character were also
circulated, so that the fate of the mur
derers has, like the whereabouts of one
Tascot, always been a matter of uncer
tainty. After the finding of the bodies
of Dr. York and his child further search
was made and the graves of1 eighteen or
twenty more victims were found. Sev
eral were identified as these of cattle
buyers who carried large sums of money.
A trap door was discovered in the floor
of the principal room of the house,
opening into a cellar. The unconscious
victims were seated over the door and
precipitated to their death below. The
murders of the Benders are believed to
have all been committed within the
period of eighteen months.
I dropped in at republican headquar
ters the other evening just in time to
witness a very funny incident. A gen
tleman who earns his bread and drink by
working at the anvil and forge, and who
every time he meets you, doesu't fail to
let you know that there is no other man
on the face of the earth who is quite so
good a wheelwright as he, and usually
proves the assertion by giving the name
of an ex-governor of Michigan as refer
ence; who quotes Shakespeare by the
hour or tries to and who thinks he is
making himself generally agreeable,
stumbled iuto the aforesaid headquarters
just at a time when a prominent citizen
was addressing the meeting. On this
occasion he was both wheel-right and
wheel-left, and so he wheeled himself in
front of the speaker.
"Huh! Pfff! Sir, you will please be
seated." was the quiet demand made by
the president.
Turning, he modestly said, "Sir, I bid
you a very good evening," and tipping
his hat he courtesied with a grace that
would put to shame an army officer, and
facing about be commenced addressing
the assembly.
The chairman warming up : "Will you
sit down, sir?"
But our polite visitor only begged his
pardon and continued ; "gentlemen and
friends! I"
"Will you sit down, sir, or shall I sit
down on you?" He took no heed, but
in a foreign tongue rolled out a string of
stuff which can best be explained in
dashes and punctuation marks.
"You keep still, sir, or do the other
thing," in a sforzando tone, and accom
panied by a gesture, froze our democrat
ic friend, and he sank down on a rickety
bench, apparently heedless of the nails
that protruded at all angles, and would
soon have favored the audience with one
of those lovely nasal tunes, but some
hard-hearted individuals rolled him to
the door and out on the sidewalk, and
the speaker commenced his speech over
Joe McAdams must be going to propel
his dray by steam power, or else why did
he have a stove iu his wagon with a fire
in it, yesterday morning. If there is
anything in this I would like to have
some one step around and leave the facts,
because I do like to keep up with all the
latest improvements.
"If I thought Gilmore would really
have guns and cannons in connection
with his jubilee concert, I would surely
go to hear him," is the talk many people
muuige in. ui course ne'ii nave guns
Physician and Surgeon,
Gives special attention to the treatment
of catarrhal disease of nose, throat and
ear. Office hours from 9 to 11 a. m. and
2 to 5 p. m.
Office ou Cbestuut street over New
York Store ; room 36.
T. l. McCakty.
C. A. MttTOS
Dodge City, v9-4 Kansas.
Watches, Clocks,
Jewelry, Silverware
and Optical Goods -
Repairing of Fine Watches and Engraving a
specialty. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Zinunermann Block, Chestnut St.
Dodge Cmr,
J. F. Fraxket.
J. W. WADE, M. D.,
Residence. Opposite Methodist Church.
Saddles, Harness, Etc., Etc.
Saddles Made to Order,
Genuine California Trees a Specialty
All Boods Warranted as hiftse&ted.
Sexid Vor Prices-
Dodge City, 8-17 Kansas
H. McGarry.
Notary Public
Frankey & McGarry,
Attorneys - at - Law.
Will make collections and practice iu
all the courts, and iu the Land Office.
JLand Cases and Contests promptly
attended to.
Office, First Floor Dodge City Bank
Dodge City,
Attorney -at -Law.
All Legal business promptly attended to.
Will practice In all Courts.
Office In Beeson Building, Chestnut st,
v9-4 DODQl Ol'l'Y.
S. STUBBS, Prop.
Branch Office of the
McKinley Mortgage & Debenture I
Take my advice and go ou the inside to
hear the concert, for I am told he will
place the guns ou one side and the can
nous on the other side of the rink build
ing, and in case you go mosiug around
in the yard and take chances on hearing
him through a window, you may acci
dentally get a gun wad through you, and
then you'd wished you had taken my
good advice; besides, the show would
come too dear if you had to pay a doctor
to probe for a wad or patch up a big hole
in your back. Be sure and go on the in
side, friends.
I met him at the Bock Island ticket
office; but, then, this is nothing unusual,
for I meet him nearly every day in the
week. But on this occasion, election
day, he seemed particularly friendly and
grasped me by the hand with a vise-like
grip, turned loose ou me, and whether
or not I had any doubts as to any par
ticular candidate being elected that day,
I was certain that I was elected, and
hanging myself over the railing of the
counter made ready for his charge.
"Old boy, Lou, I say, don't you know
Jack loves you more than he does
himself? Yes he does, old boy, you bet
your life op. that."
Why should'nt you love me; you have
always been treated well by me.
"You bet your life, old boy Lou; but
I say, won't you do the old man a favor
just this once?"
What is it you want, may be I can.
"Just go up here to the rink and vote
for my democratic friends, and 111 love
you more than ever.'
"Cant do it, yon know, boss; guess I'll
have to lose your friendship."
The old man had fire in his eye, and I
skipped out.
Farm Loans Made Promptly. Money Constantly on Ilaud. No Delav in Closinc
Loans. Money Paid when Papers are Signed.
First National Bank Building,
Everything New and First-Class.
Olieirles Heinz,
ml Second Hand Store!
W I W WEST OF POST OFFICE.-Chestnut St., bet. 2d 4 3rd Aves.
or Bargains in New and Second-hand goods. Persons desiring goods sold at Private sale
or Auction, will be charged a reasonable commission. Auction Bale Wednesday and Sutur-
eglnn,nga 1P-m- Also House Moving done on short notice. Office at Store.
v10-3 P. H. SUGIIRUE.
Meteorological Summary.
The following weather report for the
month of October, 18S9, is furnished by
Sergeant T. W. Sherwood, who is in
charge of the Dodge City signal station :
Mean barometer, 30.0S4.
Highest barometer, 30.37S, on 6th.
Lowest barometer 29.719 on 29th.
Mean temperature 55.6.
Highest temperature 94, on 2d.
Lowest temperature 28, on 26th.
Greatest daily range of temperature 39.
Least daily range of temperature 3.
Total excess in temperature during the
month, 28
Total excess in temperature since Jan
uary 1st, 241
Prevailing direction of wind, southeast.
Total movement of wind 7,332 miles.
Extreme velocity of wind, 33 miles,
from the east, on the 23d.
Total precipitation 2.88 inches.
Number of days on which precipita
tion fell, 8.
Total excess in precipitation during
month, 1.64.
Total deficiency in precipitation since
January 1st, 1.18.
Number of cloudless aays, 12; part
Ciouay aays, 4 ; ciouuy aays, 12.
Watch- SivPi And
49Bepairing of Watches, Clocks and Jewelry done In
large stock of Watches, Clocks and Jewelry on hand at
DODGE crxT"5r,
a workmanlike manner. Also a
Successor to CEO. S. EMERSON.
Carry a full line of
Staple & Fancy Groceries.
College of Western Kansas.
Coubse of Study: Classical, Scientific, English, Normal, Business,
School THUi:-Fall Term begins Sept. 10, 1889. Winter Term begins
January 7, 1890. Spring Term April 1, 1890.
Expenses: Fall term, 15 weeks, $13. Winter Term, 12 weeks, $10.
Spring term, 10 weeks, $8.50. No incidentals. Board, $3.50 to $4 per
week in private families. Day board, $1 to $2 per week. Booms and
board in College Dormitory $1.50 to $2.25.
The School is Thorough, Progressive, Practical, Economical.
Send for circulars to
Rev. J. M. Weight, President,
Lock Box 51.
Dodge City, Kansas.
-s f

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