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Resolutions of the Farmers' Congress
Meeting Next Tear tn Iowa.
Montgomery, Ala., Nov. 17.
Among the resolutions passed by the
farmers' conjrress was one fnvnrino
schemes for improving the Mississippi
and Missouri rivers and for a ship
canal across Illinois connecting the
Mississippi and Lake Michigan. The
farmers' institute was indorsed and
national aid recommended and a Na
tional Board of Agriculture demanded.
Chicago was indorsed over St. Louis as
a place for the World's Fair. It. F.
Kolb, of Alabama, was re-elected
president and a vice-president from
each State was chosen. B. F. Clayton,
of Illinois, was elected secretary and ,
Mr. Lawrence, of Ohio, treasurer. The i
next meeting will be held in Iowa. j
A resolution favoring the repeal oi
the tobacco tax was defeated; also a
resolution that the revenue from the
whisky and tobacco tax should be dis
tributed among the States to relieve ,
local taxation; also a resolution favor-i
ing Government aid to steamship lines j
wu uuiiu up ntu icu v.cutiai " foT the state and counsel for the de
South Aiiipnca; also a resolution fav-, fense that ht taken lace durj
onng unlimited coinage of silver; also , w N , lawyer engaged
a leboiuiion lavormg uouuues lo sugai
growers. A resolution favoring Con
gressional investigation of accidents to
railroad employes, caused by imperfect
brakes and couplings, was adopted; al
so the following resolutions, which
were piupared by Hon. "William E.
Lawrence, of Ohio, and reported favor
ably from the committee:
Itesolved, That while Congress main
tains the policy of a protective tariff
we demand that all farm product
shall be as fully protected as the most
favored of the manufacturing indus
tries. Resolved, That while as now, a pro
tective policy is maintained which sub
stantially protects importations of for
eign carpets and many other articles of
manufactured goods, we demand that
the duties on mutton, sheep and wool
of all kinds shall be so increased as to
equally prohibit the importation of
mutton, sheep and wool of every kind
which Kin, under protection, be suffi
ciently produced at fairly remunera
tive prices in the United States to sup
ply all American wants, including the
better class of carpet wools, especially
as carpels as luxuries are entitled to
less favor than farm and ranch products.
Resolved, That the tariff on wool im
ported to make caipeLs should at least
be as high ;is that imported to make
Resolved, That if protection to this
extent be denied we will call upon the
farmers of the United States to assert
their power at the ballot box and oth
erwise lo right the wrong and injury
of discrimination against them. If they
fail in this the wool and mutton pro
ducing industries will be so seriously
crippled that they will be in a large
measure destroyed and the farmers will
no longer have any interest in protec
tion for the manufacturers of woolen
goods, but will insist that they shall
have no larger measure of protection
than is accorded to the wool industry,
including any kind of wool.
Resolved, That the farmers of the
United Suites are not called upon to
support the nomination of any man for
President, Senator or Representative
in Congress who will not to his utmost
ability aid in carrying out the object of
the foregoing resolutions.
Resolved that wo favor commercial
treaties with nations which accept sil
ver as legal tender money as well as
gold and against tho.-o which have de
monetized silver.
After an amendment had been de
feated a vote was taken on the resolu
tions and after considerable discussion
a division was agreed upon so as to
take a separate vote on the silver reso
lution. On the majority report, ex
cepting the silver lesolution, the vote,
as taken by States, stood as follows:
For the resolution as roported by the
committee Colorado, 5; Florida, 2; Il
linois, 2S; Idaho, 1 Indiana, 10; Iowa,
15; Kansas, 11; Kentucky, 7; Maine,
11; Michigan, 15; Ohio, 114; Pennsyl
vania, 2.'; Missouri, 11; Rhode Island,
6; total, HO. Nays Alabama, 12; Flor
ida, 5; Georgia, 15; Indiana, 7; Ken
tucky, 7; Tex:is,14; Missouri, IS; North
Carolina, 1 1; total. Si). The silver reso
lution was then carried unanimously.
The MlnUtur or IMarine Not Killed Rat
Badly Wtinl(l The Cause Due to
Abolition of Slavery.
London. Nov. 17. Dispatches have
been received from Rio de Janeiro to
the effect that a revolution had broken
out in Rrazil, and that the Rrazilian
army was in control of the situation.
The Ministry had resigned. The dis
patches said that the revolution was an
attempt to establish a republic in
place of Uie monarchy of which Dom
Pedro is Uie head.
A dispatch received here yesterday
morning states that the Minister of
Marine was not killed, :ts reported, but
that he was shot aud. seriously wounded
by rebel soldiers. r
A still later dispatch from Rio de
Janeiro reports that a republic has
been proclaimed, with Senor da Fouseca
as President. The Imperial Ministers
have been placed under arrest and are
kept in close coutiucment. The provi
sional government guarantees protec
tion to members of the Imperial fam
Stable Horror.
St. Jossrir, Mo., Xov. 17. Shortly
after eleven o'clock Friday night the
livery barn and mule pens of Jamea
Casey, at Fourth and Messanie streets,
caught fire and in half an hour were
burned to the ground. Twenty-seven
valuable horses and twenty-seven mules
were roasted alive.
Gill's li very stable, Clarksville, Tenn.,
was destroyed by fire and fifteen head
of horses perished. Among the num
ber was Singlewood, a trotter, valued at
F7,000. Loss between 30,000 and M0,
000. No insurance.
A Ruling Bj the Ceart In the Cronln Trial
Causes the Proseeatlng Attorney to Best
His Case.
Chicago, Nov. 14. At the opening
of the Cronin trial yesterday morning,
Judge McConnell announced his deci
sion on the question of going into th
past history of the Clan-na-GaeL
The Jast witness on the stand the
previous afternoon was Expressman
Brown. He is an ex-member of the
Clan-na-Gael. He was asked whether
or not he preferred charges against Dr.
Cronin in 18S5, the State's Attorney
explaining that he proposed to show by
the witness that this was a fact; that
Daniel Coughlin was a member of the
trial committee, and that Dr. Cronin
was expelled from the organization.
The logical consequence of the ad
mission of this testimony was a com
plete investigation of the Clan-na-Gael,
at least so far as it could be made, to
show causes for animosity against Dr.
Cronin on the part of any one of the
prisoners at the bar.
This offer led to the most earnest and
protracted argument between counsel
Nearly every lawy
in the case on either side had something
to say during its progress, and there was
much plain speaking. The talk oc
cupied the time till adjournment and
Judge McConnell announced that he
would hold the matter under advise
ment and would render his decision
yesterday morning. In accordance with
that arrangement when the court was
called to order yesterday morning
Judge McConnell announced his opin
ion to be that the evidence sought to be
elicited from Expressman Brown on
the points named was incompetent and
ruled it out.
This decision, of course, rendered
any further attempt to examine Ex
pressman Brown futile, and Officer
McKinnon, of Winnipeg, who was on
the stand Tuesday, was recalled, lie
testiGed that Burke told him he had as
sumed the name of J. TV. Cooper be
cause two men were watching him.
i At the opening of the trial in the af
' ternoon State's Attorney Longenecker
said that in view of the court's ruling
in the matter of evidence as to past do
ings of the Clan-na-Gael, the State
would only put one more witness on
the stand a man named Chancey,
from New York, who, he said, was not
now in the city.
j It was suggested, in view of this an-
I nouncement, that the court adjourn
until Monday to give the defense time
to prepare its case, but it was Anally
decided to adjourn until Saturday
morning, which was accordingly done.
The Pan-Americans Close Their Junket
ing Tour.
"Washington, JSbv. 14. Just forty
two days after the morning of October
3, when the special train bearing the
international American excursion
party pulled out of the Pennsylvania
railroad station in "Washington, the
same train, headed by the same loco
motive which has drawn it nearly 6,000
miles, rolled triumphantly into the cap
itol city and drew up at the station,
having successfully completed the most
interesting and, from a railroad stand
point, the most extensive trip ever un
dertaken by one train. How the ex
cursion has resulted in furthering the
important objects which the Amer
ican conference was called to attain
has been eloquently told by the dele
gates themselves through the me
dium of the Associated Press. But
it might be proper to add upon the
authority of one of the United
State delegates who had accompanied
the party over several of its thousands
of miles traversed that the effect upon
our own people had been most bene
ficial, and that as a consequence of
their association and exchange of ideas
with the delegates, many of the mer
chants and business men in the dif
ferent towns and cities where the
tourists have been entertained and in
structed have had their attention
seriously directed to the vast com
mercial possibilities of the nations
lying south of the United States, while
the people generally are awakened to
the fact that we shoidd feel the deepest
interest in the welfare and prosperity
of the sister Republics,
Governor Francis Advises the People of
Missouri to Do So on November 28.
Jefferson City, Mo., Nov. 14.
Following is Governor Francis' Thanks
giving proclamation:
In order that the people of this Common
wealth may manifest their appreciation of
the manifold blessings they have enjoyed
daring the year soon to close and give ex
pression to their gratitudo to Almighty God
for freedom from famtue and pestilence, for
a bounteous harvest and abundant prosper
ity, for the priceless gift of a Government
for the people and the peaceful perpetuity of
our institutions,
I, David E. Francis, Governor of tho State
of Missouri, do designate Thursday, the 2Sth
day ot November, instant, as Thanksgiving
day, and I recommend that on that day tns
people assemble in their houses of worship
and give thanks to Providence for the abun
dance of the year and signalize their grati
tude by bestowing charity upon the poor and
performing other good works.
In testimony whereof I have set my hand
and caused to be affixed the great seal of the
State on this, the eleventh day of November,
iu the year of our Lord one thousand eight
hundred and eighty-nine.
By tlie Governor. David E. Feancis.
A. A. Lesueue, Secretary of State.
Paymaster-General's Report.
"Washington-, Nov. 14. The annual
report of Paymaster-General Rochester
to the Secretary of "War shows that the
total disbursements during the past
fiscal year amounted to S14,7S6,C21
a net increase of S324,91S over
lait year, due to a large increase
in the number of discharged men, 9S7
more than during the previous year.
To these men on discharge are paid tha
accumulations of their retained pay,
clothing not drawn in kind, deposits
with interest and their travel allow
ances from place of discharge to place
of enlistment.
The Finding of Dr. Cronln's Clothes, Sw
glesl Case, and Other Articles in a Sewer
Catch-Basin Lends Fresh Interests to
the Celebrated Murder Trial.
Chicago, Not. 9. The sensation im
connection with the all-absorbing Cro
nin case still centers in the finding of
thfi.Knrcinal easa and clothes of th&mur-
i o .
' Apr&A nhvsiftian. and the fortriWT of an-
other link in the chain of circumstantial
j evidence that clanks ominously around
the conspirators. For som time com
plaints have been made to the sewer de
partment of the Lake View station that
the sewer at the intersection of Evan
ston avenue and Buena avenue was flush
and running over. Two or three sewer
cleaners were detailed to investigate
the cause of this trouble. Michael Gil-
ibert was foreman of the cleaning gang.
Mike Reeson was one of his assistants,
and TV. W. McMillan had charge of a
' flushing wagon that was takon along tc
I expedite their operations. The three
1 men raised the cover of the man-hole and
Reeson was lowered into the hole. He had
carcely reached tho bottom when he
houted back that he had found a box. A
moment later an oblong box twelve
, inches long and nearly as broad waa
hauled out of the filth. Although great
ly befouled the box showed evidences of
having been varnished and polished,
and a brass handle in its center showed
that it had been carried like a sacheL
Gilbert and McMillan opened the box.
One glance at the contents convinced
tho men that they had at last found the
clothing and instruments which Dr.
Cronin had carried with him to hia
death. There was aa assortment of ex
tension splints with which Dr. Cronin
had provided himself in anticipation of
having to set a fractured leg when he
reached O'Sullivan's ice-house. Then
came a sachel and a bundle of clothing.
The men delved deeper into the filthy
mass and found another satchel, tho
iron framework of which only remained,
and which contained a bundle of cloth
ing. A caso of surgical instruments,
the steel of which was heavily coated
with rust, was drawn from the clothing.
. One of tho men summoned the officers
of the Sheffield Avenue station and
j twenty minutes later a patrol wagon,
I manned by six officers, dashed over the
I Evanston road. The bundle of cloth-
ing, tho instrument box and tho sachels
were loaded on the stretcher and carried
to tho station-houso and thence to
Superintendent Hubbard's office. Here
a more careful examination was
made of the parcels. Tho leather
j sachel, after having been submitted
to a bath under a hydrant,
was opened, and the first thing the
superintendent drew from it was a book
that had swollen to more than
twice its original size. Through the
dirt on the fly leaf the name "Dr. P. II.
Cfonin" was discernablo. In another
portion of tho book was a package of
cards Cronin's business cards which
were in a fair state of preservation.
the Coat.
? .
h QirinaVn -o A
Satisfied that he had at last recovered
the doctor's clothing, Superintendent
Hubbard ordered that the dirty mass be
removed to tho East Chicago station and
scrubbed, preparatory to delivering it to
the State's attorney. But Judge Longe
necker and his associates decided that
it were better to present the stuff
before the jury in the condition
in which it was found. Tho
clothing and instruments were
therefore carted to the State's
attorney's office and spread out for in
spection. Mrs. Conklin, who saw the
doctor disappear with one of the assas
sins, identified each article as it was
placed before her as having been car
ried by the murdered man when he set
out for the O'Sullivan ice-house. All
the clothing showed that it had been cut
from the body after death. The light
spring overcoat was slashed from tho
collar to hem and the sleeeveswere torn
from the waist to the shoulders. The
cutaway coat of diagonal cloth was cut
into pieces. The vest was cut in. twain
as were also the drawers, undershirt and
collar. A keen-edged knife had done the.
Indented writing upon iron has just
been successfully done by an Eastern
iron foundryman, by the following
process: The impression on the iron is
made by writing backwards on thin pa
per in a mold, and then pouring in the
iron. The writing thus transferred to
the plates, when the iron is cooled, ia
wonderfully clear and distinct, and is
so deeply imprinted s to defv any at
tempt at erasure.
At Anniston, Ala., one day recently
a man was hauled up in court for using
profane language in the presence and
hearing of ladies. The fine and cofitf
looted up over one hundred dollar.
rS5g3cfc W:-f-
; b h j
y i n-Mim i"s nw -r u ji u m
n m.Li w i m
k sa a j)fjt
i Pn l& &?a vast
iV' A
Catarrhal Deafness Hay Fever A Xew
Home Treatment.
Sufferers are not generally aware that
these diseases are contagious, or that they
are due to the presence of living parasites
in the lining membrane of the nose and
pusta'hian tube. Mifrnnrmir muawli
i however, has proved this to be a fact, and
' the result of this discovery is that a simple
remedy has been formulated whereby
Catarrh, Hay Fever and Catarrhal Deafness
are permanently cured in from one to three
simple applications made at home by the
patient once in two weeks.
N. B. This treatment is not a snuff or an
ointment; both have been discarded by
reputable physicians as injurious. pamph
let explaining this new treatment is sent oa
receipt of three cents in stamps to pay
postapre by A. H. Dixon Sc Son, cor. of John
and King Street, Toronto, Canada. Chris
tian Advocate.
Sufferers from Catarrhal troubles should
carefully read the above.
There are more pictures of George TTaah-
S? znX. otbor Person. For figures apply to
the Post-Offlce Department. Yonkcrs
i Rtntoemnn
Solid Vestlboled Trains
now run for tho first time over an Eastern
hne via the Michigan Central, "the Niagara
Falls Route," and tho New York Central
and Boston & Albany Railroads from Chi
cago to New York and Boston. These trains
are not only equipped with the finest Wag
ner palace sleeping cars, but are made
thoroughly complete by having vestibuled
dining, smoking, first-cLiss and baggage
cars, and although constituting the famous
"limited" of the Michigan Central, carry
all classes of passengers without extra
charge. Attached to this train is a through
sleeper, Chicago to Toronto (via Canadian
Pacific), where connection is made with
parlor car for Montreal. Accommodations
secured at the Michigan Central ticket of
fices. No. 7 Clark street, corner Randolph,
and depot, foot of Lake street, Chicago.
Thk fence owner who puts up a sirn
"stick no bills" as a warning to agents for
theatrical companies would possibly do
more good by making it "bill no sticks."
Washington Capital.
" 'Mid pleasures and palaces, tho' wo may roam.
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like borne."
especially if blessed with a wife whose
hours are not spent in misery caused by
those dragging-down pains arising from
weaknesses peculiar to her sex. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription relieves and cures
these troubles and brings sunshine to many
darkened homes. Sold by druggists under
apositlw guarantee from manufacturers of
satisfaction or money refunded. Read guar
antee on bottle wrapper.
The cleansing, antiseptic and healing qual
ities of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy are un
equaled. Axd now a rival of Edison's has come to
the surface with an invention for piercing
the ears without pain. No modern opera
house should be without one. Puck.
Florida and the South.
The Louisville & Nashville Railroad,
with its double daily fast trains, still affords
the passengers for Florida and tho South
east the best facilities and quickest time,
with fewest changes. Only thirty-six
hours St Louis to Jacksonville without
change of cars. Only thirty-four hours to
Savannah, t enty-threo hours to Atlanta,
seventeen hours to Chattanooga, twelve
hours to Nashville. For any further in
formation write to J. "W. Mass, Division
Passeugcr Agent, 114 North Fourth St.,
St Louis, Mo.
The law permits a man to use his wife to
rob his creditors. Yet in the face of this it
is argued that marriage is a failure. Bing
hamton Herald.
YTrsT Brook, North Carolina,
Sept 6th, ISsa
Db, A. T. Shallen'berger,
Rochester, Pa. Dear Sv The two boxes
of Pills you sent me did everything you said
they would. My son was the victim of
Malaria, deep-set, by living in Florida two
years, and the Antidote has done more than
five hundred dollars' worth of other medi
cines could have done for him. I have had
one of my neighbors try the medicine, and
it cured him immediately. I now recommend
it to every one suffering from Malaria.
Respectfully yours, 1Y. W. Monroe.
Dentists ought to make good campaign
orators; they "have such an effective way
of taking the stump. Baltimore American.
Consumption Mirely Cnred.
To TnE Editor: Please inform your
readers that I have a positive remedy for
the above named disease. By its timely
use thousands of hopeless cases have been
permanently cured. I shall bo glad to send
two bottles of my remedy free to any of
your readers who nave consumption if they
willsendme their express and post-office
address. Respectfully, T. A. Sloccm. M. C,
xsl jrean bLreui, jew lurs.
The man who eats four meals a day on
the steamship must be fond of the sea
board. Boston Commercial Bulletin.
Mediocrity aXieays copies superiority. Dob
bins' Electric Soap has been imitated more
than any soap made Ask your grocer for
Dobblna1 Electric. All other Electrics, Elec
tricity, Magnetics, etc., are imitations.
It is a sailor's experience that seas gen
erally wash in dirty weather. Baltimore
Like Oil Upon Troubled "Waters is Hale's
Honey of Horehound and Tar upon a cold.
Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in one minute
A good way to make money in oil is to
stand by and see the other fellow put down
the hole. Wheeling (TT. Va) Intelligencer.
Do not purge nor weaken the bowels, but
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Washington, Tex., June 25, 1SSS.
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Claim Agency- for Western Soldier. Indiana poll, 1ml.
C tmm 4tHift
mil '- -
pvvHjft E3 1 kH Hv!k3
This is the Clasp, wherever found,
That holds the Roll on which is wound
The Braid that is known the world around.
FREE TO JAN. I, 1890.
To any yew Sabscribrr who will cat out aad tend nt this slip, with name and Post
Office address and SI. 75, we will end The Tooth's Companion FREE to Jan. 1,
1890, and for a full year from that date-. Thi offer includes the FOUR DOUBLE
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Dangerous Tendencies
Characterize that rery common complaint, catarrh.
The foal matter dropping from the head Into tho
bronchial tubes or langs, mar brins on bronchitis
Or consumption, which reaps an immense harr est
of deaths annually. Hence tho necessity of Riving
catarrh immediate attention. Hood's Sarsiparlll
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ces of the bronchlaltubcsand terrible headache."
R. Gibbons. Hamilton, Ohio.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
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Cleanses the
Nasal Passages,
Allays Pain and
Heals tho Sores,
Restores the
Senses of Taste
and Smell.
Try the CURE.
Apriicwi.pui into eacn nostrtl and H agree
able. tTic50cenMati!rucrtjt: br m-xll. neintTel
3 cents. ELY I5KOTULHa,l Warfea at.. Ne York.
Tun's Pills
To pnrjgeth bowels do not make
them regulur bat leave tbetn in norve
condition tnaa before. The liter la.
tbe the seat of trouble, ud
mast act oa It. Tntt's Liver Pills net
directly on tnat organ, causing; afreo
flow of bile, wltbont wbieb. lbs bow
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"Byathorongh knowledge of the natural laws
whicn Kovi-rn the operation of dii:etkn nnd nu
trition, and by a careful application of the One
properties of well-elected Cocoa. Mr. Epps h
proTided our breakfast tables ith a delicately
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nnd all other dicaes of the Uectum. I)is-.ies of
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all necessary information and tho names of hun
dreds who have been cored by us. Header. If you
aro not atllicted yourself cut this out and semi ltto
someone who Is. If you know of onesneh. If not,
aitita-ny: you may need It in the years to come.
7-.X IXE TIIIS PAFM mrj tia 730 T2.
I 1 111 ti 11 '
Beware of Irritations.
For Reading Clubs, for Amatenr Theatricals. Trm
peranca Playi. DrawimrKoom Play. Fairy Piijt,
Ethiopian Plays. Guide Books, Speaker. I'ntoralm,
Tableaux Lights. Uafrnestnm Lights. Colored Ffre.
Dnrnt Cork. Thatricl r"ace Preparations. JarJey'a
Wax Work. Wijj. Beards. 3lutache. Costumed,
Charades, and Paper Scenery. New Catalosurs sent
Containing manT noveltle.. full description and prices.
S19CEL FRK.VCH A SOX, iS West i3il St., '. Y.
tm-XAXZ THIS PAPER trtrj brn ym wilt.
When I say cure I do not mean mernly to stop them
for a time and then have them retnrn airaln. I mean A
rulir-il cure. I have made the die.e of FITS. EPI
LUl'bY or FALI.INU bICKXESij a life-Ion? studr I war
rant my remedy to cure the wort ca-e. Becau
others havs failed isnoreanon for not now receiving a
cure. Send at onee for a treati- and a Free Bottle of
my infallible remedy. (Jlvp Kipress and Pot-OKce.
II. ;. ROOT. M C 13 IVurl Xlrect, Aew York.
rSAUE TH3 TAPES mrj tarn jou wrtu.
TranrMineT.rrcocntT. Shr.wfl nen tatnniTla.tmctloa
In ourScr.t Srri-e Experir ne not nrrj. Ja 1 2c. itiap
GrannanOctectiteBure3uCo.44 Arcade. Cincinnati,!).
For IJ.VE;. TORS. tO-rwe
W. T. Fiurral 1. Aua-cey
a: Law, WaiMnpca. D. C.
r-l UII TUIS M PIH :nj . wm.
C.J. BAKER'S. Fourth and Delaware Streets.
Kanas C ty. Mo. Send for Illustrated Price List.
SAME THIS PA MR mrj tM jew mi.
rmum m mr Ajbnms and other book"
and other book, at lowrt
price". Circnlar f ree. National Pub.Co.,it. Louis, Mo.
(T.V1XZ THIS PAPER mrj tin. jvi nw.
A If P STTDT. Boot-iceepIay.Penman'Sip.Aritt-nilMC
raetlc. Shorthand, etc, thoroughly tanghc
br mall. Circular tre. BRTAYTS COIXIGE. BraIo,L Y.
aday nor"eownTbnrl toC. Sam.SSe.
Cat. free. Itcix Holder Co.. Holly. illeh.
XAxr cou r ana (rcrj ea. jt aiMa.
A. N. K. D
Mate tkat 70a saw tte iiicrtiicatrt la Ulfr
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