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The Great Trial Ends in a Compro
mise Verdict.
CrSaUtrmn, Conghlia and Barke) Senteaced
For Life, Konze Gets Three Tears sad
Beggs Acquitted Scaaesia the
Court Koena.
CmcAGO, Dec. 17. One of the most
memorable trials-in the criminal his
tory of America closed yesterday after
noon when the jury, impaneled three
months ago, rendered its verdict in the
Cronin case. That the return of this
jury is a verdict and not a disagree- !
ment is the source of much congratula- '
tion in the public mind, and, although .
there is naturally much division of sen
timent on the question of approval of
the verdict, the sense of relief which is
experienced at the final culmination of
the case is unanimous.
Hardly a breath was heard as every
eye in the vast audience turned to John
P. Beggs, who led the procession of the
five prisoners. The face of the senior
warden of camp 20 was pale with
anxiety, but his eye was full of confi
dence, as it boldly faced the stare of
the audience.
Dan Coughlin affected his usual in
difference, but his restless, furtive eye
betokened tbe terrible mental suspense
the ex-detective experienced as he
awaited the dread announcement of
the penalty to be meted ont to him by
the law.
Hardly a person in the vast court
room succeeded in catching the eye of
Patrick O'Sullivan. The piercing black
eyes of the ice man sought the floor,
and whatever emotion he felt at this
moment was invisible save in the gray
ish pallor that overspread his features.
Martin Burke flushed for a moment
as he approached his seat, but a mo
ment later his features regained their
natural appearance, and with affected
nonchalance he resumed the chewing
f gam as has been his wont during the
coarse of the trial.
Tie elated air of John Kunze was
absent, and for the first time since his
arrest the little German now seemed
to fully appreciate the gravity of his
situation as he awaited the verdict of
the jury.
The jury soon filed into the room
amid a profound silence.
After the usual formalities the fore
man of the jury handed in the follow
ing verdict:
"We the jury, find the defendant,
John P. Beggs, not guilty.
"We, the jury, find the defendant,
John Kunze, guilty of manslaughter,
as charged in the indictment, and fix
his punishment at imprisonment in the
penitentiary for a term of three years.
"We, the jury, find the defendants,
Daniel Coughlin, Patrick O'Sullivan
and Martin Burke, guilty of murder in
tho manner and form as charged in the
indictment, and fix the penalty at im
prisonment in the penitentiary for the
term of their natural lives."
Mr. Forrest of the defens3 at once
requested that the jury be polled and
this was ordered by the court.
To each of the jurors the question
was put by the clerk of the court:
"Was this, and is this now, your ver
oreman uarue was the urst
. --... I
man to rise and answer firmly in the
affirmative. The eleven men followed
ki turn and gave the same answer.
Simultaneous with the announce
ment of the verdict Coughlin, O'Sulli
van and Burke turned deathly pale,
while Kunze started suddenly from his
seat, and a moment later dropped his
head upon his breast and burst into
Beggs' face was luminous with joy,H
and crossing to the jury he thanked
them and shook hands with them.
As ho shook hands with the jurors
each man bowed his head in acknowl
edgment of the grateful words of the
liberated man. The only sound that
broke the stillness was the deep sobs of
the little German, Kunze. He burst
eut with:
"I am innocent. God knows I am
innocent. God knows that I neve, was
out to L:rkeview that night. Longe
necker bought two witnesses, I am sure
of that, they went out and bought
farms with the money. Him and
Schuettler did it."
O'Sullivan was the only one of the
other three prisoners who found refuge
in tears. For a moment they trickled
down his cheeks, but a moment later
his black eyes flashed with defiance or
revival of courage, and dashing his
hand across his brow he braced up and
cast a long glance around the court
room. The only evidence of terror to
be perceived in Coughlin was
the increased pallor that over
spread his face as he fully
realised the significance of a sentence
to life imprisonment, and his lips
twitched nervously during the colloquy
that followed between the attorneys
and the court relative to the motion
for a new trial.
Martin Burke was unquestionably
the least affected of all the prisoners.
It was not until the afternoon that
the jury finally came to a verdict, and
then it was that the juror Culver, who
had been voting for acquittal for all
the defendants since the jury went
out, consented to a compromise. The
other jurors were for hanging Burke,
Coughlin and O'Sullivan, while he was
for letting them all off.
UDeramr ta tirazit.
LISBON, .uec u. xne .Brazilian Buffai-O, N. Y., Dec 20. An ex
Consul here has received a telegram piosiou occurred in the Broadway
from Rio de Janeiro announcing that , arsenal, headquarters of the Sixty-fifth
a decree has been promulgated declar-1 regiment, yesterdav afternoon. Sor
ing all foreigners residing m Brazil j g james jjiils, the janitor,
citizens of the Republic from the date
on which the Republic was proclaimed
and that all foreigners in future shall
be considered Brazilian subjects and
enjoy all civil and political rights, ex-
cent the right of becoming chief .of 1
state, after a residence of two years. '
In all cases the Government reserves
the right to refuse citiienship. The .
decree is sigued by Da Fonseca and
Lodo. I
Girl la Gaaze Dresses lake Fire at a
School Eetertalameat Rehearsel.
Detroit, Mich., Dec. 20. At the
Tilden public school early last evening,
some sixteen girls were rehearsing a
Christmas cantata which was to be
, performed to-day. The costumes were
i of light gauze and trimmed with cotton
i batting. One of the performers had a
J wand with which she accidentally
' struck a candle, igniting the wand.
The flames were communicated to the
children's clothing and all were burned
more or less. Five who were enveloped
in flames ran into the street, where
some workmen rolled them in the mud
and extinguished the flames.
Jennie Lankskear was burned to
death, however, and eight were seri
ously but not fatally injured. The fire,
which in the meantime had commu
nicated to the floor of the school house,
was extinguished without difficulty.
The janitor's timely appearance un
doubtedly prevented the disaster from
being much more terrible in its results.
Jennie Lankskear was carried to a
house near by, where it was found every
article of clothing, with the exception
of her shoes was burned from her body.
She lingered in the greatest agony until
death relieved her sufferings.
A. Furniture Company Burned Oat at the
Corner of Third and Locust.
St. Lotjs, Dec. 20. Shortly before
one o'clock this morning fire broke out
in the Guernsey-Scudder Furniture
Company's building, corner of Third
and Locust streets. The building is a
large one and faces on Locust for the
sales department, while on Third street
is the entrance to the warerooms. The
flames spread rapidly through the great
rambling structure, which is six stories
high, and a second and third alarm was
followed by a general. On the corner
opposite the Third street entrance of
the building are a number of tenements
and from these women and children
ran into the street in scanty attire and
sought places of safety. Firemen were
I soon on top the buildings opposite the
burning structure, anu dozens or
streams were playing on the
flames which, in tho face of
the fire fighters, lighted up the eastern
section of the city. At two o'clock the
fire was under control and was confined
lo the Guernsey-Scudder building,
which was occupied by the Commercial
Printing Company. The building is a
mass of ruins. No estimate of loss or
insurance can be given this morning.
Meeting of the Patrons of Husbandry at
TorEKA, Kan., Dec. 20. The State
Grange, Patrons of Husbandry,
Wednesday closed a two days' annual
meeting at Lincoln Post Hall in this
city. A majority of the State granges
were represented, among the visitors
being many ladies. The grand master,
Major William Sims, in his annual ad
dress, reviewed briefly the origin of the
order and discussed trusts and com
bines, the remedy for which he thinks
is through legislation. The people
must do thoir share toward securing
such legislation. From the master
of the National Grange it is
lpjimpri that; 504 rmw jrnincrps
o o
haVe been organized during the year,
while several hundred heretofore dor-
j mant have reorganized and resumed
I work; and the treasurer's books show
1 an increase in membership for the
same time of a little over 10,000. The
following proposed constitutional
i amendment, adopted at the last session
of the National Grange, was therewith
submitted for consideration, and its
ratification recommended, to-wit:
Amend article 7 by adding thereto the
Provided: That the State granges shall
hare tho power to reduce the fee within their
respective jurisdictions to any sum not less
than $1 for men and 50 cents for women.
An Impudent Individual Fonnd Piping Off
the Senator in Secret Session.
Washington, Dec. 20. There was
great excitement in the Senate yester
day afternoon when the Senators who
were in executive session looked up at
the gentlemen's gallery in the north
west corner of the chamber and saw
there a man sitting upright and ap
parently taking a good deal of interest
in the proceedings. The utmost confu
sion prevailed for awhile and then
Captain Bassett was dispatched up
stairs to eject the intruder. The door
keeper in charge of that gallery un
locked the door and escorted the
man out. He proved to be' a young
fellow about eighteen or twenty years
of age, and without a realizing sense
of his condition and situation. He
had evidently been asleep on a seat
when the Senate went into ex
ecutive session, and was prob
ably discovered7 before he secured
any very valuable information. He
will always, however, carry with him
the distinction of having been in the
gallery when the Senate was supposedly
enjoying the seclusion of a secret
As Infamons .School Teacher.
Cincinnati, Dec. 20. J. P. Car-
michael, superintendent of the East
Loveland schools, was yesterday dis
covered to te the writer of obscene let
ters to pupils of his school. He was
ordered to leave town in twenty-four
Cartridge Explode.
ana Aaam ann, assistant, were
loading cartridges. A shell ex
ploded, and the entire lot, about
400, which lay in front of the
two men on the table, commenced dis-
-. . vr.-u -i'- .vc:r.
r B " 7 T tTZ,
Je j""" oaid about the head,
face "and body. Zahn had his hands
badly injured. Mills is in a critical
The Vbsoarl Girl Wh Mt Her Father's
Hired Maa Exonerated By the Jaxy.
Jefferson City, Mo., Dec 18. Ac
cording to the particulars received here
from Barkersville, Callaway County,
the scene of the Epperaon-Hofer trag
edy, the killing of Hofer was the result
of an attempted outrage upon uio
young lady, who, in the absence of her
father, avenged the assault upon ner
oy taKing xne me oj. ubi -"
This was clearly proved at roe imjut
held by the coroner of Callaway Coun
ty yesterday over the remains of Hofer.
Miss Epperson stated on the witness
stand that Hofer came in from the field
about eleven o'clock with a wagon load
of corn which he unloaded and then
went to the house sying it was too late
to return to the field for another load
until after dinner. She was preparing
the meal and when she went into the
smoke house for some purpose Hofer
followed her and made shameful ad
vances, which she resented. She was
alone in the place with the man and
pleaded with him not to insult her. He
replied in a derogatory way, threaten
ing to disclose relations which he
claimed he knew existed between her
and her beaux. Maddened by his man
ner and language she told him if he
did not desist she would blow his
brains out
Hofer, the girl continued, followed
her from the smokehouse to the kitchen
and had no sooner entered the room
than he made an assault upon her and
had choked her almost to insensibility
when the arrival of the other hands at
the barnyard from the field caused him
to desist and leave the Toom.
Before the other men had reached
the house and had seated themselves at
the table, the girl continued, she recov
ered from the fright and shock conse-
. quent upon the assault ana went to the
' room where her father's pistol was
j kept When she procured it Hofer had
sat down at the table with the other
I mAn nnil cYva evrt," liim
The only other testimony was that of
one of tho negro hands, William Cason,
who corroborated her statement.
The coroner's jury returned a verdict
of justifiable homicide.
The greatest excitement prevailed in
the vicinity when the facts became
known, and if the girl's aim had not
been true and deadly Hofer could
never have escaped the wrath of the
sturdy farmers.
Miss Epperson broke down immedi
ately after making her statement and
at last accounts was suffering se-
vtiij j.wiu ut.xvuuo t:,iu.i.i.tUii. -.,-v,,
throat is very much discolored and
shows in black marks the effect of
Hofer's attempt to choke her into sub
mission to his lustful wishes.
The State's Attorney Tells How the Cro
nln Verdict Was Beached A Cranky
Ciiicago, Dec. 18. State's Attorney
Longenecker, after a conference with
one of tho Cronin jury whose name he
withheld, told how the verdict was
reached. As was surmised, Juror John
Culver, who spent much of his. spare
time during the long evenings reading
the Bible, was the influential factor.
The first incident in this connection
occurred while the trial was in progress,
the time when Mrs. Conklin testified.
That evening Mr. Culver notified his
fellow jurors that he solemnly believed
she had committed perjury. Later he
thought Mrs. Hoertel was a liar and
Martinsen, the expressman, did not
really know Burke4 while the Carlsons
were plainly telling falsehoods.
To illustrate as to the expressman,
Martinsen, Mr. Culver told of a mis
take made by the wife of his partner,
who one day saw a man riding in a
buggy whom she was sure was he,
when, when in point of fact she was
entirely mistaken.
Culver, as the trial neared the end,
seemed to see in nearly every witness
for the State a vindictive or a pur
chased perjurer. He plainly hinted
that it looked like a conspiracy on the
State's part The matter of having
witnesses under tho charge of detect
ives was one of the things he thought
looked bad.
Culver was not sure Dr. Cronin ever
went to the Carlson cottage, and when
asked "How do you account for the
bloody trunk?" said: "Why, for all we
know a dog may have been taken away
in it."
The cause of Cronin's death had not
been proved, the obstinate juror con
tended, and he was impressed with the
idea that Dan Coughlin bad a "good"
When the time for balloting arrived
Culver voted for the acquittal of all the
defendants. He steadfastly declared
that Beggs particularly he would not
send to jail even for one day. The re
sult was a long struggle and repeated
ballots ending in the compromise ver
dict announced.
Farmer Pierson had voted steadily
for the execution of all five defendants,
and was the last man to yield. It was
he who was holding out toward the
end, and not until an hour or so before
the verdict reached the public did he
give in to the entreaties of his com
rades. The leading thought of the majority
of the jurors other than Culver and
Pierson seemed to be to prevent a disa
greement. They apparently believed
that a mistrial was what had been
aimed at by the defense.
A Bad Man Generally.
Fort Smith, Ark., Dec 17. Deputy
United States Marshal G. E. Williams
brought in from the Cherokee Nation a
much wanted man. He is James Fox,
who stands indicted in Perry County,
Ky., for the murder of E. C. Morgan,
and is also under indictment in the ad
joining county for rape in two cases.
There was a reward of f200 offered by
the State. Officer A, W. Sams, of Ken
tucky, is here, armed with the neces
sary papers, and will take the prisoner
back to Kentucky. Fox was located
through lettezs he wrote back to his
friends. '
If the straw was returned to wheat
land it would not become exhausted so
Do hot feed one thiag right along t
any animal. All animals relish a littla
-variety occasionally.
Goal tar should be spread on tarred
paper-rofs at least once a year if thej
to remain dose ana tight
j t, topSj chopped and mixed with
. gtraw, have been used in the silos in
(Scotland, and good results are claimed
'therefrom. A,
A "waem mash" on a;oold day, early
in the morning, is anTspcellont invig
orator for the animal that does not have
an appetite.
Lard softened with kerosene until it
will just flow in summer heat makes as
good oil for mowers, etc., as that sold
"by dealers at 100 per cent, profit much
better than some of it.
Whek a limb is cut from a tree it
should be as close to the body as possible.
The cut should be a smooth one, with
out bruising the bark, and the cut sur
face should bo covered with some kind
of cheap paint mixed in oil.
Catarrhal Deafness Hay Ferer A yew
Home Treatment.
Sufferers are not generally aware that
these diseases are contagious, or that they
are due to the presence of living parasites
in the lining membrane of the nose and
eustachian tubes. Microscopic research,
however, has proved this to be a fact, and
the result of this discovery is that a simple
remedy has been formulated whereby
Catarrh, Hay Fever and Catarrhal Deafness
are permanently cured in from one to three
simple applications made at home by the
patient once in two weeks.
N. B. This treatment is not a snuff or ac
ointment; both have been discarded b
reputable physicians as injurious. A pamph
let explaining this new treatment is sent o
receipt of three cents in stamps to pi
postage by A. H. Dixon & Son, cor. of Joh
and King Street, Toronto, Canada. Chr
tian Advocate. "
Sufferers from Catarrhal troubles shen'
carefully read the above.
Necessity is tho mother of invention
These patent, self-applying buttons wouk
have never been invented if women had re
mained content to stay at home and do the
sewing. Terre Hauto Express. ,
Novelties and Knowledge.
A new book of attractive reading, brim
ful of good things worth knowing and illus
tratcd, is just issued It contains a large
collection of valuable autographs, excellent
receipts for plain dishes, numor in ryhmc
and prose, monthly calendars, and can be
had of all druggists and dealers, or, by
sending a two-cent stamp to the publishers.
I An important feature of tho work is its
offer of Free Music, which offer is set forth
therein, and by procuring the book, aft once,
any one can be supplied witn a choice selec
tion. The little volume is the St Jacob
Oil Calendar for 1SS9-90, published by The
, ph , . rrntrW Pomnnnt' Raititnnrr
, M(L It is fuu, the equal of any of its
predecessors m me interest 01 me ureal
Remedy for Pain, St Jacob. Oil, whose
virtues" never abate, and whose popularity
never wanes. Tho demand for both book
and medicine is very great
Dkbvish means "one who lies at the
door." It is not proper to call a returned
fisherman a dervish, forho begins it as
soon as he gets on tho ferry-boat San
Francisco Alta.
" Why need It be?" w ay. and sigh
When lovinz mother? fade mid die.
And leave the little one wboe feet
They hoped to guide in patbvravj sweet
It need not be in many cases. All about
us women are dying daily whose lives
might have been saved. It seems to be a
wide-spread opinion that when a woman is
slowly fadinjr away with tho diseases which
grow out oi female weaknesses and irregu
larities that there is no help for her. JShe
is doomed to death. Hut this is not true.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is con
stantly restoring women afflicted with dis
eases of this class to health and happiness.
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There is no use in tryinjr to teach the av
erage spinster tricks in legerdemain. She
can't be expected to do much in the way of
blight of hand. Merchant Traveler.
Consumption Mirely Cured.
To tiie Editosi: Please inform your
readers that I have a positive remedy for
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ue thousands of hopeless cases have been
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Dos't swear you know a thin? is true
because you believe it. You wouldn't know
you were living if your wife didn't pull
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A man who owns a goat has only to earn
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Rochester Post.
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aa aiimtrxoij- taaptM for iata-ija
wcU aa torpertosf in fcealth.
Sold bv Grocers CTcnmhtm.
W. BASER & CO-Dorchester. Mass.
8HXD for Catalogue T
Hunting Equipment.. Bay
Ball. Ojranastum and Atfl
letic Goods and S porting
Novelties of all kinds to
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jfg Sporting Goods Company,
(f 930 Mala Street.
Kansas City. Mo.
O-SAKl 1103 FATSS mrrttaajranita.
V7nen I t cure I da not mean merelr to stem thfiA
for a time and then bar them return again. I mean
radical cur. I have made the die.-e of FITS. EFF
LErY or r ALMNti SICKNESS a lire-ion stud I war.
rant my remedy to cure the worst cac. ftecaujA
other bar failed t no reason for not now receiving
care, sena ai onca iora treau ana c. t ree uoiwa
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my Infallible remedy. .1t kxpresa and tt-Offlc
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Iron Leers. bteei bearing. Braaa
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mention tha paper and address
r!UVZ THIS PlPIKrttrr Hat jra
Us! Penman Sfrengtheninj Elixir, Bl""Wy
The beat TOXIC In EXISTENCE. l'l?aant
to the taste, but not a bevorace. Curfs Blllouafc
neaa. General Debility, Inrffscatlon. Liver
Complaint. Fever and Ague, etc. Gf AsX.
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The Trade .Supplied.
Send for whole-'ii'epnco
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3 Locust st.tit.LouKJli
AXX THIS PAfEIt evrry tin. Ja nt.
comfnrablc to a Rood Uook.
tn I nraiiibseriDtiontoarir'i.Iu?t
magazine like WIDEAWAKE." horn! iMul
to U. l.OTIIROI Co.. Huston, for Illustrate 1 Usl of
Uooksand Iropcctus of the Lolhrup magazine.
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Addre P. H
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7-X AMS THIS PAPER ntrr ba. M rtta.
UJ5 oriiishctrorcnnssion and :tO 1IAV
S' CREDIT to Azenis on ourew BnoU.
T-tAME TniS PAPER .ry tl. vMimt
V-rVAME THIS PrU..7 o- Ji
V T. FiUc-rM. Mtoiory
tt Law, Wullcr-m. D-'-
to S8 a day. Samples worth Si.l.'j
FREE. I.ine not nndPrhori frft Write
r.RKWNTUt SIITKTV KK llOLUr-IItO.. K.tiv.aick.
.'AME THIS PAPEtt.rj tis. voa.nu.
WANTED 01 Hll LCI O U-iea. ew Book.
JV4.5U. Uet term. NaUok.iI I'ublUain; Co., St. Louis.
rS-.-v tXE THIS P4PEE ettrj rim. jw rt.
YflllUft MPH I-earn TWejraphy and Rj.lroad
i UUHd n:tll Agent' Umlrie herevtmlseciiro
ioo-1 Mtuation. write J 1. BROWN. tedaiii.. Mo.
S3-1UMZ TJII3 PATCH .verr 71a wnta.
"irrtpn relK'fd .1 An t free.
s. tT HeniKnlik. x vil-. CI.
il,1.. A rf.Mri.a.i.i'.
I American School of TVIrr
mranter s:od paylntr
Hon ti every crrtuaw.
prapby. lludltou.
rMAME THIS PAPER trwrj fn !" writ
AP 9TCDT. Cool: keeping. Frnmamhlp, Arith
nUMf. metlc.Shurthsnd. rtc .thoroughly tanchl
by mall. Circulars free BRYAVTb fOLLIGr. R.Ctl...T.
A. N. K.-D
tstc tbut you uti tbe Ad.crtlacmcaL 1m tbla
ArTQt.zr, W&&iar,oe,
rT-N3ION mteutelay.
CATARRH. Best Easiest
ipf is immediate. A cure is
is immediate.
it has no equal.
a small particle is applied
Sold by drujwists or sent
Hazeltine, Warren, Pa.
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ff Fall Para Emraviiifs I

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