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Ayer's Hair Vigor, , new Im
proved formula, is s genuine
hair-rood. If feeds, nourishes,
Duiids up, strengthens, invigor
ates. The hair grow? more
apidly, keeps soft and smooth,
and all dandruff disappears.
Aid nature a little. Give; your
hair a good hair-rood. '
Poet not change th color of ih hair.
formula with eash hottl
how It to your .
Aak him about It,
1MB UHH Uirl
rw.V-M .j ..A.',., I..1'. !.!",'- '' -';.:
You need not hesitate about using this
new Hair vtgorrrom anyfearof Itschanr-
ing the color of your btir. The new
Ayer's Hair Vigor prevents premature
grsynesi, but does not clisnge the color
or tne nair even to thp slightest degree
ZCod by th J. 0. Ayr Co., Lowtll,
Prepared to do all kinds of dental work
frloea reasonable.
Office in rooms over Gwlnner'a store.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bcqk
Sears th
Signature of
...O. II. SIMPSON...
Offloe over Bee Hive Star. .
vcnty, . .
nmcmoKm, nans, " tin India
BuiMa Coi
' - ' A
Uaa aw
aaa u4 4-
aaa raanu,
uvwt Amum .
.V14- tO YEARS
jt jnkot Mark
Anyonadlng a mat eh and daeurtptlon nair
union ire WDI
lor aecurlj
qxetai notlca, without eharga, la th
uloklr aaeertaln onr opinion fraa
-Ictlyonnnoentlal. rMnUBi
aneiMV for aacurln Dal
Patent Ukeu throoah Munn k Go. relv
Intention la probably pmeiiUMs, Cooimunk
tlonaitrkitirmnodanuai. MnUDWK on
sent iraa. uiaeat sgeiMy Tor aecurlj
taa la.
Scientific Jfitierican.
A handaomely Illustrated weekly. Tersest etr.
ealallon of an? solenlMto Journal, Tenne, St
year i four month, SL , Bold brail tiswsdaalsra.
MUNN & CO J"--r' New Tori
Franca umaa. sa w at waaorngtoa, .
3 We take great pride In (hit
9 department, the work from
i which is beinir accented bV onr
Scostomers as the highest tan- $
A. -A . .-s
an uaiu ui vavwwuua, ,.. m
S We are better prepared then e
tyer to print jotr fi
& All onice otationery g
H utii im uguro who you
V" BKII 1 S SI -w W W i ' ' ' E
Beverage, Cookies, Biscuits and Cake
AM Provided for Every Requlf
, i Its for Quiet Afternoon With ; i
Congenial Company.
" A Chooolatlere-A chocolatlero It
distinctly a; woman' funotion, fre
quently taking the place of afternoon
tea. The refreshments all have choc
olate in some form. There Is hot
chocolate with whipped cream to
drink, chocolate Ice creamf chocolate
' Tkeufht Ride BuAtelent Reward.
An official of the , Brooklyn street
ear llaes telle,,' the following story:
"There was a new conductor pnt on
hurriedly one Monday morning;, with
out being informed fully as to details.
Oi Saturday afternoon as he was alt
ting In the barn, a fellow conductor
aid to him, 'Why don't you go tip to
the offloe and get your payf The new
aaa looked Up in surprise. "What, do
uey pay you wages toof he asksd.1
Went Lena Without Food.
How long can an animal live with
out eating? Last year a dog was inv
prisoned for 29 days In a rabbit war
ren at Guildford, England, yet ' was
dug out alive. ... During the siege of
Mets, in the Franco-Prussian war. -
dot: was confined 1 without ' food or
with white frosting or white water for 39 days; while Dover rec-
with chocolate frosting and
chocolate bonbons. As chocolate Is
apt to become cloying when no other
flavor la employed the sandwiches are
preferably of plain bread and butter,
while olives stuffed or plain and salt
ed nuts fit In well with the chocolate
scheme. -V. -
Vienna Chocolate. Put into
double boiler one or one and a half
scant quarts milk and heat nearly to
the boiling point Cut four ounce
chocolate In fine bite and put Into
man granite ware or Iron saucepan
with a level salt spoonful salt, two ta
blespoonfuls sugar and two table-
spoonfuls hot water. Cook . until
smooth and shiny and do not be afraid
of cooking too long. Now whisk Into
the hot milk beating lightly with
uover egg beater. Flavor with va
nilla or cinnamon and serve at once,
putting a tablespoonful whipped cream
in each cup and filling up with the
chocolate. Cooking the chocolate In
this way prevents It from settling In
the cups and does away with the
greasy teste that many object to,
Chocolate Coekles. Beat to
cream a half cup butter measured
generously. Add gradually, beating
thoroughly, one cup sugar, a teaspoon
ful cinnamon, salt spoonful salt, and
two ounces chocolate melted. Add
one well beaten egg and a half tea
spoonful soda dissolved in two table-
spoonfuls milk with flour to enable
you to roll the dough thin. It win
take about two and a half cups, but
put In no more than absolutely necef
sary. Cut in circles and bake In
quick oven. As fast as baked take
from the pan, rolling each cookie On
the molding board to make its edges
even and perfect
Cocoa Biscuits These are nice to
serve with tea. To make them sift
together one pint of flour that has
been sifted, three level teaspoonful
baking powder, two level teaspoonfuM
sugar, a salt spoonful salt and four
cant tablespoonfula butter, then stir
In enough milk to make a firm but not
stiff dough. Toss out on a lightly
Soured board, put en the desired
thickness, cut into tiny eircles (a can
ister top an Inch In diameter is good
cutter), place together in a pan and
bake In a very hot oven ten or 15 min
utes. Serve hot -Choeolate
Petit F.urs Make
ngnt piam sponge cake, using two
eggs, one cup sugar, a cup and
quarter of flour, a gill of cold water,
a tablespoonful baking powder, and
an ounce grated chooolate. Beat three
minutes, then pour the batter in twr.
pans ana tMe in a moderate over
about tO minutes. When done lift one
sheet from the pan and spread with
half glass jelly, any kind preferred,
tnen prese the other sheet over
When cool cut into diamonds, squares
or triangles, ice with a plain white
icing or a chocolate glace. ,
To Keep Windows Neat
They should be cleaned regularly
once a week.
Do not wash them while the
is shining on them.
The first thing to do is to wipe the
dust off with a dry cloth.
With a small whisk broom flick the
dust from the blind.
Wipe the sills free from dust also,
before starting to wash.
De not use soap on the windows.
Take borax, pearllne or ammonia, in
warm water.
Little water is needed. To flood
the windows makes twice as much
work. k
Use chamois, or a piece of old flan
nel, or fine unbleached cheesecloth:
As soon as washed, rinse and wring
chamois and rub swiftly over ' the
glass, or use a clean dry cloth.
A soft cloth moistened in alcohol
adds luster to the glass. Tissue pa
per Is also good to polish with.
To 8sve Table Surface.
The old-fashioned crochet and straw
mats to save the surface of a polished
table from the damaging effects of hot
dishes are no longer used by the up-to-
date housekeeper. You can new get
sheets of asbestos cloth, which can be
cut up Into any desired size and cov
ered with white linen cases., They
can be made plain or embroidered
with an Initial or monogram. The
case U made to button at one end,
thaa allowing frequent laundering.
These mats, already covered, can be
bought - ":
Nsw Way to Bake Potatoes.
Take off the rear coven of your
range and place the potatoes la the
pace on th top of th oven and re
place the covers. It Is well to turn
when about halt don; th draft of
th atov may be left' closed, and in
an hour or less th potatoes ar ven-
don. This with no watching r
extra fir. . ..
When Bolllnp Vegetable.
Put a lump of sugar in with th
green vegetable you are about to boil.
and .It, will greatly, improve their
flavor, and also retain their coke, ,.
ords have the story of a pig which
burled alive by a fall pf cliff, came
out all right at the end of 160 days.
Orydoek Cut Out of Rock, '
At Port Florence, on the shore ot
the great lake Victoria Myansa, which
Is the chief source of the Nile, there
ia a drydock cut out of solid rock
by natives who had never before don
much serious work. The dock Is 260
feet long, 48 feet wide and 4 feet
deep. It is 9,700 feet above the level
ef th sea, or nearly three times the
altitude of Lake Chautauqua. !
Where Paris Is Behind.
Despite all modern Improvements
Paris still heats its houses and Its
homes to a large extent with wood.
Its bakers and confectioners use hard
ly anything else for fuel. It bums
up whole forests of timber every year,
and extensive forests in several
glons of France are reserved for sup
plying it with fuel.
Th Law.
Thou shalt worship the Almighty
Dollar with all thy heart with all
thy soul and with all thy might ' This
la the first and great commandment
and the second 1 like unto It: Thou
halt love thy neighbor less than his
money. On these two command
ment hang all th "law" and, It
Smallest Bible Published. .
Among uncommon religious books
must b classed an edition of the Blbl
Issued by th Oxford University Press.
It is only 1 Inches In length and 1
la breadth. It has to be read by
means of a magnifying glass and on
to given with thla tiny Blbl for K
ate. Sunday Magazine,
Words of Cheer.
' Mr. William O'Brien, when he waa
last In prison in Ireland, spent the
tim In close study of the Bible. The
copy he read had been read by the
former occupant of his coll. At the
end of Jeremiah this prisoner had
crawled: "Cheer up, old boy! Cheer
upr . -
Frllla of Success.
Th woman unbecomingly clad
stands a poor chance of social success
against her well-dressed sister, and it
has been a question of frocks that has
often won the day for a girl or a wom
an seeking occupation as a livelihood.
New Album.
Sausage Machine Drams.
There Is a department of modern
"drama" which resemblei nothing so
much as a sausage machine; the good
meat of literature goes in, Is minced
up, seasoned, and presented to our
degenerate digestions. his.
Excuse of the Idler.
There lives not a man who has not
time to do all there is for him to do.
lack ci una ' and nard luck ' are
the whines of the man who Is an idler
and who has not the push and vim to
open fortune's door. .
Cunning and Ignorance.
Cunning always has been the
fensive and defensive weapon of
norance. Matcn cunning witn cun
nlng" only as a last resort John A.
A Difficult Choice.
A London literary critic thinks that
laughter is unmoral. . Physicians say
It .Is t splendid aid to digestion. Shall
we be morally dyspeptic or unmoral-
ly happy?
He's Entitled to It.
The dog that barks at the moon gets
the same kind pf satisfaction that Is
experienced by a weak man who scoffs
at the work a great man does.
Brick House Most Lasting.
A stone house is not so durable as
on of brick, - A brick house, well con
structed, will outlast ono built of
granite. ". , "
A Daily Thought.
It Is only by labor that thought can
be made healthy, and only by thought
uu moor can oe maae nappy. kus-kin.
Damascus In th Lead
Damascus is the first city in th
Turkish empire to be lit with Ieo
tricity and have electric street car.
Impulse Breeds Impulss.
Franklin: It is easier to suppress
the first Impulse than to satisfy all
that follow it
" " Luck.
Lazy men are always talking about
some other men who are fools for
. Curb Lin. . .
All parties owning property on streets
75 feet wide and over ar entitled t
twelve feet In the street, fromwhelr
property line, to be used for sidewalk and
parking': purpose. Parties : adjoining
streets 80 feet wide are entitled tote
feet for parktotf purposes, Ordaane
Wo; lR'V. :.4;:.!,' '-i" "
This does not mean th parking of
weeds. . Grass Jooks better. ,
Bespeotfully, - '
: PiarlI. Tbibilcock, ckvelerk.
Most victims of appendicitis are tbote
who are habitually constipated, Orlno
Laxative Frnlt Syrup cures obronio con
stipation by stimulating the liver and
bowels, and restores the natural action of
flit) bowel OMni Laxttlve Fruit Syrup
does not nauoeatu oi gripe uud is mild and
pleasant to take. Refuse substitutes.
If you waot to sell your land or city
property list It with Tallmao ft Co. If
you want choice bargains In land or city
property see ns. We represent some of
the best Insuranoe companies Insarlng
sgainst fire and windstorms. We cordi
ally solicit a sbar of your patronage.
Offloe opposite new postofUce buildiog.
Healthy kidneys filter the Impurities
from the blood, snd unless they do ibii
good health Is Impossible. Foley's Kid
ney Cure, makes sound kidneys and will
postlvely cure all forms of kidney and
bladder disease. It streoghtens the whole
system. 4
To Th Public.
Having sold my Interest In the City
"Furniture store to W, J, Davles, I desire
to tnana tne puoiie ror tnelr liberal
patronage and bespeak a continuance of
that patronage for the new firm, Messrs.
Trsy nor and Davles.
All persons knowing themselves to be
Indebted to. the old firm, please call at
the City Furniture store and settle their
aoeounts. F. LDoolittlx.
The flew Pur Fod and Drug Law
We are pleased to announce that Foley1
Honey and Tar for coughs, oolds and lung
troubles b not affected by the Hatlonal
Pure Food and Drug law as It contains no
opltes or other harmful drugs, and
recommend It a a safe remedy for child
ren and adults. "
Many a Dodge City Cltliea Finds th
Straggle1 Hard.
With a back constantly soiling.
With distressing urinary disorders,
Daily existence is but a struggle.
No nred to keep It op.
Doan's Kidney Pills will euro you.
Dodge City people endorse this claim
Mrs. H. M. Ksbie, living near Grove-
Hotel, Dodge City, Kan,., says: "I have
been bothered with a bad back for several
yesrs, 1 bad a tnrobing pain u the kid
ueyi and bearing down pains In the hips
When Doan's Kidney Pills were first
recommended to me I did not hsve muoh
faith In them and took them In a half
hearted manner, but when my back ceased
to annoy me, I woke up to the fact that
uey bad been quietly doing their work.
I have since recommended them to several
of my friend and take pleasure In public
ly endorselng their effectiveness in cites
of kidney ailment. Suob reports are
dally thing at Bath & Balnbridge's drug
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents,
Foster-Milbnm Co., Buffalo, New York,
sole sgents for the United States.
Remember the nsme-Doans -and take
no other.
our PLATronr.y
-, !.. v - 1 ..'.'- J . . ' '.;."
,. Safety, first, liberality next. Both are es
sential to successfulrbanJcnt .Je 4ye,
always tried hard to jjivc our customer
j-:V .: :..:., ri; I both. WA'.iV:.: r:'rtM
The National Bank of Commerce
If you are not satisfied with the PORTRAITS
you have had taken try :
ve pLeaoe everybody
Call and see our samples whether you want work
done or not ',
fornia and Pacific Northwest
Ona-way aocood-daaa Coloniat tickets
aa aaJ daily rim lb Rack Uand to tb
Waal mi Northwt:
Sept 1 to Oct 31
tC fram Kanaaa City aod nearly all aointa
W ia Kanaaa, Nabraalta and Oklahoma.
TicUta food ia Pullman Tourist aleep
MMf aara aoa tnjuial of Urtk rata.
1 Mali lb trip this Fall to th Land of .
Frail and Flewara, or to th buatlinf '
Facia Northwa I.
Ak tar May of our Tsarist aleaaint
and Kai particulars. : Addraaa
r fl aa local a (as. ,
Have You Children
Growing Up?
DO yon realizs what it mean for a
(amilv to crow no without anv
y - V " f
knowledge of music, without keeping
in touch with the world's progress in
music? There ia one easy, inexpen
sive way to treat yonr family to the
best music of the world by the par
chase of an ' '
Edison Phonograph and Edison
Gold Moulded Records
The Edison Phonograph is the
most perfect method of reproducing
all music, . whether instrumental or
vocal. The Edison Gold Moulded
Records are the moat distinct and
carefully made records in the world.
They represent th beet elecUon of
grand opera, the beet old songs and
ballad, th beat popular songs, the
best dance music, the best band pieces,
the best of everything. -
Edison Phonograph sold on th
installment plan, liberal terms, $1,00
Down $1.00 per week.
Rath & Dainbridge
A few doses of this remedy will to
variably cur an ordinary attack of
diarrhoea. :
It can always be depended upon,
ven In the more sever attack f
cramp colic and cholera morbus.
It Is equally successful for rammet
diarrhoea and cholera infantum I
children, and is the means of saving
the live of many children eaekt year.
When reduced with water and
sweetened it is pleasant to take.
Every man of a family should keep
this remedy in his home. Bny It now.
Pkicb, 850. Lamb Siza, too.
Your Nerve
It is nerve energy that
the oreans of your body. Thi
storage lattery is the ncTVt
cells in i!.e brain and spia&l
cord, anil from this batten1,
nerve forir- u sent out thronjjr
the system of nerves. To keej
the Wy healthy you mtttt
have Icnty of nerve force; if
you h.-ive not, the organs work
imi'Tfcctly, the circulation Is
slujish, digestion bad, app
tile ixr, l.itlneys inactive, and
aches, fains and . misery art.
the penalty. "
You can keep the iytUm
string with Dr. Miles' Nervine
It assists in generating nefff
energy; it strengthen, the
nerves and makes the wholt
S):em strong and vigorous,
"I ink nleaatira in rwranuMBBasV
Pt XI Urn' Narvtn to thoaa avaariasT
fmio nervoii tirostintlon, li
aril mlnnfIjr. After
tnnntha auflrrlna from abova
1 fi'rt iMa ml!-ln and found im
tit I- rallai. It (ootli, and atraagta
a th iitrvra, vli.ute awavjr th
glon n y and liiriini! thoughts a
Birrs tb i!Urf'.v tr-iifwed attrenft)
and hoji. It Is a superb narve law
Uadiaon, WiavoasUBV
. Or. Mil' Hfsrt Cur hi soM t
mr orugglst. who wilt guarantee th
in rt battl -'li bofleflL If It faa)
b will refund your money.
Iliiea Medical Co.. lldurt,Xa9
Hoi? to Curo
Liver Troubfo
There are usualhr several wave la da a
given thin jr. but it is the aim with all of
us to find the best and shortest way. It
is just so in the cure of disease. Peonla
rr . . .. . . . . . . 1
sunonnz rrom uver rrouDie imagine that
all they have to do is to toke something
that will physic them. There k mora
than that in the cure of so serious a dis
order aa nver trouble.
Wbea that drowsy, clogged up foeltnf eomea
Pa w h a uraa swra aaa asa tor a so cant
i ooiuo oi m. uaiaweira 8
or SI bottle of Dr. Caldwell's SrruD Penaln.
Tama dote or two and watch results. It will
not only clean out the bowala and atlmaUu.
SiTer, but It wtu set the blood to circulating so
bat you feel satire again, and arouse toe tuns
loos of th stomach so that your appetite re
turns and yon feel like your old self again. A
simple laxative or purgative could not do that.
Dr. Caldwell's Srrun Panaln la nat ml.
derful laxative but It has tonic properties, so
that, unlike as many other things, Instead of
tearing you weak and drawn It builds you up and
atreuf then you. . .
I It does not rripe-lt acta smoothly. Qiltnf
the Intestines so that the passage la smooth and
agreeable, it Is gentie but eaactlm. niaaout t
the taste and pure In oualitr. n ia an arnaiimt
ooonomioal Home Cure, and lta results are per-
anent, it la absolutely swaateed to do what
claimed tor It. -
Use It for occasions or ahmnta mnatlnaMnn
Dyspepsia, indigestion. bUiouanaa. anur auun!
pen, bloated stomach, flatulency, diarrhea, and
uHsuoisB sou on outer uuoi ue stomach, Urr
auu ooweia. . At is toe s-reatest oi aoussnold
remedies add no family should ha without it
because In a family semetiha at anv muMnt
may need such a laxative and ihra nn win n.
toreoiatahavliigDA OsidwaU's fiyrap Pepsin la
Um bouse.
was the coming machine. Since then
we have been forced to enlarge onr
factory four different times to meet
the growing demand
weean refer yon to the largest antl
bestbnainess house in the world whs
recommend it unreservedly as the
most perfect writing machine made,
Underwood Typewrfer Conpo
, i a'aml-ir7 fmaBa.
Pr? TEST ThM wUWng k by Dr.Cal.
S a has wui Bwua Miila Mnia kuu.
na vi i a mmm Botii ami n stair namt oy
tddreitlnr the company, TMt oftarlita srow that the
remedy will do ai we claim, and Is only pm ta thoet
who have amr take K. Sand for It If ysa hav any
symptom! ol atontach, Ihw or bow) diionn. emtlsit
yn imniainKin auativ wr cnilflran, wwnat and old
toft, a (tursntead, parmSMnt horn curs, THE
fUBLIO VERDICT! "Na Lat.ttM a owl urf
awi iwiur gvaiann no, 11, watnngnn, g. b, ,
119 Calalmll EIMn- SdttaitlMllA. III.
. bignals, Stop Them With
Dr. Kins'i
For Toughs m
1 CURETHAT'S SURE for all Disea j
sea of Throat and Lunea or Mtmey
aH.a x Xhoc 1 "' f i

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