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MB POHD 00. GLOnK, Established 1877. . I OoMolldated 1889
THJC loiil 00. KKPDBUOAN, Establlithed 1886 wnsonaatea iwv.
Now Time for Republicans to
Cheerfully . Prepare for
November Election
The primary election In Kansas Tuel
day appeara to bave resulted la tbe noml
nation of W. R. Stubbs for Governor and
Josepn L. Brlstow for U. 8. Senator,
Whlla ihu lurfnr nflli'.M is not dlrentlv
ileetlve, It ii tbe purpose of the law that
Abe representatives and state senators
vote on U. 8. senator as the people of
thtlr districts voted in tbe primaries and
this will no doubt be done so that
If tbe Kansas legislature is Republican
Mr. Brlstow's election Is practically a
, certainty.
While tbe Olobe-Republioan regrets to
tee Senator Long retired, just at a time
when be would be of great value to bis
state, It Is willing to aocept Mr. Brlstow
as tbe obolce of the Republicans of Kan-
. sas, and while, too tbe paper baa bad no
part In selecting Mr. Stubbi at tbe candi
date for governor, tbls paper expects to
support both of these candidates and
wlsliej now to insist that It is time, as
iood as tbe official vote of tbe primary
ballots is made, to make tbe choice
of tbe majority unanimous, and ge(
down to business together to see that
tbe candidates are elected at tbe polls In
There were only three contests in the
county, and it is to be hoped that tbe
winning ones will receive tbe support
of those less fortunate.
In the contest on senator the Globe
Republican bas stood wltb Ford county,
at least- Senator Long reoalved a good
majority In tbls county.
From tbe reports received It Is be-,
lleved tbat in tbe contests In Ford cuunty
fur Clerk of the Court, County Super
intendent and Probate Judge, the win
ning candidates are, H, D. Obambllss,
Ricbard Bo iy field and Judge Preston.
The olHleUl cnuot will be made to
morrow and the vote will be published
next week.
Un the state ticket Judge West was
defeated. There were four candidates
on tbe ticket and three to vote for.
Judge West's name oame last on the
ballot, as they are put on alphabetically,
and tbls caused his defeat. Many
voters simply muked tbe first three
names on tbe ticket and,there were other
things which showed up tbe sameway
on tbe ballots. Where candidates were
not well knowaj to tbe voters, tbe first
name on tbejballot badjtbe advantage.
For Attorney General, F.S.'Jackson Is
renominated. Tbe state printer Is still
In doubt.
Weather Bureau Site
Mr. Calvert, tbe government represen
tatlie sent here a fw daysalto to exam
Ine the available sites "for theiproposed
government building for tbe weather
bureau, spent a day looking over the
town," Before leaving te secured options
on thrpe sites, one tbe D. L. Sweeney
corner, on First avenue, another the
Adam Schmidt corner on Railroad
avenue, and tbe Jim Cord corner on sec
ond avenue. One of these sites, prob
ably, ill be purchased.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Martin are in Den.
ver visiting Mr. Martin's sister. They
will visit at different points In Colorado.
Positive Corn Remedy
will remove them. It re
moves Hard and Soft
Corns, Bunions and Warts, h'very
botlle guaranteed. 5C bottle.
Imperial Foot Powder is
a remedy for Sweating,
Swollen, Scalded, Smart
ing and Tender Feet. Also guar
anteed. 250 Per oox-
Rath ABainbridge
Morning, Afternoon and . Even
ing Meetings. Many Good
Speakers Coming
The reunion which lias been so largely
attended for so many yean Is here again
and will begin next week. From the
word received from over tbe territory tbe
attendance will be a great one and It Is
believed tbat U will be one of the most
enjoyable and Interesting meetlrgsln its
The address of welcome on tbe open
Ing day will be made by Mayor A. B
Reeves and tbe response by Hon. W, K.
Hopkins of Garden City.
At the Camp Are held on Tuesday
evening Judge Francis C. Price and
Judge Henry Mason, two men wbo
are very popular with the people in this
part of tbe country will be tbe speaker!
and every body should attend tbil
meeting because it will be a good one
and one no one should miss,
Wednesday morning tbe meeting will
be addressed by Department Commander
W. A. Morgan of Cottonwood balls,
Mrs. Heacock, Department President if
the W. R. C, and Hon. V. . graves,
associate justice of the supreme court
and Interesting speaker.
Wndnesdav afternoon Hon. W. A.
Calderbead, Hon. W.A. Reeder, Hon
D1R Anthoiy, Jr., will speak. These
three men have Just been nominsted for
congress from tbe Fifth, Sixth and First
districts and are well known id puwic
At the Wednesday evening meeting
We Depend on
The Public
And the Public can depend on us for anything
in our Lines
It will be a pleasure as well as satisfaction for you to do your trad
ing at our Store. Because we rjave trie greatest selection of Men's and
Young Men's Clothing in Ford County to sdtfsfy your taste and pocket
BooK. .
Because each Suit is trie best in its class that money can buy always.
Quality first price second.
Because our one price is the lowest price and there is no dickering,
no wrangling.
Buying here means the greatest saving of tinqe and money, confined
with the greatest satisfaction.
Sincerity Suits
For early fall wear are now
being shown by us in a large var
iety of colors and styles from the
plain conservative Business Men's
Suit and also in all the new fancy
styles. You are sure to find
a suit among this large assortment
to suit you in every Way.
$15.00 to $25.00
Is a line of Men's Fine Snpes centering
tqe svtellest effects of present time snpe
building- Modeled on shapely nevJ style
lasts, pleasing; designs, made from, finest
selected materials by 'skilled -workmen.
Tljey posses all tte elements of tle lignest
priced Snoes. Good dressers desiring
sometnmg graceful and gentel, -with service
assured -will find (Tne Just Rtgn.t) Slpe an
addition to tleir -wardrobe.
$4.00 and 4.50
We extend to all visitors to our city during Reunion to make our
store your headquarters, and we will do all in our power to make your
visit a pleasant one.
i he speakers will be Congressman Pbll
Campbell of the Tilrd rttstrlot, and Con
gresunau J. M, Miller of the Fourth dis
H 101 . I
Thursday raornioit Senator Charles
Cuitls Is billed to speak and at tbe after
noon meeting tbe speakers are to be
Hon. Joseph L. Brlstow and Hon. 8
Thursday evening tbe speakers are to
be Hon. Chester I. Long and Hon
A. w. Benson. Justice of tbe supreme
Friday morning Hon. Geo. Curry.
governor of New Mexico, is to be pre
sent to address tbe meeting and Hon
J. D. Botklo, wbo Is believed to be (he
democratic nominee for goveroor is also
on tbe program for this meeting,
Friday afternoon the Republican
nominee for governor, Hon. W. R
Stubbs is to speak and also Hon. W. H
Ryan. It is possible tbat Some changes
may be made In this list of speakers
but it Is the list as prepared by tbe com
mittee In charge of the speakers. Tber e
will be other speakers wbo have not yet
been placed, possibly some from a dis
tance but tbls is tbo list as announoed so
far and it Is oertaloly a good list and
one wblcb cannot fall to draw large
The people of Dodve City should
make the most of tbe reuuloo. Every'
body needs a holiday week and it will
be a pleasure to welcome tbe many visi
tors to the city. Tbe whole town should
turn out to all of the meetings.
Race Programs on Wtdnesday, Thursday and
Friday Afternoons and Perhaps
Tbe annual meeting of tbe Ford
County Fair and Driving Park Also
elation will be held next week, during
the reunion: beginning on Wednesday
afternoon. "he races will not Interfere
with tbe reunion program, but will
serve as entertainment tor tbe visitors
and all attending tbe reunion.
Things look good for an excellent
racing program for tbe week. Six fine
harness horses arrived la Dodje City
today from Iowa, A car load is on tbe
way from Colorado Springs, there are
six entries from Lamar, four from Rocky
Ford, some from Kinsley and other
places. A good bunoh of running horses
Is expected.
Tbe races will begin on Wednesday
afternoon. Tbe gates will open at 3:30
o'clock. On Thursday afternoon the
racing pjogram will be taken up again,
during tbe part of tbe afternoon when
tbe reunion program la pot on. Friday
afternoon will also be devoted to race
program and it Is likely tbat there will
be a good program of running races ar
ranged for Saturday but this will depend
upon the number or horses here and tbe
entries offered.
James A. Garfield Wss In Dodos City ths
First of ths Wssk, Returning to
Tbe first of tbe week Congressman
Madison, and bis secretary, Mr. 0. L.
Orobety, went to Deertleld to join Secre
tary Garfield, in an Inspection of tbe
government Irrigation plant at tbat
place. Secretary Garfield bas been out
two months, visited Honolulu, and bai
since been carefully examining govern
ment projects in the west.
Secretary Garfield fits In nleely among
Kansas people. He was dressed like a
stockman, wearing tbe Western white
hat, and be acts just like a westerner.
He took a lively interest in tbe plant at
Deertleld, and got around examining
everything like a man wbo was used to
outdoor life, and outdoor work. He ap
peared much pleased and Interested In
tbls section of tbe country la a general
way, Tbe party drove to Garden City,
and a reception was given them there,
while tbey were waiting for tbelr train.
Secretary Garfield was In Dodge City
only while the train stayed here for sup
per tbat evening.
' Klnkead'Charvoz
Miss Kate Klnkead and Louis J. Char-
voi were quietly married at the home o
Mr. and Mrs. 8 J. Klnkead last Saturday
afternoon at 1:00 o'clock by Rev. M.
Lee Sony. The wedding oame at a
complete surprise to their many friends
bere. They left In the evening for Den
ver where they will spend a few days
after whloh they will make tbelr home Id
tbls city. Miss Klnkead bas held a po
sition for some time as stenographer for
Lieutenant-Governor Fitzgerald. Mr.
Cbarvoi Is a conductor on tbe Santa Ft.
wben be ouigbt him He aays be want
ed bis wife and child to come back
Sheriff Bell anil Uodvr Sheriff Law
rence were called to Kurd" last ulgbt
and brought Webb t" Dodge City with
Eiwardsl still In ibe earn of the
doctor at Foid, His shoulder wound
will prOably not preye very dangerous
but It I said tbat b4 bas an Impresstoei
tbat be will die.
But the Bullets Did Not Strike
Where They Will Prove
Two men faoed each otber wltb guns
near Ford yesterday evening and shot to
kill and it was reported bere last night
that one would die, a report tbat will
no doubt prove a mistake. Tbe affair
which eulminated In the shooting scrape
at Ford yesterday began wltb an elope.
ment from Clovis, New Mexico, on tbe
Fourth of July. It is reported that
R. E. Edwards at that time left bis
family and disappeared. At tbe same
time tbe wife and four year old daugh
ter of Byron Webb of Clovis disappeared
and Mr. Webb believed tnat his wife
bad left wltb Edwards. Webb was a
painter and was in tbe employ of tbe
Santa Fe at Clovis at the time. He quit
bis work and began a search, one wblcb
showed tbat be bad determined to locate
tbe missing ones. Although be went
about the matter systematically, be failed
tbe first few weeks to get any trace of
tbem. He went to different places
where Edwards had formerly lived,
making Denver on tbe trip. A short
time ago be got tbe track of Edwards
and following tbe trail be arrived in
Ford yesterday. He began a seareb in
tbe wheat country surrounding Ford,
and finally at one of tbe farms learned
that Edwards was hauling wheat from a
farm about five miles distant.
Webb drove to tbe plaee at once and
found his wife and little daughter at
Edwards's camp. Edwards had brought
a load of wheat to Dodge City and bad
not returned. Webb waited at a eamp
nearby until he saw Edwards coming and
went oat to meet blm. He says that
be called to Edwards tbat be wanted
to see him. Webb claims now that
be did uot Intend to begin any
shooting unloss he was compelled to and
tbat as there were others about be did
not think that Edwarda would try to
Kill him. He says tbat Edwards picked
up a shot gun and shot at him at close
range missing him. Webb had a gun
in his band and tbe melee began.
Webb's first shot struck Edwards In tbe
shoulder. Tbe shooting lasted only a
moment. Edwards team started op and
tbe men became separated.
Webb seems to be a quiet deliberate
sort of a young man and be claims that
be bad no intention of killing Edwards
Thirty-one People In Dodge City Interests
In ths San Louis Valley Drawing
Tbe Dodge City people wao have In
vested Inltbe lands of tbe Sao Luis Val
ley In Colorado, bave elected a com
mute to go there and attend tbe draw
ing. Mr. H. H. Well., E. M. Conway,
and Q. W. Beebee will represent tbe
Dodge City erowd. Tbosa wbo have a
chance la the drawing have paid In $150
each. In the drawing tbey are sure to
get atowo lot, and a farm from five
acres up. The sizes of the farms run aa
high as 640 aores, and tbe drawiog wilt
decide whether a person gsts a large
tract or a small one.
Tbe drawing will take place on August
12, and the oommlttee named above will
go out this week to be ready.
Ask lor ths Hedgs Post
A genuine band made oigar, made f roam
tbe best qualities of tobacco. There are
not many cigars as good, and none bet
ter. Dodge City Cigar Mf r. ,
Dodge City, Kansas, tf
Horses for Sals
Only reason for selling I bave a few
more'.tban I need. Apply to
tf R. M. Wkicbt.
Hot Weather
Oar line is complete, and we
stand behind tbe goods. If it
comes from the Palace Drag Store
it is RIGHT.
Sweetzsr Marker
John A. Merker and Mis Clara M.
Sweetier, both of Kinsley, were quietly
married by Rv. M. Lee 8 Jrey last Tues
day evening at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. MoClure. Tbey will make
tbelr home In Kinsley.
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