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The Globe-Republican
"The GlobeAepablican Friatiag Ctmeaay
ff. L SAVIR, rraMiit
r W TTLIK, Hccnuri Bumw.
''SHV.-ntered at the Poatofflofl at Dodge City,
bnu, (or tranimlMlon through the mailt
Moond-olaiw maltou.
Hedge Post,
Don Henry li here from Liberal this
Twelve dwelling!
ale. L.K.Smith.
In Dodge
City for
Mr. and Mr. E. C. Obenbaus are In
Ellinwoud for a short vliit.
Furnished Booms Block north third
ward school building.
Mbs J. Stafford 3t
It li hinted that there art a pretty good
umber ef boot leggeri In Dodge City,
Jut at present.
Mr. and Mrs. C. 0.Warlog and family,
Mr, and Mm, Eugene Waring, Miss 8ade
Stlce and Mr. Stevenson, of Bluffion,
Iowa, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
L. B. Miller at dinner Christmas day.
Hedge Post.
J. W. Dante will visit friends in this
elty again next Sunday.
The Newton basket ball team hai been
at Garden City, playing during the paat
two days.
Mrs. Dayli and Mrs O. W. Thompson
oame op from Bneklln yesterday and art
visiting Mrs. H N. Klnkead.
MJisei Kva and Verna Dixon returned
Monday evening from Oklahoma where
called by (be death of their father.
Mrs. Fred Winters who has been visit
ing her husband, went (o Dodge City
Tuesday. Lamed Tiller and Tolller.
Miss Carol Edwards le't yesterday
morning for ber home in Wichita after
visiting ber aunts, tin. S.T. Williams
and Met. J. H. Ripple for a few days.
Mrs. L. B. Brumbaugh of Dodge City
waa here Saturday on ber way tt Jet more
where she will vtslt ber parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. C. Lowman Larned Tiller
& Toller.
The Dodge City Telephone company
now has 713 'phones on the local ex
change with 138 of them in the country
surrounding town, These, with the ex
obange In touch with all parts of the state
over long distance makes the Dodge City
office a busy place.
How do you like that! Kate Oster
rum's show, which cancelled date at
Dodgt City recently, played at Garden
City. Kate most catering to the Kerosene
olreuit, and dodging the big towns.
Mr. and Mrs. Emery Beck left Christ-
ma! eve. for Lawereoce where they spent
Christmas with friends. From there
tbey go to Kansas City to visit Mrs.
Beck's sister.
m m
We Wish a Happy New
New Year to Our
Friends and
And trust that they all enjoyed a Merry
Christmas, and that there is a prosperous
year ahead for them. :::::::::
The City Furniture Store
Day Phone No, 7 Night Phone No. 194
Hedge Post. ,
Mn, Lulu Comerl, of Dodge City,
time yesterday to visit her sister Mrs.
Clande Reeder who is ill Kinsley
For Rent Furnished bouse, modern,
live rooms. Will rent for deflnate tine.
B. W. Evans Jr., Masonio Block. 2t
Mrs. A en and daughter Mary enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. A. Watklni and
children and B. S. Ogilvy, and father of
Topeka, at dinner Sunday.
The Farmer's Elevator & Supply Co.
will pay the highest market prioe for
corn, oats, kafflr corn and sorghum
seed. tf
Mike Sutton, of Dodge City, was In
town shaking bands with old friends tbe
other day. He was accompanied by his
son Stuart. Cimarron Jacksonlan.
Dave Tburstin and family have moved
to their new residence on Sixth ave. and
Dave Davis and wife now have charge
of the boarding bouse on Front street.
Mrs. Henry Huestls came from Dodge
City Wrdnfeday to visit tbe family of
EdWHrd Heustls and Mrs. Julius Or a be
zewske at Ray, Lamed Tiller & Toller,
Personal experience with a tube of Man
Zan Pile Remedy will convince you It Is
Immediate relief for all forms of Piles,
Guaranteed 50o. S"ld by Palace Drug
Arm HE OLD TIMER has a warm
II place In the hearts of men, and his ll II
H status It fixed In history. Tbe 4 If
simpler form of expression Is need Z II
In designating tbe individual who has J,
a oommonplaoe history for tbe part be jW
played In a particular community ; and O
Dodge City was tbe bub around which fl
noted characters revolved, from tbe I ft
Cleans Ever
Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Young gave a
family dinner Christmas day for Mr. and
Mrs. MoMicbael, Mr. and Mrs. H. R.
Brown and daugbteis, Mies MoMicbael
and Mrs. Nelson.
Tbe sand put on Chestnut street Is
working down into tbe heavier soil, since
tbe water was turned upon It last week,
and It Is going to make a fine street from
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Taylor have re
turned from New Mexico where Mr,
Taylor has been In business for the past
year or two, and will again make tbelr
home in Dodge City. Mr. Taylor will
take bis old position In tbe City Drug
tore, beginning with tbe first of the
Colds contracted at this nation of the
year are quickly relieved with Bees Lax
alive Cough Syrup. Its laxative quality
rids tbe system of the cold. Pleasant to
take. Best tor children for coughs,
colds, croup and whooping cough. 8od
by Palace Drug Store.
Judge Madison is keeping tbe attention
of tbe office of good toads of the Depart
ment of Agriculture Interested In tbe
Seventh District of Kansas, and says be
xpaccs to keep up tbe work until every
sand bill road In tbe district is made
into a good road. Mr. Spoon who has
put in so much time in Ford county will
build a road into Ashland next.
Frank Evans, a son of Mrs. J. A.
orey, of this city, arrived lat wee
from Wyoming, where be has been tor
several years sst, to visit his friends at
Ibis old borne here. Frank la looking
younger than be did when be left here,
and says that Wyoming is a fine place to
live. He will return to that country
after making a visit here.
southern coast to tbe Dakotas, Irouo the
Pacific Ocean to Ibe lakes. Tue histoiy
they made in tbelr Individual lives was
tbe history of their rendezvous, the
Dodge City of early days. It was bot
creditable as an enduriug busts for future
glory, but it is fixed In national reput
ation, if we are to judge from experience
of a 'Dodge City visitor on a , latu visit to
tbe White House. Toe President, how
ever, Is a cotmopolltan, ami tbe role In
in which be forms the most distinguish
ing feature, is not cocflaed or limited to
a single class of well known men. That
Dodge City should have National tame
by reason of tbe men who were known
as desperate characters in tbe plains
times Is no discredit to the city of today,
for tbe pages of bUtory are replete with
tbe chronicles of bloody aatagonies. All
early struggles were sanguinary, and It
required heroism to lay tbe foundation
for a better state of society and upon
wblcb to build cities and communities in
the pursuit of peace and Industry. It Is
not profitoble or wle to discredit tbe
means through which Dodge City euier
cred lrom tbe mass of chaos t tbe staid
and prosperous city of the present, sjffloi
ent into tbe day is tbe evil thereof,
At toe page after another It turned in
tbe progress of eveatt wt view the past
with regrets at time and distance bat
crossed out tbe onoe seemingly cruel
eients wblcb are only noted as tbe lnlti- fl
ative In hewing oil the rough edges of a g
.... i . j - i. i
who ana wooiy career, auu uib
forgotten in tbe exercises of the present
and in tbe plan of tbe future. It it tbe
burden of tbe present with wbieh we
deal, and not the meant which tbe
early settlers crested tbe Rublcoo.
A Washing Powder without either soap or lye.
New, isn't it? Makes no suds. Does not burn.
Ask your State Agricultural College about it.
Try it.
Another Wonder for the home is the WONDER
WASHER. A time saver, life saver. Its the
neatest, quietest, quickest, simplest, most durable
will wash anything from one single cambrick
handkerchief to six yards oj carpet. It will do
more work with less work, than any other washer
Special low prices on Rochester Nickel
Plate, Copper Chafing Dishes, New
Drip Coffee Pots, to elean the stock up,
before invoicing.
J. S. Ml !
for Ben Daniels, Mysterious Dave, Eat
em-up Jake, ben Holllday, Luke Short,
or similar characters: eonie are aeao,
some are living, and some are lot'. Tbey
developed under tbe endowments of
thirty years ago or more, when frontier
life was Inflsted with violent men, who
held their lives in tbelr bands, and who
settled all disputes and avenged all
wrongs with a loaded gun. Tbe peace
ful and Industrious rule of tht present it
conducted by the citlxent who, put firm
reliance In respect to duty tnd obldenoe
to law.
.They were those who were alway
obldent to tbe finer Instincts of human
race, and upon whose memory there is
grateful respect, upon whose character
it the legacy by which tbe elty bas tbrlv
ed and prospered. The tarly el'ize I
of Dodge City who respected bis neigh
bor and sought tbe promotion of the bet
ter things of life, laid the foundation of
tbe city of today, While those fliat
mentioned gave notoriety tbe latter have
left tbefrultt of toil, industry and noo
estv. It teemed that both classes have a
Foley's Orlno Laxative ourtt chronic j place ,ntbe t8tor-0f tht city, but tbe
tr y settlers creased ine uuoicoo. tj . . -.--,,,,,,,,-.
There is to-day no place in Dodge City H HARDWARE & MANUFACTURING CO.
if Run ninlflU. Mvmerloui Dave. Eat-1 f.
FEW DAYS. Th play was
written bv Edwin Milton Knvle.
author of "The Squaw Man,f
the most famous Broadway?
success of recent seasons, "Mol
lie Moonshine," which Marie
Cahill found one of her most popular productions, wCapt Impu
dence" and other noted plays. The company will have for its
head and star EUGENE MOORE, who will be remembered for his
brilliant performance of "Monte Cristo" and his high position ,
among leading men and the cleverest light comedians. MR.
could be better suited to the taste of American theatregoers than
the character of this independent, worthy young son of a typical
American business man. THE OPPORTUNITIES IN THE PART
TO SHOW THE ACTOR'S ART in delineating a vivacious personal-
20 Years An
With Home Famishing Company. We keep a night man at
the store to answer. TeleDhone. No. 11. Besidence, 69
. We sell such makes as the
Conover, Knaba, Bush & Certs,
Kimbal, Benning, Kingsburv, Bailev
and many other standard makes. All guaranteed for 10 years. We
bny for cash and will positively tave yon money. Don't be miss led
by strangers bu come in and investigate for yourself.
AH kinds of small instruments, sheet music and strings
nOAL Until Further YOU
yyjMi fiotice , 0flfer rjuj
Per Ton Delivered In
, on Car City Limit
Rockvale lump (genuine Canon). ....$7.00 $7.50
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Trinidad lump. 6.00 6.50
Radiant Canon. 6.50 7.00
Victorpea . 4.50 5.00
Victor nut . . . 6 00 6.50
Morley nut............... 5.00 5.50
Trinidad nut ..... 5.00 5.50
Wier nut . . ....... ..... ........... 5.00 5.50
Rockvale Canon nut 6.50 7.00
cousLlDatlon and stimulates tbe liver,
Orlno regulates the bowels to .they will
act naturally and 700 do not bave to take
Duratlvei continuously. Tbe Palace
Drug store.
Tbe street cemmltsloner tayt that
there it too much carelessness shown by
tbe butlneis houses, and by tbe people
wbo are In and out of tbe ttoret about
throwing paper on the streets. He had
Just finished cleaning up Chestnut street
a few days ago, when tome one came out
of a store and tbrew down a lot of paper.
The paper scattered over the street In t
moment, and It looked about at bad at
before It was cleaned.
Hoarse nought and stuffy colas that
may develop Into pneumonia over nlgbt
are quickly cured by Foley's Honey and
Tar, at It sootbt Inflamed membranet,
bealt tbe lungs, and ezpelt the cold from
tbe system. The.Palace drug store.
Klntley It working on getting a rail
road from Pratt the coming summer
Tbat MIssoart Pacific extension It one
of the roadt Dodge City It laying for,
and at Kinsley and Dodge can not both
get it, wltbeut the road going too much
in a half circle, we will bope here that It
will come to Dodge. There It a good
country for tucb a road to run through
all the was from Iuka to Dodge City.
Plneult for tbe Kidneys are little golden
globules wblcb act directly on the
kidneys, A trial will convince yon of
quick results for Backache Rheumatism,
Lumbago and tired wornout feeling, 30
days' trial $1.00. Tbey purify the blood.
Sold by Palace Drug Store.
A crowd of thirty Masons went to
Spearville last nlgbt to assist ineonferrlng
tbe Third degree npon a class of six.
Tbe work In Maaooary at Spearville hat
been dooe under a special dispensation,
but with tbe number 'of member!
there are at present they will gets
charter and form a lodge at tbat place.
Tbe Dodge City crowd arrived home
(bit morning at 2:15 o'clock and report
a big time at Spearville last nlgbt. j
Woods Liver Medicine la liquid form
men wbo built the otty have tbe affection
and esteem of those who survive them
And to fame rests on creditable deeds,
and while the out law hat a passing
reputation, while early eventt are still
fresh In mind, tbe men wbo gave solltlty
and good character at a heritage will en.
dure to long at the marble tbaftt Id tbe
oemetery groundt resist the decay and
corroding of tlme-aod then tome.
There are yet left but few men wbo
shouldered tbe responsibility of thirty
yean ago or more. Kaon year tne decim
ating band of time marks tbe vlotim by
reason of age and disease, and soon the
old heavy heads, weak frames and wrink
led vlsige will be oonslgned to the earth.
Tbe ttlng of death and the vlotory of the
grave u tbe tribute at last.
While greatful memory ttrewi flowers
on the grave, and ibeds tears on the past
We mutt view the remnant of the
early pioneer with a degree of respect
and kindness. It Is the old timer wbo Is
tbe Glbralter npon which tbe city It
fortified. It It to blm tbe later settler I
recognized an enduring faith In Urn fut
ure and stability of city and country.
And they are not all old men wbo are
numbered among tbe survivors of tbe
frontier dayt. Time bat dealt kindly
with them all. 8ome are yet In tbe prime
of life, tbey have lost little of tbe vitality
of life. Energy, activity and endurance
tbey still possess; but tbere are those
wbo care Utile for the world's empty
honors; who have passed tbe meridian
of life; who bave bent forms and gray
heads, wbo are crossing tbe Bar" in the
thadowt of the twilight, and listening for
tbe toll of tbe evening bell.
N. B. Elaine.
I lift r 1 ' ' 55tf
Hay for Salt.
Alfalfa hay for tale, delivered on order.
R. J. Eihom, Phope 412, two tings- tf
Mrg.'McBaney'i Experience.
Mrs. M. MoBaney, Prentiss, Miss.,
writes: "I wat confined to my bed for
three month! with kidney and bladder
trouble, and wai treated by two phytlo
ity with a keen play of wit and humor, through which is seen trm
strengtn and nobility or character, are seldom excelled In any pla
jiKi juuuk- 1. uri- ur in. jw auiuksxjM XJlii COUNTR
equip them to convey the full excellence of such a role. The nthi
parts in the play are all of unusual interest, including the musicil
-'6"vk tuv uiuuK uuuua, uc uiBBiuaicu lamer. Sua III
xanaiaoy or ine poet ana composer in their poverty. The whoj
play is full of the best kind of entertainment the staee offers, ail
presented thoroughly well. There are four acts which carry tf
Biuiy irom me poor loozmgs 01
the poet and musician through
the handsome apartments of the
prima donna and the mansion of
her rich admirer to the green LC J ... l)E MCffff IT
room of the opera house. Tou 1 f
ians but failed to gel relief. No human
regulates tbe liver relieve! sick headache tonimt can tell how I suffered, and I had
constipation itoniscb, kidney disorder gi-en up hope of ever getting well until
and acts as t gentle laxative, tot enuii taking Toley'i Kidney Eemedy.
fevornd malaria. Its tonjo effect! on
tbe tyttem felt with the first dose. Tbe
1,00 bottle co ntalni 2 timet at much at
the &0o size. Sold by Palace Drugstore.
After taking two bottles I felt like a new
person, and feel It my duty to tell suffer
ing women wbat Foley's Kidney ttemedy
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