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On Saturday
19 0 9 '
A Merciless Slaughter
of Seasonable Merchandise
On Saturday
190 5
We will inaugurate the greatest price cutting campaign ever attempted in the history of our store. This season has been very open and we find on looking over Ntock
j.L 1 1-1-1 1 1 . . . . ... .
mai we nave ioo many winter gooas on nana ana in order to movethem out m a iush, we will apply the knife a'ong the line. All goods offered are clean dependable
mercnanaise, ai nosoiuteiy Doninea reductions Jroro ine marked price ot the goods. We want to fill our store with a crowd on the opening day and we know that we
can please you in quality and price.
Table Linens
Here you can find some bargains that cannot
be duplicated
70 Inch all linen bleached damask, a nice line
of patterns to select from, worth 1.25, vd . 98c
72 inch all linen bleached damask worth 1.50
and 1.75, priced for this sale 'per yd 1 85
66 Inch all linen cloth In bleached and cream
regular price 8scts In this sale Me
60 Inch bleached and cream linen cloth worth
65c and 75c in this sale 48o
68 Inch colored cloth In red, blue plaid and
fancies worth 6scts in this sale 49e
58'inch unbleached table cloth worth 45c 83c
Ladles Skirts
ting and most sty
We have them In
The best tailored, best fitting
lish line on the market
Voils, Panamas and novelty suitings In black,
areen, Drown ana grays, in stripes ana plain in
all this seasons models.
S3 ad$4
4 60 nd 6 00
6 ,6 60 and 7 00
7., 8 and 8.60
9., and 10 00 .
II 00 and 12 60
14 00 and 16 00
18 00 and 2o 00
skirts this sale
$ 2 76
3 76
4 76
6 76
7 76
0 76
II 76
14 76
All remnants of dress
goods, silk, wash goods,
la.wns. ribbons in this
sale ONE HALF Price.
To clean up the stock and make room for new
goods we will place our entire stock of gingham
consisting of Tolle DuNord, A. T. C, and Ren
frew on this sale at slaughter prices
Tolle DuNord and A T C in plaids, checks
and stripes worth 12J and 15c this sale.... 11c
Rn'rew ginghams In light, plaids and stripes
reguijr price 8f in this sale 07c
FUrS, Furs
A complete line of f urs In single and double
.scarf. Four in hand, muffin sets and single
pln-M. Chlldrens sets in angora, lamb
wool 'ind ermine During this sale
33 I 3. per cent discount
The Holiday rush .is over and we find quite a
lot handkerchiefs are left some siightly soiled
from handling which must be cleaned out.
25 dozen hankerchiefs, white hemmed and
lace corners- The 5c quality . .. 03
2; dozen handkerchiefs, white, hemmed and
and trimmed with lace and insertion. 10c quality
this sale 4 for .. . 26
10 dozen handkercheifs, white lawn trimmed
with dainty lace and insertion, 15c kind.... -10
One lot bear skin and angora tans and Tom
my Atkins In white and colors worth 50c to
1, In this sale 25
Ladles' Suit Department.
Our trade in this department has been very heavy and as a result we find a
number of odd suits and cloaks left In stock, and as we do not carry any goods
from one season to another we have marked the price down to move them at once,
come early and get the best, every suit and cloak this seasons purchase.
One suit only of all wool blue diag
onal, long coat trimmed with black
satin and buttons, skirt ftrlmmed with
buttons. A beautiful OIK AA
garment worth! 25 r 0 W
One suit of brown stripe suiting,
medium length jacket, satin lined trim
med with satin and but- 1 K A A
tonsal25 AW'W
One suit of mixed Herringbone suit
ing trimmed with velvet and buttons
regular value $22 00 in 1 O Af)
this sale 'J-UVV
One suit of black striped suiting,
jacket lined with light stripe satin
trimmed with bands and buttons reg
ular price 25 00 in this QQ
sale .. .... ... a
One only suit of fine quality, black
kersey Full satin lined, long coat
trimmed with satin bands and buttons
worsh $M in this jjjJQQ
Mi.ae. cV Children Cloaka.
We have $9 MlSses and chlldrens
cloaks left ranging In sizes from 8 to
12 years which we have marked for
this sale at price that cannot fall to
move them.
16 cloaks price from
3.50 to $5 00, this sale
16 cloaks, priced
.50 and 7 0o
8 cloaks, priced from
$8 75 to i3 In this sale......
19 childrens cloaks; size
4 to 6 year, 92 08 to I6..
Ladl.a Rain Coats.
Only a few of them left and they
must move out
$8.75 coats In tan and gray
j Rain coats, 1 tan, 1 gray worth
112.50 and $13-00 In A trrv
this -sale .. yC.CJV
2 rain coat, 1 tan, 1 gray, marked to
sell at $1800 In this j J gQ
Ladies Cloaks.
One cloak, extra quality brown
broadcloth, full lined with pr-nrl gray
satin, trimmed with taffeta bands and
silk braid A beauti- dQK A A
ful garment Ij8 val ?0,JJ
One cloak of extra quality green
broad cloth trimmed with hraidand
satin, full lined with QO KA
satin worth 35,this sale tUJ
Two cloaks, one brown, one blue
broad cloth, lined with satin, velvet
trimmed. Worth 25 1 y KC
In this sale X I ,UJ
Two cloaks, blue kersey trimmed
with braid and buttons, y.itln lined,
our price Jo this sale gQ
One cloak of mixed Herrineton
Two cloaks of brown stripe cloaking
well made, extra good 1 A
value' worth i6. XJ.UJ
Two cloaks of brown stripe cloak
ing good weight, extra value marked
to sell, 13 in this sale Q gQ
Five cloaks made of good quality
Castor kersey, trimmed with Pomre
velvet, yokes satin lined, Q CA
worth $',2 50 and 115.50...... O 01
Two cloaks Caster kersey p e A
yoke lined worth lio U 01
23 Black Cloaks.
made of broad cloth and kersey, trimmed with braid and buttons, lined and un-lined-
But it is 23 for them and out they must go
$18.20 and 22 50 Cloaks 113 50
15.00 and 16.00 10.50
10 6.60
6 4.50
Thrae Only Plaid Cloaks.
Two size 34, one size 36 marked to sell for $18 00 will go at this salej g QQ
Shoe Department
This Is one of our strong departments and we
keep every thing new and up-to-date, do not
allow any goods to get old on the shelves, as
all leather deteriorates with age. In looking over
our stock we find a few odd lots and broken
sizes which we want to clean out and to move
them quickly we quote the following prices.
One lot of mens shoes In Vici, Calf and Pat
ent leather, medium toes worth
2.50 to 3.50
One lot of ladles shoe in odds and ends and
broken lots made of Vici, Patent fc 1 trQ
and Box calf worth up to 63.50 vXUJ
One lot Misses shoes, patent leather School
heel met kid top medium toe, G " y fir
sizes 81 to 1 1 regular price $225 r X I 0
Sizes 11 to 2, regular price $2.50 In dA
this sale.
-One lot Misses shoes odd lots and broken
sizes In vici, patent leather and calf
worth up to $2 00 In this sale .......
' One lot boys shoes, In patent, VIcl and Calf
broken sizes, a bargain If we have d 1
your size worth up to $2.50 this sale SX
Mer9 Shirts
10 dozen mens shirts, the pioneer line "cutto
fit, and fit to wear" made in coat style with cuffs
attached, while they last
All ti.25 and 1.50 shirts will go
All $2.00 shirts will go at
One lot mens flannel shirts in Navy, cadet
and gray, only a few left, worth $1 25 fif
In this sale 1 U
One lot mens silk and wool shirts In medium
and light colors, no collars, made to QQst
sell for a In this sale
One lot of mens hevy fleeced Jersey shirts
jn blue and brown worth 50 and 6scts Q Qp
in this sale UUKj
' One lot odds and ends, mens shirts Q)
all sizes and prices
3 Bis Specials
In mens underwear. Extra heavy ail wool
union suits "White Cat brand", fcO AG
worth $. In this sale Ptc'
Extra heavy Canton flannel, elastic OQn
seam, drawers worth 5octs... tC-
5 dozn mens extra heavy fleeced shirts, only
while they last.
Worn ens House Slippers
Made of felt, leather sole. Fur tops in Red
and green, navy and royal worth o 1 OA
1.50 and $1,75 in this sale PX,OU
salmon stripe worth 75cts in this sale
Mens Caps.
To close out the line of winter caps we place
them In this saie at the following prices.
All caps i.oo to 1.75 89e
All caps 65Ctsto 8scts .69c
All caps jocts o9e
All cops 25cts 19c
Wool Blankets
Only a limited assortment of each price, and
If you want them you had better come early.
The time has come to move so out they go
' 35a woolen blankets each .......$2 94
4.00 woolen blankets " 2 98
4 50 woolen blankets " 8 19,
5.00 woolen blankets " 8 89
6.00 allwool blankets " 4 19
7.50 allwool blankets " 6 75
8.50 allwool blankets " 6 75
Comforts and Blankets
In looking over our stock we find too many
comforts and blankets for this season and we
will price them for this sale so attractively that
they will all move out, every price quoted is a
1 1-4 cotton blanket large size and QOn
good weight, worth 1.25. OO
114 cotton blankets extra sizes and weight
In tan and gray worth 1 50 in this
12 4 cotton blankets; extra good,
worth 1.75 this sale
11-4 cotton blankets, extra heavy
mottled, worth 2 25 and 2.50
The Browx Crochet Quilt Marseilles pattern,
regular price 1.50 In this sale X 1 9
The Manhattan Crochet Quilt Marseilles pat
tern, regular price I 75, in this sale J gQ
Extra quality, extra size Mar- 1 CTQ
seilles spread worth 1 .98 this sale.. 1,ut'
Tk. D...U.. ...lit ... ,.....,. fi..-A im &
UUUHdll IJUIIl, I.UI IV1I1C13, IllllgCU 1U
Iron beds worth 2.25, this sale J 75
The Standard quilt, cut corners, 1 OA
fringed, worth 300 XttJU
A good heavy comfort, size 54 by 72 Inches.
Covered with robe print, filled with QQp
phloch worth 1.00, this sale Ot'-'
A better one 64 by 72 in robe print, cover,
filled with cotton, worth 1.25 at this
An extra good cotton filled silkoline covered,
knotted with wool, sizes 64-72 Inches 1 OA
worth 1 75, this sale . " v
The banner cotton down silkoline covered,
sizes 72x81 inches, worth 2.00 in this J g A,
The "Victoria" cotton down comforts, silk
oline comfort size 72x81 Inches, worth 1 ft A
2.75 this sale ..Aua
Clothing Department.
L ast call on winter Suits, Overcoats and Pants for men and
boys. In our stock you will find J. Capps St Sons 100 per cent
pure wool clothing. The R. & W. snanpy suits for young men
and the K B line. We have them in all the new dressy models
as well as the more staple kinds. During this sate we want to
clean out every winter garment in the house and to move them at
once we quote slaughter prices.
All $20. 22.50 and 25.00 suits go at $15 00
All 12. 15.00 and I6.00 suits goat 10.00
All 8.50 and lo.oo suits go at 5.00
We will slaughter about 100 young mens suits, sizes 14 to 20, in
black and colors, made of cheviots and worsted, neatly tailored and
well lined, every suit worth the marked price, but out they go to
make room for other goods.
50 suits worth $4.50 and $5.00
50 suits 'worth 6.50 to , 10.00
Boys Knee Pants.
Here is a good snap for the boy, our stock of knee pant suits
must be reduced regardless of the loss to us. Here is your
chance to make one dollar do the work of two.
$1.25 suits this sale
$1.75 and 2.00 suits this sale
$2.50 and 3.09 suits, this sale
$3.60 and 4.00 suits, in this sale
$4.60 and 6.00 boy proof suits
Mens' Pants.
A large line to choose from. If you want a work pant, we
have it, if you want dress pants we have them in cheviots
worsted and cassimere In stripe and plain. We can suit ail
classes in this line. To move them out in a rush we quote the
these prices.
$2.50 and 3.00 pants $1.95
3.60 and 4.00 pants 2.75
4,50 and 5.00 pants 3-75
Rain Coats For Men.
Here is a chance to save money and get a good rain coat for a
small price. They come In Grays, Browns and Tans and we have
all sizes. Look at the prices.
..........M 75
$12.50 Rain coat ..
15.00 Rain coats
18 00 Rain coats .
22.50 Rain coats
11 75
..IS 75
.....-W 75
Overcoats For Men and Boys.
Last call on overcoats, every coat In stock must move out,
come early if you want one for they will not last long at these
All owcoats worth '12.50 to $18 In this sale each jjJQ
All overcoat worth I6.50 to $10.00 in this sale
All overcoats worth up to 1 5. 00 In this sde J Q 60
Odds and ends and odd lots of Ladies' and Misses under
wear. To close them out, all odds and ends worth itp to
36c this sale. . Qg
AH odds and ends woith up to j5ct$. this sale
Dodge City, Kans.
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