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The G!iTb,ica" 1 LIKE "EASY MONEY"
Tic Globe-Republican Printing Company
ST. BATIS, ftttUnt
I If TTUB, SwtrHirr
m huitii t th Postofflce At Dodgo CKy.
IDa.for trinamUslon tbrounh the mail
i Moond-otaM maitm.
Cithelie Church
The services on text Sunday will be in
charge of Father Mennls. Macs at 8:30,
High Maes at 10:30 and Benediction ai
7:30. -
Christian Seleses Ssrvlcss.
The Christian Scientists will bold
services on tscb gund.y at 11:00 o'clock
at the residence of Mrs. Fred Petteison,
on Tblrd avenue, ot,e block west and
- uirth of the Carnegie library,
Subject fo mxt Sunday,"! alter."
Methodist Church.
Nt Sunday Is tba last one for this
conference year. '1 be pastor expects to
uh both morning and evening
Mnrnlnir sermon tbeme, "Divine guid
ance." Evening theme "The CbrM ol
today." In the afternoon at i o'clock the
Methodist Brotherhood will meet and
special exercises sre being arranged for
the meeting. All men who are intei esica
in ihls movement are invited to be pres
R.mHv irhnol at9:45 a. m. Senior
VUtl fcMlV J ,
League at 6:30. Tbe pastor and bis wife
111 leave for tbe snuual conference at
7 1 n twm an n PY t Tuesday morning. On
the following Sundsy there will be no
meacbin services, but the Sunday school
nd young people's meeting will be held
as usnal.
Presbyterian Church
Tbe reaular services will be held at the
Presbvterian clmrcb next Sunday. Sun
day scbooi at 9 :45 a. m. Preaching at 11:00
o'clock. Junior Christian Endeavor
2:30; Men's club, first and third Sunday
of everv month at 3:30. Christian En
deavor 6 :30 p. m. Eveuirg service 7:30
Tbe week day meetings will be as
follows: MIsslonery Society first Th
day of every month. Ladles Aid Society
8:00 D. m., on Wednesdays. Prayer
meeting on Tbursdpy evenings at 7:30
strutters are cordially Invited to
Miami aarvire.
Rev. A. M. Ems, Pastor,
But Perhaps If We Really Had Bean
Hungry His Nerve wouio nave
Failed Him at tne
Critical Stage.
i hinff Anwn a.n uncouth look-
UWl W"" - . .
lng stranger who expressed his desire
.1.. nt a meal. John A.
Thompson continued thoughtfully on
bis way. .
"Must be embarrassing to a
m . anil s-t turned UUWU,
lUr m UUU7 mi o
mused John. "That poor fellow dldnt
know how to put up & ptausmw
Tisn't so easy, mebby. Like as not i
couldn't do any better."
These thoughts lea to sun
.v-..t,( ,i h first thlnst John knew
UlVUuvg " .
he had determined to find out it he
could tell a hard lucK story mat
get the money,
einwiv .nd with measured stride, he
trolled on down Superior avenue. Ho
had decided to watch ana prey, wiu
keep on watching until he sighted his
PW . . ,
By and by, a weii-areaseu
i- Tuhnm John felt sure was
1MB iu uouu, " - ,
a total stranger to him, came walking
briskly along.
John Thompson stopped mm. ,
doubtless have Just finished a hotel
dinner," began John. "I am hungry.
Were you ever hungry!
"T iWt care to be cross-examined,
returned the stranger tartly.
John winced slightly. i;ouia vu
.traneer know that he made his living
cross-examining people? But he took
hold of the man's lapel ana renewed
his line of talk. "I've got to have
I tell you." he said
with vehemence. "I'm hungry, iou
wouldn't stop to argue If you a ever
been real hungry. Possibly you've
been reared In the lap of luxury and
don't realize how gray the sny iwe
innVa when you haven't even the price
of a sandwich In your pocket.
vnn ofiom like an intelligent iev
!. remarked John's victim, sizing
wm' nr.. mirlously. "You shouldn't
have to eo hungry. There Is work for
all In thla wnrld.
"Vnn am comDllmentary," returned
John, "but It does not alleviate my
rravtne for food. My Stomacn nas
Success Never to Be Counted In Piles
.of Dollars.
.' What an unfortunate thine that the
Idea should be dinned Into the ear of
youth everywhere that it Is a disgrace
to fall that Is, to fall to make money,
to accumulate property.
It la not a, disgrace to fall: but it Is
a disgrace not to do one's level best
to succeed. "Not failure, but low aim
Is crime."
Multitudes of noor Deorte to-day
who are not known outside of their
own little communities are really
great successes whon measured by all
that makes true greatness their
heroic endeavors, their brave battle
tor years with obstacles, playing a
losing game with heroism. Their
great patience and wonderiui sen-control
under the criticism of those who
do not understand them are evidence
that they have succeeded. The pos-
KPRRinn of a noble character Is the
greatest evidence In the world that
one has succeeded.
On the other hand, If a man has
srotten a fortune, but has left his man
hood on the way to It; If he has bar
tered his good name In the process or
getting it, he Is still a failure, no mat
ter how much money he may have
A clean record Is the greatest kind
of a success. And how few men who
make big fortunes manage to save
their good name, to keep their record
clean 1 Success Magazine.
Ufe-Savers Succeed or Fall Without
the Applause of the World.
The life-saver Is never a demonstra
tive fellow and rarely communicative;
also, he lacks imagination. You can
argue with Capt. Jim by the hour that
his life is a hazardous one and of ex
ceeding Interest, to those engaged In
more neaceful nursults. hut In vain.
Only the details of his dally duties,
which are many and arduous, seem to
appeal to him; the romantic side, the
perilous side, he sees not at all. He
will talk bv the hour of life buoys and
life-lines, or night signals and wireless
teleeranhv". of searchlights and motor
lifeboats; but of himself, who Is the
life and power of it all. nothing, says
the Circle Maeazlne.
The government report is tne soie
The Most Remarkable Premium Offer Eever Made
Every Set is Positively Guaranteed to Never Craze and in Durability it Is Equal to Haviland China
The Cottage 42-Piece Gold Monogram Dinner Sets
htstorv of our unDretendlng "heroes
craving ioi iuim. A. i -- . - .
been almost entirely depleted for 24 , of peace," and a very dry history it Is.
Christian Church.
SDeclal services next Sunday morning
Every member Is especially requested to
be present and all friends very cordially
invited. In ibe evening another speolal
jvangellstlcal service will be held after
blch Babtism will be observed
Baptist Church
Eeeular services next 8unday. Sunday
Mhnoi fl;45. MorninE service 11:00
Christian Endeavor at 6 :30 and preach
lot at 7:30.
hours. Have you no sympathy T is
there no feeling of humanity in your
"Your clothes are Rood tallor-maae
raiments. I take it. You shouldn't be
without funds. You've seen oeuer
Tou're evading the issue, Bignea
John, sadly; "the fact remains that I
am hunerv. almost to the point or
starvation. It you are unwilling to aid
a poor, needy person like me, say so
"Oh. well, take this," cut in the
atmnirer droDninsr a quarter into
Thnmnann'a hand. I didn't Bay I
wouldn't heln vou. I am simply in
nreated in sociology and wondered
why 'a man, evidently of some inteui
fenne. should
John was smiling whimsically as ne
replaced the quarter In the hand of his
"I Just wanted to see if I couia ao
it" he exDlained. Then drawing a
crisp new five-dollar bill from his vest
nocket. he added: "want on over
across the street with me and have a
clear or something." Cleveland Plain
L . ' $
are something unique. We will sell you the set outright for TEN DOLLARS, K
1 . 1 1 ' .i 1' -H. nr. i -
Out dv our pian you secure me sei praciicauy iree. vve cnarge no more ior oui f
goods than others, and in many instances less. .
8lmple Remedy for La Urlppe
Xa grippe coughs are dangerous as
tbey frequently develop into pneumonia
Foley's Honey and Tar not only stops tbe
cough but heals and strengthens the
longs so that no serious results need be
feared. The genuine Foley's Honey and
Tar contains no harmful drugs and Is In
a yellow package. Refuse substitutes.
The Palace Drug Co.
Dodge City
Steam Laundry
Dream of Grouchy Man.
Landlord W. J. Akers is authority
for this story, told a few days ago by
rinncrresHman Adam Bede during a
brief solourn In the city.
It's about a aan who got up
wrong foot foremost, refusing to re
spond to his wife's cheerful greeting
and working himself up into a sunen
furv for no reason at all.
"Did you sleep well, dear?" she
weetlv asked, all. unaware of his
"Rleen. nothing!" exclaimed the
grouch. "I did nothing but dream."
"How nice." she giggled. "I won
dei. tf vou dreamed of me?"
"Just that," he affirmed, "ah nignt,
"And what did you dream, dearr
she ruthlessly rursued her Inquiry.
"Dreamud you ran away witn a
fellow," he growled.
Tea? And "
"And I was wondering what In
thunder ho was running for." Cleve
land Leader.
Of nearly 20,000 wrecks and rescues,
not a word Is printed, save a bare
record of the time, nlace. lives and
nronertv saved.
In every Instance a small band of
men went out to a mortal struggle,
sometimes right ud to the verge of
death. A few went over the verge, so
slmDlv and auietly that their names
remain unhonored and unsung. They
battled alone, far away from towns
and cities, and the applause of watch
ing crowds.
Bright as the Fire.
When Crewe hall was burning, the
late Lord Crewe, father of the present
earl, displayed a humorous equanimity
which St. James' Budget deems wor
thy of preservation In print.
When the historic mansion, with its
works of art, rare manuscripts, armor
and other treasures, was blazing away,
Lord Crewe ordered a footman to
place a table on the lawn and bring
him an inkstand and some telegraph
I forms. He then sat down and com
posedly wrote this telegram to Street,
the Royal Academician:
"Dear Street. Crewe is burning;
come and build It up again."
To his sister he sent another mes
sage bv wire:
"You always used 10 say this was a
cold house; you woulun t say so If you
could see It now." Youth's Companion.
City "Furniture
Telephone 7
Dodge City, Kansas
In Laundering We. Excel
in all those little details which combined
mate terfect work. Give just tbe right
finish to a shirt, the right fold to a collar. I the police force,
Take ai much pains with tbe little things
it with the big ones. Oar business it not
aivrMt'u iomeof tbe enormous laun
irks yon read about so much the more
reason that we can pay earerui attention
to every piece sent out.
Police Dogs Useful In Parks.
Tn the Amsterdam and Haarlem
parks and woods the police dog It in
valuable and has already saved many
a woman and child from molestation.
The Idea that such dogs are about
causes a wholesome dread In the
minds of would-be criminals. It Is
hoped that The Hague will also soon
be favored with canine additions to
John D.'s Simple Tastes.
Mr. Rockefeller is democratic in all
his habits and tastes. In cold weather
he wears a paper waistcoat, as he be
lieves that naoer more than anything
else will keep the chest and stomach
warm. He also wears old-fashioned
woolen doves, and when he Is seen
outdoors on a winter's day he looks
more like an old Yankee farmer than
the richest man in the world. He also
takes great care of his stomach, and
always did. When he is at work on
any puzzling problem he eats spar
ingly, and recently, when downtown
at his desk in No. 26 Broadway, he
would eat nothing more than a 16
rpnt meal. This Is not so much for
economy, however, as for the good of
his health, and many will admit that
I Mr. Rockefeller pursues the proper
1 course in abstaining from heavy
. meals. ,
Description of Last Resting Place of
Genghis Khan.
fifinehls Khan, the Mnneol chief, in
the thirteenth century nroved himself
one of the world's greatest warriors.
His tomb exists at Edehen Koro, and
is described in Count de Lesdaln'a
"From Pekln to Sikklm:" "Two small
tents, one behind the other, and con
nected by a very low inner door, made
of worn-out felt, and admitting
through their rents the rain and the
wind, are the 'monuments destined
to perpetuate the renown of the
greatest conqueror the world has
known. . . . The ashes of the bodv
of Genghis Khan are deposited In a
kind of chest, cubic in shape, and
placed on a wooden support made of
small colored pillars, adorned with
nftlntlnes on all Its nldea errpnt that.
facing south, which Is covered with a
finely worked copper plate represent
ing a divinity surrounded by four ani
mals which are difficult to Identify.
. . . Tbe tomb, In fact, has not always
been here, but It Is difficult to know
exactly where the first descendants
of the great emperor laid his remains."
Athletlo Aristocracy.
The Italian and Austro-Hunirarlan
newspapers are full of accounts of a
remarkable society cycle race in
which Countess Ilona Bethlen beat
the beautiful and athletlo Princess
r9,,,. Letltla, Duchess d'Aosta, a fervent de
for the extensive , v. ,,0,i Ci..
narks and woods are often rendered
dangerous by tramps and other unde
sirable Individuals.
t'aae is nere, u u t -
-tickets, comforts, portlen, carpets and
g "i and we will make them look ai nice
fine. We wsh everything.
We'call tot and deliver.
votee of the wheel, as well as Slgnora
Barato, tbe most lamous proiessionat
woman cvcllst In Italy. The latter. It
Is said, was promised $5,000 by a well
known firm of cycust manufacturers
provided she cam In first Slgnora
Barato. however, was beaten by both
her titled rivals. The winner of the
race was, of coarse, the youngest ot
the ladies, une u me aaugnter oi the
Defends "Art" on Billboards.
rhuriea M. Bowman, a councilman
IOI WUSesoaiTe, utm wiucicu uuuv uj
"Snrlnfl House Cleaning defending theatrical billboards. In a
uru" ' I -Wnh tamed the Ode in tha
City council that teemed setting well-known Count Andreas Bethlen.
against these prominently pervasive 1 1
objects, he said: "Where, I say, where
can yon get finer an tnan is on some
of the billboards T These pictures ex
cel In beauty th paintings of Benja-
A Despicable Wretch. '
"That man hat no conscience."
"Whv do von think so?"
' " ,.....0. . ---j- ne cheatea m reanuuy in a corse
min West or the cu pture Michael 9 in which I tiipposed I was easily
Angolo and are a delight to the naked tUnz the bette- OTd ot tne harraln "
Give Your Dog More Water.
Fullv one-half nf ranlno misery
cornea from lack nf rirtnVtnff water.
The agony of thirst frays dqg temper
to tne vicious point, ana impatient
animals are much like croBS humanity,
reaay to resent an act or iook.
Thoughtful families leave basins of
fresh water where stray animals can
find it, but they are not many, and
they will never do as much good as
running water In places where It can
be reached at will. Dog lovers are
many, but they do not always give due
attention to the animals which more
than repay their kindness and affec
tion. Let us make a New Year's res
olution to use our Influence to estab
lish a few sensible preventives of mad
doe scares, chief of which Is plenty of
fresh water for all animals.
This Monster Attraction is
brought to Your Door and it
will not Play any other City
in Kansas. '
Just make a note of that.
Tuesday and Wednesday,
March 23rd and 24th
Where They Came From,'
It is surprising from whence came
the most common articles of food. The
onion, the leek, garlic and pea were
favorites In Egypt; rye and parsley In
Siberia; the the citron and currants In
Greece, and radishes bail from China
and Japan.
The horsechestnut Is a native of
Thibet, "The Forbidden Land;" and
the mulberry tree, walnut and ceach
traveled Westward from Persia. Very
few consider that oats originated In
North Africa at a time when Egypt
was the granary of the world.
The chestnut came . from Italy,
celery from Germany, spinach from
Arabia, the sunflower from Peru and
cucumbers from India.' Tobacco Is
l.atlve of Virginia, . , '
- ' i ;
The Big Minstrel Show
Your First Last and Only Chance to See the
One Biggest Minstrel Performance of the Present
Season, The show tHat carries its own Military Band
and Concert Orchestra, and a long list of Celebrated
Singers who are absolutely maicing their ''Farewell
Appearance."- . u
- ii .
Push Your Way Through the Jostling Crowds,
Fight for Tickets, if Necessary. . BUT DON'T
GET LEFt without a Ticket to
The Money Will be well Invested,
any of it left after the Enormous
Attraction Is Paid, it will be well Invested again by
The Philo Cln istos Club, an Organization which is
Planning a Great Work for Dodgo City.
The Big Show,
and if there is
Expense of This

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