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Other City Officers Were Nomi
nated to Succeed Them
selves Another Term
The city convention held Monday
night at the courthouse was one of
the beat attended that has been held
in. many years. Apparently there
were no candidates working for the
places, bat there seemed to be some
thing doing for certain. Daring the
' day some one prevailed upon Fred
Gardner to allow his name ased as a
candidate for mayor, and it was
understood for some time before that
A. Gluck's name would be presented
for thai office. Daring the afternoon
' things got stirred np amazingly and
' the result was a fall house when the
convention was called to order.
The cause of moat of the agitation
seems to have been a fight that was
being made on the city marshal. Mr.
Gluck was sent for but he refused to
Ka "KAfin". Mr. Gardier no doubt
consented to run in good faith, and
not as a candidate in favor of any
certain pitv marshal. In fact it is
Vw4 VMa
learned upon pretty good authority
since, that Mr. Gardner and Mr.
Gluck have about the same views on
the city marshal question. A great
: e"nv when the convention began
- did not know that Mr. Gardner was
to be a candidate, and it proved that
the majority, present had gone to
support Mr; Gluck, and carried out
their intentions. -When
the house was filled, Mr
Lillis, who bad been noticeably busy
during the day, raised his hand and
silenced the multitude, and the con
vonfinn hflffan. Mr. Hoover WBB
v O
made chairman of the meeting, Mr
Schall secretary, a form of rules and
order of business was adopted, as
sistants were chosen to help handle
, the fusilade of ballots, and the meet-
' inff was readv to nominate a candi
date for mayor. Mr. Kirkpatrick
. presented the name of Fred Gardner
and L. A. Madison put Adolpn uiuck
into the running.
The court house was jammed by
this time. It was perhaps impossible
for everybody to vote, but after long
drilling the greater part of the crowd
had deposited a ballot. In all . 2bb
ballots were cast, and of these Mr.
Gluck received 164 and Mr. Gardner
ins Mi. fHn..k was called In .and
made a very short talk.
There was no excitement over the
rest of the ticket the present officers
- being nominated to succeed them
selves, as follows: E. W. Evans Jr.,
for Police Judge; Henry Kinkead,
for City treasurer; and Chas. States
for treasurer of the Sohool Board.
The different wards held caucuses
following, and nominated the follow
ing tiokets. i First ward, Peter Mootz
for councilman; B. S. Robinson and
Ed Gingrich, members Sohool Board.
Second ward: , J. W. Sidlow,
councilman; D. H. Jones member of
School Board.
- Third ward: J. Miller, member
council; Chas. Argabright, member
' oard Education. ' ; . ' ' v "
Fourth ' ward: Frank Martin,
mncilman; A. W: Bendy, member
ochool Board. ,
L. L Taylor and B. M. Murshsy Form a
Strong Roil Estate Firm, With OfflCM la
Optra Homo Block. .
Arrangements were made this
week by two of the leading real estate
firms of Dodge City for a partner-
hip. Mr. Murphy, who haa had
officers in the Hoover Bloek for the
past two years has entered a partner
ship with L. L. Taylor, and the busi
ness will be carried on at Mr.
Taylor's old location in the Opera
House Block. The firm will occupy
all of the office rooms of the opera
house building, and the place is being
fixed into fine office rooms. The new
firm will be one of the strongest Real
Estate firms in Western Kansas. . It
understood that 0. P. Markley will
also be a member of the new firm.
Sttd Polotoss
.' Fine seed potatoes for sale at Snep
hard'l Farm on Five Mile oreek. Early
Oblos at $1.89 per bushel and Eureka's at
$1.60 per bushel, aUnootb potatoes.
, , Eurekas mature quloker than Oblos and
eating quality fine. Grew, .three pecks
from four small potatoes , Brst year.
Some weigh over a pound. Almost sure
crop. Can deliver them at Dodge on
Saturdays If ordered. Write to at. A.
Shei'Iiard, Dodge City.
A Very Pretty Show Room, Well Ventilated,
Plenty of Exits, and Starts with a fine
- Patronage .
The New v Electric Theater has
been well patronized ,f since its open
ing, and it is as well arranged, as
comfortable and above all, as i te as
any five cent show room joM will
find anv where. There ' are two
exits at the south of the room and
ample room at the north for the
house to onload on short notice.
The "New Electrio" opened with a
free matinee to the school children
entertained between two hundred
and three hundred small children.
It qos one of the most interesting
audiences ever seen in the town.
The ch ldren were nicely handled by
the management and the show was
enjoyed immensely.
New Law Makes Soma Changes In The
Annual School District Meetings.
The recent session of 'the Legisl a-
Uure mude a chancre in the general
law relating to annual meetings in
school districts in which a city of the
third class is jocated. The change
provides that the annual meetings in
such districts shall be held on the
seoond Friday in April in each year,
at 2 o'clock p. m., and that notice
shall be given by the clerk by post
ing notices in three public places
withm the district at least ten days
before the meeting. Spearville,
Ford City, and posl'bly Bucklin,
districts are the only 'ones wherein
the change is effective. AH other
districts outside of Dodge City will
hold their meetings on the third
Thursday of July as usual. The
new law further provides that the
school district meetings shall vote
the necessary amounts to run the
schools and liquidate floating debts,
that the same shall be certified to the
county commissioners on or before
the 25th day of July, and that the
county commissioners shall not later
that the first Monday in August
make the necessary levies to raise the
amounts certified.
Bids will be received at the City
Clerk's office la the City Building until
6:00 o'clock, p. m., April 6th, 1909, for
furnishing street signs and placing same
la position on the streets of Dodrfe City.
Specifications may be seen at the offloe
of ttie City Clerk, tbeoity reserves the
right to reject any and all bids. ,..
DodpeCity, Ki. Pearl I. Trebii.oock
March 16, 1909, City Clerk.
The Phllo-Cbrlstos club's Minstrel
show, given Tuesday and Wednesday
nights of this week was quite a (access
from the entertainment standpoint, but
through bad weather and a "generally
chilly atmosphere" the proceeds did not
reach as high a mark as might have
been hoped for. There was good sing
ing, nloe " orchestra ' accompaniments'
funny sketches, novelty acts and In faot
It was altogether a very creditable home
talent performance. It meant quite a lot
of work for the Phllo-Chrlstos olub and
the friends who assisted them. Mr.
Will Martin of the olub. was the general
manager and financial backer of the
undertaking and after all Of the ups and
downs, and trials and tribulations that
heaped upon him, came oat alive, still
wearing the smile that won't oome off.
Some new looal talent was discovered
and brought out by ' the ' PhtlO'Cbristos
show. -
RtmlnlMacesofthe Eirly Cattle . Trail and
the Cow Boy by N.I. Kleins .
N THE DAYS of the cattle1 drive
from the breeding ranohea of
Texas, the trail lay along the
western part of Toias and
Oklahoma . into Kansas, virions
points in Kansas being tharendiToai.
antil the settlements in Kansas foreed
the drive to the western part of the
state, and Dodge City became the end
of the drive, where buyers congre
gated and made purchases of cattle
to stock permanent ranches boated
north, south and west. -
, The end of the trail remainded at
Dodge City until settlements forced
the cattle drive to points still further
west, when the whole By stem of
plains driving became broken up and
cattle were shipped by rail to Oolo
rudo and other states west .and north.
The driving usually began from
the breeding ranches in Texas in
February and reached Dodge City in
the early summer months. The
preparation for the drive was always
attended with some anxiety, into
which risk and danger was to be
taken into account. Necessarily
there was required abundant pro
vision for the several months on the
trail, with an equipment of cow boys
and ponies. The cattle subsisted on
the grass of the plains, the march
sometimes being impeded by the
backwardness of grazing, or the
swollen streams. The Red, Canadian
and Cimarron rivers, and the lesser
tributaries were dangerous to cross at
certain timeB, owing to high water
and treacherous quick sands. Often
herds were detained for . weeks on
account of high waters and yet the
peril was not always avoided, for
cattle to the number of hundreds
perished in the swiftly running water
and men lost their lives and camp
equipment was buried in the shitting
sands in the changing currents of the
streams. Old cattle drivers frequent
ly refer to the hazardous under
taking of the cattle drives in the 70's
and 80's, when losses frequently
eaualed the value of the profits of
the herd at the market point. Even
the system of branding did not al
ways insure against a loss in the
early days, for a disregard of owner
ship, where roundups were not close
was made by many in recouping
their own losses, out of straggling
bunches of cattle. The "maverick",
an nnbranded animal found common
ownership, by reason of an unwritten
custom, and was usually picked up
and placed with a passing herd. It
has been stated that in the early days
of cattle driving there was a class in
the gang of drovers, who .would be
gin the drive in Texas with a small
bunch of cattle and reaoh their des
tination with a drove numbering
hundreds if not thousands. For
this reason honest drovers employed
cowboys who were skilful in the use
of the gun, and who were fearless in
warding off the cattle rustier or
hostile Indian.
A drive occupying the time re
quired was eventful in many par
ticulars, not alone for the hardships
or dangers which were incident, but
for the reason that several months on
the trail hardened the character of
the old time cow boy, who eventually
became more or- less of a desperado.
He was not only skillful with , the
lasso and quirt, but was a convincing
marksman with the six-shooter, had
the courage for any undertaking,
and held his life at little value. He
was a picturesque human being, this
companion of the "long horn" with
his high heeled boots, clanking spurs
sombrero and frazzled leather
breeches. His companionship among
the wild herds, over a 'vast and
dreary plain for months, made him
as stubborn and unruly as the wild
cattle. It was during these long
drives that they need to conoeive that
they would "take the town" when
they reaohed it, and they did and the
town "took them in" with out
stretched arms, . sometimes into
hospitable graves. The allurements
of the western . cattle town of those
days left the early cow-boy. with
many sore spots and an empty purse.
The character pf the oow-boy changed
for the better with, the decrease of
the lumbers of cattle, and the in
crease of the smaller ranches in the
counlry traversed by the old trails.
New there is not a vestige of. the
former scenes or character of the
old trails, either in oow boy or cattle,
i Tha, number of cattle in the old
drtMti ordinarily reached 200,000
bead, of the 1ong .horut, in twos,
threes fours," cows and steers. : It
was a fruitful source of revenue to
Dodge City in the' old days, while it
lasted, a harvest of a few months
bringing together drover and par
chaser, and the army of cow-boys.
The progress of the drive was al
waps attended with some anxiety on
the part of the citizen traders , in
Dodge City for it meant business as
well as hilarity. The trading began
long before the cattle reached town.
A fore runner of the drive used to be
Cupt. Dick Head, who would get in
many days ahead of the cattle, and
bis information was always usefal,
and would occupy a column or two
in the town papers. .
The rapid transformation of the
cattle range into farms, and of the
oow camps into beautiful cities may
suggest that'old things are passing
away", and is' an interesting chapter
in the history of progressive civili
zation : and industrial enterprteeJ
Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma once
desolate plains, have succumbed to
the industry and activity of an over
flowing population with greater
strides in wealth and population than
other states of the west. .
N. B. Klainr.
FOR SALto Twenty.flve II. P. Buffalo-
Pitts Traction engine. Win give all time
desired on approved security. Price will
be made satisfactory. Engine Is in the
ttock Maud yard In Dodge City Kaunas
For particulars, call on Charles Wortman
D C, or address me at Billing Christian
Co., Mu. Wabu Combs, 'tf
Oo account of the demand for mere
and better , su'oowbl e facilities lo the
I lololty of Dodge City, we have decided
to Install a new and up-to-date auto,
mobile garage and repair shop, which Is
now under eoostruotloo and will be
quipped and ready for business on April
1, 1900. '
We handle a full line of supplies sad
repairs, suoh as tires, tools, speedometers,
spark plugs, lamps, clocks, Pres o Light
tanks, Jacks, oils, gasoline, . batteries,
carbide, cup greases, patches, cements,
goggles, etc., in fact, most everything
used for the automobile Is on hand.
We recharge storage batteries, do
vuloaDizlog and bruzlug. We bay and
sell pew and second band cars.
We are best prepared to do automobile
livery work ot any garage in western
Kansas Our prions and n tes are very
reasonable on livery work.
RepOring and supplies and first cluas
servtue guaranteed In all lines.
We earnestly a-k your cooperation in
tbe upbuilding oi a Business of tills kind
by all automobile owners calling on us
for a liberal share of tbelr wants for the
' Yours very truly,
Dodge City Auto, ttepply and Livery Co.
B L StanOeld 8. W. Sturgeon.
317 Chestnut St. West Pboue 16.
It. ', Dodge City, Kaos.
mw and Rain Have Furnlshsd All Moisture
Nsteod For ths Fields ol Ford County,
Th anow of last week, and the
snow and rain Btnoe that time has
put the fields in Ford county in great
shape. The last fall of moisture
which came after tbe fields were in
good shape amounted to .49 of an
inch at Dodge City. Farther east
in the county the shower was much
heavier. Reports from all parts of
the county show the wheat in the
best of condition.
Notice Is hereby given that tbe regular
teotloo for city officers lor the city et
Dodge City In tbe State of Kansas, wii'k
be beld In said olty on Tuesday, April S
1909, at wbtofi time the following offios
will be eleeted i Mayor, polios Judge and
dtt treasurer: treasurer of school board:
also one member of the olty council ao4
one member of the board of education tor
each of the four' wards of said city; also
one member of tbe board of education
for tbe district attached to said- city for
school purposes. '
Tbe places of election will be as fol
lows, to-wit:
First ward, City Uall building.
Second ward, at Mrs. W. H. Lybranda
on Ullitary avenue.
Third ward, at tbe rink on Seoond
Fourth ward, Oluok property on south
west corner of Fourth avenue and Chest
nut street
In attached territory at residence of
Cbrie Bfbl.
Polls will open at 8 o'clock a. m. and
close at 6 o'clock p. m.
A. B. Reeves,
Attest: Mayor.
sbai City Clerk.
F?a Sale Horse, harness and buggy.
Horse city broke. See Dr. E.H Ballou.
rmHE Economy . of ' usinsr
II Devoe Lead-and-Zinc
faint is in results as
well as price.
You need fewer gallons
than usual; that means less
cost for paint, less cost for
pamte But it means a bet
ter job; the paint covers bet
ter and lasts longer.
Devoe Lead-and-Zinc Paint
will outlast ordinary paint
about three to one as a rule.
Get it for your next b.
Have your painter use it.
Geo. 0. Cochran Drug Co , Agt.
IT j
TKe High-Tide for Summer
Clothes Selection
liis Spring outfit will hasten to do
so between now and Caster, for is
not this the accepted tirne when
Sober rnan-Kind acknowledges the awakening
of natureby his own awakening to a sense
of the beautiful?- There's your reason for find
ing that even the Practical producers give Us
brightness and pleasing newk forrns in , our
wearing apparel. Your taste rnay express
a preference for light attractively patterned
fabrics or you . rnay run to sober effects in
Black or Blue Serge brightened with a tasty
Necktie of contrasting, color. WHATEVER
your choice you will find a world of satisfac
tion in Peking yur Suit froiIl among our
part of trading with Us is the fact that , what
ever you pay for you are going to get your full
value and a 'little more. If you rnake a mis
take you can have it rectified without argu
ment or get. your money back. Same way if we make the mistake. And.
When you buy a SINCERITY SUIT you "can rest assured you are getting
the best kind of quality and workmanship possible to buy at the price.
There's a lot 6f satisfaction in buying Under these conditions and a' lot
to us in selling. '
1 jjj ' f Sincerity l
j ) , f Clothes
I hi N -v'iVI"' ;
Wi 11 I'M i'h'
( .jr fj f 1 El
. 1 MIS' nlqiypSl' '
XnSrsMcerhard' .

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