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THE KOBDOO. GWBK,tabllhed18Tr. ' loonsolld&ted 188V
XUI FOBO 00. BBPUbLiOAN, Established i88;uon"""a"r'u ""v
Began With Baccalaureate Ser
mon Sunday EveningCom-;.
V' "merit Exercises, j;
This week Is a very important one at
the city schools, being the cloglii(t week,
' the time of exHtutnatlons, the begluuing:
of the summer vacation, and to the grad
uates of tbe High School, the time of all
times In their school life thus far, com
mencement week. The o ty school,
from all reports hate had a profitable
rear. The trrsduatlng dais of the High
School Is the largest Id the hlstor? of the
school, and of course, as usual, the bright
est. ' '
The first of the commencement went
began with the baccalaureate sermon,
and fha accompanying exercise, at the
opera bouse Utt Sunday evening. The
stage 'was beautifully decorated who
flowers and potted pWriti., and a chorus,
under direction of Mr, Watkins, and ac
companied by the Dodge City orchestra,
furnUhed music for the occasion. The
program was at follows:
Doxology. ' t r
Invocation, Rev. A. VY. Uommlngi.
Anthem, The King of Love, my Shep
herd la."
n8crlDture. Rtv. 0. 8 Spiers. ;
Bymn, "Work tor the Night Is Com.
Prayer, Rev. A. M. Eells.
Hymn, ''Nearer my God to Thee." '
Anthem, 'Gloria,'1 from the Twleftb
Sermon, "Ships on the Sea," Rev. M.
Lee Borey.
Hymn, ''Jtaus, Savior, Pilot lte.'V
Benediction, Rev. B. T. Bensted,.
There are twenty-two members of the
graduating class. The mot to "Nihil
nisi bonum," the flower, the' pink rote
nil I tin nnlnm blue end white. .
The following extraots are given from
the baccalaureate sermon : .
Oue of the purposes accomplished by
Christ was giving to the world a picture
Of the Ideal uwn. Tula was not meant
to discourage mankind but ra her to en
courage and to lead men to higher and
better things.,- ' . :: ,
We should never, be afraid to catch a
vision of the Ideal In life. 11 story, botli
sacred and profane proves to us that the
men of action, the men who hava done
the worlJs work have been two of vision.
Jesus caught a vision of future glory and
was willinff' If ' endure for its sake
"Wherefore seeing we also are compassed
about with to great a cloud of witnesses
let'ns lay aside every weight and the
sin which dotbjso easily beset us and la1
us run with patience the lace that Is set
before us looking unto Jesus who U the
author and finisher of our faith, who tor
the joy that was set, before hi in endured
the cross, despising the shame and bath
sat down at the right bandjuf the throne
of God." ' ; ' :
ColumbosMorse, Vail, Edison, Frank
lin, Newton and. Watts were men of
vhlon.' A very striking example of the
ma not vision Is Lord Tennyson. He
gives the stdry of the vision be caught In
early life which at a gleam" lead him
through all of life's change's and brought
him at last to "The crowing of the br "
This story is told In his poem, "Merlin
and the QJeam " Be opens 'wltbi ,
"O young mariner, yon from'the haven
Under the sea-cliff, you that are watching
The gray magician with eyeBOi wonder,
lam Merlin, and I am dying,
I am Merlin who follow the gleam." '
tie closes wun: ,
"And so to the fand's last limit I came
Ana can no longer, dui urn rujuiuiug,
For thru the magic, of him the mighty
Who taught me In . childhood, there on the
border ' ' .
Of boundless ocean, and all but In heaven
Hovero the gleam." . . T
"Mot ot the sunlight, not of the rnoonllght
Not of the starlight! 0 young mariner,
Down to the haven, call your companions
Launch your vessel, and crowd your canvas,
And, ere it vanishes over the margin, .
After It, follow It, follow the gleam "
, Tennyson oalls "time" a great sea or
ocean and lite Is i ship sailing on this sea
of time. With this fUure In mind we
can quote the psalmist by saying; "There
go the ships." Big ships, lUtle ships;
swift ships, slow ships; heavy jblpsr
light ships; full ships, empty ships;
beautiful ships, bedragled ships; drifting
ships, sailing ship. , '
Do I mesa aWps of wood and Iron? No
mean men and women and especially
three young men and women who an
now sailing out, as It were, from the har
bor in o the great sea ot time, and now
as such I urge yon to choose your port,
vonr destiny. Think of a ship without a
purl I am reminded of Edward Everett
Hale's story of "The Man Without a
Couutry." " ,
Phillip N'lan was tried for treason.
Ue was proven guilty. ' The Judge asked
bi'ui if he had any reply to make and he
ald ' I irh I might never bear of the
U S. again.' After a few moments of
consultation the Judge announced . that
bis wsb carried out should be the penalty
fur hh crime. For over fifty years be
tilled the seas, being transferred vesael to
vessel without ever having the prlvjlge of
obooslng a port or destiny. It ia one of
the a ddest stories In print. Don't be a
drifter; choose y. ur life's work early
ami then prepare for It.
Emmeraon said, "The crowning virtue
of a man Is to be born with a bias for
some pursuit which Audi him employ
meotaod happiness" Swift said, "No
intn ever made an 111 Ogure who under
stood bis own talent?, or a good one who
mistook them." Nature cuts every man
out for something. I i choosing, choose
that for wblcb nature Int3nded you If
poaalble. .
But however Important is the choice
of the port, this Is not 11. - There must
be a eboloe of equipment.' Columbus
chose h s destination but bad trouble
In securing bis equipment for the
vojHge. For life's voyage you have
spent a few years In gathering together
material fonqu'pment. Doubtless, some
of you feel that you have enough and
you are ready to sail out of the harbor.
I warn yon against any such teeliog of
satisfaction Yxrneed more book equip
m ot. Yon need the college course and
tue university course and then, added to
all this tigging, you will need a ohart,
a compass, an anchor and a pilot. The
Word of God will serve you best as a
chart; comcienee, properly educated, will
give you tbe directions; faith In God, In
Christ, In self and In mankind will make
a strong ai.chor for you, and Jesus Christ
will' pilot you over life's tempestuous
seas. -
The commencement txurcises Will be
held at tbe opera home tomorrow, Fri
day, night. The following program will
be given:
Music, Orchestra.
Invocation, Rev. A. M. Bella.
Salutatory, Jay dtraney Andrews.
Valedictory. Nellie Belle Carter.
Presentation of Diplomas, S. V.
Benediction, R v. A. W. Cummings.
Tickets for the commencement exer
oises are on sale at Young's.
Santa Fe Road Laying Ninety Pound Stee
and Making Test of Hard Wood
Ties, on this Division.
rifiuninif the first of the month tbe
Santa Fe will relay tbe road from KIdp
ley to Hutchinson, on the cutoff, with DJ-
pound steel. This s'eel will be laid on
ImpoiteJ ties that will be a new uperi-
ment on tbe Santa re Ibe company
has bad a man all tver tbe world looking
up the tip question, and upon his recom
mendallon bos purchased 170,000 Import.
ed lie!, of a very bard kind of wood
The ood Is so-hard that screw spikes
will hava to be used la fastening the
ties to them. After the boles for the
screws are bored tin ties will be treated
by a' process which the company has
adopted. They will be laid from Kinsley
east on tbe cut-off, and will cover a dis
tance of (7 miles. This stretch ot road
'll be used for tbe test of these Import
ed ties, and will be visited and inspected
at different times by tbe officials of- tbe
system. The ties are guaranteed to last
for 25 years. In placing tbe foreign ties,
about 80 000 new ties, recently placed,
will have to be take up.
Rainfall During the Week Was
2:44 Inches The Wheat
Crop is Much '
Annual A. 0. U. W. Picnic at Spearvllls Will
bi Held June 9 and 10-General Cel
ebration, Carnival and Trftle
NJaklng Event.,
The annual A. 0. U. W. picnlo at
Spear villa for this; year will be held
on June 9 and 10. This meeting
was a great success last year and it
will be given on a larger scale this
year. The Dodge City band and or
chestra has been asked to consider a
tiro days' engagement and different
attractions are being arranged for.
The "picnic" draws a large crowd to
Spearville, and amounts to an old-
settlers, new settlers reunion, trade
carnival, and a general celebration of
the town and surrounding country.
The rainy season, which was sdme
what overdue, bos made its appear
ance here. The rainfall measure
ment taken by the government weath
er station at Dodge City for the pres
ent month is 2.51 inches. During
tbe past week there was 2.44 inches
of rainfall. Tbe hardest shower at
Dodge City came on Monday, when
there was a fall of 1.21 inches. On
Sunday there was a fall of .58, and
on the preceding Thursday there was
.60 of an inch.
From reports received here from
over the county, np to the time that
tbe rains began, there was about half
the county where the wheat did not
seem to be suffering for moisture,
and was ia good condition to be
pushed rapidly by the reoent rains.
In a few places it was reported that
the wheat was actually damaged, but
with the moisture now, these fields
may come out better than was ex.
pected. The probability is that there
will be plenty of moisture from now
on, while the wheat is filling, and,
with the -certainty now that there will
be a good average crop of wheat in
Ford county, most everybody is feel
ing good.
Chapla'n at Fort Dodge Recelvss Cablegram
Announcing Death of Son.
Rev. J. W. Crouch, newly appoint
ed chaplain at the Home, arrived
there last week and next day received
a cablegram telling of the serious ill
ness of bis son ttt Poena, India. A
second message quickly followed with
tbe announcement of his death.
The son, John T. Crouch, 26 years
old, waBborn at Beulah, Kansas, and
at Keokuk, Iowa received tbe degree
of D. D S. ani was then made a
member nf the State Dental Faculty,
in which profession he remained un
til he received the degree of M. D.
He went to India under contract to
do work in the line of bis profession
for tbe British government, but died
a victim of smallpox, four months
after sailing.
This is Ibe second sad happening
to this family, as another son was
drowned at Mead in 1891, at the age
of 16 years, who was then a high
school student in Dodge City. The
family now consists of a wife and two
daughters, all at Ft. Dodge. They
will receive the earnest sympathy of
many friends at this end of the state,
as Mr. Crouch has ministered in
churches at Spearville, Meade, Ness
City, Kinsley and Harper, coming
now from Bell Plain.
Will Take About Two Months for Dodge City
to Secure Free Delivery System.
Inspector Lilly, was in Dodge City
on Tuesday of this week,- and went
over the town, He blocked out the
portion of town, for which he is
ready to establish Free Delivery, as
soon as certain crossings and short
pieces of walk are put in. This
territory, extends from the mill north
to Division btreet, eight blocks, and
east and west from Puladora street to
Avenue C, ten blocks.
If the required crossings and
walks are put in promptly, we should
be able to secure Free delivery by
August 1st.
Cloth has to be seasoned just the same as
lumber. Both must have the warp and
Slnoarlty Clothes
1 shrink taken out of therri before
triey are fit to be built into any
thing. You know wiiat a green
bearrj will do to a floor how it will
pull it out of shape and draw it
out of plurnb well, a piece of wool
that isn't shrunk until there's no
shrink' in ft, will begin to shrink
when you begin to wear the suit,
and then' no rnatter how well it looks at the start, the collar
will tug away, the lapel will shrivel and the breast will show
are all rnade of fabrics thoroughly shrunk by the London pro
cess. - When you buy a sincerity suit you buy satisfaction, you
buy a first-to-last-day perfect fit, ' .
Was a Resident of Dodge City for Twenty-five
Years, and Served Sixteen Years
as Street Commissioner.
John Madden, who has been a res
ident of Dodge City for the past
twenty-five years, passed away at
noon last Saturday, May 22. His
death was Bndden, but peaceful. He
was well advanced in tha seventies,
and his death came as the close of
tbe allotted time
Funeral 'services were held on
Monday morning at 10 o'clock from
the Catholic church, conducted by tbe
Reverned Father Mennis, who
preached one of the most impressive
funeral sermons upon this occasion
that has ever been heard at this place.
Everyone in Dodge City had a
kindly feeling for John Madden, and
the business houses of the town weie
closed at the time of the funeral.
The old settlers of this place have
been meeting him daily for the past
twenty-five years. For sixteen years
or moie he served as Btreet commis
sioner of Dodge City. Up to a few
years ago he remained the same type
of physical strength that he had been
when he cane to the United States in
1870, and he probably never felt that
he was becoming an old man nntil he
was injured in an accident about two
yesrs ago. At tue time ot bis death
he was in the employ of the city,
having charge of flushing the 6ewers,
and when he was told by his doctor
that he must quit work for awhile he
did so reluctantly, telling the mayor
as he started home that he wanted to
do the work again, as soon as he was
John Madden was born in Belfast,
County Antrim, Ireland. He was
married in Glaegow, Scotland, in
1867, to Margaret Mooney, who sur
vival him. From this union nine
children were born, seven of them
surviving him. He came to this
largains in Lands
Have Good Investments in Ford County and othtir
Kansas Lands
Rooms 1-2-3-4 Opera House Building
gigj IttsisJiisMli CllsliJHslliBiiiiw di
rfoI!JL! Per Pint
MeriGCiioiY 5C
Per Quart
country in 1870, locating first in Bos
ton. He moved to Dodge City twenty-five
years ago, and made this his
home from that time to the time of
his death.
Tbe steeple ot the M. ti. church was
struck by lightning during the storm
Sunday morning. Fort matelj (he build
Ing did not take Are and nothing more
serious than the loss of a few shingles
Take Notice
Letter mail sent to persons getting
mall on the rural route requires two
cents for each ounce or frsotlon thereof.
Section 106 of Postal Regulations reads:
On drop letters tbe rate of pottage Is -two
cents an ounce or fraction thereof, .
when addressed to a patron of linral
Route delivery.
, J. A Armekt,

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