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Tho Globe-Republican
Globe-Repubfkaa Ptf. Ce Pvbe.
Nature is Just at green aa abe look.
Now punish all who violate the co
caine law.
Underground trolley wires never
blow down.
Periapt a little bensoate of soda
would help in preserving; the peace
In the Balkans.
Just about the time a man gets a
woman's waist line comfortably lo
cated, she moves it
Here is where the baseball language
begins to be substituted for lest pic
turesque vehicles of expression.
What fun our grandchildren will
have looking back at the bats their
female ancestors wore!
, If dogs save more Uvea than they
cut short, what kind of a protective
measure is it to kill the dogs?
The south pole crossed its fingers
Just as the Shackleton explorers
started on the last dash of 111 miles.
A poet has just died in Denmark
leaving $1,000,000. We presume he
dallied with the Muses as a side issue.
"Preachers," says the Brooklyn
Eagle, "are not infallible." Why, no.
They contradict each other frequently.
The preacher who Insists that wom
en shall take their hats off in church
is dooming himself to slim congregations.
$50,000,000.00 ARE INVOLVED
New York Steamship Men and Im
porters Are Strongly Suspected
of Being Leagued to Rob
Camilla Flammarion e - neat-producing
well is a mighty fine Idea, but the
chesty coal men still decline to be
While we are condemning the man
who rocks the boat, why not include
the nervous woman who trails her
band in the water?
The man who kills another through
reckless auto-driving has committed as
Berious a crime as though his weapon
were a knife or gun.
Now that a fertilizer trust is being
organized, of course something ought
to be said about such an organization
probably being in bad odor but let it
A New York paper publishes an edi
torial on "Why Girls Leave Home."
In the majority of cases they go be
cause they are Invited by young men
to do so.
It isn't going to be any easier for a
gentleman leaving a banquet at 2 a.
m. to call for a "tetrahedral kite" than
it is for him to say that he wants a
It is not worth while to speculate
concerning those canals on Mars until
the astronomers have agreed among
themselves whether or not they really
are canals.
A lemon famine is threatened. This
is not alarming, however. The fruit
has been too freely handed out of late
to make Its scarcity a subject of gen
eral regret.
. A speedy and highly satisfactory
way to wreck an aeroplane seems to
be to send It up without an occupant.
We are making scientific progress,
locally, every day.
No doubt, when some Chicago or
Wall street financier has perfected a
way to corner the oxygen In the at
mosphere we shall be permitted the
luxury of protesting, at least
The truth is the bats only look
like peach baskets; if they really were
peach baskets they could be bought
for 11 cents a dozen, Instead of cost
ing an average of $15.33 each.
Down In Mexico there are some peo
ple who do not want Diaz for president
again, but they take the precaution to
come north of the Rio Grande before
giving expression to their sentiments.
Dial started in to be president of
Mexico away back in 1877, and, with
the exception of one intervening term,
has been president ever since. The
grand old man has made some history
during those years.
Premier Asquith describes Edward
VII. as "a great national asset." Yes,
be Is very popular with the masses,
and lives strictly up to the constitu
tional principle that "the king reigns
but does not govern."
Rev. Dr. McPberson may be right In
asserting that the man who falls to
pay his street car fare because the
conductor has overlooked blm Is act
ing a lie, but there is another side to
the matter, as one passenger found
out when be tendered a fare that had
been missed and was privately "called
down" by the conductor for the pro
ceeding. "When you do that," the
latter said, "you may be calling the at
tention of an Inspector or spotter to
my carelessness and will get me a rep
rimand. Don't do it again."
Owing to the fact that a Dread
nought might be constructed with the
money it would cost to communicate
with Mars, It Is not likely that Eng
land will Inaugurate any movement for
the purpose of getting on speaking
terms with our stellar neighbors.
Russia Is now pardoning its naval
commanders who surrendered to the
Japanese. No one thought they would
pvpr be punished, and the czar's gov
ernment was alone to blame that the
nfivy was in rotten condition when the
war began. . '
Washington. The federal govern
ment's investigation Into the New
York customs frauds threatens dis
closures more astounding than those
recently unearthed In the false weigh
ing of sugar for the benefit of the su
gar trust.
If the fears of treasury department
officials are realized there will be
disclosed the existence of a conspir
acy of many years standing and of
such magnitude as may Involve not
only customs inspectors, but several
big importers, a transportation com
pany and some men "higher up" In
the New York customs service.
Losses to the government through
these frauds are believed to exceed
The detective force which has been
employed on these cases has now
been supplemented by secret service
men, and, working together, they have
secured a strong lead on the follow
ing abuses:
Under valuation of Imports, collu
sion between transportation line em
ployes and inspectors.
Bribery of Inspectors by importers.
Frauds in weighing.
Inspectors' graft on traveling pub
lic. Acceptance by customs officials of
entertainments and presents from im
porters. MacVeagh After Crooks.
Although Franklin MacVeagh, sec
retary of the treasury, is not in a po
sition to commit himself as to the
progress of the investigation, he
makes it perfectly clear that he is
heart and soul with the movement
for a complete eradication of the cor
ruption alleged to exist in the New
York customa service.
"It is not that I am more Interested
in good, honest administration in
New York than elsewhere," he ex
plained yesterday, "but because of
the disclosures that have been made
there and my personal knowledge af
ter a visit that certain charges In
the methods of doing business should
be given prompt attention."
The secretary says that he did not
assume charge of the treasury de
partment with the Intention of In
stituting any particular reforms, but
conditions have demonstrated the ne
cessity for them, especially In New
Death Follows Oklahoma Rains.
Oklahoma City, Okla. Five people
are dead, several thousand acres of
crops are inundated, many cattle have
been drowned, and every stream in
the northern, northwestern and east
ern portion of the state Is raging as a
result of almost unprecedented rains
during the past 24 hours In those sec
tions of Oklahoma.
The dead are:
Mrs. W. W. Brown and three child
ren of near Foraker, and Mrs. Mattle
Jones, negro. The former were
drawned last night in Salt creek while
attempting to escape from high wa
ters and the latter dropped dead of
fright when the waters of Boggy
creek, near Enid, surrounded her
Heavy Rain at Wellington,
Wellington, Kan. Six inches oi
rain fell in three hours Sunday night
In a territory fifteen miles in length
extending from South Haven, a few
miles south of Wellington, into Okla
homa. The rain was accompanied by
sheets of hail that beat the grain into
the ground.
Messina. One of the severest
shocks since the great earthquake oc
curred here this afternoon. The
movement was both vertical and hori
zontal and lasted ten seconds. The
shock was preceded by a rumbling
The populace fled panic stricken
and the walls of the ruins in various
places collapsed.
Fort Smith, Ark. At Wlster Junc
tion, Okla., across the line from here,
yesterday a passenger and a freight
train on the St. Louis and San Fran
cisco railway collided In a blinding
rain storm that prevented the crew
of either train from seeing the ap
proach of the other. Nine persons
were injured, none seriously.
Canal Is Progressing.
Washington. Secretary of War
Dickinson, who has just returned from
a twenty days' inspection of the Pan
ama canal, said yer.tcrday all the en
gineering problems advanced In the
construction of a lock of the canal
will be successfully worked out by
the canal commission.
Tallahassee, Fla. A br.nk guarnn
tee bill, differing but little from the
Oklahoma law, was passed by the
house yesterday.
To the i S
Devoted Dead
i ;,. A Memorial Day Poem
EYOND a golden edge,
the skies ,.
. Are sapphire; . drifted
argosies ,'
Bear April's showery
pearls away, 5
But . leave their raln
bow tints sur
;, paused '
On Held and wold, the
flowers of May;
Deputing May; that In
her arms
These infant blossoms,
of her charms
The dearest, gathers; and her last
Farewell bestowing comes to east
Them on the mound of Memory.
With martial step and toll of drums
What spectral host is this,' that comes
Between the gates that guard the deadT
Haste they to seek the wilting bed?
Impatient Is the griuled head
Of dallied pillow? Bay not sol
While yet their Winter passeth slow
Here blooms perennial their Spring;
And here the pledge of Hope they bring
And Love that dleth not, bestow.
Where once their heart of youth was fain
Its rich florescence, white and red,
Upon the field of strife to shed
Folded, the petals that remain;
The morning glories of their youth
That drooped not In the midday drought-
Have shut on Peace; as to a stem
Stripped bare, the banners cling of them
All, hath the beauty vanished vain
Their glory to Invoke again.
About the feet of these that stand
Beside the headstone, hand in hand.
Who once were foes their children kneel
And break the close turf's emerald seal,
To let the sweet rain find the roots
Of grass and flower, and the shoots
Of rose and myrtle bid to grow,
That, o'er the dust In love entwined.
Shall breathe upon the Summer wind
Sweets from the mold they bless below.
Ah, let the banners come and go
For old remembrance; dip them low
Above the Dead that dared and died;
God knoWeth who are Justified.
About His Work He moveth slow;
The roses fall, the roses blow-
He will not hasten tho' we flood
The Earth with our Impatient blood
Nor that avail, of all we shed,
To paint one rose a deeper red.
Nor heeds the Rose, If of the clay
Beneath, the tint be blue or gray;
Nor Love, while human 'tis to err,
Shall be Truth's hard Interpreter.
Plant nothing over me, that keeps
My heart apart from him that sleeps
As faithful In his narrow bed
As I in mine shall; with the Dead
The Dead are" reconciled nor we
Dare break their hallowed amity.
Plant then the myrtle; blue and white
Its flower, as Southern suns delight
To deep its tint or Northern snows
To blanch Its color; plant the rose
Both white and red and for the stars
The periwinkle; fade the bars
Of separation; stripes as red
As the one blood their fathers shed,
Bring ye, and bind the Peace that saves
In unity, these sacred graves.
The Flag! their sacred heritage,
Their children's children shall engage,
Their sponsors In a new baptism
For them to cherish; let that chrism
On their dead brows descend, and bless
The ancient bond of faithfulness
With its renewal; so shall we
March onward to great dec tiny;
Nor one untoward memory stand
Between us, in the Motherland.
John Harrison Mills, In The Sunday
The Change
of Years
p HE sentiment which sur
rounded Memorial day
with feelings of sacred
character, when it was
Inaugurated 41 years
ago. has in a measure
passed away with the lapse of time.
Then the majority of the neonle of
the United States bad the graves of
fathers, sons or brothers who had
given their lives to the union to mark
for honor and tender recollection.
The memories of the great struggle
for the union and freedom were en.
hanced by personal memories of the
The lapse of years has wroueht an
Inevitable change. Even to the older
part of the community who retain
the memory of the civil war and its
heroes the freshness of the recollec
tion is lessened by the passage of
time. The greater part of the com
munity Is a new generation, whose
knowledge of the events originally
designed to be commemorated is ob
tained by reading or at second hand,
without the force of personal memorv.
Naturally, therefore, the progress of
time has made Memorial day an an
niversary of honor for the nrinoinle
of patriotism and of tho memories of
the dead, more than a revival of the
personal feelings that hallowed the
first two decades of the observance.
Kansas Schools to Advertise.
It is possible that the University of
Kansas and state normal school will
be able to do a little newspaper ad
vertialng'this year,1 after-- all. Last
year James M. Nation, state auditor,
ruled that the schools could not tpend
the state's money for newspaper ad'
vertlsing for students, as be believed
it was a bad policy. " Also be could
not see the wisdom of a school adver
tising for students and then asking the
legislature for additional funds, be
cause there are more students than
can be cared for properly. The school
were notified that no advertisement
bills would be audited or allowed this
year. But, a few days ago It was
learned that the agricultural college
was placlng.advertising contracts with,
newspapers. The school was notified
that rhe'Wnr would'not-be"allowed and
word came back that the state would
not pay the bill as advertising con
tracts would be paid for out of the
$40,000 appropriated by . the govern
ment for agricultural college work and
not out of state funds. As the audi
tor has no contral over the govern
ment money he could 'not stop that
school, so arrangements are being
made for the university and state nor
mal schools to spend a few hundred
dollars a year for advertising.
K. U's Bio Year.
By far the largest graduating class
in the history of the University of
Kansas will receive diplomas of
graduation June 9. The registrar of
the university has just finished the list
of seniors eligible for graduation this
year. This list contains 320 names from
the six schools of the university, who
will receive bachelors' degrees besides
15 graduate students, who will receive
masters' degrees from the college
and the school of engineering. As
usual, the college heads the list with
151 seniors, while the engineering
school will grant degrees to 59. Forty-
nine will be graduated In law, 81 in
pharmacy, 23 in fine arts and seven In
the clinical department of the medi
cal school in Rosedale.
Kansas to 8 to re Wheat.
The mills and farmers of Central
Kansas are preparing to store wheat
next year. For several years they have
seen wheat lower in the fall than In
the spring, and the fashion of selling
wheat directly . from the threshing
machine has grown until early winter
sees the crop well out of the wheat
belt This year's experience has been
lesson and the mills are building
steel and concrete warehouses to hold
50,000 to 100,000 bushels in prepara
tion for storage. The farmers, too, are
building granaries and barns, and next
season will see more wheat stored
than in a half a dozen years previous
ly. Most of the Central Kansas mills
are shut down because of lack of grain
to grind.
Alton to Try Bond Election Again.
The Attorney General of Kansas has
decided that the school bond election,
held at Alton on May 1, was illegal, in
that the petition was not properly
drawn, says the Osborne Farmer. The
bonds carried without a dissenting
vote. Another election will be called.
About half the school bond elections
held in Kansas are illegal. The law is
very strict and a small technicality
will knock out an election.
8upport Themselves by Preaching.
Among the students of the Univer
sity of Kansas this year are two young
college students who are supporting
themselves while in college by preach
ing the Gospel, Sundays, to congrega
tions in nearby towns. They are
Fred E. Lee, Who Is a sophomore, and
Louis Elmer Larson, a freshman, both
from Columbus, and both ministers in
the Christian church.
Gets the Highest Rate Pension.
A private letter from Victor Mur
dochs secretary in Washington an
nounces that Wallace W. Dill has been
allowed a pension of $100 per month
for total blindness, the origin of which
was successfully traced to his military
service in the Civil war. This is the
highest rate under the pension laws of
the United States, and Mr. Dill is one
of the few persons In the United
States that get it
Fatally Burned by Gasoline.
Mrs. Harry Bolyara at Wellington
was fatally burned while attempting
to light a fire in a small gasoline
stove. The fluid in some way became
ignited and set her clothing and the
room on fire. She was rescued from
the flames with difficulty, while the
house was totally destroyed.
Elsworth to Vote Bonds for Nsw Jail.
The board of county commissioners
of Ellsworth county has called a spe
cial election to give the people a
chance to vote on the proposition of
building a new county jail.
Monument In Memory of Founder.
Mayor F. L. Martin, backed by lead
ing business men of Hutchinson,' has
lunched the movement for the erec
tion of a monument in honor of the
lite Clinton C. Hutchinson, founder of
the city.
Winfield Accepts Bond Offer,
The board of county commissioners
as decided to accept the offer of E.
Jordan of Omaha, Neb., of $20,000
'or the $100,000 stock of the Denver,
iempliis Atlantic roilroad owned by
Cowley county.
The lost years of life are the sweet
est, and, yet the most difficult to pro
long. It is then that the greatest care
Is exercised ' la maintaining bodily
health. But the chief care should al
ways be with regard to the food you
eat and whether you are digesting it
properly. You should not allow your
self to become constipated.
No doubt you have tried salts and
cathartlo plus, purgative tablets, etc,
and have come to the conclusion that
they are violent in action and do but
temporary good. Listen, then, to the
voice of experience with regard to
wonderful and mild laxative, Dr. Cald
well! Syrup Pepsin. It is not new,
only we are trying to find new friends
tor it. ,
A. A. Felts, of Johnston City. 111., suf
fered from stomach trouble for six years
ana louna me cure in vr. uaiaweire
Syrup Pepsin. His wife uses it too with
success. Ws could name hundreds of
others. Some heard of It first through
neighbors or friends; others through the
doctor's offer to send any sufferer from a
stomach, , liver or bowel-complaint a tree.
sample bottle for trial, ' without charge.
If you will send your name and address
ha will send you a trial bottle direct to
your home. If it proves itself as he
claims then continue the treatment by
buying a SO-cent or $1 bottle of your
druggist, as all of them sell It Old peo
ple, like children, should look for purity,
and It is well to mention that the purity
of thlevremedy is vouched for with the U.
B. rovernment. Also, thoueh a free bot
tle-is sent to prove its merits, results are
always guaranteed irom' tne regular
bottles bought of druggists, who will re
fund your money it it does not satisfy
you. Send at least for tne free test bottle
. If there Is anything about
your ailment that you don't
understand, or If you want
any medical advice, write
to the doctor, and he will
answer you fully. There Is
no charge for this service.
The address is Dr. W. B.
Caldwell, 201 Caldwell bldg.,
Montlcello, 111,
Mrs. Fat So your husband has
stopped smoking? It must have taken
considerable will power? '
Mrs. Thinne All I had.
Fighting Tuberculosis.
Three large fraternal orders are at
present conducting sanatoria for their
tuberculous members. The Royal
League, the first order to take up this
form of work in the United States,
has a sanatorium at Black Mountain,
North Carolina. The Modern Wood
men have recently onened a sanator
ium at Colorado Springs, and the
Knights of Pythias, one at the Bast
Las Vegas, New Mexico. Tbe Royal
Arcanum and the Brotherhood of
American Yeomen will consider prop
ositions at their coming grand coun
cils for the erection of similar Insti
Family Medicine Chest
Everv mother of sons ought to keep
an "accident box" containing a spool
of adhesive plaster, a package of car
bolated cotton, a bottle of boraclc acid
and some soft old linen. A fresh cut
should be carefully bathed immediate
ly and bandaged to keep out tbe dirt,
which so often contains germs of lock-
law. If there Is much bleeding, first
close the wound with the plaster, then
cover it with the cotton. An applica
tion of alcohol will easily removo the
Memorial to Brave Explorer.
A memorial has just been erected
In Kensington cemetery, London, to
tbe memory of Admiral Sir Francis
Leopold McClintock, tbe Arctic ex
plorer and discoverer of the lost
Franklin expedition. It takes the
form of an old style wheel cross
standing on a massive molded base,
reaching to a height of ten feet and
erected in rough silver-gray Cornish
It Pays to Think About Food. '
The unthinking life some people lead
often causes trouble and sickness, il
lustrated In tbe experience of a lady
In Fond Du Lac, Wis.
"About four years ago I suffered
dreadfully from indigestion, always
having eaten whatever I liked, not
thinking of the digestible qualities.
This indigestion caused palpitation of
the heart so badly I could not walk up
a flight of stairs without sitting down
once or twice to. regain breath and
strength. .
"I became alarmed and tried dieting,
wore my clothes very loose, and many
other remedies, but found no relief.
"Hearing of the virtues of Grape-
Nuts and Postum, I commenced using
tbem In place of my usual breakfast of
coffee, cakes, or hot biscuit, and In
one weeks time I was relieved of sour
stomach and other ills attending Indi
gestion. In a month's jtlme my heart
was performing its functions naturally
and I could climb stairs and bills and
walk long distances.
"I gained ten pounds In this short
time, and my skin became clear and I
completely regained my health and
strength. I continue to use Grape
Nuts and Postum for I feel that I owe
my good health entirely to their use.
There's a Reason." .'-..'
"I like the delicious flavour of Grape-
Nuts and by making Postum accord
ing to directions, it tastes similar to
mild high grade coffee."
Read "The Road to Wellvllle," in pkgs.
Ever rend the above lettrrf A new
one appenr from time to time. Thry
are aonulne, true, ail full of human
Interval, . .. ,
. Had Her Doubts,
r "Mamma, does God watch over and
take care of me when I am asleep V
suddenly asked little Marjory one
evening after she bad said her prayers
and was ready to be tucked Into her
crib.'. -
"Why, yes, dear; of course He does,"
replied her mother. j , i
"Well," said Marjory doubtfully.
"He didn't keep very good watch last
night. 1 woke up twice and found the
blankets fcU off." ,wv ;,i ,? ) -
With a smooth iron 'and Defiance)
Starch, you can launder your shirt
waist just as, well at home as the
team laundry can; it will have the
proper stiffness and finish, there will
be less wear - add tear of the goods,
and It will be a positive pleasure to
use a Starch that does not stick to the
iron. '. . - :i ; -
Monkey Had Good Memory.
During a performance In a variety
theater at Copenhagen a monkey
named Morits suddenly sprang off the
stags and threw himself Into the arm
ef a'man.ln the audienee.tt was dls-;
covered that the man bad been Mor
its' master four years before.
Marr W t.rri 1 I'is
JsW a asbt u i mm m a m
Food Y
You will never be disap
pointed if you use Ubbyn
Mokl mnd OondU
mmmta on your table.
Libby's have the right taste,
which U always -uniform,
and you can depend upon
Libby's as being; absolutely
pure. Try these: -
gStxmd Ploklmm '
Fmnoy Ottvem " .
Salad Dromhtg
Strawberry Pretervmm
Omrrani Jetty
Evaporated MB
Libby's foods are the best
because they are made from
the best fruits and vegeta
bles, by the best methods in
Libby's OrBmi
Enameled Yfhlio
. Kltohen.
Insist on Libby's', and you
can depend upon it that
you will get food prod-
which are the
.most satisfactory
from the stand
point of taste
and purity.
MfllOflAMf ;
i J m
I. al U.k3.ii3.il sf U-UO'
Regard Cutlcura Soap
and Cuticura Ointment
as unrivaled for Preserv-
ing, Purifying and Beau
tifying the Skin; Scalp,
Hair and nandsfor Sana
tive, Antiseptic Cleansing
and for tbe NurSery.
Onirf ttimndinut tho world. Drooti: London, 27,
nurwrhmim Ha.: Purl. . RlM d III ruli. Auilriv
fin, H. Towm A Co.. Sydney; India, p. h. I nui,
Ca rutta: oiitna. iinng mmn tnu vu., .mi'"",
E Lla'rWto: Ruwls, Ffrrehi. W!S
to. Xfrfrl. Io. Ltd,. I'll Town, Me.; l;.H.A,
Vollrr tin Clwm. Corp.. ! Props., "'""

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