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Sewing fflachines
M Any one contemplating buying a sewing machine, will do well to see
ft doing; so, as we have a good assortment, at prices that will convlnc
us before
convince you that
WA am inrendintf tt sell them W rniw ri IsnmAatiV C.inArth Krnfrtv And
TB9DCU, fUSV UIO CUIU VCSt wt Oil I1ICI VlllllCa j 1 i tU A I CC. C cue
twenty reasons why you should buy the "Free" in preference to any other, ft
0 1. Most beautiful. ' 13. Automatic bead latch. ' ft
2. Handsome, convenient, substantial furniture. 11 Strongest most perfect feed-no-springs. . , a 3k
0 8. Latest improved sewing machine, ' 15. Lightest running bead Eotoscillo. ball bearing A
4 4. Does not show dust ' movement.. . t
6. Automatic drawer looks. 16. Lightot running ball bearing stand.
4 6. Neatest, strongest, simplest automatic lift. l7 MaleB fect fitituh H hteet or hflavie8t ft
24 7. Belt does ndt oome off above or below. goods ' A
Ho'. Auirfent release. V , ' 19-Latest improved attachments does all kinds of O
I '10, Needle cannot be put in wroni. work. , Jj
1 1 11. Longest wearing self threading shuttle. 19., Absolute warranty. ;. , j
12. Shuttle ejector. 20. Price lowest for high grade machines. - X
Come in and examine our machines, pianos, Refrigerators, pictures, rugs, n
8 carpets, as well as our large furniture stock. We can deliver the goods when Q
, . it comes to quality, and at a price that cannot te beat v
8 1 : V " 18
ii i -w ... in
Opposite Postoffice
Money to loan on real estate. See
T. H. Young. . tf
Jack Goodall Is tinning (be ltluster
ted songs at the Electric tbeaier.
Paul Borke wbo bat been employed by
(be Dl virion engineer of ibe Hants Fe ex
pects to leave tbii week tor California.
Harold Plxle? resumed ,hts work as
day caller at tbe Hants Fe.
B. A. Davis and wife, of Spearville,
were In Dodge City Saturday.
H. 0. Burns bat been rent bere from
Topeka. as an assistant (o Engineer Geo
Trainmaster Coffey left Monday for an
Inspection trip on tbe locals of tbe sec
ond district of tbe Santa Fe.
Wanted Two men, one team and a
mowing machine to make alfalfa bay
Address D D. Wlntamute, Spearville.
Harry Esjh was at Kinsley Munday
and played baie ball wiib tbe Kinsley
team wbicb defeated Macksvllle wltb a
Score of 8 to 8.
The bridge and building department
1 V. lr .. . Lt.L n m 1 1 1 . 1
ui ud oil. is rr. oi hu uu a. r . mini nm
cbarge, recnlvrd two big eleotrio motor
cars iubi usyb ueen assigned to tne SCOtt
City branch.
On account of Ibe beavy passenger
srrvlce between Dodge City and Colo
rado, It bas beer me nf rosary to put
helper conductors on No. 5 and 8. Tbe
positions are being' beld by tonduotors
Norman and Dunlap.
Division engineer Graves, of the Santa
Fe, sent out a second sutvevlrg gang
Monday for work on tbe new ballast be
tween bere and Newton Leslie Dean
and Artbnr Scares were members of tbe
Delay lo taking Foley's Kidney Rem
edy If you have backache, kidney or
bladder trouble, fasteua tbe disease upon
you and makes a cure more difficult.
Commence taking Foley's Kidney Kern
ed r today and yon will soon be well
Why risk a serious malady f Tbe Palace
Drug Store.
Whltlaw Hubbard arrived In Dodge
City Saturday and baa accented the
position as night car clerk at I he Ssnta
Fe, under agent & A. Teed. Mr. Hub
bard had been employed by Ibe Santa
Fe In New Mf xlco but rrslgned tbe pos
ition to accept tbe one here. ;
The surest and easiest way to cure a
conch or cold Is by gently and freely
movingtbe bowls. Bees Laxative Cougb
Syrup la pleasant, stops tne couirbing
and quickly relieves the cold by allay
ing confection and by pleasantly and
promptly mrvmg tbe bowels. Sold by
The Palace Drug Store.
' . Not es.
Hereafter the Globe-Republican will
cbarge for publishing advertisements of
church or benefit entertainments five
cents per line for each Insertion. For
Resolutions a cbarge of . $1.00 will be
made, and for Cards of Thanks a charge
of 25 cents.
The Board of County Commissioners met
at tbe court bouse, Dodge City, Kansas
Monday, July 5, 1900, with W, O.Dunckerof
the 1st district, and Nio Mayrath or the 3rd
district, present.
The following clalmi agfjlnst Ford county
were appioved and ordered paid:
K. H. Ferguson, balance painting
bridge s So.oo
Bargain Store, clothing (or poor 7.85
H. L. Carey, grinding lawn mower ... l.oo
J. R Gibson, plumbing work at court
home .... . ... 7.4o
Carl Van Rlpsr, expense county
attorney jj.oo
Drs. McCarty 4 McCarty, salary
county physicians 125.00
J. 8, Rush, lawn mower and saw for .
county 12.oo
T. M. Walker, care county farm in
mates , l7.8o
Mary Hale, salttry associate examiner, "t oo
Karl Miller, sulury associate examiner, 24.00
Dr H. Whltwortn, salary county
health officer Bo.oo
H. N. Klnkead. telegrams , 2,23
II. Junean, lumber and hardware for
county 28.I0
Hall Lltho, Co,, I mortgage record..., 2ti.So
h. J. French.clothlng for w esley Behee 21. 00
Crane ft Co.. supplies for county 38.75
Water Light Co., light U.lfi
Water ft Light Co.. water to Oct. 1 88.12
D. C. Telephone Co, rents and tolls.... 16.H8
Tom H. Bell, boarding prisoners...... I0070
S. P. Reynolds, salary county treas;, loo.oo
B. L. Ulenn, salary surveyor 24,oo
Carl Van Riper, salaiy 00. attorney.... 75.00
T. E Fr Mich, aalary dlstnot clerk ... 188.87
Richard Bodvflbld.nalarv co.suot..... 66.68
S. II. Connaway, salary co. clerk 91 64
G. w, Artweln, aaHessor work ... 3.00
8. Dodsworth Book Co., 7 tax roll for
19o9 73.79
8, Dodsworth Book Co,, blanks and
n ing cae
8. Dodsworth Book Co,, 1 trial docket,
News Co . mlBcellaneous record
W, H Preston, salary probate Judge 82.00
W. H. Preston. Judge juvenile court,
Chares children ,. 6. Co
John Maddwn, probation officer 8.00
Kansas Children Home Society, ac
count Pharea children 60.00
8. B. Connway, expense equalization
work lll.oo
B. V. Martin, salary deputy treas 62.5o
On motion the iioarj adjourned to July
6 19o9. !
B. H. CONNAWAV, County Clerk.
The Board of County Commissioners met
at the court bouse, Tuesday, July 6, 19o9,
with W. C. Ouneker and NIc Mayrath pres
ent, and proceeded wltb business before
them as follows;
A petition signed by Orville 8. King and 21
others of Pleasant Valley and Bucklln town
ships, asking that tt e rosds running on the
east and west -Ides of the northeast oorner
of Section 29, township 28 range 21, be
vacated, and that a now road be established
north and south through the center of said
northeast quarter, from the north to the
south line thereof, and It being shown to
tne Board that all persons owning lands ad
jacent to said roads had filed with the Coun
ty Clerk a written agreement favoring such
chances as required In the petition, the
Board ordered such vacatlwns be made and
the new road established as petitioned for,
and that Isaac Marsbrey be paid l5o tor
right-of-way and damages sustained.
Petitions were presented by Curl Qrlng and
15 others, of W huatland township, asking the
Board to establish the publlo road from the
southeast corner of section 14, township ,
range 21, west two miles to sontheast cor
ner of 15, 26, 21, on the section lines, and that
the present road, which is all located along
the north side of said section lines, be
vacated. The Board approved the petitions
and ordered the clerk to proceed In the mat.
ter according to law.
The following claims were allowed and
ordered paid:
W. J. Fitzgerald, premium on 5-year
Insurance policy for $5,000 on court '
hous floS.oo
T. J. Schall, printing 19.75
8. 8. Marshall, June allowance poor
account. . lo.oo
Globe-Republican, printing 29.75
G. V, Bartlett, trimming trees court
house yard , O.oo
Mrs 0. 11. Ward, care and board Mrs.
x Phares , 8.00
W. c. Dunoker. salarv oountv 00m... 14.00
Nick Mayrath, comity com.... 14.10
Ou motion the Board adjourned to Aug. 6,
S.H, CONNAWAY, County Clork.
. Published July 15, 1909.
An ordinance directing the calling of an
election to vote bonilg In the sum of one
hundred thousand dollars for tbe purpose
of purchasing or constructing a water works
plant or electric light plant, or both, for the
city of Dodge City. '
Be It ordained by the Mayor and Council
Of the city ot Dodge City:
Section 1. That, whereas. It Is desired by
the Council of the city of Dodge City, ford
county, Kansas, to proenre authority for the
issuance of bonds under the terms of Chap
ter 101 of the Session Laws of 1905:
Threfore. Be It Resolved, That It Is hereby
directed that an election be Called to be held
In aald olty of Hodge City on the 10th day ot
August, 1909, at which election tbe electors
ot said city shall vote upon the question as
to whether or not said City Council shall
Issue tbe "bonds of said city In the sum of
one hundred thousand dollais, or so much
thereof as may be necessary, payable In
thirty years, with Interest ot exceeding
Ave per cent, per annum, aald bonds to be
Issued In denomnatlonsof five hundred and
one thousand dollars, and payable at the
nftlCA Of thA TrAaytivu nf'th. U...... n I7n
In the city of Topeka, state ot Kansas, for
. j-u.i. ui pureuusiog or constructing
works for the purpose of supplying - said
city and its inhabitant with water orllghts,
or both.
Sec. II This ordinance shall take sffect
and be In farce from and after its publica
tion In tbe Globe-Republican.
Passed by the Council July 8, 19(9.
Approved by tbe Mayor July 8.' 19o!.
... . A. GLUCK, Mayor.
Attest: PEARL TREBILCOCK, City Clerk.
First published July 8, 1909.J
State of Kansas, J
Ford county, J 8B'
In the District Court In and ior said county
and state.
The state of Kansas to Mrs. M.E. Emmerich
You are hereby notified that you have been
sued In said comt In an action therein
pending, wherein R. T. Battey Is plaintiff and
you are defendant (Case No. 48M) and that
unless you answer the petition filed by said
plaintiff in said cause on or before the, 20th
day ot August A. D.,1909. the allegations of
said petition will be taken as true, and a
Judgment accordingly rendered against you,
and in favor of said ulaintlff, lor the recovery
of the lands and tenements described In
plaintiff's petition, to-wit; The south one
half of section one (1), towoshlD twentv Ave
, f25), range twenlv-flve (25) west of the 6th P.
M-, in Ford county Kansas, and adjudging
that plaintiff Is the owner Id fee ot said
I premises, and that you have no right, title,
'Interest nor estate therein; and a further
I judgment for costs of suit.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto Bet
I my band and ufilxed the seal of eald court
tnis 7tn day ot July, A. D 1909.
seal Clerk District Court
Scates ft Watklns, Dodge City, Kansas,
Attorneys tor Plaintiff.
Knabe, Bush' & Gerts, Kimball, Iver & Pond,
Price & Teople, Smith & Barnes, and many . other
Pianos carried in stock. We will guarantee to sell
you a Good Piano for less than any out of town
dealer. We have a , few special bargains in used
Pianos. Come in and see.
p. ti. Yourjc r.iusic house
Mai Zan Is good for all kinds of Piles
It stops luflatuatiou, creates a noruim
circulation, thus, redlining the Piles, and
heals tbe parts affected. MaiZtn uir.j
be conveniently and easily applied, a
tbe tube Id wbicb It isut up has a small
patent nozzle attached. Sold by Tbe
Palace Drug 8tor.
, Hr. and Mrs. Wlnpr and' Mrs. Stanley
and children were ouirldinjr in their auto
last Thursday and spent part of tbe da)
fisbing at Saw Lnfr.
Will MoCleiland made a flying trip to
the city last Krlday,
Saw Log keighhoTbood was well rep
resented at Dodge City last Saturday.
Mlssei Lottie and Nellie Statk spent
Sunday with Cecil and Lola Conway.
Picking currants seems to be the order
or tbe day wltb tbe ladiei of the valley
Juat now. .
Mrs. McClelland was a business caller
af ConawayB Monday,
Mr. and Mri. Porest made a business
trip to tbe county teat, tbe first part of
the. week, - . ;. ' v ; t
Tbe Stark brothers and Tale Trickle
visited Virgil Conway last Sunday.
Ola Stark helped K. J. Conway put up
alfalfa last Wednesday , -
Mrs HoClelland .was shopping in
Dodge City last Wednesday.
Mr. Conaway helped Mr. 8tark do
some carpenter work thla week,
Howard McClelland lef tfor the harvest
field Monday morning.
- C. A. and 0. L. fWing made a trip to
thalr ranch Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Dsnsel visited with tbelr
daughter at Jetmore last Sunday.
(ieorge Anderson left Saturday for a
visit with relatives InOklahoma.
Nam of St. Peter Appealed to Heart
of soldi. r ;
It la well known .that Ellas Howe,
the Inventor of the eewtng machine,
not only enlisted as a common soldier
In the ranks of the Seventeenth Con
nectlcut regiment, carried a musket,
and did full military duty during the
war, but at a certalf Juncture, when
national finances were at a low ebb,
he paid soldiers out of his own pocket.
Relative to this Incident, P. T. Barnum
used to tell this story:
"While Mr. Howe was counting out
thw money referred to, a stranger, who
was a clergyman, entered the tent and
aald he .had teard of Mr. Howe's lib
erality and had called to ask him to
contribute toward building a church
for his congregation.
",'Church, church,' said Mr. ,Howe
withdut looking up from his bills he
was counting; 'building churches In
war times, when so much is needed to
save our country!' What churjfch is
itr ;v
" 'St. Peter's church,' replied
clergyman. . ,
'"Oh, St. Peter's," said Mr. Howe;
'well, St. Peter was the only fighting
apostle he cut a man's ear off, I'll
go f 500 on St.: Peter, but I am spend
ing most of my money on saltpeter
Flcus Rellglosa Held 8acred by Bud
dhists and Hindoos.
In most of the countries ot south
eastern Asia, the Indian Flcus rellgl
osa, the sacred and consecrated fig
tree, or peepll tree, Is found. It Is
held pre-eminently sacred by the Bud
dhists, and Is revered also by the
Hindoos, the birth of Vishnu having
occurred beneath its branches.
It Is a handsome tree, growing fre
quently to a great height. It Is an
evergreen, which puts forth Its flow
ers in April, and tbe bark yields free
ly upon incision an acrid milk contain
ing a considerable proportion of India
rubber. The leaves are heart-shaped,
long, pointed and vibrate in tbe air
like those of tbe aspen.
A branch of one- of these trees, hav
ing a notable history, was sent to a
city in the Interior of Ceylon, where
It was planted, and became known by
tbe name of the bo-tree. For 200 years
It received the highest reverence, and
is still the chief object of worship to
the pilgrims who every year flock to
the ruins of the city.
Trim Your Nails.
There Is a certain eminent physician
who, wiser than the children of light,
plods his way along In an unbeaten
track and has no peer as a diagnosti
cian.. He is always accompanied by
an expert manicurist, instead of a
white or colored valet. "The human
nail, like the human hair," he said
to me, "Is much affected by physical
conditions. Barbers will tell you that
in certain seasons the beard, for In
stance, grows nearly twice as fast as
at others. It is so with the nails. At
times, according to how we feel, the
free edge may be a month In growing;
there Is some retarding agent. At
other times it may grow In a week.
Sometimes the nail bas transverse
furrows, indicating periods of Illness.
At other times It bears furrows run
ning lengthwise a sure indication of
gout. My manicurist can tell by these
indications when your last sickness
occurred, and I can tell what the mal
ady was."
She Got the Letter.
The post office official put on his
severest manner.
"You say' you mailed the letter
about half an hour ago at a window in
the east corridor?" he asked.
the beautiful woman dabbled a
handkerchief at her soulful eyes and
at the tip of her classic nose.
"Yes, yes," she said.
"To whom was It addressed?"
She told him.
"And now you want to stop that
letter?" he went on, still more stern
ly. "You want to get It back? "Why?"
"Because," said the woman with un
premeditated frankness. "I am afraid
his wife will get it."
"Oh," said the stern official.'
She got the letter. .
The Psychology of the Badge.
"I've always noticed," spoke up
Old Jim, "that us farmers, when we
git on a biled shirt and a derby hat,
feel about the same as a city feller
wearln' a soft shirt and a slouch hat.
We sort 0' b'lieve that it's our duty
to over-ln-dulge. In the old days I
wuz one 0' them kind what couldn't
even pin a badge on my coat without
a-feelln' that I had a license ter paint
the town red."
"Yes," laughed Cal, "there hain't
no sadder sight than ter see a per
fectly sober man all covered with rib
bins and badges." From "Old Jim
Case of South Hollow."
"Does you charge 30 cents foh dat
little box 0' strawberries?" asked Aunt
Hannah, superciliously.
"Yes," answered the grocer.
"An' It 'ud take about a thousan' of
dem berries to make one ten-cent wa
termelon! I doesn't mind de price, but
I does hate sech Impldenco!' Wash
ington Star.
Dead Dog.
"What's become of your dog? I
haven't seen him for a long time."
"You notice what a cold I've got?" .
"Yes, but what'a that" '
"Well, a lot of people told me things
to do for my cold, and I was wise
enough to try 'em on him first." ,
' 11 'Ti' npiii 1 pa naji 1 mmm iijjlJUtSjBjHaj'i "i j,
Paying for Experience
-A severe "belly ache" is the price paid for the' fun of
eating green apples. Mamma told them not to do it, but it
took actual experience to convince them.
We say the same thing about green lumber. It may
look" right, but after It is in the job a while, it will warp out
of shape, and a bunch of trouble is what the experience will
cost you. If you want to be sure of getting good, thoroughly
seasoned lumber, don't take any chances, but come to us for
it. It will cost you no more than the other kind will else
where. .
WE are the agents for the Connecticut Fire Insurance Company,
the largest company writing hail insurance. If you insure
with them and have a loss you will" be paid promptly. Before in-
suring elsewhere it will pay you to see us.
Dodge Cil) Mil! and Elevator Co.
J. H. H1LLVER. Manager
Dealers in
"We ence saw a liniment advertised that was won
derful. The advertiser said, illustrating its powe ,
that a man came along one day with a pen knife
and cut his little dogs till off. He aid he applied
a little of the iiniment to the dog's tail and it grew
out perfectly again to the utmost tip. Then, he
said, he scraped around in the dust and found the
piece that was severed and applied the liniment to
it, and out grew another dog.
Now what do you think of that?
"We do not have any such liniment as this, but our
RexaJl Rubbing Oil
is the best liniment sold. The entire Rexall line is
guaranteed, and a remedy for every ailment. We
know what is in each one and will tell you. '
Ask for booklet "Blue Line to Healtfi,"
Rath Ct Bainbridgc an-,.
rjprif "WW """WW5 WW W W''W 9 w v - v v w 'lii

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