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Pergonals and Locals
The Week's News of the Gty in Paragraphs
hubby Effected quick cure.
' RIok's Little Liver PIII-mBll.'pleea.
snt and easy to take .
Ed Glasscock of Lamed was in town uu
business Wednesday.
An Iccresm mclal will be held on Mrs.
Hitler's Uwu Friday i veiling July 23. It
i Tbelltirary.'after Hill week will clow
of ivenings at 9 o'clock, " ;v v
ROOMS FOR Bknt-810 Bridge street,
two room for lodging for $10 00 per
montb . . ?'
j. P. English ban just received a la'ge
touring oar. probably ibe heaviest carlo
v Dodge Ulty. .
An Ice ores m social will be beldoo Mrs
v' -Sltler'a lawn Friday evening July 23. V
, ? J 8. Cady and wife will leave Satur
day for tv.0 weeks trip to Colorado
' Springs. V
Mr and Mrs. T A. Scates wll' leave to
morrow for a visit at Seattle and otber
western points.
.' ,Tbe ladles of the Christian church will
bold a market on Saturday afternoon a'
the Cochran drug store. ' , ,
, Edmond Khodes who bas been at
' Hiawatha sluca the close of school, bas
re turned home to Dodge City.
, Klcba-d Boojfleld and T E French
"will leave Saturday for Missoula. Mont ,
to register for tbe Flathead lands.
- Tbe Farmer's Elevator & Supply Co
- will pay tbe blithest market price for
corn, oats, kafflr -corn and lorgbum
' wed. It
Mrs. Claude Carrier and two children
returned this morning from Denver,
where tbey have been visiting relatives
for tbe past two weeks.
The contact for the building of tbe
Dew t hrlstlsu church was let Wednesday
to ParbHtu & Cpp snd the structure Is to
be completed In five months Hme.
Mrs. W. T McCarter and dsughter,
Miss Kate, of Oklahoma City, who are on
their way to Green Mountain Falls, Colo,
stopped here last Friday to visit Mrs. A.
B. Beeves.
To Trade for Western Kausas Land .
Large Drug Store, a splendid stock, ami
in a location tnai oasgreBioppnuuiue.
A gilt edged proposition. Address lu
quirks to this office. tf
An Ice Cream soolal will be brld on Mrs.
Bltier'e lawn Fridav evening July 23. l
Tbe local buyers at Klngsdowb got In
800 bushels of new wheat lt weet, tbe
flrai bnugiit there of this years crop. 1
tested sixty-one pounds to the busnel arm
brought 09 cent at Klngsdowo. It weai
to tbe Liberal elevator.
Foleys's Honey and Tar not only stop
obronio coughs that weaken tbeconsil
tutioo and develop into consumption, uu
bealg and strengibens the lungs. It af
folds comfort and relief In the woisi
case of chronic bronchitis, asthma, bat
fever and lung trouble. Tbe Palace
Drug store.
v H Lord nninbed his woik cattle
Inspector the first of this month. O ie of
the regular government men bas been
transferred to this place (rom Hutchinson
tolookater this territory. Mr Lord,
during bis time in the place, did a large
amount of work and helped Improve con
ditions verv muob.
If people wlih symptoms of kidney or
bladder trouble conld realize their dm.
ger tbey. would without loss of time
commence taking Foley s Kidney Bera
edy. Tnls great remedy stops tbepaln
and the Irregularis, strengthens and
builds up these orgsus and there is n
danger of Bright' disease or other se
rious dixorder. Do not disregard the
early sy mptoms. Tbe Palace Drug Store
C. A Smith, formerly superintended
Of Dodge City schools, bas been elected
superintendent of the schools of R .ssel,
Eans. Prof, Sinitn nas been In Yaie col
lege fr some time, and left there the
last of last montb. Be bas been very
luceeaoiui in his school work and re
turns to Kansss b9tter equipped than
before for educational work. It will not
be long before some of tbe large cities
will capture him
8am Wilkinson has arranged to pur-
chase the Pi incertthea.er aud will take
charge of it in a short time. It bas been
popular place since it was stsrted some
months ago by Leon Gilbert. Mr. Wlla
lnson bas been singing a part of the time
and In that wav has been connected wlib
tbe business, and has helped gain the
popuiantv the olace enjoys Thepatrons
of tbe Princess will be pleased to know
that Mr. Wilkinson In future will sing
escb evening.
Tortured on t Horse.
"For ten years I couldn't ride a bore
without being In lorwre Irom piles,"
, writes L. 8. Napier, of KHalett, Ky.,
'when all doctors and oiber remedie
failed. Bnckltn'8 Arnica Salve cured
me " Infallible for Piles, Burns, Scalds.
Cut's. Bolls, Fever Sores, Kcwma, Salt
Bbeum. Corns. 2&o, Guaranteed by
' Palace Drug 8iore. ,
' Publtahed July 15, 1909. ,
' Notice of Election.
To the Eleotora of the city of Dodge City.
' Ford County, Kansas: . v
You are hereby notified that by direction
of Hie Counoll of the city of Dodge City an
election is hereby called and will be held In
tne ouy oi l'oane buujidvi
Kansas, on Tuesday, the loth day of Auguat,
A. l. 1909, oomuicnoliiK at tne hour of S
e'clock a. m. and closing at the hour of s
o'clock p.m.of aald day.for the aubmlailon to
the electors of aaid city of Dodge City of tbe
ques Ion as to whether or not the bonds of
aald elty of Dodge City shall bo Issued In the
aura of One Hundred Thousand Dollars, ur
so much thereof as may be neceaaary, for
the- purpose of purchasing or constructing
works for supplying aald oitv of Ikxtye City
and Its Inhabitants Iwltb water or light, or
both ; aald bonds to be Issued in denomina
tions of not eiceedlng one thousand dollars,
payable In thirty yeara wltb Interest not ex
ceeding 4 1 8 per cent, per annum, at the
fiscal agency of the state of Kansas. In tbe
elty of New Tork, state of New York.
bald election will be held at the following
named polling places In said elty, torwit:
First Ward-City Hall. , .
Beoond Ward-Mrs. I.y Brand, 110 Mil. Ave.
Third Ward-S07 Walnut St. .
.Fourth Ward-49. fourth ArenuS, Oluok
111 W iVimf WIIDHIVI 1UW "",7 nuu vsv
. . . .... m . a "Mi. V.
luliMHhfid their tiaiuet na ft ft) led tbeteil
.... i .1 Ait tlilaath ilav nf JtliV lttnQ
i ' wm,um" w a. (tCm, Mayor.
fineul's Itir an kinnn, liver, bladder,
rh"iinn'ln and urinary complaints
I'.iey nshIs' in veperarinK . alt and water
wltn their p'i ion' i rmii the hlond. The
act proo ptly Sold h Palnce Drug
more ., . - ,
i For Sals or Rent.
800 aore. miif milns tr D odge Cit
on 'tne Arkmi-m river, Mini one mile from
railroad sianon On Uock liud. 300
arrets mU-Hi land,. Ill HCie nnrn land
Nearly 100 ames wel et. m aifalfa Btl
aiine It. meailii and pai-nue
PiHir health the on y i:hii: for dlnpoe
Ingot the iNim. AppU to K. VI. Wrlgbi,
Dodge I , Kanxax. x
Walls of Mexican Adobe Houses yield
Treasure for the Men
Who Know. '
There are many remarkable towns In
Mexico, but . none more interesting
than Guanajuato, "The Hill of the
Frog." It might more properly be
called the "gold brick town," for tbe
houses have been found to contain
much gold.
This Is a curious situation, but It
came about naturally. Guanajuato
pronounced Wah-nah-wahto is one of
the oldest mining towns In Mexico;
but the value of the place as a town
was discovered when a railroad com
pany decided to build a station there.
It was found necessary to tear down
about 300 adobe buildings, which were
made of the refuse of various mines
after the ore was extracted.
When it became known that the old
adobe buildings would be torn down
pieces taken at random were assayed.
It was found that because of the old
process, which lost much gold and sil
ver, they assayed from $3 to $24 a ton.
Tbe mean value was estimated to run
about Slght dollars gold a ton.
TbVold buildings have brought about
$30,000 Mexican In gold, and persons
who have built since the new ma
chinery bas been Installed In the mines
are bemoaning the fact that the new
houses do not contain as much gold as
tbe old.SclentIno American.
' 8lck Wife Aroused by Contemplation
j ; . of Her Successor.
"William, dear," feebly called the
Invalid wife, who was supposed to be
Hearing the end of her earthly career.
"Yes, darling," answered the sorrow
ing husband. "What Is it?"
"When I am gone," said she, "1 feel
that for the. sake of the motherless
little ones you should marry again."
"Do you really think It would be
best,, darling?" asked the faithful
William.' -
"Yes, William, I really do," replied
the invalid. "After a reasonable length
of time you should seek the compan
ionship of some good woman."
' "Do you know, my dear," said the
husband, "that you have lifted a great
burden from my mind? Now, there la
that charming widow Jones across the
way. She has acted rather friendly
toward me, ever since you were taken
ill. Of course, dear, she could never
fill your place, but she Is young, plump
and pretty, and I'm sure she would do
her best to lessen my grief."
"William Henry Brown!" exclaimed
the female whose days were supposed
to be numbered, as she partly raised
herself upon the pillow, "If you ever
dare install that red-headed, freckle
faced, squint-eyed husey in my shoes,
I'll I'll " And then she fainted. .
- But the next day Mrs. Brown was
able to sit up, and two days later she
was downstairs.
IS A fill
JulLr- o
New Method Of Kteplng Potatoes.
A German publication, "The Prac
tical Adviser In Fruit Baising and Gar
dening," states that a new method for
keeping potatoes and preventing
sprouting consists In placing them on
a layer of coke. Dr. 8chiller of Bruns
wick, who bas published the method,
is of the opinion that the improved
ventilation by means of coke is not
alone responsible for the result, but
believes that It is due to the oxidation
of the coke, which, however, is a very
slow one. Coke always contains sul
phur, and It Is very possible that the
minute quantities Af oxides of carbon
and sulphur, which result from the ox
idation, mixing with the air and pene
trating among the potatoes are suffi
cient to greatly retard sprouting. Po
tatoes so treated are said to keep in
good condition until the following
Woman's Tastes Not Satisfied with
What Wat "Good for Her.
A young society matron who gives
one day a week to philanthropic work
undertook a class for training mothers
under my direction. In reality It was
a class in cooking, for the young ma
tron is an enthusiast upon proper com
binations of wholesome food. Tbe
women came and listened, and then I
suggested that the homes should be
visited to see what had been accom
plished. One day she called upon one of her
class In the early morning. The wom
an was frying cakes in deep fat.
"Oh, dear," said the young matron,
"why don t you cook oatmeal for the
children, as I showed you? You know
the 'akes are not good for you."
"No'm," cheerfully agreed the
woman, as she flapped the cakes upon
a platter. "I know, I know. But I don't
like what's good for me. 1 likes what
I like."
And the society matron has started
a sewing class. New York Times.
Introducing an improved method of selling remnants "The Mitchem System'
A great convenience to every purchaser.
To insure the success of this first introduction of a new rnethod of Remnant Selling we offer tbe
most and best values in short lengths of wash goods, white goods, tickings and ginghams thnt we
have eyer had. Patrons of this sale will not only 'share bargains of an extraordinary chjracter, but
will receive their remnants put up in a form most convenient for display and for keeping in the home,
preserving the colorings fresh and intact and preserving the goods from soiling and mussing from
handling. This sale of remants begins
And continues until all are sold out
The Revealing Vision.
Long ago in the days when our
caged blackbirds never saw a king's
soldier without whistling Impudently
"Come over the water to Charlie," a
minister of Thrums was to be mar
ried, but something happened and he
remained a bachelor. Then, when he
was old, he passed In our square the
lady who was to have been his wife,
and her hair was white, but she, too,
was still unmarried. The meeting had
only one witness, a weaver, and he
said, solemnly, afterwards: "They
dlnna speak, but they Just gave one
another a look and I saw tbe love
light In their een." No more Is re
membered of these two, no being now
living ever saw them, but 'the poetry
that was In the soul of a battered
weaver makes them human to us for
mer. J. M. Barrle.
Why Women Grow Prematurely Old.
Women, condemned to the steam
heated life of our American cities, fed
on the too abundant meat diet, which
Is our bane, breathing and sleeping
wrongly, suffering the lack of physical
exercise, which oddly enough, Is the
result of our so-called "busy" lives,
continue to age and to lose suppleness,
grace, vigor and natural charm, writes
Kate Masterson, in Collier's. All the
wonder working grease and bleaching
acids In the world will not do more
than achieve a surface smoothness.
Whither It Went.
Capt. Kldd explained.
"I didn't bury my treasure!" ha
cried. "I cremated lt."v.
Considering he had money to burn,
It la strange none thought of it befort.
Everyu r uuld be b. i.eflied by tak
lux Fole'cOrluo Laxative lor stomach
and liver trouble aud habitual constipa
tion. It sweetens the stomuoli and
regulates tbe bowels and It Is much snpn
rlor to pms and ordinary laxatives, w bv
not try Foley's Orlno Lsxative today?
I'ue Palace Drug Btoie.
Fioesalve, carboliaed, la good fot
burns. It penetrates the poier, draw
out Innamiuatloo, and Is healing. It Is
alio good for ems, sores and bruises
Sold by Paiace Drug Store, , .
LOST Ladles watch, bunting case,
Initials G. A E. on fob. Lost between
race track and post office. Return to thlr
offloe and reoelve reward.
Monev to loan on real estate. Pee
P. H. Young. tf
Misapplying Music.
"I went to a fashionable veddlng the
other day," remarked a man who has
little time for such things, "and I was
decidedly Impressed by the character
of tbe music that was played while the
assembled guests were waiting for the
wedding party to arrive. The princi
pal number played by the orchestra
was an air from one of the most mod
ern operas. It marks the entrance of
the heroine of the piece, who is com
ing on the scene to take part In a
wedding of complaisance with the
hero, who is generally regarded as one
of the greatest blackguards the world
of opera knows. Every character on
the stage knows that the Buddhistic
wedding ceremony that is to take
place is a sham and the marriage
turns out to be a tragedy of the shab
biest sort. And yet that music was
played In a church that stands for In
telligence If any one congregation In
this town does." Exchange.
7c Apron Ginghams 4 3-4c
1 lot of Ginghams, including Amo
keags, and Lancasters, at i ir
per yard - tt O'tt
6 J-2c Standard Calicoes
1 lot of Calicoes 64 by 64 count,
including American and Simp
son's Prints, at per yard -2C
Shirt Waists
1 lot of Shirt Waists, drummer's
samples, slightly soiled, short sleeves
former price $1.25 to $3
35 to 50c Table Linen at 25c
1 lot plaid Table Damask, former
price 35c to 50c, per yard at this
remnant sale, all )r it llr
good lengths - v, IU 11
15 to 22c Feather Ticking at 12 l-2c
1 lot of extra heavy feather ticking,
former price 15c to 22c, at this
remnant sale, per yard f Q
only - -J y
15 to 20c Wash Goods at 7 3-4c.
1 lot remnants of wash goods as
lawns, batistes, poplins, former price
12 l-2c to 20c, in this 7 c
remnant sale at - vJ"tw
I York-Key Hera Co.
Lumber Market
A Sad Case.
An Atchison man has lain In an un
conscious state ever since ten o'clock
last night. Everything has been done
to arouse him, but all efforts are un
availing. His friends are greatly
alarmed; 'they fear he may never re
gain consciousness. It seemed that
yesterday evening right after diner
the man picked up his hat, put on his
overcoat and, although his wife was
sitting right In the room, she did not
say, "where are you going?" He
walked out of the house. At ten o'clock
in the evening the man returned. He
walked into the room where his wife
sat, and took off his hat and overcoat
She smiled at him pleasantly and did
not say, "Where have you been?" The
man fell unconscious to the floor.
Atchison Globe.
Simple Arithmetic.
A Philadelphian of some scientific
attainments was one evening poring
over the wine list at his club, when
his interest was excited by th'e prices
"Barker," said he to the- waiter, '1
observe that the list offers some sher
ry at 75 cents and some at four dol
lars. Now, vhat Is the difference be
tween the brands?" ' '
The 'waiter looked surprised. "Beg
pardon, sir," said he, with that frank
ness permitted an old servant, "but It
does seem remarkable that such ahlgh
ly educated gentleman can't do a sim
ple bib of arithmetic like that!" Har
per's Magazine,
Dodge City, April 28, 1909
(By H. Juneau.)
Dal. If
t CI ill. j
2x4, 2x6 and 2x8, 12, 14 ana is It..? uu
2.4, 2x6 and 2i8. 18 and 20 ft. ... 24 00
1x4,1x0,1x8, Xo. 2 22 00 1
1x10, No. 3 23 00
1x12, No. 2 24 0
lx4,lxGand 1x8, No. 1 27 0 I
Ix 10 and 1x12, No. 1 28 0 1
A" drop siding, 4 In. and 6 In.. 30 00
"A" flooring, 4 in 30 Of.
C drop siding 26 00
C flooring 26 00 1
No. 2 flooring 20 00
Clear cypiess lap siding.4 in. A 6 In. 23 CO
Clear red wood, 4 In. and 6 in ... . 27 00
Clear white pine, 4 in. and 6 In... . 30 0C
"A" yellow pine flul-b, 40 00
A" yellow pine finish, lj in 50 00
"A" casing and base 47 00
Ultra X a X shingles 3 50
'lew 4 in. celling. 28 1)0
Yellow pine latb 5 00
Kd wood, cypress or W. pine lath 6 00
White pine, cypress and red wood
floigb 60 00
Clear, wide red wood 70 00
The above prices are the present retail
market, and ibould enable any person to
figure tbelr lumber bill. I will, however,
be pleased to flijure your bills on tbe
above basis at any time.
A Weed That Steals Oysters.
A seaweed baa Invaded the oyster
beds of France and carried off 400,000
oysters. It has carried them off bod
ily, as a thief would do.
The minute seeds of this weed float
up the English channel In the current
of the Gulf stream, they settle on
oysters in the Breton beds of Morbl
han, Qulberon and Belle-Isle, and they
grow to the size of a duck's egg.
They are full of water, but at ma
turlty the water evaporates, and air
takes its place. The egg-shaped sea
weed is then a balloon, and like a bal
loon It U.'tB Its oyster from the bottom
aud bears It out to lea. ,
Fok Rest Good ten room house,
suitable lor roomlntr house, or for two
families. Also a six room bouse. Apply
to A. Gluck.
Vacation without a Camera Is a
vacation wasted.
Vacation time Is coming al
most here and the old question
ailses, how to spend It most
Whatever you desire to do you
should have a camera for the
pleasure as well as the Instruc
tion you get from it.
It is now possible for you to
turn out pictures without a dark
Let us show you the daylight
Making Hay!:
When the Sunf
Shines 1
But do it with our hay
ing tools. We ask you
to do so BECAUSE
are inferior to none and superior to many. They're reliable anJ
made to stand farm wear and the hot weather. Prices, too, are right.
Call and examine them. They are selling fast.
We see hideous objects that
menace health by bringing
with them the fatal germs
of disease.
- j 1 1
i i '"
Don't pay dear but corae here and
buy cheap. We have all 6izes and
styles. Special screens promptly
s " . . ....
made to order.
Big Stock of Hardware, too, Don't Forget
j. s. Rvsn
Dra. Coonfleld & Adams
Mrs. Coonfleld or Adams In
attendance. Consultation
and examination free.
Office over Bee Hive. Telephone No. 2
Doraa City, Kansas
Sutton & Van Riper
CSce la Hoover Bldg. ' DodzeCHj

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