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ttiiMt S
We're Coming Straight to Lum's
Sunflower Portland Cement 40c net
2-4, 2-6, 2 8; u, 14. 16 ft. . . .$23. 00
2-4, 2-6. 2-8; 18, 20 ft 25,00
4" and 6" Sheeting 22 00
"A" Drop Siding 3000
Extra X A X Shingles.... 350
10 inch No 2 Boards 23 00
1 2-inch No. 2 Boards. .... 24 00
The above prices subject.to change without notice.
mm a V M 9
Ifc Black Locust rosis in
j J stock all the time
Special 2-ply Rubber Roofing $1.50
per squirt
Special 3-ply $2.00 per ipuart
For Rent Houe on Central Avenue.
SeeL It Miller.'
T17 the Midland burlier tb"p Ur
Otreful HOikmau und good seivice tf
Money to loan on 1mm lutidi 8eeB'
Milton "
List your land for sale wl'h J E
Reser & Co., MHSnnic Bldtc- tf
Forient FuruUfai-d rooms fur light
housekeeping. Inquire at 418 Walnut
Sheet. It
See V. H. Y"ung, tbe Kegls'eied Op
tlciao If tiu teed anything In th" spec
tifliH line. tf
For Bent Good new five motn home,
etnaH In. fnrnlslted or unfurnished. He'e
W. T. Conlldge.
Tbe little daughter t Mr. and Mrs
Ira Beck, Besele, has been quite sick
wib pneumonia.
John Van Kinercime down from Gar
den 'It f this wiek, in vi-it In g"od
down for a lew iKs.
V s.. n .1 . . . M I . L. . '. .
tt. U. ua:iomore, Oi ou'iuurv, mm
louri, It visiting bis brniber iu law, Oro.
CoebraD, the ftwgfciiit.
Vy Marshal MaiMm wnt 10 Atclil
lon Miwlav iiltrht tn tnk- the little Stioii
bo) to the iili ms' iioinc.
Ifnnl'li very tiling, ami bu'ld foiK
Hooin cuiuvc lor $5U0. I! F. F f"ge
Box 702, lu.lu Cm, Kiiii.'n.
A'toruey Ev ms, i.f th-1 law firm VI
F0)ttl, EVhll (S I'll: 11, III Warili-n 1 it v
yt beie ''il btMiies ilim week.
JjI.d Filkri hikI Wif.i lutt Sunday
tyeoing fir m l.-lt i'h triemls ar Kan
sajlltj 'iili-r p mi in MUk'iU'I.
Mlsa Mabel H )s, who bus been liv
Ing In iVpeki, line teen here ih not
week visiting her Mend in Imdgu l ity.
Ifynu waLt fciod v tn k go to the Id
land tiai her rbi'U. Kvi-r;. omi given Hie
fcesi :woik. i.ft Mice, but tvury tliiie. tf
Money to loan on real estate, P. H
Young. 1
VVI.l trade for mules or cattle Reo tour
ng ear, 101 9 Model, been run about
three mouths. Is In new cuidlllon.
C. M. Robekts
Tbe Baigaln Stole building, which
was destroyed by Are a few month, ago
will be re-built now lu ilie shortest pos
sible lime. ParbauiA Upp will superin
tend tbe woik.
Tub rxecutlvt! committee of the Ford
County Sunday School Association held
a meeting here today tu arrange pro
g.ams for the UUtrict uunveutlou to be
b-tld In tbu county later lu the year.
baui toniioway weut to I'opeka Mon
day ul'tit 10 meet with Iht couuty cleiks
of ilie state and tbe "tiate lax Commission
to di-cMM tbe matter of 1910 assessments
and prepare for instructing tbe towasbip
Mr. and Mrs. CUver Otubbi left Tucl
d iy 1 01 a visit with her folks at El Paso.
Oliver is Uat recovering from recent ill
ness and txptcit to return from Tixhh in
a couple of week with bis beul b fuuy
J. P. VicCuidy, our former l'liuberman.
arrived hero from Imli p ndeiioe, Mo.,
tbe first of tbe wttk fit a few days' vis.
it The gnu Ciub held a sptuial shout ai
ttie paik Monday in honor of Mr. Me-
nrdj's Visit.
KreiiU'i has soul hn lu'erc at in me
L J. Freucu & Co. stme to Mr K i
K i of KocAford. llllm.l'. Mr King is
extiCed here tlu fl of ilie uiniiiii
Mr. Frehcb, It. is nniiers d will
tuake a vis e in Dhiofigo. nfier wbl li .
b ! ciiuleinp'ates I'.UKting uear (bH wei'J
em coast. '
, , , , , ! four room ward butlditg in ihe eaet
IIIDUII'IIC ' .'IvfllllllK I" innii)(iii ... ...
remurkble cut in He price ut s nits im!I'"iiu"u"u'u' ""1""'"' ,ul
week'a s.le beidnnliig ftaturday. Ilns bjnds for this cau be voted cu at tbe
sale Is ceittinly ver uiuvh iut of He spriug eleotioo. bucb a tiuiKUog
usual, and a'tentlun is culled i the isrie wjl relieve the crowded con lition of
d 01 fli-t p ige of this Usue, wiiio'i iinei' lbe g.huols for tbe next je .r or tw ,
paHicuiarsollDetrioDessal.. , . .. . . .. , , . ...
Fred Xonnau. who recenily q di a inn jn caa je tnkea up a few yers Inter.
Od Mils divii-loii of the Santa Fe to take
Conductor H. L. Hubbard, wbo bu
been laying off pending an Investigation
of a charge of over-charging a passenger
on bit run wot of btre, was re-called by
tbe oompany this week and reinstated on
bis old run. There was nothing in tbe
charge, further perhaps than an attempt
of some irresponsible person to vent a
little spite on a Banta Fe conductor wbo
slicks close to company rules. Tbe In
vestigation left Mr. Hubbard In the same
blgb standing with tbe company, sud
with his friends that be, bat always held.
A. Russell, of this place it ready to
build a modern garane in a good loca
tion In Douge City for parties who de
sire a fine location for this business.
With the continued increase in tbe num
ber of machines ustd in tbe county, and
tbe large amount of transient work tbe
Arkansas Valley Highway and other
good road building will btlng, Dodge
City will be one of the best locations for
a good gaisge in tbe etiite. 1 Mr. Russell
rea llzes this and Is ready to put up the
proper kind of s building fur the parties
who can make use of It. ,
Primrose Minstrels.
While tbe chief aim of the Primrose
Minstrels lms always been to furnish a
diversified entertainment of tbe highest
possible note, Manager Primrose has
never lostsightof the picturesque loterest
with which tbls famous attraction is
Identified, and It is therefore not to be
wondered at that tbe First Part settlnes
are planned on sucb a massively elegant
white and gold scale.
This Immensely pleasing ttage spec
tacle sty ltd "Palace of Art", and which
eontalns reproductions from sculpture
art, was designed after a noted Italian
palatial Interior, and aside from Its value
as a genuine reminder of bygone achieve
ments, there Is an tffectlveness about (be
carving and scroll conceptions that lend
a peculiar charm to a background, q 'die
in touch with tbe Customing.
Tbe st'enic arrangements thus referred
to are but a gentle indication of tbe gen
erosity that appears to have guldi d the
spirit of tbe management, a In every di
rection there is unmls'akuble evideuve of
a desire to excel In those peculiar points
so essentltl towards minstrelsy. Tbe
coming to the opera hou-e next Thurs
day, Feb. 3d of Ibis reputable organlzt
lion of burnt coik merry-makers, Is oa
urally regarded In tt.e light of a reel
amti'emeot event of signal importance,
nod Is anticipated accordingly.
Council Has the Twenty-Nine
Thousand Dollar Deal For
Water Mains and Lat
erals Closed.
Matter of the School Bond Election
has Been Reconsidered by the
Board of Education.
It bus been discovered under the
ne'v law tbe amount of bonds needed
for tbe extent of building contem
plated by the board of education of
Dodge City are not allowable and
oonsequeutly no upeciul election will
be ca'.led at this turn.
The school board will probably
buve to be content with bnildiug u
ttie 1 0 Itum of yardiuasierat hu chi mo,'
1 -,v 1 ,i " j "- - - -
I U... M 4iHl....l ... k..r 1 hn.llt.... it .a V I
Wanted-Wuik on farm by m m, wife.'"" " - J" ;
..suii afullii Tim 1 1 11 ritt In .1. n l, t. CCO
and daughter. Want full char.. Cau - .
glv, good .-fen nee. I; q. ire at Inl8))(. writes Fred upas a wonder the y
nf i.Iuuf nir h nuLuHui lii I hA hll.iv inula
The dinner which was to have hem
given tomorrow evening by the Aheneuiu J
a thit place.
Tue S club mi t
. . . .. . . .. 1 .....11 1...... iiibi riiuiy auuiLoim.
C1UO LBS oeeu U iMUinieu uuui a iici - .,.,,
. luucm on was served. Tue invited guests
Mrs. Uoley
two coUr
We py sjeolai aiteuticn to line cm-
plicate I wartb. v ck ami J weir Re
pairing. P. U Yiung, Jeweler & Ou
tlcimi. K
Mrs. blmc 1 tbuitlil I Young arilved
home yesterday fiom (Jaii.toniia where
she has bteii vl-iling for the pis: three
A larue iicw electric Hitet sign now
lights tbe Chestnut bit en entrance to the
J, 8. Rush liardwaie and Iiipiemeui
Found A gold veil pin in front of
Burnetl'a grocery Stoie. binder can
have same by calling at tbU ofllue and
psjlng for this notice.
Lost-A s !ll gold pin wl b double
Eagle and 32 in cnter. It Is a 32J De
gree Masou pin. Flndtr please leave It at
tbe Qlobe-Republioao. It
patronlM home Industry and furnlsb
employment to home people by sending
your work to tbe Dodge City Steam
Laundry. We guarantee our work.
For Sale My Hiidnce, close In
strictly modem, EM Front. For price
and terms lndulre of U. G. Slmmous, 001
Ave. B or Box 436 Dodge City, Kan. '
Salesmen Wanted to look after ou: In-tertsMn-FoTd
and adjicent couutlie
Salary or Commission. Address lbe
Harvey Oil Company, Cleveland, Ohio
Kswton boosts of a largo commercial
olub. It has 108 members. Tbe commer
cial club of Dodge Cltybas over 130 mem
he and will have many additional
bad In short time.
were, Mis. l'ice. Mrs. nsuer, Mrs.
tfchall, Mrs. Dan Jouee, Mr'. Helpleu,
Mrs. Carson, Mrs. Cumuilng, Mrs. Bir
nett. Mrs. Warren Brown, Mrs.'G. L.
Painter and Mrs. Will Painter. The
club will entertain tlie.r biisbaiidB Feb.
4 at the borne of Mrs. vv. N Lock).
Tbe Ford t ountj Building and Loan
Association held a meeting Uu veiiiug
and elected. as dirt ciois fur tbe coming
yeat: G. M. Hoover. P. H. Sugbiue, P.
H.Young, Geo. B. Van Arsdile, T. H.
Oden.A. Gluck, G. B. Ruse. Tiedl
reutoia elected as tfllceis, U. A. Houei,
presldeirjA. G'uck, v.d president; U.
ii. Van Arsdale, treajuier an t J. P. Eng
lish, secretary.
Obai A. iooti. a gridui e of the Ktu
aas Agilculiural college, later one of
Pinchot's men and recently ptofessor of
forestry at the Iiwa S ate college, bis
been appointed state forester for Kausas
and will have the general direotli g of
the forestry work at lbe stations at
Dodge City and e.sew here iu tbe state,
with bradquarteis at the State Agricul
tural college.
There has been some dl-cussloo eg to
whether wbeat has been Ii Jured during
tbe past two mombs by tbe sleet, ice an J
unusual weather and In response to
queries Prof. Ten Eyck of the Kansas
State Agricultural College has issued a
statement that In bis opinion, (he wbeat
has not .been Injured, but will be found
In fine shape. Njw that we have bad
warmer days, If any of the wheat Is
damaged it will 10 jo sbaw the txteuc of
Advertised Letters.
The following Is a lisi of leueis adver
tised at tbe Dodge Oi' , Hans., pst flVe
tor the week endluic Jan. 22, 1910.
Brg, Miss Kate Cattwiigtit, Chas,
Hopkins, Robert Hiui-kley, F. ;.
Hernandez, L'evero Ja.-o, Eluieno
Kolbus, B. II (2) Leatou. Mrs Jubu
I.obato, Juan Puilliu, C.
Kains, Mrs. Maude t-nntiiieti, ir. Lulu
Smitb, Mrs Irie Vandine, Cna.
WiIloubby,O lver Weir. O. i.
Mrs. S. O. Wvstt
Bensbentes, Antonio Cvstel, draco
Hernandez, Abraham Heruandi 1, Andres
Colbridge, Melvin Z'mmer, Jaoob
Callers must say advertised and give
date ef tbls list. Oue cent will be charg
ed for eaob advertised letter delivered.
J. A. Arment, Postmaster,
Council Desires to Have Contracts Let , And
New Plant Completed In Least Possible
'At a special meeting of the, city
council held Monday uflernoou, the
contract recently nig tied by tbe city
and sent to Mr. 'I Loin for tbe pur
chase of the rutting und laterals of lbe
water works compuny wan presented
properly signed by the water com
pany'e officers, and tbe deal was
closed. The present water company
will continue the service until tho
city can complete its new plant, when
tbe mains will then be attached to the
city plan) and tbe service be takeu up
by the city.
The council bus decided to at once
offer for tale $65,000 of the f ir0,
000 issui of b judn vote 1 smne titrm
since by Doilge City fjr tbe buil liLg
of u water works. ' The bids for th e
$65,000 are U be opened on Febru
ary 10, aud it is tbe opinion of the
couucil that there will be ui difficulty
in dispo-iug of thu boiids 1 1 Hilyiint
age. The purubto price of the part
of tbe pluut bjiigbt fruui the old
compauy done tot L ive to be p in'
under the cuutinct uutil six tuiuitlis
from now.
Tbe city's epeci d eDgiueer, Mr.
Wotley bus been instructed to ud
vertiau for bids fur coutracU fr all of
the wotk to be d ue iu buil ling the
plant uu l all iq upmeut and exten
(lions. It ii believed lb tt the earlier
tbe contracts i.ih let the b-tler terrne
can be niide fur tlii- mt, m later iu
tho seasun tbe coiitructoiH will nil be
buy md tber id be lese c.iiupeti
50c Candy for
That is what you get when you buy our Satur-
r O
1 t nnei1 J - it it r rr ts mnlra f nutl tmii n r
getting the highest grade of Chocolates it ia pos-
sible to obtain lor your money De certain ana come
Sto us and ask for Saturday Candy.
It is most delicious Chocolate Candy
K pure and wholesome.
x Saturdays
We serve
only at 29 cents X
8 We serve the best hot chocolate in town, ioc O
8 Rath ft Bainbndae 8
X The Rexall Store X
Over Eighty Additions to Christian Church
During Evangelistic Meetings.
Tbn Eviuijieli-'io meetings bold iu
tb rink b,v tlinvCi.ri-r.iuti church,
wbiu'i have b"i ti drying large
. . i . i ii
crmv.i i if uif ini ee, cloned
Wedtieediiy evdi.iu with a lecture
bv Dr. Hirl"v the evangelist. The
moiti"gH biiv" hefu very mcceBBful,
HU'I the pot r nud tnPlull'Tb of t.'iP
ootigrefj'iti.iii ftl tbut iht church bus
bee", much siie::jjthnn1. Dnriog
the meetings there wore eighly n
diti.ins tn ibe- chnicb, wliich nlreidy
buil n liiifZH membership. Over four
bnudi ed peu le t'eudei the closing
meetings und beard tbe great lecture
by Dr H-irlow
MU Vemr Knller and Mr .1'ihn Da
vis wore manl d hi 7 o'clock ys'errtav
eveniiiif at the !' f Me. und Mr A.
P. Knller i n Avni'e ' '".V. I. Sirev,
pao" (if th- Ph-lstliin church ' 111 ! itinir.
Mr. ftivl l n pinp'oyep nr Hi- .f S.
Rilh H I'dwsr.- mil I np'pm,'nr tnre at
thl plan "ml t'ip yntjnir eouple will
make th'lr hmii" Ii Dndire City.
Ladies' Suits and Coats
$16 and $18 Values
J st a few of these high grade garments left. They
are all new. Made for this winter's wear. Come
in a variety of popular styles and colors. To close
them out this week we have divided them into
three lots and it's take your choice at
7.89 $8.89 $9.89
Hosiery opportunities that should
Appeal to all Women
Earter comes early this ear arid oxford season is
close at hand L"ok forward to the time when you
will need ihesc dainty hose. I;'s Lord & Taylor's
sample line and on sale at about J the regular
prices. They come in plain lisles. lace lisles, lisles
mercerized into sheer silkine-s, silk plaited; fine
worst d and cassimers. Some silk embroideried,
others plain and a diversified assortment of fancy
patterns in all colors. Hose worth from 25c to
$1.25 a pair. Divided iti o five baigain sale lots
and priced at
8c 15c 19c 39c 59c
Opposite lst Office
C. C. Laing & H. B. Herzer
Christian Church
nivWn will be RS USH'll
Viss Amy Faulkner and Mr. Wal
do Mills were united in marriage on
last Sunday evening. January 10, at
the Methodist parsonage, Rev. A. W.
Cummiogs officiating. Both of these
young people are well known io
Dodge City having grown tip here,
and tbey bave many friends wbo will
join in wishing them al! happiness
and prosperity. They will continue
to make their home in Dodge City,
Thn Sn"rtr
next Snndir.
Stindnv school t 0:45
Sprmnn s 11 :00 nVocV.
n K. at 0:3
Evenlnf 8rmon f 7:31
The Orati fnl I.pper.
Coming Attraction.
Tbe mmirfrorn"f the oern h-ne
annonnnes s 'he 'rmftHnn on feh 4'h
the orlglnnl N-w York production of
The House of a Tlnssnd Candles," a
pUy fonnrled uimn the novel of MerU
deth bv Oeorjre Vidd eton snd prndned
Rt Daly and Hicketr theatres In N-w
ork City for nesr.r an entire season.
Tsschers' Examination.
The regular Jsnniry rximinatlon for
tacVr'i cer'IflcR'es wlihhelrl In the
oor.rt hnne ar Diire 01 tv on Friday
Mr, Mills being in business beiv,'Htll) Sdurriay. Jsinary 28 and 29 begin,
and will go to housekeeping at once. ' nlng at 8 n'c'nck erh nmrtilng .
Rl' brfl Bndi fli-lci. Co. 8npt.
Plow Engines
Also new and seoend band threshing
raaohlnery, prices right. For Information
phone or write Oscar Alspaugh, Kinsley,
Drtsssd Chickens.
Yon chu get a dressed chicken any
time of the week In 20 minutes notice at
8t the Opera House Market St
Some nice quarter in lliimilton county at $900. Grny county lui d
at from $10 per ncie tip. We beve some good bai gains in Ford
county land and rutches. We sell 1 n't iu Nees, Rush, Barton an. I
Kingmim couutiem Ue some fit e Kingman county farms at $4"
per acie. Are ou interested iu tb famoue Sun Luis Valley ol
Colorado? Let us give, yon si me dertiit tive matter of that Valley.
It in worth y ur biV in know wi tuning about what it really ia. If
you have a farm, hji-icIu ndisn etotk or business to sell or trade, list
it with us. No m liter where lncmed, we can dispose of it.
Call on or write n.. We want tn ineH you and know your wants.
?hoTel7B5,d J. E. RESER (Si CO.
The GloWl fear
Dod?" City Commercial Club Charter
Received Here Yesterday Club
Ready for llusiness.
The Dodge City cinmeiciul club
now has only to securo its heaHqnar
ters and it will be ready to li ok after
the interests of tbe city iu a business
like way. President Fityg-rald his
heou out cf town lor 'e ilnyn and
has not jetanuou ced bisci mmittees
but he will probably do this iu n
short time now. It has been tbe
avowed purpose of the club to pay a
salary to its secretary and to keep a
business office open all of the time ia
the interest cf the town. There are
a number of things being considered
at present and with the announce
ment of committes and tbe opening
of the headquarters on active cam
paign will be started aud kept
op tbrjugh the coming summer,
Tbe secret iry received the charter
for the olub yesterday. The secur
ing of members has not been com
pleted and tbls part of the work
ought lo be rushed as the president
desires to select his committees from
the full membership of the club.

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