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Read what the Denver Post of Monday, Jeun.
17th, sa.ys of
(By George Creel)
HT IS VERY Infrequently the case that itage favorite oarry over their appeal
from one generation to anothor, and there Is nothing more pathetlo than the
M gpeotaole of a veteran player trading upon the popularity of other dayi. it 11
more pleasant, therefore, to reoord the real, genuine succesi of Mr. George
Primrose, than whom no minstrel is older, and who hadneed and equipped In
Mtf(A n lnmr' that the immnrv of man runreth notlo the contrary. Packed
houses ereeted him and bis minstrels ot the Tabor Grand yesterday, and the ap
plause had a spontaneity and vleor that attested merit, and proved the veteran's
continued popularity In a day remote Horn his beginning.
A very remarkable manl Aside from increased attenuation he Is much the same
in appearance as when he and "Billy" West walked ahead of the band countless
years ago, and although his high notes are nothing more tnan aare-aevu attempts,
tiio riotmincr of i ii rntain, lu Inlmltubla Mace and airy charm. Others may make
more noise, exoel in variety of steps, and outdo biui In agility aod ecoentrlcity, but
he stands aloae by vlrtun of a distinctive touch, a certain something that comes
close to artistry.
As tor his minstrel company, it lacks the size of Fields' and the pretense of
Dockstader's, but it is richer in true minstrel appeal, in atmospheric charm, for
even while keeping ubreast with she times, Mr Primrose still retains the note that
was dominant in tbe days ol Kioe and Emerson. His performance is really a min
strel show and not a mere spectacular. Tbe flrsi part is melodious with real durky
afro aaA In n. fmnt rrtw r om very fine slneers and several first class come-
rthmn. Hnvcrnor" Bowen and Joe Dunlew are most amusing and it ebould be
mentloued that their songs and jokes were all new. Aside from acting as Interlo
cutor in impressive fashion, Harry Slevers has a remarkable basso profundo, Frank
Bilcht is a fine baritone, and Boss Harvey and Thomas Weir are very good teno;s
The first part fades into a well-arranged olio in which Mr. Primrose, Mr. Dunlevy,
' Mr. Bowen and the quartet are assistedby a splendid comedy musical act, and a
most amazing male soprano. This Blondell, while dressed as a woman, dispensed
with ail the unwholesome affectations that usually mar such stunts, and confined
hlmaelf to singing In the clearest, strongest soprano poesessed by any man on the
As a setond part, the entire company joined In a singing and dancing couceit
called "Down Home." There was the levee at New Orleans, the boat, the cotton
fields and then the quarters, all intended as an epitome of ante-bellum darkey life
and succeeding much better than the average minrtrel troupe. Some of tbe scenio
effects Introduced were really of great beauty, marking a new mastery of the
Mr. Primrose was compelled to make a speech during the evening, and It was
plain that the applause was like so much wine to him. And as If to brim his cup
of happiness, Robnrt Mantell sat Inja box, and did not allow himself to be behind
tbe gallery in point of generous applause. It was fine to see the veteran minstrel
stealing glances at the great tragedian, and note his satisfaction as he watched Mr.
Maxell's eagle face flash into smllings, that Jovian brow smooth under tbe carets
of a dainty ballard entitled, "Mary Had a Little Lamb, Also Some Peas, a Piece of
Pie and a Cuppa Coffee,"
Taken all In all, a good show, a most pleasing entertainment, an unusually
good value for the money. Here's to you , Mr. Primrose! May yon liye arcund
again once more, and receive the prosperity that Is the reward of your merit and
good faith-
. r- v'
Either Steak or Mutton May Be Used
In Preparation of This 86me
what Novel Dish.
If mutton, divide a piece of loin,
taking as many as are required; trim
off all fat and bone. There will only
be the little round fillet left Melt
good-sized piece of butter or drippings
In, and put In one onion, one carrot
and one turnip. Cut Into slices and
then add the meat Cover with
piece of thick paper which has been
spread with drippings before putting
on the cover and let contents fry
gently for a quarter of an hour. Then
lift cover and pour over about half
pint of thick brown gravy (left over
grary will do). Now put stewpan In a
moderate oven and let meat cook
about two hours. Turn It once during
this time and add a little more gravy
If needed. Cut a thick slice of bread
from a stale loaf, remove crust trim
It nicely and then with a sharp knife
remove the center, leaving a border
about an Inch and a half thick: then
fry bread case In hot butter until
goiaen orown. wnen the fillets are
done (have mashed potatoes ready),
arrange them neatly around the bread
and keep hot until gravy Is ready. For
gravy remove all fat from the surface;
then add a tablespoonful of catsup, a
little flour and hot water, if there la
not enough gravy. Fill center of bread
ring with mashed potatoes and pour
on the gravy. Garnish with lettuce
leaves, sliced tomatoes or parsley and
on each fillet a little chopped carrot;
use round steak In the same way,
only cut the fillets and pound and rub
each piece with a little lemon Juice.
Will Be Here Thursday, Feb. 3
It is often very difficult to find something that the
invalid appetite will really care for. Whatever is found
should be the best quality and that is where we help.
All the different varieties in cans from 10 cents
up. Absolutely pure, and dainty enough for the
most delicate stomach.
Crape Juice
Nothing better to help the convalescent. It is
pure and unfermented, in quart bottles 50c.
Wafers and Buscuits
Wo have all kinds of dainty Wafers that are
light enough to be enjoyable and yet are nour
ishing. In' sealed packages 10c to 25c.
One of the most celebrated foods for invalids that
is on the market. We ordered some at a
doctor's request andhave been getting more
ever since. It is a very nutritious toast, baked
twice and spiced slightly. In sealed packages 10c
Pure Food Grocers
An ordinary polish for silverware Is
made of alcohol and whiting. 'It will
also serve excellently for polishing
plate glass and mirrors.
A few drops of alcohol rubbed on
the inside oMamp chimneys will re
move all trace of greasy smoke when
water alone is of no avail.
A neglected grate or one which has
been red hot should be rubbed over
with a cut raw potato before It is
blackfcaded. The result will be a
brilliant polish.
To remove mildew wet the cloth In
soft water and then nib on plenty of
soap and salt Hang on the line In tbe
sun and air for a day or two. This Is
said to be an Infallible recipe.
By using a teaspoonful of alum to a
quart of water for starching calicoes
and ginghams the colors will keep
bright and fresh, which Is desirable In
dresses that are washed often.
In serving a number of persons at
tea or reception, silver and dishes
often need to be washed. The hostess
should see to It that there is a big sup
ply of dish towels, otherwise she will
be mortified by damp spoons and
Green Peas with Bacon.
Into this delectable dish only sweet
nnsmoked bacon must enter. Heat a
tablespoonful of butter in a frying-pan,
throw In three tablesponfuls of bacon
dice, and lightly brown. Skim out the
bacon and to the fat add a spoonful
of flour and brown. Put a quart of
young peas in a saucepan, add a pint
of boiling water, the brown sauce, a
small onion, a bouquet of herbs
(chives, leeks, parsley, celery, or bay
leaf and a clove, tied In a bunch),
and the bacon dice and cook for 30
minutes. Remove the onion and the
bouquet, add an egg beaten in a cup
of cream, heat to Just short of the
boiling point, and serve. If the bacon
does not furnish sufficient suit add a
Ideal Gingerbr-.d.
One cupful of supi . one-quarter
cupful of New Orient molasses, one
cupful of butter and ':i:-d, three eggs
well beaten, one sn 'Spoonful of salt
one small tablespoon ' nl of ginger, one
quarter teaspoonful nf cloves, one-half
teaspoonfnul of o'namon, one cupful
nveet milk, two uaspoonfuls of bak
ing powder, and one quarter teaspoon
ful of soda, tv;n and one-half cupfuls
of flour. Heat ci:gar, molasses, butter,
snd spices inril thoroughly warm.
Heat up well. Then add other Ingredi
ents. Bale; !n muffin pans.
boneless Birds.
Cut up one veal cutlet In pieces
nbout two Inches square and pound
until flat. Dust with salt and pepper.
Lay on a bit of parsley and roll with
tiny strip of bacon, Skewer, or Hie
with strings; roll in flour, then brown
in butter for five minutes. When
brown pour in saucepan and simmer
ently until tender.
Remove birds and strings. Add a
little cream to gravy, thicken with
little? flour. Pour over birds.
Milk Sherbet.
Add the juice of three lemons and
one quart of milk to 14 cups sugar.
The mixture may curdle but will
freeze smooth. Freeze, using three
parts Ice to one part coarse fine salt'
Remove the dasher, repack, using four
parts of ice to one part salt This
makes two quarts sherbet.
8ugar for Lemonade.
In making lemonade, It will be found
to be an economy of time and sugar if
a sirup Is made of the sugar and part
of the water. If the sugar is put In
tbe pitcher with the lemon juice and
water, only part of It dissolves. The
rest Is usually thrown away after the
lemonade Is gone.
.Take Stains from Bottles.
Make a good suds of naptha and
soft water. Let It stand In the vessel
fifteen or twenty minutes; all stains
rill 00 removed.
Modern Rival of the Famous Charac
ter That Made Richard Sher
idan Famous. .
MM ' .
In an uptown social circle It is a mat
ter of gossip that a certain charming
young woman never lets her mother
out of ear shot because the older
woman's conversational transports
need to be continually checked. She
is rich even for New York, but she
outdoes all the Mrs. Malaprops In
When she returned from Paris last
year some one asked her If she had
seen the tullleries. "Why, certainly
not!" she responded, drawing herself
up majestically. "I've too much sense
to push in where I'm not wanted, and
if the tullleries had wanted us to visit
them they would have called first
They didn't, did they, Carrie?" she
asked, turning to her embarrassed
daughter. The latter explained to her
mother that tbe tullleries was a pal'
ace of the French kings, and that it
was filled with works of art, like tbe
louvre. The mother thereupon re
joined;: "Spakln' of works of art,
you can break up all the rest if you'll
only leave me tbe belladonna and the
dying gladiolus. Did I ever tell you
of the artist my daughter met In Rome?
He went mad over the shape of ber
hand, and nothln' would do but he
should make a bust of It."
The daughter bad one thing to re
Jolce over, however, and that was
that nobody this side of the Atlantic
would be likely to hear of the message
that she had heard her mother send to
a visitor by a servant In a London
"Just tell him," she said, gazing lan
guldly through her lorgnon at the card
that bad been handed her, "that he'll
have to excuse me this time, as just
at present I am decomposing on the
ofa," New York Press.
Hired Man Realized That Domestic
Birds Were Weather Indicators,
But Couldn't See Why.
The city man on the houeysuckle
clad porch smoked and listened to the
farm hand's talk. "Weather vanes Is
wind indicators," said- the farm hand,
"but chickens and turkeys by orlnus,
is wind prophets."
"Come off," said the city man.
"Gospel truth," declared the farm
hand., "In a cam, when there ain't
goln' to be no wind, the birds alius
roost on the tree boughs with their
heads alternatin' each way number
one faces east number two west, num
ber three north and so on. That's a
sign of cam. But supposln' there's
goin' to be a strong high wind. Then
they all roost every mother's son on
'em, facln' it. Accordin' as they face,
so you can prophesy the wind will
blow before moraln'.
"I flgger It out," said the farm hand,
"that In a cam the bunch faces dif
ferent ways so as to look out for dan
ger better. But If It's goln' to blow up
In the night, then they face the blow
so's they can best hang on to their
perch. What I can't figure out
though, Is how In the mischief they
smell that wind five or six hours be
fore It's due."
Why Pay more for your
Groceries than we ask?
Ton people who have been complaining about high prices, here is a
chsnce, to secure some of the biggest grocery bargains
ever ,before affored in Dodge City. It will save as both money
if yon will make out yonr order for what yon want from the follow
ing list. We don't want to rush you when yon come here, but our clerks
are always busy, and by making out a list you can trade faster and you
will find it more satisfactory because you have more time now than
when you oome to this orowded store. Sam Stubbs Out Price Grocery.
Vinton Corn 90c boz case 1
Pork and Beans 5c can doz....
Good salmon 10c can doz I
2lb canned cherries toe can doz. 1
Vase mustard 10c jar" doz. .... . 1
Imp kitchen sardines 10c can doz 1
White clover B Powder 10c doz 1
Gloss starch 5c package doz...
Corn Starch 5c package doz ... .
Quart blueing tocdoz 1 10
Sal soda 10 lbs. 25
Clothes pins doz 01
Silk soap 7 for 28 29 for 1 00
Pride soap 7 for 25 29 for 1 00
Rising sun stove polish each 05
Scrub and stove brush each... 15
gib Naptha washing powder pk 20
5 lb Gold Dust package 20
Good clothes lines each .... 10
Good clothes basket each 75
Wild rose toilet soap cake 07
Lenox or W R soap 7 for 26 29 1 00
Milk crocks or jars gallon 08
Best soda or oyster cracker lb 6
Quart bottle cider vinegar 14
Banner oats 5 lb package 20
Best Popular flour sack i 30
Fancy Japan rice lb 05
Good broken rice lb 04
Kansas City 25 oz B Powder 18
Calumet baking powder can ... . 18
Macaroni vermicelli noodles. ... 08
Good oil sardines can 4c 26 for 1 00
Pure pepper or mustard lb. 20
Pure apple cider gallon 40
Baking soda large package.... 05
Corn flake's 3 pkgs 25c 13 for 1 00
Star or Horae Shoe Tobacco. .. . 45
Liquid Swan polish .......... . o5
Silver drip syrup gallon. ..... 4$
Best stick candy 3 ib 25
All kinds 60c tea now 40
Bargain store coffee 17c 6 lbs 1 00
A good coffee 7 lbs.. 100
New prunes large 3 lbs 25
New piunes medium 4 lbs 28
Necterlnes fancy lb. ...... . .'. . . io
4 Crown raisins 3 Ib 23
Fancy punch raisins lb. ......... 10
Fancy Apricots lb 15
New York apples 2 lbs for. . . . . . 25
Large fat mackerel ioc 3 for.... at
Best comb honey lb 15
Reid, Murdock jams can 33
Blllkan decorated plates.... .. 25
Dodge City souvenir plates.... 28'
Water glasses per set. 23
Fancy nlckle lamps each 1 40
100 piece china dinner set... ...14 50
Fancy china decorated cups set 1 i5
Full line glass lamps lowest price.
Reld, Murdock's famous Reindeer
California three pound goods; grapes,
plums, apricots, green gages, lemon
cling peaches, Crawford peaches all
17c per can, doz 1 90
White or black cherries and
pears 20c per can doz 2 25
5 gallon keg kraut ,. 1 to
5 gallon keg sour pickles 165
5 gailon keg sweet pickles 3 45
1 gallons jars horse radish.....', no
1 gallon jars wor sauce 1 35
We carry a full line of enamel ware at lowest prices.
A full line of candles at bottomprices up to date.
Neat Market in connection. All meats sold at reas
onable prices. "
Cut Price Grocery
Was He Right?
An automobile stood at the curb In
front of a theater. It was an impos
ing machine of burnished brass and
crimson leather, and as Its owner
came out of the theater and was get
ting aboard one of a" couple of chil
dren asked with the confidence 01
maybe impudence that goes with In
nocence and bare legs:
"Say, mister, drive us around thf
square, won't you? We ain't neve?
been in a nautymobile "
The man paid no attention and
whizzed away. Of course, cliildrer
are a nuisance, but it would havt
been worth while, maybe, to give twe
Email girls a memory to last them a
And, maybe, again, got himself ar
rested for kidnaping.
You never can tell. Washington
Brought Her Own Potatoes.
- A young German girl who has re
cently come to live with relatives lr
America, amused them exceoding'y bj
bringing with her a large box lilied
full of potatoes, because she is par
ticularly partial to them, and waf
told that in this country we had onl:
the variety known as "sweet," whic;
did not sound to her nice at all. A.
her. potatoes sprouted on the journey
showing a decided inclination to con
vert themselves into flourishing vines
she was greatly comforted to find tha'
her relatives could supply the do'1
clency. This German girl Is astonbhor
that, though we seem to value the po
tato, we do not, as in the case In he;
country, ereet statues to Sir Waltei
Raleigh, who Introduced the plant Ink
Europe. v
When Youth Wanes.
Old age has many definitions, and
middle age more. But you may take
It that you are not really an old man
so long as you take an interest In
your personal appearance. There U
not a nurse who does not know the
sign of convalescence when the pa
tlent wants to be shaved and put a
good appearance In this world. And
so long as the man of 60 'can take, an
Interest In the latest tie and tie It
he Is preserving his youth.
Firat Published January SO, 1010.
' Road Notict.
To Whom It may concern :
In pursuance of an order made by the
Board ot County Commissioners of the
County of lord in the state of Kansas In
regular session on the 6th day of January A.
D. 1910 notice Is h. reby given that 0. D,
Wearer, (1, M. Baldwin, A. B. Freeman, 0.
R. Brown, f. Q. Imboden. Alien Clevenirer,
M. T, Hoard, J. M. Iin-1 Jr., D. 0. White,
Frank Kobb, Lawden Phillips, B. Y. Hoard,
0. E Brnwn, A. P. Pierce, R, J. Shearer, W.
L. Couch, 0. J. Smith ana P. J. HcGuay,
householders of said County residing In tbe
vicinity where It Is proposed to lay out and
entitbilsh the rmid below mentioned, have
presented to snld board their certain peti
tion piajrlnK the laying out and establish
mentuf a public road in said county as fol
lows: Beginning at the noithwesl corner of
section Zi, thence north on the section line
between section 14 an J IS to and terminat
ing at the northwest coi-ncr of section 11, all
In towiiNhlr) 2!l, range -'3 and that 0. J. An
drews, Hoy Oobh and ). O. Shcely, viewers
duly appointed will meet at the northwest
corner of section S3 in township lJX), rang a 23
on ther.th day of i'eoruury , D, 19IP alio
o'clock a. m. nnil proceeed to lew said road,
and to give al I piu tlus a hearing.
Witness my hand and the seal of said
Countv atlixed m my oltlce In said county,
this 1-th dav of January A. I) 1010.
S.'H til) HH AW AY, County Clerk.
Psychology of Dreams.
Dreams go by contraries, but they
nearly always agree with what we eat
Birmingham Age-Herald.
Tuesday February I, '10
Complete Production of
Goethe's Immortal
New Through
wit . T'
if -.tf
i .. vf.--.v.-S -A-.tY, itw . -
. Ci-
The Sweet Girl Gradua'.a.
Knicktrr 1.1 she conversant
Bockcr Ycf, her gralur.'lrg tirvl
is to "-n rci!!l:lnatiitn of dfrcetol:..
and Uiitldlo Hgs, New York Sun. -
has been established via
Rock Island Lines
and Trinity & Brazos Valley Railway
from Kansas City by way of
Topeka, Wichita, El Reno,
Fort Worth and Dallas to ;
. ( Houston and Galveston, pro
viding drawine-room sleep
, inff cars, free, reclining chair
. cars and coaches. Remem
ber there is
No Change of Cars
from Kansas City to Hous
ton and Galveston.
Full details relative to this
sew service on request.
-,'i ca.:;i: , a2 n..,
l Frederick J. Wilson
Will all positively be produced here ,
The Retln of Fire
The Midnight Stare
The Mystic Lightning Bugs
The morning' Glorlee
The Fiery Necklace
Serpents -
The Duel of Death The Circle of Fire.
The Flower Garden. The Weired Skulls
Tons of Special Scenery, Properties and
Electrical Embellishments Carried. ;"
Prices, 25, 50, 75 & 1.0J
Seats on Sale at
City , Drug Otero

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