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,E.\i“z-:,:;': " g
e CoUnty. hic. Wi
What She Is, and What Her Future
v Prospects Are—A Brief History.
L et
Graham County is in the second
tier.of gounties iy the north-western
-part of the state, and fourth from the
- westernt boundary. ;Tt contains 576,000
vacres of land. .The gencral character
isties of the couniy as to soil and
i climaté are similar to its ncighbor
.ing counties, the soil' possessing the
izame wonderful fertility ' and retention
.y moisture. - - oo e
. Northwestern Kansas has always
peen underrated as an agricultural ‘re
}ég'on, on account of the prejudice of
Fastern land owners against it for being
;fi_he home of the poor man, made so by
7iicir inclinations +to cheat them out of
'-},xll but a bare and smnty sub&gtencg \
“ Jtmay be set down as ar verity
that industrious” and intelligent
‘farmers can produce as~ abundant
crops of ywheat, corn, oats, sorghum |
jroom corn, potatoes and vegetables
‘arawn in this' latitede, us any ‘ather
sounty in‘this wonderful state, Gra
giam county is well adapted to both
agriculture and stock “raising, being{
‘well watered and a rich soil, |
" The surface of the county is undu- |
:ating, and Inay bé thus divided: Up-|
.'f;;m([ 80 per eent; bottom land 20 per
»ent. The average width of the bot
¢:oms are about two miles.
" ‘Beautiful magnesian limestonpe is|
dindant, and is exténsivel§ used for |
“uilding putposes in both the coun-|
‘ry and the'towns. Tt is very easy to|
‘york when first quartied, being very
“oft, but hardens rapk%ly whén expos- |
‘ad to the atmosphere. ' © |
* Nestling “on a'beantiful platcan on|
fthe banks of the sparkling Solomon |
river, 6n the North-west quarter of|:
Section 1, Township 8, of Range 21, in |:
‘Giraham county, Kansas, is situated
the town of Nicodemus. Standing on
the town-site, one can sce for miles in|,
any direction, the finest country in the |.
west, inhabited by an industrious class |
of people,—pecople* who "had labored |
hard in‘the east to obtain a home, but{;
only to fail, have imigrated to a land .
where free homes awaited them, there |
to breathe tlie pure air of God's
liherty independent of thie bossisin of'|,
ilie average eastern landlord, and now, |,
after the trials that usually besét new |
‘countiies, these people are reaping |
the hearvest of thefr labors. |
Nicodemus was first platted and set
fled in 1877 by the Nicodemus Colony,
an organization formed that year in the |
city of Topcka, with the following|
nueed gentlemen "as officers: Pres.
W. H. Smith; Sec. 8. P. Roundtree;
fifor. Sce. and P. M, Z. T. Fletcher. In
878 John W. Niles was chosen Pres. |
and Hon. E.P. McCabe, our present
State Auditor, as Sec. '
- The object of this organization was
to induce these people of the over
crowded east to emigrate to a free and
independent land, where €very man, |
woman and child could think, speak,
ad “worship God according to the
dictates of their own conscience” and
none would molest, hind® or make
afraid. To such a land they have
some; here they are, free and happy, en
joying that which Our Creatar had!
intended for aII,—LiBErTY. .
ihe following isa synopsis of the
various bragches of business carried on
W ourtown:
A G, Winson
vage here in 1879, from the state
ea New: York,"and branched out in the
wgrcantile business, and has been
g well ¢ver since. In 1885 he
was the choice of the Rebnblican
{orgfy Yonvention of Graham county
5 e offige of County Treasurer, and
Yivsphantly ¢lected to that office in
Nvvember of the same year. S, G.
Wilson's name is a household word in
tl¢ entize county; having stoc ¢k by the
people in' their hours of want, well
does he deserve the respect he now
C. H. Newrn
Located in the town in 1884, hav
ing bought the property from a Mr.
Greene. - Mr. Newth keeps a good
stock of dry goods and groceries in
connection with his drug store, Here
Youcan find a good supply of drugs,
medicines, groeeries &e. ({: H. is also
sh M. D. and has a very extensive
Practice. An Englishman by birth
and an Amerian by adoption; he
tame to Rooks County im 1879 and
seuled an 'a homestead three miles
frory this town. In 1880 he was mar-
Ned to Miss Woodard, danghter of A.
Woodard of Roscoe.
, B. P. MorRELAND,
The “old reliable™ harness maker came
Wto Graham county in 1884, He
Started a harness shop in Nicodemus
last fall, Mr. Moreland is a first-class
Workman and is meeting with the suc
¥eB% L 3 well deserves.
~ Z.T.FLercHER & Bro.
| Among the first emigrants into
Graham county was Z. T, Fletcher
and family, who came here in 1877.
He was Cor. Sec. of the Colony
organization from its first inception
to its disbandment. In 1880 he was
appointed by President Arthur as'post
master 4t Nicodemus, a position he
has filled creditably and without
interruption to the present. Z. T.
and Thomas Fletcher are proprietors
of the St. Francis hotel, the only hotel
in the city and one that has an excel
lent reputation for its good accommo
dations. They also run a first-class
livery and feed stable in connection
with the house; also handle farm ma
chinery and deal in real estate, - ?
Came to Graliam count§ il the spring
of 1879 iud Ttated 6n a fine’ tiactof
land six miles southwest of N icodemns:
he has it well stocked ard is fumbered
anfong the best firmers in this part of
the county. #Fhis spring liébpened ip
a first-class implement house in our
town ahd js hdving a brisk trade in
that line of busivess.” Mr. G. isalso a
real-estate agent, and will accommo
date you with anything in that line. '
Joxas Mooßg,
Is the general stone mason for this
vicinity, and as a workman in that line
cannot he excelled.
Is another old settler; he was secretary
of the Nicodemus colony and came
here with the first immigrants in 1877,
He is now building a fine residence in
the northwest part of town.
. PußLc ScHooL.
Our public school is being taught
by Miss Busic Wyatt. She is’ well
qualified for teaching and is giving the
best of satisfaction to the pstrens of
the school, ' S
There is dn organizetion of the|
Baptist church here, with
Rev. 8. M. Lee, pastor; algo, a society
of Methodists under the pastoral |
charge of Rev. Brown. There are two
stone church buildings in the town.
Mr. J. A. Weaver established in the |
grocery business in Nicodemus in 1884
and has been receiving a good trade,
He is now erecting a good, substantial |
store building on the southwest corner |
of the public square. Mr. Weaver is
another 1)16110(31‘ of this country, and by |
perseverance is making it win.
Mps. Eniza Syt
Came here last fall, from Denver, Col.,
andis ¢recting a fine large building on
south main street, to be used as a hotel.
She is a plegs:nt lgey and will no doubt
meet with BiiSocss.’ '
The Benevolent Association, looks
after the welfare of its members, caring
for them in sickness, comforting them
in hours of bereavement, cheering them
in moments of despondency. and sup
plying with the necessities of life, and |
the habiliments of death, those whgom
dame fortune has left unable to pro
vide for themselves. Its oflicers are:
Pres., Thos.” Fletcher; Sec., A. N. Har
per; Cor. Sec., M. Napue; ~Trustees, |
J. R. Hawkins, 8. A. Weaver, L. At
kinson, M. D. Garland and Mrs. M.
Napue. The Daughters of Zion look
after the welfare, not anly of their own |
organization, but of society in general. ‘
Mrs. 7. T. Fletcher is President, and
Mrs. R. M. Burnsides is Secretary of |
this worthy society. 1
Last, but not least, is the YWESTERN
('vyerLoxg, a republican journal, pul)-*
lished by A. G. Tallman, and deveteld
to the interests of Nicodemus and vicin
ity, and the good of" humanity in gen
eral. We will not say much of the
CycLoxg, lest we do ‘not see oursel\'osl
as others sce us. ‘
Chas. A. Wilson arrived from Guth- |
rie, Mo., Monday evening, and has|
opened up a barber shop in thcl
CycLoNe office. Ye editor expects
soon to strut about with sleek cheeks,
the latest style of side-burns, neatly
cropped “half-block chin-whiskers,”
and stifily waxed mustache,—the result
of a free tonsorial operation. ‘
Frank McLaughlin and A. W, Frater,
two of W ebster's premgnent business
men, were among the number whae vis
ited out pleasant city Tuesday. 1
Messrs. Garland, Napue, and Sam
uels attended a contest case at Kirwin..
Nicodemus needs no ceunty seat
excitement to give her a boom.
This is the kind of a CycLOXE peo
ple like to sce looming up.
Call and have a copy of the CyeroNE
sent to yowr {riénds.
| The festive drummer has become
quite numerous.
Nicodemus should have daily mails.
| cast and west. '
| Nicodemus business men-are happy.
1 Nicodemus town lots are in demandl.
| Send us the news of your }qg-alit}'.
l Come to Nicodemus to buy goods.
i s, T e b
We are eoming Father Abraham, &L
W are cosing with o Saduean.
-We are with a ness,
o 8 f‘m we never felt gbefox-e
In the air that laughs with sunshine,
Something tells us we are free.
There are voices all about us—
There's a bird in ev'ry tree;
And they tell us, oh they tell us,
You have #=aid that we might come
From the cotton and the rice ficlds
And you’d look us up a home,
With anxiety and tremblirg,
For the happiness in store.
We are coming Father Abraham, .
Some hundred thousands wore.,
We are coming though our freedoin
Has been tagrying soong.
That we almost loved the places
-~ Of our misery and w‘ron%.
We are bringinigor you blessing,
Such as God alone ipparts
| I'-gon-thoqe who m cggfort
.+ _ Unilq trimpled an hearts.
- From the cane-brakes of Kentueky,
f From the hills of Tennessee;
| Flgmdthegand that rots wiltg treasor,
| - Undey dseanregaid: e "
. Krom fbe swnmgg of Carolina,
And from Alabama’s shore,
We are coming Father Abraham, ‘
Some hundred thousands more.
MWe've been waiting in our cabing:
‘ We've been looking from the fields
Where the enowy blooming cotton,’
All its rich abr’]ndnnce yvields. -
For the tidings that should bring us
What we never yet possessed,
Titles to our wives and children,
And a right to hope and rest.
Akavhe we were singing **Dixie,” *
When *‘old Magsa” went away:
But our hearts were praying wildiy |
Far the -blzgsirg to-day. ' |
‘““Massas'" goné to fight for treasen,
But he left an open door, |
And we're coming, Father Abraham, 3|
" Samre hundred thousands more. [
We arc coming, trne and ready., |
To nphold the flag that waves, _
Stainless in its starry grandeur,
Since it flaunts not over glaves,
We've a dark and fearful record,
“ Traced in-agon§ and tears:
Yet we only ask for justice,
In the hopeful future years
We are comting from the slaye pens,
Where our dear ones have been :zold,
Where the gacred name of virtue, -
Ilas been bartered off for gold. ,
While God deals with the o%preseor. :
Swiftly winnowing l}fls oy, * '
We hpe comitig, Pither Abrabam, :
* Kothe loyal millfons more.
The undersigned hereby gives notce that he will,
on the 2?)111 day of May, 188 make applicazion to ‘
the Probate Court of Graham county, Kinsas,
to purchase the following described scheol land, |
situated in the organized county of Graham Kan
sag, viz:The SElf and SW 1 and N E 3 and
the N W 14 of the S E quarter of scc 35 townghip 7
range 21, He names the follpowing persons to
prove his settlement, ('.mxtifmdzls residence and
improvement, viz: Henry Buckner, Henry Smith
Charles Baxter, all of Nicodemus, Kansas,
Pone at Nicodemus, county of Graham, this Bth
day of May, 1888. * TuoMas'J. FLETCHER,
' Petitioner,
The undersigned hereby gives notice that he
will on the 24th day of May, 1886, manke an " appli
tation to the Probate Judge of Graham county, q\un
sag, to purchase the following-described school
land, situated in the organized county of Graham,
Kansag, viz.; the n w 33 of sec. 27, town 78, range 21
w. He names the following persons to prove his
#ettlement, continuong reridence and improvement
viz.: Henry Buckner. Henry Smith and ‘Charles
Baxter, all of Nicodemus., Kansas,
Dore at Niccdemus, county of Graham, Kansas,
this Bth day of May, 1880, (‘qrxpxu ALLEN
" i ! o Paiitioner.
The undersigned hereby gives notice that he
will, on the 24th day of May, 1886, make an appli
cation to the Probate Court of Graham county,
Kansas, to purchase the following-described sachool
land, rituated in.the organized county. of Graham,
Kansas, viz, The e 13 of the n w 14 of sec 26, town
7s, range 21w, He names the fgllowing persons to
prove Ifa-scttlement, continuous residence and
improvements, viz.: Henry Buckner, Henry Smith
am‘l Charles Baxter, all of Nicodemus, Kansas, ~
~ Done at Nicodeénwis, copnty of Graham, Kangzas,
thisSthday of May, 1886, ° JENNIE BARBOUR.
| Petitioner.
Real Estate and Insaranee,
We make Fisal Proof, Eomesteldfl Timber
Culture and Pre-emption eateries. Files, Con
tewts, ete. All kinds of land busineas transactad
reasonable rates. YWe have soine desirable farms
for sale in Rooks and Graham counties at rea
sonablo terms and prices,
Wagons, Buggies, Mows, Har
rows, Ete., Ete.

Horse Shoeing and Repairing o Specialey.
251 am prepared to repair the wood or iron
work of plows, wagouns, harrows &. Give me a
Masat L L i it
s )em
Shaving, Shampooing
; and Hair Dresing, done
5 In the Latest Styles.
\ . \
3= Shop over Newth's store.
‘Gengral Merchandise.Stoxee
Dry Goods & ,G:océ.ries, Hats, Caps, Boots and, Shoes: Clo&hmg
Gents furnighing Gooods ete. =~ *
Shelf& Heavy Hardware!
- We hdh'dle nothing but first-class goods and are sélling thoihr at the lawest
living ptices. If yon want any thing inourlne, call at our store and inspect
our goods and get-prices.
o ! 5 ...' - d
—e———FOß SALE BY ———
In the line.of Fayxm Machinery you will find us always te the frent, bothin
quality of goods and lowest prices,
. % "“»"’ e B '~-’-.‘a">‘ ! . |
We handle the celebrated Rock Island Plow €'o'® goods, which have heern
tried for years and al\\';i}'s' rhantain the lead in execllenee of imrkmdnship and
duratil#ty; We also handle the celehrated Olds and Studebaker wagons.
d‘\. ‘ . : # . . :. t ‘*« 1 o
Harvesters. binders, listers. drills, sulky stirrivd ‘plowk, « tultivators, har
rows, rakes &ec. Evorytfing usnally kept in a first ¢lass implement 'house
can be found here. Give us a eall. g ,
S 'EV:R}\TER&ZCOE,Pnopmsfdgs.
Does a general banking business. Loans moncy on long or short
time; buys and sells exchange; Peals in real estate;
: Wwans money to make final proof andattends
* te landd business of all Kinds.
s .o AR
ST. JULIAN is & beautiful Dapple Gray <i:ht
years old and weighs 1.500 pounds. e was sired
by ap Imported Noyman, his dam was 3 thorough
bred Morgan. .
He will stand for the scason at the following
timee and places:
A: Webster, on Mondays and Toesdayes, at the
taira, of C. H. Wescott, on Wednesdays, at famm of
Jas. McCroskey on Thursdays"and at Nicodemus
on Friddys and Saturdays.
Teuns:— 10 insare, $10.09: hy the scason. S5O
A premium o 2 $lO.OO will be given for the ‘first
and $B.OO for second best colt. sired by ‘St Julian
l shown in Nicodemus, on the first Saturdsy in Sep
tember 1857, R. SOMMERHEWEE, OWFZR.
St. Julian.

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