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H. K. Lightfoot, Editor.
Nicodemus is located on the north bank <
f the South Solomon River, one-half mile t
we st of the east line of Graham county, 1
twelve miles south of the north line, six
teeu miles from Millbrook, the county
seat, and twenty-two miles west from
Stockton, the county seat of Ronks county
and the teimlnus of the C. B. U. P. rail
road. Nicodemus contains four general
stores, two grocery stores, two drug Mores,
two hotels, two livery stables, two milli
nery stores, one bank, two land and loan
agents, one law firm, one physician, two
blacksmith shops, one shoe shop, one bar- |
ber implement dealers, two good j
church buildings and a fifteen hundred
dollar public school building is now in the
course of erection and other improvements
which we shall from time to time mention.
Nicodemus is surrounded by the finest
farming country in North-west Kansas,
and money invested here will realize to
investor 10<> per cent in twelve months.
Business Fire story.
Dry Goods, and Groceries.
H. 8. Henrie & Brother.—Young & Craven
T. W, Sample, J. B. Crowley.
Groceries, Flour etc.
A. N. Harper,—Foster Williams.
8. K. Boylan,—Hays & governs,— C. H.
Mrs. M. A. Warner,—Mrs. A. J. Lovelady.
Banks. :•
Bank of Nicodemus.
C. H. Newth.
Gibson—Williams & Garland Proprietors.
St. Francis —Fletcher Bros. Props,
Livery Stables.
T, F. Taylor,—T. J. Fletcher,
LaND and Loan AgSNtsj
R, Cay ton,—
Attorney's- at-L aw.
Jones & Lowrey.
H: Charles,—Wm. Scott,
H. C. Hawkins, —Parson Lewis.
II Hawkins.
Pension Agent.
J. W. Griffin.
Agricultural Implements.
Garland & Lightfoot,—F. M. Lewin.
F. G. I. B —meets second and fourth Sat
urday of vavh month at 1 p. m.
D. *W Miles, Sec., O. Talbott. Pres.
Ihqitis 4 ; -first and third Sabbath of each
hionth, at the stone church. 8. M. Lee,
A. M. E.—service at tlienewchurch evey
Sunday, at Ila m. C. 11. Brown. Pastot
Nicodemus to Stockton, via Alcona and
Webster, daily, except Sunday. Leave*.
Stocktoil at 7 a. m,, wives at Nicodemtu
ll;30a. m. Leaves Nicodemus at 1 p. ni
ftad arivvsin Stockton at 6 p. m.
Nicodemus ami Millln-ook, via- Fagan,
leaves Millbrook at 7 ;3<» a m and arivef
in Nicodemus at 11 a m,leaves Nicodeni
tls at 1 p m and aiives in Millbrook at B
Nicodemus and Ellis, via Kebar, Cres
son, Amhiyyind Mendota, arives Mnndayj
Wednesdays and Fridays, departs or
Tuesdays. Thursdays. and Saturdays,
k Passengers carried on all these lines
hours from 7 a. m. to 7 ;3(t p
Shnday And legal holidays.
gM A. N. Harper p. m.,
H Miss Mary Moor, as’
Jones, J. C. Lowrey
practice in Will attcndpo”al
||fl District.’• State, cases in the inferior
'.*■ U. 8. Courts. courts.
UM»eciai atttelTtion given to, »xamnin*
real estate.
■ Attorney S-ai-Lclto,
Loan .and
Bance Agents,
of law business.
Rud and examine titi
an i Hi.itlle >e<urit\
After a short abscence from the
fields of journalism, we again greet
our many friends of Graham county
through the columns of a newspa
per, bestowing upon them our best (
In this, our first number of Tnn
Nicodemus Enterprise, we have no
promises to make and none to ful
fill. A majority of the people of
Nicodemus and Graham county are
acquainted with our method of con
ducting a newspaper and we shall
hardly depart from our former
We shall always be found on the
side of the people as against cliques,
rings and grinding corporations, and
shall endeavor to advance the inter
ests of Nicodemus and Graham
county regardless of any local strife
that may exist, looking always to
the interests of the majority.
Our interests are in Nicodemus
and for her welfare and advance
ment we shall put forth our best
In politics we have always been a
Republican and shall advocate the
principles of that grand old party in
the columns of this paper, believing
them to be just and right.
Our latch string always hangs on
: the outside of the door and we invite
you to call and see us.
H’. K. Lightfoot.
There are over 500,000 children
of school age in the state of Kansas.
The County Normal is now in ses
sion at Hill City with a fair attend
ance. Every teacher in the county
should have attended.
The Knights of Labor will hold a
grand celebration at W ebster, Fri
day, August 26th. Good, speakers
i will be present to address the people.
‘ Music will be furnished by the
Nicodemus cornet band.
‘ The political pot has begun to
boil a little. The Enterprise will
! take a small, part in the campaign
I and we shall try and keep our read
j ers posted on the situation.
- If the railroads could carry hah
the public on passes, and th“ re
mainder qt three cents a mile why
eftn they hot carry nil, now that pas
• hos Rfe abolished at bnb that rate o»
at two cents at ka?t
The following sad tale is from
exchange*. “A small boy with ashin
: ing pad went singing gaily down the
■ dale, to where the cow with bridh
; tail, on sweet clover did regale. A
i bumble-bee did gently sail oxer the
j soft and shadowy vale, to where th<
• boy with a shining’pail | was milking
the cow with the brindle tail. The
; bee lit down on the cow’s left ear
; her hceG went up through the atmos
phere—and through the leaves of s
walnut tree, the boy soared into etur
There will be a Reunion of tin oh
soldiers and sailors of .North westen
j Kansas at Logan, on Monday Tues
; day, and Wednesday. August th
: 29th, 30, and 31, A large ‘attend
anoe is expected. Ample act ommo
i dation will bosuplied for all, inelud
ing quartos, straw, wood. etc..frv<
and forge and rations at actual cost
Prominent old soldiers and speaker?
will be present to recall our soldie
days of 1861-65. Camp fires wil
lx? held every evening. The follow
speakers have Wen invited. Gens
• Fairchild, Tuttle, A. J. Smith, Sow
ard, Gov. John A. Martin, Hons. F
B. Plumb, Lewis Hun back, E. J
* Turner and other prominent speak
Published to Advance -fie lutcicst of N. cdinnH; Ci: H u County, and the Principles of the Republican Party.
Nicodemus, Graham County, Wednesday, August 17, 1887.
Nicodemus’, compare it and its
present prospects with one yeai ago .
and see how favorable tiny are.
Now, church spires point heaven
ward, and the whistle of the iron
horse is heard in the distance, our
population is ten times more, all
classes of business is well n pre
sented and still the is room formorc.
Glorious town ! Glorious country!
What inspired hand can write your
future, w ho can estimate your wealth
ten years from to-day? God,—-lie ,
who rules the destinies of this.
Nation, lie alone can tell.
We admit that printer’s ink is im-!
portant in giving the du.-tbd m-[
formation about young citi- s, hut a
world ol circulation will not build a ,
town in an unnatural location, there
is another tiling about advertising 1
new towns that those interested’
would do well to remember, and that i
is that one thousand copies of the <
respectable newspapers printed m ,
a town, and sent out, will do the i
town more good than ten million cir
culars. We do not mean a regular
pictorial boom advert isement paper ,
that is a give away on its face but the i
regular paper setting fort'in a truth- ;
I fill and attractive way the advant
ages of the town, and showing in
if i advertising columns that it has
a live, energetic set of busint ss men.“
At the Colored Press Associ
ation which recently met at Louis
ville, Ky., in the course'of a discus
sion as to the propriety of the. color
i cd man orgaizing an independant
political party, Hon. A. IL (’lark,of
Chicago, said“ All meii wore cre
ated free and should be entitled to
equal rights, he was Republican,
not a drop Democratic blood in hD
veins, but the colored people should
not fight any party or creed, but
; labor to benefit themselves. Negros
w'ould be a mere cypher as an inde
> pendent party. They should adhere
ito the Republican party. If they
1 did not like to do this they should
be ruled out. The Republican par
ty was going to take possession of
. things again. They bad split over
i Jim Plane and spoils. It was their
theft and dishonesty that divided
' them and lost the rare. Ihr mug
wumps can’t aim unt to much as
they' merely form a company
headed reformers. lucre uevei
was a reform party that was not a
i fraud. Tiie negro who dts. its the
’ Republican party is a truh.r to tht
i living and too <uad. I : is a wondtr
that lb. 1? spirits ol t!i* g ist u< parted
statesmen who founded the party do
‘ not come fourth and confront them.
i You fire wearing out xitul forces
faster than fhti” is hi y subtracting
1 years from the -aim tote! of your
life. The rush and worry, day after
I day, this resth>s, anxiety mr some
thing you have not got is like peb
ble stones in macniuei y, they grtith
and grind the life out of you. lou
have useless burdens; tbiow them
off. You have a great load ot usvless
care ; dump it.pull on tin strings;
compact your business; take tin ti
me for thought of better tilings. Go
out into the air and let Gods sun
shine down upon your busy head.
Stop thinking business and print;
stop grumbling tJ td* ers pruvi ien
ces. You will pi /‘ably mv. r st
much bi tt-r times .o ’his iUA,m<d
world, and your most opportune sca
fod is now ;yuur happiest day is to
day. Calmly do your duty, and let
God take care of His own world. Ht
i** stilt alive, and is the King. Do not
imagine that things v.iU go to c**- r
lasting smik-h when you disappear
from this mortal stage. Do not fancy
‘ iiiai the curse of heaven, in the
shape of the vain te k of righting up
a disjoint* d earth, is imposed upon
1 you. Ceas* to fret and fume; cease
to jump and worry tarly and late.
The gootl time is coming, but you car
never bring it; God van, and will.
‘ Take breath, dt ar old folks; sit down
* and rest, and take a long 1 r ath.
Then go calmly to the ta>ks of liL
and do your work well. &
* - 4
The Republican county central
.commitb u meets the 27th, inst.
In shari’untrast to the retrogres
sion of educational ideas down in
Georgia comes the action of the
iDartmouth (N.H.) medical school,
where a colored student, J.P, Hay
ne-i, of Galveston, Tex. lias just been
•ppointud demonstrator of anatomy
The bust society for supression
f pernicious literature is the family, i
Ti’u best legislutiun that can be pass
ed for the prevention of the sale of r
vile literature can be passed byjath
er and mother in joint convention
assembled. Daily teaching to love I
i and study;good and useful things!
will bring boys and girls to detest ‘
, the opposite. These are the only
means by which the sale ofpemici
-1 ous literature can ever be penuan-:
ently and effectually suppressed.!
• The passage of laws of the State and i
i the watchfulness of the societies for,
i the suppression of pernicious lit- ’
| crature may do some good for the j
j youth w ho have no parents to teach I
them, but to provide sound early
1 training for them ; would do far more.
i ________
A recent application of a West i
Virginian nmed Brown at the pension
office in Washington brought to -
light the fact that one mother had j
; given sixteen sons to the service of !
j the union during the war. She had
bom thirty three children in all, of
I whom'twenty were boys, and of these !
only four did not serve as soldiers :
in the union army. Two were killed
and fourteen survive. Each of the
latter is to-day in receipt of a pen
| sion from the Government for disa
i bilities received in the service, and |
I the death of her other soldier sons ,
, entitles the mother also to a pen- '
sion. The case is an intersting one, |
not only for the remarkable number
of sons of one mother who wore the '
blue, but as illustrating how conta- •
gious was the war spirit m some fam
ilies along the line of fire.
' Mr. Thomas Fortune, the editor
of a colored people’s organ, the New
york Freemen, proposes the forma
tion of what he terms an “Afro-
Amt rivan League/* The aim of this
; organization, m general terms, is the
' improvement of the condition of the
colored rac in the Unite States. Al
though plans have not yet been ma
tured, the work of organization lias
already begun. Mr. Fortune says
that ward, county, and State clubs
are to la formed* and then a nation
' al convention is‘to be held to form
ulate a policy that will protect the
' rights ami improve the genera! oon
, ditiou of the colored people The lea
: gm, so its originator asserts, will
• take a hand in politics, but will try
■ to hold colorr d votes to an ind« p< nd
. ent political course.
i . _ - _
The idea is very prevalent that
1 I our present existing sou mi condition
I . are painful and revolting m many
; ; respects, we can not see any hope of
’ reform in any pr.rtiular m relation
to our present scheme of socialism.
' That the rich often oppresses the
1 poor -that capital is tyrannical in
■ many of its operations is true, too
J. that there is to much ignoreuce, too
’ much fanaticism and t»>o much big
otry in the world. But instead of
l seeking in socialism rumidn*s for the
• vils for which humanity still differs,
! the Lightest hope of reform is in the
U opposite principle, which incotir
ages the utmost devnfopment of the
faculties uf the Lidividual. A gov
-! eminent can do little pru
r bct the weak against the strung,
►’ ;re vent violence and f raud ard cn-
• force honest contracts, to th»* end
.» that each citizei may be fr»e io do
i as he desires so long as he shall not
3 interfere with the rights vf others.
. Legislation for the reform of the
i -tale or for the welfare of the peo
. pie can nut legitimately go beyond
i th? limit herein designated. When
. this limit ahull transcended the gen
ii era! results will be failure and dis-
Dealer In ' ’*l
Tobaccos, Cigars, Toilet Soaps and
Finest stock of Crackers ire tht
Flour, c Feed and Cor
i Everything the Farmer needs, fr*£
: ing Glass and Cuspidor down <1
■ >'
Call at the P. 0. and get SI.OC woi
■for CO cents.
\A.M. HARPER, - Xi
Still to the Front I
Dealers In *—
Gent's Furnishing Goods* Station
All kinds of Foregin and Domestic Fn
Cigars and Tobaccos.
All goods sold at prices that can not
cated in the county. Call and exa
goods and learn ottr prices. We take
in showing our goods to all Remer
we will not be undersold.,
OUR MOtTO:—Honest Dealing and
' //. s. iiexeie &
* ■ ; tr* ..
Xi rod emus,
J. 4 *
Deal in Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Dools. feliidfa
Hair, Cement. Etc., at the lowest prices.
F. C. Cupp, Manager;
Williams & Gatianti Prsfri,
Nicodemus, - * Kansas
Newly Re-fitted and Ite-furniahed. Axomodations First-da*.
Commercial trade a i>ecialty, aud patrvtmef aeofciftd'. 4

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