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Junction City, Kansas,
SATURDAY, SE2P1 12. 1863.
Davis County Union Convention.
The Davis County Union Convention "will
meet in Junction City, nt 2 o'lock p. . on Sat
urday, October 3d, to -nominate county officers.
All unconditional Union'mcn arc requested to
-meet at tlicir usual place of voting, on call of
thcprecincfcomraittec,and elect delegates to the
convention. The following apportionment of
delegates is made : Junction, 4 ; West Point.
2; Ashland, 2; Clarke's Creek, 1; Lyon's
deck, 1 , and Clay county 1 for each 25 voters.
By Order of the" Committee.
The energy displayed on the Pacific Railroad
ince Samuel Uallett & Co., took charge, has
inspired our people with confidence in its early
completion. They have regarded its construc
tion as a question of lime, and 'therefore cannot
but rejoice that the time 'is toTjc improved, and
"the rights and privileges of the Company, -which
the past summer's inactivity rendered certain of
forfeiture, are secured. Laborers are being placed
upon the road as fast as obtained, and "every
exertion is being put forth to increase the num
ber. Contrabands are placed at work upon the
road immediately upon their arrival in the land
of freedom.
, While the picks and shovels of this enterprise
are being vigorously plied, the "wind" portion
of other railroad projects is -in active operation
Senator Pomeroy.facetioiisly styled the " Father
of Kansas Railroads," has recently had aTreeep
tion at Atchison, at which he made a Railroad
speech. It is full of extravagant Assertions, all
very flattering to Atchison, but 'in the absence
of any visible substantial backing, not so much
so to those alonr the proposed routes. One of
these projects, the withdrawal of lands for -which
wernoticed a few weeks ago, is the Atchison and
Pike's Peak Railroad. This, the Senator says,
will be 'completed to the Republican river, a
distnnceof-one-hundred and twenty-five miles,
within sixteen months. 1 ho other is the Atchi
eon and Santa Fe. Railroad. This latter is i
visonary thing only. - Both are rival to the Pa
cific Railroad, or Kaw .Valley route. The one
is intended to tap the Pike's Peak trade, and the
other that ofifew Mexico. and the Southwest.
An incentive is afforded by this proposed sys
tem of Railroads to the energy and enterprise of
Leavenworth. The Smocy Hill mute to Denver
brings'that place one hundred and forty miles
nearer Leavenworth than any other point on the
riyer. The Smoky Hill route to Santa Fe is
shorter from Leavenworth than the old Santa Fo
route. Here arc two immense trades that she
can control, the one for a few years at least, that
is, admitting the Pike's Peak project to be upon
a stable basis, and the other for all time, by
using, evtraoiilinnry efforts in pushing forward
the Union Pacific Railroad.
. It seems to be universally admitted that the
building of a road across the Northern tier to
intersect the Kaw Valley Road, will liave a
tendency to drive that Road from the Republican
Valley out the Smoky Hill. And herein lies the
advantages to Leavenworth. That city possesses
'the wealth and influence sufficient to push
road westwardly superior to any other place on
the river. The Union Pacific Railroad will be
completed to Junction within one year, and
from this, point westward Leavenworth should
use her utmost efforts in pushing ft on, mile for
mile at least with any competing route. It will
tap both these trade, and as her arm stretches
he will continue to hold them. -
This Atchison scheme will work to the detri
ment of the Republican Valley, should the
iUnion Pacific Railroad Compauy refuse to inter
sect. Fifty or sixty miles of the Valley will then
be without a Railroad, and the trade of this
is to-be populous and wealthy section will -cone
to Junction and other towns on the Kaw valley
The fates seems to point out the Smoky Hill
Valley us the legitimate channel of intercourse,
Even should the Railroad remain stationary
A while after the completion of its fiist hundred
miles, theidimenso Santa Feand Colorado trains
-will seek the Smoky Hill.
Faultis found with that part of the route to
Santa Fe lying between the Smoky Hill and
Fawnee Rock, which can and will be bettered
-with the attractions which a Railroad will afford.
and the timidity jof freighters in passing over
strange 'roads will be removed by the same
magic influence. Concerning the route to Colo
rado, we'find the following in the Leavenworth
Bulletin; . ,
From an article in the Denver News, stating
that the Pacific Railroad -bad been commenced
here, we take the following extracts :
" If Leavenworth can by any possible effort
ccure me construction oi nicy miies oi mis roaa
west of that city before the snow flies, or even
by the 1st of January. 1864. she niav surely
claim a decided advantage over any other point
mju uic JiisMJuii nver, ana win nc once acmana
an increased trade from Colorado.
J By tlio way, will our Leavenworth cotempo
raries inform us what progress, if any, is making
in the opening of the new road from Leaven
worth to Denver by way of the Salina Valley?
We have heard nothiug of this work for some
jreks; and as it was given out here by .Mr.
Adams that immediate steps would be taken to
commence the enterprise on his return "East, we
'are anxious to know what has been doue."
Mr. Adams is hard at work, and has been ever
since, he came from the mountains, and hones to
Jiayea Irj-weekly coach running by the first of
UCtober. Uoacues wouiu naveuoen running ere
this had notsomo parties failed., to comply with
their agreements. Quite a large amount has been
subscribed by our citizens. One firm Clark,
Gruber fc Co. subscribed $2000. Xeavenworth
is interested in 'the enterprise, and we hardly
think her citizens will ltt it fall through.
: ,. . i
O General Schoffeld has issued an order
against armed bodies of .meg, no4treular.txocj:3.
crossing ihe,State line. It is evidently inken sd
for Uic Paola camp meeting.
" ff HEW'GLKMriMS ""fr "g"
Company E,.Xlevcnthjiransasar now sta
tioned at Lawrence, i if ? i
The Tribune s special says the report that
there is to be no draft in Ohio is untrue.
The present draft will send 100,000 men into
the field', Twsides 20,000 deserters.
On the 10th day of July, JTansas had paid
Internal Revenue to the amount of $42,081.03.
., r' r
Gen. Grant has nevcr'asked leave "of absence
from his armyjsiace the -battle? of -Fert?Deel
son. . . , ,
There arc two Generals in Arkansas named
Steele. One in command of our forces march
ing from the Mississippi, and one in command
of the rebels in Blunt's front. i . i
Surgeon General Hammond i speaks-of the
inhumanity of the rebels in leaving 11,000
wounded at Gettysburg, with only six surgeonB
to attend them, as unparalleled in the history
of the war.
"Reports of scouts say Johnston's army is
scattered along flic road from Jackson to Mo
bile. It being found impossible to subsist a
large number at ,ono place. Great suffering
exists in the interior of Mississippi for want
of food. - " .
McCarter, the clerk of Paymaster McFar-
land, who recently stole 40,000 dollars' from
the latter, has been tried by a military court,
found guilty, and sentenced to five years im
prisonment in the Albany penitentiary. The
money has been recovered. ,
Capt. Murphy, of the First A'ansas,' who
has jnst returned from the swamps and bayous
of Louisiana, informs the Atchison Champion
that there is not over one hundred an'd fifty
men of that glorious old regiment fit for duty
on account of sickness. By another year
there will hardly be a man left to tell the tale.
The following dispatcli has "been received at
Washington, dated San Francisco, Sepi. 2d :
To Abraham Lincoln : ,
California sends greeting the, Union State
and Congressional tickets are elected by a ma
jority of 25,000 to 30,000.
(signed) ,, , ' Brig.tGcn.F. F. Low.
The A'ansas City Journal learns.from' a Mr.
Crane, of .Osawatomie, that the salt iworks
there are progressing finely, the. supply of salt
water being fully equal to all the facilities-for
boiling it down. More boilers are8oon'to be
put in, when the capacity of the works will be
very largely increased. We shall look' upon
the development of this entcYprise with great
interest. '
The Court. The fall term of the District
Court has 'been in session during the larger part
of the week,' and adjourned on Friday. Hon
Jacob Safford, presiding Judge; District Attorney
Case,' Rush Elmore, C. K. Gilchrist, Wilson
Shannon, Jr., L? Me Arthur, and, J. E. Hibbard,
were those in attendance from abroad.
Quite large amount of business was transact
ed at this term, arnd -some important cases have
been litigated. The points raised by either side
were discussed ably by the attorneys, and de
cided promptly and satisfactorily by Judge
The celebrated divorce case 'of Edmunds vs
Edmunds was settled. It did 'not attract so
great a crowd as its supposed spice led to anti
cipate in fact, its details wete too disgusting to
be spicy. The Court deemed that Mrs. Ed
muiids,.the plaintiff, had made outlier case, and
a decree divorcing the parties from the bonds of
matrimony was ordered, and also that Edmunds
pay to Mrs. Edmunds the sum of $200. Elmore
and McClure attorneys for plaintiff, and White
for defendant. '
In the case of the State vs. Hiedle, the District
Attorney nollicd the indictment, for the reason
that the offence was charged to have been com
mitted on the 26th dny of November, 1863, in
stead of 1662.' Heidle was discharged.
me case ot ranker, charged with oeing a
party t to the; hanging of the Frenchman, near
Salina, a year or so ago, was dismissed. "
The celebrated " melodeon case ' went ofer
to Fort Riley, because of some, defect in the affi
davit, t
There has been a very full attendance. this
term of the citizens of the counties west of us,
attached for judicial -purposes. We 'hope, the
time will soon come when Davis county will
have less need for Courts.
The Grand Jury has been in session in the
meantime. .What has been the extent of their
investigations we know not, but we hope for the
sake of the tax payers that they have found bills
only in cases of merit.
m m
HDThc Junction whisky-sellers will please
read the following resolution of the GrandXodge
of GoodTemplirs, held a few'weeks ago at Au
burn. These thiujrs hae made all manner of
threats against us, and have actually injured us
to the amosnt of two subscribers less and'a ten
dollar card, which the following complimentary
notice from' such a distinguished and highly
respectable body repays tn-foid. We appreciate
such n notice of our efforts, r and will pledge
unremitting efforts in furtherance of the good
cause. "
Whereas. The Sokt Hiix at Republican
Union, printed at Junction City, has published
the Resolutions of the R. W. G. Lodge, and sent
a copy of the same to all the Lodges in the State,
and said -newspaper is one of the most prominent
and outspoken advocates oi me .temperance
eause in our State, therefore
Resolved, That the editors of said paper are
entitled to the sincere thanks of this Grand
Lodce. and that we as a body do officially
recommend to members of the Order throughout
the State to rive s.iitl naner their countenance
and support, and also all other papers which
may come forward and aid us in the furtherance
of our noble cause.
ETC. K. GilchriEl, Esq., of Topeka, eondidalt
for District Attorney has been in attendance aft
Cocrt. The Topeka Record 6peaka of Gilchrist
thn : . j
" Mr. Gilchrist is an untiring, worker and a
systematic business man, and since he has been
here has earned a good reputation at thefbar.
He held the position of Assistant Secretary of the
State Senate in the session of 1863. aad was pro
moted to that of Chief Secretary of the .Court of
Impeachment, in both of which positions he
Droved an efficient officer, SinA Up. rsv;i
has Seen United States District Attorney, Mr.
Gilchrist has aeted aa his Demitv. ana la Mf.
C.'s abseace from the Federal Court has acted aa
United States Attorney, and given entire satis-
JBCIIVU VJ Wit yii u ij
j " i L.1. r- ' i i : i
I AMorrlB IslaW Iettatfof e4st, to sfce
.s y
iiew luruw-,, y , ft v
For two or three dayarpnat -tjeir rebel
battery on Sullivan's Island has been mat
ing fruitless efforts to annoy our men in
the advanced trenches'. Tbe'cajibre of Jhe
gun employed is not certainly known, but
it is supposed to oe one ot the eleven inch
gaaif taken from theeokuk, andhaaTno
long enough"range to ' reach the Island.
Thus urBo.dajBagahasbeeiL dojw..
Four monitors, the Passaic, Patapsco,
Nahantand Mont auk, came in,' yesterday
afternoon and engaged Fort, Moultrie and
the batteries on Sullivan's Island, firing' an
occasional .shot at Forts Sumter and Wag
ner. ThV engagement opened about half
ymoi iuicc tr. .., iuu m mu ujuis uic noa
maintained with great intensity, particular
ly on the rebel side. T. The firing from
Moultrie and Batterv Bee was terriffirc
Many shots struck .the monitors',' but did
little damage. The heavy rifled and fifteen
inch shells of the iron clads burst with
effect over and in Moultrie, and sent the
earth whirling in all, directions. Fort
rv a go or was repuaieuijr an iiua. uy c&ptuu
ing shells, and was somewhat4 damaged.
She fired, but feft shots atu the monitors
during the Contest. Battery Gregg'was
exceedingly active. Her heavy'guns were
in play from the first to the last of the
engagement) and made some excellent shots.
After two or three hours fighting the moni
tors withdrew: The object 7of iho attack
has not been developed. "
Some days since, the enemy made "an
effort to blow up and destroy the' gunboats
and transports in Stone Inlet, by means, of
torpedoes, fortunately no senpus damage
was inflicted on any of thVvessels5 by these
infernal machines, but the 'escape 'was quite
narrow enough for .comfort!. ''
One torpedoe exploded a'littls astern of
iuv lanuic suu uicn uc muuvu lumug
behind to fragments. A few moments later
a tremendous explosion occurred a few rods
below the Pawnee, occasioned" by another
torpedo sent down at; the same time. From
facta, since developed, it .is certain the rebels
seht down 6V that Jnwtit at Teaste'fen"pf
these inventions.' Three or four exploded
huu luur weru pm&uu, uuu uriucu turuugu
the fleet and up Folly river, and exploded
under the bows of the mortar schooner U.
P. Williams, but occasioned no damage
To-rhorrow but heaviest Parrots will be
enabled to deliver fire' ata distance of two
hundred yards into every; embrasure voto-
manuing me ureacn. ana lauiaaiug upon
Kansas Indiana. Lands Purchased fsr Tkslr
t Colonizatiea.
Commissioner Dole has made a treaty
with the Usage Indians, by which the iiov
ernmeut purchases thirty by fittv. miles off
the east end of their reservation adjoining
tba Ghorokee neutral lands:? i This tract is
to be devoted exclusively to colonizing
Kansas Indians, according to tin act of
Congress. The Government agrees to' sell
" in trust " to settlers, a tract twenty miles
wide off the north side of their reservation.
Of the the Creeks the Government' pur
chases a wedge-shaped strip, adjoining the
state oF Kansas, forty luues in length
along the north lino, and embracing the
bulk of their reservation north of the Ar
kansas river. Th tract isTalso to be de
voted to the colonization of Kansus Indians.
The commissioner is negotiating with
the Sao and Fox Indians for their'removal;
with a fair prospect of success.
After returning to this pointand 'before
going to Washington, the Commissioner
will visit the lucknpoo Indians and investi
gate the facts in relation to the treaty
recently negotiated with that tribe for their
lands. Leavenworth Times.
The Great Union Meeting at Spriagneldt ' ,
Springfield, 111, Sept.- 6.;
The Union mass meeting held here' to
day has drawn together an immense crowd
from all parts of the State. The meeting
Was addressed by Gen; Oglesby, Senator
Chandler f. Michigan. Senator Lane of
Indiana,Doolittle of Wisconsin, .Hon. Ly
man Trumbull of Illinois, Gen McCler?
nand, Governor, la(es, and others.- Letters
were read from President Lincoln, Hop. J):
S. Dickinson, Edward .Everett, Schuyler
Colfax, and telegrams from Gens. !B.LJ?;
Butler apd John A. Logan.. i
Resolutions were adopted urging the
prosecution of the war, and in jauppcrt of
tno (jrOverument j Supplementary resolu
tions, endoreing-.the President's letter and
the. State, administration, ,wcre adopted.
The enthusiasm has been very great.. -,-..,
A torchlight, procession and splendid
display ot, tire works i takes place. to-night.
Lost Duplicate!. ... '7
On -the 17th day of 'November, 1859, 1,fn
tered, at the Land .Office at Ogden, JSTansas,
north half of northeast quarter, southwest
quarter of northeast quarter and northwest
quarter oi soumeast quarter oi section iniriv
one i'il Vof to'wnshin nihe-79lL south' of ranee
four (4),' east, containing '160 "acres, by locat
ing thereon Military Bounty Xand Warrant
No. 90,417, act 1855, and receiving , therefor
theltegisterjs certificateNo. 1J59.
Aiso, at uie same urae anu piace, i enierea
Lots "three (8), six (G), and seven (7), o'f sec
tion thirty-two (32), of township nine (9),
south ot ranee four (4).-ast; coataininr .1G4
and 30-100 acres, by locating thereon Military
Bounty, Land Warrant o. 21,957, act "1855,
and paying at Uie, rate jof $1,25 per acre for
an excess of 4nd' 80-lwracres, anH reeeiTing
therefor the Registers certificate, No! 847. -
. .The ecrtincatesjaBd receipts abofre referred
to, having been destroyed, are lost. Notiecis
hereby .giren'that on the 20th day ot October,
18G3;i will njiplyto the Register Of the, Land
Office at Junction City, ansas, for the patents
tdhe land described." T . '.. ,"$
n45-7tpf 12. -r - DANIEL M.AXB.
m ' i T
Negko Troops i Bebeldoit. The 'Mobile
"Register sajsi ."The1 negro is no longer an
object or ssaail taix in ine spuin. anepeopie;
of the South 'have aplac"e for hira,'and that is,
in the army. 'There should be no' distinction'
of VolorV aaValtf SeWer:;1 '"&&
I wilfing to fight foVliis Ifdine and'inaBierlry ""
- iwr -
MarchiBg 0 -3
n, fct
U Tbs.Bulletrt says: We stated rihokher
r-s s rr n
iav tliat ElauB'in the antarior sSuntws oil
Mtssburi-wefe making Hfcefr- war-toward
free soil in large numbers. It seems as if
Providence was determined to punish the
rebels aod pro slavery. Upionsaen in Mis;
souri tor tneir wickedness. They were
opposed to immediate emancipation with
compensation, and aro pow .getting, the
reversC' Jln an artielo on this subject, the
St Joe Uernld. savs:
- T - - -JrS!3::C!lA9SWat3JCT L-
"riot onlyfrqm, the border are they
making their exit but fronv-the-most dense
ly populated of the interior counties the
great stampede is going on. We hear of
many, instances where slaves ba,ve laid down
their hoes at noon, and after eating fheir
dinners, have sought their masters and
boldly apprised them of their intended
journey in search ot treeaom. lue mas
ters oner mum wages ji tluey wm oniy
remain long enough, to aid in securipg ithe
ripening products,of, the. soil, but i( js no
go. The time has'conie wheii neither ik
attractions of houie, the KgoKof prbslavery
lawsj nor tho stern 'discipline of years' of
training-will serve to keep, locked the door
of-liberty. -Tiie thunder of the, ljuiou
guns has broken down all opposition, and
iu companies and squads, these T long" eD
slayed creatures range" themselves,' and"g6
(marching on' in search of' the promised
land. They have at Jast learned to kpow
the points of the compass, and there ia no
longer anyk difficulty in ascerfaing he' tbad
that is to lead iheuf t'o free soil.',' 4 c uj
Parson. Urownlow's Flan. . , . 1
Parson Brownlow writes as follows to the
Philadelphia Press: . lU
tl confidently expect, in a few weeks, to
go to Knoxville. and Chattanooga, special
agent of tho -Treasury -Department, to, es
tablish boards, of-, trde'ud to tura over
the merchandise Of -j that country to loyal
en; whilot seize upon andconfiscate -the
abandoned property of rebelsSI Lexpect to
bear the telling, cbargoof' Judgs Tjrigg to
the grand jury, and tot , see that jqry bring
in bills of indictments for treason against
the leadings murderous, corrupt, and un-.
mitigated: scoundrels wnojiea pewayap
tbe'work'of rebellion. a - r " . ,
zLast,but'oot' IeaaI expect to put my
paper .under. .way j and' come down upon
rebellion after a style that will, interest all
loyal men, North, and South. t I already
have my prospectus writtep.taud in a few
weeks I shall have, it in the leading North
ern papers. The title of the paper will he.
Jirpianlow'$i KnoxviUe(i Whig, andRtbcl
Ventilator. h - - t '
--; - - iA??uf,'i rr .;:
. A Suspicions Circmnstanoa.
- 'Tba Topeka Tribune publishes the follow
inginotej 'addressed to Cdl.'CuK. Ilollidayl
w- i Mi.VNEOLA, h.ansasr Aug. z6.
Friend Hbllit1uy-Xiaoi' nightly men
are passing westward, 'from, TJtwoto?six-in a
gang, along the' Santa Fo road, and here;
and south of here a few miles. Tho'pre-
sumption ia pretty strong that a raid is to
made on Topeka. For conscience sake bd
nut taken by surprise andbe 'Obliged to
sutler as has Lawrence: 1'wonlu not un
necessarily alarm yon, but it is liigh- lime
for ns all to be unon the alert. "-Extermi
nation of the Yankees in Kansas, is the
watchword' of thoso Missouri brigand de
mons, and they will enrry it out 'if possible
for them. The terrors of 1856 wcrei but
as a murky day to a, night of pitchy dark
ness when compared with our present situ
ation. In baste, your old friend, v
- ' J. K. GOODIN.
. ilirn.ii. Law. General -Ewing has revoked
his order establishing martial law in Leaven
worth. . Mayor1 Anthony was arretted by a de-
teodve, aad. taken to General JBwingjs headquar
ters at Kansas City. Anthony wa's released.-as
his arreatwas not ordered by either tile General
or the Proyoat Marshal.. Large indignation
meetings were' held in the city4 regarding the
afftir, and a. committee of citizens appointed to
inquire why this "outrage upon the city." Upon
Anthony's return, a reception watt-given him in
Leavenworth style, full. tof noise and radicalism.
Ctiarles Willcmsen as administrator of tlic
estate of7 John' Fitzgerald deceased,' did, on
ine -ou uay oi tiuiy,A. o. ioua, nio nis peiiBon
n,the . District; flCourt of he Third Judicial
District of tire State of Jvansas. -within, and
for the'county'of Davis, in said Sfa,te, against
ipe saiu xnomas vorjiamx, ueienuaui, sciiiug
forth" ihat'lhe'said Thomas Doryland7 gave a
mortgajreafoitha said. John J?itzceralcL in bis
life time, but-now -deceased, pn :the nortji-east
quarter Jif, section 2o. thrcer (3), in townsiup
mo. uurieen ia i, eouiii oi range io..nTe yj),
east Of the sixth principal' meridian; situate ia
Davis county, JTansas, to secure the payment
or tne.suxMi one nmnared and lorty aeiiara,
according to a certain note referred to is saicj
mortgage, dated 'August ,11th, 1859 payable
one year after 'date, with interest from date
until paid at faife rate of Tfou'r per cent per
month. The said-plaintiff claims the farther
sum of fifty dollars, as liquidated damages' for
foreclosure, as specified in said , mortgage.
That since the execution of said note and
mortgager the said John fitzeerald has died,
and the said Charles Willennen was duty ap
pointed administrator Of the estate -of the said
Joha Fitzgerald,, deceased; on,, the llthday.of
June.A.D.1865, by the Probate Court of liouglas
county. Kansas. The said Thomas Doryland
far further notified that he is required to appear
na demur to, or answer 'tne sara -periuon, on
or before the 13th day of November, a. d.
1863, orjthe same will Jbe- taken, as confessed,
and judgment rendered accordingly
vated September 12th, 1o3w - .
Attest: ' J ' Plaintiff s Attys.
tn45-7tpffI6J T ,:
41, H1 "- .
f -i
,9 np t?y p&rY&rfif
biaadi J ha: Llri 3fU tR ? C X
- wVJLmtoflfavuJUotyty1vMa (rr
ttlfr rrowptly ?aUend: ttP'kllk'iws &
1 r vtying ea'teras to euit the iistcs . '
;. ; PnbllcAtioit Hotica.'
THOitA'S fD0RYLAND,. pon-resident rof, the
State of "JTansas. u ill fake notice' that
"XT ngrDTKifiaTfttrm JT
known, will take notice that Charles
Willcmsen, asadmiuistrator of the estate, of
John Fitzgerald, deceased, did, on the -Md day
affJnlxv y d. 1I8O8. rfile-his dPetition'-in the
district. Court of the" Third Judicial District
of the State of Kansas, within and for the
County of Davis, in said State, against the
said-Gottlieb -Holler, defendant, setting forth
that the'sftid Gottlieb Heller gave a mortgage
to the said JohnFitzgerald, in his lifetimebut
nowdeceasedTouhe souUh hlTJW'lhVnbrU?"
eastqwirler.aHd'Uie north-west qaarter of the
north-east quarter, fand the.Borth-cast quarter
of the north-west quarter of section No. thir
teen (18), in township No. thirteen (13), south
of range No. six ft), east- of 6th principal
meridian, situate in. the said county of Davis,
to secure the payment of the sum of one liun?
dred and,seveutyldollaxs, according to a certain
note refcried to in said mortgage da'teiT August
13th, 1859,jfayablc one, year after dateiiUi
interesffrom'dkle'until pid at the rate of four
per cent per month. The. said plaintiff claims
the runner sum .pt nlty tioup.rs as liquidated
damages for foreclosure, as, specified in said
mortgage. Thatsliice the execution of the
sa'id note and nlortgagb, thb said John Fitz
gerald has died, arid the sanl 'Charles Willera
sen'waa: duly appointed administrator of the
estate of the said John Fitzgerald, deceased,
on ,the lltUfjlaygf, June, .uf p. lhG3, by ihc
iroouier . vuurt ot wousias couuiv. xi.ansas'.
The'said Gottlieb Heller is" further notiied that
he is required to,Jappe"ar arid" demur to or an-
sweriucwuu yeuuon. on or oeiore uio iota
day of-November, a. p. 18G3, or the same will
Attest: R. BvMoblet, District Clerk.
n45-7tpf$lU' ' ' , ,
. Publication Notice.
pHARLES'C, JOHNSTON, non-resident of
-w uiu oiuiu oi A.ansas, wiu ase nouce iua.i
Charles Willemscn, administrator of the estate
of John Fitzgerald, decease'd, did, oa the 23d
day of July, a. ., 18G3'nle his" Petition in the
District Court of the 3d Judicial1 District of
the State of Kansaswitkin'oad foe the 'county
of Jlavis, in said Stat e,-against the said. Chas.
C. Johnston, defendant, setting forth, that the
said. Charles C. Johnston cave a'morteacc to
the said John .Fitzgerald, in s lifcfime,i;b.ut
now deceased, on the south half of the south
east quarter of section io. twentj-thrco (28),
in township No. .eleven, (,11), souh of range
Nov six (6), east of Gth principal meridian,
situate in,thef8aid county of Davis, to secure
the payment of tfic sum of inincty 'dollars, ac
cordinglo a -certain note, referred to in said
mortgage, dated.August 'Jth 18GD, payahle one
year afterdate, with interest from date at the
rate of four per cent per month until paid.
The' said plaintiff claims the further sum
of fifty dollars as liquidated damages for fore
closure, as specified in Baid mortgage. That
since the execution the said note and mort
gage, .the said John Kitzgemld has died, and
the said Charles Willcmsen was duly appointed
administrator of the estate of the said John
Fitzgerald, deceased, on the 11th day of June,
k.'v. 1803, by the Probate Court of Douglas
county," A'ansas. The said Charles C. John
Bton is further notified that he is rsquired to
appear and demur to, or answer the said Peti
tion on or before the 13th day Of November, a.
d. 1863, or the same will he' taken as confessed
and judgment rendered accordingly.
DatediSep't. 12, 1S3
Attest: l- n Plaintiff's Att'ys.
H. I),Mobley, .Districts Glcrk.
n45 7tpf 16
Publieatiost Notice.
non-residents; of the State of Kansas,, will
take notice that CharlesVWillemaenas admin
istrator of the estate of John Fitzgerald, de
ceased, did, on the 23di1ay of July, a1, d. 1868,
file his Petition in the District Court of the
Third Judicial Distiict of (he State of Kansas,
inisaul.&tate, against" the said John 3.. John
ston and J. 1L D. Stuai t, def ts, -setting forth that
the said John S Johnston gave a mortgage to the
said John Fitzgerald, in his life tiirfc,' but now
deceased, on the north half of the south-east
quarter, and lots No. two (2) and three (3), is
section Xo,twenty-three (28),iu township No.
eleven (11), south of range No. six(6), cast" of
the Gth ' principal meridian, 'situate'in Davis
Cdnnty, A'ansas, to secure the "payment-of the
sum of one hundred and seventy dollars, ac
cording to a certain note referred to in said
mortgage, dated August Oth, ,185 'J, 'payable ope
year after 4daten with interest from date 'until
paid at the rate1 of four per cent per '.month.
The said Plaintiff claims the further sum 'of
fifty dollars, as attorney's fees for foreclosure,
as specinedjin) said .mortgage. , The said J. .
D. Stewart claims toliave some interest in said
mortgaged premises, under; the, said JohoS.
JohnsUmv That since the execution of the
said riote'and "mortgage, the said John Fitz
gerald has'died, and the said Charles Willera
sen was duly appointed adjninistrator of the
estate of -John Fitzgerald, deceased, onthe 11th
day o June, A. . 1803, by Hie Probate Court
of jDonglasJ county, JTansas. The said John S.
Johnston and J. E. B: Stewart 'are further not
ified that they are required to appear and de
mur to, or;answer,tho,eaid. petitipn on or before
te 13th day , of November, ju d. 1863, or the
same' will he taken as confessed, and judgment
rendecd ac'cordingl: , ' l
' Dated'Bcptember 12, 1868. ' T -
Attest: 4 '. Pltfiutiff'r Att'ji.
' R. D. MoBlkt, District Clerk. '
n45-7tpf 116- w -r .
.? ,-, .; , . tu - f
.keeps athis old stand.
a -h& vJlami House,
a'goodisBortmentlolfDRY GOODS &GRO
aad bHOES; and he fla'tters himself aa he has
no rent" clerk, or hauling to pay, that he Ts
able to sell as cheap 'as can be boaght atthe
retail houses in LeaVenw'orth City.
Having traded in' St'Lonis with Morgan &.
McClung to over $50,000, afed-with Hensley &
Russell, of Leavenworth City, aad no w. Belli g
for prominent firms ia Xeavtaworth, I flatter
myself bat I am regarded as a prompt .and
well posted man, prepared,' If necessary to sell
goods for others oa commission, on fair and
reliable termSf'-aawellUaa." to heabie -to' sell
qite,ajchap as hsr "can be imrahM ,'n
jWfSlersKansas. ,Famfra,,-brijig. oi; lyour
xuxjno abo i'HODTJCE, L
and exchange with-fa.- hasteni. hr?n m
jSur;FUBS oCaU Itiaua, aailwai: XoW my
'R5J.cJ.,h Jkeep, AsaaU aoVatof
pn hand' for sale, -1 -a
-U PsMlicattoi Wm f'
De,.taKen as coulessed, and judgment rendered
accordingly. r SIIAXXOX & SHANNON, ,
Dated SeptM2, lSGa.' Plaintiff VAtt'ys.
J '
- E i3 r?
resident or State
that Charles
the estate of
John Fitzgerald, deceased, did, on the 23d day
of July, a. d. 18G3, file his Pctitioa in-th
District Court of the Third Judicial District of
the State of Kansas, within and for the county
of Davis, in said State ncrninst the said JoseDh
Bennett, defendant, netting forth that the said
Joseph Denncll give his mortgage to the said
John Fitigerald, in his Vfe-timc, but now det
ceased, on the southwest onartor of sec'tiitt No.
-hrecitojhjpodecn,! south
of Range-A o. seven tt), east of 6th-principal
meridian situate,in Davis county, Aansas, to
secure the payraeat of the sum of one hundred
and seventy dollars, according to a certain
note referred to ih said mortgage, dated Aug
2t;th,J8o9 payabfi oneyear afterdate,. "with.
interest from date at-tue rate or four per cent
per month until paid. Ifto said Plaintiff"
claims the further sum of fifty dollars, as liq
uidated damages for foreclosure, as specified
in said mortgage. That since the execution of
the said note and mortgage the said John Fitz
gerald has died,- and that tho said Charles
Willeinsen was duly appointed administrator
of the estate of the said John Fitzgerald, de
ceased, on tho 11th day of June, a. n. 1803, by
the. Probate Comt of Douglas county, A'ansas.
The said Joseph Bennett is further notified
that he ia required. to appear and demur to, or
answer the said Petition on or before tho 13th
day of November, a. v. 1803, or the same will
be taken as confessed and judgment rendered
Dated September 12, 1803.
Attest: Plaintiff's Att'v.
R. D. Mobley, District Clerk.
iMf-jwiT-r -- .7- w
XXndtr the, Direction of the
City of Leavenworth,
6tb, 7th, 8th and 9th, 18ftC
CompetitiorL Open to all
Tlxe States!
The lrcmiums offered will embrace almost
all the Departments of Productive Industry,
and amount to nearly
Stalls for Cattle, Horses, Sheep, and Ilogjr,
will be erected; Also, Halls for the reception
ot" Fruit", Artiele, Implements, and Product.
Water for Stock will be abundantly supplied.
Feed will be provided at cost. Convenient
I camping-ground will be arranged. A largo
ill afford refreshments at moderate rates?
Will be conveniently located, amply enclosed,
and suitably arranged ith Halls, Offices, and
Exhibition Rings.
xxecltive committee:
J. P. Johnson, Doniphan county ; O. W. Col
lauiore, Douglas ; D. L. Lakin, Jefferson ; A.
Ellisr Miami; S. M. Slrickler, Davis; J. S.
Hidden, Nemaha; C. Starncs, Leavenworth;
J. R. Swallow, Lyon; J. C. Marshall, Linn;
C. Ii. Lines, Wabaunsee.
L. D. BAILEY, President.
. , F. P. BAKER, Treasurer.
F. G. ADAMS, Topeka, Secretary
Jakes L. McDowbxi, General Superintendent.
Send to the Secretary for the-Prenuum List.
Also send 50 cents, for & year's subscription to
The Kansas Farmer.
' The Journal of the Kansas State Agricultur
al Society will be published MONTHLY, coai
mencing' with May, '63.
Each number will contain at least twenty
four pages (octavo) of reading matter, composed
principally of such portions of Jthe transae
tions'of the State and county Societies and
communications on the subject of Agkicul
tckejs all its- BBASciiES, Mechanical and
Household Arts and Industry, and Natural
History, asjnay require early publication.
'All premiums offered and awards made by
the State Society -will appear in its columns.
' Officers of county Societies and the people
generally are earnestly invited to contribute
to its columns.
Arrangements have already been made fcr
valuable (and brief) 'essays upon Texas wh
Spanish Fever in cattle a complete cure, and
also upon Grape, Tobacco, and Hemp culture.
.Stock .Breeding, Wool Growing, &c, &c
To place Tub .Kansas Fabjces, witrnn the
reach of "all) the subscription price has beta
fixed at
Or to clubs of tea or more at forty cents
per year for each copy, basely sufficient to
defray the cost of publication -payable Mrone-
bly in advance.
Will be inserted for one dollar per square of
ten lines, for the first insertion, and seveaty
five'ecnta each subsequent iasertioa.
One' thousand copies will be issued from the
' Nurserymen, Seedsmen, .Implement Dealers
and Stock Growers will find The Kassab Tat.
-area a valaable medium for advertising: AH
Duurciripuiuns na communications sheald be
addressed to thejundersigned, Topeka, Kansas
. " F. G. aDAVR
Secretary Kansas State igrlcultnxal Society.
t&m All communications-relating to the organ
isaUdsLof Sabbath Schools, application for the
purchase or dftaatioa of books or papers, foaisjT
tn aiil tIu..rnWIr- - li:ir -.r 1 i -3
tcnliqn by being addressed as above.-fMf
Libraries "selected, aad all ike paeHcatioas
of the Society at Philadelphia Prices,
. a T0SEr4JiJMjHn'' nisi-
mm nf tTinSg will .tA n,tin
5f- ,Willotniln A nSBBtmistrnt nf

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