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The Smoky Hill and Republican union. [volume] (Junction City, Kan.) 1861-1864, October 03, 1863, Image 2

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Sh MTtiftjrBr.
Junction City, Kansas,
Kef York cits taxjtill for l6is $ll
834,226.41. A snug little sum. fcr ng
Bragg had 90,000-men under' hiram tie
recent battle.
Recent foreign advices say that civil war
has commenced in Japan.
Company A', of tho Eleventh Regiment, is
stationed at Burlingame, Osage county.
The State Fair -will be held inTeavenwortbl
next week, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
and Friday.
The five twenty United States Bonds are
still selling at the rate of over half a million
dollars per day
- Special; Orsjeiy t?
IlfcADQUAmTEmS WpWK3T)l8Tj N. D. 2
vKB. M., JuncUoaiCity. 8epUp3; 3863. J-j
5 I. U'Bt Lieutenant ;Wb. SBlalttlyjSB hereby
detailed as Acting A'djiitantfof this command,
and will be obeyed and respected accordingly.
Colonel Commanding.,,
14 The Union Pacific Railway, E. D., has
made rapid progress in grading the road
up the Kansas Valley: 'This is' the! third
n..l A. J.. WT O WeCK SICCB Ik was uuiuujeiii.-cu, ouu iuui
wviwu uiuw ail.. ,nHes are already eraded. The road starts
1 By order of Mai. Gen. McDowell, e6mpa- Kaw,"on the South side tMTC0f,,r and
juea belonging, to this command will-meelIor, aMtiag-afiUaightrBhoofcalUtM'oaWnKOl
The Prope- of the Sauroaa r PBOCLAMAnOILBY m o .
?a correauuBpuui, m wv uc4nwnu " -js
ss - - at .at k a i '. ..-. rt.
fwriunf.from Wyand-te uoder gate E"C'R
Sept. 24th? says : -uw-. --- -.hea Cu
.9 ?..ll I nwlnt
Gen. Hooker has been aasignea an luijwriuui vv.
command in the field, where his brilliant fight
drill on Saturday of each week, at the time
and place fixed by their commanding officers.
Captains will see" that every member of their
companies reDort for thai duty, and they are
hereby authorized andjdirectcd to enforce this J
ran m? vnT.TTMP. TWO ! Four more numbers
will complete volume two of The Shokt Hill nS qualities will find their ma scope. . fc
The Confederate Government nas euecieu a
and Republican U.mo.v. A e were ueiermweu at
the outset to make the paper live, and although
it has not resulted to our immediate pecuniary
benefit, we are rejoiced to know that our portion
of the State has for the past year, at least, had
as readable and neat looking sheet as any other
section. An existence of two years is certajly
enough to give the utmost confidence in its sta
bility, and we now ask of every m in in West
ern KauBas what is our due, their hearty support.
A newspaper is the index of a community, and
our index to Western Kansas can be still further
improved. We want to progress don't like to
stand still don't want to make money by it,
and will invest every dollar in adding new
material, improving it, and extending its useful
ness. Don't let any peculiar difference withhold
your support ; it is enough for your to know j
that it has accomplished more for Western Kan
sas than any other influence. We say this because
facts will justify it ; " blowing " ranks next to
the "almighty dollar." We ought to begin
Volume Three with several hundred new names
on our books. We would be aided considerably
if some of those already on our list would settle
up; would be particularly pleased if some of
those whom we have credited two years, would
credit us one year.
The Santa Fe Gazette, in an article under the
caption of " Mails to New Mexico," bitterly com
plains of their mail' arrangements, and makes a
splendid and somewhat remarkable suggestion.
It is one that will eventually be carried out.
and its agitation is but a part of the inevitable
progress the commerce of the plains is making
in seeking a natural channel. With such testi
.mony to bear us up, we have renewed confidence
that in a short time the Smoky Hill Valley will
'throng with the gigantic trade and travel of the
vast plains to the West of ns.
The article is somewhat severe upon the Kan
sas City Stage line, because of its want of com
fort for passengers, and also upon the mail
contractors over that route because of the irregu
larity of their mails. The Gazette suggests, as
a remedy, that a weekly mail be established
from Santa Fe to Denver. The paper says of
the proposed route, "By the establish ment of a
mail as here suggested we will be able to receive
news from the States in Santa Fe in four dji3"B,
when the telegraph line shall have been com
pleted to Denver City, which will be in a short
time. Besides this, letters from the States can
be sent by this route; to Sahta Fe, and other parts
of New Mexico, with the utmost regularity, aud
quicker by five days than they are now brought
on the Kansas City coach. This is an item of
time that is of great importance to the Govern
ment in communicating with the civil and mili
tary officers of the Territorj'."
Five days' time tavcd ! to which add two
days more, that would be saved by the opening
of a mail route through the Smoky Hill Valley
to Denver. Our route from Lea en worth to
Denver is ono hundred and forty miles neirer
to the river than' any other'route, which is two
days travel, making a saving between Santa Fe
and the' States of seven days !
Leavenworth will do well to look at this item,
nnd we hope it will have due weight in urging
forward the proposed express line between Leav
enworth and Denver via the Smoky Hill.
m m
To the citizens of Davis county, Kansas:
I have this day resigned the office of County
Sunt. of. Public Instruction to the County Com
missioners of this count-, and if they .don't
Select one to fill the vacancy it will devolve up
on you to make the selection yourselves, to fill
out my unexpired term of two years. Trust
ing, fellow-citizens, that you will .elect one
much belter qualified, audjwy.hfm well for ser
vices rendered, I shall-leave you with, senti
ments of high regard. ' 0. DAYISSON.
,Sep 29th, 1SG3.
loan of lO0.000,0lHf. from parties in trance
on the cotton now in this country.
The New York Tribune's Norfolk correspon
dent says Lee will superintend the final strug
gle for Chattanooga.
It is reported that the Sumter, alias Gibral
tar, ran the blockade of Charleuton Aiigust,2"d,
having on board two 000 and four 4W-pounu
ATTESnoXvCoMrAxy ! We have been request
ed to published the following section oPthe,
Militia iiaw.- for those who suppose they can do
as they please about attending drill .
f Sfc.IS. Every non commissioned officer mu
sician, and1 pri ate, who shall refase to appear
full armed-and equipped, on any day of muster
provided for in this act, shall, for every such
refusal or neglect, pay the sum of one dollar for
each company muster, and five dollars for each
brigade or encaniproent muster.
The next ssetion provides that delinquents
shall be summoned to appear before, a Justice of
the Peace, and if they do not show a legal'de
fense, judgment will be'rendered' in the name of
ibc'.State, and the fine forthcoming. Sicknesri
Is the only legal excuse.
. Homestead. Several of the State papers have
-published a notice to the effect that pre-emptora
whohave filed their declaratory statements on
the public lands since the20th of May, 1S62,
cannot change their pre-emption to homestead
-entries. No such decision has readied the Land
Office, at this place, and how such, a report "has
been made public we know not. The law U
vague in several of "its provisions, but we appre-J
hend that such a decision asihe ope alluded to
-will not bemade. ,Settlers 'will "act wisely to
make their, entries before tootnanyruljings oanyt
kuid.are siade. , ,.
' m mt - '
A. Decisiqv Rendered. We- learn Jty thEo
peka Record that oniast, Tuesday, the Supreme
Court pronounced an ppjnion in theeaseLof the
Chief Justiceship In faror of Judge Cobb. This.
will make an. election of Chief Justice fliis fall
necessary 'to fill' the unexpired, term of Judge
Ewing. The Governor s proclamation, oraenng
an election, v. ill be found in another column.
Biiiradicr-Gcnerftl George W. Deitaler has
resigned on account of ill-health. In the res
ignation of General Deitzler, our Country has
lost one of her best Generals.
Gen Blunt has arrived at Fort Scott, where
he will remain until he finishes the recruiting
business, aud closes up the claims of the Aan
sas Brigade.
The Richmond Examiner is savage upon the
speculators, who are filling their basements
and outhouses ftith wheat, in order to take ad
vantage of the necessities of the people.
The first hundred tons of railroad iron for
the Union Pacific Railroad, Eastern Division,
were shipped from Elmira, N. Y., on the 15th
A premium of company colors, worth $25, will
be given for the best target-shooting by a com
pany of Kansas State Militia at the State Fair,
and a drum and fife to the beat drilled company.
A Canadian, who wished to tell a copperhead
what he thought of him couldn't remember the
appropriate title, and so relieved himself with,
"You old one cent!" He hit the value if he
didn't hit the name:
A writer who evidently is capable of knowing
of what he speaks, sajs that ''there is not an
iron vessel in the British or French navies wiiose
plating can resist the shot of our large Parrot
guns, at a moderate distance."
Hon. Archibald Williams, II. S. District
Judge for the District ot Kansas, tueu ai.
Quincy, Illinois, on the 21st ult. 1 bus nas
f.iii mirtttior honored citizen, an eminent
lawyer and a distinguished jurist.
At the nominating convention of Wood
county,Ohio,four of seven nominees for county
offices were wounded and crippled soldiers.
That is right; it shows that respect for soldiers
in that locality is not buncomb, but comes
from the heart.
Cars arc now running from San Francisco
seventeen miles towards San Jose, over the
Western Pacific Railroad. Seventy iuils will
be in order for passengers within a month, and
the balance of the road to San Jose will be
completed in the same time.
Since the conflagration at Lawrence, eight or
nine packages of notes have been sent to the
Treasury to be exchanged for others. They had
been subjected to the fire, and were not injured
beyond identification. It seems that the chemi
cals employed on these notes forms a coaunc
which affords a protection from fire.
They had a guerrilla scare in Leavenworth
last Sunday night. It was caused by the arri
val of some Union League men, who had been
driven out of Platte .county. Seven or eight
companies were immediately under arms, and
great promptitude was shown by them in pre
paring for any emergency that might-anse.
The Detroit Free Press states that the health
of Gen. Cass had 'improved, and he was now
considered out of danger. Gen. Cass is 3iow
ot ...-, -.i ,Vinr mti bora in 1792. In
that' year were also born John C. CalhoUn,
Thomas H. Benton, Daniel Webster and'Martin
Van Burcn all dead. '
James C.' Watson, of Ann Arbor, Michigan,
discovered a new planet on the morning of the
15th ult. Its right ascension is fifteen minutes
(time), and its declination nine degrees and
fifty minutes north. The motion indicates that
the new planet belongs to the, group between
Mars and Jupiter. It shines like a .star of, the
tenth magnitude.
,The steamer Clinton arrived 'at New York
bringing 5Tew Orleans paper of the' 20tbl' There
was a female hread riot' at Mobile on September
4th. The Governor1" ordered the 17th Alabama
regiment to put down the disturbaace, but they
refused ; the 3Iobilercadets essayed to do it, but
" . i a U iV. irniiiu ' TVwioa'wA
TL Cantainsof all companies in tins com
mand will see that a complete list of delin
mients at drills, uarades. or any other duty
they may be ordered to perform, is kept and
reported. .
III. Any voting precinct or neighborhood
which has failed to organize on account of not
beni" aide to get sufficient men together to
forma company, or any other cause, a.re here
by ordered to immediately organize themselves
mtn pninnamcs. j.niri.v uicu, ui wnc"j, "
be entitled to a full set of company officers ;
twenty to 1st and 2d lieutenants; and ten
men to a 2d licutenanf . Commanders of pai ts
of companies thns organized are hereby order
ed to use their commanus 10 nu up uiuir com
panies and compel a compliance -with these or-
lcrs- . -I 41. J
tv Prnnmnn dors of companies will see that
their commands take and subscribe to the oath I
prescribed in General Urucr jo. u, oi .uajor
General McDowell. Printed blanks of the
Oath and Muster Rolls can be had on applica
tion to these Headquarters.
V. Officers of companies will make them
selves familiar with the Militia Law of the
State, and a careful compliance with tne same
is hereby enjoined.
By order of Col. S.M. STRICKLER.
Wii. S. Blakelt, A. Adjutant.
Headquarters N". D. A". S. M.
Leavexwortu, Sept. 15, 1863. J
Commanders of regiments, battalions and
companies in the Northern Division of Kansas
State Militia, will direct each company, at
their first meeting, to sign a copy of the fol
lowing oath, certified to by a person authorized
to administer oaths, and transmit the same to
these headquarters."
Oath : We do solemnly swear that we will
Bupport, protect and defend the Constitution
and Government of the United States, and the
Constitution and Government of the State of
A"ansas, against all enemies, whether foreign
or domestic, and that we will bear true faith
and loyalty to the same ; and further, that we
do this without any reservation or evasion, to
perform, in good faith, all the duties which
may legally be required of us so help us God.
Names of members, age.
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this
day of A. D., 18t);i.
By command of Maj. Gen. McDowell.
n47-4t. H. Hackbuscu, A. A. G.
Headquarters N. D. K. S. M.T
Le vvkvwortii, Sept. 15, 18:5. j
I. Captains of companies in the Northern
Division of A'ansas State Militia will see that
every man subject to military duty, under the
laws of the State, is at once enrolled in his
respective ward or township, as the law pro
vides. All capUins are hereby authorized to
use portions of their commands in carrying out
this order.
II. Any person subject to military duty who
refuse. to be enrolled or take the oth pre
scribed by l.w, and published in General Order
No l, n at once to be reported to these Hcad
qirters. .
III. All companies of enrolled Militia in
th Northern District, except thoieof the cities
of Leavenworth and Atchison, will meet for
drill on Saturday of each week, at the time
and place fixed by their commanding officers.
By command of Maj. Gen. McDowell.
H. IlACKBUSCft, A. A. G.
west, crossing the Kaw one mile from the
mouth, hugging the bluff on" the south side.
The bridge is under rapid headway. The
pile driver is built, piles and Caps are bir.g
delivered, and everfthinff moves. Our
people have been so long habituated to
bearing this matter tamea oi, wunoui see
inn anything done.that they were asniuch
startled to see one hundred hands at work
on the road as if they had been greetedi b
a clap of thunder out of a clear' sky-. To
facilitate the business of the town, '.here is
some talk of building a fide-r;;cfe from the
levee, on the imssouu, out to the main
trunk, a little over nue mile; This.'how
ever, is not fullv settled upon, as it will
depend somchut upon the aid which shall
be furnish. d by our citizens. Samuel llal
lett septus to display wisdom in building
thfl r-jad in accordance with the bill pas&ed
by Congress, and yet many people here
want the road to pass just outside their
door-yards. The present prospect is, that
while tour metropolitan city will oe tne
terminus of one leg of the road, that for a
few months, at least, this will be tho ter
minus of the other.
Finally, Mr. Editor, you will most un
fiuestionablv pardon me, if I take this
x- I :. -...- U Wnnnilfttta
OCCaSlOn lO luvuw our uiu , ii jnuuv.
friends to be present next Now Years, and
see the first train start towards' the Pacific
rom this point j and if Samdel- Hallett &
Co. will consent, tafce a nae wim us io
the iwifctlith aajjofjteo;
Justice of the supreme
Court of the -State of Kansas, did tender
hia resignation of said office : and
-"ltrAereas, On th'e' t wentyeighth day of
TWoinhpr. A. T). lRft2. tho Executhe of
- ---j --- -""- j- ... ,
the State did appoint the Hon. JNeison
Cobb to fill said-raeancy, whose term of
office will expire b'v constitutional litnita-
elected and qualified j and
117icrcers,Itis provided by Jaw that the
choice of said successor shall be made at
the next general election, succeeding said
Executive appointmeut.
Now therefore I, TH03IAS CARNEY,
From the fomtk.
JIarvey Bfrchwhi M been a prisoner
i Richmwrf sjiccpMarfb last, and just
niuMl.i writes a laker ft the New York
Herald, wTncr contains the following items:
A clerk iu the Navy-DepaUBent, ocL
relaUv? of Secretary Mallory, assured m
that they have nine iron-clads being con
structed in Europe, five of which would be
ready""tor sea ear ly in October. I was lnVfv
formed by the Private, Secretary. ,0 Mtv
Benjamin that dispatches had been received
atthe-SUU :Dfrtet.froBi Mr. Slwkllp
containing positive assurance that the Conr
federacy. would be recognixed by France on
or before the 10tU of January, 1864. I
know that Jeff. Davis and all thejeading
rebels regardichmbnd as the heart ofnha'
Confederacy,without wtncu lt-woum quicK
Governor of tho State of Kansas, do pro- ly die. The report that Jeff. Davis is about
claim and declare that, on TUESDAY to call into the field .several hundred Jhois-
THE THIRD DAY OE NOVEMBER nd negroes is probably not witnoui soma
ioundation; it has been a sumeei; ui uia-
cussion in the ltebei Cabinet lor several
months past.
isj" Twelve merino sheep, recently takes
from the State of Vermont to an exhibition
in Deumark, sold for 85000.
Ike Responsibility of the Repulse at uiaua-
Washington, Sept. 25.
It appears now that all three of Rose
crans and Grant's divisions were engaged in
the battles in front of Chattanooga, two of
which were driven back in considerable dis
orders. tGen. Rosecrans, in his dispatches,
imputes the loss of the battle to disobedi
ence of -orders on the part of General Mc
Cook, who failed to occupy an important
position assigned him by Rosecrans. Had
he done as ordered. Rosecran's opinion is,
the battle would have resulted in a splendid
Union victory. Great anxiety is felt here
in army circles for safety.
Burnside, in order to reiniorce wose-
crans, only safe course would be to. cross
the TeBnesaee river ana move cown Be
tween the river and mountains, or to pene
trate to some of the Gaps and move down
behind the mountains. The opinion of
military men seems to be thnt if ha at
tempted to move down this do of the
river ho -would meet great risk of being
out off.
v.rA fnrflid "to flv bv the women. Peace, was
finally restored, but the riots openly declared
they would burn Uie city n eome means were
not devised to relieye distress. ,'
Sam" "Wood,, of thV Council Grove 'rr'ess,
pitches'intoeverybod'y'lilcean old woman on
washing day., We don't know , Sm-kWood,
don't want to know, never saw him,;nevcr saw
anyone that, jdid,' never read, anylhing, about
him except fwha he" wrote, but will.bet, judg
ing from the tone of his paper, .that he ia4a
little, flried-up, nervous body, .with- gimblet
eveaandetump tail, that craw.la. jander Jus
masters chair and snarlsat every big dog.tkat
comes in.sighU He is at present issuing proc
lamations in-Morria county. Bg Blue vni&n
The Illinois farmers went extensively 'iato
cotton "planting this year. Many thousand
acres' Tvere planted ami many inswfedtkat
this 'year would demonstrate1 the pwdteabllrfy'
Headqtartkrs K. M.,
Topeka, Sept. 14, 1833. J
To prevent irregularities and to secure uni
formity, it is ordered :
I. That from and after the promulgation of
this order, the muster rolls of all companies of
militia organizing, or to be organized, in the
Northern Division, shall be forwarded to Maj.
Gen. James L. McDowell, Headquarters at
Leavenworth. All companies organizing, or
to be organized, in the Southern Division, shaU
forward their rolls to Maj. Gen. John B. Scott,
Headquarters atLcroy, Kansas.' A full com
pliance with the laws regulating the organiza
tion is snjoined, and especially that section
nnirintr a Tirescribed oath to be duly admin
istered to Und subscribed by each 'membwr of
th -rMnwtira companies.
Hereafter commissions, will be issued and
forwarded upon the recommendations of the
Maior Generals commanding divisions. The
Major Generals will cause copies of the mus
ter rolls, as soon as possiDie aiier meir rcucip,
to be forwarded to the ofiice of the Adjutant
III. Until further order the regiments .or
ganized in the Southern Division will be nura
T.1 nml recognized as follows : The regiment
composed of the militia of Douglas county,
Vui. r. it. owui, i.uiuiuuu.6) """. . " Z.'
the regiment composed of the militia of Janm
county, Col. Jno. T. Snoddy, commanding, as
number two; the regiment composed of,the
militia of Shawnee county, Col. ;W. Wi H.
Lawrence, commanding, as number thbm.
Regiments Jiereafter organizcdjwill be number
ed according to the dates of Iheir. Respective
organizations. By order, of the Commander-in-Chief.
Adjutant General, i :
of, raising cotton in the Free states-. Wiser.
hcadB and 'more obserranten, 'predicted fail
ure'; thrft, success wonldjoe tne'ceTpti6nVTail-
urc thevruleThe resnltcnfieshejnfredletion.
The feceM frost inlllinois have' ehtirely7;ru
itid 'the' cotton crot.JfTo such an; extent does
this daniag'e reach that'notli single 'bale of
cotton will be gathered' north of the Ohio river.
The Topeta Record .wants to know .what we
meant last week, in speaking,of the falsehoods
of the Topeka folks. TTe aHued" to thervrf
,. !. fTVr in aendin? trade and travel by
way of Council Grove. People must be blinded,
to their own interest, who will work against the
well-waterea anq ierwiw w '.T ."
sas.-and for Vie bluffs and hills ofJuatYtgibrt
Martour word : In fen years from new the Val-
iI- Af Hie Smokv Hill and Jtenublican willbe
the" most populous, and trealth'y; portion'
Statct You can work; for Uie ouierrouie n you
-. fif Imt f Ahv onel'hnV a"diBDoaition to come
this way, don't lie them out'ofit,s'Ithasbe
done. ' ", ' -1 '
WAItrSG 15THE- OOCTH. XH- Jlicnwvnu -
.-Mi.pr' Vvsalhat 'after' two 1distinet';enorft to
are strepithemiiV & tfg -position, -lleaa-whilVthe
itnation'in Northern Virginia" tt
become cntiealV'fce'enemy-M preparing-fora
neraVatack on -tfie'Rapidan, aiid' massing
their rc"itrCnlpepr,W.crii"th;
ro ",-':., j. ts.rC Jimti Paitfmiation'
raiirpaa a mttj wu.vo -..-- .
to 6ght.
The State Fair Grounds.
Yesterday we paid a hasty visit to the
Slate Fair grounds, ariti found workmen
buhily engaged in erecting buildings to be
used for the exhibition of all the curiosities
to be displayed-on that occasion. Five are
nearly completed,, iucluding Floral -Hall.
This latter building in size is about eight
een by sixty feet, and put up with consid
erable taste and skill. The one to be used
bv the officers as their headquarters is four-
teen by twenty-eight, feet, and conveniently
arranged for comtort. xue remaining lour
are eighteen by thirty feet. Several other
small buildings are to be erected, and will
soon be placed in a forward state of compile.
tion. The stalls lor cattle, sneep ana
horses -have; not been put up, but will
shortlv be erected, with capacity sufficient
to accommodate the largest possible , num
ber. The site selected contains between twelve
and fifteen acres,, and a substantial eight-
foot fenceaurnmnds it. T There are three,
commodious gates two on, the south side'
and one on the east. .The land being.
somewhat rolling, the track will not be
located around the grounds, but be made on
the lower or soutn, eiae, wim ampie room
to tarn. It will le in plain view from
nearly every portion of the grounds.
From all indications the Fair will be a
success, and, from what we can learnwe
have no nesitancv in saving mat ,xrcavcu
worth will see a greater. Catherine; on . thai
occasion than she has ever before seen. At
nm unng.A llin flnon tf TlfiTt Wefik We
Vt UII1VI "V MMIW.www . -, - - .-..(
expect ta see hundreds of articles j an, exfy-
mtioq. -it is to tne interest oiyiariuer. mc
chanicsand jnachiniita-tOj, have .Iheir -productions
anjTar tides, on. exhibition early -jm
The absence of eo aany men in the army
will be felt.but tbereare enougn. leu u
fi.llitheygxrounds,andjnake (the, exhibition in
every ,feapect,what it jhpuld'he a complete
next, there shall be chosen by ballot, ac
cording to the law governing general elec
tions, a CHIEF JUSTICE of the SU
PREME CUUlti" of the- Mate oi Janas,
to serve for the remainder of tho unexpired
The Sheriffs of the several counties are
diiected to give notice of said; election at
the time and in the manner prescriDea oy
Done At. Topeka, Kansas, this, thirtieth
day of September, A. D. 1863.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto
set my hand, and caused the, great seal of
the State to be affixed, the day and year
above written.
By the Governor, THOS. CARNEY
W. W. H. Lawrence,
Secretary of State.
The House That Jeff. Built
The Hartford Post perpetrates the fol
lowing, with an introduction tlfus :
The following history of the celebrated
edifice erected by Jeff. Davis, Esq., is au
thentic It was written for the purpose of
givingrinfant politicians a clear, concise and
truthful description of tho habitation and
the fortunes and misfortunes and doings of
the inmates.
I. The Southern Confederacy. This is
the house that Jeff, built.
II. The Ethiopian. This is the malt
that lay in the house that Jeff, built.
III. The Underground Railroad. Ih'.t
is the rat that eat the malt that lay in the
house that Jeff, built.
IV. The Fugitive Slave Laic This is
the cat that killed the rat that eat the mall
that lay in the house that Jeff, built.
V. The Personal Liberty Bill. This is
the dog that worried the cat that killed tfat
rat that eat the malt that lay iu the house
that Jeff, built.
VI. Chief. Justice Taney. This is tin
cow with the crumpled horn that tossed tin
dog that worried the cat that killed the rat
that eat the nialt that lay in tho house tlut
Jeff, built.
VII. James Buchanan. This is tin
maiden all forlorn that milked the cow witl
crumpled horn that tossed the dog tba
worried the oat that killed the rat that au
the malt that lay in the house that Jeff
VIII. C. Ccsh.Thh is the man al
tattered aud torn that married the maidsr
all forlorn that milked the coir with crump
led horn that tossed- the dog that worried
the cat that killpd the rat that eat the mab
that lay in the house that Jeff, built.
IX. Plunder. This is the priest ell
shaven and shorn that married the man-all
tattered and torn to the maiden all forlon.
that milked the cow with crumpled horn
that tossed the dog that worried the cat
that killed the rat that eat the malt that
lay in tho house that Jeff, built.
Xo. 12 .j-14 Delaware Strut,
and complete assortment of
Foreign and Domestic
Oil Cloths & MattingsrJ
Curtain Fixtures, Cornices,
Curtain !Bands3 Hooks.
cfec. cfco-,
Retailers xchotcish to buy Goods at BOTTOM
PRICHS, will do well to call and tzamint our
Xo. 13, Delaware Street,
Leavenworth, HaaMl
L selected stock of
and all kinds of heating stoTes in thi wetern
country. ,
of tinware for the wholesale trade.
All onders for stores, tinware, tinner's lUck,
hollow war, Ac, filled promptly and at low
prices. Henemher my stand,
success. Lcav. Bulletin.
H tPit n tx
Jt 1f.7'l ji
.' - v ,--.
f -, ..! vra.-ri 1
Two Thousand SbaresMof ihWapTtaT Stock
of.the UnionV Pacific Railroad" Compinj'
having been, BUbscriDeoaua ,ieu jper ",
thereof. paidfo the IXreasu'ref- of said'Com-
Stock of said Company forthc Hection of
Directors 'thereof will be. held aUhe4office
oriai'd cbmpVnyV.iWi liam intte
Oi y of 'NewY&k, 1ne''29th0nr
Fran aBtkoritV'Wkiehvis:Bdb4d!
weUcarnit&tirKansai Migain.tarbeadr.
separate Depmrfeefr,? ad jthats'Qerli
r . m.. ' .-U..L. ,u.:uj .;v
nwnu Txms' nemwismuuivmi -
unbonnde delight. Bulletin.
Meeting of Missonrians and Kaniani in "Wash
ington. Washinoton, Sept. 28.
There is a meeting of Missouri and
Kansas delegates to-night j and it is quite
enthusiastic. The commissioners read an
address they had prepared to 'be presented
to the President. It has not been adopted,
and may possibly receive some slight amend
ment' to it.'4 II will be proper to say- that
the following will embrace, its main points;
After affirming their attachment to the
administration, and to the President, and
their determination to ttand by the procla
mation of emancipation, they proceed to
lay . down representations of ,the .Radical
and Conservative parties in Missouai, and
call upon the President to judge from this
who are and' who are "not his, friends and
friends of.J his ; administration, and stated
they' tbeu'liold 'slavery ,to "haveVjbeen- the
original cause of, the rebellion, and on this
acc'dunt7they, declare the emancipation prqc-
iau.ai.iuu a ucucaonj tuu iiicuvauip.v xhcj
say (tney. accept the name of rRadicals and
desire nCother. They are radical ta .the,
core and "are dctertpined to see the institu
tion of Vfavery. wipedpt forever 'in Mis-
ble's osurpation- of power a'ad' 'gross.. abuse
of it, and wiirchajrgeJhgt,his pro-slavery
cpnaeryatjsra.is responsible for the recent
'disturbed stale of affarrstq Missouri. , Hb
ojgaoizatTou of State Militia- they will de-J
nounce as unconstitutional ijuu,, nmw;
warrant in form of Uw. Gen SchoMd'a
P0I19V they willjdeclare to bav)j peenf qe-
yoieu in meciion o buuui uauvum -thoritymib'stitute
.lateral and fnsolence
a case "1m whibfihe sustained!' Gamble in
f.irKIddintr State Militia enlistine in Feder-
a'l regiments. They will claim that,, tbe
effect of his orders were to disarm the loyal
and arm the dtsloval. and denounce bis
attacks on freedom of speech ancLtbe press.
Tn'ey conclude 'what they have ftd ayof
iscnoneia Dyaeciairiig4tn.eoiaie is in worse
oenditkMtitliafuit Jiw beeaiatajiTitiiie'aUce
the war eoiiawBecfd, and, iherefore,fulcifor
'suggest asthatBelioeonflMttdt,BeiBtler,
beiieviDr he could restore order; in-three
J days,
Lost Duplicates.
On the 17th day of NoTemher, 1859, 1 n
tered, at the Land Office at Ogden, .Kansas,
north half of northeast quarter, southwest
quarter of northeast quarter and northwest
quarter'of southeast quarter of section thirty
one (31), of township nine (9), south of range
four (), east, containing lou acres, oy locat
ing thereon Military Bounty. Land Warrant
No. 90, 147, act 1855, and receiving therefor
the Register's certificate No. 1159.
Also, at the same time and place, I entered
Lots three (3), sir (6), and seven (7), of sec
tion thirty-two (32), of township nine (9),
south, of range four (4), east, containing 164
and 30-100 acres, by locating thereon Military
Bounty Land Warrant No. 21,957, act 1855,
nnd paying at the rate of $1,25 per acre for
an excess of 4 and 30-100 acres, and receiving
therefor the Register's certificate, No. 1160,
also .Receiver's Receiptf No. 347.
Also, at the same time and place, the certifi
cate to lot number 3, in'section 5, township 10,
south Of range 4r cast," containing 32 and
10-100 acres, entered by S. B. White."
The certificates and receipts aboe referred
to, having been destroyed, are lost. Notice i
hercby given-that on the 20th day of October,
18C3, 1 will apply to the Register of the Land
Office at Junction City, .Kansas, for the patcnta"
to the land described. A
n45-7tpf$12-. DANIEL M. BATg
The subscriber has on hand JIFTY TQOPS
AND APPLE TREES, of wztjutuicn
varieties, as wellasaqnautifyof Peach, Locust
&c, &c , which he offers cheap for each, or
will exchange for cows, youag stock or 'grmia,
atireasonahle 'lice. 1IIK.AM BEAL,
Aahland NcrsirvyPaTia Co.. Kansas. a4Clj
District Cterk of Davis County
"ITTILL fla bnslhess inUhe Land Office, aadh
VVrgi "trict attent?oa'to paying- taxes for
noR-residents. - Office. o WahrnoitreWf?
Taylor's BuildiBg, opposite the agieflotelo7j-
Physician, Accoufeleuii;
An f.
St fS. .,
mr v .
iu s.ioa
..rM - j iix -' u
.-. t 0c. at the Gtr ftaf V,
Jimctickri City ; EanggSg?t
;r NOTICE, az .
Jl. creditors ask)UieTaimtercstetinlth,i
tate o;Luif Ketlafflj decease, tfcafcll .fatb
tXmaVe a final settlcmcBt of. said.estate at the
nelt tirm of'theTrobate" Court cf Bavi equa
v1 KiiRjiiP'"'" CHRISTIAN' WWZEL.' J
jTr " AdtarnTslratpr.

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