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Sioux City register. (Sioux City, Iowa) 1858-1871, June 23, 1866, Image 1

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It 26.
Covreclidn of NV"c.
An Act to "amend Section 1, of Chapter
one hundred and twenty t-ht (1-8) of
the Acta of the Lentil General Assem
JSeci ion 1, Ii' iifna (td by the (ttncr.il
A sse a-' by of the. iiate of Ij *tt, I hat
Mi .Oi 1, uf chapter one hiouired nnd
twentv-ei$»ht, ol the A» t» of the I ••nth
General As euibly of -he State of Io*a,
approved April 5-h, lSn4, be, aiel tiki
auiieis hereby amended by *iriking out
the wo:.l "Putnam,'' in ihe thi.d line of
said section, ami inserting lUeraOD.
Approved March I jib, liSoG.
CHAP I Kit 27.
Relating to the Dulie* of Co. e.isnrrs.
An Act to repeal section 2, of cluip'cr
43, ol the Acts of the llhh Geiu ral
A-i-emt'iy, nnd Secti n oi chtipi-r
17. ot the Aets of the regular si s.-ion
of the V G( n ral Assembly, relating
lo tin* Un les.of County l'i i as'irct s.
SECTI «N I Be it enacted by the Gcr.
erat Assembly of the Slate of Iowa, lli.a
heciion 2, of chapter 43, of lb*- act. uf ill
'J .-nili General A*si mb'y, arid stcliu a
oi Chapt- 17, ol ill Ac'd the rc^uiai'
r-essioii of ill'* Nimh General Ass.-mby,
I)-* and ihe same ure hereby repeale 1, and
tite following he aiiacied ins'end ther-o'
Sec. 2. The Treasurer* ot theiov .Tai
counties shall each kicp an uc, ouiii,
(towing I lie an.oui of tax s receivid by
them in specie, and the amount received
in paper turremj, which ahull be exam—
ii.ed the stHue as o her accounts of suid
Trea urers.
Sec. 3 Tills t«t being deemed ufinimc
dtite Hii^of tailce t»y lb- General A'S
l.iv, tduill i»le cll'ecl and he fircu hour
nnd »ifi-r i's publication in ih-i low i
S ute R. eisler an I «a II in-stead,
n-wsp'tjHTs published at Dca j.uiii,
1 *«.
Approved March 15th,
1 ueby ceriity that ihe foregoing Act
was pnldi-bid the Iowa Stn'e Re^i^t.
,M iicti 20, lfuid Mid in il.e law* ll.i.,
on the. 28 day of Mnt'clu
W.H, rRC\ET, Publlihcr aad proprietor.]
VS((re:.irv ot ii.ate.
ilAP. i li "J '.
Rchdihy to ft'i'ifvl Trrsf as.i
An Act to ami'tH S iMh.n 4,'iJ-t, of 'h
Kr-tiMttsl Of 1^, In
I re-j u«s.
ST CII N I. 1 I I n v -:. '1 !V
CUL ASI-EINT.LV e .t.-«H o L..»t
ciio.I 4II24 »1 LIE LU-^«»T*RII ot 1 '5'
ri ihe -'III«* lM-CI»Y mi' IT«J«HV t
ltill£ lit L'I-* I'll I I ..' I •. I
H.JII'3, vi/., li I «.IV I I-". ILN* --u.il.J I I
IN- |.. pt-riy MJ I'UT D'.WO, cart ITU AW-!.,
..'I I wtse LA'IT IL, »!ni 11«. FX.'-'DL
(•..iii I'! litty ii. il»!B, tlit-H the }.t-rnO'i
If- ndinj chail he fined, not EXECCD
«..iie htim{ifed dviihiin, or ln|rri«tfj-il ill 'U-
I I utity ui not EXIPFDITI* thirty d«Y-.
rt'. 2. Tins Aet dec tied ot i r.
ui* (ii.itc til.{• ance, »S: .!! lake »lie .. I
tie in force lrm» m.d alter ltd [•ut!iu*atn»i»
in the D'.i'y SSirtte ii gistir, m.d IHWA
liotRtc'ead, ui w-ji? pets pubin«hed at le!4
Jli.ii.HS, Iowa.
Approved M:ir
1 till (ijy celt |Vi tiiHi tt.e to^uinu Act
wis puhlisfieil in ihe D.ilv S'.'.tell r'8ter
arch 2'J, 1^5'i. and lit ttte Iowa iloii.e
Blei.d. uch 2H,
JiMK« VVKU.HT. S eretarv of Slate.
D'fining ihe lhiHes fleyhtcr of
Jjifi'l miiev
An Afcf fef»:!ng tbe oVi-* -f lh s
ler of the Slaie L»nd Oili e.
Si c'intt 1 Bi* it enacted hy the Gem
As^eiiibly «if the Slate of i w », 'I hat ih"
K lister of the & at»L*od UiK :n t«
»iy t.tt hoii^ed, emp.wtr.d and mjuiii i,
to not reel a!! nn i uu-^ti errors and dia
jfi»piinciei*, in fMtnie.s of uratiteeai at4 in
tl|e derfcrjpiivitifi of tr iCt^ of 1.%'d. con
v yed by tfie State to any parties, found
iiji iti the recoid in «aid oilioe, up tt proper
record evidence that eiicb errors exi-t.
Je« j£ Th««t #avd ii-gittter t-0 required
to attacii matsjin il no
e to each convey'
Sec 4 All ncti and par's of act?, co»
flictin^ with this act, are hereby repealed.
8m?. &. Thin Act beintf deemed of lii
m»diate iiri[n»rtancc, sliall ti»k»» «ffect and
b»? in force, from and after it public it ion
10 th* I iw,i St-ite ili'^'iiU-r, and inwi
llomcatetd, n^wjpapers pi'jlih i ai lie
Approved March 15:h, 18f»6.
I fierehy e«rIffy" the fi.rejoin(t A ct was
pnlilt'lod in .'the I iwa Slate ll'^iater, I
Mitrih —, and in the Iowa iloirtb'
•tCid Match 28. lnti*)
JAMK» Wiwuar, S«cretary of Stat®. I
CHAPi Kii 34
Legalizing the Pubfirathn of the Laws,
tt'c of certain Towns. .... I
An Act to awiid eectiun lit»3 of the I
Revini.iii of l^'.ili, in relation lo iio-or*
pOiaUwu i^ uud auu tu
lejral ze the tihlicatiott of thr liylawg
a or linatii'i 8 of cenain towns U'id
cilit-s heretofore pnHSfd, and not pub
ii-tn a« cor«ii»ii(-tej+»w, and to l^ita i/.e
i-i ts done under, and by virtue of such
Secti ui 1. Bfl it enacted by th*» Oen^ral
Asseinttly of tlie S'ate of Iow i. I hat
grCiioti No. IIOJ ot the lieviwii n ol I8i»0,
li^,' H!M the enintf is hereby tmiended, by
addn thireto ihe li'llnvviii ', viz: Provi
d'-d, however, that, if no Mich newspaper
18 putiikxhed within the limit* of the tutor
poraiimi, then, mid in that case, such by
laws and ordinances may be ibli-h-'d t»y
p^tin^ up three i-opies.ttie eof, io three
public places within the limits of the in
corporation, two of which places fhall be
the post-ollice mid the M«y r'ti llice uf
such town or city and utie'i by-laws and
ouliiianifd slui!l tafsO etlVcl «nd be in
force at ti.«* ftpit-nhoti ot tive days Hfttff
th^-y Imvi*. b«»»i» pirdishi'd.
S c. 2. Jle it jui th-r e»actu\, That all
hy-|.»w* ttnd or itiiiiuces here'olur^ p.iS8
by Hn incorporated ti.wn or city in the
S aii* of low,i, iiiitl ptibli-l el hv pi'Htinf
up litre coptt.s thvrci 1', wit« in the liii.it*
of ihe Cuipv'iut
aie be
ruby galtz 1
and leci.it''*d Ie„'»ii iitll Intl !iii„r i i 11 HIIC'II
i rporatioii, ilj" .-.niie as ihey had
In en pIIijI'.shed in a ti-w ojinj). r. a«.
vided ar. i»'(|ti!rf-1 tiv s «it -cch-.n 1.13.1
of tiie iievi S HI ol and that all acts
ne in pnr-u.iiice of, MIL un-i-r, and by
viri««e ol fiteji l»v law# n:d,wdi»M»i*»«i», #o
|MaK|d*a^d puldtiluvl, tit" hereof b'ffnllZ
id and d"c'arei| 1. j_-*i 1 at.-i v.lid, the .same
as it the jotid hy-l.iws 1 1'iianct-s in
parrtuance, and by vi.Mn' it wii::h 'he
s:ttd acts Wrfre lii-ne, li .d lit en lilislu-ii
an required hv 1.w,
S 3 this art LIFMNJ dfi m»d hy the
(ii tu r^l A"*embiy of imined iate imp
tuiK-e, it tdiali :a'.e ffect, and be iti .rce
IiOIH and nfier i's pubbc 'ion in tue I-w i
new-spipcrjs pablifh ut iKa jiuna-a,
A|ip o ed M.trch 10 it.
1 hereby certify th it the 'ore^ntn^ A•
was puo i-hed in the I »wa St-»te -r,
Man 2 Ii, 1S'» *, 1 ilie I.nvu li me
^teild trch 2^
JiMts Which:- S irv» of State.
l)?,bi 'In tli: Srhovf Fatal,
An Act aiit.-o z ii^!
!.' Auditor to eo!',- ct
(.-il(i»i fj. ,, i|.. n-i* iJihtxd l'*»i i.
".. i' i I:.- !-tt 'i by the i k
a' i\ i i i N!«U.» til 1
uwti. i i ,t
i- I ti e uia'c- «tjl »is«'t*, or Mirine*.
y iliu'i.ot''k'te^iMVed by Ja ties 1)
F. !'t't tit V liianel iy htm out of tin
i'Cl IIU »M !|J
i! r"
ii lii't .1 ,\
W I i
ai.ie-i io .»i*ui|'»n 3.
I L-.-VS .,f the ID
.II F. ».^I-PIRN L, BHIH h-
rin.t I tu p.jy in |i-c^ifrjje s'lch i .•
by p.ij in«jf ti.e'pritit ip t!" W:tb -ix per i
tit.*fe»| »»o ii»n iron* i^e late
ti'-o .-i I -in what litis IMCU ,i.i, i!
i .ii t-ue fear Irinn ihe |r,-*../•
ol tins At t.
S- o 2 Whenever «rr i su-ii i:ct
p* hy any ot'-.: t'. ,• in »..»•
the An litor i»lin't as».i^ii IIIH .SHIIIH witho'it
r«( earge- on ib- at»d deliver it wuh
tlie moit^'i^e «fc»iri*y, if any, to the per
Js' II Si pii\ III jg I lit' St me.
Approved .\lareli 2tkb, l{ioG.
CM! AP i
Mil u
spending wii't lor n* in dams Den
Mu tits Jitter.
An Act difipensiiiir w.b locks in d.trrs,
an i dtaws in bridge-, on tne i
ii ine« litver.
SKCTION 1. BJ it enacted f.y th#»e(I
iriii Afi.-einbty at t#»* tytHii1 of 1 wa, Ttiat
all la*sand parts el 1 »wh, retpnrtiM LIC'h
t» be ct ij«trutltd and itiHi.laiii#d +n
"Imum, and ar iw^ t.# be con-truc'cd and
tuaitilaii.ed to budges, built across Mud
ov« the lie* Moitii-* river, be, and the
»-atne are ftercliy repented.
A proved March 22 id, 18:) j.
nine, briefly getting ft rh the etrorx tc be
k. rreuted, and the rea-on ir'uch cyr
reciimt, and rec' jt'd the SAtee with jh®
h.'.iiie witli (ha orifilial deed, altaclliog
ii is name arid the date of correction.
S«*c. 3 That Ruch correction, when
made, in nceordatice with the fore^cintf
I roviniotiK, nhall have ail the force and
fjftfet, jo hw p#
hlly correct. .y
ciiAPmt a,
Helming to the Inttiitnikin for the BJm
An Act to provide I' tfo- education arid
support af the Bund.
Section 1. Be it euacted hy the General
As-Mm bly of the State of wr, That to
uicet Ihe ordinary expense* of ill- It.sii
tuttiprt tor tite «*uet»tii«D 4' fh« Btiod,
eluding fur .i'ure,* Itiokn, tioipimusic,
(uuocal inlruui-ii(s, niid t!»n coinpe io*
tiun of the pri ncipal, matron, teacher-,
and employna of *$iYd instiui on, there
is hereby appn piiattd the sum of five
thousand iul:.u*i per a inuni or so much
theieoJ a# in *j bo netS i.vry.
Se«. 2 The PrtncipM of tiie a^io^e Iti
stiiution, •hall be entitled to rtccive out
of li t? above ffmtM jr ie] fM««pri41ed, the
sum ol fceVeii hundn u doiijirs p«-r annum.
8".c, 8. The 'i'lustnes shall pay HUCII
saUry, as in their judgment, i* j-jst, t»
the Motion a.id leich-r-i employd ill
nanl InMilgfi itt, not iu any casa tj
th" sum ol Hie hundred duilars
See. 4. Ihe Tru^tt«s bhall appoint
•ome one of the employees, steward, at
such compensation its they imiy deem
j'lft. wh v under their direction, ahall
purchase all -upplie» {'»p ihe In-t.fntiori.
S. "i I'or t,hn purjjiwtJ of ni'-etiugr
current expeusi'S, tiiere i-i hereby aporo«
printed, out of lite State Treasury, forty
dlar.i per quarter, for eacli pupil in Maid
In.itittnioii. li.J
bet f. The Principal of said Iiislihi
tion BUUII report to the (rovernur, ou or
bcfjie the 1-nh day of December, prec«-
dinjj each regular -jessiun nf the -tier i
A semb v, 'h-i numler of pupils in at
tendance, with the name, age, sex, resi
dence, place of nativity, and also th'J
cause ol blindness of each pupil. He
dh ill also make a report of the studies
pur.su.*d and trade* taught in »a insti
tution, together wiih u complete P'ati
ment uf th. expenditures, and ^lso tlie
number, kind and value of articles man*
ufactuJed ati i sold.
8-*c 7 When the pupils of said In
Ktituiion are not otherwise supplied with
clnthi p, they 80all be furnished by the
Principal, who shall make outau account
therefor, in each case, a^ainht tlie parent
or piardhn, if the pupil be a minor, and
ajg.iuist the pupil, il he or she have no
putvut or guardian, or has at'uined the
age ot (iiujoiity, which account shall be
ccr itied to be corrcct and signed by the
Principal, and *h.iil be prion facie vyi
liejnje id correctnes-, in ilie c-oiirtH,
and such pri -ciptl .-dull foi thwiih remit
nueb account to ihe Treasurer of the
profii iuiity, who nh.ill pr iceed t» e.d
IUi the same, by Mti». if necp*nrv, in
tie nuiii" of such lnstituti n, and pay
tbe «HitiH into the S i»t Trea-ntv, .ind
it Principal sluil, ut th^ sime titn", r.'
tiiit dtiphctie id »nch accjunl. to th.» Au
ditor ol S'nte. who shall ctcd t!ie satne
acioii ii the Asylum fi.r the Din I,
and chnr^«* it to the proper county.
S *e. 8. Ihe above appropriation in
c! ulinf nccDuui of cli 'i'j* futitis! -i
.pi.s, sh.ill ii- dr.iWii (j'l.irtcrly on tin
t!i. cr.-l .!:• I ill oi die in'ti'-ii i .n,
•nude on the A I1' .r of the S: if, who
ill dr.iw b.a wurraul iu t!i" itiime of
Mich iiiNtnuti ui tin tiie Tr. .isurer, as r
-ft-tl bv the Trustees.
S'-c. 'J. 'lhat so much of Chapter ."i4,
of the A.ts of the Tenth General A.
s- iiibiy, approved «rcb 10 h, 1S4 as.
i'.lic(s with tills Act, 'je at.d lliu o.iui-.'
i» hereby repealed.
S«-c. D. Tins Act beitiK deemed of iiu
mediate itnpor a'ice by tft- non! As
ui'DY, Khali be in lotce II .MII and .T't»'r
.'s pus-i ige jiiid pub ication in tlie Ibolv
i e K"gi~tcr and Iowa HiiiUi-8tead,i
newsp ipers p'lblishfd iu I)••» Motoes.
Approved Mire
22n t, lttod.
1 hereby ct'itilv that tiie toi-tj»oinff Act
wns p'tldixlied in tli Iowa Stito U". i-ter
on the 2-V dny of M.irch, iNtid, nnd ill
ihe lo.va oriesieiid on iht? 4 It day of
April. I.^ 'i i
Jau. S vVcu.riT, S. cretary of Stale.
Ackiioirlt lymen oj Dst.d-1 in furcKjri
An A -net mi. the *c'v no-'edgem^nl
ot uee-i.i HI FCR'-I^U I. crie^ VO I
repeal sjcti u 2241 ui (lit iLvi.iuu of
Stumu 1. Be it enacted by the n
cial Asi ia y ol the S aXo of iwa., Tl'-il
a y deed, or other c.iuv^yauce ol Ian U
bin naS ate. which is cxccu'ed »n
u. the Lulled S i,t s, may lie ac«uo-v.
e jjtd or prov-u lore any K-I»Uhhs«I«' K,
Muns'er, Secretary of Le/aiton, I'.m i.!
u: (. (t ug t| Alt'iires d* the f't.i e Sta' -,
a ln-loe any otii«: -r a foreign countrv,
w:to is auttionaHd by the laws theretd t»
tuhe a«.kiio*letj_o-!iie-it3 of couv»*y inoc it
it-ill essate. Bui the ci'tdi *a'e of :u
know e i^euseiii hy ior-iu tSie- r,
be auiheiiiicated »y i" iue \i nbasa wio -.
.'I nisier, S-'ereiary of L^t'i •», Con-ul
or' Ch ir^e d' Aff liies of ib* United Stales,
iio-ic olKcial wriltea mtateiiU'iit, I hat. full
i Hiid credo i^ due to th« eei tiffcate
of such foreign otlicer, sh-tll he d.-i u
sutlicient cvidenee of the q'l ilificailoli uf
s^ld oilicer, to ihe uckn.'w'c.i^.oiients, und
of the gi-nuinenesss ot bus M^HAI ure or
«etiI, if he ha* any.
Sec. 2. This a't beinjf deemed of i»
nr.edi ite importance, sh ili tuk»i effect and
be in force from and af.er iis pub'iesiiiuii
in the State It-gi- tcr and Iowa 11 ».in
stead, newspapers published at
Mtlillert, I I A i
Approved March 24 h. 18CG.
1 -rebv eei'ity that the i'or»^"in^ act
was pubb-hed in th.? Daily Slate U^i-iier,
March 27 h. iKfJii, ^tid in the Io*a'
in'-stead, Atoil 4, 18uC
JAMES WKICIIT. Secretary of State.
CflAPI'KR 47.
Rellting to Jl'(ird of Tru*fcn of the
AjricMttuiiil Colt/je an I Farm.
Ao Act to repeal Sec io-i* 1715, 1716
and 1739 of the H-vi-iou of lSliJ, and
Section ti of Chap er l'2l of the Acta
of «e Tenth ivral A-xeaibly, re
lation to th* Bo ird-t of Trustees of ltd
Agricultural Collide and Karta.
lieeitbn 1, iitt it enaetef by tli# (leu
er»i Assembly of the Siaie of lo«ra. That
the Sitate agi icultiitnl ille^i and fcVm
s' all be under the mutn^em nt of a
iioard uf iu-itees, cooifioied of nun ineni
bir lecttd fiOiil tacb Jndi -ial Distriet
The Governor, and ihe President of the
S'Htu Agricultural ('o llejie ami Foul,
abail be tx-ofji i) members of tbu »in*l.
S'-c. 2 The" present session of tlje
Assemtily shall elect iu Joint Convention.'
all of said Board of Trustees, nix of
I wtiom utiall serve fir the term of two
years, and thtr o her six for tlie term of
tour years from the 1st day of May. I80d,
and the General Assembly, at each bieu
niat «ew»on thwreifiei'. a'Wtl eb-ct one
half of said Board of IVIMTAOI, wh shall
nerve tor four year#, Iro-n the 1st of ,\J iy,
after their el-eiioii. The iard of Trus"
te»s elccted by the Eleventh Geti »r*l As
sembly, I-IIHII in liteir lirsi meeting under
this A -t, whudi "thiilI be on 'he first
Thursday of May for the year lh0t, at
the Capital of tbe Slato, determine by
lot, theirseveral terms of 8ervic\ and ev
ero succeeding year, they idiall hold their
ann iiil tnee ii g* mi the second n av
of January, ut the Capital of the S ate.
Any vacancies iu the Board of Tru-iitiS,
caused by -ath, -mini from the Dis
trict or the Stale, resignation or failing
to qualify within sixty lys after their
fclectio i, may be tilled by a vote of
a majority of the members of said
I it'd.
Se^ 3. The Board of Trtistees shall
elect a Treasurer, at their annual meet
ing in each year, wh i !iull receive and
keep iill the moneys, arising from the sale
of the products of the firm, or Ir on anv
other soure", and i»ive bonds in such im
as the Board ot rtH tes may require.—
i lie shall pay over ali moneys, upi n the
warrant of the President atid countcr
.".i^ned by the Se.'re'iary. He shall render,
i aniiua ly, iu the moth of January, to tin
Board of Tru-tc-?a, and as often as may
required by th
it 1. u
true statement of all the niof^-vi ric.ivol
anl di:bursvd by him
S -c. 4. Sections 111 lild liiVj, of
Chapter 07 of thi li'viiliin of 1-
GO and
S ctioii of C:» ipter 121 ol the Acts of
tin: Tenth General A- noiy. and nil
acts and jnrts of acts in cmlliot with
the pr of tins A .n* hereby re-
S. c. T-.is Act. la-i11^ il .eaicd of
initii dtute iuij'Oi tnce, s!ia!l take tf.o
anl be in fjnv fr ii nnd after its
pal lo ati n in ihe Iowa St te R.-gis!.»r
atid 11 iu~a:c »d, pap. !.s tbli.Jied nt l.)eB
Mo .e-
Ajipiovrd Milrtli 24 ii, 1
1 hereby oertify tint the for. going Act
was published in tlie L.wa Daily Sutic
U er tin the 27th day of March,
1 and iu the lo^a Homestead uu the
n V of i c'l, 1SI j:
JAMLS Wiiiiiitr. Sevretar ol State.
A' Oft?* -f t' A [iufj-it
(j'h j.*.
An Act to repeal Caapter 38 t!,e acts
ol the Extra Session of the Ninth
(i. neral Assembly I bving an Act enti
tled "An Act lo create the oiTi.re of
Assist, ml A ijut uit-G 'tu'ial, a i fin
ing his duty,' and to uui 'tid Section
14 of Chiper Si, of j|he Acts of ihe
leu Ii to ueral Asseiu'ily, in^ an Act
i "An Act to oi^a..ixe the Mil
i: :a.''
Section 1. B* it enactcd by the Gen
eral As-cmWy ol the State of Iowa, That
C.iap er if the Ac's of ihe i&str* S s
Kii'ti td the Ninth (ieneral A-seuib'y, t.c—
in^' an Act entitled AII Act to create th-»
j.fii.-e of AssUtaut A "jutaiit-Gcneral, and
defl.iin^ bis duties,' b»» a«» I the tm
hereby i ih-1, anl th,- oflice of Assis
iant A ..ol (iuner abolished.
Sec. 2 B* it luster cnacted, That
S c'i ui 14 of Cli ipter hf. of the Acts of
tbo Tenth General Ass-'mblv, being an
Act e.ituled '"An An to ot^anizf the
Miii i i, he htol the suiue is li-ocby
ameu.'cd by (-triUing out all of the fo nth
and fifth lines of Maid Kectt n, being tlie
v.ord.*, "Ui.e As-datan* A -j i ant-lj^-neral,
widi .if r-itik o' «'-dottfi "f Civtlrr, at:d
suij As-i- ui: Aoj ii.» .i-V»• t•. iui, ii.. i iu
s-ri J./
Sec 3. This Act ing deemed by tlie
Geucril A-.S tnbiy td im nedi ae i njort
ance, it shall take t-fleet and he iu force
from and after its publication in the
Wetkly Slite K»eiiter and Iowa llotne
ste id, newspapers pablished at Dcs
Hues, I wa.
1 In re by certify tb*t the forpgoinj act
was published in the Iowa iAeekiy S att#
M-gister on the 4lh day of April, lStio,-—,
atid in the Iowa HutnefcUad on the 4lh
day of April, 1 $(»(».
JAMW Waicur, Secretary of
CI I API tit 49.
App 'tih to ihe Supreme Court
An Act regiiluting aj'peaU to the Hu
ff Giue Coutt ill certain cases.
Section 1 Be ii enacted by the Gen
ctal V«.scnibly ot tbe S .ate of Iowa, That
it shall not be ue^esiiry, in ovdvr to au
thorize ill Supreme Court of this St i.e,
to rev.ew and revi-rse, on appeal, a judg
ment of the District Court, oil the ground
ot errors of biw, committed by the Judge
if the Court bcLw, ou lilt# trial, that a
motion for a ww trial, on these
muds, shall have been made iu such
Court beLi*.
S. c. 2. In any causa tried in the Dis
trict Court, where the parties thereto
waivn a Jury, anl try the same to the
Court, it shall nut be necc&sary, iu order
to secure to either party, feeling Ag
grieved, the right to a^po*! that the
Co irt shall tin 1 the (acts and conclusions
ot law, and make the same r» part of ihe
l\cufd in such caSc nor .shall i to IM
cessary lor such party to file a motion for
anew trial bfl'. in all feuch cases the
Supreme Court shall, on appeal, h«ar and
determine tbe same in all rcspects as if
such finding of facts, and conclusions
law, appeared of record, or a n.otion for
a new trial had been made, whenever it
Hliail appear from the certificate the
Juti^e living the nsni«, or the agreement
of the parties thereto, or their, attorneys
*of recoid, or, in case tbe evtdt-uce is all
tuken by deposition, Iroai tbu certificate
Of the Ch rfc of such D-istiict Court, tb
the tran.seript contains all the evidcticc
introduced by thn parties on tbe trial ot
the cause in the Court below.
See. S. All Acts nnd parti of A els
inconsistent with tbis Aut, are hereby re*
S C. 4 This Art rning deom^d of im
media'e importance ihall tak^ effect- and
be in force from an I nf er the publica
tion of the same in the Iowa Siate U"gii«
ter and Iowa floiaemead, newspapers
prt*il ishod at Pes Moines.
Approved March 24 h, 1866.
I herebv certify that the foregoiojf act
was published in the Iov»a Daily State
Rio'toer on the 27th dev of March. 1SG?.
and in «he Iowi Ilumettead oil tlie 4th
day of April, 18G6.
Jami:s WiiioiiT, Secretary of State.
Pi oviuinj Jn.itic'f th'- P.ace with fie
virion l8 i).
An Act to provide Justices of the -ice
with a copy of ihe Revision of 1861,
Section 1 lie it eraeted bv the G"iior
a! Assembly of the State of I-«wa, Th»t
it shall be the duty of the Clerk tf lie
District Court of each organized ui.t v
lii tbe Stat*», to f-.irni.sh each Justice of
the Peace in his county, who may net he
alriady supplied therewith, a copy of e
11 vision of lSuO, and to take th-e rccei:
ol the Justice ll.eref.r an 1 such receipt
s i iti be a Snfliciefft voucher for the Ch rk
in his iti toner, with the Auditor of
•Si .te Prurided, said distributi n can be
a »de without causing a re-pi int of the
it visio.i.
Sec. 2. S'iott 11 the numt ei' of copies of
the R'vision in the po-se.-d n of anv
(.'I rk. at tiie time of the taking «tf^t
i i t- act, be insutlicient to supply the Jus
tii id h,s county, he is here!.)- authot z
i i io dtaw upon the Secretary of Su e
i io requisi'e namb r, w!.o shiiil, as
-ooa us prae ictljlc, transmit to siuJ
rk the ored number, and shall ci
i to the A olitor of S'ate the nutnb -rui
co.,iiM so tran-n.i:|ed «i.d the A u i o
sh til cha-jre such Ceik th^iewiib, and
ub equ lidy cri Jit hi'U wiih such is in ay
i di-j.os*d of, as provided iu the first
s i tioa uf this Act.
Sec. 3 It any Juii ice of th e Peace
no iving a cooy.of the Revitdon, sh i I
I a '0 traiismi ,.^,'JIS sacceHEor in oflice.
w in C.ISJ of his iviii'ivnl fr-un »io' »ojs:,
su ip, or the r»*-:nat ton of his til. lo
i liver lo the !. of the D^trlct art,
such cooy, 'Cether wi alt other S atnt-s
recviveii f#y hiiu by virtue of bis llice, he
shuli be liable to a fine of ten doda-s, i
be Collected of h:in or his sureties, by an
action in the nam of the S:ate. upm
S e 1 I-, case o ib, ,-h ..f u J
bt-l.-re ihe exptrution ol lis tern ot
i.lb tlie Sit'd booss shall be pi- ced HI
ih" hat.ds of the t.'ierk of the Jh.sfrict
Court, and be b^ iti?n inined over to io
fiucce*g.»r of sutb Justice wlleu v'n clcd
•«nd qua (i
Apprini i M.u\h 21 |i, I
CIS \1M KR 53.
Prvridiii Justices with cK
An Act providii dockets for Justices of
the Peace,
S-ction 1. Be it enacted br the Gen
eral As»t'uiUij »1 ll ale of lo*-», Tli
it shall the duty of ihe Bond i Suj
visors i cach couu'y, lo fur .i*h to each
Justice of ihe Peace, of theii county, a
well bound bl ink record bo»k of not less
th an four quires, with index, •uituble for
i 'o ket, upon the ctrtiiicate of fuch I
Jnsli.v that the same is necessary fjr the
business of his o»H e
Sec 2. Tbe said dockefa so furnished.
shall IK paid for out ol thn countv fund,
ou the erd of the II ard Sapei vi»ors.
Apt rjved March 2t h,
HtUef of tlajor Jhu id If tft-ioner
An Act for tlie rdief cf M»j ir David J.
Wbereas, Upon solicitilions made an i
inducemeuis held out by the Executive
and other cili/.ens of tins State, Maj
Dilvid J. Waegtou r, of /'ulttm county,
llliniK. uodeitook the capture of Joseph
M. Briee, who, with olio John J. Crnos
hid, about the 1st of dauiiiry,
mii'dered, in Taylor county, I ova, Jams
Mullen, a fvao-ctaule citiz n of th s St »te
Whereas, After several w«*eks of 8«'f»'o'i«
effort, «t preat risk, aad the vxpense of
about he succeeded io arresting tbe
said Brie?, at Okiunn, iu th» Srme of
Minnesota, on the 't of May, 18.15, and
proceeded to deliver hiin to theolli -ers of
the State for tii.il. for which ha has not
been temuucru'cd th. re lore,
Secti n I. B»» it enaeied by ihe Gen
eral Assemb'y of State of Iowa,
Tbere be, atid is hereby, appropriated out
of ibe general reveimi* nf ihe State, the
sum id one thousand do'lars, to compen
sate the sai I 1'ivid J. W.t^i'oner for iiis
services and the money by him expe ided
iu npprehendinj? anil securing for trial
the suid Jo«eph M. Biice, and the Auditor
of State is hereby authori$-d to, issue bis
warrant in favor of said David J. Wag
goner for said sum.
Sec. 2. This Act b»inf deemed of im
mediate importance shall nke (!Vel,&nd
be iu force, from and abe^its publication
in tlie Iowa State Register and Iowa
Homestead, newspapers published at Dea
Approved March 24, 18o(i.
1 beroby certify tbat tbe forefolog let
un»iim of the Clerk or the miccf*"
of Mifli Justice and sucb tine shall be
IM into the County Trea-ury by tbe
t' etk, and accounled for bv i.luj *o the
Audit or of State iu the same manner as
ui nev received by him oB sale of the
Ki-vim u
invariably In advance.
was published in the Iowa State R^ist^r
on the 27 day of March, L-vid, and in
the Iowa Homestead on the 4ih day of
April, 1833
JAMKS WBIOUT. Secretary of Iowa.
The bad pny of the First Iowa OtwJry.
i An Act to secure tbe back pay due tli a
l*t Iowa Cavalry.
Whereas,'A Lrge proportion of the
men and i lliccrs of the 1st I-mri Cavalry
'ire n uly eiri i to pay from tuu (i
eminent rti' the Uuit"d States for their
services from the date of enli^tm nt to
the d.ite of their must-r into the &-rvi 'ij
of the United States, but have never re
ceived sam-'», 'h Mftfore,
Section 1 it enacted by the Gen
eral Asscmb'v of tli" Statu of Ijw.i, That
Pi'z Henry \Varre i, fortneiiv donel of
-aid i*' glment, be and he is hereby author
ia»d hi empowered to proceed to W«ii
in_-ton City, iu the Distiict of Cdutubii,
as fO'tti after the a 'journment of the pro
sent Generil Assembly as practicable,
and to take such steps as may, in his
i-pinion, be necessary to fu-eure the pay.
inet.t from the General Government, of
such s ian ai tnay be fouud duo to Jjha
members i.f sail regiment.
S 'C. 2, There is hereby nnpr^pri ('ed,
ut of any money in the I'reas iry not
otherwise appropr'ated, the sum of fjur
hundred dollars, or much there as
may be lie iry in cirrviny o it t'ii?
provisions of this Act, and the Audit
is hereby Authorized to draw his warrant
ufeoi the Treasury in favor of Fitz'l oiry
Warreu, for ihe aai unit of the expanses
acuiwllv incurred by Lim in cop'yiog with
th" pro\i-io'is herein tn ide.
S e 3. This act bt ins? deem°d of im
inedi»te importance chili tak etf-et and
be in force from and after its publicv.i
in the Iowa State Register and IoTa
Approved March 2^i, ISo ».
I hereby certify that the foreg on.' Act
w ts pu'dtih. in the Iowa .State It gla'er
ir 26, Isti-j, and iu tbu Ijwa liouae"
stead April 4 'i, 1 i.
JAMES Wuiutrr. Secretary of S:ato.
CHAPlilit o7.
Vy of District and ...v./ic Ju lys.
An Ac tixing the salaries^ tbe District
and Suprcine Judges.
Secti'ii. 1. B:} it euacted by tbe n
ral Assembly of the State of I iwa, Tint
tr and after tlie last day of Dcee nb?r,
ihe sal .ry of each Julg» of the
District Court shuil be eighteen hundred
d.nurs milium pr .vidci th it th*
si! try of none of said Judges slial!, by
the rperiti n of th°M A -t. be i-i-rfis
n'tft the lime mieh .1 idi'» Ids hi*
fiice, under and bv virtue of the election
or apjioititmeiil uu icr which be oow ho.ds
such odi e.
See. 2 That from a"d after th 1st
lav of Junuarv, itii, the salary of each
Judge of the S ipreme Court shall he,
and the same is hereby fixed at the sura
twenty-three hundred dollars per
anno n.
Sec. 3. All acts in conflict herewith
are hereby r- nea'e I.
S-e. 4. This Act being de vned un
tile 1 ute importance by it.e G-ueral As—
-enibly, sb t'l take i tf ct from and af er
its publication in tbe Iowa St ite Register
and Iowa liomes'ead, newspapers pub
lished at D-'s oiues.
Approved March 2.h.
1 hereby certify ihit the foregiiinf Act
was pub'isbed in tbe IJW:» Sta*e -^ister
March 2^ h, IS i I nnd in the Iowa Home
stead Ap'il 4 h, IS id
JAMILS Wuioiir. Secretary of State.
Dowv o\ I :N: TII.TERS.—Thee is a poet
ia St. Joseph who verv evidently does not
bk* the tilting boon skirts about which so
much is bei.-g sail now-a-daya. Hear
i saw her* r.r a moment
I s»»w h-r but a moment,
'Twas in a "tilt ng skirt
IIow pretiilv she sailed n'o-ig.
'I he chnrminij little flirt!
I saw her it a m-intent—
Ah 'twas a pretty sight fo sea
To up her tread the crowded strtfet
With foott"p free nnd 1 .:V.
I RIW but ft til NT
Vet I swore bv the O'd Harry,"
Tho' a pre!tv thing to look at.
She would never do to urS' ry
Tho" I saw her but a moment,
Yet I knew she was a tlirt
By ibe jaunty ai:s she put on
Aa she swung her tilting akirt.
The Rnalish
1 1
A BRACK OK BI t.i.s. Two gi'iant ione
of K'-in, being jasi discharged from ilia
service, were rejoieinj over theev^nt with
a "WHf ta»te of tbe crathnr,'' when o io,
who felt all ihe glory of his owa rant?,
sn lib nlv raised his glass above, an I said
"Arnih. Mike, here's to thi il'auf ou
69 h—thr last on thejl ll,
and th* firs! to
lave U!\ "Tut, tut, man,'' said Mikn. ''te
don't tnane that." "Don't mane it, is it
Then, far
at do I nun"?" "Y* til lie," siij
Mike and he raised hi* £»!a^s high, an I
looked lovi'iij'v at it "Here's *o the
gallant ould t»9t,b( And
so th. y diunk.
5tociety fit Promoting
Christian Knowledge' are advertising
"Hymns for use dari ig tho catile plagne,
wi'h mtisie." They are probably to be
4ung #o the "tune the old cuwrdiei of.'*

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