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I liisUjuiiUO Kit I WViliv Ll.-w
Pennsylvania Aven:
. OF ADMINj r.l'LTIii;i
National Capita! Extendi Enthusiastic
Greeting to t!:c President as Us
Returns From Summer 1
Washington, Sept. 30.--Thousands
of "his fellow cUIeiis turned (nit 16
welcome President .loosovelt to the
national capital this evening and made
i his home-coming an occasion for an
, ovation from the time ho was sighted
n the platform of .his car until he
passed within the doors of the WhitP
house. There was no sound of music
but the sweeter melody of the cheers'
of the assembled people, made, the ait
: ring with "Hurrahs" as his carriage
passed slowly up the avenue. The
president wan deeply touched by the
welcome, arid espeelaly by - Its "Spon
taneity.. .
"It was awfully kind of them to
come and greet me." he remarked t:
orne friends at the White bouse, "nnu
I was deeply,' deeply touched by their
welcome." f. ,
The presidential train came Inttf th(
station at 6:19 oetnek. On'the pkit
form was asserlhlrd a dozen or more
: officials. At tljelr head was Mr. West
the, district commissioner, who wan li
charge of the arrangements for the
welcome and who was the first to
shake the presidents h ind as lit
stepped from the. train. With' the
president were Secretary of State Root
and Mrs. Root, and Secretary of thf
Traiury Shaw. At the station wer'
Secretary Hitchcock, Postmaster Gen
eral Cortelyou. Mr. Quesada, the Cu
, bfin minister, Dr, Uixey, surgeon gen
eral of the navy; Mr. Palmer, ' thf
marshal for the District of Columbia
and others. A mighty cheer went ui
as the crowd Inside the station caught
night of the president.' which was tak
en up hv the crowds .outside of the
ststlon in;.) fiawsed alono; the fine
the m t shii rst was recosriili). If
' snook h i. mj. i ar,st wiili v tin. caio-i.C
ntfivitWM and ' other officials: laen
giving 'Mrs. Roosevelt his arm. In
walked slowly. to his carriage, which
was walling at1 the SIxty-slxlh strec
entrance. : As he reached theenglni
thts president thanked the engineer fin
his rafe trip, and stopped to shake hi1
hand. " . - '..-
In' the carriage with 1 he .presiden'
were Mrs. Roosevelt, Klhel, Kermi'
and Qituntln. Queutln sat on the bo
with the coachman.
The t ablrtot and other members o'
the parly followed in n triages, B'"
enmpauylng the , president to th
White house. The president frequent
lv eroM and bowed to the cheerln'
crowds on both sides of the. avenue
and during the hitler part of the diivi
the "Hurrahs" been me so enthusiast!'
that the .president stood most of thf
lime. Mrs. Roosevelt was great!.'
pleased with the greeting, And her fact
was radiant a she bowed, right and
left. . ,.. ' ' '
Not sim e i the last Inauguration day
has VentiHvlvaiila venue held such .
- crowd as lined It from the station ti
the White house. .' Heavy cable'
stretched the Whole, length on butt
sides kept the crowds on thi sidewalks
Street cars were stopped ad vehicles
were halted If) the aid streets as the
pavtv came up the avenue. From
very flagpole and from many window
ft-gs wi re Happing In the cool even
ir,' bréese. '- .'
A brilliant scene greeted the presl
d"nt's evi' as h reac hed the Whitf
h'ou'te. The: mansion was illumltiatei
frun fo-iweiyvcfil to attic, bathing thf
' whole, white structure, with a Yadlant
glow.'. " ' ' . ' :; '
I The i-re-id.-nt received a great cheer
i ... . a , . .. . ..
as he passed uio line in unuiu yi;
of th Republic veterans who stood a'
attention n front of their hall Of.
Pennsylvania avenue. The .presiden'
acknowledged the greeting .withes
bow and a cordial wave of the harj,d
1 Dove of Peace at Oyster nay.
i fivnter Hay. Sept. 30. With thf
i cheers and good wishes of neighbor
': mil friends following him. Presiden'
itiioevelt. bis vacation ended, lefi
fi ijstcr Iay tms niornmg mi nwiin"i
on. Throughout ; til" village.
ji.iiildtrigs were decorated,
am Audrcs
oas-ed. was hung with large Amettcaf
i o ura at intervals of twenty ieirt.
the, entrance to the waltlriit room ol
i ii ...... I,. a V,ltn iliun nil!-
iu( -tretched wings perched on an
-American shield, had . ben planed
Ttn,.th the emblem: was the word
Fence." Th whole was . ftntwinco
with the'colors of Russia and Japan.
Scores of school children were massed
about the platform and twenty young
women attired In white sang, "(bid IJ
Willi You Till We Meet Again." - The
president was accompanied by Mrs,
Itonsevelt and children.
The president, from the rear plat
form, made a few farewell icrimrkf
to his friend and neighbors. oili
the president and family worn being
fhlven to 'ho depot, lh' rear axle
brok anil the back pari of the wagon
kwHi.,1 down. The body of the wagon
did not fall to the ground. The touch
rV.in stopped tb horses Immediately,
and the pariy proceeded j i ;i borrowci
Iflplomnls Uehirfl to V aslilnctoii.
Wsshlngion. Sept. 30. -liaron lius
en, the Itussiun mbiissndor, the bar-
onr is. and ttielr d'tughter. arrlven io
nlght from Maiionlla. . Mass., and
Teopen-'d the emliassv herf.
M. Jussermid. the French amb.iss.i
dor. also arrived here tonight. .
iiil!foii l lied I'rfiin Senlec.
WashliiKtun, Sept. SO.- - The dcp'n't
innnl fif cuni'iicri e in, d I i"-r today dis.
mliJfed frmn the immlgrMloii service
.( -.! A. An 1i -"oii. ín-e'lor al l'.uf
fal'-. N. V.'
l!e Is :'h'ir! wllh pal llelnalbig In
iMic!ríliiig Chinese, across the f'ana
.11 n I order.
' i:iiiiurl.ctl PiOo-cicK In Sit'M'U .UnNlog.
1 I m44 J
?cv iruk, ifit. 30. . S. l-"r-
i ti has reo ived a personal l.net
fiom I'rcident Koosevelt, statniíT t'i-ii
he has been a!pinted rcgifler of the
lli kinson land ofiii-e, Fcrrla and hi
brother Joe were the first, men Roose
velt became acquainted with here on
his first hunting trip to the Had Iinds,
23 years ago this month. Joe taking
Mr. lloosevelt upon a trip upon which
he Killed his first buffalo. The broth
ers peisnadcd Mr. Koosevelt to gc Into
the stock business.' .
l?lí Incienso In IScvciiiic.
Washington. Fcjit. 30. The. month
ly statement of the government . re
ceipts and expenditures which will be
ixsued next .Monday will show a re
ma tkahle incre ase in the receipts from
viisloms and in!"in.il revenue sources.
Celieved Presidents Have
" Reached an Agreement.
raii3ma, Sept. J0.--The rumor In
the United States to the effect that
the Panama government had made
overtures to Costa RI.-a. -a Hrt a view to
a union of the two renubllcs. Is said In
"ifflcjál and other clr.dcs hereto he
without foundatlmi. . - '
.W'lishlngtoii rrxifcsscs Ignorance; ;'
Washington. 1). C, Sept.' 30.
There is believed ti have been some
"eason for the statement that the pres
ident of. ttji&ncw republic of Panama
Ivas decided to open negotiations with
the president of Coat Klca for a un
ion of the two governments for mutu
al protection. It is.., however, exceed
ingly difficult to obtain officiail infor
mation on the mibject. The belief ob
tains that It was the Intention of the
parties in Interest to keep the matter
from the pubMc .until the negotiations
had reached a stage insuring' complete
Although not admitted at the state
department, It is paid that It has re
"elved definite Information of the p ro
tos ed annexation of Panama to Costa
Itica from Mr. Lee, the newly appoint
ed minister of Kcuador, amf until re.
contly United .States consul general at
Panama. . It Ih said that he has re
ported, that fíenor de ta Guardia, Pan
aman minister tvf foreign ivffnlrs, Is
about to visit ,San Jose, capital of
Costa Rica, for the purpose of. nego
tiating -a treaty of annexation wltli
'."'os, a Itic'i. That was a itibjcot of coa
Jl,!. 'i,v.tlv prv.-id in m -1 tV'"i'v-
t try I tool at their meeting at Oyster
Hay yesterday at which .Senator Eodge
i ml former Ambassador Choate were
present, but It Is Impossible to obtain
hero an official admission to that ef
fect. -" ...': .-'!'.
Owing to Its close relations with
Panama the. United States government
i naturally deeply Interested In Its
ivelfnre, and the proposed construc
tion of the Panama canal makes it
'lighly Important that the large Inter
ests of the United Wtates should be
ully conserved in any action taken by
he republic of Panama. It Is con
ended thai the United States Is In an
xccllent position to. Insist on the ab
'olute safeguarding of Its rights on
the Isthmus, and might, If deemed
iroper, prevent the proposed annex
Hon -of Panama with Costa Rica. Thl!
notectlon Is raid to be embodied In
lie provisions ot the treaty with
Panama. Article 24 of tha treat,
which Is believed to cover a question
like that now under consideration
contains a clause as follows:
"If'tha Republic of Panamn shall
hereafter enter as a constituent part
1 ito any other government or Into
my union or confederation of -states.
o as to merge her sovereignty -or In-
lependpnee In such government, un
ion or confederation, the rights of the
nite.d States under the convention
shall not be in any respect lessened
r Impaired."
It is recognized by ' all that the
l'nltéd States Is vitally interested In
any Change in tile government or ran-
ima. , TheVact was recognized by the
lew government when It accepted the
treaty ceding the canal sone to he
United States. Article 24 of the treaty
leclares'that "no change either In the
government or In the laws and treaties
if the republic of Panama shall, with
out the consent of the United States,
iffeet any right of the United States
under the prent convention, orv tin
lar any' treaty stipulation between the
two countries that now exists or that
nay hereafter exist touching the mat
tar of this convention."
. Sonor Calvo., the Cose RIcan minis
ter to the United -States, declared em
phatically today that he had received
no official information rrom.'nis" gov-
rnment about a likely union of Costa
Alltlca and Panama. 2 "Should annexa
tion occur, : saia ne, in : American
people noed not be assured by a rep
resentative of , Costa Rlea that my
country .will do nothing that Is harm
fully their itiferests. Annexation
which Is- doubtless -regarded with fa
vor by the people of both Panama ano
Costa Flea, wnuii pe anvantageons if
both nations. It would double the ter
ritory of Costa Illea, Increase ouh
'redtt and sssure ,to us a powerful In
Ooence In Central America. . Annexa
tion wrmlr? be most silvtinagenus te
Pansma. beca ase it would give to thai
country the henent of our" experience
In govertimeit. of our laws and regí
latlons, sffectlng 'hygiene, and would
rvi,n result In the stumping out of
vellow faver Ami the bubonic plague.
Panama would further enjoy ihe nd-
v inlagi'S or our euoenunnai sysieui, ni
our exeidienf romniercial relations
uid of"nir sdvsnced Ideas enerallv.
Tbi. United Stales would. profit by Uic
amalgamation, 'because the canal
would then run a well governed and
Tiiefti I'onnirv, firder end trainiut-
Ity exist In Costa Rlea. In all of the
time that I have represented Coste
Rica at Washington, thirteen years
there his not b"n a singla Instance of
omrlitiiil because of a denial of Jua
f.ee ti' Vsfa lílc.l to n citizen 'if til'
Unli'fl Stales, cr. for that matter, of
snv fiiher country. And yt there i
an lmiueii sniourit f f.ireu-'i i.'pita'
Iniestt-J In CiisU J tica."
--.t. jo. i ;
ni Mor.
to tilt
been IP
Khan, Per
1 Males nuil
ver: I days,
dan mili
AVishlnBton. Sept. SO. George Her-! remarry without ohtalnie a divorce
ton, American consul at Athens has! (which, seems , to be permissible In
sent lo the state depattmeni a warnlrg' ,i'";',','' ""''s ihn prreautlon, above
, , -, , . , ' ,i noted is observed i s , matter of toi
to Au.,-Ic,h,s agalnt marrymg Greeks . ,,vú ,,,,,,,, tonMr n.
without Vicing sure that the ceremony closes in his report n copy of a Icg;
is perfurmed by a reJuhle Greek i opinion as to the p'g-illty 'in Greece oi
priest.- He says that ttio desertion' of f.i marriage eot.li k ted abroad I y
A merit u ives and families by Gref k Greek suii?'Ih f stiengthen hi!
husbands .-who retnin to , Greece nod i 'warnings. ' . ' ;
People Resolved lo Keep
the City Clean.
New Orle-insJ I. a
yellow fever report
, S'-'pt,
to ti p.
SO. The
M-w cases. SI. .
... Total cases to date
. Iieaths, 2.
Total deaths. SS S. ,
New foci, 11.
Under treatment,,-:: 10.'" ' ,t;
. Discharged, 2.312. ' '
A terrllir raiiiHtorm that temporarl'y
put many street. under water, de
scended in the city today, but as the
water was speedily carried off by the
drainaga machines (here was no. Inter
ruption of the work of either doctors
or Inspectors. The death list Vas again
a source of gratification pointing up
mlHtakably to Ihe fact'that the type tf
fever Is exceedingly mild.
Today-comnloted the tenth 'week of
the fight, against the disease. With the
fever practically whipped conferences
are now proceeding In connection with
the establishmei.t nf a permanent hos
pital by which It is hoped to avoid any
further recurrence of yellow fever In
epidemic form. Following the exam
ple of Havana, the fundamenfal'iiim of
the promoters is to secure a site like
ly to be most free of stcgomyla mos
quitoes. . In YlckKbure;.
" Vlcksbui'K, Miss., 'Sept. SO. Twelve
new rases of yellow, fever and two
deaths were reported up to 6 p. in., to
day. .., ... . " .
Alabama Fills tin Quarantine.
Rlriul.iglnm, M i.. Sept. 34 -Alaba-ma,
ha inaratitm"I njMlnst the eMre
s ite ..of A'lV-o.-Murit. the' nu tr,in1liii
labiiit! Clit"i ai 3 p. in' ii'ia',- - .'
' , In tViisw-ola. '
Fensiicoia, Fla., Sept. 30. Fow l em
new cases of yellow, fever and three
deaths were reported today.
MMi:. St'llL'MAW-HKINK I'Olit I-.O
TO C'.WCIJi All; 1 1 Kit, M-.W YORK
moro wt auMwc u k ' ,
New York, Sept. 80.---Mme. Sehu-mann-Helnk
has canceled her ait"
noon and evening engagements for
yraeuMf, anu is now In New
vork to receive treatment here nt the
hands of her physician. Her throat Is
in serious condition. ,
She did not sing.in'Ogitensburg, N.
Y., but expected to appear in Syra
cuse Thursday evening. ' The throat
aiady grew wo-se, however, and she
came on to New York at once.
on reaching this city she placed her
self under the care of Dr. J, Mount
Bleyer, throat specialist, with a large
practice among grand and comic opera
singers, who said that Mmc. Helnk u
uttering from a severe strain to her
vocal cords, which will necessitate
treatment and a compute rcHt for two
or three weeks. , ,
riiiwiii has i ii. i i n to ii:rru
or nvi: Mi.Ti.ns o nt untiru
I'arls, Sept. SO. Tie Suez Canal
company today made . public the fol
lowing statement:
"The soundings i.iken aft'ir the
blowing up of the Urllish steamer
Chatham show that the channel h:m
iPiled In to a depth of five meters
across ihe enth'c h Id' h for a distance
of eighty meters. It seems that 'the
debris projected i'ti the , western side
can be removed nvitfi shears wiihotit
having reiourse to explosives. !racr
gingfi eiitalihsli thst the channel Is en
tirely free nt thenorth from kiluuie.
tee IB. the sou Mi from kilometer IÜ.
U'e expect day irnnsit to bo resumed
by orloher H nt lli- latest.
Ilia Smelii-r fr liHiiiiilina.
i:i piisn. Texas' S"ia. SO.--'I he Am
erican Smelting. -and Refining romiiy
idiiv ptirchase.il a lie at Chltniabua.
Mexico, for the erection of th biggest
sun-It. r in that count i v. The vo,k lci
to start at oncfl
jí ? .
M irrniwn
ñ ni
Ccndiilcns Now Wórse tfiañ
: Lltl i.lwtwt
""'- Í' - J, ' -rrfiinfii'--.-"' "' 'W '
- : t .
í; .:. ... .vj-
. ivor.aon, rcpi. ,v J M tore, scv
retary of the U.iiU-iu cifni;i-'tr"w he
has returtiedfrojrt a two niVitlis' tout
of MacedonVj to the YAciated
I'ress todaf: f ,' '
"The wanton (.laughter tit CifMlun
In Macedonia r'iMitliiues under t nyes
Of Hurope'l ret.re'.-en'.atlves. i'viw-.sing
the Rulfpirian hbrder, the first itewj to
gre't mv wasjii tinput.n,iblcSnas-a,
ere in the llttli- village of Koopnlli
which occurred tfiiee days befure my
anlviil. On visiting U' village foti.id
the bodiof a man, to women1, a fiirl
and the childnn still -uiied mid
laid out In thf ChrlsilaiiX liurch. The
woman had been hhot, but I saw ou..
child whoso bead tv.id been ct'ic-hcd
proh ibly with the butt of a gun.
"The wounded had been taken t
Kgt-I Palanki.i; un' hour's rldi dl-tant
and where reshies the Austrian office!
in charge of the district.
"The.juory of the iiffair is a rcefl
tion of the ott-told tale. An Insurgent
band visited the village and demanded
food on departing. The Turkish au
thorities, learning of the visit, dis
patched a body of troops, which, dis
covering no Insiti gents hi ' the place
dealt out their revenge on the Chris
tians. ,1'he observ.iiion of the ICuro
pean officers seMiin . deters the Mo
hammednnw from, slaying Cht lsllruis,
The Austrian otl'if tr , at ' Kounttiiiova
district has ihaf";e of ll'1 v!il ,u-,
where most brill '' munleiü ne id
'illii.' in.i. I,. , f rl ;,i-ti'U 'Hit,!
by the ntithrnrities, ; ,.-
In the Moussiir 'district Ihe Italian,
officers sleei with the Turkish arms Ir
order to .observe its methods of, 'sup
pressing Irvsiirgcnts." , ,'j'hls; however,
only prevents special detat hinents
from perpetra ling el line.
"The village of Mogula, in which an
Albanian brigand was , assassinated
was punished by Turkish troops. Nine
unarmed peasants i ro killed and
arms were npiced herlde them in a
cornfield. In order to deceive the Jtal
lati ofTlcers who wrp Invited to In
spect the 'Insurgents.' liut the rifles
wore of the pal torn used by the troops
In the Monastic rtl.itrli t.
"Brigandage , continues flagrantly,
and life and properly are less safe
than before Russia and Austria were
given ihe mandate to reform tne.coun
try two years ago. The gendarmerie
ol'i lcei's admit their Inability to .protect
the population, and several of them
told me they had so reported to their
governments. The Macedonians have
no hope left." ' '
Mr. Moore says the country is still
swarming with Asiatic troops, which
have not been removed since the mo
bilization against Bulgaria In 190S.
James Bryce, M. P., president of the
Balkan commitfee Is now touring Ma
cedonia and investigating conditions
preparatory to laying the results of his
tour before the British parliament.
. The authorities in Macedonia" are
said to be employing every means to
prevent him from gathering informa
tion, and the Porte has requested the
llrltlsh government to permit the ex
pulsion of Mr, Bryce from Turkey. :
More Mutiny In Asiatic Turkey, 1
Vienna, Sept. 30. Contrary to semi
official assurances, the Insurrectionary
movement In the San Jak and . Basar
districts of Asiatic Turkey Is growing,
and the Servian population Is mutiny
ing against the Turkish authorities.
i Tixcuisiii n ;i i:srs. "
Fhiladelphiil, I'a.. Sept. 30. In the
presence of a distinguished- party of
guests, the battleship Mississippi was
launched today at the- yards of the
William Cramp Ship and Engine
Building company. The vessel's spon
sor was Miss, Mabel Clare Money
daughter of United .States Kenator Mo
ney. Owing to the prevalence of yel
low fever In the south Governor Var
doman of Mb slssippl, and his staft
were unable to attend the. laiincblpg,
The governor w is represented I y .Sen
ator Mo nc.'.
'i he guests Included Admiral Dewey
Lieutenant Commander ..Wood, Re r
Admiral Rogers, Mayer Weaver, oi
this city, ihe nnvl olTieers stationed
here and In Washington and many
prominent civilians.
The christening ,iarty consisted .of
iHenslor and Mrs. Money, Miss Money
and her fiancee, Dr. William Whitney
Kitchen. They were escorted to the
yarij by General George IS, Williams,
the Clamps' Washington represents,
live, who accompanied them to thi
city. ImmedUlH'ly after Ilia launching
luncheon w as served. ,
I'l'iun Hod Man
to Frcsldenl.
Philadelphia, P;
., Sept., 80.-Sulb-
erlund M. i'levost, third vice president
of tun Pennsylvania Railroad compituv
died lonighl lit his home belt ot i
complication of kidney and heart trou
ble. nK.'d SO jeam. He began bit I u;
rotnl career In lKti as a rod man la
the ens-i
the Fhl!
"r .corps
! phi a
Illinois AullionliesSaid.io
Shield Murderers.'.
Or. B)rd C. Pow-.II TciU Chicaba Au
thorities Startling Stcry cf Crime
: in Which Troiriiiseni
i.. it:.,.. i I
. liiliCS AIC (I1IUÜ.
... - 4
t mrago, Kept. Si. .ITl pis íií ft st
iles if sensations Whiclr iie aliened to
havjf mouIdered fnV Tntriii hs )n Cam
bi iifO. HI., and will. 'Hj mav explain
'Mt mysterious ' death of !john V.
Streed. a prominent -attorney and doI-
illld-in who was found , líteles at his
lTlce door In 't'atnibridgii u week ago
vlth a bullef through Its had. were
"evenled here ttiday, , V ' 1 '
l)r, Hyrd i1. ,,Powell,,vivT'nrtry'siir
reon of Sandwich, III., cai to Chica
go and Void a story .running -back of
the recent Suicide of his broth):, Wil
liam 1". Po ell, of, Cambridge. Tl.i
story . discloses a chain of facts .'con
necting the Powell, and Streed risen
with the virtual murder of a 'Swedish
Jomestlc In the home of a wealthy ami
'imminent nijftn at t'ambridge' more
than five ywrs ago. , She .was linnet)
secretly, vjfViout a death cerfitteak r
in liKiiie.jr In the opinion of Or, Po
well, AJPtnrncy i Streed WUSV . inurderod
hecn.u Streed knew the truth bi hind
lb" woman's death.' Streed got ;thc
facts from William I).' Powell,, mho
committed suicido August ü(!. lust, nf
er Mr. Powell's home bad been brok
tn Up and the guilly persons tditelded
't Is alleged, by influential pniUica
friends. Pr Powell declares uii
brother was. driven lo his dea Hi .by
vilque st Cambridge.
He suspected several men of protnl
nence of helpg too' frlendlv with, bl
wlfe. and encfiiinlered hs n i-.ai!t p c-a-eullon
whl' h It is said dro.e b.m if
suicide. , ,. '" : ,
Finallv Powell ftwoko one mnniing
to find "I af and feathers" written on
his floor with a riot" oi iwr.t'ig hint. I o
leavo town
wtlhin four id.'.'
H or suilVl
il; brother
ff .his sf-C.:--of
nt the hands ( n
'I hen p.
William., d
'c-ii aiiiiiiioi'i o
I i 1 -d Ihe st- f-
,', . .r ' .i lOV . ,'l.
t.(;i eeiit Ions iiud the I hi 1
" What f-luill UdoV" K '
h" 1 111 fil
spalr. ' . .. v , - ' " ," '
. "Go affer thorn, " rep!, i uu ao ,;
nr, "You Uooiv something of the desi
of this SwiMttsli. girl; . ', ''
"The men persecuting you ii- la
yolved In th'if i-ase. , Go after Inem.".
Two ileti lives errlved at CanibrJdKf
ii remit, tv jvrk up evidence in i-ef,
ieV.f to th. di'Mll of the dom-ffti'
V. T). I'owcll 'took Ihe evidence to At
'nvne Streed ate' aikert him to pni.-.. -cuta
the men. Streed refused to.dn.it,
heeaiise It involved some ol bis t
friends. William D. Powell's íjinm
followed. ' ' Dr. Powell believes - tli.it
Streed and some of the suspected wo
quarrelled and In the heat of dispute
Sireed betrayed his knowloh;.- of tin
domenlH' tragedy.
"ilv fi'Other." said Mr. Fwell. tu
day, ""was hounded to Tleath by a
cllimc of men who control e.-eryliilt.K
In the administration of the law in
Cumlirldge. If Streed was murdered
It is a simile matter for ihe i;nn
bridge authorities to find out tubo ate
tbe persons Interested In biliu'.ri'.
Shout his death. Hut thev.hav pur
posely suppressed the truth, whii n If
revealed, may lead to tbe discovery of
Ktreed's piurderer find bring to .Unlit
another murder."
'hick nkvk.n s.mai.i-cuii.nni v
Rock Island. III.. Sept. So.-Mrs
Clarence Markhnm, of 'CumbrhUi
near here, In'a fit of leinprrory m-.m
Ity. today killed her seven i,hibinn
with an axe Hfter which she pined
thetr bodies on a bed, saturate! It
with-coal fill and set (Ire to H. Mie
then hacked her throat with a kntlc
and throw, herself on the burning, lied
Neighbors res; ucd her, h".t !;'! '' -
badly lnirnet' that she rtl''d sooivuftur
she h,id made a confession. j v '
Vow UourM Kst.ilitl.-lil lit I'nlycrsity
Of t'lllCHJJO.
Chicago, 'Kept. HO. Co-ope r.iiinn be.
ttveen thu University of t'hlciigo and b
nuuilier cf railroad officials hi' re-iilti-d
In tin) establishment of a four
year course In railway education., An
Advisory board composed m n I v." of
railroad wen has been establish! d witli
K. W. McKvnna, assistant to I renl lent
Farllng of the Mtlwaukca and !t.
Paul road, as clialrman and Danle.
Wlllard. second vice president "f the
Rurllngton. ns vlte chairman. A'oom.
fhosij who form this board are A- '"
P.ird. A. F. UafiUs, W. C. Prow . V, A
riel.ino, W. T. Har-ihan. J. M Ualih
orn, S. M. Keltoii. W. A. Gai bier, H
T Fulton, .1. Krulischnllt tmd H
: iiom-ia. Tlif-'e men. ieireieel ng m
Gn-y do fill pliiws of riitroail'iiK, I
liape the f-niiehos which aro to If.
aven and will lbe;li"elves, as ..'
requires. fUdivcr lectures..
The first ve iv'.i courao. from o- to! i
to Jim", will be develed to nliv.
conditions In tbe t; rilled St.-iti
second ye-ir wlll.be devoted t" ft
ncrvlce, rn'.i-.av li.insporlatieii i .
way 'iw ae.d rate regulation. Ijur".
ih" Hilrd year the f !l.'iln t i i i '
will ie cot'cied: P,is.ciigir
statistics and geography of tad"
signalling and trun service :
stidlting and (ltvui'e and tt-r
lliirlng tbe fourth ye pj. the f .
"ubjeets will be studied; M'
er, railroad eiiuipment, track,
development and the eooiio ,
railway locornotlon.
ItallMiiys V a ot Injunction IVi .
Austin, T'ia3, !''
railways wlib-h jcl
enjoin tht collection
cent tax on t heir ki
waived thcii petition
Ifiluneliiia nod the, e;
O' (niter 11,
. -30.
i H t
1 1
AM H M . " d
Rocks in Dense Fc.
Erolhcr of rüüt' in" 'Aiargé
Steamer in 5ame Way cn
; Same Rocks Twelve
: . ', Years Ajo, -
San Francisco, C,il.r Kept. 30. The
steamer Al nueda, of the Ocennb
ritcamslilp company line, wb'nh start
ed for Honolulu today, ran on- the
rocks at Fort pulrt, mi tlm. southern
side of .the. Golden Cue? All' .of 'hci
passengers vi ew landed in safety ,ii
every CITort i- being m ide to pu" tt,
le-se from lis d.ir,gcrot ptMii ,
The accident Js atlr'l.ui d to tbe be i.
fog which jirev.iili.il tnis ítei nn'in.1
No llvei have hi e:v lost th.nigii tV.t
fue of (he vessel 1;, ytl In doubt. '
. The, p'jini ut whin th ves."t( itrutt'
Is. on a bidge of rocks that 'makes of
to the norlhward truin the. old hrli'.
tort,' extending al rtyt 200 yards. Thej í
Is d buoy about .ItliyHrds northweft ol
the ledge, but between the buoy HR(
ledce there Is a d .. h of about .-eve:
fathoms of wsicr. ' . . i. ' .
When tin; Al.imel-i sailed tl.,"re vi!
much fog. -'which alternately lifted r
bit and then thirkened up, . '
Had Hie vt v 1 been R.'i í at a hlgb
ale of Spec I fi Ki'ualee ,,w 4t,r Would
doubtless h ivcO' cnrri'-l it as Mic
was running at n slot gait.
fill Fot t Puis-' U''-r" ii.-i llgbthiiusi
uní a fog siguí) i ,ut tii-t sónnd of tin
latter,, sea-urivr men sav lilljillt Jiavc
lil'iOmi! t,01dl'!-. villi tin Wbli-llfS !
fee manv eral t un the biv.' f -
The A I, nut d.i's cai go Is valued at
J '. OHO. Tn" e - i.ir'cii out of I He
harbor lit liii';e .f Flint . H. Jnhii-.-er
The p'..;i r.".' is h.it been landed
h . fe fit.t and t!'i;i and teturned t.
tli'l '' r the rVi-eel "t ar llnei whii I
CNf"--"?! ' l I. to the 'I t-lle of tilo jei I-
on as the ste'imer struck tin
if the crew went, at onue to t lied
í I.lH. t!t ,'blp's bniih Were prompt-
f t 'K .v'.-l.' 4 i'h '....
I: f ofertiíí Hri-l- tiiannit.g i., ,, t.' i s -
UtJ U'f great -dispare. - . -.- . i
J'.very effort Is being made to pul'
the Alameda oft the rocks, and then
N a pos-tibilny that the ve.--.el may In
ivcd. .... : .,
" l-'nintly of HimnKhhI Pilots.
Diagonally opiinstti tb.spfit where
the AUimedj went, on tit.t links tht
steamer. City of New York was wreck
ed of" twelve years ago. while Pilot
fnhiiHon, broiiicr of.llio idiot on tin
Alameda todiiy, was guiding the ve
Ml. Tht New. York was a total, wreck.
Heavy 'fogs Interfered with the course
of the. ship In exactly the same man.
tier as with be Alameda tojay,
' A force of men ha been sent out ti
the Alnmedl with Instructions to tils
barge br migo us qultkly s pfi
bin. Another attempt will b made t(
ilont the vcusel at next high tide.
Aii'iittcmpl was innde- lui-t today tr
lighter (tie cargo tit the Alameda
Lighters were placed -.-nloiiKsidn, Bud
the work aimiiieuced. ,but the sea be
i ame so rough thai the lines were con
tinually snapping. The attempt was fi
nally abandoned. The steamer Ib'
about In the same position and anoth:
er effort will he made 10 Host her I
midnight when th tide will be favor
nble.;,' .'...','. .,...,.
Spei l.il to the Muii lug Jiniiliiil.
Lh Venas. N. V.. :-''id. . -
Rluei won easily from i-iaiHn Fe
afternoon bv a scurv "i "n
Id- and N.ii-b l'.'l, ";
hyiuerqiic iind I am Vcg.i" '
Are Viroca nUiug a le tin
I hroiigh
high cl i
his aft
fair. I''
Ihe t. , -llient
pl fi lo 111'
lug ' r'ivi'1 ;i
ijtiii t iw trie
I 1 1
tiisncial sucft-.-ictc.nieiit
o, id" Ibst. i -
feelUlt-. . r
-,olllif 'J l
ii I r-a- ri - i i
w, .i...' 1
t no . t
HO Il'l!
p. -
que In
Sp. -
tilt 1..
,H A '!.
AV. 1. ' r
t$ Odlll-:
-d the
Pi 'ill I be '
4l pill Sel'l'-'l N ilk'
and I -tidy l.UIn lb,-
in i:or.
,il t I n
Tokio, .-' I
i o has ho-!f:n7agliishl,-
i In- J.i,-
'.v tin ii
In y J . v
, ': il.- - J
i,i ,,' , "
-i. tin . ...
1 b
.4' "f
Grand Jury Wcnfs C!::n-U;
in 0! J Tcvn. .
Fiftj-Í'.!;t InJicíssenís c'Lrn':d la
Two Weeks' Session Cmcrl.ij
Wide Rsne cf Cri::;: ff;::?
r.urder to Kiuf.
The F.emuliJlo county gnind. juty
comjilctcd Its work yef-terday af'er
iKum, and was liscliargud, after li.iv
io(4 iiecn In stslon tor two acekis.
The juiy returned fifty-eight indict-,
niejits, some of them si-nsatioiuil in
nature,, and presented a repon to
Judgw, Abbott yesterday afiernoiai
nhlch takes a close and vatcful lona
into county affairs, with definite re
mits apjiareiit in the repon.
The criticism of the management oC
the county Jail Is especially seven-, and
vhts porlloti of Ule report Is haiidlwu
v.'il h a directness and vigor that Is re
freshing. The lilt by condition of th
ocrt iuiuse Is also ref.-ired to, s ai
i, irons defects in the county govern
tei. i, Improper handling of Uñantes,,
, ucleiifi Justlc-s of the , peace, anl
iiany oJi r Jjnai t inepial ni.ittr-i-
.-.'hlcli hac Ifii .s U ,i p.iswd by. vo
iidiclmeiiu were rt'ani'd for iu'
fiw i iolrttions. Hh; jury Ixing u.ittiU,
to agree uim thin iiucsfioii.
J iht J.it Of louii tlUt lllS. '
The ful lKt of bid itKi relUMel
iy the gr.tnd jurv Is as fniiiiws;
'J.Jni'ii.i .M'Cld'l!!:. two Indit ttii i.l.!
or win kr, MeClur is t h.in.-ed vt1' s
ill" lo'lilil thiuMe miifder lit t'le J..i
'.tiercit crossintí last June. " .
HAi'T.Mo Tl.-f.tll.fji t ,-r :: i
"1.11 I'll US. .-'' a;:ie; -,
C!l i;i.4- KIMJ.V, 1 i'.
11 J 1AM K. LI-!-'. .1 i' ! Un 'o-
ent to murder.
CAMdl'O PAI'lfl.A. !- :b..g ttt
tlc. Í
M KG All ITO A N i SV N J".Ii'.A,
ItiSK CIHqUlTo, Jt AN Aill-VIA.
Healing sheep. . ' '
V KG l;fTl INK .IF VN JoJOl-A,
llI'.'flTM. AND AI.-i'TV .'e-uu!
tiid b.tMorv. - , , - ,.' - . '... '
WUUA.M fkHmlUC, Sai-"f y.
- : !, i vt-: '. .i ,- : .'.:-
ii nt to cimiiuil murder
M A A I II. GARCIA, .iba Mnnl
Jurainlllt). a'.ce ling sheep. ,
John s v-t nsi;v. a. i'ii! voüi a
b adly wen pen.
-M. A Tl ('KICK, assiult vtitli luieiii
0 111 1 1 I'd ef. ..
KF.I.li'l AN' Ul'ir.MíU. ""-nilt vs Itii
litem in kil'.
l:RU I'.ONAI.l) I'.OWAN, ful glit",
1 railroad pass. 1
liOMICIt J. Ii'M'TI'tlltT, Miibev.te-
ineiil. ' ' ' . .
THOMAS M K r..H A -V, bii'-eny,
llKN'líY 'MTHiNAl.D. alius C.ciiikis
White,' two indietnifiils. lor .forget y
i list iibliilliing. money under false pre
vé use.
ten i i itr if-a i :.v t.' P nt lío -Míja-
ii na -1 ,i i
lllertitie police force, one indictment
or cinhei'.lemioit, one for . obtaining
money under fa lit pf clen.'f-, and nnu
for .assault.
Ol Aflil.; ; POAXVJ AND JOS 15
i Al 'A, fiU" liidii t'lieuts ' for t.te.ihti8
MM AND r.UClLI K, as.siult with
:uient to tnalin.
SAlt-V J. SMITH, unl.l'Afiil M-lUni
of liiiuoi'., .
Hi.gton, laieeny. , '
M. A. 'ilcKUl;. assault with .a.
Jt iidlv weapon.-
LINKS, I'l.Hiii) O'lN"-t.''S. io.'A
CIVNO i,t i"-Al.i:.-. IH.IIMO TIC
III. Mb J"- ": CI. I AM-.-i. MFl,Ul'l5
'.'l,.', MAI'.j;, three i v,i t mi,ts f ir
'lit-! f I li? U. !l lot'--' at ,111 ele.ttOll.
' WUI.IW ViUi.' AW lii'ieiMii.at-
mr e :i i-i !
V ItI'd
ittoriey nndei
I'll', III'"
. 'pen,
- '".I :.i,
! lie i - l .
:t .1 .
,. U !.!'
J'"f "
. wtI.c.X. .obtaining
f, c;"iles. ,
' ;i 1 1 y in g t.toii'1-aie-f
s. i an ;. lag mi
MSM.ciilt is Ii h luient
IN' J. A. Ci',''-!',y, u,
nfMlill.- with IHteiit to
n Indictment.
J il t J'-'IV DUNMVO.
i: f.. .iiii'i,i;v, J. J.
ii. - novo 11. J. NOft
( ,!'lii:i,. Hot.
, it I I... (ititaining money
ai.ns- -
A I-T a - Vmeny,
. Hl.tU.i;t4, eii.bewle-
, ! M i . : I ' I Wi: p.
I - , t , I' m
. MAM 'ORA HA M HHU'i'li-
.i'H rA itx K'ri. rtittnuin
:,blt"" and gambling witlioni.
c epriritf ut t .-uin .d In ' ': !i
.., 1 tn-lictmi nt sg.ilnit
-,-n I .!.:,.,! tvas relnrned yes
, -.1 Jh In t omteellon With tus
ii-Ai tr tlt rouurv fundí lur'---g
, i-, -.-.t Huid fin t oi.niy ofn . .
. i hH t iiiff.U. Miitlieit at t'.n-"
. lit nd In flif -n u of i i . n orí.
pi-..-.. tll , lnrtt.-lmnt w-s. rs urned
.'.ii,., tig liiift Wii,' tni M'jrui", "f .
.', , i,-, o r'l'e' polo '- t "i'- Miel s t It'
-t l.lii.ftie,, with hi fli)!le.ltin f
1 ;i u bn.vl, t th r".'i'- t f a"
ilil All'iiifiiertjue-.!ici
!n f.iiinil .loi.t " i:c" i,
Thrt ;,' toi l')i t -t 1 ' p'-i ' !t fil f.ntirt
r-tihiw Idus In fitii:
To Hie Dwirh-t utiH-t, t.'iHitttv -,f H't.
.tb io, .- i-:.-.!. I . : t.-rtu, i'.tr,
r.i llpi Hnitorabl Ira A. Alilwit. Ai'-
tinln Jnsilce of tli httpreme mtf-
t'f N'e-.V Me i
I)tstrl't ritiii-l
Hit : - -v. i
!toi. t ,. - - í
til"a ,i , ellr í i
VVf, 1': ) , , 1
i flor to i-i ; -, ,
i.ive b-1 t,.!-niM
and ,fi.iii'4"
... 1 I 1 of
iw ef i O!: !..

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