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Secretary Leaves for Pan
ama in November. -
Moody Will Proceed Afainst Mer
chant's Bridge Company for
Monopolizing Missis
sippi Traffic.
Washington, Oct. 6. The manage
ment of the isthmian canal affairs wll,
remain under Secretary Taft, who will
go to Panama in November to Investí
gate the situation there and thorough
ly inform himself tt the conditions oi
the canal zone. - The decision to kee
the control of the oannl In the war de
parment instead of tranaferring It ti
the state department was definitely
decided today In a decision 'that fol
lowed the cabinet meeting. Now tha
the work Is to proceed under his direc
tion. Secretary Taft will proceed t
Panama, go over the situation In detal
and return to Washington about ith;
time congress convenes. The secretarj
has had conflicting reports regardln;
the progress of the work, the sanita
tlqn, facilities for officials and labor
ers, and he desires to have persona
knowledge which will enuble hlin t'
decide what should he done and wha
recommendations shall be made t
congress respecting the issue of bomb
Which have been provided for by con
gresg. Secretary Taft will give ever
feature of the canal administration hb
careful personal attention.
Washington, Oct. 6. Several Im
portant questions were discussed at to
day's cabinet meeting, although at the
conclusion of the session !t was an
nounced officially that no details oí
the discussion could be made public.
In fact it was unnounced that hereaf
ter no information would be given out
by cabinet officers of their semi-weekly
meetings with the president, bul
that such information that it wat
deemed proper for the public to havf
wo'vld. bo given to newspaper men by
Secretary Loeb.
.Despite- the Injunction of secrecy It
Is learned that action was taken on
two or three important matters and
that others were considered. The mo
nopoly enjoyed hy trie Merchants
Rridge company of St. Louis of bridge
and ferry routes across the Mississippi
river was considered at length. It way
decided todny that Attorney General
Moody should begin "appropriate" ac
tion against the bridge company. The
attorney general made the following
statement ftt the action taken:
"It was determined by the president
that upon complaint ponding In thr
department of justice against the mo
nopolisation of the two bridges a,nd
the ferry across the Mississippi Intr
St. Louis, appropriate action should
be begun by the attorney general."
Mr. Moody said he could not sty nt
this time what action he might con
sider "appropriate." He did not know
he said, whether the action would look
to the forfeiture of the charter of the
Merchants.' Rridge company or not. as
he would have to go over the law
bearing upon the matter before reach
ing any determination.
The determination of the attorney
general to bring suit Is the result of
Secretary Taft' Investigation. It Is
understood the suit will be, based on an
alleged violation of the anti-trust laws
of the Cnlted States. The congres
sional charter for the bridges provided
for their forfeiture In case of a mono
poly. Secretary Taft found that the
violation of the law had not been suf
ficient to work a forfeiture, but sug
gested procedure, first, by bringing s
mandamus against himself as secre
tary of war In case any person felt ag
grieved st his refusal to declare a for
feiture, or. second, a suit under the
anti-trust law. It Is expected that at
torney general Moody will proceed un
der the Sherman act.
The Chinese (Question.
Considerable attention e ns' devoted
by the meeting to the consideration of
questions arising from eomnlalnt of
the Chinese government, that its sub
jects were unjustly . discriminated
against by the United states at riorts
of this country. Secretaries Hoot
Taft and Metcalf have given much
time to this Question, and with the
president,' they participated In the dis
cussion. After the discussion In the cabinet
regarding Chinese Immigration to this
country, it was determined that no
changes or modifications In conflict
with Instructions to I'nlted States
consuls contained in the circular Is
sued several months ago by the presi
dent's direction will be made.
Taft Will KhimtvIso Canal.
It was definitely derided that the
management of the Isthmian canal
ihould remain under Secretary Taft.
f Secretary Wilson brought to the
attention of the president and cabinet
the determination he had reached re
garding the Inspection of meats. He
Indicated that under the law meat
pn'-kers could not be forced to pay the
cost of ment Inspection. He had de
cided, however, that here;ifter pack
ers should py for e1s or tags placed
upon Inspected meats Intended for ex
port. This will bring a revenue to the
department of agriculture of nearly
130,000 a year. This sum the secretary
proposes to devote to extending the
Inspection of meats to packing house-
which have requested mat mey De
given Inspectors, but whose requests
hive not been complied with because
the department has not had funds
with which to pay Inspectors. Th
Ides of Secretan- Wilson was approved
by the cabinet and It will be put into
operation at once.
August Will Recover.
New York. Oct. 8. It was stated to
riiht that the condition of August
Belmont, who was operated on yester-
.. r xnt,ndlcltls. was unchanged
and that his recovery would be rapid.
Alleged Despot of Island of Cuba and Candidate of Liberal Party
Who Would Succeed Palma
iff: Í, S "- 3lvl
Iff ; y ' w r.-W
fir iWl
v-V -
irys Suicide After Killing
Lililí Girl.
Chicago, Oct. 6. Dr. Oliver R. Hart,
ged 29 years, a physician residing In
:he suburb of lingers Talk. Is In cus
pdy of the police pending further In
estigatlonof the death, of Irene Klo
av, ten years of age, which occurred
yesterday in the residence of the phy
iclan. It Is the opinion of the police
'hat a charge of murder will be lodged
isalnst Dr. Hart and that he will have
nuch troublo to escape conviction.
The glil died In a bed room of the
'Iart resilience In which she and' the
diysiclan h id been locked for several
'lours. It Is the opinion of the auth
orities hased on 4he facts disclosed at
he Inquest held tndiy, that the girl
vis maltreated and then poisoned in
in attempt to conceal the crime. After
'ndlng that it was impossible for the
hild to recover the physician swal
Twed morphine and lay In an uncon
clous condition all of last night and
luring the greater part of today. Lute
this afternoon he partially recovered
nd was hrotnrht to the city and lock
d up tn the East Chicago avenue po
ice stat'on.
The girl was taken about a year
dnce from the Industrial homo for
"'Iris hy Tlr. Hart and his wife, who do.
'Ired a girl who could sorv in a mea
ire as companion for Mrs. Hart, who
's but 17 ynnrs old, and at the same
üme do light work about the house.
Yesterday two sifters of Irene Klo
'cow called at thp Hart residence and
in company with Mrs. Hart went on a
"hopping expedition to the city. Irene
complained of a headache and wa left
lone in. the house with th" physl
lan. What happened In the house Is
not known exactly, hut the first Inti
mation that anything was wrong was
1 telephone message sent by Pr. Hart
o n neighbor. Mrs. Richard Curtis.
Dr. Hart told the woman to summon
help at once, a he was dying.
Mrs. Cortls sent word to a physician
ind then ran oyer to the Hart resi
dence. She let lies little daughter
limb through a celias window nnd un
bolt the fropt door so that she could
ret Into the house. After entering
he called to Pr. Hart and he shouted
rrom the door above:
"fiero I am . You will have to
'ireak through another door."
Mrs. Curtis threw her weight against
'he hen room door and broke ll open.
The Klokow girl was lying on the lied
nartlally dressed, her hair disarrang
ed and much of It torn from her head
and the room showed evidence of a
desperate struggle. The girl was un
eonselous and evldentlly dying, uml
rr. Hart Informed Mrs. Cortls that she
hid swallowed morphine pills after he
had given her some medicine. Or.
Hart went Into an adjoining room and
wallowed a large quantity of mor
phine. The efforts of Dr. Hulstron, n physi
cian who hss been called ito revive the
Tlrl were unavailing, and she died In a
ihort time. Dr. Hart was given some
restoratives and Dr. Hulstron labored
with him for several hours before be
ing convinced that he would ultimately
recover. A detail of police officers
were placed nt Dr. Hurt's bedside and
he was practically under arret until
late this afternooti, when the Inquest
-vcr the bndv of the Klokow girl was
adjourned. Dr. Hart, who was then
'n elinost s normal condition, was for
nulty tiken Into custody.
The Inquest, which brought nut no
fafts other than those stated above,
was ndjeurned until next Tuesdav, at
which time the coroner's physician,
who has made an examination of the
hody of Irene Klokow, will present his
report. The police, however, declare
that they will pot have the slightest
Hfflciiltv In proving by clrcumiitnntl.il
vUence that Dr. Hart gave morphine
to the girl and, I responsible for her
Dr. Har has resided In Chicago bul
i short ll;ne. nnd Is the son of a mil
lionaire residing In St. Iiuls. who sent
him regularly an allowance of money
which has supported him nnd ills wife,
is he had no practice In his profes
sion, Mrs. Hart was before her mar-
h i -
rl.ige Vera Krlegesmann, daughter of
an official In the St. Ijouis pontof fice,
They -vere married when Mrs. Hart
was but 16 years old.
(ny "or and Oi-tTiio Leave Tod:iy.
Montreal. Oct. 6. Tomorrow the
United States marshals will start wHu
Oreene and Gaynor for S ivannah, (Jaw-here
they will te placed on trial for
alleged embezzlement and couspiriiey
to defraud the t'nited states govern
ment, on indictments secured in 18!''J.
licit (Kid Will ( After Crowe.
Helena, Oct. B. Governor Toole to
day honored tile requisition of (Jov-
crnnr Mickey, of Nebraska, f.ir I'at
Crowe. The specific charge Is robbery.
Illnnrv ftefflel.t 1m tiuineil :i i-n'i'iit ;m,i
he wiH go to Butte after Crowe.
floated yesterday
nit; iii it will ni: (ooo
i;vi:st Arrr.it a i i:v
San Francisco, Cal., Oct. B. The
steamer Alameda floated today nnd Is
tonight moored at the Pacific street
wharf where the workmen are busy
removing 200 tons of the cargo re
maining in her hold. It Is expected
that the damage Is not so great as tit
tlr.st supposed and that her stay in the
dry dock for repairs will not be of long
OVER 3,00011 AVE
New Orleans, Oct.
. m.:
New ca.se.H, 25.
Total to dale, 3,14
Deaths. 1.
Total. 407. '
' New foci, X.
6. Ileport to 6
Cases unile
treat ment,
sixtfkx xi;w casí;s
I'eiifcii'ola. Oct. B.rTlio official fev
er summary today folows:
New caf-es, 16.
Total to date, 219.
Dealhs, 2. ,
Total, 37.
Discharged, 79.
jl'nder treatment, 103.
Itrltaln-ltirsla I'.iitcntc.
London, Uit. . Following closcdy
upon the publication of the text of
the Anglo-Jiipanore treaty, has come
considerable talk of the possibility of
on understanding being reached be
tween Great Lrltain and Uussla. The
newspapers are pointing out that If
Russia Is sincere In her expression of
i desire for peace In central Al.i there
Is no reason why the two ancient ene
mies should not come to an agreement
that will not only assure peace, but
clear away the suspicions leading to
the friction that has existed for years
The Russian ambassador has mude
frequent calls on the foreign office
since his return a fortnight ego.
Five-Story Ititlldlng Collapses.
St. Petersburg. Oct. 8. A five-story
building In course of construction on
Mesi'htxclmnkajo street collapsed to
day, and a hundred workmen were
burled In the ruins. When this dis
patch was filed only sevea were res
cued. They were seriously Injured. '
White Haired Prlsoucr I'lcads Guilty.
'Houston, Oct. fi. Pleaded with from
the bench by Federal Judge Hums to
withdraw his idea of guilty, offered
tht services of an attorney free of all
ciwt. white haired William MeOer
mott, sixty years old, Insisted upon his
plea of guilty on the Charge of coun
terfeiting, and asked Immediate sen
tence. He was sent to !eavenworth
for thirteen months. MeDermotf had
coined twenty nickels. Just to see if he
- i
Í v n 1
'.-' t
- V V
.pL ... jr f
1 t
Ú . I " .
Present Schedules Are Un
fair to Chicago.
Chicago, Oct. P.. Kxpert testimony
on the subject of freight rates was
given in Judge Itcthea's court today In
the interstate commerce commission's
full against ycvcntccn western rail
roads. T. V. Tomiinson, secretary of the
American Stockgmver.V association of
Denver, traffic nA'Ut fr the Chicago
Uve Stock exchijtte and for fifteen
years connected ,.ith the freight de
partments of a iumiier of western
roada, was on the witness stand and
was questioned t length by counsel
regarding tils opinion of the reasona
' bleness of the rates on cattle, dressed
meat, and packing house products.
"In my opinion the present rates on
live stock fn in Missouri river points
and southern Minnesota are too high,
said he. "The rates on live wotek
should te lower than on dressed melt
an I picking hone' products from
these points. Kven with equal rates
on -thee commodities, live rtock in
terests would be discriminated u galn.st.
The a. resent schedules nre unfair to
Chicago. They give an advantage to
fonth St. 1'aul and Missouri river
During his testimony Tomiinson en
deavored to compare the rates on live
stock a u l packing house products
shipped east of Chicago with those
shipped from the west In equal dis
tances to Chicago, and the railroad
lawyers objected, but were overruled.
Witness declared that If the rates to
New York from Chicago were the
same as that from Missouri river
I oin is to Chicago there would he lltlli
or no cattle shipments to New York.
Judge Hethoa then adjourned court
until next Wednesday.
Simpson Shows Xo Change.
Wichita. Kas.. Oct. 10. There is
practically no change In the condition
of ex-Representative Jerry Simpson,
who Is in the 'St. Francis hospital here.
He Is resting c-aicy tonight hut tdinws
no signs of permanent Improvement.
ciDFNT ix í;ki:at vfhmoxt
i 'M'AIMtY.
Troy, N. Y., Oct. fi. It Is now be
lieved' that eight or nine people were
killed by the cave-In of the Vermont
Slate quarry, which occurred at (iam
vllle this iifternoiin. The bodies reenv.
ered thus far are (hose of J. . Wil
liams, president of the company, and
two of the workmen whosv names are
not known. They were foreigners Hiid
their remains ere horribly mutilated.
It is believed there are six more bodies
In the ruins which cannot be recovered
until tomorrow.
School for Socialism, t
New York, Oct. 6. It Is announced
on behalf of the New York section of
the socialist party that the late Mrs.
Kdward D. Hand, mofher-ln-la w of
I'rof. Oeorge D. Herrón had bequeath
ed $2ti0,0 to found a school for so
cialism. Mrs. Rand, who died recently
In Italy, established four years ngo a
chair of Christian sociology In Iowa
college, Orlnnell, Iowa, which was fill
ed by Herrón. About that time he
married Mrs. Rand's daughter. His
views were too radical for the college
land he resigned.
SI. Paul a Total Wrcrk.
Kureka, Oil., Oct. 6. Fast on the
rocks near Point tjordrt. the San Fran
cisco and Portland company's steamei
St. Paul, lies a total wreck. Her ninety-three
passengers and crew of (15
men were taken safely off. The dis
aster, It Is said, was due to a thick
Rockefeller on Itaii? Suicide.
Cleveland, Oct. 4. A homo for
foundlings with Infant Incutmtoi-s will
be erected by John I). Hoi kefeller for
the Cleveland Humano society.
"I am opposed to race suicide,"
Rockefeller Is reported to have wild.
In announcing; his plans to the society
According to
of Gomez.
Old General Appeals to United States
to End Rank Despotism and
- Punish Ballot Box
New York. Oct. 6. Oeneral Jose
Miguel Oomez, candidate of the Liber-
il party for the presidency- of Cuba,
who is at present In New York, said
today that It Is the duty of the United
States government under the Piatt
amendment to Interfere In Cuba and
to see to it that the Island has genuine
md honest elections.
He described what he said was the
despotism of President Palma'is gov
ernment and the combined and open
use of fraud and force in Cuban elec
tions as follows:
"The days of the 21st. 22nd and 23d
of last September were days of terror
in all Cuba. The chief leaders of our
party were arrested, resoectahle men.
men of conservative Ideas, merchants
nnd distinguished professional men.
The assTsslnatlon of Vllluendas took
place. He was a young man of great
vigor and the leader of the Liberal
party In the house of representatives.
A stupid story of dynamite was in
vented, being made up only to make
an Impression on the I'nlted States, as
it was only received with laughter In
Cuba. On the 22nd day of Septem
ber, the day precedlnr the election of
members of the election hoard, the
moderates arrested the leader of our
parly organization nnd on the 23rd the
ballot boxes were taken to the polling
places already stuffed with votes, and
defended by men of criminal anteced
ents, armed w ith rifles; and also by the
rural guard and municipal police
Wherever members of our party re
sisted they were fired ipon. In the
province of Santa Clara there were
many killed and wounded.
"After having prevented the-Liberals
from voting on the, 23rd the elec
tion ader of the Moderate party fill
ed up the ballot hese icv n-dinf to
their desire. On the 27th of Septem
ber the drawing up of the list of vot
ers wis begun. It was padded to nn
extraordinary degree, there being In
scribed as voters the names of persons
who had never existed or had died. In
many cases the number of names of
the voters falsely Inserted were more
than double the number of names of
genuine voters."
Asked whether the coming Decem
ber elections might I e conducted In
'tils sime manner, Oeneral Uomeü re
piled: "Yes. the result will he .that ns this
body of Imaginary voters has been
created, the will of the genuine elec
tors will he stifled by members of the
boards of election officers, who will till
tho ballot boxes with Votes of false
precipitates panic
Peoria, III.. Oct. 6. At a meeting of
director of the Peoria National bank
late, tonight It was unanimously vot
ed to close the doors of the Institution
and ask the controller to take charge.
Since the Indictment of N. C. Dough
erty, until yesterday president of the
hank, on many counts for forgery,
hundreds of depositors have with
drawn their accounts and this caused
the hasty action tonight.
I'eorla, 111., Oct. 6. A total of thir
teen Indictments have thus far been
returned against Newton C. Dougher
ty, city superintendent of schools and
president of the Peoria National bank.
Ten of them are for embezzlement,
and three are for forgery. Forty
more are being drawn by the stutc's
attorneys office.
Cave-1 ii Kills Fourteen.
Troy, Oct. . Fourteen men were
killed today, by a cave-In at the Ver
mont Slate' company' quarry about
two and a half miles from Granville,
.V. Y. Among the dead Is J. H. Wil
liams, nresident of the company. The
others were Hungarian laborers. Six
teen men were buried In the cave-in.
David ' Cadawallader und Warren
Queen, foreman of the quarry, were
resc ued. Queen will likely recover
Williams was a prominent citizen of
( lew lo Kidnappers.
New York, Oct. B. The abandon
ment of Tony Marcndlne by the per
sons who kidnapped him end held him
for ransom, and the return of the lit
tle Italian boy to his parents last night
has given a clew to the kidnappers of
the boy, who but six year old, was
abandoned on a trolley cur and was
turned over to the police.
Mrs. Meeker's Mother Read.
Greeley,' Colo., Oct. 6. Mrs. Ros
z"ne Meeker, the only living daughter
cf Mrs. Avllla D. Meeker, widow of
N. O. Meeker, the founder of the Oree,
ley colony, who was killed by Indians
received word today that her mother
had died at the home of her on,
Ralph, In White Plains, N, Y.
Russell Gets Promotion.
Washington. Oct. 6. President
Roosevelt today appointed Charles W.
Hussell, formerly special assistant at
torney general In charge of the Insul
ar bureau of the department of Jus
tice, to the office of assistant attorney
general vice William D. Purdy recent
ly promoted lo be assistant to the at
torney general.
Mirers Saved Frcm
Fearful Death.
Terrific Explosion of Djnamo Starts
Flames Which Imprison Workmen
in Bowels of Earth Dam
aje $75,000.
Pueblo. Oct. 6. A special from
Florence says: Ry the prompt work
of their companions fifty miners who
were In the under workings of the Fre.
niont mine of the Colorido Fuel &
Iron company, three miles cast of
Florence, were rescued alive through
the air shaft. The mine was being
s.'owly burned by a destructive fire,
originating In the electric house of the
mine, probably caused by the blowing
up cf the dynamo as a terrific explo
sion preceded the cmitl igrfttlon. The
property loss Is firi.OOO.
The men were In the main working
shaft when the tire first started nnd
were unable to get lo the surface, b
reason of the flames having destroyed
the main shift. Superintendent Mc-
Calllster realizing their danger, sig
nalled them to hasten to the uir shaft
and that ropes would be let down to
rescue them. They acted at once an i
while all of the available men In the
camp were fighting the flames, which
Were extinguished anout live o ciock
this afternoon, Superintendent McAl
lister and about twenty men were
hoisting the miners from the ulr shift
one at a time, the work being so slow
that only two were raised an hour.
it took the combined strength ol
twervtv men to hoist one of the miners
below, and had they pulled quickly un
the rope, romo of the timbers In tnc
bhaft would probably 'have been loos
ened, falling upon the remainder of
the men below, ami shutting up the
small entrarme to the air shaft, there
by cutting oft the only avenue of es
cape. At a late hour tonight nearly
all of the men have lieen nrougtu oui
and the rest are in no danger.
All of the buildings, including the
clcirle house, blacksmith shop, hollei
house, main shaft, etc., were totally
Wichita, Kas.. Oct. fi. A Ppcclal to
the Kagle from Aiiadarko. Okla., stuto
that private W. H. Smith, a while sol
dier whose company Is stationed nt
Fort Sill, wis murdered this morning
at Aiiadarko by W. C. Mitchell, a ne
gro soldier, w 'ho is a member of the
Fort Reno Infantry. The soldiers
were encamped, at Aiiadarko. The
murdered man was shot In the head
and Instantly kllcd. Feeling is high
among the soldiers, and serious trou
ble iiKiy result.
Curler Trial Adjourned.
Chicago. Oct. 6. At the request ol
Assistant Attorney General Irwin, who
has been called away on private busi
ness, the case of Captain Oherlln M.
Carter, charged with defrauding the
federal government, was today ad
journed until next Wednesday.
Vpsots Political Precedent.
New York. Oct. 6. Political prece
dent was upset last night when resolu
tions praising President Roosevelt for
his tact and st ttesmanship In bringing'
about the settlement of the Russo
Japanese war were accepted amid en
thusiastic cheering at the democratic
city convention in Carnegie hall. Per
fect harmony marked the convention
which unanimously nominated George
It. McClellan for mayor.
scouringToijñtrv for
New Yoiji, Oct. . Through police
headquarters alarm has been sent over
ihe country for Abraham Schiffrr. part
owner of the Alamosa. Colo., bank
which closed a few days ago after
$200.000 funds were reported missing
Abraham Schiffer left New York
Thursday, September 2H, ostensibly for
Alamosa, ami has not been heard from
since. His brother, Herman, fearing
he met with foul play, asked the po
lice to usslst In finding him. Isaac
Schiffer, another brother, Interested In
Ihe bank, was arrested lit Alamosa
last night on charge of emher.lemcnl
and receiving deposits sfter the bunk
whs insolvent. Herman Schiffer said
he knew nothing of any speculation in
mining stocks or mines which Is re
ported to have caused the colliipse of
the bank.
flagship iKsi(.x.vn;i nv
Washington. Oct. 6. Th navy de
partment has designated the armored
cruiser West Virginia a the vessel
which will carry tho president from
New Orleaim to Hampton Roads on his
return from the southern trip. The
West Virginia Is the flagship of Rear
Admiral Hrownsoii's division of ar
mored cruisers.
By Carrier. ev MoniH pilfF 5 CFNTÑ
Ily Mail, $3.00 a Year RIVL
Mutual Life Pays Enor
mous Salaries.
v ,
$150,000 DURING YEAR 1904
Son of Company's Executive Says Be
Thought There Was No Limit
Set to Emoluments of
His Father.
New York. OOct. 6. Closll g a weeki
every day of which has produced a
sensation that has stirred the country,
the special legislative committee in
vestlgating the methods of Insurance
companies adjourned today until
Tuesday of next week, the sessions to
be held Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday, Instead of Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday as heretofore.
This change was made because of reg
Istratlon day In thU state and mem.
hers of the committee desired to bq
present In their various districts.
When the Investigation began today
it was expected that the president of
the Mutual Life would be called to tha
stand before the day was over. 'By a
misunderstanding, however, President
McCurdy had left the office of the Mu
tual Life before he was called for and
It Is expected that he will bo the first
witness on Tuesday.
In today's testimony, the sensational
development came when Mr. Hughes
demanded the pay roll of the executive
officers of the company. This was
produced and showed the solarles of
these officers since 1 877. For the year
1H04 President MaCurdy received
JKiO.000; two vice president were
pild $50.000 each, the second vice
president $17,000, the third vice pres
ident $10.000, ami Ihe general mana
ger $25.000, who this year will re
ceive $30,000, and the treasurer
Robert H. McCurdy said he never
knew the salary of his fattier until to
day when he heard It read In the com
mittee room. He thought, however,
that there should he no limit to the
salary of such positions, because they
should be In accordance with the ac
cumulations of the, company. When
asked If It was any benefit to policy-"
holder to Increase the president's
salary. Mr. McCurdy said he thought
the trustees had considered that when
they Increased the president's salary.
No lucrase, however, had been consid
ered, when he was present at the trus
tees' meetings.
F.arller In the day when McCurdy
was on the stand Mr. Hughes trie I to
bring out why C. H. Raymond & fr ,
and partners In that firm received
larger emoluments from Ihe business
than any other agency.
McCurdy said he did not know
what Mn. Theabaud received from tho
business and had never talked with
him about his personal affairs. Ho
said IC'wiis a large reward for large
achievements." nnd that all businesses
of large magnitude were built upon
that principle.
F.vcrvbolv Is Related.
During McCurdy's testimony It wss
brought out that Oeorge Raymond,
brother of Charles H. Raymond, was
the general agent for New Jersey;
iinai riowarn i.ewis, general hkimii iur
J northern New York, with office In Al
bany, was n cousin of either the vice
president, Mr. Granulas or Mrs. Gran
nlss: that Dr. K. J. Moss, medical di
rector of tho Mutual Life, married a
sister of the president of the company,
and that P. Stuyvesant Plllotte, in
spector of risks. Is cousin of Louis
Theahaud, son-in-law of President Mc
Curdy nnd partner of the Raymond
firm. C. W. White, secretary of tho
company, whom McCurdy was asked
about, he said wus) no relative or any
officer of the company, but that Mrs.
White was a niece of Mrs. Grannls,
wife of Vice President Orannlss.
At one point In the day's testimony
much Interest was manifested when
the expenditures of the company were
tuken up,
The auditor of the Mutual Life, C.
A. Preller. was on the stand, and he
was asked as to the method of re
cording expenditure.
It was gathered that theso were
passed upon by the expenditure com
mittee, of which Robert Ollphant
was chairman. Three entries on the
hooks of payments to Ollphant of $25.
000 each were looked Into, but no In
formation could be gleaned. Mr. Prel
ler was asked about the campaign con
tribution to the republican congres
sional campaign committee, which was
disclosed yesterday, but he said none
had come under his observation.
The $2,500 to the congressional com
mittee was looked for when the ledg
ers were produced, hut up to adjourn
ment this afternoon this had not been
Chicago, Oct. Demurring te
nine counts, ideas of not guilty on one
count were entered this afternoon by
seventeen men and five corporations.
Indicted on charges of conspiracy to
monopolise the meat business. The
demurrers are general snd charge am
biguity, vflguenes. uncertainty and
indeflnttenes. In seven of the counts.
Allegations also are mad that double
charge are contained In the two oth
er remaining counts.
TSvrnly-l lve American Klllwl.
Manila. Oct. . government re
ports give the icwilt of the storm a
very serious. At least 800 natives and
twenty-live Americans and foreigners
were killed. The losa I )ncM.lcul&blft.
In Albay and Sorsogoif provinces,
eighty per cent of th building were

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