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Thursday. January 11. 1H06
W. B. Runker, of Las Vegas, United
States commissioner and one of the
leading attorneys cf the territory, was
in the city Inst night on his way homo
from an extended trip to California.
"I am in favor of joint statehood."
said Mr. Bunker at the Alvarado last
nljrht. "I was and always have been
In favor of the admission of New Mex
ico Into the Union as a single state.
I am convinced, however, that separ
ate admission is Impossible, and am
accordingly in favor of the jointure
bill. In fact, I am ready to take any
old kind of statehood congress in its
wisdom sees fit to Rive us."
Decisión of Supreme court Regarding
Liability lor Accident.
Washington, Jan. 10. The supreme
court of the Unlttd States in an opin
ion by Justice Day yesterday, replied
to questions certified by the circuit
court of appealls for the Sixth Circuit,
In the case of the Alabama Croat
Southern railway company against li.
C. Thompson, administrator of the
late Florence James. This was an ac
tion for damages against the railroad
company for causing the death of
PTofenoe James. It was alleged that
not only the railroad company but the
engineer and conductor of the train
by which he was killed were responsi
ble for his death, but only the com
pany was made a party to the suit.
The luilgc presiding in the court be
low certified the following questions to
the supreme court of the United I
I. May a railroad corporation be
jointly sued with two of its servants,
S conductor and an engineer on one
of its trains, whe n it is sought to make
the corporation liable only by reason
of their negligent act ami solely on the
ground of the responsibility of a prin
cipal for the ai t of his servant, though
not personally present or directing,
and not barge w ith any concurrent i
act of negligence?
!. is such a suit removable by the
Corporation as a separable controver- i
sy when the amounts exceeds $2, flint
and the requisite diversity of clttsen-
ship exists between said company and
the plaintiff, the citizenship of the in
dividual defendants sued with the
company as joint tort feasors being
Identical with that of the plaintiff?
The action was begun in the state
courts and removed to the federal
courts. The first question was answer
ed in the affirmative and the latter In
the negative.
An Accidental Opportunity for You
Owing to the frozen condition of the ground our contractors will not be able to begin
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Surety Investment Company
For Sale by All Heal Estate Dealers
public health, and second, that cf
tmccessful animal Industry.
Since it is believed by some authorl-
I ties that tuberculosis is cnnimuuicu-
blfl from man to animals, the quea
i Hon of public health is of grave Im
portance, especially so In the arid re
: gions of the southwest, comprising
I Colorado, Ar izona. New Mexico and a
pftrl of Texas, because these regions
are becoming the dumping ground for
Special to the Morning Journal.
Itoswell, N. M Jan. 10. The Brit
automobile mail route in the United
M ites went into operation today when
the big machines of the Torrance-Kos.
well system left the two termini. The
schedule now calls for an eight-hour
run from Torrance to Itoswell and
vice versa, which Is remarkable time
considering the haracter of the coun
try. Seven trips eac h way are to be
made dally, and it Is thought that it
will be necessary to order more ma
chines to handle the mail and the pas
senger traille. There are now six ina
i hint s operated by the company. Hire"
of which just arrived from Dayton,
( hlo, I he other day.
First Hindoo Tempi'.
San Francisco, Jan. 10. The formal
dedication of the llrst Hindoo temple
to he erected in America for the prop
agation in this country of the Veilun
ta philosophy wits celebrated last
night tit the new auditorium of the
local order at HIS Filbert street with
appropriate ceremonies before a
throng of curious and interested spec
tators, who filled the hall to the doors
and overflowed upon the sidewalk long
before the hour set for the exercises.
Many were attracted by a genuine in
terest In the Vedanta faith, but many
more were attracted by the expecta
tion of beholding some form of east
ern mysticism or symbolism In the
dedicatory ceremonies. The ceremon
ies, however, were very simple, tin;
only touch that at all resembled
Orientalism being the robe and tunic
of Swaml Trlgunatlta, expounder,
missionary and lecturer of the Vedan
ta philosophy. The auditorium deco
rations were simple, a few ferns and
greens being festooned about the
The ceremonies were opened by C.
F. Petersen, president of the San
Francisco Vedanta society, who devot
ed a few words to a general Introduc
tion regarding the Vedanta society In
Sun Francisco, which has grown In the
past live years from a membership of
twenty to a membership of over sixty.
Albert Wollberg followed with I brief
talk as to the desire of the society to
Welcome the public to meetings. Then
followed the prayer of liama Krlsh
na, which the devotee of the faith ad
dresses to God. After music came a
short lecture by Swaml Trlgunatlta on
the Ideals of the Vedanta philosophy.
The large audience followed the
spenkor closely.
QpraMlae Parrar Mays in Wagner (or
I'irsl Time lit His Request.
I'erlln, Jan. 10, A remarkable per
formance of "Tannhauser." at which
the Kaiser was present, was given lust
evening at the royal opera. Frauleln
Dcstlnn, who created such a furore In
London last spring, took the part of
Venus for the first time, while Miss
Oeraldlne Farrar played the role of
For some Ave years past Miss Far
rar has been connected with Herlin
opera, but has never before been per
mitted to take a leading part In a
Wngner production.
On this occasion, however, the Kal-
utt Intervened and personally request -ed
her to study the part. Both Miss
Oarrar and Frauleln Destlnn received
ovations from the audience.
Press Bulletin So, ion. ha been
Issued by the ew Mexico College of
Agriculture and Mechanic Arts and
Agricultural Experiment Station, at
Mesilla Park, on "Tube rculosis in Cat
ale." It is as follows:
We may dellne tuberculosis as a
ommunlcable disease due to the pres
ence of mlcroscopal plant parasites in
the animal body. These parasites or
germs as they are called, cause the
formation id' hard, knotty bunches
called tuberculea, which vary in size
from thai of a pin head to that of a
walnut and often larger. When these
i nle i eules arc cut open with a knife,
a gritty feeding or sensation Is pro
duced very much the same as when a
knife is cutting through sand. This
Is one of the best ways in the post
mortem to diagnose the disease as tu
berculosis. Tuberc ulosis Is known by a variety
of name. It is called "l,upus." If con
fined to the skin only; by the1 (recles
It was Balled "Phthisis." meaning in
their language wasting or "consump
tion." Two principal reasons may be
given for taking vigorous steps to
eradicate this disease. First; that of
a large per cent or the tubercular pa
tients of the northern and eastern
Symptom! This disease Invades
the animal system through so many
different ave nues, ami In most cases
has reached a critical stage before nti
external signs are apparent by which
It can be diagnosed, though clinical
symptoms cannot be accepted with
out furthe r proof of the disease, still
It makes considerable difference which
avenue of infe ction the germs take to
produce external symptoms by which
It can be diagnosed.
How Infections May Occur: That
bovine tuberculosis Is an Infection
disease is no longer a disputed ques
tion and ways of carrying and Spread
ing the germs are many, such as tin1
food, feed racks. Iced boxes, watering
tanks, etc.
Another avenue of Infection, espec
ially In young animals. Is the milk.
Perhaps the method of spreading the1
disease that is of most importance to
the stockme n of this territory, is
through tin' purchase of breeding ani
mals, as eac h rear large number pf
breeding animals are brought in from
neighboring states and placed upon
our ranges. Just so long as the buy
ers make no objection, Just so long
wiir.be breeders continue, knowingly
or unknowingly, to sell Infected ani
mals. Extent of Tuberculosis: Tubercu
losis Is not oonflned to any one section
or stale, but It Is found in every state
in the union and in every country on
tlie globe. Nor are Its ravages confin
ed to cattle' only. Very fewfclf any, of
our ilejmc-stii'Hlt'd animals arc exempt
from Its attacks; all race of men are
subject also to tin' dread disease.
Bulletin No. 56, of this station.
"Tuberculosis In CuMIc and Tests of
the Btattofl He rd." which Is just now
III press, give s a more' complete discus
sion of tube rculosis, also giving re
sults of the tests of the station herd,
and a few precautions that may lie ta
ken to retard the spread of the lis
case. J( (HfJ M. SCOTT.
January S', 1901,
Chamberlain' Cough Remedy the
Rc-t IMiMle.
"In my opinion Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy Is the best made1 for
colds." says Mrs. Cora Walker of Por
terVllle, California. There' Is no doubt
about Its being the best. o othi r
will c ure a cold so quickly, No other Is
M sure a preventive' of pneumonia
No other Is so pleasant and sife to
take. Thi'se .ire good reasons why it
should In- preferred to any other. The
fact is lint few pedple arc satifled
with any other after having once' used
this remedy. For .-ale by all druggists.
The William II. Wet Big Jubilee
Mlnstre I-.
Hilly Heard and Janus Thompson
are a brae-e of comedians such as one
seldom find under the Influen f
burnt cork. Manager Kicahy feels
Justified In employing the really
funny fellows, inasmuch as all other
features be longing to the William II.
West Big Jubilee Minstrels are of the
very highest standard,
Oeorge s. Van. Qeorg l- Wade and
a half dozen other celebrities of the
unctions fun school, likewise assist in
the presentation of the many laugh
provoking features, which in conjunc
tion with si vi ral startling novelties,
and a tnusie ii entertalnmenl of spec
ial force' and quality, ought to furnish
a most delightful evening of minstrel
prorresstvenem, at the Kiks' theatre,
next Monday. January 1.1th.
Are Vein Using One.
What? Why a loose leaf duplicat
ing statement system, Ever me?
No'.' Just call us up and we will show
you the "how" of this money, time gnd
energy -caving system. Mltchner &
Mthgow, bookbinders, at the Journal
BaHn the new year light by treat
lug yourself to one of our buggies or
surrey, Special sale of harness, whips,
blankets and robes. Albuquerque Car
riage Co.
LET MR CLISAN TH i office:
i), c. DEV1X, mm MOUNT AIM
BEAT. 1'. G. PRATT ft CO.. 21 i S.
Growing Popularity
The careful attention we give
to every order we take' is large
ly responsible for our steadily
I.iercaslng patronage'.
Not Expensive
Tailor-made clothes for ladles
for ladies are' not expensive;
they die a positiva saving of
many dollars yearly.
TO O It I) Kit
Shirt Waists Suits, $9S
Everything furnished T
Walking Skirts, - $k
Everything furnished t
Madevm Gross
Room Mi llfeid Block, turner Third
street and Itailroad Ave.
S E X-E -W 1
15 he Future Pailroad Center of JVebv Mexico
Located on the "Belen Cut-of of The Atchison TopeKa L Santa Fe 'Raittvay
The new City of Belen is 3 1 miles south of Albuquerque, N. M., is at the junction of the main lines of the Santa Fe system leading east and west
from Chicago to San Francisco and Los Angeles, El Paso, Texas and OH Mexico
The Helen Uoivn and Improvement Company
AMR THE OWNERS OF THE BELEN TOWNS1TE, Consisting of ONE THOUSAND nUSINESS AND RESIDENCE LOTS, (size 25x142 feet) fronting upon SO and 70-foot streets and avenues, RIOHT In the business
center of the NEW CITY and directly upon the Santa Fe Railway Depot Grounds. The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway company is now grading iti extensive depot grounds and yard limits 800 fee-t wide and
a mile long, (capacity of , venty miles of side trckl to accomodate Its NEW PASSENGER and FREIGHT depots, HARVEY EATING HOUSE, Round House, Coal Chutes, Water Tanks, Machine Shops, Etc.
ta THE CITy OF "BELEfl m
Has a population of 1Í00, and several large Mercantile Houses, The Belen Pntent Roller Mills, rapacity 160 burrels dally; winery, etc. It is the largest shipping point for Hour. wool, wheat, wine, beans, hay and fruit
In New Mexico. From Its location upon the Great Trunk line, leading North, South, East and West, to all points In the United States and Old Mexico Its future growth as a Commercial point cannot be estimated.
All fast limited, mall, express and freight trains will pass througn Helen to Chicago, Kansas City, Galveston and the Paclllc Coast. The water Is good and climate unsurpassed. Helen has o $16,000 public school house,
twv churches, a commercial club, three hotels, restaurants, etc. It needs right now a bakery, tailoring establishment, shoemaker, plumher, planing mill, drug store, harness shop, etc. THE LOTS OFFERED ARE
LOW IN PRICES AND TERMS EASY. One third of purchase money cash: two-thirds may remain on note and mortgage for one year with Interest at eight per cent per annum. Title perfect and warranty deeds
given. COME EARLY IF YOU WISH TO SECURE THE CHOICE LOTS. For further particulars and prices of lots c.ll In person or write to
The Belen Town and Improvement Company
JOHfl BCJC. Tresident
WM. M. BG3t, Secretary

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