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I, Mn. tUU) Year. DD IPC K OF NTS
By Carrier, M. Mnolu. miVjC. J Ul-ll I O
Claimant for Ancestral Estates
Seeks to Show His Grace of
Portland and London Shop
keeper, Were One.
I By Momio J na mi1 fipettal Leased Wire 1
London, Nov. . Hundred of peo
ple vainly fought for admittance to
the Marylebone polite court today
when the hearing of the famous Druce
mystery case wan resumed. Herbert
Druce. eon of the late Thomas Charles
Druce, in In the present proceedings,
charged with perjury by his nephew,
George Hollamby Oruce, In connection
with the Druce claim to the estates
of the lltike of Portland, which claim
dates back to 1893. Thin claim, which
has been vigorously contested by the
present Duke of Portland, centers
ab.ftit the old question whether
Thomas Charles Druce, at one time
the owner of the famous baker street
baxaar. who is said to have died forty
three years aio, was not the same per
son e the eccentric tlftii Duke of
Portland, who died tn 17.
Interest was heightened today by
the alleged theft since the previous
session." of tha diary of Miss Robinson,
daughter of a southern tobáceo plant
er, who was employed as an amanuen
sis In the Itaker street bazaar, and
who says she frequently went to Well
brook Abbey, the Portland feat, where
-fie saw tho late T. C. Druce, father
oi the late Oi oi go Druce, who In turn
wa t father of Uoorgn Hollamby Druce,
the claimant to tho estates as the
Duke of Portland, whose identity with
T. C. Druce ulro claimed to be ublo to
establish. , , ,
Kobert Caldwell of Stalru island.
N. Y.. testified that he knew the late
nLu ..t p,,,-iixmi both as the duke
and as T. C. Druce, at Wcllbrek Ab
bev nnd at the Baker street bazaar,
and that ho treated the duke at both
places for a disease of the nose. Cald
well swore that he arranged with tlu
duk the death and mock funeral of
Drue., so that bis dual personality
could finally lietburletl. He declared
that at the duke's request he em
ploved a carpenter to make a coffin,
purchtiadd iwu iiundred pounds of
lead and put It In the coftin himseli.
The funeral occurred the following
day. .. , ,
Mr. Caldwell added he saw the duke
i.n the morning of the funeral at the
Maker street bazaar. Me identified
two photographs as pictures of the
Duke of Portland in the character ot
Druce. Asked fa .-.count for the
beard shown in one of the photos wit
ness r 'Plied that he had seen the duke
wear a false beard. After the funeral
Unes said he Msked the duke If
Druce "had left a will." The duke
then thanked him for reminding him
nf such an Important point and said
he must have one made.
Caldwell told of his introduction to
.v.- i.. ivi;l he the famous pliysl.
.a Mr M.urell McKenzle, to his his
Intimacy with the duke, and his cure
K .ii.Lfo'n n a. siil trouble. He testl-
lled that he received presents from the
duke aggregating about luO.UUU, Di
sides $2.UuU for curing the h""81
'r Caldwell 'was still on the stand
.. i .v. ..JM.. vi. ni over for a week.
one of the strangest features of the
iu .ut uii.tiit tlie middle oí J
I'iiii; workmen who were
tea ing
down Harcourt house on
Caver, lisn
siiuare. Lsmilnn. previously ore'
residences of the Duke
of Port nnd.
.lis, overeó an undersrouno I" ' "
i li. r,.m the house lo the IMKot
strict structure In which the famous
t ...,ii,iilv been and whlcn
,.i,.e...,l liv Thomas Charles
4- riw. .imniHiil rtorlurrs thfH
thp lukp whil livlnff hi iublo
in. (1 the uiHlTgrou.il -jií.whk
tlie place of
business of "Druce. '
n,.. .ii of the claimant is
i I 'mi ,,, - -
,,n.H.i1 bv a limited liability company
: i -.... . ...n ii,. The dtrci
loillicu iwi , .,.i
it,., eluimant himself and
........ ,r. .nil l.ilni t'ricknier.
vi ., :.,.. Hamilton has tes-
..,'. .' .i..'.. i.nw the lifth iluke
l...K u Ur I Irllee and ns Ihe Duke of
i...,,i ..,.i' un.l thai he was unaware
..t k. f,.-f that he had married Kliz-
alieth Crickmer. grandmother
... .!lmlilll
of the
.. ii....... an v he was born tn
1841 and went lo Australia It 186"i
tn Knirland four yvnvj later
About this lime, he adds, fails which
i..t,. ill i.iiNMi'ssion showed that
i,, ii,. i,. ai Ivirtland i wiled the ha
. .r..,r,.,i in in the case and
j.. ..i.i.i i., iii.iin tho estates am
that purpose formed Iho limited Itaoil
itv company.
ti,. ri.rir,,,l rti..n hi the case m
brought to eject l-rd Howard Do
Y.-.i,l..n fr.iin the l.ondot pronrly
which his father Inherited from
fifth Duke of Portland through
...,...,..h miiiia .if lh' direct line
Th , i,r.,,n ha U-eu thai If this
.til H'itfl Kiicci-ssf ul the establishing
. i.,n.ni'. ni Ib t.. the oilier estates
h.M- i.v ih.. riiik of I'or'land wonl
fi.llow hs a nal lira I ronsenuence
,.,.iiif.4ratlv.ilv iihort tim.
The Income from the Duke of l'rat
land ! estates Is estimated a! not less
than II Í.D0.00O nil', and was on
'ihl hjuls fnat the shares of the !la
bilitv company were placed upon th
ini'lii't. Ten thousand ordinary
idmre were Issued at ÍS ea h and "
mm defrred shares were issued at 2
cents each.
Small Fire In Hinii Viwl.
New York. Nov. . The !d Do
minion slenmer .leffernn came Into
port today mil h a small fire In her
hold. Steam was promptly turned
on.i the forward hold ss soon as the
nre a discovered and th- blaze
lUi.kly extinguished.
aoliingtiHi Ke)im-ii I'iiii II fr.
aehii ston. Nov. An order de
flating the strike- of the copimerrmi
t. !ccrapher in this city mi lsued to
nlht bv President A. S. Groves of
Washington local Xt. It-
' : ; i i i
Taunted by Relatives With
Laziness Weak Minded Youth
Vented His Wrath by Stab
bing Little Girls, to Death,
I Br Morning Journal Spinl leased Wlrs-1
Herlin, Nov. 8. The series of
crimes resembling the "Jack the Rip
per" murders In London in 18XS-S.
only that here the victims were little
glris instead of women, has been
cleared up through the confession of
a printers' apprentice named Paul
Mlnow, an epileptic, 22 yea-s of age,
who recently was confined in an asy
lum for the Insane at Hersberg. The
authorities of the institution were in
formed that Mlnow had bren talking
in a rambling manner of the murders,
suspected him of having committed
the crimes tinil encouraged him to
talk, with the result that he freely re
lated in an artless fashion how he
bad been taunted by his mother and
sister with laziness, had gone out Into
tho streets In a rage and had vented
his feelings by stabbing four little
girls, one after the other. He then
rambled about the elty for a while
and eventually returned home. It does
not appear whether the mother and
sister of Mlnow were aware of what
he had done, but his mind became sy
disordered that they sent him to the
asylum a week later. The police have
conlirmed Minow'a confession.
Aged Leader of Salvation Army
Bids Followers Farewell at
Monster. Mass
New York.
Meeting in
fllT Nomina- Journal Hueilal I
il Wlre.l
New York, Nov. 8. At i
pen air demonstration
Hooth, the founder of the
Army, who Is to sail tomorrow lor
Europe, after what probably will ne
his last American "campaign," to
night bade his soldiers In tills country
and the, American people generally
arewell. General Hooth made his
final address from the steps or tne
Itv hall. He was surrounded by hun
dreds of uniformed followers.
Thousands, of adherents and friends
if the Salvation Army, bearing flags
and torches, paraded from tne army
headuuarters In Fourteenth street
through the cast side to city hall
park. When a near upproacn to or-
der was secured General llooin ad-
Iressed tho assemblage, three mega-
phonists standing before mm repeal
ing his words in unison.
After the meeting i.enerm iiumn
dictated to the Associated premi tne
following -farewell words to the peo
ple of America:
Farewell, America, too hmw ner
. . . i . ,r. .i. i
nie a ngni generous eii.iin:. .,ii inir,
visit I have seemed to come nearer to
tlie heart of the nHtlon than on any
olher occasslon. Kifin would t have
d longer with you. lnueeo, i
would have wished that some meinoci
might have been invented by which I
could have been constituted one oi
your on sons and so taken a practi
cal step inward the realization of that
fatherhood of the people which must
of necessity be the first step to that
brotherhood of nations on which so
many hearts are set. liut I un.iersinna
tiiiM to tie un nossime vwuiirui atn-
flcing my fatherland."
w.is Warning Aiiins
fliiinsv Imitation or v-". i aigt
.National Hank Vile.
Washington. Nov. 8. Chief Wilkle,
of the secret servio-, reports ine u-
ery of a new couiiiciicii .-
Ilonal bank le.te. I ne coiinierien i-
... . V-A.....1.. V-ill.. m.l
on Ine wens i-.iiko
Batik, of San Francisco, ami is a p. mi
photographic reproduction printed on
heavy bond paper, with no silk fibre.
The treasury numners im-
traced over with rea ins. me
of the nole Is belter lhan the front,
being a fair imitation of the genuine,
excepting the coloring around the
charier number, which Is a muddy
green. . .
i'uii..r r.f 1il Irinl rom-crn
olr Many Aflllial.'tl I lrl.-.
r-,.tr,..t,l Mass.. Nov. Annoiin. .--
munt uaa mm i o.a llli ".."
.l .lI..Hrvl.
Warner, who en eoneOH- " r
pointed receiver for the Arnold Print
Works, of Norm Ao.ims. - --
pointed receiver for the Wil.iams -
tria,n M A ft U T AC U T IP H 1 ' -
t North Adams.
iltDth concerns were affiliate with mehllv, ma,j
i ..rint works and with tne North P"w-.n, ,,eiiff.
I nell Manufacturing company, of Nonti
li..ii i. which yesterday passed
the hail, Is of Mr. 11 hi i.e. -
About six tnoussnu f-...
r .mi, loved In ihee mills
The nulls .
i. a 1'-. I i itne. uoe, i ,
1111, !,- ..-
-im tta mnnnsement
of tne Arnoej
Print Works and emploi ing 1.5a
hands, and the Heaver, tinder Ihe di-
rei'l.on of
ell, ploy lug
flallup ann nouK o.,.o
iau hands, both nulls be-
Ing in thlsy'cltyi the WillianiKtown
Manufacturing company, a separate
corporation, but with, Arnold Print
Works officers in control, and employ
ing &(F people, and the- North Pownell
Manufacturing company, also con-
controlled by Arnold Print Works of
ficers, with But) hands.
The aggregate liabilities are esti
mated at nearly 110,000,000.
Clarksburg, W. Va.. Nov. 8. The
dojien window glass factories In this
section will probably shut down In
definitely. The plants were late In
opening1 on account of the wage scale.
The (flass workers agreed to accept
a 12'4-cqnt reduction. This the man
ufacturers accepted, txy later demand
ed a further reduction, which the
workers refused. Workmen at differ
ent plants Have quit work and it is
expected that all the West Virginia
glass belt will quit within 8 few days.
llilliiiril Cliamploiislilp (.antes.
Si. Louis, Nov. 8. John O. Horgan
defeated Thomas A. Houston Ml to 47
In tonight's game of the national
three-cushion billiards tourney. Hor
ganV high run was five, average .87;
Houston's high run was four, average
,Sl. Jesse Lean defeated Frank Day
50 to 35..
Kaiser leaves For Knglanil.
Berlin, Nov. 8. Emperor William
and the empress departed shortly be
fore midnight for Flushing, where
they will embark for Kngland. The
public is demonstrating enormous In
terest In the visit.
in Marseilles Plunges
Into, Darkness; Many
Lose Lives Beneath Collaps
ing Buildings.
Morning Journal Special 1-essrJ Wlrs.J
Marseilles, Nov. 8. A hurricane
swept over this city tonight, causing
Immense damage to docks and water
front property. The gas works were
Hooded by the downpour that arcom-
r, nie.i the storm and the city wus
! plunged into' darkness... A number of
people were Kilien oy i-ohuiuiik
houses, but In the confusion and dark
ness It is Impossible to determine the
extent of the casualties tonight.
The whole of South France contin
ues to suffer from the floods follow
ing the excessive ruins. - In many
places the inundations are worse than
tho-ie which followed the September
The extensive coal mines at the
Gralssessae have been completely
Hooded and all work has been sus
pended, i
0M-r Mini Thrrnlcii Strike.
'Calumet. Mich., Nov. 8. The cop
per miners in the employ of the Calu
met and- Merla Mining company have
issued an, ultimatum to the company
that the employes will strike next
Mondav unless the company restores
the 12H-cent reduction. About 1 -.0110
men are involved.
Road Must Face Trial on An
other Indictment For Rebat
ing' in Los Angeles. ,
I By Morning Journal Spertal I..Hed Wire.l
I.o Angeles. Nov. ((.Following
closely unon the heavy fine imposed
upon the Santa Fe Railway company,
bv Judge Wellborn In the r. doral dis
trict court vesterday. I'nlted states
District Attorney I.awlor announced
today that he would proceed at the
coming January term of court to pros
"cule the road upon the remaining In
dictment of ten cunts' charging re
hating. In the latter rase actual re
bating Is charged, the government ac
cusing the road nf accepting the full
tariff rate and then returning a por
tion of it to the Grand Canyon Mine
and Cement company. In the esse in
which the .ompaiiy was fined yester
day the full amouiil or ine mini v..
- ,.,.,,.,, ln Mi4y, 191.5.
I no alienen "ii.
July, 1!06.
t ......rih Was . Nov. . In re
sponee to a re'pieni i...... . .... ... ....
quarters t Dmaha for Iwrnty-four
teams or four mine en. n. ...
from I-nvenw..rth fo the went, of the
lTt Indlanupri-lug.ineauinoi n.e- oe
replied that I hey cannoi oe itirnism-.i.
Th. m.,l. eie lo IS- U"l in
porting supplies to tne ir-Kips in in
Meld. t
Three medical officers have slmjiiiy
gone 'rom h'-r lo Join the troops, bul
none .jf Ihe soldiers have ! n called
for from this post
Army oiiicers here do not regard
the trnuhje ss erl-m.
: m tr
I :. . I rl nel.I NeV.. OV. s. . i
"It - line, ihe liusim-ss nun wno was ni
I p(J faUIlr wounded W ednesday night
i while In ihe a-t oi
1, fh NVIIris Goldfleld reduction
W'irkK. C1IPU HI l"'" i-m
,,,i, Kline's se.ompll.e. is said to
.... .n r. t. , Ctrl f .MllH
... . .
in wnn n ne
: psm f two
i lilener mill
men wno roi.ne.i ,ne
1. - w
irilire no. . n.oo-.
he nor Kline had
anytnmg io u
. H hi that robbery.
C iMlim Mrki-I.
v.w Torlt. Nov . Cotton: Fu
i.ne. owned stedv at a ibcline f
points to an advance of one point nd j
r-lo-ed steady
n.-t low f , to il
1 P-i r-o ni i ir-r-r '
Huge Grain, Elevators aie De
stroyed Despite
Firemen From Two Cities;
Loss Placed at $2,500,000.
IBr MornlDg Jnarasl Hocslnl leuwil Wirs.l
Dtilutli. Minn.. Xv. . Fire of un
known origin tonight destroyed Great
Northern Elevator No. "A" in Su
perior, together with six hundred
thousand bushels of grain, principally
wheat, all of which was fully covered
by insurance. The elevator was owned
by the Great Northern railroad, but
was leased to the A. D. Thompson
Grain company, of Dululh. The
sparks soon Ignited the Grand Itepun
llc mill, on Tower Pay slip, the Great
Lake Dredge and flock company dock
and the Duluth-Kuprrlor Siornge ami
Millinir cmniiany. which tonlalned the
finishing plant of the Webster Chair
company. At midnight It looked as
though all would be Completely de
stroyed, entailing an estimated aggre
gate loss of 2.r.(iii,0ioi. The tire
started at the southwest corner of the
elevator "A" dock and before iL wa
noticed had communicated to the ele
vator. An alarm was turned In and foir
tire tugs responded, out owing to tne
intense heat they were driven out of
the slip and devoted all their energies
to saving adjoining properly. The
steamers W. A. Parent and W. A.
Rogers were in F.levutor "A" slip bind
ing wheat and the lutler was to take
out 30ti.rt0 bushels of wheal tomor
row. The steamers Ctica. Alva and
Chili were on the opposite side of the
slip and were pulled -ut by tugs to
save , them from destruction. The
Globe elevator, owned by, the Peavey
company, was on (Ire. and for a time
It looked as tnougn n wimiio go. ion
the firemen succeeded In extinguish
ltiK the flames. Tho blaxe also spread
to the saw mill properly of the Peyton
Kimball and Parber property, but this,
likewise, was extinguished before any
serious damage was done.
At 1 o'clock thla morning the Mro
seems lo be tinder control, although
still burning fierce V : son ( Ihe
hurtled districts. Tnt i-olllliinen lir-
partments of Dululii and Superior are I
combating tne names. i or .io,..-....
destroyed at this hour Is as follows:
Great Northern elevator,
Maniko elevator and flour.
Freeman mill and elevator..
Republic grain mill ami elevator.
Commander mill and elevator.
Twenty buildings and several small
warehouses lining th bay front.
It Is now estimated that the damage
mav reach ü.r.on.ii'io.
Some of the Hour mils were not op
erating, but their elevators had small
stores of grain. The two Great North
ern grain houses held the usual
amounts for this time of the lake
hipping season.
The ship yards are reported safe,
although the flames destroyed the of
fice building and for u, time threat
ened the plant.
Slali- Sinn- Material point in Truil f
.Steve AiIhiiis 'or Minder of
ltarli.lrum. Idaho.- Nov. Ü In the
Hal of Steve Adams for the murder of
Fred Tyler. Judge Woods announced
todav that the copy of Ihe testimony
of Archie Phillips, taken a! the former
trial, would be admitted. Phillips be
ing now missing. The rea. ling .r the
testimony was taken up. and this oc
cupied practlcallv all of the forenoon.
Phillips told of his first meeting with
Tyler, the murdered man. In March.
1904. and said that Tyl-r went from
Santa with him lo the claim of Phil
ii... there June 1. and re
maining there until the latter part of
July, lie first saw Steve In July
shortly after tlie fourth. Witness re
lated the circumstances! of Tylers
coming to his cabin about Au-
Hiist 10. IH04. coining nbout supper
time and remaining there until after
supper. Inc.t Indi timo nothing was
seen of him alive. The murder is
supposed to have occurred next day.
The d.-r.nse .ihlecled to the reading
of some portions of the cross-examination,
and this objection was eu
taln. d.
Congressman McKinney Re
turns From the Oiicnt En
thusiastic Over Outlook for
the Islands' Future.
(Hr Manilas JmouI Sinw-IhI le4 Wire I
San Krmi.lo. Nov. At" an
extended tour of the orient and Ha
sail. i'onK'"smn James M. Kinney
of Illinois returned lo tl.li ill)' lo.lsy
on h ulesiner P-isia.
As it member of the territorial com
mittee which left here last Jan.. Con
Cre.man .M. Koie-v visited Honolulu
l.,l In., the l-hl il.nines. m tr
I ..h.n.llva alotiv
i on-l'i i-.io. w
V....,. ,.. the .-..ngn-.-n I
,ni t ,
; w e m ei eevei - - - - - -
letting ine isiano- -
The reoun -if the Inlands sr
un'K.unde,! liieal coal. r pier and
gold deposit
Id d. p.Mits have en iunn sn.i
- 1 1 ven greater wea
ii hi seems In store tor
Sthe I mil l-t.-ii
in other rciet The
limlM-P noliltliKS. lor
I -There Is one Ihing
he a.M-d.
"that must be done quickly for llii
Philippines ir America would bo-.terl
conditions there and that is lo re
move the revenue tax ou sugar and
lh:li'l-(l." ,
At Honolulu Congressman sicimii
ney declared that shipping comlUlons
should be more encouraged, allhough
prosperity was to lie found on an
aides. During bis stay In Japan the
congressman was shown every courte
sy and stated today that he failed to
notice any belligerent attitude on the
part of the Japanese.
Saiircinc Court Ihiilc Hi-llcf to Men
Who Murtlen-d Cimtrutlo for
. lie Insurance.
Mexico Citv, Nov. X. The supreme
court vesterday denied the application
of C. U lilchardson. William Mason
and Dr. C. 11 Marl, y for a rehearing.
The men, all Americans, were con-
rff. t vicied uf imii.lei-iiig Harry v iinnnis. a
LIlOllS OTlhalf luother of Mason, in l0-. The
lire of Williams had been Insured for
It Is alleged, was divided among the
II is alleged, was divided among the
conspirators. The only recourse be
tween tlu condemned men and ex cu
Mnn is an appeal to Governor Creel of
lloi-e Tender Murd.-red on Train.
Illiffíil. N V.. Nov. 8. Three days
ago A. G. Murpliv, a painter by trade,
I, It Colorarlo Springs In charge of a
carload of horses consigned tn an
Fast lluflalo, lii in. When the train
reached Suuth p.-nd. Ind.. Murphy vas
missing and the car door wa nailed
up. The train reached ii-;ie today,
and when il was opened evidence was
found Ihat Murphy had lieen nmr
.leivd. Word win r--reived by the po
lice tonight thnt Murphy's body had
been found near South Hend.
Colorado Treasurer Announces
Willingness to Accept Clear
ing House Ceitificates For
Indebtedness Due State.
lly Morning Journal lto-ll -"" Wire. I
Denver, Col., Nov. X. Slate Treas
urer A. K. Kent today announced that
he would accept the cashiers' checks
of lb,. Denver batiks, the only ones In
the state to arrange for linn Issuance;
Ihus far, and the dealing house eel-j
tifíenles of any city In the slate la j
payment of any Indebtedness to the
state. This announcement c.ius- d con-
.KieesMo KUtlslaction umoi l.uilucssl
Charleston, W. Va.. Nov. S. The 4
story building occupied by the whole
sale grocery firm of Itiiffner I'-rothers.
was destroyed by lire loilay, entailing
a loss of $1111,0110 Captain J. J. Foley,
of Ihe fire department, and John
Dewey, shipping clerk, were burned lo
death, and several firemen received
minor Injuries.
San Francisco, Nov. S. At the end
of the present hank holidays the
grand Jury, of which H. P. Oliver Is
foreman, and which has returned the
indictments on which the graft prose
cution has proceeditl. will he dis
missed. This decision was made pub
lic today by District Attorney 1-jtng-don.
A new inipilsatorlal body will
be Impanelled to take the place of the
present body and the work of Investi
gation and prosecution will be con
Colorado Minin;
Men Accused
of Murdeiing
Agent Demand
Trial; Roosevelt
on Case.
(IX, Morning Journal Hpertal ed Wire 1
Dmango. Cob. . Nov William It
Maxin and Jo .nderw . ole. accused
of niuril. r in tire killing of Joseph A
Walk-r. I 'nlted States unci sci vice
agent, at tin- He-perus mine Samdav.
pleaded not guiiiy w lo a formally ai
raigned in the ilistriit court today.
Their attorneys made a motion for
an immediate trial, bul I lile ieiiie-t
of DlMIKi Allotmy I'lllllam HO dale
as sel Notice of an applt' al'otl lot
h.Hl was made I. y Ihe ,1. l.oi.lmilV
, is,-1 It is ,.,oaoo- mat .. e,
....,ll of Hie dl-l rt. t
. H. ,1 williln the next I
Oil Il
uea r I lis i ase.
nlip liodv of Walker was tak
iK-nwr today, i ni i he
most of the government
ie II. lll left
rio 1 1 is w ho
I Tiicsibty.
have been here mee
There are Mill b it in I I
of federal officers. It
Halt anMstant atloi n,
fue fulled Stales and a
.-ei il e mc Ii.
. lia a niioilo r
hiding Prank
i;en. ral f"l
t,, e of secret
KISIsIA H T M "..I -I- . ........
Ws-.liit.g!oli. N. Til- fol.oWlllg
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Burning Powder Cars Dragged
From Thieatencd Town Ex
plode Killing Heroic Mexican
, and Fifteen Others,
(Hr Morning J-airn! Moertal Lsiued Wlro 1
Douglas. Arix., Nov. n The death
list, us a result of tlie Naczari explo
sion yesterday, is now pi. iced at 14 or
iló. all .Mexicans, besides John l tits
liolui, aged lit, who was riding on the
train win-n tlie explosion occurred.
I A l ra I n on the nariow giuige rail-
road lo Hie pilares mine in some way
caught lire In the train were iwo
jopen cus, heavily loaded with ex
I plosives, and the furl that the con
1 i mitator and u good part of tt.e tow it
of N'li-ozari was saved from ruins was
i due to the bravery of the Mexican t-n-gliuir
of the train. Jesus Garcia. Re
alizing that to cut out the binning
cars ii ml escape on me engine oiuo
expose the town lo probable destruc
tion, he called to the rest of Iho crew
to Jump ursi marled to run Ihe train
away tiom the town. He had taken
it about half a mile when the ex
plosion occurred and he waji blown
lo alums. It is reported that another
member of the new stayed with htm
and was killed. The heavy deiuh list
Is duo to the fact that the explosion
occurred Just as the train was pusaing
a section house In which there were
a number of section men.
Clrciiil ISiitrl of Apisiils
Of ApiSlllS SllelJlillS
JiiilgtiK-iii 4 ir I Vilcrnl Ulsliicl
Ollff AgHlllSt ItlHtll.
St Paul. 1ijv. s. In a decision filed
today I he Cnitcd Ktates circuit court
of appeals iiftii ined the Judgment en
tered , by Ihe Culled states circuit
court for the western district of Mis
souri iiauiiist the Chlcairu, Hurllngton
and IJulitv railroad f"' grunting re-!
bares on- lAi'd shipped írom Ka. isus
CHy to Nw Voik and llohoken.
The railroad company was charged
with having violated the Klklns law
by granting l'i the big packers re
líale on 1 1 . .'i 7 pounds of lard ship
ped front' Kansas t 1 1 y lo M. l.ouis
incr the liiiiilnvlou. and from St.
I. nils east user the Toledo, SI. hiiuls
and Western and connections at the
Atlantic ciiii'd Hnd destined event unity
fur foreign ports. 11 was asserted thai
the railroads gave the packers a rate
of 12 cents per hundred pounds.
The Judgment of the tinted States
circuit mini. Juuge Mnnti .vici-nerson,
sitlliJH at St. bonis June's. lH'M. was
I ha l'i be Hurllngton roan ne coinpeiieo
to pay a tine of l(i.0(Hi. The amount
involved in Ihe transaction was about
II U'. '
Mountain Near Unalaska
Thrown Up by Previous Dis
turbance Disappears Into
I Br Morning Jnurul guedsl fewst Wlr.
San Francisco, Nov. X Captain
Tllton, of the whaler Herman, arriv
ing In port this morning from the Arc
tie, reisirts lhat a terrible eaiihouake
occurred at Cnalaska. about a, month
ago, and that McCulloch peak, which
w.is created by an earthquake nearly
a year ago and extended over 3011 feet
above the sea, has dwindled to almost
iiolhlng usa result of submarine .lln
luibaiices. This peak resulted from
a volcanic rtupilon and was discov
ered by Ihe . Ulcere of ihe I'mled
Slates rivet cutler MiCulloch i'hr-
place a Msiied bv a party of llosion
lenllsis who leiently reported that
the po-sk was will easing III height.
The i-arlhiu.tke shock which Is be
lieved lo have caused Hs sudden
iiriiikage - f-ll for miles around
I iial.isk.i. de. lured Captain TÜ
toii Hits moining. an-l I "be place a
uall of WJ-lel was Ihrowll Up
,111 or 40 feet out nf Ihe sell.
Sin Kran. I -
and one titan u. i,
ea r accldenl lod o
lev ear. of th.
,l..un l:,ld,- Slio-I hill, sl'er K
,.. t,...a . ,l ..f ii,,. inoleriiian. and
clashr.l inl-i an K-li
Ixnoll. inotorm.iti. "
e t car. J-.H
;nsiate lat-
, HiVeS lll-
i. eer slaru-d
I-led Till)
c.l.ie lo pre.
l h5nn, eondo. toi of ; l
.-v car. 1ui.ii.- .1 w ben tin
down hi, I Th.-. .... i. .ir
He lare tb.il Ih. w ere
vent lli- a- I. lent " the
fe, ,, r.
injured lil
rs Ne.iis-lcr Si
W ashi-svi'.'i. N,o
noHli-r gen. T.il '' 1
ii.Kiinlni.ail Fin!'"
1 - i il.' posl
inn-oirM .'d th
M Peres a
,. N M . Vic
poet nia-te.- a' I'
p i r. a I '
1 Joseph I' I ho re-
'I ;,e weei
N. --
' -taleiio lil. '
i riven out b
before no. .n
i the I i-t has been
lmrm l. oie Jus!
Uld. n not. for
imme.li ite f 'me al le...
111. Ill the . l--e of Ihe
This .'iii-oinc--ment
IV by Mansrer rheir.'
-in:; ft-.u-e.
I t-l.t.
,-,v - .-Kii- won. en
in in r -1 in a si reel
I . ii a Haw s Val-
-,,,, I ;ailMa. r.n
Timely Work of Detective Bilfy
Smith Saves Town From
Flood of Cleverly Cotton Up
Worthless Paper,
Uy Morning Journal HperUI IeM4 Win.
l-:i Paso. Tex.. Nov. S. By the ar
ret of Huyes Imberley and Oils
Mayes today, Chief oí Detectives Hilly
Smith lias frustrated a plan to flood
tlie town with forged clearing house,
certificates. Wlmborly has confessed
tho plan to the police, by which IM
two expected to float $10,000 in fals
certificates at tine time.
The order Tor the printing hud been
ilvn to a local printing establish
ment, and about fil.Ofltl worth of bad
paper bail jUHt come irom tne pies
Winn the tie
ly. In the
found slips
lectivea arrested Wlmber-
rooms oí the men were
whe.-e forgeries or slgna-
turis of a
number of bank cashiers
been made, and they found the
given for rubber stamps of
r hankers signatures.
Tlie false, signatures were cleverly
done, and have deceived even the men
whose names were Imitated. Mayes
claims to como from Fort Worth,
Texas, and Wlmberly, who confessed,
says he Is a miner from Citnunea, Mox-
in.-riTivi-; Kii.F.K cauco
ill ( ItiMHvl.ll t l,ltltl'A Y
!-'t. Paul, Nov. 8. Ernest W. Work
man, of Winnipeg, was arrested In the
I'tiion block, ll.U city, this afternoon
by u Culled Slates secret service
agent and $iii,mni In counterfeit cur
rency was found In a suit vase that
Wo rkmnii tlropped to the floor when
Ilia officers seised him.
The money was In Xto sold certifi
cates, which bad not been nulla fin
ished. H
Missing Son of Cincinnati Mil
lionaire' Found In Fashion
able San Francisco Hotel;
Declines to Talk,
illy Morning Jnarasl Special iMsd lr l
San Francisco, Nov. Albert Krlp
peiulofter. missing son of a Cincin
nati millionaire, has been found at
the St. Francis hotel, where ho ha
been, Maying since the night of Nov.
u. '
When young Kiippeiuloffcr dlsap
(.eared from the ortlce of the Hn-M
Manufacturing company of Cincinnati,
where he was employed aa secretary.
An the night of October 23, his family
supposed that he had been murdered
and his body concealed. This theory
was strengthened when a man re
ported to Ihe police that he had seen
two susplclotia looking men lurking
about the offices of the shoe company
when the young man disappeared.
A week after the Junior Krlppcn
doflnr dropped from sght his father,
through the aid of delm-tivea. learned
tht his son had visited Chicago. From
lhat time nothing was heard trnm him
until he turned up at the Hotel tit.
Fraud. .....
1 have nothing t say." said Krlp
pen.lofter, when seen at the HI. Frau
ds today. He was shown a dispatch
from Clnclniw.il telling ot hla disap
pearance, but he said:
I am nit talking to the news
papers. 1 don't want to be bothered.
San Fran. I n. Nov. a. -At a meet
ing today In Die mayor's offlce. al
ien. led bv liovcinor (illicit. Mayor
Taylor, I ir. itllprrt Mlu. of the pub
lic health and marina h.w.i'a' -r -be
Sherman Psyot. of the health
committee of-the board of supervisors,
and i b airman Hi andenslnlii, f the
n-iano committee of hat body, the
Ie. .-Ion wan leached to sil on the
I government lor nnanciai nm
stlilll-llig out III" IMII.oil.c riflu'-,
niuttee was appoimeii io ...
Motion to lav tlie mailer before
,-d. i .1 uuihorill.-s anil enlist liiian-
. , i
. ..nii.aiun of cra llcalleg
In this cliv. which has been
oily prosecuted by I'niied
marine service under Ihe li
of Dr Kupert li'iie. a. ling in
Ii, .a with the late and ila
i-i lion
,i Has, His I.e. n finning
, n.ili. The t-K y paid "." i
. .i.,i. ,l thai Ihe city i an no l-i ger
fT.w.i lo .l.-lrsv this elsPiise without
1 1 III-
.ripplli.g Itself.
ll I'legl. No
. aiion from
the Mtiiadi-
v x W i relés coiii
. , - i . .... k . . .i.ti .
lino; nauon iron. .ii,4ii--.. -
ow mere, uuoei
. lir.li al Swinburne, lias stHiin i"in
, - .I H annual larcei piadite and
i ..,,n sisit n-.rtli
The (.rote, ted rrulsH St. I-0'i'- h
tmi-he.l lier pieliminarv eh.iotlng. and
n tule t.reakie no record lias inain
tai.ie.l h.r own with olher vesei.
given 3fo-t or ine ere , ,.,
lnar- i baie Iveen mil ihe sip since It ill
made I in At int. c wir. The targ.t prac.
lheit.ee of Ihe Milwaukee and Coarli ston
l n.c Kcitig on

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