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Magnificent Exhibit of New
Mexico Resources at Chicago
Six Mr bKRBnRe "", after a torn'
of nearly the whole territory of New
Mexico, re now on their way to Chi
cago bearing tt splendid ami compre,
henslva exhibit or New Mexico's re-ourci-ü
to b disilttyi-il ut tlii- L'nlli'il
tutea Land nnd Irrlgution .?xposllloii
Which open in the Coliseum ut Chi
eugo on November 21 und hnt nntil
Uecember 4. Thl U the finoM exhibit
,,r xvtv Mexico' products nnd iioaslhil
lili. ever sent out of the southwest
and ther Is not H iihtiee of tin- ilevel
oi.ment of the territory that will not
b urophioally dlspliiyed at the great
ntr which tu bo attended ny nun
ilirrls of thousand of people from h II
Affr this country.
II. n. HenlnR, secretary of the Nw
t..Cnn l,,,r,nn of !m 171 Igtil lloll. hO
secured the exhibits from every purl
f New Mexico ua the result of some
urettv atrenuou work during the past
few weeks, left hist nigh on the limli-
.f nm-nnirianleri bv Ml. Helling, for
Chloiigo. where he will have churge
of the display during tha exposition,
assisted by the numerous other dele
gate from various roundes. A. H.
Htroup of thl city, who whs nctlve in
.aalptlnjr the Immigration bureau set
retnry In tha work here, leaves this
week for ChlrnRO. II. K. Wilson, In
(lUMtrlnl agent for the Hiinta Ke, lia
ulao worked hard for the securing of
a representativa exhibit nnd will be
In evidence ut the New Mexico heart
quarter In Chicago. The various
commercial organization nnd cities
throughout New Mexico will be well
represented by delegate and alto
Nther New Mexico I to make a noise
ut thl exposllion that will bo pretty
generally heard from one end nf the
country to the other.
Tha New Mexico exhibit lia a in
vorablo position In the lug Coliuiri
and will occupy 4 80 square feet f
floor apace. The bureau of Immigra
tion la forwarding thousands of cop
let of dozens of publications on Die
different countle on Irrigated and dry
farming, gracing and inltilti, recla
mation work and In fact everything
Imaginable in the way of Information
of New Mexico and its resources. This
literature will be distributed at the
fair and In addition a lecturer will de
liver frequent lectures dally with the
aid of a atcreopiieon, filo (randa cel
ery fresh every day will be passed out
to the visitors and the biggest red
apple from Han Juan county and the
Pecos valley will bn handed out In
thousands to those who come along.
MecrvUry llenlng of the linmlgrii
tlon bureau also goes to Chicago us
a delegate to tha Parm I-uiul congress
Which mi-els .November 16 to 20.
ill the display are pictures of every
pint of New Mexico, liieluding lews
of all the big Irrigation projecis and
if: it
hi Aim-'t
V l P J , j tV
t t ' t
i I ,yi
ft I i
' tí .
J ' 1
11. I'.. Wll-oii of Sanlii l e ImliiKliial
liepai'ttiiciil. Who lls Acthc In
scciiiiriir I'aIiIIiíI loe ( til
ia g o I':ili'.
tin1 la nil mid crops tliereuiulcr.
Among iln ciiiiositle" In the New
Mi xlco i xiiiiiit íh a l'I:sh i iiKe coti
la Ining stalks of im ii grou n by l'rlee
Walters nf Antee, Su 71 Juan lotinly,
ibis h ilion, from hi cil l.iken from tile
ruins of the imieiil Aztec vllkig"
near Astee, the .n iI coin linvitig been
hiiiiiil in (lie ruina fur four hundred
year at least. Wild potatoes from
I 111- !:-( 11 II' ill 'valley Will be .'ill Itlter-
estiUK exhibit. There are grultih and
frnltH ami gMuses, veiiohlcM and
lucilina and cereals, and cvcryUiltig
else from all iiiatteis of the terrltni
to niiiaiH the visitors at tin' Chicago
It. "will in eoiiiplli.il a I rcmcniliiiiH
amount of advertising fur New Mex
ico and ln r opportunities, ailveiti-intt
whose elT"i Is will extend into all pints
of the cast and middle west, wliencc
come the recruits to New Mexico's
linnii'-M'i'kiiiic and ferniin popnla
llofi; ail vel Using u'li'M1 etTcits III be
nut 'ci able (or many uioiiUih to come.
the aystem. The Santa Fe hopa,
roundhouse, Icing nnd coaling plants
and other structure are nil splendid
example, of the very latest methods
In railroad terminal construction. The
rii'W brick freight office at the foot
of Main fctreet are noiy tionrlng com
pletion. Tin-re are forty miles of rall-
roncl sidings and tremendous repair
fnciltlcs. with the prospect of the
doubling of the size of the shops In
lile !iar future. Clovis Is s. dlvlfnn
point on the cut-off, the terminus of
the Xmita Fe l'ecos valley kystem nnd
soon to be n division point on 11 rail
road direct from t lie gulf to Colorado
(Hlveston to Denver with the
s-reat coal fields of northern New
Mexico easily accessible nnd fuel con-
eipiently cheap.
1'rlci s of real estate have gone up,
114.(100 being recently paid for a
quarter (section of lunil near Clovis.
(Trivia und Curry county rather got
In the limelight ut the recent exposi
tion in A lbu(UirUP, when Curry
i'otinty dry farming products took the
premium us the best dry farming ex
hibit ever seen in New Mexico, and
fourth prize In competition with Irri
gated lands. Clovis li the countv seat
commercial center of the county.
and moreover thy shipping point oí a
great dry farming countrv rearbinir
fur outside the countv.
Hoinoncad Inndu adjoining the city
are belnn ninlillv all take n or, hul
there is always a chance to buy rc
llmiiilshiiicrils and deeded farms. Clo
vis ofTcrs magnificent opportunities to
bn.-lneas inen and investors.
, .
Offer to Weak Mem
i Do You Want to
!Bc -Atoan
I Among: Men?"
i Write Today
Admires and
Honors, a
Strong Man.
$125,000 Worth or Bonds Is
sued for Betterments by
Phenomenal Young Curry
County City,
llvliy of the cnmnfnnlty Is plain In.
dilution of t)ie siliid!il iííikh' of clti
enshlp which maUes up dm popula
tion of thl vViii'iuis young muthwei-t
crn giant. The !i . i , I 1 nrnlliiiont ha
1 111 Ti .iM il ball a 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 in the past
year and taxes I he in rntiiiiuiilations.
An $l..r.(in neli, ml building is um
1 nltv.tvueti.nl. 'lili re re five i huriiu
an. I tile I'a; fi-l ileui mi inn t ion is just
now 1 i í 1 1 1 ' e 1 1 1 1 g un lirainl n-et!ue one
nf the lllli .t hellMS of wolshlp ill til
I. I rlnr ,
Clovis It, ix gon.l fire preterit,, n and
i 1 s miinii inn I ilYalis are 1 xeelli nily
ailuilnl.-tercil. Wiih all her In-av
nulia.v for l ily iuiiirovenient. the y'lo
Mn tax rate Is low.
ntcresting Development in Al
leged Land Fraud CaBe In
District Court; No News of
Insurance Man,
(RptM'litl I)Uinteh o Ilia Uurnloc Juurnall
l.as Vegas. N. M., .Nov. 13. An un
united for feature develoned lln the
niled Slates court here this morn
ing in connect inii with the proseen
Hon of John ICvans, Jointly with Dep-
uiy Mierni licurgo Sncll, for perjury
in connection with land entries. A
in, 11 iij 1 in- Hume or jonn Kvuns, rc-
ilillng twelve inllrs out of Katon on
ranch hi'ii at home, but who has
been employed us bridge Inspector on
union n eastern niiironu, was nr
n JhK'Jl Are You
We Will Pay
lr otm of Nervou re3iljty. Varicocele, Early Decay, Rheumatism, Lame Back, Lumbago, Sciatica, any case of Kidneey Diflease that has not
ua fju mi nrtfjht's XlBsaiij, In digestion, CouHtlpaUon or any weaknosg caused from ignoring the laws of nature, which we cannot cure wltH
mt saw lntiwl 3ctrio Belt, the marvel of electricians, the most wonderful curative device that has ever been Introduced.
This Belt Is Complete With Free Electric Suspensory For Weak Men
TM ftontrte tmupirnsory carries the current direct and cures all weaknesses of men, varicocele, etc. It develops and expands all weak nerves,
ta jaaa of J-aflin Vigor, Varicocele or Debility can resist the powerful Electric Suspensory. It never fails to cura It is free with Belts for weak men!
No nuu fchmild be weak, no man should suitor the loss of that vital element which renders life worth living. No man should allow himself to be
srma km a man than nature intended him; no man should suffer for the mistakes of his youth when there Is at hand a certain cure for his weakness
Híét of the pairs, imt of the weakness of stomach, heart, brain and nerve from which men suffer, are due to an early loes of nature's reserve
powvr through núxuütrm f with. You need not suffer from this. You can be restored. The very element which you have lost you can get back,
and JKM tnajr bo as bftrpy as any man that Uvea.
Ocres Norrons and Y1UU Weakness, Enlarged and Inflamed Prostate Glands, Lost Memory, Ixiss of Strength, Weak Back and Kidney Trouble Rheu
matic Pala in Back, iljje, Shouldors and Chest, Lumbago, Sciatica, Torpid Liver, Indigestion and Dyspepsia. '
(Stiff riirrosponilcncr.)
Clovis, N, M, Nov. 13. The county
rut of a county only one yeur old and
a town Itself reully only three years
of ge. Clovis, Curry county. Ima been
mounding New Mexico nnd the
south vi st In the Inst few nmnihh. ,nr
lug which it Inn been enpnndlng with
remarkable rapidity Into one of the
most modern, prosperous growing lit
tle rltle of the bule wide west, No
other town In the southwest, not even
excepting the wonderful I ikltilionia
towns, have surpanseil Clovis in rapid
ity nnd solidity of growth.
The population is now i.Oun. prac
tically eveiy man, woman and child
of lh.it .'i.Onii lia nii;t 1 eme to tio Is
In the past three years Nothing like
It has ,'Vcr lai n i-cen In New Mexn-o
Clovis now has seven blocks, mild,
of brick buil. ling", all the tuust niod-
rn In ari-hiteeinre nnd construction.
It hss mill's of n un rt walks Two
handsome thr norv brick l.iisinrtt.
bhxks ere recinilv finished on
(rand uMn.ie tor otllce and mercan
tile purposes. i'o . has a I .'ii.Oim t
hotel, tire-proof and Met m-lit nlcd I -j ).,,
throughout, a credit to a city t hrli e 1 he !i
the lie There are lime prosiieious 1
banks, whose ri-soui. ta an, I ilep, its !
lime IticreaaeJ as rapidly as other
phases of biiainiK Another bank 1
being erxanlieri All r. tall lines of 1
biiFiners are wt 11 n pn nted In. In. I-'
1 1 K large lliu s f hardware, furniture I
lolhing. ilr (11. ais and timas. I'.ig I
wholesttle hiisinesses ar. l-i li,- ,st..l'.
Ilshed in the near futuie
There are four tirsin h ofiit -a of the
largest lumber companies, all t.trrv
Ing Immense sin. k. and in. re .n
addition another private lumber .u.l !
Clovis haa two itkl and two . 1 .1 : '
newspapcra. an infal.'i i, ,,f ,
llv and grow ing ..wn. rimi r.a '
lust dedicated a splendid ni.il.tr, " i1
Country club, with golf links, t. nnis ' "killl till v
Murta and all aecessories of an up. to- j ,r' w ' "I
tat country lub. There are in..Mtiir nk, Ci
tlcture thealrra and niotb rn pl.. t ""' i -
hotiaea. skating rink and oiinr 11..
vlslon for the amua-mt-nt of tin pub-;
lie. IJver- and transfer establi-h j
mentado a thriving hut-ims All in. 1
profraaii.na ara- a ell rt prt M nttd J
There arc numerous hotels and res-1
tauranls. pool halls, barlx-r ahops and ,
vry hind of an establishment louint
in any modern city
Hrllgion aiHl liltacalion.
The fsokition of the m hoola and
churches of Clovii in the lile and ac-
km. t:ii:MHTHii s
'lo If, It i l.iiii veil. Is breaking
lew records for municipal Improve
un nl In the southwest. It has issued
1 1 IT,. nan urn tli of builds for ch ic tin
pn . eiiniit 1, iter supply, sewerage
ami t ic. ti l.' pglits. Tim mains uud
Influís nf the snnltary sewer a) si
are now t.tiiig I. il l. A Jü.liliii electiie
pow.-r h mi. will be etiuippivl with
the In st mm lilneiy thin inonev i nn
hll The ele, trie llallis ule o be
liull.hii: by li( 1 Ml to i- I, at the laleit
rive new l.nen-icnt wells Will mean
an inekhx.iiisiilile and iiiini.inentlv
liiale ,ii plj uf water for tin cltv
SllMtll IV IlliprniClllt'iils.
Hot 1 iii'lllmi iliilliirs in i.iir,,ad
liiipruv enicuts lias been spi nt by lb
Sania I'e cillrniul coiinniiiv at tiols
lie iiciuiiilul in ",v ll.irvej house and
l'l'ol lie now in us,,, t,. lintel, "
I'.ill Ijlliv I'll. billli; one ,,f I he
liandsoiui s nnd nun I conini.iilbiu en
kln.l 1I1, 11 tly to pieces"
1 h
I i .
1 ll
lll.lt pi
the ilri',
ges III il
with su.
ee or te
no .ling . f un kind In
ni.i.le ,,f i Ic.in. bartl whfnt,
nvistt'il. 11 nd when pi op-i
a li li. leus, w h.desoiiir fto I
rebuilds neritf injured li
li...! I-
'stum 1 1'
'li I kg
i i :
rested pn the" above Indictment several
weeks (o. Xiitliwithstandlng hi
ruiiiisicn innocence ut tint time ho
was required In give bond In the sum
of r,(ili lor his apeparance nt this
term of court at Las Vegas. This he
did and easily proved in court this
morning that he was not the man
wanted. He wna immediately dis
charged nnd his Kiiretit'H releused
from 1 u i t In r liabilities.
.A wurraiit was then sworn out for
the npiiiehenslon of the John Evans
wauled, who lH supposed to resille ill
the vicinity of Clayton, Cnlon county.
After this case had been disposed the
court look adjournment to this even
ing w hen I lie report of the gra nd Jury
waa txiiecled to be presented nnd Unit
body discharged for the term.
Sciatic Rheumatism and Loss of Sleep
' AVALON. Citaitoa lataad.
ruM ran. u. . iriJiTKjaijK cjo.:
UauUemav-Ia aomrdanee with your raquart I am aaUnr you my report, and
ua pleased to la aila to send a Tcry goxi ona. Tlw Itnuruvunrnt Baa been re
aarkjOily raiild. voiinldirUi( tha dlaaavuiumvs I bava btn spplytna the treat
saant Ulidai-, bellMT empelled to work ha i and Unlit my Uine fur real and quiet,
natcii would be of tuutiai&nca la haaleolng Oía cura. My iiailn truuble was loss
tC alaay and intense auOertng from acial lea. Many people asuurwl mo that the
atocuto Ileit would be of 111 tie avail, U It were not atisululely a fruud, but I
wats Aivan It a ialr chanea to tUsnonstrate LhroUKh the sr. -at beiiellt It has
aaaai to ma that It la all yon represent U to be. I think every workUigraan shouM
am taa belt, li only to aaalat hlra la rarupemclna tila itieüKtli, for I awaje Ul
Iba ntomlng taoUug tirlrttl and stroiax. avti aflar a hard day a aoi-k. My aiopp
at paalful and Uiu palna lun dlsappoarod. 1 do not In U10 Irani regret what
I paid for tla Uelt, uid wuutd uut 1st yon buy It back (or leu limes the sum
I peal for It
Wlahlnff yon alt kinds o( snoneaa and trusting that many will be so eon
rtatsal o( tha ahluty ut yoar trtsuuiunt through the btmetk-ial reaulu brouaht
aaaau lu In y cama thai they am uy it, 1 reuut-Ui,
Tours rbapectlutly, C. H. AMENDS.
Tumor Removed
TIMA, Aria.
Gentlemen In answer to your inquiry as
to whcthur or not 1 am fully Hatialmd wllh
the roaulla of your treatment, I can truthfully
Bay 1 aui. When I cam to you I was suffer
ing from a severe pain In my left Bide and a
tumor aa large aa au ess had l'ornn-d under
my left arm 00 that 1 could not raise the
arm, and waa beginning to lose the usa ot
my hand. 1 waa gr?ally alarmed about the
trouble, and on the recommclidalluu of a
friend Bent for one of your hiKl.-aruila lielts.
1 had used the appllant-o Just oue month when
1 waa perfectly five fruin the pain, and the
lump gradually diminished until at the end
of throe months It waa completely gone. I
have not been troubled with it slucu.
Yours very truly.
Varicocele Completely Cured
carson crrr, iter.
Gentlemen It certainly la a great pieasur
to me to acknowledge that your Belt has coma
up to all the requirements necessary to en
tirely cure such a severe case pj mine waa,
and I feel better mentally and phyaloaUy than
I ever felt In my life before, 1 preaume you
remember that 1 was aurferlne; from an ex
tremely aggravated case of varicocele when I
came 10 ou fur help. There Is Dot tha least
sign of the complaint now, and all credit nasal
be given to the Kelt. If I can be of any
Bet-vice to you 1 am at your command at ail
timos, and wUl gladly answer any and mm
letters written to me by your patrous auk Oaa
giualeat pleasure, y ours reapectfully,
We know that no man remains a weakling because ho wants to; we are sure you want to overcome every indication of early decay that has shown
toaulf la you. Wo don't Uiini the man Uvea who would not like to feel as big and strong as a Bandow, and we know If you have a reasonable)
foundation to build upon we can make you a bigger man than you ever hoped to be. We want you to know that you cannot believe It and we
want yoa to have our book. In which we describo how we learned that strength was only electricity, and how we learned to restore It; also we
want to tall you the names of some men who will toll you that when they came to us they were physical wrecks and are now among the finest
specimens of physical manhood.
We want you to read this book and learn the truth about our arguments. If you are not as vigorous
rhertmuUio pains, weak kidneys, loss of vitality, prostatic troubles, nervous spells,
rsrlcocele, or any other allnwnt of that kind, it would insure your future happiness
it you would loos: into this xnothod of ours; don't delay; your best days are slip
pttxg by. If yon want Oils book, we will send it, closely sealed, free, if you stud
this coupon, jüuü tor íroe consultation.
as you would like to be, tf you have
Frank M. Ptiinby, IminlKnillnn n
spi rtor, Is hero on business before the
I'nlti'il Mates (llstrlt't court in con
ni'itlun with the prosecution of two
(bínese recently arrested at Dnwst.n
for lllcKn.1 resilience In the 1'nltetH
states, nnd who nre now in dull bore I
inviiltitijr trial. Stanley left this nf
ti'inoon for Ihiwsou to subpoena wit
nesses ninl the case will be railed
next week.
The Dr. M: Q. McLaughlin Co.
239 1-2 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, Cal.
OFFICE HOURS: 9 a.'m, to 8. p. m. daily; Sundays, 10 to 1 p. m.
Never sold in Drug Stores or by Agents.
The Dr. M. Q. McLaughlin Co.,
230!; South Spring Street.
1 'lease senil un your book for men (or women) sealed
AUG ..
(i. ( . (ilbbs, sperm I ngent of the
Keneriii bind office, with lieiidriuurters
at SMiita re, wiih taken from the train
here last evening very sick nnd he
wns removed to the I.ns VeRns hostil-
int. ills condition Is unite serious.
.o news bus been heard of the
missing- iiat-itl, II . Kelley of the
li.inkcrs Itesirve Lite company of
niiiiihn, which oomrinny recently hutl
Its license to tío business in the terri
tory revoked by Territorial Insurance
Commissioner Jacobo Clin ves for vio
lation of the territorial Insurance laws
The In rare unit niaKiilflceiit offices
maintained In this city by this com
pany nre close,) ninl all former em
ployes have left the cltv.
Severn I tlnys iiko Kelley purchased
n new automobile while In Alliii.inr
riue nnd it Is claimed he drove the
machine to rinNton anil hypothecated
It for Us value for means to leave the
It. I. Koblnson. vice president find
auditor of the Hanker' Reserva rom
pnny. lert for timalin yesterday-, full-
liiK to learn the whereatiotiU of Ills
former ns,elit.
Considerable bulldlim is aoina on In
Uis Vega this fall. At pi . sent there
are several substantial store room
being constructed with flats above.
nd 11 mini l.i r of stores nre rebuilding
their fronts. Contrail, have been let
r lare additions at the territorial
asylum for the insnne and several prl
tile rri'ilt ilri a are to Im t-onstruettil
In the near future.
"There's a Reason"
T M ci:i;K.L Ct I.TI .
H.11 e i'r.r-k, .Mi. h.
I. Moan J. Cano tit Mnl.
San IMt-KO. Cal.. Nov. 1 J. An
nouncement a made totlav of the
l l'i'iiai hlug marriage of I.ymnn J
,e. former set reta ry of the treas
ury under Prvsnlcnl M. Kinlev. and
Mr. Id.i Cillmi. daiiuhttr of (leorae
lialloii. the wealthy tea und soli e
The in.irri.iKe. it Is aai Is act for
Tliaiik. i;i lag day. Mrs. Ilallon la ona
of the most popular members of the
Coronado and San Du go younger at.
He A maguslnr writer says that
nu n most admire women who tires In
she Tea. but we rant all bf
widoas Chicago Nvwa.
Long Drouth Broken in Mesilla
Valley; Heavy Fall Reported
in Arizona.
Bj Mnrnlng Jouraal Special leased Wire I
El Paso, Tex., Nov. 13. A drouth of
everal months has been broken by
snow und rain. The heaviest rain In
two years fell In western Texas last
nir.ht nnd today rain Is failing over a
W'iile section, accompanied by a
"norther." Snow Is fulling today hi
tween Marfil und Valentine, Tex., und
nt I.ns Cruces, N. M.
Snow also fell at Tuoiimcnrl, X. M.
today following u heavy rain las
night. A heavy rain fell nt .Globe
Ariz., but in the mountains the snow
fall was heavy. The temperature tit
Globe has tallen decidedly.
All carpenters and their families
are requested to mort with Local 1319
Thursday evening. Nnvember IS. and
help celebrate our seventh nnimer
aary. Hy order of the president. J.
J. Votaw, secretary.
Greatest sale of suits and dross, s
ever held in Albuiiuertiue at this time
of the year. The Kconomist.
In the monthly bulleirn Issue! bv
the mnn.igi mi nt of the (SoU onda 7itic
niln', litar Kingman. Arlxona, the
proluction for nctober Is given as
SO tona of ore actually shipped to
the. smelter an I about 1,001 tons of
milling ore placed on tha dumps With
ntarly half the cara reported from
the smeller bv wire, the value of in,
r shlpp, , is i stimuted nt llti.OOO.
The c.. , including all rosta of
development, am. nulled to npproxi-
mat ' ly II. ami, leaving a net profit of
,btM JvOmi. with aa mm h more due
front milling ore. To date returns
have N-en rt e'lT.l trm Ij cars n,i-
ling Jsr..i4i tli; Ih.-ee .. Jfl sra of
ores, ami rcsil'iea In tr.insit estimate. I
t I :.. msVIng a t,at,l of Hi fan
netting fllS.Stt.li.
Well Known San Juan County
Lawyer Charged in Indict
ment With Tampering
Witness in Legal Case.
Imperial Dispatch la tha Morning Janrnal
Fnrmington, N. M., Nov. 13. The
grand Jury, w hich baa been in session
this week, returned u partial report
this afternoon, reporting twelve trim
bills. One of these in against J. M-
Palmer, a prominent nttorney of this
place. He is charged with having
written i letter to a witness In n case
who was on the opposite side, in
structing him how to testify. A pho
tograph of the letter was, presented
the grand Jury with the result that
an indictment was brought in against
him. Court will continue all next
w tick.
New Train Service
Albuquerque and El Paso
Commencing Sunday Morning, November 14, 1909, the
A., T. & S. F. Ry. will inaugurate double daily service
for the convenience of its patrons from Albuquerque to El
Paso, stopping at all way stations. Leave Albuquerque
daily at 8:30 a. m., arriving at El Paso, 6:55 p.m.
Northbound train leaves El Paso 8:45 a. m. and arrives
at Albuquerque 6:35 p. m. Both trains stop for dinner at
convenient hours. For full information of other schedules,
rates, etc., address
Chihuahua, Mexico, Nov. 13. Gov
rnor Creel announced today that the
Mexican government, in order to f,t
ttor communication with northern
Mexico, bad ordered telegraph line.i
built Into several remoto regions. The
recent revolutionary disturbances aio
believed to to have been the cause.
On.- i f the lines will extend alomr
the line of the new railroad Iir. K.
Plerson Is to build from the Mexican
.Mormon colonies in the tato of Chi
huahua to Tcmosachie and will be
subsidized by the government.
other lines will run from Gallego to
n i,u na Aventura and from Ciudad
torrera to Maniiiiuipa.
Notéfe In Contractor.
I now hae the famous Hiuewater
I .line i,nd am prepared to furnish you
from a bushel to a rarlo.nl. John
lb a vr n. Si S.uth Pirst atreet: nhonc
-No. 4.
Lumber and Building Material
Lumber, Shingles, Lath, Windows
Doors, Paints, Oils, Brushes
Cement and Building Paper
J. C. Baldridge, 405 South first j
nin vnn dfah Jhe CLASSFED columns
UIU lUU íiLAU on page seven today?

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