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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, September 18, 1910, Image 8

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Feminine Fads
and Fancies
Las Ultimas Modas
Tin Fashionable Fillet a i
for Hit Montotiiiiu linll.
Perhaps M I nut kind to say th. t
the modern huir dressing suggests
pictures of ornamental savages. .Mi l
yet It dots II Is not n I'll uglv i 0,1
really tpille iln'orut i ', besides being
a. ph axmil i hmige from tin; too severe
pi usa til style that has prevailed. Tho
fliillcricil head 111. 1 Hie swirl could 1 1 (
tie mode nltnieiive, no matter hniv
hard tlie women tried to make it m.
The a I F en veb .pi n k hid lo he worn
this season haws the day time colf
furt.' a negligible Ihlng. II emi be
done in niiy fashion, for It fx not 10
, le een. Hill lor evening the enlf
f u re 18 to he distinguished. It needs
height mi ot rta menlotinii to ininex It
In 11 proper ny lo the clillerlng cos
tume lo he worn
There is tío III,. sllghlesl hll of dolll't
of (lie fai t that Wo shall heve nil K'
Till ill of die brilliant rolf I lire
First of nil, the even lull length
roll. I'omiiionlv tullo,) ml. I Hot until
In the new mode of huir iiriiingcmrrii.
The presenl slip, keeps tho hnlr flut
ter nil it mil ml Ihe head 11 nil then
swings ll out Into it Bliutti'i' of nirl?
rigid in th,. middle of Ihe crown.
Mury Harden dressed her hair In till
fiiKhlini whi n he sang "Thais " mid
worn the wide strong linnd of metal
with jew eld around Ihe hend to keep
the fliit line.
Thin I Ihe mode that prevails now
mnl It I much cooler Mini moro coni
forlnble thiin Ihe rnoiiBl mus shape wo
have followed which called for a
feather bed pompadour and downs of
pillows mu) bolsters In tlie form of ml
ilitiiiliul puffs.
And the fillet Is "Ihe" tiling. t'n
fortunately to the majority of women
the flattening fillet In not becoming.
Kill let those Ihul run effect them.
brilliancy for evening Unit is to be
1 ortiinendotl.
I Tile classic eolffiiri; Would not go
Miegrsiiun 1 i,u, n ,,, (hoHt- nmna he
! Iiik mo Ui- for the Montezuma. They
"III, of course. In. of glistening ma
lleriiil, somewhat shurlwaiyted. und
with long clinging grateful skirt and
I doesn't the ii" w mode of linirdrcssins
Jin I unit '.'
On tho
During (lie
ivint hound
city mid tho
California Limited.
nenr half hour that the
limited remains In tin.
pusen;.'ors view the
famous Indian. rooniK it It 11 Kood
place mnl time, sufficient for the uc
cu mu In t Ion of prnctp.-il fashion hints
Yesterday two young Lidien were
two stunning traveling suits which
strongly exemplified the prevailing
mode for the full nulls. Judging
from their conversa I ion and swagger
appearance they were from ,'ew York
ihe tiller mnl preltnr of Iwo wore
11 loll); lillle hi nadolol h coat cut. kl-
inoiiH Hi lie mnl fined Willi yellow.
Imagina Ihe two color.1-: lind the vivid
eonlriiHl hut It was really beautiful.
The yellow fin lni wan held hack with
huge blue buttons lind revealed u
I 1 1 1 1 H ti gray gown, I ho blouse of which
wiiH trlmined with 11 white frill and
high collar The frill mid rollar were
evidently adjustable mnl tiny blue
buttons duw 11 the side, of tit frill weri
a pretty touch and turmoil to fnnten
(he frill lo the bodice though of course
thai Was one of the deceits so common
In the Hinart gowns. The hat worn
with thin stunning gel-up was of felt
Just the hii me shade n8 tho yellow
which lined and formed the fmin of
Ihe coal. Tho only trimming wan u
blK blue velvet drooped bow.
Tho other wore brown Venetinn
clot Ii made with one of 'the new coats
which fall jiiHt below Ihe hipa. H
11H tiliiiined In 11 llov., bill III Ihe form
of embroidery at collar and cuffn
little mold on each portion, finühíng
wild a fiooiiful of thick mayonnaise.
I loiiFckeeper ft ho are on the alert
for novcliüij now vary Ihe croutonB
Nerved nub noup by mukmi tht-ni of
rye bread inmead of from the wheaten
loaf. Tlie cru.sls uro tiimmed away
1 1 0111 a mirk Hlice of I lie bread, the
Hurling of which ! then rubbed eer
ho IIkMIv lili clove or arlic cut in
hall'. Alter tiring cut Into the con
ventional Mini. re or irimiRlcK they
are trannfeired lo u lu'lilnn illsh and
brownrii delicately in quick oven.
When Komelbinif out of the indin
are run h iIikIiccI fur a home lunch
eon try creamed ha.climlH. hell the
mil.", bin 111 li üinl boll until Hoft, then
cover with cremn sauce flavored deli
cately with iheiry. 'ibis dainly can
be nerved in ramekins or in paper
Serve pineapple be cream or water
Ice in "Kiirpriwe ' Htylo for the next
litioxl lulo Im mi. TImh In dono by cut
ting Hie top caiclully iinav. Iu ludiiiK
I bo moon Nprii; dwell', and NcooplnK
out the pulp with a Hiinnn. Kill with
water Ik or Irozen pineapple mailt:
Iroiu the pulp, leplace Ihe top ami
bilntc to table the pineapple fluunl-
iiiK Mh Kreen toji 113 before.
A rather newer way with nuts for
the nido illchcH at lalile than the
UHiial ono of broHiiInu' them in butter
Ih to put them In a w ire basket and
dip in deep boilim; Vat. A moment
or two !h hu! notour Juki oiviukii tt
brown lliem evenly and delicately.
The danger of hurnlnif is leKHoncd b
Hie fn."t that all are tirownod ut
raeth iilly the Name necond.
Alter lomovltiK 1 rum the Kieiise
dint If doHirrd wilh lino table unit
while Ihe kernels lire null warm and
Census Shows Thousand Chil
dren of School Age; Educa
tional Facilities Unsurpassed
in New Mexico,
for If th fain HuitR. It will provp tho1 There wax another bund of ombrold-
nioNt bocomlnii Hrriinxcmciit of the
luiir Hint ever exinted, or ever will,
Many can wear the cIuhnIc coiffure
of the moment If their unconfined
hair Ik ulluwed to wave wuy from the
forehead. H may be purled on the
Bide or in the middle, but II miiitl not
be held iloHti by lile ornamental hand
Vet it In the hand, or the fillet, that
In I'laHMic. It Ih iforKeoim tout Ii to
the costume. U in rniitln to mutch fie
Itown ulili'M it In of cloth of ni. I or
dllvcr when it I worn wild anything
Hold urn! silver Katizn In chorion for
ilmco rilletH and (lie clolh of Bold
newii with crynlala or luripiolso iü
n tiinnliii.'.
For tlneto that cannot uta ml tho
plain ornanienlal fillel. tulle Ik ued,
the kiln llial iIoch not tear ciitdly.
Younit Klrl new thece tulle hnrul
thli kly with Herd pi hi In, solm titiles In
bailia.at d fiudiiou, ak'alil III ulad or
t rt Kcent design.
Kbit k tulle Kprliiklcd wilh Jet and
cryitlali lis iiIku Hiumt.
I'carlK ni'ciii to play 11 very Import
ant part In the deeoriif Ion of the fll
lelK and II would hocih we are mailnal
1 KoiiiK btn k to that 1 hamilni? me
thod of hair ariiinneiiii'iit iiffeeted liy
inoft of Ihe Shakespearean lierolneH.
That Ik. (he fenloonln of pearlM in
1bn hair oriiiFliiK them over Ihe brow
inn WI111IÍ1114 them around the puyeln
Tin- lu id wat lo lilt (he hair In the
lniil.il.' in m it will hold Ihe I -nuclide ll
i ui If in by old pulls pinned I henlli
one b on 11 hair
Kit If icvrlnK an nluinM eompleled
coilfui'e whltli iIock not neeni hih
rimiiuh ion can Mil Ihe hair up with
Ihe t-omb 11111I run it puff under 11.
And be iure you tiy the fillet, t'or
If ll 1. in be worn l Ih ipille Impre
fiv and nlves lhe l ollfui'e a ib ' íde I
ery ul Ihe whIkI lint JiihI h Hliort
Hlrin caumit wilh two blir bultoiiH to
the n false belt effect and a row
of the vellow embroidery around th
coat which fell longer than hip lenth
onlv In the buck. Finally ft Hlrln of
enibrobb-ry ran under the broad pleat
at Ihe hinkx of Hie cklrl. fiiNtened at
each end with a biij bluck bullón.
Tin. neck of the coat wuh out rather
low ulvtim Ihe moilil'ied Bailor effect
to the collar. Hut the hat wuh tin
oreltlent Hal t of the coiiHtume. It was
one of Ihe new low models In brown
the mi inn hade 11M the milt. It was
trimmed In a wreath of orfíeiniK min-
tlowerri in black and yellow mnl In
roNlHtable in the combined ooloritiK"
of brown mnl yt How with vtvld touelioii
,,r i.i;., k in the ucritors of Hi" great
f hiwei'K.
Then tlit tiiniluetor jellotl "all
,.!.... 1.1 no. I let un hope the two
wbono Kovvim produced tliiH littV
fiiNhlon talk did not perch vo th
writer wilh her Hole bonk, and pencil
u it. 1 wii m t-il re fuliv Hltnlvlnk' them for
jour neneiii
That 1 lid l i
li Howl.
lliine Willi .loliaiin lli.riiii l-lel
l.i'linlni- lleer I'llrnct.
I,,r Ihe ullli.ntlon
bowl ' covered
co of old lin o cur-
well lieu Willi 11
In nlmoHt hidden.
Ihliol Ihroiiuh the
an liba
of a fbh bowl
Tlie top ol 1 1"
wilh ..iiu-.e. A pi
lain will do very
libhon the vaune
The ih.vM-iH nr.
in. 'ilicH ol lliu materiitl. When
bowl Is tilled with water and the
oiimnal e. intents of the f lull bowl.
pehllleH mid Hen weed me It'll.
1 ul llowei-H huu all Hie nppear-t-
of ciowlii ; from the bottom of
bow I and the cl l"i I la very pretty.
nieniN o. the llowera are neon
.ui;h the i;lnss of Ihe how I.
II plum nau.e Ii UM'd lor a cover
it vvill I cteKMiry lo cut i.uuill holes
,.o Ihul the hleiiui ol Ihe llowera tan
be pilihed 1I..WI1 illlo Ihe bowl. If
h o 1 1 h are ruado In thin way they can
he Hit HVIliellliil. thus llllillni; to
Ihe appt ni.iii. e t f Ihe IIowcin, whbli
.nil be alliineil In tlehlmiH I Milt the
luí,. An aili.iellve coiiibinallon
.an In- 0 1 in 111.' I'll ft 1 1 1 1 a ten cent
I..11.1 Ii ..f ill lllli inl violet, a piece 01
r V.- .'TN
. . .. I t,i, e. 11 ll' ll bo.vl .111-1 a Jiinl of rib-
I X" 11111 ii.ifT'l i-i'' ben ,,1 a Hiill.ible . olor.
. "'-5!H!l'k ' HtM-kiiiK". 1 i-t.
VCII''& I "Hi. r I" make b.-l- new .lock-
i, , I 4 '1.1 I4 .l. v. i woman vnbi painfllno 011 lh
fr . "fkllK Z1 lb. iiv mnl I. mi- bo, o re ptiillin! tin
I t 1,., AT. AAT ui... i.,. The, wear vrond,
u. .t
Sample i an. I iiouii in Make
.nl Ion- I.I III. 1 1 111 el Si III I It I I
linn. Wtmiaii or ( Inld an laki
S. ml I .1 In. ., u. I. 1 .1 11 I ..il l .
will kl.i.ik mi HI i-m.imli 1 1. 11 111. 1-1. 1
Fiir l:ll. -l In u... Ue .' I-J k.iIIoii
- 1 h . iiiiiro. 11..11 iii.,.o , 11
the Mini. Inn- iii.iiii, ie:. l.tai r
hat I1.1N In 1 u 111. 1. i.- in iH-iniiit.v
- wnli I "t ni.-ii-1 1 1 I;. -1 Ft-
A I llif. ll.-ll. I.MC-. Mil k Ü1IK
I- 11 ..111 be t.riwe.l 111 ,.li bilile ill
11 I f-v, mllllll'li Willi. 1. it .I ll-.i.lile
vo.ii.vir Tim I a. tb ln I a 1 nl ;,iiln
M ill and l..i Heer llial pbni" run
ttnonhrr ol tlie iMlnllv. ll I en lo
no. if and n .od that ovelvwlnre 11
l- llilr...lfl. ed blew el V bt'er i.lllll.il hi'
.... i ..11 urn make It I'M ah .nit ti
1 . ni,, a K..M.OI and -oil will like It
'i :
1 fully
Hurt lleallllelll
lie 1 woiiion. who 1 on.-lders Ihli
d nil. .llllotti'ble Ithouull. leal
I.M lull Wl, IIIIIN II htOt'kill!?
ei. 1 1111 mío lor new boibrv. and
dariiK ll round and round al heel and
toe with line ibuniuK cotton Done
..in e. it in ver iieiie 1 . 1 be needed
au.m11. mnl the htoilviiiKN Und pmitF
i,!l f.n rv er.
belli I
.11 I
I l.l..ll,
ill. Ill 1 1
All .
- J.i
b. ip
111 w
III.. 1. 1
- ... 1 1
t M'llll
II H.ll.-..1K
III Kl.ltlH'l-
..r pai kliiK and
I ..nil'le inn.
K. .11. un-. Fi:t:i:
nl and you ten
lie ok be-
I - llH' 4 OIIIMHI.
ri:i r mim 1 n
.It 111 III II Ml I I I ll
. i.-ti
Fui!. 1 ni;
mo n:Ki: ii
I r I- xti.i t.
Km- tjn.
t 11. 1 - J.I.-
r.a i-F u
n . .
.-fit-t ... . .
.1 F
lb re.
Siimlt lil lo 1I10 lloiirlfo.
Mihk I h.ilieih Mace- itlrtelor of
1 to tbonisii.- Míeme tlep ri rnenl of
tile Fin, 11 1. 1 S, html of llollli lOlt' Ann
und n in e", deilaien ibiit of every
I muí Hin nt in hume lor food $Un I
W.1M.1I Mir s:if Ihe llillKiK of Nt
nl. a ink ol .eie til l.ulllH. percpH-
iiiK l.t .d nialirieU out of hoiihoh. Hi -I'liimilHllliR
peí Isba ble l 1 (v b' ol food
.in.l miviik "i Livor and tenderne""
i, xii'hs Tlirw 'trimming." Ml"
M.ne tb KiKnatr" 11 k "Just m u h
tan- v work ' whli li tontaliiN n- un,.
I.innnl amount i.f mill inienl. l.ob-tt.-.
N 'ind nuilirooius. l,e In. luden tn
the . at. g..r
mt el the tl.ivoHlltr IIIKkr" or
iii iin Ihe diHh end ' to f.md what Hie
1 r 1 im in 1 ii, 1 to ihe cw 11 Tb-re IP a
(tlsliln-r alt ill ilavol'llie
Fr 'lti-niU in makiiej n. nie famil
iar tlb a v.md cook will tllceoM-r
.m- tiivt-i pule Mirimlon In Ihe way
,. l!a'..'lMv: -1 new iiiKr-di.'lit 11
libij lo Ihe It ppral A ll- e lllld taHte
Iff ..tl
Tlin 1 lie 1 Lor ..111,. 11 1- pivpai-
' Í11K UMlailH i.inipoM-d of lebTV Htld
mil" ,-r relnv. mii. Mini Hf.pit ni?
ei.verttl that ff Ih- nut wer firnt
throii. li ti e m-iM hopper und
lo.ln.d lo the roll.- ;. ll of 1 l'
ine.l the flavor we mut h imnroved
Míe brriln Ihe eeli-rv rthr fine
arij rrimiies the nuui evl uul into a
his ( ily lo Have One-Tenth of
Repie.sentalion in Co'istitu
tional Convention in Santa
AlhiiifUf ripio wll have the iIíhIíiii -lion
of hiivliifj niore ileleKalen In the
coiiNlllulional eonvenll'in than any
ulher city In the lerrltoiy. Ten of th
llelcmiti'K. or olie-tenth of the W hole
coliv elllinll, mil k Iheir lióme here.
l-iii V't-Kiis and ICaNl Fan Vi tian will
have alx; Manta I'e live, ami several
olhei'H who loriiirrly lived here; Falun
und Hoeorro four each; Tnox and T11
cumcarl. Fan I'ruteN and Silver File
linee eiieb; 'I'ierra ' j ma rllla. FiihwcII
and I'orlali'H two each, t if tjn- other
Lux- toiviiN. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 'lovia, t arl.sliail.
AileKia and Alanu Korilo vv ill be rep
I'eHeiiled by a riNidenl. no Unit the
latMor iniinlclpiililleH will have ."2 out
of the 100 vote uf ihe convi HI ion.
AmtiiiK Ihe Hinalh-r plací n. 1 'arriz. ..o.
Wnuoii Mound, 1 'lev ida n.l, ,lora, Fbil
ill. Kerinii, IhiKcrmaii, Vrrniejn. I'im-
111 ion. léxico. Anthony, t lam y. Anion
i bicii. Fiiie.ilu, While liakH. liny. lOa
piinola. and Unity others will be rcp
IfHenlt'd by resldenlH.
The oljílilh Henii-aiinual uieeiini; of
Ihe .Mbiiipienpie .MiNHlonary Fiilun
II be belli l lile I 'nllK I'e Ka I i. Ula I
Chun h beiiiiiiuu WednoHiLiv al'ler-
iii at twiiocl.M-k. MFn Alma How.
ells of Hip lliiihl.tud Meiliodist 1hur.l1
will hIiim "Alv Faith in Thee'' iU.-l!ii.
Mrs. NicNH. iniNNloiiary liniii India
a no a lorcfliil Kpeiiknr. will ilirsa In
Ihe iiiiltv,. Indian eoHlnnie ami Npeak
11 the iliHlonis, life anil people of Die
iiiiiur.v. This In o he iiiile mi event
In church circle.1 mid a lame crowd
will doiihtlohN altetul 11, h a cordial in
vitation Ik et. 'lulo. I to the public. A
-ial Itiinr will l.dlow Hie aihlrt-HH.
ami Ihe Indies uf the Fiiuromitiniiul
liiii'rli will Kirie I'cfrt'Nlimeiils.
(Nirrlnl Ciirropunilrni't1 hi iliimins .fun run 1 1
ArleHia, N. M., Sept. lt. uver uore
in the l'ci'tu valley w lu re Ihoy raise
alfa ll'.t 11ml apple they uIho raise
school children as Is shown by the
choL-i.lic census of Arteyla jiiFt com
pleled, which shows over one thou
sand children of school. a;e, of w hich
nine hundred and torty-two are
American, and iiltj-oly,ht SpunlMi
Anion, an.
At tho opening ol the public schools
on tlie lililí of Hcplember over olfilil
hundred children applied for admis
'.1.111, with more than one hundred uf
th eso in Ihe hit:h school department
The town has recently finished, a nice
twelve room school I tiildlnB, equipped
Willi the very best sjnteiu of steam
healitiK and ventilation, represent ins
in all mi expenditure of moro than
Ihe high si luto! pioper has an ex
client faculty of six well tin i lied col
h ue mid university teachers in L-liurgr
while the traded school has fifteen
teachers under I'rol Hurry T. I'oort:
as principal.
rtesia comes tlu; nearest of hav
Inn what the pupils r.eeil In the way
if plnym'ouiid apparatus of uny town
In Ihe oountry. At the araded scnool
hiilltliiiK one may si 11 eighty-four
swlntis, In motion at once, more than
one hundred -teeler-lotter poles" for
Hie llltle ones with irape.e und bull
Wounds for the ho.vs. At the IiIkIi
m-IiooI the pupils hav a well itrraiiu-
ed moiintl InclutliiiK bnseliull. foot hull
basketball grounds, jumping stand
artlM. vnultiiiK slniiiliirds, discus
111 riiw 1 three tennis courts, etc, in
receñí baseball name wilh the town
team the score stood live lo five,
Ihirleen innings.
When supiei inleiub iit W. F. jiishop
look charee of Ihe hcIiooI tliree villi's
aun there were neven teachers and
three hundred pupils enrolled, and
much ol the suites.11 of the school
directly allribiitable to his until Inn
lloris. I ho m'ow 1 h ot the comriiu-
tilt - can bo well estimated bv the
bolaslic eiirollmeni fur the last loin
ars which Is as i'oIIovvh. For 1 it 0 7.
.701; for IPUS, re ti; lot Finn. Tú:!: for
inir fine, but that lambs are small.
on account of tlie dry summer. They
found iii'iect too hinli on iambs to
make any purchases.
19111. 1 a I O. Fucli
nrollnient ju sehiin
than the scholastic
same this term, tin
,n -obl-rn, I he needs 1
lo this Ihe larsi1
I'olli'Ke, und sure
f these years the
has 1 een creater
census with the
low 11 will have a
ol tlie pupils. Add
enrollment o, tlie
no one will ilenv
Artesla Is the Athens of .Vow
lle-t In tho World.
W IFatl, luí - re 1 111 ut of Warren.
N F, writes' I'leae send eiiohiM'd
ider bv until. Snt Inrl.i mi's Kmjlo
; Salve n tlie best eve remedy in
the win Id. i..c.
The I'rowfont Futtl- company tins
hipped In Filler. ubi point,; from Sil
ver 1 ity. Si I head ol line looking
utile. This same tnmpnny emitem-
plnti'1, tintkltnr niiotlu-r laiire ship-
tit .soiitf1 i iiue in'l 111. n; Ii.
Ground is Said to Have Been
Purchased; Gcneial Manag
er Kouns Intimates Gulf Line
Will be Completed,
(Union Feporter.)
Th,. officials of the Swustlku Coal
company made a visit to the new
SiiKarite mine opening northeast of
town Tuesday for the purpose of look.
In over the ground, and takliiK un
inventory of coiiditiuiin that will have
to he taken into consideration ill the
event several proposed ulidertaklriK
of the company are carried out- It I
rumored lhat the proposed spur of the
Rocky .Mountain will lie built troni
the city out t the new tipple w ithin a
very short time. The most leasible
route to th,. mine was Inked over, and
other matters relative to the etiuip
ment ol the mine determined upon
The new roadway, leading from tin:
base of the mesa up to the place
where tho now tipple Is to bo built
is plainly visible from the city. Tin
lumber for the tipple Is on the ground
end work will begin soon on the tip
plus construction. The new mine
ononinii lias now been run in loll let
and a four-foot vein of coal opened up
Ily the boKlnniiiK of the coming month
It Im the expectation of the company to
bo in lull running order, and to be
able to till nil local orders by wugun
direct from the mine.
iii:.m or Tin: i,ki:s that thi:
"rrYi w lv rvj 1 1 r i ri ivt
Director Newell and Doaid to
Inspect Project; Department
Plans to Increase Storage
Capacity of Dam,
Superior, Wis., Autf. 1, F.Ull.
To Hie I'eoplo of
The Slate of Wisconsin, and
Ili ad of the Lakes:
Some two months ugo my attention was called
to the Ncul Three Liny Drink Habit Cure, by the
company opening an Institute in this city.
ltecoBiiiziníí tlie social evil or the drink habit
anil the curse of Ihiuor ( became Interested and
was instrumental in wniUnK to the Institute ontj
of our .Superior citiBcns, who. otherwise, except
his drinking, is a splendid man. Hut liquor hud.
him bound bund and foot, for he hail been a
habitual drinker for more than twenty yours, and
late years to grout excess.
While tho patient was under treatment nt Hit;
Instituto, I visited li f 111 and mu so pleased wilh
the results of the treatment that t have no
hesitancy in giving tho Ncul Cure my endorsement,
for ho was 11 clinnKcil man completely and salt!
that all desire , craving and appetite for liquor
had boon taken away from him, in three days.
The Non! Curó is a God send to any man who
Is bound by tho chains of strong drink.
( Bishop of Superior.)
(NlM'rlid f rrrnptilii1rnt- to Alttrnlu ,luuril.ll
Carlsbad. .V. M., Sept. 15. The Po
os water 1 sits association 01 tne
ailsbad project Ims Juh't been advised
lie the secretary of tlie interior that
lies ordered an examination of the
ooct with the view of making bot
rnieiils of the Irrigation system, In-
liuliiig Increased storage. The orlg-
ual investigation of the project was
made with Ihe view of irrigating tlie
largest nonage possible. owing to
the hick of funds it was decided to
olistruct enough to Irrigate tin1 first
unit of 2U,(MIU acres. Over 00.000 acres
e subscribed to the project unit tlie
land Is Htill held by tlie association so
that when funds become available the
largest amount possible may be irr!-
tod In the area subscribed. The as
sociation has also been advised by
ligraph that I". !l. Newell, director
f the reclamation service mnl the
board of army engineers appointed bv
the president, now- in the west Inspect
ing r. '. l i mu 1 1. .11 projects, w ill v isit
Cnrlnhad early next month. Ihld
mrd will examine the project.
Address for fuilhcr Informal ion
512 N. 2nd Street, Albuaueraue, N. M
. "ml in 1
r a
a'i i o
iiV7 '
The public .si huiils 1 pen
',1 with L'OX pupils In
he school census shows
the district.
il at Carn
al tends nee.
;i."iO pupils
I 111 1 and l iiiicv.
li -t-ti. 1 .in t tup ke a liv irig
Ion. Its this cold. iililecllllR
hut itumics their "
",on..ieni 1 It's their uw 11 fault if
bey e.in'i make a living I tillered
'tin i I 'em til to mow m lawn last
week and be woulnni 1I.1 11 lln
rouble with p u is is, they're lazv !"
lev eland Leader
l:pies-ip Tille..
Vliv do v..u 1 all tln.n- two old
iiagH of jours 'Chills' mid Kovei""'"
.k.il Ihe sutiuner hoar. Id
ilio llirill.-r "aieil ret leeth el til-
wind bis swHiiiii iiieiiiFm. "Its be-
tUM' tlii'V'tt. ri Inferuiilly easy to
oti It." be lepbetl. Cbii-agn News.
ubd r
Wilson, a foiiinr well known
resltlent of i;rnl county,
elitly m Araviiipa. Ariz., bis
Ins the result i f an 11 Hack
ot tvplmid rineuinoiiiH He had lieeu
tiling 1 'nee the Inter pari of last
Inne. John li Wib-.tn wa born In
M Her louiitv, Miisouri. in 1 S3k, and
was ear mnl K im.nihs o! 111: a"
I illie 01 ills tleat h.
f I
IiimIiiI f urrrHritiitilfiii-ii lu Murulixc Juurnnl
L.IIS X cga., .. ,M ., Sept. IT. till
the recent In .pei Hon ii It of theheinl
nlt.ehiln i.f the Smite. Fe Msti-ni, II
imis given out that ground had been
pun bused near tin In. al simps upon
which tu erc.l en iniiiii-in" round
house. Thursday efteinooii while in
the illy ( . W Kmins, the new inepto
lor, Inspected the properly mid it i
understood lh.it plans me being
dratted for the new roil iiilluune by
the architects at Tnprka. While hele.
.Mr. Kouns talked nl the plans of his
company lor much impi o enu nt in
New .Mexico, iiilimutimr sin ugly that
the present survey fit 111 Toxico and
Clovls . Fas Veas would be utilircd
In making Ho new direct line from
Helivrr to Fab rd, m b: Ihe w 11 v of
Cob-man cul-olf now practically com
Rosuellian Held to Grand Juiy
Biest Sin in Now Mexico
Will be 200 Feet Lon-.
The elegant furni
ture, including piano,
in the Summers resi
dence at601 W.Roma
Ave., will be sold at
private sale. Call
I Monday.
SlHi-tnl t'ltrrMiMHiilrlM' f Miuiiimx 4uiirnNI
FomvoII, X. Al., Sept. Hi I .
an. 1 Amitlar .!e:ned guiltv vesieriliiv
when hrnnghl b, lore Judae . 1 1.
on the chare,, uf forging a iheek lor
Ml. signing Hie name nl ll F. Foll
ines, a prominent sheep breeder ami
.ashing it at the store of Fdwin Weld,
mull at I'eVlel. He Was held 1,1 Ihe
grand .ion unit, r it I. on. I ,t $1.1100
and is in lail lu default of I. .n.l
Frank llelmi, , left hist night for
I I l.ikol 11.. 11 to paint the bi-i:est siiu
ill New Alexin- li w III bear the num.
of the New .Mexico Wind ami Hide
toinpmiy. and will extend the length
ft the compi.nv s new nr. -house la
: 11 igerman. The sign will be Jim fe, 1
I I. oik and the letters will be seven f. el
In lielxbl. Ileiunek tlrcl.ir1!. Illls tlie
j biggest ntn m the terriloiv. the s-e-
( olut larcesl helm; Unit uf the Ciim
. "linn Faraue in F..well. wbiill Is F.IX
I feet long ,in, has six foot b Hers.
! A new s. In . pile yesterday plac-
e,l in rl'tee( I. y the l.sell lias and
Fie. tri, eoll.p.inv by I Inch the Mople
; of Itoswrll git clieapir tie, trie lights
; The in 1 P '1:1 am cost of liuhl has been
I ...il,,rs. t.iit is now loweioii 1.,
1 r.e per ni'.iilli.
! Will ,',.rris. A local hei p brrt der
.ami F. !-: Faker, h bnvt'r lr..rji t'ar-
i.lh.n. 'I.. i.iir.ied i..t t-'kin ;;.,m
fr-i of lilniil tlav bv nal,, llir.'iicll
An, h-e t'lipiian. FiTwln und t'Mrrii.-v-
The? r port thai sheep me bk-
lunuio Derjadi'. shol Kaliiarda
Castillo at Tintown near Ijisbee, with
a large cu libre, slx-sliootor und Cas
tillo died from the effects if tlie
wound which was about an inch
above tile hearl. Immediately follow
ing the shootlmr tlei.k'ltlu took flight.
Word lias been rei cicd at Can I
zn,11 from the clerk of the district
00111 1 nt Al.imiigordo lliat there will
tint be any November term of court
tlieie this fall, lor the reason that
t bcro is so nint h court business in
Otero and (Juay counties and al:;o
because there is no judge in the
Fourth district.
Coorgf 11. Hell wc.s painfully in
lured st his ranch in tln liurro
Mountains Satuulay by having ono of
the lower ribs on his right able frac
tuicd. At the time 01' Hie accident
he was handling a fiaellous horse
which suddenly jerked on tlie rope,
thn wing Mr. f'.ell violently to tlie
ground, striking his nitle on n, large
rot k ns he fell.
t-'im .Miguel counly If now en.ii.v 11m
lln1 results of the work mid enterprise
of h largo number uf lis Variiicrs, who
sel out fru't trees five or six years
ago. Fiery day several wagon louds
ol ixi'i'llent apples and pears, grown
in small orchards throughout the
ronnty, are brought to l as Vegas. As
ti result the market Is plentifully
upplied with homegrown fruit.
Tlie Tueumcarl lodge) of Odd Fel
lows and Uobekuhs ere making grvut
efforts to act ommodute the delegate
a nil their friends et the coming terri
otriul grand lodge met tins of those
rdois. All-. F. i;. Sherwood, who Is
retjiiy of the lir.ind Foilue (f t!e-
bekalis, promisi sn intrresting pro
gram lor the soleul entertaininent of
the guests. About lüj delégate nrit
xpeeied to Fit I i.. ( . h . and 70
Hi- F.beka lis. tntolier lu and 11
are the times of the meeting.
The Standard of typewriter manufacture,
typewriter selling and typewriter work
has been elevated by the advent and
development of the UNDERWOOD
Underwood Typewriter Company
I'rsinoiid Hvrnes ol London, mii
Knglish Journalist and representative
of the Melbourne (Australia! Ae.
wa in lhf city last evening, after
huvinu been Investigating the various
irrigation projects of Ctah. sava u
Salt Luke paper.
.Mr. Byrnes' mission to America is
lo look into the irrigation situation
here and write a seriea of articles for
his paper upon this subject, ihe prob
lem having leen not only a tenous
one. but a losing one so tar as It va
attempted In Australia up to Ihe time
Lr. Futvard Meade, un American and
an attache of the department of ari-
ulture. ai given charge of the Aus
tralian project
Cntll this time the governmental at
tempt to carrv mi irrigation in Aus
tralia resulted In a loss of 50 ewe
pounds a month.
v ith the iuoi .'MK.n of Ur Mtad
to the supervision of the Australian
project, changes were made, and
since the scheme has been mole suc
cesslul. lJIggiT I'rojovls.
"The irrigation work of California
was ut one time tlie most noticed of
any in the Cnited States in Kiiglnud,"
said tilo Journalist. "Hut these Lath,
Colorado, New Mexico and Idaho pro
jects have expanded until they are
looked to lit Fnglaud us models. There
whs a time when tho attempt at irri
gation In south liurope, those of Egypt
uiiti India, were also studied In Fng
landbut these have been surpassed
by your own Irrigation projects.
"The tiest and largest private pro
ject In this country are In Colorado.'1
he declared. 'Here the government
work has been anticipated and pri
vate Industries hove taken It up be
fore the government has reached it.
The climate of Colorado and I'tah
Is almost Identical, as is also that of
these two states and that, of Australia
I am very much at homo here, you
In concluding his interview, Mr.
Hvrne said he expected to leave here
Monday and would go over the Irriga
tion districts of ldu ho. thence to
North Yakima. Twin Falls and other
points In Washington, and from the
northwest of the Cnited States, into
yours next preceding the survey of
tho tow nsliip, viz:
Scveriano Moiiloya, Vicente I Kali
cliesi, I.'iant 1st t Antonio Lobato, 1,'du
bigeii Sandoval, all of Cuba. N. M
Any person who desires lo prolent
against thn allowance of Bald proof,
or who knows of any Hubslantial rea
son under the laws und regulation"
of tlie Interior Department why sueli
proof should not be allowed will he
given an opportunity t tho bIjov
mentioned tune und place to crost-e-amine
the wltnessna of said claimant,
and to offer evidence In robullal of
Hint submitted by claimant.
filial! Holding t'latrn No- 4ÜUI.
HF'!T77 FO F Jemex Forest. ..
OTIt i; llllt lTHIJCATlOV
Department of the Interior. Fluted
Stales Iind Offiee. Santa Fe. X. M.,
September T, ISO.
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
claimant has filed no
tice of his intention to make final
proof in support of his claim under
sections 1 and 17 of the net of
March 3. 1SÜ1 (;' Stats.. 04 1, as
am-nded by the ai t of Fetiruarv ' 2 1 .
I3 t:7 Slaty.. 470 1. and thai "sab!
proof will bc made before Juan C.
Sard. nal. ". S. Fourt Commissioner,
al Cuba. N". M . on oct,,t-r !. 1Í10.
vis: Maria Kntmlia Sanche de Lobato,
heir of Irene Oareia de Sanche, wi
dow or r,n,;ilupe S-nchei. for the
t iRÍm 4il In Sections and 7 T -'0
N.. It 1 W.. NT. M r. M
He names the following witnesses to
prove his actual continuous adverse
poerssion of said tract for twentv
Small Holding Claim 5üii.
(1 FKI 7 7 'O A L Jo m et Forest .
No-mi; rm i'riu.ic.wrov.
Department of the Interior, Cnited
States l-und Office, Santa Fe, N. M .
September 13, 1910.
Notice Is hereby Riven that the following-named
claimant lias filed no
tice or his intention to make í''!'1
proof in support of bis claim under
sections 1 and 1 7 of the net of March
3. 1S9I tit, Stats. 54. as ameiuletl
by the act of Februarv 21. 1893 t"'
Stats., 470), and that said proof i'
be made before Juan C. 8audoval, C
S. Ft. Foinr., at Cuba, N'. Jf.. on No
vember S. IflltF vis: Valentin C 4"
Fata, of Cuba. X. XI., for the claim
01. in W 1-2 SW 1-4. XE 1-4 w
1-4 Sec. IS and gK 1-4 of SE 1-4 Sec.
IS. T. 21 X., It. 1 W.. X. M. P. Si
ll names the follón lug witnesses
to move bi actual Continuous ad
verse possession of said tract for
twenty years next preceding the sur
vey of the towimhip. viz:
Manuel Aragón y Lucero. Juan Jo"'
Salazar. Celso Sandoval. Francisco
Antonio Isóbato, all of Cuba. X. SI-
Any per in who desires to protett
against the allowance of said proof
or who knint of any substantial rea
son under the laws and regulations r
the Interior 1 epartment why such
protf should not lie allowed will be
given an opportunity at the above
mentioned time aud place to cross-'4'
amiue the witnesses of said claimant,
and to offer evidente tn rebuttal vC
that submitted by claimant.
Sept. 15, Oct IS.

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