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The Famous JSx2jJ7&
! I
of the
Ww &.
taxhUr to
Continental Oil Company
Conditions in Wool Trade Un
settled and Uncertain; Some
Movement in Territories Re
potted, Condition In the wool trade at
Boston thin week have been manifest
ly unsettled, and a the eek him nl
vanced the uncertainty In the trade
hut n( been diminished either by the
situation In the goods trade, or by the
aspect of rim! I cm political, says the
Boston Commercial llullctln. Wheth
er the hitter cause hn hud much to
lo with the dullness rind uncertainty
In Hi tradi) may be, and, in fact, li a
question, but I hero appears to he no
doubt thflt tli good market la both
"spotty'' and considerably slower than
mot advice have hitherto Indicated.
Statistically th market la undoubt.
edly strong, fi.r the mills are hardly
"loaded up" with wool nor yet are tha
cutters and clothiers benvlly stocked
with goods, but' at the present writing-
If la undoubtedly trim that the
mllla have fulled to receive. except
In rare Instance, more than a very
moderate number of orders, and those
have probably been for a limited yard
age, and while there are some mllla
more conspicuous than oihera In the
raw malerlnla market, their presence
la the morn apparent merely because
if the absence of other buyera.
Trading during the week has been
moderntely active on fleece woola at
about the tame price prevalllna for
the past two or three weeka. There
haa been some movement In terri
tories both In original lings and
Scoured lots. In forelitn wools the
notable 'movement hB been In New
Zealand crossbred &ne to fts.
Philadelphia. WimiI Market.
The domeatle wool market was alow
In comparison with the several weeks
preceding. Thl I due to the unset,
tied eondltlnu of the heavy weights
good market In New York. At the
present Urn the wool market might
be considered In a walling position,
The large house who, have travelers
among the mills have found Instance
where (he manufacturers have taken
aome fair sited orders and are hopeful
of receiving a large amount later,
after the goods situation more gener
ally develop. All the milts have nut
opened their full lines yet, I'm II
1hat time, which some dealers expect
will be this ruining week, the manu
facturers will go stow In placing or
ders for either wool or yarn.
Territory Wind.
The volume of mile on this grade
was much smaller In comparison with
the several weeks preecdlng. There
Is still a moderate amount of samp
ling reported by aome of ur large
houses, which represent fair slxed
blocks of both original and graded
territory wool. One lot of ton.uon
pounds of fine and fine medium ter
ritory was gold at a range from 1 1-2
to !l eenta. In the grease. Another
lot of lBO.fiOO pounds of fine and flue
medium territory was taken al a clean
tost of r. G cents. Ham pin lota of or
iginal Wyoming were gold at IS cents,
while choie(. one-uuarlcr territory sold
In 0. sample at 24 ita.
I'lecee Woola.
There were moderate sales of one
quarter and three-eights unwashed
fleece, ranging In price from 26 1 -I
to S? 1 -S cents, as well a other lots
taken op at reserved terms. Small lots
of emit-bright otie-helf Pluod stubhr
unwashed fleece wrc sold at 1 to
20 cents. tloo,t Maple fleeces are
gradually being taken up by the local
and nearby wonted mill, who con
tinue to receive moderate orders for
both wearing and knitting jgrns.
Chicago Wool Market.
rienlera hold to the opinion that
should the present strong market
abroad continue, there will not be
much wool reported as coming to this
country for aome time excepting tha
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TabostntilattoB. Juit wy "HORUlIV
In No Combine or Trust
the Best Light at Any Prict
When you piy more thin the Ryo
price for a lamp, you are paying tor extra
decorarioni that cannot add to the Quality
light. You can't pay for a better
because there is none. An oil light
has the least effect on the human eye, and
the Riyo Lamp Is the best oil lamp made,
though low in price. You can pay $5, $10,
or $20 for some other lamp, and although
you get a more costly lamp, you can't
get a better light than the white, mellow,
diffused, unfllckcrlng light of the lov-
itronr. durable (bide-holdrf. Tbli sea.
fon'i burner adds to (he strtnfrh nd ippearioce.
Made of solid brsit, nickeled, tnd easily polished.
a Rayo Uer, Alwaya One
If mttt mrt.wriitfinkttrtftbt
Ike rt$t trtmi of tht
carpet stock, and with an Incrrsse of
orders from the clothing trade for
rloth and goo, orders In the line of
hosiery; then a demand from the man
ufacturer for wool will occur that
Is likely to materially Increase the
movement of this stock towsrd the
i mills.
Holder are fairly firm on good
light domestic fleece, and while; no
Hal or note Is reported there are at
thl writing a few lota under consider
ation that are likely' to be closed and
noted In the next week's review. (
For several weeks the saleg report
ed In th scoured woa department
testify as to the willingness of many
consumer to purehaae this stock to
be tiaed In the production of several
line of woolen goods, and 129,700
pound were bought by the manufac
turer. Horns bright fleeces were In the
sales to the amount of (2,400 pounds
and territory fleece were aold at a
figure exceeding a half million pounds.
A fair movement I noted in the ma
chine brushed pulled wool for this
stock Is nt Its beat right now ns re
gards Its condition and length of
staple that make It very desirable
for the worsted spinners, and there
was a line of 447,(00 pounds taken
by the manufacturers.
New York Wool Market.
Trading In the New York wool mar
ket this week has been distinctly of
the hand-to-mouth variety, isuycrs of
carpet wools are operating very con
servatively, declaring that the trade
In ultimata market doea not warrant
any extensive huj-lng. There Is little
call for Hootch woola apparently and
on account of the higher prices on
Russian the demand seem to have
been very limited for this grade.
fin China wool Ihe market remain
very much unsettled. The bubonic
plague, seems likely to spread much
further and tha question of whether
or hot the Chinese shlpploK port may
not be closed Is growing dully more
serious. As a consequence of this
state of affairs dealers are firmer than
ever in their Ideas of values. Hhlp-
ments of China wools are coming for
ward slowly nnd receipt thla week of I
thl class amounted to only 1,916
pounds. A rumor of one lnrga sale
of China wool Is current In the mar
ket, but detail of the sale are not
Withdrawals from warehouse for
the week amounted to 862,122 ponnds,
as again! 241,780 pound warehoused
and S2.25S pounds entered for con
Htimptlon. Backache, Itlicumalutiti, eih-eplchsnra
Result from disordered Sidneys.
Foley' Kidney I'llla have helped oth
era, they will help you. Mrs. J. B.
Miller. Hyracuse, N. Y., say: "For a
long time I suffered with kidney trou
ble end rheumallNm. I had aevere
backaches and felt all played out.
Afler taking two bottle of Foley
Kidney Fills my backache I gone and
where I used to He awake with rheu
matic pain I now aleep In comfort.
Foley Kidney Fill did wonderful
thing for me." Try them now. J.
H. O'tilelly Co,
Beginning March , we will sell
for rnah only. C. A A. Coffee Co.
Tucuntcarl Bun)
M. H. Uoldeuberg la the first m'.n
to Mtart Irrigating on a reasonably
large scale In this community. Mr
(loldeuberg ha a project wh ell
when fully developed will be not only
good thing for hitnaelf hut a grelt
thing for Tiicumcarl and Quay coun
ty. Me la putting In nn Irrigation
plant on hi farm which lies JuM
north of thl city along the fiiwhim
road. He ban a reHcrvoir ompltid
In ublih he )ih been storing the
wante water from the city gewer and
the Southwestern sh( ps, with wl.n h
he will Irrigate from alxty to one
h Snd red acre thl seamin. It," hur
now commenced work on a 'urto
diversion dam to catch the flood wat
ers from the creek which runs
through his pluc. Four men and
teams have started work on th' I'e-.v
dam. which will he 4j0 feet long. ;1
feet high, 75 thick nt the bo't m it nil
20 feet nt the top, with with Hit du e
on the water side. When thl dam
I completed, he expert to hold suf
ficient flood waters to Irrigate near
lfli.O acres. He will et out thl year
tit0 apple trees, a large number of
grape vines and pear trees, and will
put In one hundred acre or alfalfa
and oats, Mr. Sexto Martinet, a
practical Irrigation man, has charge
of the work and will manage the
plant when completed. We are glad
to see Mr. noldenberg: make this
move, a It will be u practical demon
stration of the YeiiKlhllity of conxcrv
Ing our flood water for Irrigation.
There are thousand of seres In
Quay county that cnnld he Irrigated
succesHfully, If there whs only diffi
dent capital to handle the find cot.
We hope to see many other follow
Mr. Ooldcuhcrt'i example In the near
Cement and Lumber Channel
at Elephant Butte Will Be a
Quarter Mile Long, 50 Feet
Wide and 14 Feet Deep.
(Special Cmmtftmirmrr tm ilantrng JoSnMl
Rlncon. N. M.. Feb. 20 Work has
commenced at the Elephant Butte on
the construction of the large flume
for carrying the river around the
foundation of the dam, and will be
continued as rapidly as possible un
til finished. The flume will be about
one fourth of a mile long, fifty feet
wide and fourteen feet deep and will
be constructed of concrete and lum
ber. As will be seen by the dimen
sion, thl will he one of the large
units In connection with the construc
tion of the dam and It will require
several months for Its completion.
Vrfferdams will be built across the
bed of the river above and below the
lte of the dam to prevent the exca
vation .for th foundation from be
ing washed fujf of sand and gravel,
says the Klephant IStrtte correspond
ent of tfie. Itlncon .Recorder. i '
The track Is being laid on the grade
down through Ash Canyon and It Is
expected that before 'long trains' will
he running over the road. It I prob
able that tralng for Elephant Hutte
wll be made up at Cutter and pa-
sengers will change cars at that point
Five teams of heavy mule have
been purchased In El Paso and will
be brought here some time this week.
It Is expected that the government
will purchase all the teama neceasnry
tr the work so that It will not be
necessary to hire teams except In
ae of emergency.
u r rt-i,. i ....... . -
""u,,m,r ....ne, noim.ni
gtneer, who hag been employed oni yi cty, tdl Ullldl dllU Willie W'JI III
wSS ZXJrZ to'i$3.50. Our big special, choice
the Itlo Grande project and Is e
pected to arrive sometime this week.
A doctor from the state of Ohio ha
been employed by the reclamation
service and assigned to the Illo
rande project and will report here
within a few days. His arrival wtfl
be a aource of comfort to all the peo
ple living at Elephant Hutte.
The force of employes . now num
bers 293 men. Thirteen foremen are
employed now. A great many nppli-
ations fur position of all klnda nre
received In the- mall every day but no
more men are wanted for the work
at present. '
A car 'of cement has been ordered
to bo shipped from the mill at Cha
mite, Kns.
nemcniher the Maine
Foley's Honey and Tar for all roughs
and colds, for croup, bronchitis
hoarseness and for racking la grippe
coughs. No opiates. Kef use substi
tutes. J. II. O'RIelly Co.
Hillsboro Has First View of Sun
Since Last Thursday, With
Five Days of Snow; Bitter
Cold Weather Prevails. -
Sieelnl PUpalrh tn lh Murnlns JnnraalJ
Hillsboro, N. M., Feb, 21. Four
feet of snow Is reported from the
Itlack range country around Hills
boro and the mountains of Sierra
county have received ' the heaviest
blanket of white in many years. If
the snow Is melted rapidly by warm
Weather serelous floods may be ex
pected. Hllhthoro thl afternoon had
Ita first view of the sun since last
Thuradny and it has been snowing
steadily aline Friday. Immense drifts
nre reported In the mountain canyons
and there 1 no doubt that tills part of
New Mexico has received more moist
ure than for many years.
It was bitter cold with n high wind
In Albuquerque all day yesterday
with flurrle of snow and snow fall
ing almost continuously on thu moun
tain eael of the city which now have
the heaviest snow fall In years. Sim
ilar weather prevailed all over New
Mexico with more biiuw In the moun
tain and low temperatures and high
wind general.
Mm.n nuiMtid to the Morning Jmlrtlnll
Uoswell, N. M., Feb. 21.Know fell
steadily In the Pccon valley all day
today, melting a It struck the warm
ground and thus soaking the soil
with more priceless moisture In addi
tion to the heavy rainfall of tha past
week. At o'clock tonight the snow
grew thicker and the ground was
covered white, The Indications are
that it will snow all night.
It. Iluppe, the well-known druggist.
Is laid up as the result of an accident
while trying to get through the deep
snow In the Hand In mountains nn
Sunday last. In company with Mining
Fx pert 1 at wane, Mr. Ituppe went out
to Wslt hi La I.us mine In the
Sandlas, nnd the men were aston
ished to find snow all the way from
two to U feet In depth. In making
their wy through the drifts, Mr,
liuppe was thrown from hi horse
and sufl lined , t'0 fmetured rib..;
1 If!
- .,i:...Vt:
i' 5 VOt ,
1 f rtr? 'r.-h: i
4 tj F
(Women's all-wool Sweaters, in
I .. u:
See Window Display
GulhrM.' h.',$f A ITI' m ' n t
op lio'.li f i i.jiit'i jdciStirr(Ts' if tpe
''grandfather clausu" cane ended In
the federal court here today. I'nlted
fitates District "Attorney John Embry
argued that the ."grandfather duu.V
wag directly in rihifiict with the fif
teenth funendmi nt of the federal c in
stitution. Judge John li, (Jotternl took the
matter under advisement and con
tinued the case over to the next term
uf court.
lexiimton. Ivy., Fe'', -30.-jingtoii
Dry Goods Co.
and ruauv. other poiutn. In central and " ,, ..apt. u.
eMHtorn Kentucky were shut off from 1 me t the requirements of the single
wire communlv iiUin from lute Sun-1 '"rser locomotive was provided by
dgv until late this aiti ru'oon when re- 'he audition of a feed water heater, a
pan crc cO vctcd. Th breakdown ! superheater for the hlnb pressure ryt
was caused by one or the worst sleet ( Inders, and n re-heater for the low
tuni ice 'stornis ever known In this ( pressure cylinders. The superheater
section "and ivhh h' affected on nre.ijand re-heater are of. the Jacobs type
ut about 10D siiinirc miles. nnc1 include two drums containing a
The amount of property damaged Is! number of fire tubes. The hot gases
estimated nt Jiat).no(.v pass through the drums around the
: ' . , f '
wmmuvmrnxmiMammmKizmmi w - - M mmmuhiu hmi aMEU inw mi ii-taiM iihww iCllll lll yj
mt iMsttsT ft
liti-its w. Kit.
Mechanical Engineer 'of Santa
. Fe Has Interesting Artie's on
'Construction of Mallett Com
. pounds.
One of the big tasks of the larger
shops on the Santa Fe system this
year Is to be the converting of 900 and
lSOd cUu engine into Mallets. As
soon' as the material arrives the work
of consolidating two of these clas of
ensdne Into Mallet will begin in the
Sun Bernardino shops. The work is
already under way at Albuquerque
nnd Topeka.
M. H. Haig. mechanical engineer of
the Santa Fe, with headquarters In
Topeka, has written en excellent
.article describing the work to the
Railroad "age-Gatette." It reads in
"The demand for larger power units
due to traffic conditions, raises a
question as to the disposition of the
older and smaller locomotives. New
locomotives are often Introduced in
large numbers, leaving the older and
smaller ones for use on branch lines, j
or to he scrapped or sold. The Mai- '
let principle of locomotive design not i
only provide a power unit of large j
capacity easily controlled by the usual j
cren-. but Is further peculiarly adapt- j
ed to thp disposition of the old pow
er. , Ily combining two locomotives, '
each of which wefe formerly mounted
on a single set of drivers into ohe Mai
let locomotive mounted on two sets
of drivers, or by adding a new fhitit
section to an existing locomotive, the
old power I absorbed without ranging
a surplus of old power to be disposed
of at a )os. This principle "possess s
still further merit in that the larger
power thus obtained Is s. rved by ex
isting standard repair parts.
"Th,, Atchison, Topeka & Senta Fe
has recently converted two Prairie
type freight locomotives Into n single
Mallet locomotive. It was designed in
the offlcp of the mechanical engineer
and was built In the company's shops
nt Topeka. Experience In Its con
struction and careful Investigation in
to the assignment of power affected
by tho Introduction of Mallet locomo-
tivn have demonstrated that the-con
version of the old locomotives Is more
satisfactory nnd more economical
than combining two existing locomo
tives Info a single Mallet.
' omblhing two locomotives de-
plete Ihe total of locomotives In Rer
vice, wherease. the ndilifidn of a front
suction Increase the capacity' of each
locomotive converted without affect
ing tho nuiTilier nnd tho older power
Is well disposed of. The cost of a new
front 'section Is considerable. There
fore, adillnu: a front section to nn ex-
istiiiK locomotive Is more economical
ihun combining two existing locomo
tives. As n result of this exuerfence
H locomotive nre being converted to
the Mallet type by the Addition of
front sections, the work of conversion
being done at the company's shops.
"The experimental Mullet locomo
tive rebuilt from two existing locomo
tives 1 In service and possesses sev
eral feature of Interest. The locomo
tives selected for rebuilding were two
made by the Baldwin locomotive
works, equipped with Vauclaln com
pound cylinders, and needing new cyl
inders and general repairs. In tjie
construction of the Mallet locomotive
the old frames, wheels, boxes, valve
motion, machinery, etc., were used.
The old firebox and boiler were
mounted on the rear section of the
locomotive and new cylinders 24 Inch
nnd 38 Inch In diameter, respectively,
were mounted on the rear and forward
vi'" it avk.. AU.CQUKItQUK N. M.
When you need
a Brandreths Pill
Bkwdreth'i Pan purify the blood, Invigorate
the digenon, and . cleanse the stomach and
bowels. They stimulate the liver and carry off
vitiated bile and other depraved ccretions. They
are a tonic medicine that regulate, purity and
fortify the whole system. , , ,
Consioat.on, Biliousness, Headsehs, Dirtiness, Bad Breath,
Pain in Stomach, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint,
JcUndice, otanjr ditorder due to impure stale of the blood. i0 .
FOR S ALE BY DRUGGISTS fhroujbout the world. f mf't&
LiM il-Ii
The WorlSs Greatest External
Apply Wherever there is
Will M-ro an opening dinner from . .
0 to 9 WediuiMl.iy evening, Feb. 22,
in the new location, ii-2 West Central Ave.
. ' '"' '''I ''' only, no ro-rrvatioii.
tubes, bclntr directed over the surfaces
of 'the tubes in thin streams by baf
fle plateg properly arranged. .
'The unique feature of the locomo
tive Is the flexible joint permitting
tn'ij a'rticulntiori" of the boiler, it was
designated and patented by W. J.
I.effihly, a draftsman engaged in spe
cial work under the direct supervision
of if. V. Jacobs, assistant superinten
dent of motive power, nnd permits the
forward section of the bolh r to move
contiguously with the forward wheel
section. The locomotive has been In
service several months and the per
formance of the Joint has proved sat
isfactory. Ky providing an articulat
ed joint In the boilers rigidly on the
forward frames, the clearance limits
of its front end nre materially reduc
ed. The method of supporting the
boiler is also more satisfactory than
with the rigid boiler that swings Inde
pendently of the forward frames. The
arrangement of the steam pipes and
connection is much less complicated
than with the rigid boiler.
"Th(. Santa Fe recently purchased
a number of locomotives of the in me
grneral dimensions and capacity as
thi? Mallet locomotive converted in Its
own shops. All of these nre equipped
.with Jacohs-Shupert, fireboxes and
with the exception of two, with rigid
hollers, of the two flexible boilers,
one is articulated by a double hull
Joipt applied by the Baldwin locunio-
tivf works and somewhat similar in
design to the l.elnhty joint described;
thi other is provided with the Vau
cluin bellows type joint,. All of these
locomotives are. In service in ' the
Panhandle district of Texas.. The lo
vzs V x ymwm. or ' ' tKuawi!:,:!"
VV1-1I3 "r.-r--V a tsr .
e. ' i. -sv.' a v ,t a r . jm. " i . U Im J W r 'mr
" m ' ieJeii r-sTJi. V n 1
a Pill, take
.II.Ej .ti.rT..I .1 T ITT
" arc nial.IiiK sja'clal low
lrlcpH on our entire t't'ick of
bii'iylcs. curries, runabouts,
mountain Coiuvirils, sprlnif
wnoiiR, harness nml stable
If you linve no proscut needs
provide for tho future while
these money saving pices are
now on.
CO Cor. First and Tijeras
comotives with, articulated bnliers
have been placed In service Rinonsr the
others without special care or super
vision. .After they have. been in ser
vice a sufficient, length of time to
justify a conclusion us to. the merits
of th several, boiler .Arrangements,
sufficient diital should' o available by
which to- determine the moft desir
able boiler for future Aialht locomo
tives." ,
peelal np.iinteli to the Morn;nK Jcnrn:dl
Silver City, X. M., Feb. 21. Silvee
City is erecting u handsome and com
modious school building'. Workmen
iit e finishing the Interior and It will
soon be ready for occupancy. It was
planned to accommodate the Increas
ing school population for several
years to come, end when completed It
will be one of the. best public school
buildings in Xew Mexico. Sixty-five
thousand Tonqne pink huff brick were
furnished by the J. P. heehnn com
pany of Albuquerque to W. -A. Schu
bcl, the contractor, to complete the
Job. The building is a credit to this
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She )nt the lights' suddenly Went
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L da kdort j.tr tyn
S watrh tht
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Bfrrrirn ttntlll
Skw'iTi""ooit DisntiiW
Jorrsios Cod-st t, mvt

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