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v i li i tioli and
the i retd.i. ni thf
li Is believed, hnrd'v
a t r s ( Int.. i lie In!, rlnr
mipss he had sorm-thing del inltelv
vorahle in offer. A tin re iak l.c-
I'wn i hi her ni1 on u to the 1is.ii-
ifnun l( i t of war would result I
in nothing.
MuihTu, Jr., has ii. t n nun h phased
' liih recent tvi'nu in Mexltu Cilv.
which he f have hh ourujst-i! htm
nd strengt lii iu il liisture.to prospet ts.
He told the i ii r "i"""''-" be would
lip glad to welcome III father., hut
was emphatic tlmt no sentiment "r
family consider itb n would indue,, him
to lav- dwn arm.
The putty will he provided with
a special train en uinv.il und hurried
ml Into the int nor to h iittt near
Madero's ihiiii. Railroad offbhils
received instructions late r.lai tu
lih'e enrv facility fur the movement
if the special train.
Wtan the Maritro leave here Hiry
will huve u rough read through thr
moun(;ilni f travel to reach the In
surreeto oimp. A delay may he
caused until the younger Madrtu Ik
bin to return rum a remote part uf
the Interior Slid place himself nt
point easily ct i sxlhlt! to I 'hlhlnihlld
tin I now mar Madera, thf terminus
if the Mexican Northwestern rail-
mod, or about 150 miles from here
t lllHI AIIt A I XI-MT
pi: i: kxyoy mw
Laredo, Tex . April l Thl Fran
cisco Madera. Jr.. and those Interest
ed In th arrival of the peace tkiega
tlnli, consisting of the .M micro party
which went tu Kagtc Puss with the
ibee of proceeding t" the vicinity
if I'hlhunhiiit, are unaware of the de
cision of the irty net to proceed was
evidenced today It v the receipt uf it
tvlrsmm by a tlthon here rmm Chi
huahua making inquiries hi to the
Whereabouts rt the parte.
Th Inquiry eumn fruni Frnmiero
Moyt, a lending merchant, who re
cently mailt, it visit In Mexico City
uml had conference with Mexican
officials in present pence overture,
later returning t Madeio'n minii nt
llimtlllon hu.I holilliiK a lunlerenre
with tht rehel leader. The mlKBlnn
of Senor Moye Wa of unolt'lclnl chitr-
. -;-
Plans for Exhibition in Chicago
Coliseum Made; Second Con
fcrc: to Be Held Last of the
(peels! ('orrespuBiisaea Is Miirninf Jearaall
t'hlruao, Aliril 14.'laiia for the
cblldren'a welfare exhibition (o he
held In the Coliseum from May 11 to
May 21 were discussed hy speakers
at a luncheon yesterday in the r'd
room of the Hotel l.a Salle.
The luncheon wa lven In honor
of John Hheiinaii Hull, who promoted
a similar exhibit In New Yolk, nnd
who will aid the preparations for the
t'hl.aao arfalr.
In hi" address Mr. lloyt oeelared
thai Chli Hiio is ahead or New York In
"v philanthropic and chnrliable cjilld
. Hare activities. He Hp'
" After a comiiaratu e analysis and
' 'ildy of the colli! welfare problem In
my own city and In CIiIchmo, I am
aide to say that I'liim,, is far ahead
o.' New York In many phaaea of Its
Juvenile philanthropy nnd t harltuble
"A poor younaster who tnnkra his
livina- tilncklnit hoots hus a better
chance than one similarly ennac, in
New York.
'The recepllon with the New York
exhibit met surprised everyone. It had
an average attendanc e of 10,0110 a iav
nnd more than aoo.oiio ror the entire
period. As the t'hlcns-o exhibit will
be on so much lariter ri . al.i it pruti
aldy will he even more popular."
The fhUaao child welfare exhibit
has been made possible bv a ilonuti m
of $27,000 by Mr. nnd Mrs fvrus II.
The second Inlcrnallotial conui wa
of child welfare w III he held in Wnsh
liiKlon, I), t'., April illi to May 2.
Chicago. April Hi l-'our women
nnd two men w.rc nrresied for pelt
irii Hie Hev. Sciulu, lia.ll. vlt. h, pas
tor of a luixslah orthodox (Ireek
falholie chur h, with cges during th
ICnst. r service today.
While the clergMiian'M head was
bowed In pmer a shower ol eKks was
dirci ted t him from the r. ar of the
clmr h. Half a doifeu broke HKiimst
his face and bodr and spread over
his vcMtnents. I'olbe rescued tin
minuter, who had been dragged from
the i huivh hy members of his con
' gregain.it.
The trouble I- the result of a lend
which lieg.-ui when the Kcv. 1'iudrey,
foi no r a. tor of the church, was re
nu.v d nnd the !c, llavUctch was
1 lie In., d H In., iarc,
Tile coiiui euutiun resented this
' "'ii and opposed the in w minister.
escape from death
New York. April IK. Captain John
T. lierce and hi'- wife leaped into the
escape probable death bv the explo
Kust liver toiuchl tust In time to
shm ol liiii.Odu gMlloiis of gasoline
Moled In three tnliks ,., hoard ItU
gasoline siipolv l.o-.t Tevs
The cM'loslon wi. t hus. ,1 by a tire
whli li oiitinalcd while Captain !cr .
and his wile wei,, attending church
lit tit) island, alii III. had ll.irelv
rovvi-d i, ut to the boat .. extinguish
Hie to-' w Eii it tlu s.nv tic ir danger
nnd It 'pe,l Thcv Wife pleKi.l op In
a moiei i t, little the worse for their
cxpcrliiii v
'iJust Say
It Mians
Original and Cinulni
Till Food-drink for All Igts.
More Iie&llliful than Tea or Colfe.
A pre wilh the weakest digestion.
DcliciGtnt, invigorating nd nutriliout.
Huh millt, mattrj grain, Jiowdct form.
A quick lunck prcptrtd in a minute
Tkt no lobititale. Atk lor 110 RUCK'S.
FT" Others are imitations.
tiliTl I f'-Jii!)
Withdrawal .
i" r Math n.
Naval Officeis, After Test, De
clare Service Rifles Alone
Could Disable Aerial War
ships With Ease.
Mi.mini J.Mirojl perll leuaed WlreJ
WuHhltiatmi. April 18. It Is rea
oiielilr to h.lieve that an iieroplnn
l.fli'O yardM away would stand no
how even ii ly the Hervhe rirte
were used.
That Is Tin- coin luslon of naval offi
ce rw expressed todnv In an official re-1
port to the navy department on thej
ftr-t utteinj't ever made to diont an
aero,lan, ciiapeil kite from a hattle- I
ship. !
The eperlmi nt waa made April 6. ;
when 111.' Atlantic Meet was at taraet 1
ti'act.ce i ft Hampton HomiIm. I hen j
tinlv the servile rltle wa used In
llrlnit !! the kites. Now preparations
are hi lpn made o use a 3-Inch gun.
The kites tIKi'd were liOX-tlft,ie(l,
4J fee In th 1 third vol'v aimed
at the first kin- sent up. the striha j
hy which the kite was he'.n towed'
waa i ut hy a hulh t and It aniled away I
without nun. her of hit tu-!n)r ili i
if HO shots lired very rapidly at
the second kl'e. forty hlta were made,
several cuttliiK the hrucea antl framea.
"A the huntltnr covered not more
than three-tilths of the total area or
the kite IIS presented to th ship,"
ii ll the rt port, "It Kiive the excellent
result of forty hits nut or Ho shot
at an urea of nUiul live atiuare feet
at a rapidly plutifimr target, 60 to
(iO yards distant In the air.
Goiwous Extravaganza Prom
ises to Bu One of Best Shows
Ever Produced in Albuquer
que; Final Rehearsals.
Willi two rousing rehcamils yes
terday, Kuster Sunday notwithstand
ing, the hrg cast In "The Masquerad
era" 'N, Well prepared for the Inltlul
ho iv to the public this evening.
There ni;t a Haw In the gorgeous ex
ti BvaguiiKii and every song, every
ii.oeil and each i horus number goes
(lie vim chiifii lerlNtli of the l grnnd master, and hla comrade. (lod
rhoWB. "The Mnstnierndets" 1 frey of St. fimcr, that their original
goes the "Innsldc Inn" one better nnd
will be the laid amateur show ever
shown In the city and many of the
proressioiiiil attrai tlons which have
entered the town haven't anything on
the gay musical comedy tonight.
There's beautiful scenery, the sec
ond act being a iiinuiillli cut hall room
with the kucsIs In masquerade ciw
tutnes, Tim songs are of irritdntllile
mi loily and will lie whistled nil over
tile town for many days to come and
prctfy gliU In pretty gowns will he
plentiful enough to sstlsfv the most
exacting of mankind. It Is
Miire i
a swill show ami one no one ran
afford to ml.'-s. There are still a
hundred or So good seats on sale at
Matson't and they ale filing fast, so
you wi have to hurry If you nunt
to see "The MasiUcraders" at Klks'
th'iiter tonight und tomorrow night.
l'oulder, Colo., April lfi.- Marshal
tleorge Cussner of Superior, a coal
mining camp four miles from here
was shot and seriously wounded last
night while taking u prisoner whom
he had arrested on a minor charge to
the town Jail, lloth the prisoner and
Cusxiicr s assailant, John l"i v, es
caped, hut three other nun wilo took
a hand In the affair are in l.ill. They
are ileorge Mills, David Jumpuer and
V. T. Adams. All the men are non
union miners.
iccpori loniMiit rrom laiiiiyi-iie. i decay, our forbears fought the cne
where veslerday Tom Wveherly, a i mleH of t he crops with geal. but they
miner, was iissnssinntil by four Mex- did yield to pride. Ultimately they
h iins and tiled rrom his wounds, are 1 deprived the order of properly or
tluit Hie town Is .piKl. The tmiuest , dallied chaplains, and thenceforth the
will be held Tuesday. order was deprived of valid an era -
1 1 i !metits and religious ministrations.
l ouiid a llomh ami liM a Hand.
Cleveland. II., April !.--Peter Nle
vvi ro.Kl, nine Jears old, lost his left
hand this afternoon when a bomb
which he found on a garbage pile ex
ploded us he hebl a magnifying bias
between It and th.. sun. His home
was partly wrciked and his parents
were knocked down.
Safe Medicine for Children.
Foley's Honey and Tur Compound
Is a safe and effective medicine for
children as it does not contain opiates
or harmful drugs. The genuine Fol
ey's .Money and Tsr Compound I in
a yellow package. Sold by (' ltellly ft
Legend of tho Holy Grail Sub
mit of Eloquent Address to
Commandeiy at Church of
St, John.
The KiiliCu T. niplar in full
H'liii and with elm . "l evciv lit
of th. ci.niiiiiiii.h rv pr. scut.
their b. aittiliil annual CaM.-r ki Ivi
at SI Johns FplM-opttl ihuivh este
tlav a lift ii... oi The Knights wttli
stately trend and mllitatv precision
lilati hi d from the n w cnide ,,u
Central avenue to the ct.urch, nnd
were met tit the it door hy the
lull ilmir, w tilth proceeded down the
i liuri h singing
militant hymn,
Idii rs. "
of.id with the
Sir Knights and their friends, who
w t-re firesi-nt to worship with them
and renew their n!lf Kiance tu the
fountain htad ( th.' magnificent or
der Sir Kniifht Anhiicacoli W. K.
XS'arren took as ins text Matt xxvl. 27:
"He tia.k the cup and nave thanks
and gate 'I to them saviim. Drink ye
all of this, for this is My blood of the
New Testament.' " Hi-sold:
'Sir KniKht. It Is a pleasure tn
welcome you within the confines of
this temple 'f th one true Coil on the
day of the resurrection of Jml s Son,
Jesus Christ It la meet at tals time,
when we seek the 'y "f righteous
ness, to meditate upon our forbears'
struxKle for perfection.
"In medievul legend the chalice
used by Jesus at the last supper Is
known as the holy grail, or sang rail.
This leKend. so called, expresses more
jour forhiars' atruaKle after righteous
j nesa than at first nppenrs. It la uald
thnt of it the supper the chalice came
I Into the possession of Joseph of
jAramathea, who cauKht In It some of
,the Lord s blood a He hung on the
(cross, and thenceforward the chalice
j furnished Us knlnlit or guardian with
' meat ami drink and spiritual nourish
j no nt. At his death he charged his
successor to K'lard the chalice faith
fully. The holy Krai I Is said to pos
ses miraculous properties and nt
times Is instilled with divine life. It
Is also said that one guardian proving-
himself unworthy, the chalice
vanished. Since that lime Knights
have sniiKht to discover Its abiding
place, and only the valiant and pure in
heart can find It.
"Students of folk lore think the
search for the holy grull Is of Chris
tian legendary origin and illustrative
itf the saint's search for righteous
ness. To my mind It Is u parable
which narrates the history of our
noble order and points out its one
deficiency and the obstacle in the way
to perfection.
"Recall to your mind. Sir Knights,
the former part of the history of our
order. Our origin was, as you know.
In charitable service to the pilgrims
to the holy sepulchre Ht Jerusalem,
hut, unlike other orders of that day.
the poor fellow soldiers or Christ and
of the temple of Solomon, was: mill
tary from the first. in Ills nine
! French knights formed themselves In
;to n society for the protection of
pilgrim lo the sepulchre, and who
were harrnssed between Jerusalem
and the Jordan by Saracens. Thes"
nine knights presented themselves he
fore the patriarch of Jerusalem and
took a vow at his hands to defend
the highways, to fight for the faith
against the Infidel Saracen, and to
live under the restriction of poverty,
obedience find chastity. In humility
they sought to restore the wayfarer to
the right path who was lost and des
titute, or if lie had been set upon by
robbers or disease, hy charitable ser
vice to relieve his suffering and nurse
n back to health. As the Savior
r-ndnred poverty and learnfd obedi
ence by the things w hich He suffered,
so our forbears sought righteousness
hy treading In His footsteps. It is
said of Hugh des ayens. vtir first
poverty and humility was such that
they had but one charger between
them. In IJ'.'S the council or Trojes
gave formal sanction' to the 'enter
prise. Thence followed rapid growth.
Knights of the noblest families, a
large body of chaplains ami countless
trains fn" servitor,, nnd dependents
swelled the ranks and following of
(he order. It received princely rev
enue from the bounty of nobles nnd
kings. As a further murk of favor
the clergy, whose duty It was to ad
minister the holy sacraments and per-
form other religious offices, were re
leased from their onth of obedience
to their bishop, being hound only to
the grand muster.
"( ihsepve the singularly captivating
three gfi nt passions of the age H hlv
nlry. religious, devotion and seal
ngalnst the einmileg of the cross. Al
so observe, as with every human en
terprise, the germ of power was nlso
I he germ of degeneracy. This Is
particularly true when the sprouting
seed is transplanted in unanvory mill.
The rapid i.rovvth In wealth and pow
er and fame for deeds of vulor In
flamed the evil possibilities. Dean
says: 'They fought In the holy land
with consummate valor, discipline
nnd teal.' Keniembf r nlso, sirs, that
it la characteristic of human frullty
that familiarity with evil hiunts the
keen edge of antipathy. This, vast
ariu.v had taken up Its abode In Val
entine, being expoHeil to that Inter
course which springs up between op
posing nrniles. Wealth, power, In
dependence of church or state, pro
pinquity with evil, the first stages of
the effect of this. We were n
ntlre length if the
that magnificent and
"Onward Christian Sc
The rhuri h w rn
t ..ll.,..!. . l u ... 1,.U.
were deprived of the means of grace.
The distinction between a life of mor
ality bused only on rules anil teach
ing and u life based on suMennnce by
sacraments became evident. It is In
llic church, Christ's bride, that Ideals
of religion are found sustained by
means lur development. Religion Is
the guarantor or holiness, not rules
and restrictions.
"It was at this point whet our no-
i ble order realized Its Inefficiency to
i attain Its yxullfd purpom. Sacra
j ments make the rule effective. Sac
Iraniciits sustain; they are a super
1 natural food through which His own
idlvllie life are conveyed to the rcclp
llellt. ' "Individuals In that vast army real-,li!i-d
this, hence they sought the holy
i chalh e. liitll Knights Templar can
obtain for the order the restoration
of the holy grail they cannot fulfill
i their ow n ambitions and high Ideals.
wn. n coin laves center nhout a cor
porate communion, when we restore
the realilv of the body and blood
of Chrlsi upon the altar before which
vv, kuc.i. we shall have found the
holy giaii. The scriptures are not
suflii ient. They tire a true record
and dire t lo hoilm-aa, but the scrip
tures are not u sine uul mm.
"All glory be to the mighty works
which w do accomplish. You and
I know what would be lost to tivill
saliou this tiny If our order were sup
prtSM'd. Mighty deeds of love nr
l helm; pi rformed. Hut. my i iimradcs,
ii pi. ad ror a fulbr measure.
! "Since In this day w,. cannot get
satranitnis In the order, we
must each one become Integral pints
(if that body which alone can supply
I our gr litest heed.
....,. ... . ..s to , primly decorated
t'ousness and true hollnesa, but!!.,. ,., ",.","
I "And consider, my camratles. what
I a nilghtv torce would be ml. led to the
ihurch of i.ott It each Sir Knight be
; i. line tictlvcl.v Identified with Christ's
mil -jbodv, which Is Hit. church. If the
rti hi r , mv ords of tnlliicnce nurtured hv the
held sm rameuts were wielded for Christ,
the enemy against whom vv,. strive
woald soon be vamiulshtd. My
comrades, eai h one of you, besides
being a true and loyal Sir Knight, lie
a true and valiant knight of Christ's
body. Strengthen the church by your
valiant Service and you shall have
found In the holy grull Siingruul. ,
Sickness I ii
HoMI-l lit-
A dostor's first ,uetlon when con
sulted by a patient is, "Are your bow
els regular?'' He knows that 9S pel
cent of Illness Is attended with inac
tive bowels and torpid liver, and that
this condition must be removed gent
Iv and thorough I v before health can
I be restored.
Itexali Orderlies are a positive,
pleasant am) safe remedy for consti
tution and bowel disorders In general.
We are so certain of their great cura
tive value that we promise to return
the purchaser s money in every case
when they fail to produce entire sat
isfaction. Hexall Orderlies are eaten like
candy, they act nuietly. and have a
soothing, strengthening, healing in
fluence on the entire intestinal tract.
They do not purge, gripe, cause nau
sea, flatulence, excessive looseness,
diarrhoea or other annoying effect.
They are especially pd for children,
weak persons or old folks. Two sizes.
25o and 10c. Sold onlv at our store
The RexnlJ Store. The J. Tf. O Kielly
Sermons and Music Glorify the
Risen Saviour and the Glad
Climax of Forty Days of
Penance and Prayer,
Kaster morn dawned bright and
clear In Alhutiicrriue and there wax
nothing to ilumpen the spirits, of
those, and they are many, who make
this day the occiulon for the display
of their carefully chosen finery' of
the springtime. Am the hour for the
morning services in the churches
grew near triumphs of the milliners'
und moilelsts' art were in evidence,
fla-hlug in the brilliant sunsiiine. And
the muscullne contingent In the van
ily parade was but little behind the
ladles In the display of new gar
In the churches, elnborate musical
programs had been arranged and the
services In nil were unusually well
Attended. Senons and music were
on the subject of the Jiltien Christ
and the glad climax of the forty days
of .fasting and prayer. ,
l the Immaculate Conception Church
The services at the Church oV the
immaculate Conception were noted for
the luca ut If ul and stalely music well
adapted to the occasion wiluii. was
rendered Jiy the vvl-tralned choir.
The nntheiwHi.uis.) solus were effect
ive, and a spirit, of worship. Jnflu
ertccd by th .0ti8ic. seemed tu I per
vude the wfri'te-Hf the large morning
congregation.' .!'-.
1. 'U
At the Highland MiihtxIM.
. At rthe Highland ' Methotllst Hev.
Samuel K. Allison tank as his topic
"An , iaifcter Theme, ' dwelling elo
quently and with earnestness on the
seasiin and Its significance to man
kind. He spoke of the' hope eternal,
which was by 'the very' resurrection
made plain to every man. The seek
ers of the anclcnlH hud not lived soon
enough to understand what existed
after the grave, but having lot their
Philosophical discussions mid ques
tions for posterity, these same ap
parently hopeless Interrogations
were answered In the fullest and com
pletcst tlegree by tho resurrection of
.Him who came that all men might
have life eternal.
The First llaptUt.
At the First Uitptlst church Hev. J.
J. Ktinyan took for his topic "The
Power of an Kafcter Faith," speaking
upon the faith that can believe In the
great beyond nnd what It contains for
the faithful who have laid up riches
In heaven, and how the Kustertlde
demonstrates the reality of the sub
stance of the things hoped for as ex
pressed in that faith.
First McihtxIlM Kplminnil.
The services nt this church were of
unusual Interest and were exceeding
ly well attended. The anthem by the
choir was exceptionally well rendered
und the solo by Mrs. S. 1!. Miller was
admirable. The church was nppro-
with lui 1ms and
lilies In profusion, and appropriate
mottoes greeted the worshippers.
The pattor, Charles Oscar Iteckman.
preached from 1 Corinthians, 15:20.
Tills sermon closed the series which
have been delivered on the life of
Christ throughout the imsHion week.
The Rev. Mr. Iteckman followed the
gospel necount of the appearance or
Jesus on this the first thiy ut his
resurrection. At the close a collec
tion for missions was taken amounting
to over 4uo.
In the evening at 7:2a the Sunday
.school gave the program. F.ver
number on the program was well
given nnd well received and the au
dience filled the auditorium.
At (lie I'mdijtorlsjo.
The sermon at the First Presbyte
rian church. a announced by Rev.
Hugh A. Cooper, the jtastor, was
"Kite itcyoml the Grave." and whs
along piaitUally th same lines as
the other sermons preached from
similar topics In the city yesterday,
Th,. mindc at this church was especl
nlly gootl, many complimeuts being
expressed on the opening overture,
Houiiod's "I nfold Vo Portals Kvcr
lastlng." At the evening service Mr.
I'ooper pleached nn effective nnd in
teresting sermon on "Heaven."
The CongregalliHuil.
At the Congregational church Rev,
Raymond S. Tolhcrt, just returned
rrom attending the meeting ot tlu
New Mexico ConKregationallsts st
tiullup. finished his series of ser
mons, on the "Prodigal Son'' at Hie
evening service with a sermon, the
central thought being taken from the
"(Iret ting of the Father at the Return
f th.- Prodigal."
St. Joliii's Kpliinl.
Archdeacon Warren at St. John's
Kpis. opal church III thf morning
pr. a. h. ,1 a strong militant sermon on
"ChriMlanltv it World Conquering
Religion." In which he outlined the
principal elements of the Christian
religion that were even now taking
the world by storm. The evening
theme whs "Ufe After P'rath."
Trv a Journal Want Ad, Results
Picture Hats Make Flights
Which Would Do Credit to
Aeroplanes; Orchids and
Roses Supplant the Lily.
Br Morning Journal Hpeelal leased Wlrel
New Y'ork, April 18. Flurries of
snow early this morning, and bout
church-goins time, a bright afternoon
sun. hidden now and then behind
great puffs of cloud and cold wester
ly winds, which sent many an F.aster
hat aeroplaning, were the vagaries of
the weather In New Y'ork today.
The throngs that Joined m the an
nual Easter parade up Fifth avenue
were, perhaps, ui big as ever, but tho
usual brilliancy of silks and sitting
were hidden by winter coats and furs.
The color of the long line of paraders
was lent mainly by the ladies' hats. In
straw of every brilliant hue, with
ribbons and flowers, the headgear
obed about In a thousand ahaps on
thousands of heads. Some of the hats
of the women were of an expansive
area and was the sort of a plane sur
face for successful aviation. One. par
ticularly large one with a huge plume
for a rudder was, Been to make an as
cention, and after thrilling maneuver
lodged behind a sign board on one of
the high buildings. A favorable wind,
however, finally brought it bock to the
It was asserted bv those io said
they knew, that fewer of the "upper
hundreds'' than ever Joined In the.
parade this year and that a majority
of those who did were within the
shelter of limousines or bundled In
furs In the carriages which streamed
up the avenue.
The churches were crowded, nnd it
Is doubtful If ever before such elahor
ate programs of muslci were attempt
ed. in the decorations there were
fewer Raster lilies. As a substitute.
orchids and rose, which combine three
shades of pink, were favored by those
wno could artora them.
Deputy:, -Sheriff .en -Trail if
Renegades; Officer . Badly
Taken in By Fugitive Horse-
' Thief. ;
Special Oo'respondrncti to Tnorntnf Jtairnal)
Hlllshoro. N. M.. Altil 14. Outlaw
Indians are reported at large In the
remote fastnesses of the Hlack range.
Cowboys riding tha range found
tracks of moccasins In the region be
tween Hermofca and Fnlrvlew, one of
them being the footprint of a man of
unusual size. Such a footprint is said
to be the personal property of a rene
gade white man who ha lived with
the Indiana for many years. A passing
glimpse of two Indians was obtained
by two of the range riders, and con
sequently Deputy Sheriff Harrington
was sent Into the district to track
the invaders und round them up if
The escape of a horse thief from
jail here some weeks ago has fur
nished the residents here with amuse
ment at the expense of one of th
deputy sheriffs, who was dispatched
to the Mimhrcs river In the hope of
overtaking the fugitive on his way to
Arizona. This man rode over the up
per trail and overtook a stranger well
mounted on a fine horse and nrmed
with a Winchester nnd a six-shooter
in the conventional style of travelers
on the trail. The deputy sheriff and
the stranger passed the time of day,
and as they were both on the way to
the Mimhrcs the deputy suggested
they ride together. Hut the deputy,
being in n hurry, forced the pace so
that the stranger had to plead Inabil
ity tn stand the gait and let th officer
of the law go ahead. The latter, ar
riving at the river, could find no on
who had seen the prisoner, who had
escaped on foot, and pressed for Sil
ver City. An hour after he hnd left,
the stranger rode into the settlement
at Mimbrea postoffice and inquired if
anyone had seen the officer. Being
told that the latter had gone on to
Silver, the stranger departed south
along the river road and was seen
no mom Before going he divulged
that he was the escaped prisoner.
The Joke on the deputy is all the bet
ter as he stood guard over the horse
thief for several days. .
Teachers and scholars here are
much relieved over the decision of
the school directors to keep the
schools open until the end of May.
The tchoul funds are low owing to a
variety of reasons and t lie school di
rectors hod decided to close May 1.
Fortunately, however, they thought
better of their action nnd the chil
dren will be benefited by a complete
course. The school year has been on
of the most successful in years. The
principal, Mr. Armstrong, and the two
teachers, Miss Mordy and Mrs. Prcs
rott, have proved themselves excep
tionally capable and have won the es
teem and confidence of parents nnd
children alike. It Is hoped that the
same teachers will lie engaged for
next yenr, anil It Is understood that
the school directors have declared
themselves agtiinst try policy of fre
quent clmnges among the teachers.
The entertainment of the pert ha
lodge of odd Fellows, scheduled for
April S, promises to be one of the
best held in this town for many years
A string orchestra from Kl Paso ha
bet n engaged, and the program for
the day includes a parade In the af
ternoon, und the exercises at the hall
In the evening, a dunce and stipp. r.
A large crowd from nil over the coun
ty Is expected.
Good results always follow the use
Of Foley Kidney Pills. Thy give
prompt relief In nil cases of kidney
and bladder disorders. Try them.
O Rlelly & Co.
y-v j
promptly, vigorously. First
taking Aver s Cherry Pectoral.
rnnii mroTrpii mi id
r nuivi vv i Ln in iuun
Xcw Totk. -p'':l 1. Theodore
Roosevelt tt iri'.ed home tonight
from a .-week to ir of the west nnd
middle west. As lie Ptepped off a
fn.TTi Chicago oe came into fun
tact with a crowd of cutgoing Easter
visitors, many of whom greeted him
with cheers. Colonel Roosevelt's face
was tanned by the western suns and
he said he felt "bully." He refu.-e.l
to discuss the reciprocity proposi
tion, prosperity in the west, or his
own plans.
Roswell Man Wants Heavy
Damages for Alleged Ejec
tion From Train Near Carls
I Special t'orrrspuDdrnrr Murninf Journal
Roswell, N. M April 15, 11. K.
Morris has filed suit in the district
court against the Fecos Valley or
ganization of the Santa Fe Railroad
company for $3,000 for being ejected
from ii train south of Carlsbad on la;
December 18. He was riding to Ros
well from Waco, Tex., having bought
his ticket, at that place. His com
plaint states that he hud an alterca
tion with the conductor and was put
off the train many miles from any
station and had to walk to the next
Deputy Sheriff James Johnson left
today for the south part of the coun
ty to assist in the search for John
Higgs, w ho shot und killed J. . Mid
tlleton Monday. A report is out thnt
Higgs has committed suicide, but no
facts hear out the rumor.
Reprtsentatives of all the Younn
I Vople s Christian societies of the city
met and organized the Federated
Young People's societies : by electing
Nell Sherman president. Fred Lan
ning, vice-president, and Miss Hattie
L. Cobean, secretary. The federation
will hold monthly public met tings, the
first being set for April 30.
An organized gang of boys has
been stealing refreshments at places
where parties are being given. Three
robberies cf this kind have been com
mitted within the part week. The
boys cut their way into the houses
through screens.
Crutehllcld & Wolfolff of Pittsburg.
Pa., have contracted with farmers of
Artesia and Lake Arthur to plant 6U0
acres in cantaloupes this spring.
Chla firm will send experts lu re to
direct tho culture. The Pecos valley
will have cantaloupes on the market
two weeks before Rocky Ford and
big returns are anticipated,- An asso
ciation of the growers has been
formed and this will b- made a per
manent industry in the Pecos valley.
Rustler Loveless, the cowboy who
net ompnntetl Buffalo Jones on his
For the famous Hot Springs of Jemez,
N. M. Leaves Albuquerque P. O.
every morning at 5 a. m. Tickets sold
at Valo Bros., 307 North First street.
OAVIXO GAHCIA, Proprietor and
Mall Contractor. P. O. Box 54, 1301
South Arno street.
Wholesale and retail dealers In Fresh
and Salt Meats, Sausages a Specialty.
For cattle and hogs the biggest mar
ket prices are paid.
1 Fancy California
15c Pound
2 New
10c Pound
Sc Pound
. New Bermuda :
3 Ponnds
for 25c
10c Pound
Fresh lot of the Clubhouse
Steel-Cut Coffee
S 45c Pound
Let us send you a can
A. J. Maloy
Some colds are worse than
others but they 811 bad.
of all, ask your doctor about
I hen do as he says.
lf.ii.nn !rti.,.i. -!..
fe.m tl" ni.til f.-.e.... - 1
; k .... i..,.n . ... : . h-
; .J.. TI I. u w meimt
; ;r " r " """ tun.,,,,..
fie sitvs MiuinweMiern .New !
has the best hunting he t-,r J'w
I cept in Africa.
1 ? 00(1 i.nund nhlnm.ni ...
- u i... i ... Mn.r,
i tlii,
week. Crow if Furniture Co
1H W.
and ItaSMOl! .Mail a,i is
. ,
t'tiger xkuttie.
Leaving Vaughn daily at 8:5
m. arnve at noswen nt s p..ni. Lest
j.u7.neii o. i. in., arrive nt Vauein
5:30 p. m. ISasfiago allowance jM
lbs. Unte for excess bagguge is Si,
per 100 lbs. - - : "
We arc equipped to carry any k in,i
to ii nana or oHBguge, up t() fifteen
hundred ytoonfts .QnA.it. .1
v e h"ui taies k.
given for excursions, for eight or m0n
passengers. ror iuriner lnform.Kiu
write ine r.osweu AUlo Co., Kostve'i
"jSpecial Notice
I'wing to n r mammy to wait upon
the crowds that daily and evenin;
wisneii to consult her, by rcrunr
Madame Chulda has r omj'.nlcd to re
main In re 14 (lays longer.
308 W. Lead Ave.
All Kcndiupi Sacredly Ciinlldenllil
says the good book, but he could i'
It was our bread. For it is ns nour
ishing und wholesome as It Is palat
able and that is saying a Int. Tim
never saw children g.i into brent) era! I
butter like those in houses serl
with our bread.
207 South First Street
LAWS, iin.rcs AXI
Coi.ipPcd tu Date.
AM, LAWS on ALL, Classes of
Corpora lions. The ONLY com
plete code of IRRIGATION' ai"1
MI XI. NO LAWS; V. S l.awi. Carey
Act, Right of Way, Irrigation.
Itnilronds, S.ining.
F.xtetudve Citations, Cross-references.
Foot-notes, etc.
and r. S for Fil ng Corpora tlons.
Irrigation, Railroad, MlninS
Rights, rti'.
New Mexico did not get State
hood, so don't hesitate to buy till"
book, it will bo use.ul for 'rar'
to come. 1 Vol., 935 pages. B"
tarn hound, Jt. Pent C. O. D. sutc
to examination.
Simla rv Xcw .Mexii'o.
TIIRki: DAY 1'ltlMv
CI I!'"-
Xcu) Institute.
Cures the -Irlnk habit In the"
dayt, without hi""i',rml'
Injection. Write,
for literature.
phone or ''
514 X. Second St
Phone SHI
r M F. R WOO I T V I i ; W 1 1 1 T Kit
.121 West Gold. Phone H'
Typewriter for rout.
Ribbon ami repairs for a"
A Sit. n o f. Sen uwmn SWkS'"
..i l.l t t. Will .. I lk.-i eml.t
wte r. Mrl. ri..pvt I rws li nt trfott
iStm wrai v.ir aelri t th
10 HCDICtll CO . e It. -
'' u M.I

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