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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, April 18, 1911, Image 2

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t:l t the ! t.f (he h'Jid W Mb
i t! ' ..(" fr-.m Fourth
((, I'itias. Mr. 5-.II hot a---t
i . .- (ie . . tat 1 I'- " -r-r.-
in M the fror-t r! . r in the
day M. i tied I.iii'h I'a' k t tin point
r-f t,,"t rv l it'll.
d In lntp
riiANK WILLIAM. I 1... kwnith
hepr rn per vfueen lliiiln rmn
I'.inv, ! In ihe ta k while t..ii'l
Jnt on a street outside of (he
n!)i'l danger inn -. Wound ilntiif-r-oi:s,
rharb Vethru youo Am.rl.an
fiahUna with the tnurrei-t.,, rami- In
to Il-USlaS Kl IliVhtfUl. -wk I
wounded In th breast, f I - m taken
to (he ttej Crow hmtul.
Wxlrr'i h"tne i In I'.neiklvn. II
nulil there were no wounded in Aima
I"rila. all those Injured limine; al
ready Iiii brought t. the American
Id. Keibrals to the numlr of 1
SOO r Jist south of Asm Fried, hi
said, and b hind them, la the combined
forca of Antonio Oarria and Jiiun
Cabral. numberln 1.200, while In
Arua Prteta, the garrison forces num
ber i.
Weilt-f Ml 'I the plan was for Ca.
liral and Onrt l.i b drive the federal
force towards the. A;ua Prbin hull
rlnc, where they will ilth.-r have to
surrender b the rebels or tlanh for t i
American l.ne and surrender t" 111"!
Amerti an soldiers.
Jack Hamilton, lH.ualas, wounded
in bai k while watching the battle
mlth forty others rn.m the top of an
udolie huune nfi.ril hloi k limit tit
lhi lull rnalimiHl liin-.
Jiim Ah'iintiira, IiiiukIu". rhuli
wound in lf. ,
Mr. Ijiron. v-rrly rut hy th
hatt rHl Rlum of lh kll' In n w In
flow of h rtlHir.
John K'lih, IiotiKhm, wotimli-d In
th leg while ulkn of) th tnt't.
or than half of tlx- i ll of Imuv
lul undi-r tire irom thr hi'uln
tilug to th end of tl) I.hIII.-, Thr
t'n it ii tHiit- luntotn houiw wna In
th Olrn-t rumn of tin- attack, and
thn I'nltrd r!tatii aoltlicr ii-ir tlnrc
had to arli ahcltcr for irottcti.n.
When the luUtltt tx'K. I'olnncl
William A. Hhunk. coinniati(Hii(f thf
I'nltrd Slatua iroopi,. ruahctl Mi four
troo of citvalry to the line nnd took
-vry (MtHtbti piecHutlon lor the
ufity of the I'ltlM-na of lioiialim.
kM'i'lna them out cT t hut portion of
the tl'v vhlch t(iiililcrd to he
ixpoiil tu th bulU-tH. ThU. how
ever, did not avail to ave Anicrh iiiik
from Injury.
Kvery Indication point to it r
innu'tlon of fluhtiiiR toniKht or to
morrow. If the r'dcral ahouhl ptove
surct-Mfiil It miaiot that the laltli
will ) rorrled to lh Kticclit of Aguu
I'rlclu with InclfHfdng mcnacn to thi
tltUiim of IioiiKln. i
There la a movement toniKht aninng
tllO liatllllK clli.eim of IlotlKl"
aeud a lurHB iiumlicr of teleKranm to
I'rejident TVft anklns him to r ife
Ituard at any rout, thw Uvea ot Ano rl
i an cltUetm.
At 2 o'clock tht rel-l Mppoared to
liHV repiilHid th federal luliik ul
ery point. About thi time three
rfel'i I a' otita, ninuntml ntid carrying
tlit viilet aHshe flylnu from hoth
hi inn, u lili h dtnlKiuttea tin in on the
field of hattlt1. dnxrtetl 'out of tiiej
louth extremity of Ariiu I'liela nml
ntado i wide detour toward the eimt
and north, compleiina; their arc ol
ohiervatlon at the American line
without drawing th Tire of the kok
rrnntetit troop. Thi Indicated thai
tlm rebel had been aiici eioirul In
kccpliif the federal from uuIhIhk h -few
to that locality Immediately
touth of the tnlernntlonal line li
.vould have mmle poeHtble a' Hunk
lliov ement BKHhiKl AKlla I'rletil.
With every moment of rcaplie from
the lluhtlni. It"' Iiihiii rectum ilu- id n
peratily In their treniln.
Thi) Anniimn anurd at the line
captured lata today three Mrimnlit
from th rebel Karrlaoii, who had
crnaacd Into tile I'nltrd Hlnte
Colonel Mmnk received a telcxi-iim
at 1 o'cIim k, HtMtliiK that Cnl'iiu I Sib
ley and t'hlcr irf htaff Nlchohi had
left Kl I'uao and would r ach DoitK
la In the mornlnK.
"How Iiiivp th American people In
liouulaa acted tinder the mtiiatloti '."
w nheil of Colonel hhnnk.
' Splendidly,'' nnwcrei the colonel
"They are siUiiu our i.itr"l no li no
ble hat-vrr and ure oh-ylnx nil
reiilatlon to the Idttr."
Another cltixen of luaiKiiin a
hot Int today. ICI I'ldlu Ar. e, a
Mexleun rellldent. MUX on l!le roof of
hmme on Hixth afreet when n t ti 1 1 t
etruck him on the Inntip. II, wm
remove,! to the hospital.
A bullet panned throimh h. mu.
eral otflce of h mlnlnn company,
where nevMiffrti men, nil member ol
the uYficiHl and clerical ruin-, m il. ,il
The fifth non-cMtiUiatnnt In lie
Wounded ind.iv In 1o'ikIum, J.kuk Al
caiilarii, a Mexican, vvu ahoi while
near to file l astern llllllt or the cily.
I blin k tiom the liiirniit,iia line
Hi leg nail pier, e.l by a Mauser lull
let, .t the He, I t'roKB himplliil niore
hed mipplle were needed and (hi- cn
ponied nil, notice Inserted ,, t,,
lleWttpaper. ihIIIhi- oil Hie 1i,.iii;1:is
people In mipplv tliein, 'Che r,'ni,ni.
uinona the i insti l, ,, lininmliiite.
At 4 hi , h the tiriiiK. cpi
of a dekuKury nature, bad e.IH
the soiitli ol Agiin Cleta.
A f'.ri e Ihniulil to be i,i, tn
hun been ir.iMi,K forward 1 r. ni
,1 il
iccn fin ineir liaioi ami knees tnnu
bush to bush and hi J il h id -prcniehed
lo within ;'ni ihiiIh of the
rebel trenches. At tills illslaiue lin y
picked from hi borne a rebel cap-
tain commumllm; one ,,f the s'liiail In
the trenches,
Frank Williams, an Ann rU tin.
while Rtandllm in tiie ery center d
tha business dlsi 1 1, i ,,f 1 . uc In l,,le
today. oddeiily wliu ed nnd fell tn t lie
afreet, lie wounded In the h,n i
ny a uiauser oiinei. wiiiliiim in
well known renlilenl. Ills wile ni l
child were standing, by him whin he
wna ahot.
At the aanie nnuii.nl William w.i
shot down a Mauser loillef tinuk tin
front of the elty wat r commissi. nn r
f pfllfe on KleVcfltli s'riil twelve
Mot'K from the Interninlcn.il line
The bi.liet Imbedded Itself In the solid
liHek wait three liniies,
Another wa added lain thi after
noon to the rapidly Increasing list of
Americana who are Ling liot down
1C, T'-mi.-l
f Iinilt- :
i las, making a-yen in a 'I. At 5 u u k !
, J'.iii. Ki!h. employed lv the I'.'iiKlas
, Lumber inmiwiu. was )n.t through!
j the leu with a M.iuer l iiib t while vn
Ki.-hth atret-t. nuo- Mock from the
j !, ternaiiorial In r. lit w is taken to
i t.'ie ld hospital.
. lU.'ii' t.i were ruimti as far norjh as
Twelfth street whi'h i thlrtein full,
j I'!' fcs from th Mexican border.
"Th, cert-, ilitS oltirht lo lie stop- '
I'l'd'" said Ma;.. i Mcuce of Itioilas.
J "Alii ,-ndy nun iit ur.j of Iioiigla
'have lei-n r!io) down in the streets f
I this -tty and bell. ! are striking
j loiil.liT.fcS. pierdnic hm.s- and drop.
, pint; In yari where little children are.
i plsix Ins? a fur m.r'h of lbs Mexican
I border "lie nii'e. I atn now erideav-
J orlntr to ti t si, me i, tion tni'.nit the'
, cit, tens of J)oinrla which will brine
I I thn mater to the attention of lreai-!
dent Tuft. !
I Colomi KhinJi w Ir.d all Inform iti I.'
! on trie nta,-,',.ii t l'ri ideiit Talt
At i'.'l Al.iVfir Meijiii-i- aent the I
following rnes.nte to I'r.-siient Taft:!
K x person shot In IioiikIh today!
I durmt; battle between Mexican feiler- i
I'.,, and Inaurreeto force. Uittilj
still raging and worst yet to come, j
T!'illet are fallln? hII over the city, j
Cannot omethliis ),o done for out
profei tlon''' '
A evening approached, nutlet eon- :
liiui.-d to fall Into !"iitrhis. i
The auraeona at the Ited Cross ho.
llal extracted the Mauser bullet friu.i j
the breaat of Frank William. The
bullet struck William In the hat-it,
passed around the rib Mini lodged In
the breaslbone. The wound i serious
nnd possibly fatal.
Just before rilnht fell on (he plain,
a ilartnic nnd brilliant hit of work was
shown by the federal force, All aft
ernoon the federal eavilry was under
fire from the rebel trenches to the
east of the town. The main bodv of,
the federal Hoops were lo the rear in j
a long grassy draw, opening; enKt:i-j
wise Into ti rilfht allele ravine t the'
north and within 400 yards of Attuij
I'rieta. The federal commander!
mounted two and three men on em it j
of the cavalry horse, and then under i
the full fire from the trent he of tne
rebel fucliiK the mouth at (hi gtassyi
draw, du-dn d to the ravine where the '
extra aoldler were dropped olf the'
horses, the rldr nnd horse returning!
to the rear lo repeal (he performance.!
In (hi way the federal landed iin-t
der cover of the ravine and cinliink-'
mi ni several hundred foot solill' rs.
Shortly after tilahllall this force In
(he ravine crept up to the crest of ;
the embankment and opened u ter
rific fire upon Agim I'riein. shootlm?;
promiscuously Into every bulldlnKi
within ranie of their mm. I'eople '
stood at the telephones In Anna l'rle-
In and report d to Douttla the puss-!
aie of steel bulbi tliroiiKh the ndobo
wall of their home, llirotiijh win
down, (hrouKh door ami (liroiiKli the
Hpllutered roofs.
'W are ready for them," t-atne
the laconic messaae "from the rebel
force awnltinM the otiHluusht at the
bull pen and behind every cover.
At x:3G toniKht Halamirii) liaril't'
came out of Akuu rrlnliv nhme and!
(rallied th American line fit li ace-1
(me, vher h sui remli i ed himself us
a n Imllvidiiiil and not a commander!
of the Akuu I'rieta forces, to Captain I
(iuujot of the First Cnited Sta(e!
tu vu.lt')', who wii on the line at the'
time. j
(iarcla vva Immcdlalely taken toj
pi my headiiuarter nl City Hall park. S
II!m surrender for a lime aave rls.. to
(hi- crv in HolKlas (hat (he rebels J.,..,
SUI ri-tldcl'ed.
('In- of (he spectacular features of
lh lute afternoon vva (he pnaiiKe of
an Ainethan, liavid Clin ki ll of Nuco.
(hroiiuh (he federal and rebel fight
ing; line. Crockett did not know that
the ballle vva In progress until he
found hlms'-lf In (he federal ranks.
The federals took Ills horse and hud
dle, turiie, him loose and he cume
forward throuu.li Hie rebel forces. Tin
rebels balled lilm and then paused
him throiiith tlielr line to (he Ameri
can bonier from which point he
reio h. d r'0ugin.
At 4,'i loniKh( the reib-ral brouKltt
Inlo play u tluce-i'iiuiiil field pine
utid biKiin liamnierltiK away at Akuu
I'ricla with ulicllh. At K.3U a. teiiiT-
lo explosion shook the entire town.
It occurred near Hm bull ring mid lit
believed to have been a mine pluecd
there by the rebel immediately after
they captured Agua liietu.
The field piece began o hammer H
Willi shells.
About 11. .'Ill u rebel message vvaj
curried lo the American niinv offi
cers ut the line Imploring them to
us" rolled Slate troop to prevent
(he federal foice from fighting, irom
the adobe slaughter house immediate
ly lo (he east of Douglas. This
slaughter house Is directly on
line, hut wllli the exception of
small whig wall, it la nil
Ametiiaii side.
. American cavalry 1
bugle asscml, led al !
At (his hour lb
nl (he i all of Ihe
Filth street and d avenue, where the!
roll wan called and then the whole!
force went hack to their statii n along
the tilth slrcc( patrol.
Anniii'tin army officer believe thai
the federals have thrown it flung line
from u point near th bull ring to
(he American line nl (he slaughter
limine an. I another line cxt.'iidini:
loin this to the south and thai at
duybivak the big "V" will os,. In
eh, I ill -1 1 the town.
Most of the dead and wounded art
lying on the hattleibld where there
has been no access to ihem todtu. tn
(he terrific sun (in- wounded lmv
lain where (hey rill. Just how vvclf
tin- federal army Is pi ov hied with wa
ter is not known ex.-i pt thai the
forces prohiihl) ut 11 1 have ncccsa lo
H'llphnr Springs, the camp lar-l iuhl.
The American Ite.l cross has made
provision (o rush iloun (he Nacoxart
railroad a water tank filled with wa
ter whb h w is to be protect, , bv a
t!-d Cross ilm nml guarded by Kei.
cross field no u.
' If (his wilier is i, kept Horn the
federal army, however," the message
I loin the r bc commalidet. "we will
be obliged to tear il to pM-ces vv H ,t
our guns.''
At 10 45 all filing had leased along
the 1 1 tic- of enllelu buiciit mid for the
Hist lime since ti :ia thi moi lung.
Millet rclKhed. The rebels at that
hour held every position thev had nt
dawn notwithstanding- thin (hey vveie
di-serted-by one of (heir leader
A(uro llt.-dl l.opet was n Douglas
tonight, hut will probably be In the
ii;bt again In the morning The r-'b-
In the atreet un-1 buildi
U sM-rt that Ju..n Cabral T rce
arrived in A .a rnetn Milium, mi
thi I, doiiMed in I
Smii Ha denied rn-r (he te! pl.nr.c
that any forie of ret,--: iame there
trom Nrntali-i aioi eltrt d overland
for Aua I'rieta.
MorniiiK iH '- the ruiewal of ihe
c.nfln t. The lo-m of t"y n.nnot
le aw ertainei,
tiovernor luan of Arizona. he i
cK-d for an opinion on the eilua
tiin In IouIk wild
I have wired to I'residi tit Ta-': I
make my report on condition her.'.
The citizen of lMu!ax, n we'l :i"
strainer In the city have obewl
with rommendablo aood will all th"
order and reaulatlon of the a'mv
Hml civil authorities." i
Notwitostandina the excitement ';f
the day. there were po arrest ni.ide
by the feoldicr and almost pel fev t or
der a pr- served.
I!(. li: (tlXSTIM ItKiKS
Ix-nver, April IT. "There will ix
no inlerventlon; no trouble bet wee ,t
the Cnited State and Mexico-
ciuKe ture of thi. though I am no
prophet, nor aeer, but siieak oni..
from tht, standpoint of a practical in
vestigator of International tond t."n;!
throughout the world." a-rt d
ftaron d'Kstournellea de Constan. t!.e
French diplomat. In an nddree bef- te
the Denver chamber of commerce tut
"When I arrived In New York." he
rondnued, "and heard about talk
about a war with Slexlco It aeemed to
me childish, and I went tu Texa to
I ascertain w hat It wag all about. I
1 found that It waa nothlna a mere
fallacy. A lontf aa you have neighbor
there will be more or les friction,
juet a there I sure to be between
families occupying adjoining flats; but
wise, broad-minded people easily and
readily adjust aueh trivial difference
and difficulties as may arise.
"No doubt Mexico ha lo-r Internal
troubles and will take her own method
of aettllns; them, and the Cnited State
1 perfectly right In policing the bor
der to prevent filibustering and the
like, but there I no necessity or ex
cuse to? International trouble."
Albany, N". V.. April 17. The re-
iieal of the law- enacted last yenr,
: milking directors of racing iii-socla-
lions liable for gambling at rue
! track Is recommended by the stale
i racing commission in Its annual re
i port Pi the i 'gieiuture tonight. The
commission say this Is necessary If
"r-icing j to survive In any rnrrn
1 whatever In this state."
! The former racing laws, the com-
tnliloi points out, were prepared
1 Willi greut care, designed to permit
! rming and minimize betting; at the
! tracks, i. ml under (hem "(he number
of persons who could by any possi
bility make bets there ilid not exceed
one-fiftieth part of one per cent of
I (he population of (tie slat"."
j 'I he maintenance of breeding thor
: oughbred horses Is seriously threat
' eiied us n result of the cessation of
! riu ing, in the opinion of (he commis
sioners, who therefore urge, the repeal
of the legislation blamed for exist
ing conditions.
, T. n . . . nmonn t iro
Chicago, April 17. Carter II. Har
iIm.ii took the oath of office tonluht
ii nd became mayor of Chicago for the
flflh time. He wis Inducted Inlo of
fice without gniit ceremony, nnd ex-c.-p
that the council chamber In the
now city hall was crowded with
friend, the meeting resembled an
ordinary session of the council.
Fourteen new aldermen, thirteen
of them di-mocra(s, also took th. oath
of office, milking the new council
forty-two democrats to twenty-eight
rcpublli ans.
t"A TTPv
Davvson, Yukon Territory, April 17.
The bodies of (he. mounted police,
who set out December 22 from Fort
Maepherson for Daw eon w re found
not fur south of Maepherson by the
relief expedition which lei t Dawson
February 21. The men In (he in
filled Fort Maepherson expedition,
which vvna under commnnd of Cant.
the I F. j. Kltzaerald, nnd consisted or Con
oiir! stable Carter. Kinney nnd Taylor,
perished on the banks of 1'eel river.
after (heir supplies hud Blven mil and
they had oaten their dogs. The nlier
exoedltlon took the In, .lies to Mac-
phersnn nml returned to Dawson, ar
riving here today.
of Genuine
tiiliiit" of
from expert -
w ho k tiiiw
proclaim that n citangc (o
r i c( ills c aus-d by cof-
'There's a Reason"
'ost urn Cereal
Haltle, Creek,
( ooliiiioil from I'aui- 1. 4'idiiinii 2.)
and governor of states, the commit
tee of the chamber of deputies this
afternoon made its report but with
j some significant amendments.
The committee has added to the
j measure the clause. whi h if enacted.
will forbid the election ( the presl-
I dency or vice-presidency any relative
of the president r vice-president. It
i also Is provided thai a vice-president
j cannot I? elec(e-d president.
; The commiltee members give as the
reason for their recommendation the
as? "motion that i.i tome time .i nret-
I .lent or i .1.. i mi .!, nuA e.n '
due Influence to secure one of thene
high positions for a relative.
At thia particular time special sig-
1 nlflcance attarhea to the n-p'rt. Vice
President Kamort Corral, who recent
ly secured an elghl months' leave be- j
cause of ill health, I yet Kpular with
many of his countrymen. It is with
in the bounds of possibility that the
forralists. as hi supporters are called,
might augment their numbers to such
an extent that some time he might be
elected president.
In circle close to Corral. It is euid
he will not return to Mexico to claim
the vice-presidency or any office un-l
lea there is a popular demand for his
If the chamber adopt (he Bitlneg
measure, Corral' election n president
at any time would be unconstitu
tional. . In making the measure so
broad as to bar relatives from the
country's high office it was regarded
as (tulte possible it is aimed at Felix
Dial, nephew of tho president.
Oeneral Felix Diaz, now chief of
police, la popular and at (he time of
the last presidential campaign there
wa a determined effort made by his
friend to induce him to run for thc-vice-presidency.
Mlnlter de Ii Harra said peace
prospects appeared to him to be
brighter than ever. It is known that
within the last twenty-four hours
communications have been ex
changed by cable by him and Dr.
Vas'iuei Gomez In Washington.
Indnn, April. 1 7. Heferrlng. edi
torially to the conditions arising
through the lighting now going; on be
tween Mexican federals and Insur
recios close to I'nlted Sia(es terri
tory, the Times expresses the belief
that Madero's follower vvtll not Im
probably provoke as many, fights as
possible along; the frontier and If
Cnited K(a(eg cltiasetis are killed or
property injured by Mexican bullets a
(n(e of opinion may be created
throughout the I'nlted Slates, which
no government ".oiild afford to dii-re-gard,
"nltiiougli" udds the paper, "we
can well 4)i-iieve that the Washington
government will (Interfere with, the
Kreateat reluctance,.
"It Is evident, hpwever," the Times
continues, "that unless Mexico is able
ta reetorw and maintain , order, the
I'nlted ."tales nius( aerloualy consider
whether It is imperative to do the
work 'or iier. The contingency is dis
agreeable but It Is useless to Ignore
Muskogee. Okla.. April 17. F. K
Martin, brother of former Mayor T.
M. Martin, William M. Irvin. Jim
Manley, V. R. Alien and Stout Hamm
were lndk-ted today by the grand jury
on the charge of murder. The last
three lire colored.
All nre charged wi(h being Impll
eate( In the murder n month ago of
the two small children of Alary Sells,
near Taft. at the home of their stvp
father when thn house was destroyed
by dynamite and giant powder. Irvin
was (railed to the City of Mexico by
a Cnited States Indian agent and i'
deputy sheriff, who plnced him under
Until children held H'lottments til
some of the richest lands In the oil
Wu.-hlngloti. April 17. The first
lilt In the senate over Ihe Joint res
olution providing; for Ihe election of
senators by direct vote occurred to
day wh n opposition to the measure
passed by the house attempted to
have it referred to (he iiunmlKee on
privilege and elections Instead of
A debate resulted In postponing the
iiue-t'on of reference until the next
meelitu ol the fennte on Thursday.
If Ihe resolution should be sent
to the Judiciary commltleo it would
prohtihlv he reported back without
amcndm-iil. while the action of the
committee on privileges and elections
Would be (.pell to llilllbt.
The Indication today ivi-n- (hat (he
friends of Ihe resolution would be
siii-ccKsful 111 lln-lr effort to send
It to (he Judiciary committee.
Youngstovvn, O., April 17. Orant
lilkrrd, u plumber shortly after mid
night, Hltacked his wife nnd five chil
dren with n gun and nxe and killed
his wi.'e, nnd three t hildren. "ind
probably in.-l tally vvoiind' d Ihe ot'i' r
two children.
lie then shot ntid killed himself.
tiklalMim Hunk lose.
Mountain Pitrk. okla.. April 17.
The cliceiiH Umik or Mount mi Turk
-lne( lis door thi afternoon. The
state banking i beard I In charge.
II. II. Jon.k vice president: J.
Will Jones, fshler: D. C. Kngtin.
bookkeeper Vere irest"d. charged
wi(h a
c.ptY deposit when tliev
knew the hi
The bank
lo he Insolvent.
,d it capital of IIO.OUO.
tit i I 4 W
A fTfr
. t i mm i
ui; iiwi: maw v.i:ii:tif-s
We liave made arrangcminis
vvl.crcby we will Ik- -upillcil
wiih Mraivlsrrio from the
largest grower of fancy Itorrie
in t alirornla.
Ami yon know our price will
lie right. Wr will take i-arc of
your rn-irj orders thi year as
cwr. (iivc yon the Ixt bcrrlc-i
for the least inoiiev.
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Kxtra (Jocal toffee takes. . Me
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you ever ale i.lc
rulfi-r layers. Nut l.oiir nml
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.Meadow io:d lluticr, per
pound, J.");-.
r HONES, 31-32.
Man Accused of Particularly
Atrocious Crime in Mexico
Arrested in New York After
Thirty Thousand Mile Chase
I Br Munilnc Jiturnul apelsl Leased Wire
Xevv York, April 17. Identifying
as lloberto Cmua, alius "Jtignr," the
Mexican arrested here Inst month,
charged yviih the assassination of Jose
Ht-usga, In the main street of fiuail
ulujarn, Mcx., In 1908, Kafacl Km-fra.
brother of the murdered man, told
the story ef the crime.
The Incarcerated Mexican had de
nied his Identity, insisting that In
was Alfonso Itelnhart and Huesgn
vvna brought here from Mexico to
make the Identification. Iluesga tes
tified that just before the m unit r ,liis
brother, Jose, hd married a young
woman who had previously been
courted by Crzua. The civil cere
mony had been performed und the
pair were on their way to church
when I'rziiH rode up on n bicycle and
plunged-a dagger Into the bride
groom's breast. Kissing his band to
the bride, widowed by his act, Cr.un
rode off. The slayer was trailed more
than 30,000 miles by d' teeth es be
fore ho was arrested In this cily.
At the reipiest of the defense, the
extradition proceedings today were
adjourned lo April 24.
Washington, April 17. A. II. S'al
lecby, un American citizen, recently
arrested at Mcxlcnll on a charge of
attempting to Induce federal soldier
to desert, ha been released In re.
spouse to urgent representations by
the stale department.
Owing to the scarcity of food nt
Alamo, Mex., where several Amerl.
can women and children are held pris
oners, Cnited States Consul Schu
mucker at Knsetiada has been atitlior
lied by the American National lied
Cross to draw funds for the relief of
the Americans. The prisoners nre un
New York, April 17. Former
Judge V. A. lny. It was reported this
afternoon, will be elected president of
the K(iiltable Life Assurance soclely
on Wednesday. Mr. Day, who was
! first vbe president of the s.n ' ty
during President Morton's l- mi, hap
' been nctlng president since Mr. Mor
ton's death.
Hill's big show. iem to-
4 4
The Little lStitling BuXling Town cf Willard.
To Whom It May Concern:
mmmmmmmmmmmmamm mmmma .ill .
I herewith wish to state, I have just returned from a
trip to Willard, New Mexico, made especially for the
purpose of seeing the lots now being advertised for
sale in the KELLY ADDITION to the business center
of that town, and am frank to say I found them strict
ly as represented, and to my mind both the town
and the surrounding agricultural country has prom
ise of a splendid future.
Signed E. J. WAGNER,
403 E. Coal Avenue,
Albuquerque, New Mexico.
A. T. & S. F. It H.
WILLARD now has two railroads and directly con
nected with the great Rock Island, Rio Grande and
El Paso and Southwestern systems.
These choice building lots referred to by Mr. Wagner,
in the KELLY ADDITION adjoining the business cen
ter of this promising city, are now being offered for
sale at from
$15 to ?35 Per Lot
Terms, $1.00 down balance $1.00 per week no
interest no taxes perfect title. - For plats and
prices inquire of any local real estate dealer or sales
man. A!l Deeds Signed by Frank McKce, Trustee.
Silver City Store -Robbed of
Rifles, Revolvers, Knives,
Razors, and 1 140 Rounds of
(HM-lnl IlUpaleh to Ihe Mnrnllig Journnll
silver City, N. M-. April 17. Ihtr
glnrs gained entrance to the W. II.
Stlllwell store last night by crawling
under the rear of the building and
sawing- a hole through ihe floor.
They curried ofr two at). 3d Winches
ter rifles, one .22, one ,4'i Colt's re
volver. one hanimerless revolver, two
watches, a lot of pocket knives and
rar.ors and IMn enrtridses. it ti
suspected insurr-cto sympathizers did
tilt work (i secure urn; to light
asalrist the I Mas. regime.
They got here for Carnival week
after nil. The Wh-nton family, the
funny black comedian and family
will be si-en n( (he (iem toniKht and
tomorrow; don't miss this. And an
other big feature 1 ltnli'nlo Hill's en
tile allow on curtain: the only limine
to see the great show for HK. (Jem.
Huffnlo Hills big show,
fiem (n
t j-
1 t- -'- .
tou ML Li -m
ti; j ,
'u-fO IH jmu, WHIanl.
Washington, April 1",. Continent
nl hull, the home here of the P. A.
It., tonight whs a mosaic of cnlC'
The cicin-ion was the reception give"
by Mrs. Math.vv T. Scott, president
general ol the organization, to th
daimhters, whose twentieth anm1"'
vongri's opi ned here today. "Th
Sons of the American r.evi'liiti"n
al.-O Vf! gUCMtS.
'iorg-iins gowns vied Willi tip r,('h
flovvcrr .vhl. h tilled the hull t' lllkf
the seine one of i-nrurpussed biaaf?
The entire ibiv from the opciiini-'
soflo:i. when rtoi-ident Tift B,"'
coni.'.l ;ie ilaiighlel's to the nation"'
cupiii'l. up to mlduljilst. when the re
ception was over, was one of bu
preparation for the real work "I
congress which wilk begin tomoii
Jl-rs. cott
Taft as the
Sfe:iti'.t tuition
that the !". A.
intii'ihued I'rcsniei"
re.-i st ruler
i I,,., world." ndilitttf
If J,- the greatest er-
ganisation of woman In the
:!Try a Journal V'ant Ad, Results
Tl, man
the repui'
ii,. nosiU'1'
, hns no ei""
... t
Ihls slriim:'
n an
iitral A 'I'
ll i. I"-.
i-iiom: i
j W est
Hours 10
and Sunday
a. m. tii

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