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takes Hame Baking Easy
Absolutely Pure
The only baking powder
made from Royal Grape
Cream of Tartar
Trains to Be Run Over New
Coleman Cut Off June 15;
Two Roads Use Track Jointly
Spil CrrhponlMic to Morning Journal I
Roswiil, NV M.r -June O.-Hleneral
Superintendent George C. Starkweuth
ir, of the Santa Fe lines southwest of
Wellington,- Kan., was here today and
fluted that trains will bo running on
the Coleman cut-off all the way from
iiilcman to Lubbock. Tex., by June 15
and th;it this time will mark the com
pletion of the work. The Santa Fe
will thru, he stated begin work on
the road from Slaton, 16 miles south
of Lubbock, to Texlt'o, X. M.' Mr.
Starkweather also confirms tho recent
report of a track agreement from Ok
lahoma points to the Pacific coast
bi'tween the Frisco and the Santa Fe,
lie Frisco having decided to build
across this great stretch of country
anil the Santa Fe having decided to
Ii them use their tracks until such
time us the new road will be con
ftructeii. It is believed that the Santa.
Fe wake the agreement as a means
nr holding off the, time of the building1
if the ii H' roiid liy Hie Frisco.
piiKiwiifMJ aktiiu'.hy
I'Ri'l. ,l. S. Murray retiirnerl last
uifht fruiii the New Mexico National
'iiiaril's militn.ry preserve in tho Cup
ten nmimt.'iinx, where a camp is be
inc prepared for the use of battery
V in tho mouth of JuIvj Pure.
mountain water has been ploed a
Mnnre of 10,000 feet down thn
iiHiiintiiin side, being taken out a qunr
I'T of a mile up the canyon from
Pine Lodge ami having a fall of l,f,0(l
(frt, which gives tremendous pressure
anil demands tha best of joints In
IV Inch pipe line. The cam)) is al
most ready for the division of the
1'ittery. The building of a road part
'. up the mountain will complete
Ihe preparations. This work is being
iwitl for out of the territory's share
"I the governments national guard
Railroad Company Forced te
Jive Back Overcharge On
Carload of Alfalfa; Notes
From Washington,
llrll torfwimnrlMic to Mornlu Journal I
Washington, ,D. C, June 9. John
hert, Herman W. Goelltz und
"illliim p. Mj,,,,, tlm,e yomK mvn of
Mexico have Been appointed first
'uUnants In the medical reserve
C1ns. dating ,rom Ml(y 2((
The iiUer tate com.iitrce commis
si ,vU' "r',"vd a mm ration of
" i a.Ic to the Ho.well Wool
h tie . ,,, any In Its ease against
'-"Mini KuJIroad of New Mexico
W,i" "" """ 'i"'lail of air.alfa
WkM; Tex. ' - '
1(Jwii,riice ,,,., touching New MeX-
km-,, v hivt'n uut "s r"'-
ii,..'. '"' postniusters Kirk V.
It c """Mower, Gurry county, N.
'on,,, Z "'" '" M-rr 'Sanl Pe
Mr, ' M-; CnHS- L- Wo,)d- Abbott,
J '''Minty, . M.
star route from Fort Wlngate
' n tn To,., wingato has been dis-
f(i,, ,lu' K,,rt Wlngat j post
be abolished Juno 1.1, mail
.. ' "v-w.iv ii .nun; i ,, IHHIl
X, M date going to Itchoboth,
U,! ,','r r""u' fro1" "'" to lllaek
k "" "'-ate to Wagon .Mound has
"it tl", """m"'li. a'"' In its plac a
'lilish i , " service mis Deen es
W bv "" Wa"on Mound to Hulls
Mini,', ""y "f Kiiranjos and Ocate,
"mm '1 "f 80 wl"-' 'i three
H'iiid V 'K H"rvl' has been estnb-
Jrm f .,llllk Ulke to n
''5' .v of Aurora.
IUrt"ii.s.hdl, riermany. Jue ft.
'HI,.,, n""li. who on Tuesday estab-
V5, r '" rin.in altitude record of
""nil,. ' "' "n "r"dune, fell this
I.. ,, " ."Mi iuillll 1:111. OSS.
lH - ".re lwiantly killed. Holicn-
hii, "": to eclliiMf. the. woi-bfs
sun fe a
Uncle Sam's Great Forests
Playground for the Nation
Great National Recreation
Spots Created for People
Present Scenic Wonders and
Natural Beauty and Grandeur
Far Ahead of Best Old World
Can Offer.
Washington, 1). c.. June Every
year Lie great resorts of Europe arc
visited by thousands of tourists who
apparently have o knowledge of t.ie
great national parks which have been
created by congress for the benefit of
the people and In which there nre na
tural features and views that can not
lie surpassed. If the travcle- seeks Al
pine glaciers he his inly to go to the
Glacier National Park wtiere there
J are more glaciers In the same area
than In Switzerland; If he desires to
travel in comfort over finely built
roads thit rival those of France, Swit
zerland and Germany, the Yellowstone
Park extends Its Invitation to him; If
he is attracted to Europe by the mys
tery of the black fcrest he can find
more majestic and Impressive forests
in the slopes of the Sierra Nevada In
the Yosemite, Sequoia and General
Grant Parks; If iiis thoughts turn to
the clear blue lakes of Switzerland he
can find their counterpart In the Gla
cier, and Crater Lake National parks;
If he is anxious to risk . his liVe In
scaling Miow-olud peaks he has only
to repair to Mount Rainier In Wash
tngton, whose steep Blopea and ice
covered top will furnish sport cxclt
lng enough for the most daring of
mountaineers; If he Is interested n
the ruins ot prehistoric people, the
Cosa. Gnndo ruin In Arizona and the
' Mesa Verde national nark In Colo-
! rado will show him how the aboriginal
inhabitants cf America lived hundreds
of years before Its discovery by
Europeans. t
The Yellowstone national park in
northwestern Wyoming Is the oldest
and the best known of all the parks
and reservations. It wag created by an
act of congress In 1872 and ever since
that time the government has been
constructing roadH und cutting trails,
until now tho park Is In a high stnte
of development and all parts of It are
accessible, to the traveler. Well built
roads traverse tho major portion of
the park, Impressive and substantial
bridges cross the streams, and com
modious hotels and camps- have been
provided for the aceommodaticn ot
visitors. In this park may be seen na-,
tural phenomena, the "ke of which Is
found nowhere else In the world.
Hero a ro geysers that throw jets of
steam anil hot water Into the air,
great terraces formed from the de
posits of mineral matter In the water
thrown up by the geysers, and the
great falls .' Yellowstone, river, which
traverses ti beautiful mulll-colored
canyon, that is wound only to ' the
Grand Canyon of the Colorado. In this
park may be seen tho detr, the bear,
tho antelope and the bison on their
native range, because hunting Is pro
alblted nnd the bands cf deer and an
telope roam through the valleys and
over the slopes ns they did years be
fore they were practically cxtermin-
ited In tho greater part of tho west.
Comfortable coaches tulto the tourist
,vei- i, K.irniiir rooii, lo the iirlneiniil
points of interest, but If he desires to
make a more extended stay or to get
far from the beaten track he can rend
ily '.lire an outfit of his own and make
exeursionn into tho less frequented
portions of the park or climb tho
many peaks which may bo seen from
the main roads;
The Glider national park In north
ern Montana on the Canadian border
is the newest of the parks controlled
by the federal government. This park
has an area of auoroxlmatcly &lfi,00
acres nnd mis a maximum length of
sixty miles. It has been Well called
the top of the com. mint, tor within
its boundaries is situated the great
continental divide. At one point In the
park a tourist may take a cup of wa
ter nnd cast tho contents to one side
whence It will find Its way. to the
Gulf f Mexico, to another side
whence It will find lis way to the
Pacific ocean, or in a third direction
whence it will find Its way to Hudfon
bay. The park obtains Its rutin; from
the numerous gl iders which glisten
in dazzling white. In the .saddles be
tween the high peaks. It Is well sup
pllod with stream and lakes that have
been formed by t if dumniing of the
vullcys by the great mays of deb; In
1-ft by the continental giaoicr. The'
lakes are ill long and narrow and in
places wooded si, pet which arc cov
trcd with a thick growth n' pine and
lir iay close to tha water's edge, while
1 at other points precipitous cliffa term
! the border ot tho lake, and dashing
'rivulets pour their crystal waters
over the steep sides.. As less than tw'o
eiis hive elapsed Mnco Glacier park
,'was created. Httl" progress has been
made in the construction of roads and
trails. The traveler visiting this park
must he prepared to travel on horse
back. Thoso looking for' comfort only
hud better go elsow.iere, but those
who desire to seo nature In Its wlhlofct
mood or. to travel through the resin
ous fi restii of pine and fir or to es
cape tho- common luxuries of travol
will find no phioe In two continent'
th- will bo tho equal of this park.
When one speaks of Culiromla. the
Yosemite park iinturilly comes to
mind. As long ago as ISfil tin uct of
congress granted tho Yosemite valley
and the Mariposa big tree grove to
the state t-t California by the act ap
proved M arch 3, 1 905. receded " the
jurisdiction and ownership of this
tract to the 1'nlted States nnd only
since Juno 11. 1906, has the manage
ment of the Yisomlte natloral park
been tnnhr the control of the federal
governient. The entire park has nn
area of about 38 by 40 miles. . The
Yosemite valley, which Is the most
frequently visited place is ubout seven
miles long and three-fourths of a mil'"
wide. In the center of this valley Is
a level park like meadow, through
Which runs Mercede river, while on
either side the mountains rise strep
and precipitous t, ,a height of 4, 00
feet, above, Ihe floor of the valley.
Numerous streams drop from the eilge
of th" cliff n the valley below, The
first i f tiics,. as the tourist enter;
the valley is the Hrldal Veil Fall. A
stream fully thirty feet wide falls, a
distance of UU feet, then rushes over
a sloping pile of debris, anil then
drops perpendicularly Silt) feet inoro.
Fn.ni tho points which It Is generally
viotved (t Heeins to make but " one
plunge and the general effect is that
a fall H0 leet high. The great water
full In this park, however, is the
Yosemite Falls. This Is a stream 35
feet wide and In the bpring and cirly
summer when the snow Is melting
upon the high Sierra Its roar can be
heard all over the valley, and the
shook oi the descent rattles tho win
dows a mile away. This fall Is conced
ed by all critics to be one ot the most
beautiful cascades in the world. Its
first fall is about 1,600 feet sheer
drop, then comes a series of cascodis
paitly hidden In which the fall Is over
600 feet, and finally i vertical drop
of 400 feet.
From the cliffs surrounding the val
ley the scene is ono of remarkable in
spection and beauty. At tho 'foot Of
of the traveler lies tho valley floor
t.ie green trees and meadows and the
winding river giving the effect of a
rich velvet carpet over which a line
of silver has been drawn; here and
there one gets glimpses of the foam
ing white waters hurling themselves
to the valley below; on both sides of
the valley rise the great walls of rock
sculptured by thn elements Into var
ious fantastic shaues and figures.
In the Yosemite,- the Sequoia and
the General Grant national parks arc
found tho groves of big trees the like
of which are seen nowhere else in the
world. These trees grow to a heigiit
of 340 foet and have a circumference
of over 100 feet at tho base, the bark
sometimes 'exceeding 40 . inches- 111
thickness. ' lu the Mariposa grove the
road extends through the base of one
cf these trees and a. coach and four
is regularly driven through this tun
nel In the tree without danger or dis
comfort to the traveler. The rings in
tho trunks of these trees show that
many of them are over 2,000 years
old. Cathedrals and castles have been
built and fallen into decay, empires
have come and gone, but these grlzzily
giants of the western slopes still raise
their hoary heads and spread their
grateful shade as they did In tho day
ot the Caesars. "
The largest glacial system in the
world radiating from any single peak
Is situated r-n Mount Kaiuler In West-
cm Washington.- The Mount ltalnler
national park Includes tno mass of
this great mountain and all tho ap
proncnes to n, J lie traveler up
proachlng Mount ' Rainier passes
through areas In which the climate
and the vegetation range from tem
perate to arctic. The looter valley Is
thickly covered with VI r, hemlock mid
coilar, the undergrowth Is dense ami
the forest floor Is covered with moss
and litter of fallen branches mill de
cayed wood. ' As tlur mountain Is 'as
cended the vt gelation changes; nt an
altitude of 4, UiM feet the forest cover
consist cf mountain hemlock, Alpine
fir and Alaska' Cedar. Gradually the
trees become smaller, they arc gnarl
ed and twisted as If they had endcav
crt'd to escape the fury (if the fierce
blasts that swoop over Ihe upper
si, pes. The trees dwindle to strug-
HliS" hushes and then the climber Is
on the bare rocks, polished nnd
scarred by the masses of snow nnd
Ice that swept over tncni. The last
four miles' to the summit Is along the
ridges tietwecn the glaciers or over the
ice. The way Is rough and steep and
Is a dangerous one unless accompa
nied hy a guide.
The Crater Iki national, perk in
Oregon has within Its herders a lake
thi't is unique among the natural won.
dors i f thu world. T.iis luko, into
which no streams flow and which hns
po Visible outlet, lies in what is left
of the caMera of a grit mountain
that rose to an eievation of over 14,
000 fy-fl above the sea. He who cares
nothing for the wonderful history of
this lake may well be entranced by
Its remarkable nnd striking beauty.
Around the lake are twenty miles of
unbroken cliffs ranging from JOil to
2.000 feel in height, whose brilliant
cUors are reflected In the dear placid
water. of the lake. Ntar th' western
edge if the lake is Wizard Island, In
the top of whio.i Is an extinct crater
100 feet deep nnd 500 feet In diame
ter, und near the southern shore U
i' Jiigfed rock which from a distance
resembles n ship, but which appar
ently disappears when tho shadow of
a cloud strikes it. Tills lnlie Is not
the only nttractb n of tho national
pink in which it Ih situated. The sur
rounding peaks afford opportunities
lor climbing und the extended views
from their summits offer an adequate
recompense for the efrort necessary to
roach them. .
In southwestern Colorado, nnd
northwestern New Mexico at otic time
dwelt one of tile most remarkable
i. aces cf the new world. High up In
tho cliffs which border the canyons
that have been cut In the Mesa Verde
are over 400 prehistoric ruins. Three
of the most Important ruins Cliff
Paloco, Spruce Tree House, und Pal
cony House have been excavated and
repaired and give the visitor an Idea
of how Jlieso prehistoric people lived.
This park Is twenty-five miles from
the nearest railroad station and can
bo reached only on horsoback or on
The Cisa Grande ruin near Flor
ence, Ariie., Is ari Indian ruin of un
determined antiquity, which was dis
covered in 1694 bv padrn Kino, a Jo.
suit missionary. This great house Is
said to lie. the most Impoilant ruin
of Its type In the southwest and foe
this reason It has strong claims to
arohi; logical study, reuilr and prm-an.-int
preservation. Tho main building
was originally five' or stories high
and covered a space, 50x4 .t feet. Some
of the rooms have been excuvitcd or
restored and over 100 rooms on the
ground floor are open to the public.
AVhlle the governments of F.nropo
have been for many years tar In ad
vanen f America ill tile preservation
of the forests they have at lust conic
to look to this country for a policy
with regard to national parks. The
reports of the superintendents and thn
lows and regulations governing the
viiioio! jiarlts hive hren (Vrwurd'-d tij
the goxnimciit of Switzerland and t
the Verom NuturcUnt:'
uart. Germany, which
loot the -stahliMimenl of p rks
preservation and protection of U
fauna an I flora of Austria and Ger
many and which plans to establish
smaller parks modeled 'ter the Yd
lowstonc. Information "ii the Yellow,
stone park In particular his be,, it
sought by le supcriutvmU ht t the
New Zealand tourist mid oealth
sorts, by the secretary of the national
lark In New South Wales, ami by the
secretary of tho Koyal Geographic
society of Austrilla.
It is almost forty years since con
gress laid the beginning or the great
national park system by passing the
act creating tho Yellow stoiieN.itioiial
Park, approved March I. t other
parks have been created suioe. until
at present the area embraced in these
pleasure, grounds of the people
amounts to over 4, 600,400 arret,. The
pollcv of establishing national parks
has resulted In preserving from priv
ate exploitation and gain great ar.ns
which nre characterized by magnifi
cent scenery and which are used af
vacation resorts by thousands of peo
American Who Resigned Presi
dency, of Lower .California
: Haled to Court to Explain Ac
tivity On Mexican Border,'
(By Morning Journal ftperhtl Lrnwd Wirt
Los Angeles, June 9.r-Rkhard
(pick) Ferris, a promoter, who was
elected and resigned, within the space
of three days, the presidency of the
republic of Lower California, was
summoned before the federal grand
Jury here today. Ho appeared to
answer to a subpoena Issued at the
request of United States Attorney Gen
eral Wlckorsham, who Is pushing an
inquiry Into alleged violations of
neutrality on tho International boun
dary. Ferris denied that ho was responsi
ble for advertisements appearing in
eastern papers for a' thousand men to
take up ii mis -In aid of the insurroctos
on the Mexican peninsula:
"General Francisco Sultmis, former
commander of tho rebels; jit Mexluall,
who was driven across the line a
month ago by his'nti'jtlniilsf'hi, t, a 14
was a wltliffcs lnfforJ th,5g amll jury.
Ho Is help (r held Jus u lla eruij wit.
ness In neutrality cases.
Everett, Wayltj, -. i June 9.
traveling across the continent
claim his bride, Albert A. Jhirosky of
lioston died suddenly here yesterd i.v,
throe days before, the day set for tha
wedding, ' '
A coroner's Jury today decided that
his death resulted from ptomaine
pulr.oning caused by eating canned
salmon. All members of the house
hold which entertained llorosky were
stricken, hut recovered.
Horosky was to have married a
daughter of Dr. L. P.. .Molln of Ever
Menu, Ark., June 9. Mrs. p.ert
Norrls, wife of County Jailer Norris.
frustrated a Jail -delivery here today.
Led by A. J. Coughran. who Is under
death sentence for killing his nephew,
several prisoners dug a tunnel through
a wall.
Coughran w is crawling through the
opening when Mrs. Norris saw him.
Five other prisoners were making
ready to escape. Tin; woman obtained
her husband's revolver and forced the
six men to return to their cells.
Chicago, June 9. Seven so-called
labor sluggers were indicated by the
grand Jury here today on charges of
assault with intent to kill growing; out
of recent slugglngs and gun fights In
the factional war between the United
Association of Plumbers and Steam
Fitters and the International Associa
tion of Steam Fitters.
Try a Morning Journal Want Ad
Anyone desiring tutoring In gram
mar grade or college preparatory
studies will 'pleats call nt 415 South
Walter street, or phone 261.
, '
Build Fences Across Roads.
The roads of 'Aiixonu disclose, one
most peculiar habit. They change
their locution so frequently that they
may well be called nomadic. One day
the truck may be straight; the next.
It runs Into u new wire fence. The
traveler must turn at riuht angles
and skirt the fence for a mile or two
until the newly Inclosed pasture Is
circumvented. ln so dry and sparsely
settled a country the counties cannot
afford to maintain many rouds. Ac
ordlngly ronds Just grow. If the man
whose land they cro-is happens lo want (
io lease in zoo or 30" acres, lie noes
so, nnd says nothing. The first that
the public knows about It may be
when an automobile, dashing along at
night, suddenly runs Into the wlr
and Is smashed to pieces. After bilk-
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Three Nights'
Closes With Performance To
night and Company Deserves
Record Business,
Th bill last night at the Elks thea
ter was "The Silent Partner," but
from the w y the laughs cume from
the audience he was anything but sil
The chorus again demonstrated its
efficiency, while the female Imper
sonator, who sings and acts with the
chorus largely, surprised and mysti
fied the audience.
Dan Russell and William Gross, the
two leading comedian.", were there
from th,. first curtain. Of all the fool
fat men. this Dan Russell party is the
limit. When one looks at him. It Is
almost impossible to believe that he
ever in his life hurled a baseball, but
lie used to ill right all light, and right
here in Albuquerque at that.
The show Is a good one, and n
funny one, and well worth going to
sec. Tlie electrical effects are good,
much better than many seen here be
fore with much more pretentious
Tonight's bill promises to be the
(funniest of the three. The two comed
ians and tho female: Impersonator; to
gether with the dancing pony ballet,
will be i n hind In full force, and
every one uttondlnc " will experience
the laughing tlmo of their lives.
(flpeehil C'rrMisdDC to Uorrlot Journal
ltosvvell, N. M June 9. Upon a
r.howlng made to tho district attorney
that his case was not as bail, as first
represented. Dee H. Harkcy Was yes
terday admitted to bond and gave
$2,000 security, leaving for his home
In Carlsbad. Ilarkey Is the cow mm
who struck Dr. J. W. Cutler with an
nxe handle at Elidi, Tuesday. Dr.
Cutler was thought to be in a danger
ous condition at first, but in now tin
proved In condition. The handle
broke after he wes hit two or three
i times on the head with It. Ilirkey
was taking the handle to a store to be
exchanged when m met Cutler and
their trouble arose. Culler and Har
kcy had bad verbal trouble on three
occasions before thiu oho. It is (lie
tiisio old story of the small claim
holder and the cow man. Ilarkey
liaiins that Cutler abused liini on two
or 'three occasions and that he led
town once to iivuj.j trouble Mltb him.
) ..- ,
Santa Fe moving picture will li
shown tit Alrdonic tonight.
Report of Ihe condition of the r)rt
National Rank nt Albuquurquo in tho
state of New Mexico, at tho close of
business, Juno 7, 1911:
Loans and discounts ... I, RSI. 070.73
Overdrafts, st cured and
U. 8. bonds to socure
If. S. bonds to seeur U.
S. deposits
Premiums on U. S. bonds
Ronds, securities, etc....
Ranking house, furniture
and fixtures
Duo from national banks
(not reserve agents)..
Due from tate and priv
ate banks and bankers,
trust companies and
savings banks
Due from approved re
servo agents
Checks and other cash
Exchanges for clearing
Notes of other national
Fractional paper cur
rency, nickels and
42.21 l.fiS
14. 216.49
Lawful money reserve In bank, vlx.:
Specie I9D.913
Legal tender
notes 85,043
Redemption fund with I.
S. treasurer (5 per cent
of circulation) 10,000.00
Total . , ,$3,212, MA.M
Capital stock paid in $ 200,000.00
Surplus fund 50,000.00
Undivided profits, less ex
penses and taxes paid.
National bunk notes out
standing Due tr other national
banks . . , . , 1 06,7
Duo to state md private
Individual deposits . sub
Ject lo check
Time certificates of de
poblt Certified checks
Cashier's checks out
standing United States deposits...
Deposits of U. S. dis
bursing officers
Liabilities other than
those above stated
25, 516.81
Territory of New Mexico, county of
Bernalillo, ss.:
I I, Frank McKee. cashier I' the
above named I ink, di- solemnly swear
that the above statement Is true to tho
best of my knowledge and belief,
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 9th day of June. lull.
Notary Public
Correct Attest ;
Direct ois,
A grcit show jit Alrdonv'.
Report t,i the condition of the Slat
National Hank, at Alhuniieriue. in th
Territory ot , Mexico, at th
of business. June Tib, 1911:
I-oans ami diseounta ...J
Overdrafts, secured and
V. S. honis lo secure
I'. S, Ih nds to secure I".
S. deposits
Premiums en f. S.
6 !."..
i ii", ooo. 11,1
4 s, ooo. on
Bll:u ''
Hanking nuusv, furniture
and fixtures
Dim from national batiks
(not resin agents!..
Due from statu and priv
ate bunks and hankers,
trust companies and
savings banks
Due from approved re
st rvc agents
Checks and other cnuh
Exchanges for clearing
Notes of other notional
16.4 J2.SJ
2 n.r"
Fractional paper cur
rency, nickels and
Lawful money reserve In bank. viz.
Specie ,.S1.434
Ecgal tender notes 410
Redemption fund with I'.
S. treasurer (1 per cent
. $l,;00,6S J.62
Capital stock pnld In. . . .
Surplus fund
Undivided profits, less ex
penses and taxes paid .
National bank notes out
standing 100,000.00
Due to other national
Due to state and private
banks and bankers...
Duo to trust companies
and savinKS banks ....
Due to approved rftserve
Individual deposit sub
ject to check
85, 846. 51
349, 240.20
Time certificate of de-
posit 408,1,06.97
Certified cheeks
Cashier's checks out
standing United States deposits...
Deposits of IT. H. disburs
ing officers
1 1,439.72
Territory of New
. . .11,200,6.12.62
xlco, county of
Bernalillo, sr.:
1, Hoy McDonald, cashier , of the
above.-namd bank, , do solemnly
swear that tho above statement Is true
to tho best of my knowledge and be
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this Hth dsy cf June, 1811.
Notary Public
commission expires May 2, 1912.
Correct Attc.t;
. N. MARltUN,
Icumal Want Ads Get Results,
Territory of Nctr Mexico,
Officer of the Secretary.
I, Nathan Jaffa, Secretary of the
Territory of New Mexico, do hereby
certify that thorn was -filed for rec
ord In this office at ten o'clock a, in.
on tho second dBy of June A. D. 1911;
(YrUfli-fllo of KtocklioldcTV Non-Ma-
bllltV of
la Opinion Publics Priming and
laibllsliliig t'oiniMini,
rtuniltcin flslti.flHle. ,
Wherefore: .The Incorporator
named In the wild articles and who
have signed lh same, and their suc
cesHors and assigns, are hereby declur
ed tn be from this day until the sec
ond day of June, Nineteen Hundred
and Sixty-one a Corporation by the
nanio and for the purposes set forth
In Mild articles.
Given under my hand nnd the great
sol of the territory of New Mexico, at
the, City of Santa Vt. the Capital, on
this Becottd day of Juno, A. D. 1911.
(Boal) Secretary of New Mexico.
Territory of New Mexico.
Office of the Secretary.
I. Nathan Jaffa, Secretary of the
Territory of New Mexico, do hereby
certify that thero was filed for ro
ord in this oftlco at ten o'clock a. m.
on tho second day of June, A. D. 191 1 )
Certiflento of Stockholder' on -I, la-
, blUt.V f
Number 6R19.
und alio, that 1 have compared the
following copy of the same, with the
original thereof now on tile, and do
rlaro it to be a correct transcript
thorefrom and of the whole thereof.
Glveu under my hand and the Great
Seal of the Territory of New Mexico,
at tho City of Santa Fe, the Capital,
on this second dav of June, A. I).
(Seal) Secretary of New Mexico.
Certificate ot Stockholders' Non-I.ln-Irlllly.
ThiH Is to certify that the under
signed, being all the orlglnoJ Incor
porators who hove filed the certificate
of Incorporation of the above mimed
corporation, thereby associating
themselves together under the pro
visions of Section 23, Chapter 79, en
acted by the 3fith Legislative Assem
bly of Now Mexico, Approved March
15i 1905, fur and on behalf of them
selves, si, other stockholders who
may become associated with them
and paid corporation, do hereby do.
dare that there shall bo no stock
holders' liability on account of any
stock Issued by the said corporation,
and that nil stockholders of said cor-
poration shall be exempt
from nil II-
I 111 II I ii.u m n,-tii,il ,tf
account of any stock Is.
i sited of he'd tj Oielil, fM'Cpt such
liability for (tie amount of the capi
tal stock certified to have been paid,
in property or cash, at the time of
the commencement of business. Tho
agent of said company upon whom
service of process may be had, is Elfe
go ll.aca, and tho oftice of the com
pany at Albuquerque, New Mexico.
In w ilnes whereof, we, tho said in
corporators, have hereunto set our
ban, Is and seals on this first duy of
June, mil.
(Signed) FXF'KGO HACA. (Seal)
F. P. DF: BACA. I Seal)
Territory of New Mexico,
County of Rernnllllo.
on this first day of June, 1911. tw-
ifore me personally appeared Flfego
rtaea. Franclsquttu P. De Baca and
Sofia Raea. to me known to be the
persons described In and who have
executed, the foregoing instrument,
and acknowledged that they executed
the same as their free act and deen.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto
set my hand and seal the dny and
year first above written.
(Signed) J. II. McGUINNESS,
(Notarial Seal) Notary Public.
My Com. expires Nov. 26, 1914.
No. 6819.
Cor. Rett. Vol. , Page 112.
Certificate of Stockholders' Non-LU-blllty
Filed In Office, of Secretary of New
Mexico, June 2, 111; 10 a. m.
NATHAN JAFFW. Secretary.
Compared C. F. K. to J. O.
Territory ot New Mexico,
Office of Secretary.
I. Nathan Jaffa, Secretary of lbs
Territory of New Mexico, do hereby
certify that there was filed (or rec
ord In this office at ten o'clock a. m..
on the second day ot Jtiue, A. D. 1911;
Articles of InixirrsiralJon of
No. 6818.
and atso, that I havs compared thn
following copy of tho same, with thu
original thereof now on file, and de
clare It to bo a correct transcript
therefrom und of the whole thereof.
Given under my hand and the Great
Seal of tho Territory of New Mexico,
at the City of Santa Fe, thy Capltr".
on this second day of June. A. D. 1011.
(Seal) Secretary of New Moxlcn.
Cortifirnte cf ln,-oriMrutlon of '
We, tha undersigned, In order t
form a cprporatlon for the ' purpose
hereinafter stated, under and pursuant
to the provisions of an Act of the
Legislative Assembly of the Territory
of New Mexico, entitled: An Act to
regulate, the Formation and Govern
ment of Corporations for Mining,
Manufacturing, Industrial- and other
Pursuits, Approved March 15, 1905,
do hereby certify as follows: " ;
1. The corporate name Is La Opin
ion Publica Printing and Publishing
Company, with Klfeco Pain as Hi
agent' upon whom n'rvleu of process
may bo had, ani Ha principal offlca
shall be situated in Albuquerque, New
2. The objects for which the cor
poration is established are: to print
and circulate newspapers, magazines,
books and fo sell the same; to make,
print and mil ull kinds of Job work,
stationery and printing and publish.
Ing materials; to buy, sell nnd mort
gage real estate; to manufacture, put.,
chase or otherwise acquire goods,
wares, merchandise and personal pro
perty of every class und description,
ond hold,, own, mortgage, mil or
otherwise disposo of, trade, deal In
nnd deal with the wime.
3. The authorised capital stock or
the corporation Is the sum of Teh
Thousand Dollars ($10,000) divided
Into one thousand ( 1,000) shares of
the par value of Ten Dollars ($10.00)
4. The names and postofflce ad
dresses of tlie Incorporators, and (Ipl
number of Hhnrcs of capital stock sub
scribed for by each, the Aggregate of
which shall be tho amount with which
the corporation will commence busi
ness, arc us follows:
Klfego I'.aca, Albuquer
que, N. M 180 $1800
F. P. De Baca, Albuquer
que, N. M 10 100
Sofia lUicn, Albuquerque,
N. M
!. Thu time for which this coipor
utlon shall exist shall be fifty years,
6. Tho Board of Directors of the
corporation for tho first year of Its
existence shall consist of the Incor
porators above named, to-wlt: F:ifegi
Baca, 1. P. De Ruoa and Sofia Baca.
7. The Board of Directors shall
huve full power and authority In
make by-laws for tho government of
the corporation.
In witness whereof, wo have here
unto set our hands and seals this 1st
day of June, 1911.
(Signed) KLFKGO H.f,
Territory of New Mexico,
County of Bernalillo.
I Sea 1 1
on this 1st day ot June,
1911. per-
sonally appeared before
mo Klfego
,, inn, r, i-. ue iinea Hiia sotiu I'acn,
who are known to mo to bo the p.t.
Mills described In the foregoing In.
striiment, and they severally acknowl
edged that they signed and sealed the
same of their free act ami deed for
the uses and purposes therein et
(Signed) J. B. McGUJNNKSS.
(Notarial Seal) Notary Public.
My Com. expires Nov. 26, 1914
No. 68I811,
Cor Hec'd. Vol. t;, pug,. 112.
Articles of Incorporation of
liled In Office ,.r Secretary of New
Mexico, June 2, 1911; 10 a. tn.
NATHAN JAFFA, Secretary.
Compared C. K, IC. to J. O.
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and Salt Meats, Smi sages a Specialty,
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ket price nr paid.
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