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ippl all. v mi
a-tuar.l IU. r
k i the ri a
was a rather g ii
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Sollttl fttnoilllt lt
Por the ii
Mar. h 1. to date
" l"" '
For the
the pre. i j i t 1 1 ii
continues t flow Ui
National Summary for Week
Wm VVnc I lnrnr'i!!olr.H
' ' " v IIUJ Ui .'U UIV.t,Uj i
New Mexico Cool.
We are showing a
new line of
Wood and Metal I
finished in Natural!
Maple, White Enam-1
eled, Brass and Ver-
nis Martin, or Early t
English, Prices range "
from $2.50 to $30.
Cradles in new de-
t signs, from $2.50 up
Trundle Beds at
Go-Carts from
$2.50 to $30 I
All up-to-date coods t
i at the lowest prices t
Albert Faber
308-310 W. Central
Carpets and
t 4 4."f
(UMil BIblNS k SMAll IllMPtmt IHIS anil alwavs
nd I will lort.,1 SIOOO if I do not ocrl
Mr ether Doctor living in curing, Cant.r.,
I s kn;i tr Pain, m Pit iinlll
tan. ml Hitfttatlwitino'i.
k '.MB, Pllf CHI, I III IU
Oen r -itnliurmrt
&-: mi,Mefflt0.
MI,V. H'MP w SUM m
Hi,IH lUotltlDmotH
l C1t!fl. II hum pmi
unit kMin, it rut sons.
Mill UUiMKtU. Kilt
P'.cft .hit, ,m,ll, it pner
),'u Ct ROOK itINT fHH
l.'K uiniali of thouundt
t .-"rr ,'t hnm. Until, Ititm
Ut.tn DR. k MHS. DA. CHAMLET k CO. roi Hit Book.
"Mucin Rltiblt.SitCant.i Sp.culliti Llvlni
t t houtn Msm fet , lu Hnuiiti, Ci.
normal dfr bv tar the greater nart
of the country. In portions of th
"outli Atlantic stairs the amounts r
Iceived do not equal 40 per cent of thr
normal fall, in portions of the lowe
Missouri valley and middle Plain
States the Amounts .it rmmeroii. r.,,irt
Ending July 10 Shov, s Heat ' rn"f' from 30 per cent t. not more
'"'m aw pi r ceni, anu in inn extreme
northwest not mti h mr than 50
lr c-nt of the uaiiul fall has been
('enerul Summary.
t ontinued hierh temperatures,
causing- hundreds of deaths ami much
suffering to lioth human anj anlmnl
lit, together with a further general
deficiency In prix-lpltatlon. markfil
tha weather of the week over mimt of
the diatrli'ta east or the Jjoi ky motin
In th corn-crottlii plates went of
th MiaMlMslppI pome fcixxl rains K
fiirreil in thn mor western portions,
but the first part of th week was In
tensely hot. In Iowa and Missouri
the nevere heat, with a very general
absence of rainfall, Intensified the
ilrouKht conditions already prevailing,
and similar condition existed In por
Hons of Xrmth I'nkota, ulthoiiKh the
temperatures there were more mod
In 1he corn-rrnwlnir states east of
the Mississippi hlnh temperutures con-
tinned, there was a Keneral lack of
sufficient rainfall and ilrouKht con ill
Hons are prevailing In many portions
of those States.
In the males of the spring wheat
tielt the temperatures were more
moderate, especially over the western
portions, hut precipitation was tie
flclent In many sections, especially In
the western portions of the Dukotas
and over eastern Montana, where rain
Is now Imilly needed.
Over the Atlantic coasts states
from Virginia northward the week
was hot and mostly dry, ami vege
tatlon is KUfferlng In nearly nil lo
In (lie cotton-growing states wealh
er conditions were, as ti rule, more
favorable, the temperature Were mod
erate, mid good ruins occurred In
many portions. U continues dry,
however, over most of North Carolina
ami portions of Texas are still dry,
and more rain Is necdeiL In Oklahoma
and Tennessee.
In the stales west of the Hoi ky
mountains cool weather was general
except In portions of California, Ore
gon and Nevada. laical showers oe
curred in portions of the southwest,
hut It was dry in most other locali
In California the weather continued
favorable for the fruit and other In
dustries, an, similar conditions pre
vailed In the other fruit-growing dis
tricts of the wcsl. Irrigation water
continues generally plentiful.
In the Ktiitn reports the bulletin
Now Mexico. Santa Fe: A cool,
partly cloudy week, with uood. Kene
ral showers In nil counties except the
extreme eastern nnd gout hern, where
ihe week was hot and dry. with light
showers at the end of the week only.
Hlinie local flood damage occurred in
Ihe central and western enmities, nnd
the lower l!lo (irande.
Arizona. Phoenix: The week was
decidedly cool, with well distributed
light showers nnd thunderstorms.
usllig a largely Increased water sup
ply. Sunshine was below normal In
the northern and above in the south
ern portions. From 1MI to "0 Inches of
now remain on the northern slopes
of the San Kranclsco range.
(roarniiwwjiii i ir i iy1aa:i
j S'l UBiill t, All. ;' ,"'; -J s,1, i K.U..
J I K.TI U Ml Dlf l fO .... l, B
i t
I . e K,P1
I s
I . II I
I.llol II.
lo oil,.
one Look,
P .-t yout
till.- t.ik.'S.
v: Ti rri!..-i:i!
of i iioriillen.
' .el I "I ii, Pi in
lii'iii ' ii. Inniai
n M,
mid .
, COIIlpll-
for i or.it
' lo I cm;li( CI S.
I';.-, .urjlliiii
; in
The National Weather bur'au sum
mary for the week ending Juljr I,
Jut received shows how widespread
arid ratal was the terrllic heat Wave
hii h New Mexico so bn kilv es. ped
It is.ln part as follows:
Wastliligtoii, I), f., July II, Ull
Tom prcat ure.
At the close of the preceeillng Week
a warm wne of unusual severity had
overspread the country from the nibl
i!Ih Mississippi valley and upper Ijike
region eastward, and it vontaiiiued
over those districts the early pukft of
the past week, the maximum tempera
tures on Monday and Tuesday pogslng
above 100 degrees at numerous point
in the tihlo volley, middle Atlantic
un, New Kngland states. High tern
piratures again developed In the jnld
die west about Wednesday, when the
maximum temperature rose above
loo degrees at numerous points la tit,
lower Missouri and upper MlFsisnli.nl
v llcys, reaching 1 OS degrees in narth
ern Kansas, and warm weather, Mill
continued in the Ohla valley, lower
lake region, und North Atlantic
A change to router weather set In
over the upper Missouri Valley during
Wednesday, and on Thursday mid
l' riduy more muderate temperatures
prevailed over all districts from the
middle and Upper Mississippi Valley
eastward. During Saturday, howiiver,
warm weather developed over thP
(li'ul Plains and upper Misslsslpp
valley, find it was generally warm
during the remainder of the week
over the interior and vaslcrn portions
of tha con n try.
No unusually high temp'rature o
enrred over the more southern dls
trlcls, and In the states west of the
ilocky Mountains the week was mod
erately cool throughout, and declied-
ly cool at the close In the northern
portions of the. plateau and Ilocky
mountain regions.
Kor the week, us a whole, the ave
rago temperature 'from the ltmky
mountains eastward was everywhere
above tho normal, save over a small
area along the (lulf coast and over
the Florida peninsula. It fas unusual
ly warm, as u whole, from the middle
Mississippi valley and upper lake re-
gio eastward to th Atlantic coast
where I ho average dally excess rung
ed from S degrees to more than l'l de
grces. In portions of this urea the
weekly averages of temperature have
been above, the normal for the past 9
weeks. From the Ilocky Mountain
westward to the I'acll'ic (he mean
temperature continue,! lielow the nor
mnl its during the greater pint of the
season to dale, except over the Inter
ior port Ion of northern California and
the adjacent portions of Nevada nnd
Oregon, where II wan normal or
slightly above.
Maximum tempcrnlures were nhove
HO degrees nt Home time during the
week over practically nil portions ot
the country, except along tho Atlatitli
and Put Iflc coasts an, nt some of the
higher stations of the Mountain dls
Irlcls. Over large portions of th
Ureal Plains, the lower Missouri, mid
dle Mississippi and Ohio valle)s, por
tions of the middle Atlantic states,
and southern New Khgland the inaxl
mum tcmpi'iatur'a were above Jufl
degrees, and they were near 110 de
grees In portions of Kansas, Missouri
and Iowa, exceeding bv several de
grees any previous record for the
lirst decade of July. Likewise in por
tions of New Fnglnhd the maximum
temperatures' were unusually high,
the rcioril of 1114 degrees at Iti.ston,
Mass., an, 101! degrees at Portland,
Me., on the 4th being !i degrees anil
(1 degrees respectively higher than
previously repotted from these points
st any time during the past 40 years.
Minimum temperaturea were gener
ally above r.O degrees over all the gn u'
agi'li'iilliiiitl and rrull-groH lug ilin
trlcK Inn they were near freezltm at
a few points in the mure elevated por
tions of the mountain region of the
No ell-ilev eloped rain area crossed
the I 'tilled Slates during the week.
Two Marriage Licenses Issued
and Two Separation Suits
Filed Yesterday at County
Court House.
A.oj.l expensive
"ii At., clas.s
H.i n I, mi;, Hull.UlP!
I. nt. Iti.liMrlai, Ir
i e. Mercantile. Min-
Cte Willi
1 t:aili...-i.ls. Taxation,
r i..io', e i ii iiiiins.
ech i i, m;. I. te N. w Mexico
lion ii nd Mining
I I.
1 1
r ' ii.ii.
mi. I. ie !'..! ins
log illel Ii'iiih
I I loll ..l l I j,,
'i S by-laun, i to
' i . . 'i It nil a ;mt J ',
I Willi "i S'llles I jiw
W Ill-Mi ... I ',i-i V
Mtol Pules for
nil hiiitls of cor
n I. 1 1 in e, fool-
lellilollnl Irii
rins 1 whli ii 'iiiph to
A.t, ImiMtloM.
Utileh and
S. Kluhts,
P.niiig, Kiiilrienis, Tuxes
oi'-is for ei tiring I',
:;i lil. i.f Hiiv, et...
I' till villi lr withmil Ktiilitino.l
I ol.. ti,, p.lge, I, ui Uraiii
r. K i v
l-' . . M.
luit c. .millions were favorable for the
oi .-iirn in-., of local thunderstorms
over th,. districts Ironi the mlddl.
plains region calwnrd lo the Appa
lachian mountains and the south' At
lantic coast. Ileii falls were report
ed at nciiiv point In the (lull ststes
ui the liih 7th an, I Kill, and locally
at ollnr points to die noitliMiird. The
total lor Ihe week exe led 4 inches
In portion- i, southern l.oiisino-i, ci
trenie iic lcin Texas and southwest-
I'll .lcM..M..i. and local lulls of ;
liulns or more occurred In central
Oklahoma, western Tennessee, and
tioriliern Mississippi, southern Ohio,
cast, in town and western Illinois,
einital Nehraska. southwestern Vir
ginia, northern Michigan and along
Ihe south Atlantic and east Unit
coasti. t tv.p much of the remaining
territory from central Texas north
ward through the central part of Ihe
I'akotas mid thence eastward there
were falls id from one half to slightly
nn.re than one lin h. except In the cen
tral Mississippi, lower Missouri, and
lower i lin,. fiiirn, and over much of
the Atlantic must stales front North
Carolina In New Kngland, where there
was little or no precipitation during
the wik.
Weet ,f the Kncky Mounlnllis Ihrrs
was a general aheence of beneficial
rains nnd over much of the plateau
and Pacific roast regions there was
no precipitation during the week.
Compared with the normal there
was a rather geneial excess over tht
lower Mississippi valley and along the
f astern portion of the Plains slates
from eastern Texas northward,
loeallv In other districts, but
much of the middle and upper Missis
The fight between Cupid and the
divorcH courts yesterday In llernalllln
county showed a draw: two marriage
censes were granted and two divorce
suits filed. For some time the two
parlies have been seesawing; on one
day a marriage license would be la
med and the next day a divorce suit
would he lllcd. Then again I lipid
would conic over with two licenses
while th. hcsl the divorce god could
do would he one suit. VcHterday, how
ever, the honors were even.
Mary K. linnther Hied a suit for
absolute divorce from VV. 10. liunther,
iilleunm iiliandonment and non-sup-
.ort. The maple, were married on
tSepteinhvi' II, lllaV, and lived together
man and wile tuitl! January 7.11,
1 !Us. when without Just cause, It Is
alleged Ihe defendant abandoned her
and tins since lived entirely away
from the plalutitl so that she ilima
n i . I know his present address. I here
is one child, I ai la Adeline, ngeil 3
years, the care and support of whom
lias devolved upon tlie plaintiff ever
since she was horn; therefore the
alligation Is advanced that the plain
tiff is the right and proper person to
arc for the child in the future and
the custody of tier is asked from the
The oilier divorce suit was filed by
Joseph Slimier against tils wife, Hel
en Shinier, alleging abandonment, and
desertion. This suit is lllcd from
ii 1 In , Mi Klnley county, by Alfred
ltiily., attorney for the plulntlir. it is
aliened that the parties were married
In IMC and Unit they lived together
until July 1st, 1!I0!, when the defend
ant, w ithout Just cause or reason, de
serted Ihe plaintiff. Two children
were horn to the marriage: Joseph,
aged 14 years, and Helen, aged IS.
t In- riiMoilv of whom Is asked l.y the
laiiitltf. The community properly
was divided some time since by agree
ment, und the court Is asked to ap
prove of the same.
(Relieves CATARRH of
anu an.
s i
B-M m ii inmu,
r w i- M .ti Inniii, K
"rtroan en umi j
; 'lifl firmtn un.nuiS Ki
l.,.n, l tile iieii
M.t w rcuci
A ii'
mnt Inter, l!'"s t
There's Something Doing in
.i; ii(, wiii.L i Mint ww
jrw .nrWf twjp vfl. t
'"4i ..
1 vyeVt"-fti-J
- !
On the Santa Fe
Located 20 ml'cs south of Stockton, California, In
the San Joauuln valley, surrounded by thousands
and thousand! of acres of fertile land in the great
Oakdale, Modesto, Turlock and So. San Jonquil!
Irrigation dis ricts.
Santa Fe Spends
for new machine rnrl repair shops, round hous.s and
milei of trackage, making Riverbank one of Its mo- Im
portant division terminals. This will bring Into River
bank this summer hundreds of skilled mechanic and
laborers and their famlllca. Those men will receive an
approximate monthly
Railroad Payroll of
--t "ill r-vt
w -. aA-'
I I I , - v - V "
it f .. ' tLrf--
f v 4c l
Whore will this money be spent? Right In Riverbank,
tnclr HOME town. This Mg payroll assures Riverbank
of h commercial revenue at the very start, and 'he In
coming hundreds mean population, ard population
means profit to buyers and the early buyers get the big
gest profits. That's why, you should make your deci
sion now!
$40,000 Sales First
What do yon think of that? The majority of sales to
date have been to shrewd, careful, far-sighted citizens
or towns sm rounding Riverbank. The know a good
Investment when they see it and have faith In the future
of this new railroad town. A large percentage of the
building lots sold have been sold with the understand
ing that substantial business buildings are to be erected
within 30 to 60 days. A hotel, a department store and
a number of buildings are already being plannod.
First Buyers
Zlh l1"8.68 of 0ak(,ale. the first buyer In Riverbank:
W 11 duplicate my big Oaktiale store In Riverbank.
Fully expect Riverbank to be one of the largest towns
In Stanislaus County."
J, W. Walker, Supt. of Santa Fe R. R.: "Will be great
activity this summer. Naturally expect many families
move In as result of requiring labor."
R. W. Hobart. Santa Fe orflclal at Fresno: "It Is my
opinion that with the completion of the Oakdale Irriga
tion sys em of which Riverbank Is the center, Rlver
6000 " uItlmatol' hav Population of not less than
No further proof or argument Is necessary! Where
eiso can you find a new railroad townsite with such
great opportunities? Where else can you find a new
town with such great agricultural possibilities? Where
can you get in a town with such a bright future In
iinicn you can purchase lots at such low prices? .
KKSIDFACi: LOTS OXLY $110 ami up. lU'K.'st inraum
910 monthly. Kon't ,e too late! 1)U It : lodavl A.m. ?' mf7 ,erniS of 10 fent down,
ua 1 . UP or till out one of these coupons.
rhones: Broadway 24; Homo 00053
Guy M. Rush Co. ,nc
Owners' Kxclnsive Agvnts,
Ninth floor story ltldjr., m Aiijfclcs.
Mjr llusliM-ss is
Could Invest 9
W hat opiKHtunily dia-s lllvcrbiuik offer Me? fj
Address r(y
Guy M. Rush Co. ,nc
Owners' Exclusive Aeentg,
Mnt.li Floor Story Hid., Lo Angeleig.
I am lnu.re.ted In Riverbank lots, please send map, price
list wid literature.
" The New Town With the Big Payroll"
Look at These Pictures! "Moving Pic
tures of Real
Activity in This
I I I I J nnrim, pill
III I UusllM'SS is ia8B8:-;is '
Could invest , '".'.V.V.' ' 1IH 'SuuZ" l'
j What o.oi-t unity dia-s Riverbank offer Me? fj
I! 1
' 1 1
..'.i i

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