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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, August 27, 1911, EDITORIAL SECTION, Image 5

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II n mi. ujn;n m j mumm
Dresser Scarfs
I'hiIt" u'tre.l Hrecr Seai N. 1S54. lum.N. Titly
i"nlrui It-red in F! r;it iV-'onv Regular 5o vaHu'
Special 44c
A tV.il B'.ei'.chcl J,i-ie:i" Nuj-l. in. m dit'ietent
pattern and a giwvl weight Linen. Regular SI. 50
Special 87c
(The Store That Satisfies)
Table Linen
(j-imh Linen, value 75c Special 49c
rJ-inch Mercerizeil Damask, value 75c .. Special 5'?c
7.'-inch I'.lea Damask, value $1.25 Specials
72-inch llleach l)ainak. value $1.75 Spcc;al $1.25
Special 98c
20x20 Napkins, value $1.50
22x20 Hemmed Napkins
Silver Wenched Napkins
21x24 l:ull lileached Napkins
Hemmed Turkish Towels. 15c value .... Special
Double Thread Turkish Towel, 2lV value; Special
Double Thread Turkish Towel. 25c value; Special
Double Thread Turkih Towel. 25c value; Special
Cotton Huck Towels
C'oton 1 hick Towels. 12 l-2c value
Union Linen I luck Tow el, 15c value
Hemstitched Duck Towels. Ji c value
Linen Hemstitched Laid. 35c value
Complexion Towels. 35c value
Bed Spreads
Full Sized Kxtra Heavy I'.cd Spreads.
Fringed, value $1.75 Special $1.28
Kxtra Size Hemmed or Fringed l'.ed Spreads, value
$2.00 Special $1.4$
Ilk-ached Cotton Crash Special, yd. .Vk
Stevens' Linen Clash, 12 l-2c grade . . Special yd. 10c
Stevens' Linen Crash, 15c grade .... Special, yd. 12c
Class Toweling. 10c and 15c values
Special, yd. 8c and 10e
l'ancy Damask and Huck Toweling, 24 inches wide,
pure Linen Special, yd. 62fic
Housekeepers5 Week Sale
QUR AUGUST SALE of Blankets, Comforts,
Sheets, Sheetings, Table Linen, Towels, Towel
ings, Curtains, Curtain and Drapery Goods, Pillows,
etc., continues during the coming week with still
greater bargains. This week's value will be really
extraordinary. Blankets and Comforts in Mid-Summer
means immense savings.
50 drey. W hite and Tan lihnkeu, fuil 11 4 size, a closeh woven Cotton
Grey. Tan and W hite Waukets. size o6X0. value $2.00
Kxtra I leavy Cotton Waukets. size 1 1, 4, value $2.50
Kxtra Ouahty Wool Finish Ulankets. (.(,6, value $2.50
Kxtra Oualil.y W ool Finish Waukets. 00x70. value $3.00
Wool Finished I'laid Wanket, (0x7(., value $3.00
114 Palm Wool I'laid Wanket, value 85.00
124 White Wool Wanket, extra special, value $5.50
06x80 Plaid Wool Wanket, value $0.00
00x80 Silver Star Plaid Wanket. value $0.50
All other Waukets priced especialy low for this sale, and represent a
llanket. regular value $1.50
? Special '$
Special $1.43
Special $1."S
Special $1.78
Special $2.1)'
Special $2.38
Special $3."8
Special $3.98
Special 5-1.88
Special $5.15
sa vini; over "In Scaon" prices.
. Special 98c
Stlkohne Loered (. omfort. cotton tilling, vimiic Si ,,.- . ( spcu.n
Satme Covered Comfort, clean, light cotton filling, this i.-. a good sized Lomtort and valued regularly at
$1.75 ' .' Special $1.45
Full-Sized Saline Covered Comfort with extra carded clean cotton tilling, an extra value . . Special $lf
Dur regular $3.00 Comfort, extra size and a good value at that price Special $2.28
i. i i: ..c .:i i n r ..... :.. .. 11 .1 ' .1 i
Sheets and Sheeting
54' Special 5lV
ox'.H) Special 49c
72x') Sl'eci.d 55c
.Slx'Hl Special 5'V
X")X) Special 05c
54VA) Si'eci.d ;rr:c
(,3x(K) 'poi.d o2!,c
7Jx'0 Spei i;d (7! ic
Slx'H) Special 7214c
Special 77 1 .a'
Pillow Slips
423d Special 10c
42x3o Special 12'ic
Bleached Sheetings
12 Weached Sheeting . .
45 Weached Sliding . . .
0 4 Weached Sheeting .
14 Weached Sheeting .
8 4 Weached Sheeting .
0 4 Weached Sheeting .
10 4 Weached Sheeting
Special l.v
Special l7'2c
Special 20c.
SK'cial 22! ic
Special 25c
Special 27'2c
Special 30c
36-Inch Muslins
A beautiful line of sik covered Down Comfort, in all sh'ades aii'.l patterns
Less 15 Regular Price
3o-ineh l'orest Mills I'.leached Muslin,' Special .. W
3(.-ineh Our Own lhand Weached Muslin 7!2C
3o-inch (lold Medal I'.rand Weached Muslin 8' l.c
30-inch Old Glory I'.rand Weached Muslin 8'k
3o-inch Kruit of Loom I'.rand Weached Muslin .. 10c
3n-iiich Lonsdale I'.rand Weached Muslin 10c
3u-ineh 1msdale Cambric $kxA lie
3o-inch Unbleached Muslin, Our Own I'.rand 0c
m 11 1,
(Ointiiiuod rmiil l'Hgo I.)
ami decorations. The actor folk ami
the society patrons seated around th'
TcstiVH linnrd wore Mcsdiinu'S Isaac
Haith, r.porge All.riKht, C. II. Conner.,
Kiankliu, Freil MetzKer; MiSHi-s Ktliel
Mickey, I.olita HuniiiR, T.ose Ifargi h,
Anita liaea, Hamnna llaca, Schelke;
Mi'"rs. J. Harvey, Tt. Walker, I).
Lane, M. .McGuinness, Allvrt Spivcy.
trnnklin W. Wroth, It. Arens, C.
Andrews, S. Scrtcr, It. Seder, V.
MctzKer, Drown, Dr. Mason and
Merrs Albright and Pilfer.
MI!S. 1UVDKT ;llN(i A HItllMiK
sioiti 1 :s.
Mrs. Kodey is giving n series of
Saturday afternoon bridge parties,
li.ith the date and the game continue
i" liifch favor in the circles of the
Hot. The second of this delightful
anil Informal eerie.s was given at her
h"!m 213 South Arno, yesterday
when three taldes of bridge were
Hindu up and u prettily appointed
lliii'heoii finiHhed proreedinifs.
U was "Statehood" in decoration,
silk flags and other artistic arrange
nieiit of the national colors predom
inating in the charmiiiK decorative ef
lects, Mrs, Raymond KUtmm, daugh
ter of Mrs. Kodey, and Mrs. Codin.n
'n, her mother, assisted niakiim
tlie three seneratlons in evidence.
Mrs. Codington's sister, Mrs. Alex
h liie Tuibcrcsis Crusade
"pit nil the efforts hf'mg trade he
"'iWMntex of fre3h air and eKS-and-milk
'"'(iiiin nt.-', the number of new cases hu
i"jt l.fHii iiotice.iUly ilocreied.
" rite to us and usk to !; refri red to
J "ffiviu-n, 1'riens, men atal v;uiiten who
'"'k Kektnan'H Alterative and are todav
e'l mi, ytropif wi'hout a trace of tuber.
uiii.-it.s ,roiitini eii MO bv ruivsii iaiiv.
s -tau ul them took t ho Alterative 1')
"H" When d .elors said thev would
lea iivi- lo weeks.
fir.ythliij,' be fairer to yourself
ana those W)K, ive y0l, lird ,juirt ,i
" iMliliu; to rcstote you to health? If you
;"" ' "'"l.lieal iiivestijjaie us, ur mcdi-oii'-,
our advert i.sed statements. Write
J" these who biivc Bent in affidavits and
titiionlals lellliiK lu.w Eckit.an a Alter
ny cured them. Here Is one'
. Uiraril Ave., I'liiladelolda, Pa.
o.ntl, nien: "in the winter of 101)3, I
an attack of C.rlppe, followed hv
and later by I'onsunipi ion. I
ionVt fi,n,"iily wore. In the winter of
I had eotiKh, l.UTlit Kiwit, fei or Ht'.d
, , Ihantiti. s of nwful looking snuff
1 "ad many hemorrl.aues; at
Xt il ! ,,lree In three successive davs.
i.i. 'I'"1 r"M beeutue so distasti-f uf I
.'ep ''Olhiiij; down. Three ,1 fi
i. . -lr'';lld ue. 1 v..,!, ordered to tl.e
J'Ut;, ;,,;,, t ,11,, , p,, j.,.,,, lM.a
V,"'t,ve wai rcconracndid bv a f I dual.
tl'!i"iS: a f-ntall .priutitv 1 l.:,d the
1 milet nlRhfn Blee,. for weeks, llf
i" Weveruent was marked fi-.m tlei first.
J. '' fllwH' mid '..k'ht and i,!m
.! 1 '"'V'r ai'"tiicr lii itioi rlcr-e and
... '"ii i. .cri ri.t 1 1:1 1 1 -.- .:.sen.d until in
II i 1 n'" l"Tfee'.!v veil. JJverv-
r :.'-iy .mi u,Zi" h v"'ii;eJ by
'i-n-d Atlidnvii) Annie l'lvd T.r..t;;iira-i.
Ami !,e'a"','! Alterative, , or, a ;:r,,: bllis.
Air, i ' :J';V ''"'': Tbro..t n.l l.utur
tin. J'.'f- u'r hoi.kb t ..reared cases
. . Ud, ,dM.,. .,., rnr luldiilnm.l evidence.
u ''V 1 leading d:u:;;;ista u!lJ
Alvardo 1'harmaey,
Allai.juer.iue, Ncvr Men.
Carico, of Olohe, Ariz., was among
the mtests and it was learned that she
will make her home heret which will
be a matter of real congratulation
atnoni; the many friends made by
.Mrs. I'nrico during various visits at
the ftod. y home.
. .4
,u v i.isth:s,
Society Jr. made merry at a couple
of gala afternoons during the week.
Tuesday the youngsters of "near
about" the ano and in the neighbor
hood df Louis Council, son of Mrs.
Walter Connell, celebrated his eighth
birthday in approved and unrestrain
ed fashion. The small daughter of
Dr. and Mrs. Mcl.andress, aged one
year, Wednesday last, was a more
passive hostess on that date to the
neighborhood circle of mothers and
offspring". Though small in both
instances, as to tho number invited,
the affairs were enjoyed alike by the
grown-ups and the wee tots.
t &
( limsTI.W 111 1U I! ACTIVITIES.
Mrs. Seivert whs hostess to the
ladies of the Christian church Thurs
day afternoon ut her home, 210 South
Arno. Apron making was t lie feature
of the gathering, though u social hour
and refreshments diversified it en
joyably. Another interesting item to the
Christian (hureh congregation and
proof of the progressiveness of the
church,' vas the preliminary steps
taken at a meetlnf! at the home of
Miss Alma Swayno, 1211 North
Fourth street, Tuesday night for or
ganization of a Christian Endeavor so
ciety. At this meeting nominating
and constitution committees wore
chosen and will report at the next
There was u gay gathering at the
(Irimmer home yesterday afternoon
when .Miss Kathryn Grimmer enter
tained a number of friends at an in
formal sewing party followed bv a
smart luncheon. Prettily appointed
and exquisitely decorated was the
table with covers bud for a congenial
dozen Intimate friends of the young
The Fraternal Ilrolherhood will have
an open meeting tomorrow night In
odd Fellows' halt, when the members
arc permitted to bring a limited
number of friends. Dancing will he
the feature of the evening, with music
hv the 1)1 Maurn orchestra,
The W. C. f. V. held their annual
business meeting In the parlors of
the I.ead Avenue Methodist church
Tuesday afternoon. The vice presi
dents, re). resenting the various
churches, were retained in office as
well as the heads of the different de
partmcnls. General officers elected
were Mrs. Moliie Learning, president;
Mrs. Sidney Houghton, vice president'
Mis. M. J. liutlcr, treasurer, and
Mrs. Margaret Warning, secretary.
The state convention to assemble In
I. as Vegan September 19 and 2n, was
discussed and It was decided to rend
a delegate to he chosen nt tho next
business meptlncri
Misses Margaret and Ihtgeiiia, Kele-
returned from Whltcomh
w here they sp. tit two
a cottage
and two
tho week
her hav
.Mrs. Alfred Grunsfeld, daughter
Hilda and niece Florence Grunsfeld
returned yesterday from a trip to the
IVeos region.
Mrs. Kay Motley, wife of the for
mer Columbia football coach and her
self a New York girl, was In the city
Monday en route to the Motley ranch
home at Datil, from New York, where
she left her small daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. ti Rielly and
daughter Kathryn leave the latter
part of the week for a month's trav
eling in the east, . including a trip to
the larger eastern cities' and Canada.
Miss Hazel Rogers leaves this morn
ing for San Francisco, where she will
enter the California Conservatory of
Mr. nnd Mrs. ltalph I). Mer'rltt
leave September 1 for I'.oston, Masa.,
where they will make their home.
Mr. Merritt has been connci led with
the llrown-Finnegan company for the
past year.
Miss Dora Finney of Indianapolis,
Ind., has arrived in the city to make
her home with her brother, John W.
Mnney. They have taken
on West Seventh street.
Hr. It. A, Anderson, wife
children, arrived during
from their homo at Guifport, Miss.,
and w ill make thetr home in the city
for an indefinite length of time. They
are located at the Casa de Oro.
Mrs, Marlon Lord of Denver is Ihe
guest in this city of her brother, Mr.
J. I-:. Hannum and famih'.
Mrs. Kobert Putney and son Lyman
left Friday night for Omaha, Xeb., On
a brief trip.
Mrs. S, S. learned of Lawrence,
Kan., whose son will l.e married In
this city next week to Miss Madonna
Kankin, is a guest at the Don Itankin
home. i
Miss Klsle Kempenich left the early
part of the week with Mrs. Hope and
her daughters for Los Angeles, Calif.
Miss Knnieo McClellan will arrive
home on the limited today from New
York city, where she lias spent thrt
summer months.
.Mrs. II. J. Gibson is the guest, of
her daughter, Vs. Krnost Davis at
lu r home on Smith Third.
Prominent Men All Over State
Enlisted in Movement to
Make Mounlainair Assembly
Statewide Institution.
To facilitate the work of making
the Motintainair Chatatuiua a state
wide institution, an advirory hoard
composed (f prominent men of all
sections of the slate has, been named.
The following circular being sent
out to the nominees explains Itself
and sheds further light on the plan
to make the Clintaui'iia a big perma
nent New Mexico establishment:
At the last annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Mottntainnir
('hautauipia assembly two things were
enacted, which mean much lo the as
sembly and the, state of New Mexico.
At that meeting it was forcibly
brought before us that the, Cbautait
lind outgrown it.-s continued exlstelire
local organization, and In ac
cordance with the suggestions Irom
prominent visitors from nil parts of
tho new state the stock holders unani
mously decided to make the Chautau
qua a slate-wide organization. To
laciliale tills muvoiio-nt of the cxeen
tltoe committee sas authorized to
appoint an ndvisorj bard of fifty of
the most prominent men in New Mex-
whose interest in those things for
which the Clia utau.iiui stands Is well
known. Your rani" has been snot
gesled as a suitable member of (lilt
ird together with those on the list
enclosed. We slncei'dy hope you will
be able to serve in this capacity, and
I will be pleased to bear of your ac
ceptance at an early date.
I'he second notion taken was the In-
crea-'e of the capital slock lrom J.n,-
000 to $50,000, this stock to be sold In
bloeka of $100 eai b. payable $10 cash
an, $1" a yar until fully paid. Dhl-
lends which m a b- deidar.'d, shall
apply on unpaid halmce, if any.
Your financial imetest as well as
your moral huppm-i will be heartily
appreciated. The Chautauqua Is now
on a permanent basis nnd there Is no
question of Its ullii late success. The
iVountiilnair stale-wide Chautauqua
will wield a powerful Influence for
good in our to w Mate. Hoping to
hear 'la ora bly I . "in you, 1 am
Very trul;, ou
W. M. M'CtiY,
Sueseide,! p.hd... rv board, Moiin
laitiair Cliautaidiiia nsri iniily:
George I,. Hrooks, Albuquerque.
W. S. Hopewell, Albuquerque.
D. A. McI'Ik tson, Albuquerque.
J. G. Albright, Albuquerque,
li. It. Ferguson, Albuquerque,
ltalph C. Fly, Deming,
WillaiM F. Holt, Deming.
"William .'.I. Pope, Koswcll.
K. V.
Kemp, Koswcll.
('allium, Koswcll.
Lindsay, Portalcs.
'. Schwartz, Artesla.
Oldham, Clovls.
Labry, Clovls.
Kohinson, Koswcll.
McGill, La l.ande.
Joe lledgpi tli, Tucumcarl.
Dr. W. K. Garrison, Agricultural
Or. F. If. Huberts, las Vegas.
Hurry Kelly. Las Vegas,
Charles III. dd, Las Vegas.
Dr. 't'. S. Conway, ltatoti.
Dr. C. J. Amine, Mancano.
Solomon Luna, Lou Lunas.
Dr. C. M. Light, Silver Citv.
John Keeker, Helen.
John A. Haley, Carrlzozo.
Judge Ityroii Sherr.v, Alaniorgordo.
Miss Annie Hurler, Fslancin,
P. A. Speelma.t. Kstaneia.
Farl Scott, FMa. noin.
K. II. ISrirklcy, Willard.
H. o, I tut sum, Socorro.
Prof. Drake, Socorro.
.1. G. Pitch, Socorro
It. H. Slmms, Las Cruces.
The shaft Is being well timbered
and the dcNolopment work will he
done thoroughly and rapbllv. It is
helitived that the real strike mnde hv
Mr. Holmes In this locality and in
which a number of local people have
become interested will develop Into a
bonanza, and If It does It wl 1 mean
a big thing for this city with a eoul
mine at her very doors. Kecetit events
begin to Indicate that Albuquerque Is
going to become the Coal oil and llf
phalliiin i flit . r of the southwest.
Both Democrats and Republi
cans Call Committee Meet
ings to Arrange for Cam
paign Battle.
Mrs. HalieW will make tt complete
rbowing this week- of the very newest
of tho fall styles at lur shop, lis
South Fourth street. There are ni,in,
freaks among the fall hats Ibis ycr,
I but they w ill not be show n here, only
the Very prettiest having been select
ed. A largo assortment of children's
hats will also bo displayed. This shop
Is becoming authority for those of dis
criminating tastes.
0 1 0
J. I-
( luvi rtior I,
Profes. or
Kal bcrlne
Paul A. F,
George Arm. I.
II. II. 1 t.iii.i 1 1 1 :
o .1. Mills, Santa
inc.., Santa
'1 irk, Santa Fe,
..iietson, Santa
I. Santa Fe.
Ibuqui rque,
A Ihllquerquc.
A. ;. Stroiip, Albuquerque.
George S. Flo. k, Albuquerque.
laaae parlb, Albuquerque.
D. A. Porterfi' ld Albuquerque.
P. S. Stover. Albuquerque.
Dr. Thomas Garwood, Albuquerque
Two Compartment Shafts Are
Down Ninety Feet on Proper
ty in Tijcras Canyon Near
This City.
going (o spend
"We an
$a0,0IMI n the development
coal mines In Tijcras canyon,
W. J. ll.dmes ,,r mar Tljera,
miles from this city in the
mountains, while in the city
day. Mr. .'IoIuhs s-iv.h that
pletely equipped two compartment
shaft has now been sunk ninety feet
on the properly and Ins Just begun
tn elq Into the bii." eoa I sea ins
at least
of (he
yesl IT-
; coin-
Cai lsbad, X. M Aug. 24. The news
attained .slatchood for New Mexico
brought Immediate life. Into Ii.ddy
county politics. The county chair
men, M. S. Groves, republican, and
Dr. F. F. Docpp, democrat, have call
ed their respective committees to meet
at the earliest, time posslldo to ar-
i-siiko for the campaign. The demo-
crats will have a primary to name the
lutes for county officers, wtilltt
gates will he sent to tho district
and Ktat.) conventions.
The present county officers, nil
democrats, tire naturally anxious- to
succeed themselves. Some have held
ul flee for some time, w hile others lira
serving their tlrst terms. The tirst
termers may have little opposition,
like A. It. ii'Oitlnn. the probate eiera,
who Is a general favorite. Still there
urn many who look longingly across
the fence of the court house pasture.
The republicans, will place a full
tbket In the field for the first time In
j ears. Mr. Groves, the county chair
man, Is visiting all parts of the coun-
tv to learn the sentiment or earn io-
enlltv When the ticket Is made up,
the most callable men will bo named
and every part of the county will he
given recognition. Then will follow a
vigorous campaign.
The socialists have not been heard
from yet. Last year they had a ticket
In the field and made some Ptlr, es
pecially In tho north and east part of
The selection of candidates tor
stale sctuitofl and two representatives
will cause much figuring: es the woods
are full of legislative timber waiting
for lightning to strike.
Relieves CATARRH
tho .
And nil
Discbarzes In
Ia m limine C
iimi ruin vt
- v'"" 'i
eomnitiifeut, .
Rili 1V ftll ilrvu.-l,.
mrm ,mm x . nwiwiiii iny m ua 1 n i
turner excursion
!ates vie Santa h
To KfiflU'rn points. Colnrmlo mi J THiih. The following nre a fw of
cfcn very low K-jiuid Trip Ha tea which will le in effect all during Urn um
A 8Uin of Beauty is a Joy Forrvw
, T. Fllx Oouraud'ft Orlontnl
Cream or Magical Beautifioi.
Tftn, rirtiiilnn,
M.ti, v,
un-i i very M. fui -ti
in tHM'ity, in ul
.l.lMll.m. It
1 niooil Ha1 tint
!H it.) tr.irtni.'td we
tut'r It ( hur it
In .pikti mit,
Ac it ii'it"Miiti r
ft-It uf riltilhu
tmmp, Ir, L. A.
brti "iti'l t" ft
UAy nf ttif hunt
tti (it j.,ttriitit
An y'U IkIh'I
VlU 11M I 111 111.
t tpi i.mti.i lid
i'A..H i. fMin' tii h tftnt Lurntf"! r nil tin
kn. ..rriur-itio'iv" F..r wilii l.y Hi1ttii.ii-t nl Kit.7
U(13.T,H3PIN3( Prrf, 3 Great Jones Street. MswTofL
'av;& "u
Kanstia City
St. I.ouig
t'olora.lo .u.rlngH
I'.oston, Mass. . .
Buffalo. N. V. . .
, , fid 6a
, ,4!l.6r,
. ,j::t..o
, . I s . r r,
, .$!U.r.5
. .76.u.
New York
Washington, P. C. . . .
Mont ten I
st, l'ani, Minn
1 ..tri.it, Mich
Salt I,nke ami (gdeti
, .1 nr.. KB
. . $74.65
. .St.J5
. .8S.6
. .f.r..
. .tfifi.fSB
. . J I2.
to September ,'Jdth. Kid urn limit 00
es allowed on both going uinl retura
Tlcltets on sain dully from Junn 1st
toiler 3 1st. Idberal stopover privlleg
Kor ny other Information regarding those rales rail on or nddrrM
1'. J JOHNSON, AKtnt,
tl I.MI tli

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