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Nilloual League,
Won Lost.
American Iaeue.
Won. Lost.
Detroit 72
Fotoi 59
New York 60
Oh it a go 5
tieveland 58
Washington 50
St. Louis 3 T
Western league.
Won. Lost.
81 43
H 55
Denver . . .
Pueblo . . .
Lincoln . .
St. Josrpli
(imaha . .
Siuux city 5S
Topeka 46
l)es Moines 40
Where They Play Today.
Nuliouul League.
No games scheduled.
American League.
Boston at Chicago.
New York at St. Louis.
Philadelphia at Detroit.
(tili-ago Divides Double Header. '
Brooklyn, X. Y., Aug. 26. Brook
lyn and Chicago divided a double
header today. Both games were
closely fought. The locals took the
first by batting Smith hard In two in
nings, although , a dropped ball by
Archer at the plate Was directly re
sponsible ,i for the winning tallies.
Schardt and Cole had a pitcher's duel
In the second. H. Zimmerman of
Chicago scored the winning run In the
ninth on a pass, a sacrifice and two
game. Score R. IT. E.
Chicago 010 000 0102 6 3
Brooklyn 200 000 20 4 11 0
Batteries Richter and Archer;
Kneteher artd Krwln.
Second game. Score: K. H. E.
Chicago 200 000 Of! 1 3 6 0
Urooklyn 001 010 0002 9 1
Uatteries Leliind ami Oraliam;
Schnidt and Krwln.
New York ; Pittsburg, 2.
New York, Aug. 26. New York in
creased Its lead by defeating Pitts
burg' in the lust game of the series,
while Chicago was dividing a double
header with Brooklyn. Cumnitz and
Muthewson, the defeated pitchers In
Thursday's double header were sent te
lace each otlu r. Thoug.i Mathewson
was hit hard, he was effective In every
inning but the eighth when Pittsburg
scored two runs on singles by Bryne
and Clark and Wilson's double.
score: R. II. E.
PlttsbnrK 000 000 0202 9 7
New York ....101 102 02 6 1 1 0
Batteries Ca ninths, Lelfleld and
Oitjson; Mathewson and Meyers.
Plladelpbla. : ClmimiHll, I.
Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 26. Phila
delphia stored three runs off Fromme
in the first two innings defeating; Cin
cinnati. Score: K. H. E.
Clneinnati 100 000 000 I 5 1
Philadelphia ..210 000 00 3 7 0
'Butteries Fromme, Keefe, Suggs
and Clarke, McLean; Stuck nd
Even Break at Iioston.
Boston, Mass., Aug. 26. St. Louis
and Boston broke even In today's
double header, St. Louis taking the
ltrst and Boston, with -','Oy" Young
pitching in his old form, struck out
nine men.
First game. Score: It. H. E.
BoKton .......000 100 0001 7 1
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Pictures, Toys and Post Cardi
fruit and all kinds of goods.
SIS fi. Ilrst Street.
Use Kanen's New Mexico Corpora
tion Laws, Rules and Forms, compil
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The only complete New Mexico
Corporation. Irrigation and Mining
Code published.
Complete Forms and Rules for
drawing and filing all kinds of cor
POMtlon papers; references, foot
notes, by-laws. ete. Territorial Irri
gation Rules and Forms.
United States Laws which apply to
New Mexico; Carey Act, Irrigation,
Mining, Railroads, Taxes; Rule and
l'orms for secui ig u, 8. nights
Rights of Way, etc
Useful with or without statehood.
t I vol., 935 pages, buckram Mndlng,
N. York 70 44
fhlcago 43
Pittsburg ,
Philadelphia 63 SI
fit. Lout lit it
Cincinnati .......... .52 Si
r.roofclyn ....45 68
p.ostnn '.. S9
St. Louis loo 100 609 2 6 0
Batteries Brown ami Kline; llar
monu anj Bliss.
Second camv. Score: 11. H. E.
iioston otfO 400 01 5 6 2
St. Louis 200 V10 0104 1
Batteries Young and Rarideu;
Golden. L. Laudermllk and B litis.
New York, 3; Chicago, 2.
t icago, Aug. 2. A base en balls
nnd an error coupled with opportune
I hitting enabled New York to overtake
IChleago's load and win.
I Store: R. H. K.
Chicago 000 200 000 2 5 4
New York 001 011 000 3 19 2
Uatteries White, Haker. Payne
d Black; Ford and Sweeney.
St. louls, 3: Ronton, i.
M. Louis, .Mo.. Aug. 2. Iioston
.861 j made, its last appearance of the sea
.00lBon here and lost to St. Louis. Uoth
.504 'teams fielded poi.rlv.
504 ! Score: It. H. E.
.504 'Boston 002 100 1004 10 5
. 4 6 i(ft. Louis 20M 030 00 5 5
,42aj Batteries t'ieotte and Onrrigan;
.316 Powell, Oeurge and Kriehell.
Detroit. II; a-lou loll. 6.
ll..t...,il VIO.I, A 1 1 ur 1 ...trt.lt
found Grooine and Ilecker for ten hits
und eight runs In less than tnreu in
nings, and 'on front Washington.
Ullwh W:IM Hill ..lit .if th. 0ullll. for ilis-
IpUtiug. In practice before the game,
'Sehafer hurt his hack and Lively
piayed ltrst.
Score: H. H. K.
Washington . .20u oou 4u0 13 1
Detroit 243 000 204 It 16 2
Batteries Oroome, Becker. E.
Walker and Street; Lively, Schmidt.
Philadelphia Wins Double Header.
Cleveland. O.. Aug. 26. Philadel
phia took both game from Cleveland
today. Cleveland out batted the visi
tors in the first, but Krapp's wtldness
and infield errors lost the advantage.
In the second game Philadelphia was
behind until the sixth, when they got
two singles, two doubles and a triple
off Falkcnburg.
First game. Score: It. H. fc..
Cleveland 100 003 1005 13 2
Philadelphia -.010 012 3007 10 2
Batteries Krapp, Mitchell ana
Fisher; Coombs, Plttnk and Lapp.
Second game. Score: R. H.
Clevclsrhd . 200 010 0003 10 2
Philadelphia ..100 004 0108 12 3
Batteries Falkenberg, Kaler and
Smith; Morgan and Thomas.
Uncoln, 4; Muiix City, 2.
Sioux City. Ia.. Aug. 26. Lincoln
won a well-played game from Sioux
City today.
Score: H. H. E.
Sioux Cltv 000 110 0002 5 1
Lincoln 001 200 1004 7 1
Batteries Mitchell, KIcpfner and
Dawson; Wolverton and McCJraw.
Omaha, ": Denvt'r, I.
Omaha, Neb., Aug; 26. Omaha de
feated Denver In a close game, by
timely hitting.
Score: rt. it. i.
Omaha 000 032 00 5 . 8 2
Denver ,..110 100 0014 8 0
Batteries Demott and Arbogust;
O'Brien, Hely and Frambes.
Des Moines I: Topeka 2.
Des Moines, la., Aug. 26. Owens
was in fine form and i had Topeka
helpless today.
Score: R. H. E.
Des Moines ...040 000 00 4 6 2
Topeka 001 100 0002 5 1
Batteries Owens una unowsKi;
Clark, Hickman and Crisp.
St. Joseph, 7: Pueblo, 5.
St. Joseph, Mo., Aug. 26. St. Jo
seph took an early lead and won from
Pueblo today.
Score: K-
Pueblo ... 000 04 1 009 B' 9 1
St. Joseph ....410 100 01' 7 13 2
Batteries Kills. Jackson anil i:i."ni
mons; Johnson, Crutcher and C.ossett.
At Atlanta Atlanta, 0; Birming
ham, 6.
At Memphis Memphis, 3; New Or
leans, 0.
Second game New Orleans, 5;
Memphis, 0.
At Chattanooga Cliatlanoogn, 4;
Montgomery, 1.
At Nasvilh Nashville, 1: Mobile, 0.
At Portland
Batteries Arrelanes,
K. II. E.
...312 2
.12 IS 1
and Thomas, Kern; Koestner and
At Iajs Angeles
Score: H. "
San Francisco r' '2 2
Vernon ' "
Batterle Browning, Sutor and
Schmidt; Carson, Httt and Hogan.
At San Francisco
Score: R. H. E.
Los Angeles 1 12 2
Oakland 2 16 1
Thirteen Innings.
Batteries Halla and Abbott; Abies
and Mltze.
At Louisville
First game
Kansas City. 6; Louisville, 5.
Second game
Kansas City-Louisville called fourth
inning on account of rain.
At Toledo
Milwaukee, 7; Toledo, 1.
At Indianapolis
St. Paul, 2; Indianapolis, 3.
At Columbus
Minneapolis, 7; Columbus, 2.
At Dallas
Dallas, 3: Houston, 1.
At Fort Worth
Fort Worth, 5; San Antonio, 0.
At Waco
Waco and Austin, rain.
At Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City." 0; (Inhesion, 4.
Try a Journal Vtant Ad, Results
Thirty Persons Injured When
Grand Stand Collapses;
Daughter of Senator Lorimerj
Suffers Broken Leg.
(By Mwalag taml BiSMlal laaM fTIrs
fclgin. 111.. Aug. 2. The 305-mile
aiitomoble race todas. won by Len
Zengel in a National, with Harry I
Oram second, and Hugh Hughes
third, was not accomplished without
Its toll of death and injuries.
David Buck, vetera.ii Chicago auto
mobile racer, was within eleven laps
of the finish, going hUty-four miles
an hour on th bacli stretch, when
his right forward wheel threw a tire.
The nun bine turned u somersault
and Sain Jacobs, mecbtuiician. was In
stantly killed. His neck was broken.
Bin k died a few houi"s later at St.
Joseph's hospital. lt:is buck had
been Dlokell.
It was at first repimted that the
driver bad not been faWiUy Injured. It
was with tit is misleading information I
that a messenger was, sent to Mrs.
Buck. j
"Tell nie the truth at once." the i
driver's wit's said. "You would not;
send lor me if his injuries were
Kvery eye in the stands was on her
as, supported by militamen, she left
her chair and went in u machine to
the field hospital, where her husband
had received first aid. The body of
Jacobs itkii taken to Elgin.
Another accident in which thirty
persons were Injured for the most
part slightly, occurred while the first
lap ol the race was on. SJeveral sec
tions of the poorly built grandstand
gave way. but the thousands of spec
tators were not dropped entirely to
the ground.
When the stringers by which the
seats were supported gave way, the
boards weaved over and spread out
like a pack of cards thrown on a
Four of the spectators sustained
broken legs, among them being a
daughter of Senator William Lorimer.
The others escaped with cuts and
A number of women und children
left the grounds after the accident.
The ten cars which wercon the
course were stopped ns soon as they
reached the repair pit. but a new
start was made fifty minutes later.
Ralph Mulford, whoa.- Lozler was
the last away and who won the nice
last year, not a terrific pace, at once.
For fifty-nine miles he drove at sixty
nine miles an hour, leading the Held
by a good six minutes, on the next
lap he went out of the race with u
burned connecting rod beiiriuc.
This placed Len .engel in first po
sition, .with Harry Grant two minutes
behind him. It was in this relation
that they finished, although (Jrant
lost an additional two minutes when
he stopped to mend 'in. Zengel
made two stops, both for giuxnline and
Hugh Hughes, the Mercer driver,
who won the Kann county cup yes
terday, ran another consistent race,
finishing third. He was closely press
ing Urant for second place at tho fin
is. He lost out by eleven soeonds.
Stengel's time averaged for the race,
four miles an hour faster than that
set by Mulford last year.
Orant and Hughes also averaged
nearly that much better. Mulford
got the prize for the fastest lap, cov
ering the eight and a half miles in
seven minutes and four seconds.
Ralph De Palma and Spencer WIs
hart, Simplex drivers, went out of the
race early, the former in the second
lap with a broken fly wheel and the
latter In the fifth with a broken cog
rod. Altken, who was at the steering
post of a National, retired in the
'third lap with cylinder trouble. Buck
had tire trouble from the start and
dropped steadily behind lor this rea
son until bis accident put him out of
the running for good,
.Summary Elgin National Trophy
for cars under 6H0 Inches displace
ment: Prizes and ensh valued nt
$6,500 to winner. Distance, 305.05
miles, lap, 8 1-2 miles.
first. Len Stengel, (National)
Second. Harrv F. Orant, (Alio)
Third, Hugh Hughes, (Mercer!
4 : 4 :' : 0 !' .
Fourth, Frank Lee, (Alio) (271
miles In 4:45:45.)
Fifth, Dave Buck, (Pope-Hartford)
(203 miles in 3:58:20.)
Sixth, Harrv Hartinan, (Alio), (160
miles In 2:45:44.)
Stengel's average, 66:4 5 miles an
New Orleans, Aug. 26. The West
Side Athletic club which will stage
next month a middleweight elimina
tion tournament, each bout of ten
rounds, today decided not to match
the winner against Billy Papke in u
twenty-round' fight for the champion
ship. Because of Pnpke's poor showing
against Burke recently, the winner in
each class will fight In the twenty
round bout. Club officers say Ptipke
must enter with the other middle
weights and fight his way to the
final bout.
Mllwauke, Win., Aug. 26. That the
ten-round boxiiu contest between
Uvhtweleht champion Ad Wolgast and
Packcy McFarland, the stockyards
champion, will be curried out by the
Central Athletic Club of Milwaukee,
according to urogram on September
15, was announced by Matchmaker
Mulkern toninht.
Miilktrn says he received advices
from Tom Jones, Wolgust's manager,
that an understanding had been reach
ed with Kmll Thiry. manager for Me.
Karland, whereby the proposed bout
between McFarland and Leo Kelly
of St. Louis, probably would be called
oil', thus remov ing the only stumbling
block affecting the match between the
twn prominent lightweights.
ban marcial Returns loday
ur n x d xx
to Win or Bust a Button
Hi Ullll III II LU l 1 1 II I
Grays to Have Fight of Their
Lives to Get Away With
Bacon From Classy Bunch of
Plav ball. McOlath. the Westt rn
league pitcher, who is a phenom In
more ways than one. will perform at
Traction park this afternoon on he
alf cl San Marcial in a game to be
played between the rivals i f last Sun
day, the Albtuiueriiue Urn vs. and the
Without doubt the exhibition of tin
national pastime will lie worth going
miles to st e, as the name lust week
well evidenced. No In ner game has
been lull up this season than last
weeks' and no better pitcher has or
namented the rubber in the Traction
park diamond than this Mdirath per
son. With proper ivci hing today he
will doubtless put up a splendid
show, Mac holds the laurels uf hav
ing pitched a nine Inning game In
lllty-elgbt minutes in the Western
league, letting- his opponents down
with but one hit.
MW.ralh. Western League I'licnom,
Will I'ltcli lot- San Marcial.
Kul'e Weeks will oppose the phe
nom on t;ie mound and will have to
work his strikeout record to the lim
it t" keep the San Marcials from run
nini; away with the game. They de
clare they are going to win, and the
drays are eciually positive that they
will not loose, but with Mac going
good the Grays are certainly going to
have some fun winning Cube Weeks
bat: got to work every minute of the
game, or its good bye bacon lor tho
G ra ys.
The bunch were out working again
yesterday afternoon and .seemed to
get along fin,, in covering ground and
hitting. They will certainly need all
the hitting eye they have to do any
business with Mciirath. He Is the so
different kid, when, It comes to dish
ing them up to the pun. lie can
change Ids pace without changing
either his motion or the swing of his
arm. That Is something not seen on
this diamond this year before. This
kind of work on Muc's part makes
him a most difficult pitcher to handle.
Another thing about him Is lie very
seldom uses a spit ball, seeming to
have speed and curves enough to bold
hhn in good stead without resorting
to the sallved sphere to win games.
Every Ian that goes to Traction
park this afternoon will get his mon
ey's worth. The San Marcial bunch
Is a hard, clean playing team, one
that never ipilis playing until the last
man Is out. Th'-v never give up. and
are Just likely to start a ninth inning
rally as they arc to get a good start.
1-ast w eek I hey tried a ninth inning
rally, and very nearly got away with
It. only the resourcefulness of the
llube saved the day.
The game will be called at 3 o'clock
and will be our easily before 5
l niuonila.
Anaconda. .Mont., Aug. 26. First
race, five furlongs: Auto (iirl. won;
Penang, second; Eastman, third. Time
Second race Five furlongs, selling:
Reglna Arvl. won: Briton, second:
Itohert Mitchell, third. Time 1:01
Third race- Five and a half fur
longs, selling: llllbert Bosi
won :
Biskra, second; Marie
Hyde, third.
Time 1 :UX,
Fourth n six furlongs, selling:
Kid North, won. Frank O. Hogan,
second: Judge (Jllinii, third. Time
1:15 1-5.
Fifth race, seven furlongs, selling:
Flying, on: Margaret Randolph,
second. Hainim raway, third. Time
1:28 4-5.
Sixth race, seven furlongs, selling:
Patriotic won: Abe Slupsky, second:
Tiflls, third, Time 1:21).
The eomiuiion appointed by Judge
Abbott to iisn ss the damiig'e if any
against the t'nii'-d States In behi'f of
the Pueblo of Ishta and Ihc inhabi
tants thv.reof. because of the proposed
erection of a school on a certain 1 ' " '
of laud in thai community, will visit
the town today and Inspocet tile loca
tion. The v nth nu n named us sin h
commissioners are I'ndersherlff
lleyn, Major II U. Whiting. I'nlted
Stales commissioner, and Vicente Ar
mljo of the A lie"ueriiie Hull in school.
Owing to a disagreement as to tin
location of Bo- building a eon
demnallon prm eding was begun by
I'lilted Slates lusirlct Attorney Leahv,
and Hie geiitleunn who make the trip
todav were appointed commissioners
to appraise the damage.
1 ilH,,
piiit it nrnvp i
Mi I H fL bnHID
By the Overwhelming Scoie of;
16 to 1, the Maroons of Mea-:
dow City Strings Citrus Fruit!
Around Santa Fe. !
rsiuwlul IlUpalih to til Moraine Journal 1
Las Vegas, N. M Aug. 26 Allow
ing but two hits In nine Innings and
striking out sixteen batters, kclh.
pitching for the l.as egas Maroons,
todav defeated Santa Fe b a score of
16 to 1. But for an error in the
fourth inning, with two men down
and a man on third, Kelley would
hive shut out the visitors. Features
ol the game were the heavy hitting of
the locals, thrc.. three-baggers and
lour doubles being scored bv the Ma- I
roons' heavy hitlers. Johnsoih,a Tex-I
as league recruit, pitched lor Santa j
Ke, hut was hammered lor seventeen
safeties, which collided with eleven
errors, made the game' one-sided and
listless. The two teams play again
tomorrow with Burr pitching (or tin
locals and Tommy Lockhart of Tr'nl
daii, doing the box work for the visit
ors. The Santa Fe line-up will be
materially strengthened by several
Baton players, that club having dis
banded today.
Score It
II. E.
2 II
17 1
Santa Fe .... (100 100 000 1
Las Vegas . . 201 342 lSx 16
Batteries: Johnson and Martin
ly and Nelson.
Summary: Thfi e base hits -If.
Smith, Lockhart, Wilson. Ellis. Two
base hits Fisher (2). 1.. Smith (2).
Struck out, by Johnson 2; by Kelly,
16. Base on balls off Johnson 3. Hit
by pitcher Fisher. Time of game
1:45. t'mpire Duncan.
Corhan, Graham and Salazar
Looked Upon as Players of
Fine Futures by League
A ! Imi, u t-1 1 il o boys with the big
le-imii-s an- sllll making good In a
manner that Is iittnu ling the Interest
and attention of the scout:! of all the
clubs throughout the big circuits,
Corhau Is back In fettle with the Bed
Sox, bringing the fans out of their
seats with bis marvelous stops anil
throws, lie is the one young acquisi
tion from the bushes who can make
errors in Ills playing and get by with
It. Why the fans get up and yell for
him when lie makes errors.
Another bright and particular stnr
from the Albuquerque firmament Is
Bert (irabam, the hitting first base
man of the Montgomery Bllllkens.
w ho has be, n recalled to tile St. Louis
team of the American league and will
Join them the first week In Septem
ber. Bert has gotten all kinds of
praise tills year lor bis work at first
and with the wagon tongue. Pill
Bailey, a has-been pitcher, who has
showed he can do the Jimmy Calla
han in ami come back, has been
playing wilh Montgomery with Gra
ham and the two big fellows have till
kinds of nice things to say about each
Boss Salazar, who left lu re eaVly In
the your and Joined the liiaiiestou
club of the South Atlantic league, Is
another fellow who has a future be
fore him. He has been attracting all
kinds of notice by his work with
Chfuieston, both his hlttln? and field
ing, lie plays third, causing en
thusiasm. In a game against Albany Tuesday,
Boss scored two of the three runs
made by bis side, got two of the hits,
there were only three hit pinged,
and made a lew stops and throws of
a sensational variety. The game went
ten Innings to the score of three to
one in favor of Charleston. Albany
got five hits and scored one run.
Boston, Mass., Aug. 2H. The sec
ond I larvard-HoHlou Aero meet,
bridging- together muny leading Amer
ican and English aviators, opened it 1
the Sqiiantum Held today, under a
dull sky with n light eoo brccz .
Claude iraehani While, the Eng
lishman who won last year's meet,
and litter won the Bennett cup at
Belmont Park, was the first day star,
taking two first prizes and a large
share of the mom y. lie went up to
3,000 feet in some seven minutes and
did eight laps of the mile and a half
course in twelte minutes, six and one.
filth seconds, winning both the alti
tude and speed events.
Thomas Snpwith, also an English
avlntt r, won the quick starting test In
II 4-5 seconds and was second In
bomb dropping.
Miss ticnevleve Leonai'd of Boston
went up with Snpw-lth In this event,
handing him the bombs. Ilowird W.
tilll, a Wright tiler, was tlrst In the
bomb thtowing and by sharing place
in tiie altitude with O. W. I tea My.
stood eei oiiil t,i Ora.-batn-Wblt it,
total prize money taken. The fast
work of Engine Ely, a t'urtlss Ip-r.
In a slmiii lied biplane, was one ol
the features.
Pi fuf" the opening of Ihc meet
Ilea My tried out his Wright, t-tklngup
MPs Margant l.tirencc and bis fi
ance, .Miss (ielievleii. o'llagen of New
Tiy a Morning Journal Want An
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Phones 57-58.
Southwestern Brewery & Ice
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Montezuma Trust Company
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Heavy Rains General All Over
Eastern New Mexico; Grass
High, Cattle Fat and Crops
in Good Shape,
(flpoelal CerrMPaixlMMW to Naming Jusrnnl)
Texlco, N. M Aug. 25. Following
the 24-hour rain of two days ago from
throe to four Inches fell again last
night during a period of four hours.
The la ken are all full and much water
Is standing on the ground this morn
ing. Orass is excellent, cattle fat and
most crops In good shape.
Eurly grain and feed crops are be
ing gathered and this rain bus put
sufficient moisture in the ground to
make the lata crops and for fall sow
ing of wheat. The rain seems to be
Beaumont. Tex., Any. 20.- Between
llility and thlrtj-llv,. lumber mills In
Ibis Mellon are closed i ,i result o!
;lhe controversy between the operator
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the Excess Price
Beer does not represent any
www m
No violence lias been reported. The
plant of the Ahirulge Lumber com
pany at Aldrldg- Tex., eighty miles
north of here. as destroyed by lire
today. The mill was 5,t00 feat
capacity. Tho cause of the tire la un
known and no estimate of the loss Is
available, ..! 1IKSSC3
Going Out of the
Junk Business
11,000 worth of second hand furni
ture will be sold at Huciton beginning
Monday, September 4th, and continu
ing from 3 to 6 o'clock, each after
noon thereafter, until the entire thou
sand dollars' worth has been sold.
This consists of almost everything
used In or about the house. Beds of
Mahogany, Walnut, Oak, Pine, with
springs and mattresses, Settees, Set
tles, Settoes. mill the llki I will pay
storage on these goods no longer. All
pieces are of value and some of good
value, o, the fun we expect to have!
Lot everybody attend this sale, wheth
er you ex ncct to buy or not. This
rale will h conducted nt 220 Suulli
Second sircet.
A nclloiiecr.
shopping center, with targe level loa
ml (talks, race and building restrictions.
TEIIMS offers splendid opportunity tot
All)Uiiieriue, X. M.

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