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Cfc JHHqacrque
morning Journal
(Official Xr.pap,- xi-w Mexico)
PublUh I h) Hie
l A ' I'Hf.KSUN
HI. A. K
. ; ' N' il "H vsuv
. . l-r.alanl
. . . HIUIIM gait, .
. K.t.1.4 !
Ad rll.lnc y.naor
Wxtm Rrp amaHta,
f . J. AMil.KMIH,
Marqaaxia UaUdla. t M (a.
Fal . Hei.raalalla.
kAI I'll M. Ml 1. 1. 11.4V.
M l ark Maw, Srw tart.
Entr4 a aan.n4-H.aa matter at lh.
.fric at Alb.uiu.rqu N at, a4ar aol
of (Vaa at aUrvk J. l:t.
.into Hrr-riii ir an rsirw rrwi
Ultllll, M TONTV thr raivi-
l i I'll ok tmk mil hi less run i 1. 1
la ar etrralatlaa lata aav alfcar paper
i aar natir. I n. ? paper la flaw
aseii wn ararj ar la lb.
fcr all, aua umnia A
by oarrlar, ah. ..nth loo
"Tiia MaiHat Joaraal ha. a hlfha rJr-
laitaa ratine Ikaa la ar ra)4 la aaf
a.k papa, la MeuVa." lh Aawrl
raa K.aauapM Dleta .
Al hi Ul KKQl
"1st m nil nlve a helping hand,"
n thf Tana Valley News," ami liooM
toKether. Thla paper tells Hie aecret
of iimKlnaj New Mexico the Kreutcat
rlate, when It nays:
'From now on there will he a
ureal Influs of nvw people from all
over the country. CupKfl "HI f'"w
Into, our ntute front all iuh rtei'H In
uhjiIm lit hulldlhR ninny niil'i of new
railroiiiln, which are l.adly needed all
over Xrw Mexico. Money will he
largely Invented Into extensive niln
ln operatlonit, Ki'eat irrlRiitlnu works
will ha coimtrni IihI, augur beet fae
torlea will ih built, of which therm In
not ino In the territory at present.
Jjiml value will Inereiiao n never
before, ni wl an dry furnm. Tln-rt'
will be a reaching out for new eon.
iueti in (.very direction. True, there
wilt come Nnmu illMappnlntmentH,
aome defeat. Ther w ill be vehement
rontetta for leadiTihlp, there will he
made mistake and Krlcvoua oncN, hut
In tba aggregate, New Mexico, In
Itreater, morn nroaperouN, better,
thun It waa before, If for no other
renaon than the territory Iiah come
Into atntehond.
"New Mexico la a great gtate, with
wonderful undreamed of rcHtiuruca,
anil our delightful rlltnatn, will bring
n moNt mnrveloiiN change with the
the next decade. Tana county with ll
untold rich prmluctlvtmeHii, both
above and below the aurfuce, will
come In fur Ha uliare of prosperity.
Let u all give a helping hand and
boost together and help bring In new ,
capital iii neveiop our wonueriui ricn
reaoun'ea and advertlHe to the outnlde
Inquiring public."
On the atatfhnnd veto, "J.lfe" aayN'.
"Mournera for the Arizona anil New
Mexico Ktutehnod bill, Vetoed by the
president becaiirii) nf the provlHlon for
recall of judgea, Ijavo doubt leas been
connoted by the nuliHtitute bill which,
at title) writing, Ih on Its way to the
president. The law, and the Judiciary
to which Its application Is entrusted,
are check on the power of the
atrong, di'vlmd for tin- protection of
the wesk. Incidentally, they sec n
check on the power of limliit Itli s. The
Arizona constitution Nought to weak
en Unit check. The pnvildcnt refused
t approve, lie mid In his vein
niesnacc: "A popular government In
not n government of a mnjorlty, by
n majority, lor a majority of the peo
ple. It Is a government of the whole
people, by a majority of the whole
people tinder miilt rules nml checks
its will secure a wide, Jind and benefl
cletit government for nil the people,'
In time a majority, If It continues
to be a majority, enn have Its way
even In the courts, for It can make
new laws nnrl In due time elect new
Judges, The chances of mischief by
the delay Incldetil to those processes
ate tint so greut as the chances of
liilsrhlef Iroin pulling judge 111 the
Immediate power of majorities. In the
end, the courts, as much a the leg
islatures, must represent public opin
ion, lint It should be a public opinion
that Is matured ami established."
A nind-rn battleship, engaged at
one nnd the Mice time In hurling
projectile at aeroplane In the m-nlth,
torpedoe downward at submarines,
armor piercers nt enemies fore and
aft and broadsides sideways ought to
give a first cIiih Imitation of an
enormous Catherine wheel
"While others deliberate, Tucnm
cnrl nits,, is the slogan, Invented by
Kdltor Klinefelter of the obar I'm
irress which has won tiie prize in a
dogan c. intent In Tiicuuiciirl. It Is
a first class motto and one that the
progressive center of Quay county
hai consistently billowed for years.
There Is absolutely nothing that
ran prevent the building of the north-
st-M.utheast railroad via the New
Mexico Central. And It ts well to re
member that Colon.-I Hopewell Is
still on the Job.
'iulte possibly Mr. I'.ryan feels com
petent to relieve the democracy of
the necessity of nominating conven
tions In the coming presidential cum.
Orators i.t l'limnlx ndvornted Hie
elimination of the recall. Another
way of aaylng tin Is that they advo
cnfil Statehood.
r ii:at iki: hu m jim.ii:.
The N.-w York
tonka I "111 Jil.lif:
Ak a nation we love Hie vhi.rt nil,
wh.tlwr it t-- llirMiith a park lawn,
the i uMt'tiis .r i"ii k diagonal
inr m n .mule faditions It is
in t mrprisfiig, l i:h It i r,ticrj
saddening, that the infection hasj
riMihril literature. To lllimtr.it-. take'
dozen volume if vi-riw, quite nt
) random.
fresh from tin- itiju-. out
.f thw .! hnlf nt Lust will lK-.r,'-ll""'' " "it"' "I if" Itun-tin-
trial ..f II... Khi.it rut. Tl.fl raw "-n-Manr. , uni. ri.tiimlU.-o. Pli..w m
materml i tl...r-fr,...nt ..nnlthr- 'r"" ", ,.,rti,t,,.tlB in tht
, , .1 .., .. I'l'i'tiriL.'. ati.l I want to nay throueh
nt-xH to iM-autv. rli-vatlon of thnUKht, 1 ... , ,, , ,.
j . von to the ri .iitl!raim of r.crnalillo
1 1 . i j ... r-,,.rr- ..... "".,(- tll..t 1 ll.-t l.r.Xllt. lld dill
ii.ho that ra. lllty i )...t: .Morrow ui
i ....... ,.a it. ......l.l.. .....fc!
rn.ni.o wiui ioii... v.-.u
worl.l," -hof rimr" with ,-ro liiK."
"Kplthalaitila" !tli "funa."
Anil thr complaint In Juatiflcl.
Whether the reaaon he the "short-' Mo.nl. iiud iimv Mand w ith the r.'KUlar
cut" mania or an utter lack of knowl- comtmtt.e, m w hich V. H. C.illena
r.lge of the rule f 1'oo.y. or cIm lt i! chairman, iiml will Man.l hy
nKiiln a-M.rnful llHreKarl of thce H'- r. Kular committee h. cause It r. p
rl.. .!, f .. . t. .h,.l l.,.ii. rl1v..,.n,1l,,'",,, t '"'ln'a-i party of this
rhwhin are hull la r.,1 most .ruellyl
by writers of what they theiiisadves
call "poems" In the books of vers
that coine before the public from the
presses of many of our pub Ushers.
The Chliag.i Inti r-i can ndorses the
position of the T in i. ft on this highly
Important iiuestion as follows:
Sin h rhyme as the Times cite are
common, one adds to them "invite"
with "late" which would be right In
Cockney Kngllsh; "follow" with "mel
low" and "fatal" with "mettle," nil of
which one baa aeen In smile recent
book of would-be verse.
Continuing, th" Time says:
1 there a diabolical conspiracy for
the malcducatloti of pet? 1 it the
fault of the schools? We do not think
so. The young poets, like the young
shoestring fliianilet and the young
reformer, ulid the young- yegmen,
want (iilck results and take that
short cut. "Kplthalamla" i a hard
word to rhyme; "Canu" rounds a trifle
like It and can be readily worked In.
Conni on, Id's use It; what' the dif
ference? And n for split Infinitive,
only old fogle worry over such
tlilngH, anyhow; the Idea 1 the thing.
And there you nre.
Like the Times, we do not think the
school can be at fault, except In so
far as the youth who are guilty of
the offense quoted have most cer
tainly never been taught to know the
fori;! say the physique of poesy.
And we stand willing to accept the
short-cut craie a reason for tho evil,
since we see no other reason that
look probable,
Hut, be tha reason what It may;
there I a way by mean whereof the
aln Itself, thn erlme against poetry,
can he, If not uvoiocd, kept out of
the sight of tho gooj reading pub
lic lt Is this:
Let publisher of book of verso
demand of would-be poets, ere they
put the, ware of wonld-bo poet info
hook form, that their would-be poems
lt (.UBt o,n,y h()
law of poesy, should not lack real
rhyme nnd rhythm even if they're
short on thought and fancy.
Thin much can the publisher do
for the public weal; thlH much the
public has a right to ask.
Times chnnce und we ore changed
In them. The Mornliu Journal today
publishes a little letter from a man
who traveled over the Hanta Fe Trail
In the year lSSfi; offering congratula
tion to a man who has Jut complet
ed n trip over the trull In 1 1 1 1 - -1 r.
Walter Williams, now giving the
southwest splendid advertising In
newspaper article describing
Tills letter from Mr. Cosine
M.igduietia only brings out tTic more
impressively the great changes which
have Ink. ii place in tho half century
since the pioneers began to flock
westward over the old ti'till and Un
tight for stall-hood for n ureal south
western empire was started. Un
tile change from the prairie ni iioont r
to tho automobile; from the painted
Indians to homy handed farmers,
from teepees to snug ranch houses,
from red men' village to thriving
American cities. Fifty years Is but m
moment in tin- world' history; when
one consider how the west has
changed in that half hundred years,
It gives food for thought as to what
changes will take pliu'e In New Mex
ico In the nexl fifty, yonr.
Tho chief advertising value of
these articles by lr. Williams will
be in showing this profound change,
the passing of the old west with Its
Kliimnur of adventure nnd mystery
and the rise of the new west with its
homes for million Its prosperous In
dustrie and Its suilllug farm.
The Santa IV Trull Itself Is a mon
ument to the hardy virtue of the
men wip) first reclaimed the Kouth
west from the wilds; the movement
to mink the old route with endur
ing monument of stone and bronze
Is one thnt uppeal to the patriotism
of every westerner and every eastern
er, nnd the successful .' mil alhti be
ing made to Improve tho Trail, to
make It the official const to coast au
tomobile route nnd perpetuate Its
fame by making It still u great na
tional highway Is r. mutter of eon
graduation. All America Is Interested In pre
serving Intact fur future generations
the historic thoroughfare over which
the course of empire . first took Its
j westward way; the same course of
. empire which lias now finally made
I the 1'nlted state a complete uggre-
Ration of commonwealth from ocean
to ocean, The same progress which
has eliminated the last territories
from the fold of 1'ncle Sum will con
tinue to march over the Santa, l-'e
- : trull until the last of the atnte have
I I'.erome the ni'ente'l of llioni all,
M.TMiiii Jotirii.il Is indebted
tt;t r. ..'i!l put le-h.d .f the
tor th.
fin' new
, otirt.v
K!k" li'.nif in ltatli. to the
.i tin- I; U"n lUporter.
Public Forum
wa , t ,ii,n-n Mit-timr.
F.ditor Albuquerque Morning Journal.
I -;i r Sir: Th.- Albuquerque Kvvn-
In Herald, in its itwue of Monday
Auunst 2. r'l, ri-imrtniK uip lr-
paMMipatr in thr ih.H.hb am
,,. ,.,. ilS al.wlut.ly fali-e any
Mali lu. iit to 11 n.ntrary. I am r
Iritict chairman of my precinct. Atrix
prci ilirt No. 21 an. I have always
county and liciaiiM- II stands for
good, hom st. Intelligent conduct of I
our county at fairs.
On August the day the rump
me-ting v. :ts le-V, and about noon
tiiie. .Mr. 1"! .. nk A. Hnbocll, with a
C'i:cpHiii. II. tame to Me me ut III)
ramh where I was dipping some
sheep, am) tried to Induce nw. to at
tend the mcctlmr, being very urgent
and persistent In their efforts. I
treated them very civilly, but told
them that I was not In Miiipathy with
their meeting and would not attend It
or have anything; to do with it. Fi
nally Mr. Hiibhell said for me to pay
a man K'u to take my place at tiie
dipping ii i 1 1 come to the meeting. I
told him that 1 would not be In
fluenced by u money consideration
and would have nothing at all to do
with hi, cause, lie then went uwtiy.
1 did not Hgn uny proxy or writing
of any kind, though ho urged too to
give him a proxy for tho meeting. If
any proxy or rtlng wu presented nt
that meeting purporting to bear my
signature, it waa a forgery. I have
always stood, and will continue to
stand In my humble way for what I
think is fur the best interest of my
people and our party. Mr. Itubbell Is
using desperate cfVortu and appear
to be willing to ubo any means to get
in control of our county affairs again,
nnd 1 hope that the good people of
th county will boc. that he Uoc not
August, 31, lli.
A Sim Is Faked
A llclllgcrent Fish.
(Trinidad Chronicle New.)
That ilsh have mean illsponlttons
and will, If angered, attack liumnns,
ha been establish.., not by natural
ists, it by hr. K. J. Foreman of this
city, the discovered of automobile
tuberculosis, who lias returned from
the Han I.til vnlley, where ho spent
u couple of week angling and think
ing n 1 1 yarns to tell hi friends when
hu got back. lr. Foreman relate
ni.ij of the lew casts oil record, where
a flsii used its molar on tho dainty
flesh of a feminine creature, or any
human rrea'.iiro, us u matter of fuet.
To make a long story short near
Monte Vista, lliero I a stream that
abounds in liitri, lt'wns In thin Htrcani
thai Foreman caught, and lost his
"biggest ones." Sitting on a bank one
afternoon, Just ho wa about to re
move I ho cork from the vessel that
held th,. halt, the veterinarian observ
ed a young woman bending over
with some crumb In her liand for the
purpose of inducing tho finny young
things to eat out of her taporlng
lunch-hooks, (ladzooks and likewise
"Oddbodklns!" a great big fish Jump
ed out "f tho water, bit tho wnmnn
on tlitt 'linger un, chuckling to Its
fishy aelf, swam uway to hide itself
under a mossy log. The fish buried
lis "tooliiifi" In the finger of that wo
man ami drew blood. It was neces
sary for the unfortunate woman to
seek a physician, and have peroxide
applied to the w mind.
Wouldn't that make Munchausen
turn hut in his grave and ej;n ul'ite,
"I'm, doc! . ie niiolacr one on
Announces ( anillilacy.
Albuquerque Morning Journal.
In the abNcnco of any democratic
paper in this county, kindly iinnouncc
for ni,- that T am u candidate before
tho democratic county convention for
nomination to lb" position of county
superintendent of public schools.
I canu. to New Mexico In July, 1SS4,
and much of the subsequent twenty
seven years have been spent In this
i-ouiity. All my life have I been n
democrat, but never held office ex
cept a poslmnstcr nt Mast Las Vegas,
under Cleveland last term. 1 have
had mote than twenty years of ex
perience ns teacher and mannger of
large schools olio employing' nix
teen touchers -ntul am entitled to
write niter my name A. 11., A. M.,
nn, Ii. ). At the present 1 am
chairman of the school board of dis
trict Ii.
If tiomliiulcd I shall take an active
part In the campaign by writing nnd
speaking in behalf of myself and the
other nominees.
CKPIKii; T. ciori.p.
- -
(Hperlal f-orreanenilenr la Morning Jonrasl)
Carlsbad, N'. M Aug. 31. Tlio re
mains of W, C. A lye, who died Satur-
I day night, w ere sent this morning to
i rtinet vilU), in where hi parent re
side. Mr. Alyes waa a sanitary tnsper.
tor, and has been superintending the
dipping of cattle on the plain. He
was brought in a week ago very ill
with pneumonia, but In spite of the
best medical care he passed away.
Tiie cs.. Is pathetic as be was Just
rompletitig his work and had made
arrangement to be married on the
day that he died. Ills affianced
bride received word i f his Illness and
en me here Immediately, but re.iched
here an hour after bis death. The
Masonic lodge at C:nvton, of which
Mr. Alyea was a number, ook charge
of the i f in ti ii
New York Concern to Furnish j
l.lUIIHtlll I V I llWVJf Ala -
vat ion VVoik
Bed at Elephant Butte.
(flpeetatt CaHaapwaOaf Uan . Jnan J
Washington. I). C, Aug. 31. The
secr. tarv of ii, interior baa let the
tv .
" '
luring company of New York for fur- j
nishiiin three cablcways fi." ure in the 1
cons. ruction ( the F.ngl- dam at!
Klephant Huttc N. M. Th? cabli - J
wava will each l.e 1.41!" feet loiu- and
will be electrically operated. F.acb
cable is adapted t" operate 4 three
yard grab bucket, or its equivalent,
representing an average load of te 1
CI twelve tons :-iiid. or an averag.i
loa, of rniicr.-te of eight ton. The
bucket w ill be .. rcted w ith an c!e.'
trical aerial dumping dowc" '1 he
contrail price '-' $H.ltiO, and "h
tlme limit for Installation ninety days.
The reclamiliin service u!s -ports
exceptional pi-'w-y oh all w.-rk
nt Kb-phant Ituti . Mtiio delay.! have
been experienced on account of heavy
rains, but comid. r: M- progress inhde
nevertheless. Cli" toiim'iulnns for Mie
big power plant am being put In.
work Is progressing favorably on all
the other building under construc
tion, while permanent road building
I one ot the feadlng uctivitles. Sur
vey are being made In the lllo
Grande valley for the main .nrcils,
and topographic work is now oein;j
put on thene maps. The flood during
the past few weeks have been observ
ed with Interest III order tht Ml"
main canal may be located where it
i least liable to be damaged by mo
eroding high waters.
The first payment for witter under
the I.CLhuuig project amounting to
I9.127.S7, hu been received by ihe
department on time. Thl covers wa
ter used up to and Including Jim"
30, lull.
Ten claim for InJurte received
during July have been allowed only
ot-e of the ten being connected v. it it
ihe Itn- Urmide project. Thl was O
0 Orcin wl:u suffered a bi'ly
crifbrd .'liiger
J iTiiei 1. r.u.iu't roy, an engia-ee
hi? bon n;.f.i i ud to tho reclum . lor.
service and nslg.ied to the Hlo
Grande project
The First National bank of Albu
querque, N. M.,' has been designated
ns a depository for postal savings
bank funds.
Jose H, KHpinbsa has been appoint
ed postmaster nt Ildefonzo, Santa Fe
county, N, M., vice 1), Gonzales.
Pensions have been granted New
Mexicans as follows: Mrs. Getiovevn
Marino of Santa Itita, N. M., 112 a
month, from Jatiuary 4, 1910, and $2
a month from the same date for her
minor child.
Fublo LueerW, Cohmias, N. M.,
( reused to ? 20 A month, from July 29,
I'nulln lilbierrt. Cob nias, N. M In
c. u.ned to $13 a month, from July 28,
I'rtblo Solu'.o, Ledoux, N. M., In
creased to $1;. a month, from July 11,
John A. O'liotirkn, Fast I,u Ve
gas, N. XI., Inciri.aed to $15 u month,
frot i J.ily It), t in I.
Chicago Woman Under Arrest
in Silver City Receives Liber
ty When Windy City Detec
tive Fails to Appear,
(.pedal IM.nntrh to tha Mnrnlnf Journal!
Silver city, N. M.. Aug. 31. Mr.
Juliette Smith Ullmore. balling from
Chicago, arrested a few day ago on
a telegram from that city, charging
her with forgery and who put up u
cash bond of $,1Utl, pending the arriv
al of en Illinois officer with requisi
tion papers, ha been released by
Judge Newcomb, tho officer fulling to
Chow tip.
Mrs. Crllmore took tho train, saying
sho was going to f 'hli'.mo.
(From the Washington S,tar.)
Imponunori Ibs-ogiii,!.
"! ou think thnt man fully tip.
predate the importance or the office
to which we have elected him?" Haiti
01. e con.,ti;r .-ut.
"I pin., he d-H's" replied the other.
"The first thing hi' did Was to say It
j ought to command a larger snfkry."
i l'oHi-r.
water power 1 coming to play a
great pint n the Industrie of this
"Yes," replied Mr. Ira Grott, "cm
pccially In Wall aired."
The C..tii)s-iiMillon.
In winter's cold and summer' heat
The statesman worka both night
nnd day,
And all to hear the crowd repeat
That grand but fickle word
A Devoted Constituent,
"That member of congress says you
have voted (nt him for the last fifteen
"Thiit'i right,"
"You must think
"Well, I diinnn.
year ago 1 had a
rn-lied Farmer
n lot of him.'
You see, fifteen
couple o' hos
trades with him, n' lnce then I've
iitua f.it ;Mf. r with him rpnndln no
Hcniari'tiri'' Work.
' What i!" "U regard as the most
r.-ii:i.rk.il''e work in the Kncliyh J.in-
;rtii r'
"W. II.'" r.plixl Miys I'lirftm, ' ii..
most reioarkal'lc work in the KhKli.-Ji
I l.lllUaKe
i some Hn,
tlial I kti o
r'islini. n .r
. ..I is
w a
much aTike
. Wherever .ley
is met.
travelin' down de same lo pike.
1 u u 1 1 . II II. I
or regret.
We wants about de fame to eat;
Ie fjine lie yongs we Kings.
We has de same ole Joys compb tc
An' fame ole foiTtiw Itigs.
!' proud man ."its 'way up on Iil'h
' humbl,. man sits low
ltiit over each d..r shlm-a de ky
Flr ,.ai.t, ue fb.wera grow,
Some men may reap where othirs
Rewards Is ne'er ex ict.
lint tolas is l.iks, no mailer now
liey tries to hide de fact.
But Sh Got Her Way.
The difference between a "henpeck"
and a masterful husband Is that on
.gives In at once, while the other doei
It the ncit day.
a aa gawsaj II I I.UI1- J1J ' -
Territory of New Mexico,
office of 'the Secretary.
I, Nuthan Jaffa, Secretary of the
Territory of New Mexico, do hereby
certify that there was filed for record
in till office at Fb-veii o'clock a. in.,
on the Twenty. ninth day of August,
A. I). 1911;
Articles of Incorporation of
Number (ill 1 1 .
nnd also, that I have compared the
following copy of th" same, with the
oiiginal thereof now on file, and de
clare it to be a correct transcript
therefrom and of the whole thereof.
Given under my h;iml and the Great
Soul of ihe Territory of New Mexico,
at th city of Santa Fe, th" Capital,
on this 29th day of August, A. I.
Secretary of New Mexico.
We, tiie undersigned, citizens of the
Vl'ltod States of America rnd of the.
Territory of New Mexico, ' whose full
name ar,. Fred P. Canfield. George
V ltanlon and Kmmn I. Canfield, in
order to form a corporation for the
objects and purposes hereinafter set
forth under and pursuant to the. laws
of the Territory of New Mexico re
lating to corporation atuT the Incor
poration thereof, d certify a follows:
Article I.
The name of this corporation Is F.
P. Canfield Company.
Article II. .
Tho location of it principal office
In the Territory I at No.- , -.
Street, In tin; City of Al
buquerque, Territory of New Mexi
co, and the name of the agent there
in and In charge of said principal of
fice, and upon whom prm-esB against
thi corporation may be served, is
Fred P. Canfield.
Article III.
The objects for witich. and for any
of which, this corporation is formed,
ure a follows: j
(a) To carry on the business of
manufacturing and selling, by wholc
rnlo and retail lots, a certain patented
frame for tent openings, to own, op- J
crate und conduct r- general manu
facturing establishment for the manu
facture and construction of frames
fir tent openings, to furnish any and!
all kinds of frame for tent openings,
In wholesale or retail lots, to any and j
all persons; I
(b) To own, sell,, exchange, lease,
ticquire, and deal in lands, town lots,'
and real estate of every kind and na
lure whatsoever; j
tc) to purchase, kuiihitiiic lor, or
otherwise acquire, und to hold, the
shares .stocks, or obligations of any
company organized under the laws of
this territory or of uny other stale or
Urritory, or colony, of the l'nlt.'d
State or uny foreign country, nitd
to sell and exchange the same, or up-j
on. distribution of the asset or Ul- i
visions of profits, to distribute any j
such shares, stocks, or obligations, or.
the proceed thereof, -among the'
Btockliolders of this eompuny; i
(d) To Incur Indebtedness in Mich '
amount a may be deemed necessary!
or proper, und to evidence such in- j
ilt-btediiea by the bondt; or other writ - j
en Indebtedness of this corporation,'
and to sei.-uro the payment o-; such
Indebtedness by mortgage, deed of
trust, or oth.-r form of Incumbrance
of nnd upon all, or any part, of the
property, rights, privilege and fran
chise of this corpora i Ion, whether ac
quired nt the time of making such In-cumbrtiiu-e
or thereafter to he a.-,
(e) To hold, own, and manage any
lii'inufnrlurliift i'abllshment, for tho
manufacture of frames for l -nt open
ing1, nf airy name or description
whatsoever, In it own name iiv
through a trimteu appointed and des
ignated lJ" this company for that pur
poe; ,(f) To do any and rill thing neces
sary for conducting nnd carrying on
(he business of manufacturing fraiiu
for tent op-.-nlnns.
Article IV.
The total authorized slock of this
corporation la Fifty Thousand Indians, j
($60,000), divided iuto Pjfty Thou-'
sand (uO.OOOl spares of the pur v il-I
ue of On Dollar ($1.1)0) each. I
Article V. (
The name of the Incorporators, thr- '
potoflice address of each, and th - '
number of shares subscribed for by .'
each, aggregating Twenty-six Thou-
and Dollars ($28,000), which I t!i - !
amount of capital stock with which
the company will commence buatncis. ;
sre as follows:
Fred P. Canfield, Albuqueiqite, X.
M., 1J.0OO share.
Fnnm I. Canfield, Albuquerque, N.
M., LoOO shares.
George V. llanlon, Vountalnalr, N.
M., 13,000 share. '
Article VI.
Thn prrb-i.1 for the duration of thl
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That the Excess Price J
You pay lor a case of tasicrn beer aoes not represent any
superiority of quality?
It only represents the price vou pay for freight on
the water it contains.
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there is no freight to pay- IV r PAY FREIGHT?
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company is Fifty (50) yvara from this
Article II.
Fred P. Cantield, GoorKc V. II ni
ton and Kmma 1. Canfield arc here
by named and appointed the direc
tor cf this company, who lire to act
as such for the first three (3) months
alter tho filing of this certificate Of
incorporation and until their succc.'i
sois arc lioct.-d and qtiallied.
The power to make, alter, revise,
and amend the by-laws of this com
pany shall be ve.sl. d :'o) iy In the
sloe Uholdt.rs. The Incild of direc
tors cf this company sHu.ll consist and
1-e composed of Three (3) directors,
each ot whom must l.e a stockholder
in the eompuny.
In Witness Whereof, we, tile unilcr
figned have her. unto set our hands
and seals the 2Mb day of August, A.
D. Nineteen iiuiuired Kleicll.
F It K I P. C.WKIKLD. (Seal.)
KM MA I. CA.VF1 KL1. (Seal.)
Territory of New Mexico,
Hernalillo County, sh.
on this the 2:ith day of Angus!, A.
1). 1911, before me prrKiinally appear
ed Fred 1". Canfield, Km ma I. Caniicld
and George V. llanlon, to me known
to be the p.isons described in and
who executed the foregoing Instru
ment and each for himsi'lf ncknovvi-
dged that he executed the same us
his voluntary act md deed.
In Witness Whereof I have hercun
unto set my hand and nffrxed notari
al seal the. ilny mid yen- last above
written. JOHN VF.N'A'.LK,
Notary Public.
(Notarial Seal. I
My cimimlv.siou expire November
If., 1911,
' ' FNiioKSKIi:
Ne. (ill! I. ; '
Cor. Heed o(, ii, Pane 123.
illiics of lnrot'Hr!itioii of
Filed in ollice of Secretary or New
ilexleo, Aug. 29, 1911: It a. m.
NATHAN JAFFA, r-nctury.
Compared C F. It. to J. o.
Territory of New Mexico,
County of liernallllo.
Tills instrument was filed for rec
ord on the 30th day ofAngust, 1911,
at 10:10 o'clock a. m.
Uncorded in Vol. Mlsc of rec
ords of .said County, folio K2.
A. 10. W'ALKKU,
Territory of New Mexico.
'Office of the Secretarv.
I, Nuthan Jaffa, .Secretary of )he
Territory of New Mexico, do hereby
c.-rtify that tin re was Hied for record
In this office nt Kb ven o'clock- a. 111..
on the Tv. cnty-nlnth day of August.
A. D. 1911;
Fits' NON-LIAItll.lTY.
of .
Number CU1-.
nnd also, that 1 havi- compared
following copy of the mme, Willi
original I hereof now on file, and
dare It to he a correct transcript
thcrefn m and of Ihe whole thereof.
Given under my hand and Ihe Great
Seal of thy T'-irilory of New Mexico.
lit the city of Santa 1 . . Ihe Capital, j
on hub -.'in u.iy 11 August. A. I),
1911. X ATI I A N JAFFA,
.'vp t 'l.v of New Mexico.
Fred P. Canfield. Kinmi 1. Can-
! Illl.ll.aaw unai I tqin aaiajaanaaa ni , ani aim jianl. .HA" ."l"""T
I fT. JF f W1, ll'.3Jit 3 - : - .r T .-J -J lOChll.
1 yww
jtfcT IT'- - ' - uaija ii- ( f. rtTnMfll y4
eOHTtT$ LjJi.t(,UtTltWj. I'i
iv'i; tr
The Y. & K. Card INDKX
way in which to keep tab on
you to jjut Informattun on any subject at a moment's no
tice. Sizes to suit every business Call our representative and
lie will be tiad to explain tho matter In detail.
Lithgow Manfg. Stationery Co.
Hold and George V. llanlon. inmr
porutor of F. P. Caniicld Company,
a corpor (lion, whose articles ,,t 1,,.
cori ..rati- 11 are hi l ew ith filed, hereby
declare there shall be no stockholders'
liability on account of uny stock is
sued by said F. P. Canfield Company,
over and above the amount el tin
actual subscription thereof, and that
t ni sei ibcrs to stock in the said com
pany shall l.o liable only for the par
"value of sfocfc so subscribed.
Hated I ois the 29th day f .Viiist,
A .1). .Vmtccil Hundred Kl. v.n
GF.olttlK -. IIAM.uX.
Territory of New Mexico,
Hernalillo Crunty. ss.
On this 2Hth day of August, ,. 1).
1911. he fi re m(. personally appeared
Fred p. Canfield, Kiinna I. Canfi.-lil
and George V. llanlon. to 1110 known
to be the persons described In ami
who executed the foregoing Instru.
nient, and each for himself acknovvi-
dgeH that he executed tho same as
his voluntary m.t and (Iced.
In Witness Whereof I have hereun
to set my hand and affixed i:iy notari
al sei tho day and year list above
w ritten. Ji iN VF.NAPLK.
(Notarial Si a!.) Notary Public.
My commission expires November
15. 191L
Territory of New Mexico,
County of llirnalillo. ss.
This I.is'.rumeiit was Lied for rec
ord on the 30th day of Ani;iu;t, 1911,
at-10: 10 o'clock a'. 111.
ltccol'dcd In Vol. "C." Misc. nf
records -r ...aid county, folio XI.
V. K. W.W.KKK, Kccovd.-r.
Territory of N v.- Mexico, county of
Uci'i-alillo, in tip! District intirt.
Soiilhvvi M 1 a Itrowt ry & Ice Co
plaintiff vs,
Mabel C. Thurston, et al, dcf-nil-nnts.
No. 8750.
To Mabel C. Vlinrston. delendaut.
You are hereby notified that tlio
above entitled suit is now ponding In
said court; tlio object of n.iiil suit Is
to form lose a chuttle mortgage'given
by you to plaintiff and duly recorded
in Hook '(!,' C. M., pages 4.14-155, of
the records of said county of I'ernal
illo, and also to obtain a judgment
authorizing the sale of three diamond
rings given by you to pluinti'.f as ad
ditional Mccurity to the said i-hottl"
mortgage to secure tiie payment nf
noto for $noo.OO, dated April 7, 191 1,
and unless you enter your appearance
in said cause on . or before the 9th
day of October, 1911, Judgment by
default will be enter"!! against '"ti
nnd tin; plaintiff will be entitled n
tho relief asked tor in its complaint.
Clerk of said court.
Aug. 18-2K. Sept. 1-S.
UtAL Mgioit iiAiuTuUnt
We Invite the most thorough tnvcstl.
gatlon. Full Information In plln
sen led envelope on request
Neal Institute
RI2 X. Second St.. Albiiquerqiie. N. M
J 1 W. w iY.il
wcs'itals r m
CJS CO'J Lr -:. ril q
tir-7 CMIIOVfs I .)i
-v ..... . r - n W
SYSTKM is the most perfect
your Ql'uT.VTIONS, STOCK t,

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